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The Downfall of a President

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posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 09:00 PM
Seymore no music please...

It seems a few times others here are of the opinion that the recent acts in congress are the best thing since slice bread.

To anyone with a brain it is obvious this was a planned assault to bypass the will of the MAJORITY. I wasnt going to write this, but you want to call me out so be it.

How do I know it was a well planned assault?

Lets borrow a few moments of Sherlock. Let us subtract all major conspiracies or organizations and focus on what is publicly available and from their reverse engineer.

What we are left with is this. A bill that accomplished the following.

One it will stand all the litmus test for it being legal at this point.

*legally engineered* it took time and plotting to go through the rulings to see what was necessary.

What points to it is the bypassing of the X amendment via the commerce clause. They used all the supreme court rulings to ensure it is legal.

The ones passing it, behaviors...

Unadulterated arrogance

Go ahead and repeal it

Lack of oppositions response being raised quickly and immediately.

Although I could use this as conspiracy it points to a picked shot

Opponents unorganized and without a leader. The character assignation seemed timed just right.

(If I didnt know better it was a pure numbers game on lowering opponents response)

I want to come back to this in a later post. Please remind me if I dont get to it. It covers the trail the democrats had to leave!!!1 thats right I am going to out with your help the ammo makers, shooters, and organisers. As I said earlier, it aint over yet. My soon to be ex-wife is only warming her voice!!!!!

You ask how this is the downfall of a President? First I must lay the the ground work so I can point out a major character flaw. The arrogance will be the flaw that brings them down. It means paper trails....

@mods I really need that middle finger smiley...

To the rulers of the united states.

Yes a wise leader knows he must be selectively good. But there is also a set of rules that are based on how things work not what your opinion is.

The first violation...

21- Leadership



Chapter 6 – The Law of Solid Ground
Trust Is the Foundation of Leadership
When it comes to leadership, you just can’t take shortcuts, no matter how long you’ve been leading your people.
To build trust, a leader must exemplify these qualities: competence, connection, and character.
People will forgive occasional mistakes based on ability, especially if they can see that you’re growing as a leader. But they won’t trust someone who has slips in character.
Character and leadership credibility always go hand in hand. Character makes trust possible. And trust makes leadership possible. That is the Law of Solid Ground.
Character communicates consistency and respect. Leaders earn respect by making sound decisions, admitting their mistakes, and putting what’s best for their followers and the organization ahead of their personal agendas.
A leader’s good character builds trust among his followers. But when a leader breaks trust, he forfeits his ability to lead. Trust is the foundation of leadership. Violate the Law of Solid Ground, and you’re through as a leader.

I cannot put it any simpler. You want to be a great leader, but act like a fool. The speech given points to it.

It would have saved time to say let them eat cake!

Two violations off of same act

Chapter 10 – The Law of Connection Leaders Touch a Heart Before They Ask for a Hand Learn how to truly connect with people at their level. You can’t move people to action unless you first move them with emotion. The heart comes before the head. The stronger the relationship and connection between individuals, the more likely the follower will want to help the leader. Connect with people one at a time. Some leaders have problems with the Law of Connection because they believe that connecting is the responsibility of the follower. That is especially true of positional leaders. The often think, I’m the boss. I have the position. These are my employees. Let them come to me. It is the leader’s job to initiate connection with the people. When a leader has done the work to connect with his people, you can see it in the way the organization functions. The vision of the leader becomes the aspiration of the people. To lead yourself, use your head; to lead others, use your heart.

You didnt spend the time establishing a connection with the american people. You treated them like the boss mention. It is merely weilding power, not a thing to do with leadership. No your right it does... The piss poor kind

Your advisor jacked you on this one to. Id fire them in a heartbeat. Free advice. Some ones head has to roll in the administration. You know a great betrayal...

It will keep your detractors a little more quiet. I cover these rules later..

You had so much potential but you have blown it. Blown it big league. You cant be kennedy or roosevelt without said support they had. No not the people, but the ones who helped them gain the support of the people.

