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Manifesting, Visualizing, Raising Frequency To Co-Create A Free World

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posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 12:15 PM
There are many tests, test in our daily lives, conversations that get out of balance, or where someone is cranky and tired, what would you do if you had an opportunity to help a stray dog or a person, ie. felt it was safe to do, because we're not always able to do things, with kids entow so to speak, some things are not safe or responsible, but what do we do and how do we give. Difficulties.

IF we feel we've failed a