I want point fingers at anyone,but I will tell you what you help lacked.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 09:25 PM

Chapter 11 – The Law of the Inner Circle A Leader’s Potential Is Determined by Those Closest to Him When you have the right staff, potential skyrockets. Maxwell divided his new staff into three groups according to their ability to lead and deliver results. Then he systematically began replacing them with stronger leaders, beginning with the bottom third first. Leaders find greatness in a group and help the members find it in themselves. Leaders should try to bring five types of people to their inner circle: 1. Potential value – those who raise up themselves 2. Positive value – those who raise morale in the organization 3. Personal value – those who raise up the leader 4. Production value – those who raise up others 5. Proven value – those who raise up people who raise up other people Surround yourself with the best people possible. That’s the Law of the Inner Circle.

This is where the source of your problem is in my opinion.

There is a reason Roosevelt will be remembered as a great president. This is why.

Eleanor Roosevelt

There was a time during the first part where she made the effort to connect with the american people. I cant find the story, but you should have full access to it. She even reminded him of it. Do not lose the connection with the people.

Of note he had two people I will mention.

One an axe man. Yeah the man who dealt with the mob for him

And his wife. Who made him popular or least made sure they had a voice.

You robbed a large part of your constituents of that vioce. Four terms vs one. I dont think the american people will forget how you robbed them of that voice. You better hope the republicans cant find a black canidate to run against you...

You probably dont care, but me and my psychic sense see dark clouds over your legacy. Perhaps if you AN THE AMERICAN people accomplish something then you will have POSITIVE change...

Now for damage control...
48 laws of power

Well read the whole thing so far you have only violated the rules of leadership not power.

My suggestion is this. In one of the laws their is a nice solution to your complete leadership failure.

Find a scapegoat. You have others all ready on your heals about so why not knock them down and retain your power base with updated leadership youll get a second term....

I recommend blaming Pelosi.... Thats right, she is a competent threat for this reason. You worked your way from the outside in. Even if she is a tool, remember this, she slithered her way up through the ranks of power.

And I mean it with all disrespect. Id nail her for her lies on the CIA. Call for her resignation set up her aides first and knock a few down. Then get them to role on her over that.

The CIA will love you for it. It will also remove her and enable you to pick or have a say who is number 3....

Plus it will be using rule twelve of the 48... Make it a crusade to remove injustice among the legislature. You selective leaks that state you are quietly aware of some illegal deals over health care. You cant prove it but this you can. And never admit it... Youll win...

Unfortunately I do not see you doing this. I see nothing but an willingness to even hear the rest of the american people. you have effectively ruined the chances for a unified country...

Now back to conspiracy..

Is disunion what you want? makes me wonder. You do not take down the clinton machine the way you did and then fail on something so simple...

I call

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 10:18 PM
I just wanted to let you know that this was a well thought out thread. I might not agree with 100%...but I agree Obama is the problem. I remember years ago, this place could deal with a good debate. I can tell from the tone in your post that you too have felt this one sided stand here. Few are willing to have a good old's hard to argue with someone who thinks he/she is 100% right, and you're stupid.

Empathy. People need more of that.

I think people should vote these fools out and should NOT invest in companies who support them. Hurt them where it counts $$$.

Thank you for you're post. I enjoyed reading it.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 10:30 PM
Interesting read!
We enjoy some similar opinions, and we differ on others. It's all good!

I think that if you take a good look at WHO is in our government; in positions of leadership, lawmakers, high level staffers etc... you start to get a clearer picture of WHAT this government is all about. And when I say look at "who", I mean check out their BIOs, read their speeches, examine their affiliations etc... You will find nothing but zionists, lawyers and other such "technicians" of the law.

Obama has certainly surrounded himself with EXACTLY the type of people that we were promised he would avoid in this administration. He has seen fit to pretty much abrogate most of his campaign promises. And he has clearly demonstrated that he lacks the character that he lead us to believe he had. In this way he proved to be an excellent campaigner but a pisspoor leader.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 10:41 PM
reply to post by Pamie


reply to post by kozmo

Thank you... My answer is that I found the connection explanation I had read

When Eleanor Roosevelt entered the White House as First Lady in 1933, it was with much trepidation. Denied an official position within the administration, she decided to work to create informal channels to the public, on her own. She traveled all over the country — to inner cities and remote rural towns — listening to people’s complaints and needs. She brought many of these people back to meet the president and give him firsthand impressions of the effects of the New Deal. She opened a column in The Woman’s Home Companion, in which she let her audience know, “I want you to write me.” She would use her column as a kind of discussion forum with the American public, encouraging people to share their criticisms. Within six months she had received over 300,000 letters, and with her staff she worked to answer every last one of them. She began to see a pattern from the bottom up — a growing disenchantment with the New Deal. Every day, she left a memo in her husband’s basket, reminding him of these criticisms and the need to be more responsive. And slowly, she began to have an influence on his policy, pushing him leftward. All of this took tremendous courage for she was continually ridiculed for her activist approach, long before any First Lady had ever thought of such a role. As Eleanor understood, any kind of group tends to close itself off from the outside world. From within this bubble, people delude themselves into thinking they have insight into how their audience or public feels — they read the papers, various reports, the poll numbers, etc. But all of this information tends to be flat and highly filtered. It is much different when you interact directly with the public, hear in the flesh their criticisms and feedback. You create a back-and-forth dynamic in which their ideas, involvement and energy can be harnessed for your purposes.

Robert Greene and 50 cent

I think I said it best with my roommate" we agree to disagree." Stars to both of you.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 11:24 PM
Negative Feedback

Negative feedback occurs when the output of a system acts to oppose changes to the input of the system; with the result that the changes are attenuated. If the overall feedback of the system is negative, then the system will tend to be stable.

Unfortunately a blind eye is being turned to this...

Positive feedback

Positive feedback, sometimes referred to as "cumulative causation", refers to situations where some effect causes more of itself. Under strong positive feedback, most systems quickly move to a limit state, where the limit is provided by external factors, or into some other new stable state where the positive feedback is somehow negated. Positive feedback can also lead to oscillation.

IMHO, the positive feedback apparatus present in staff will lead to the road of rebellion. Unless the advice of the second and first post are followed.

He has to remember that he can not use an enemy for it. It has to be an ally or associate...

It would be nice to have a bio on his staff members here. Would make an interesting read...

The art of debate has become one of two things.


something for points as in a sport


A means to engage an opponent via meta gaming techniques...

I prefer an exchange of ideas where even those who might not hold popular sway are listened to.

Your friends and allies have to much invested to tell you the truth. Your enemies on the other hand point the way quite clearly.

It is also why he will never equal Lincoln in skill. He has no divergent opinions available. No someone who hates and will tell him off over his stupidity...

It may have in the end cost him his life, but Lincoln had a cabinet full of political enemies from the whole spectrum. How else would a backwoods lawyer and a drunk have beaten the finest officers the US had produced? Simple, leadership. Yes he used a lot of socialist and communist style policies during the war. He won and was respected for it.

posted on Apr, 2 2010 @ 09:30 PM
Well I do have to correct one thing. They are doing the ward healing..

A friend of mine has a huge issue over a land grab. It also involve a lot of oil and gas. They have attempted to and have in fact stole millions from my friend.

Well his wife wrote the president a hand written letter. What Surprised me was when he showed me the response. It came from the Vice Presidents desk in his hand writing.

Yes he had taken the time to write back to my friend. It was a personal letter. He assured my friend the FBI, US Marshalls, and Secret Service were now duly informed and would be looking into it. He further assured my friend that this administration frowns on such behavior.

My friend then went to the FBI and talked to them...They told him when he walked in with the proof that they knew of the forty acres in questions and where looking into it.

They already had all the information!!!!

Well I decided to write a letter myself and send the email. I have had a few issues with the VA and trying to send emails to them...

I got on a few minutes ago and checked my other email accounts and guess what. I had over four responses already on the email it seems to the VP!!!!

If I didnt know better Id say the administration has a staffer on the site.

So I first want to say thank you and I stated in the email I still disagree with the way health care was done but thanks again on behalf of myself and my friend Mr.VP....

So i really do recommend those open letters... Good I can still blame pelosi as I suggested

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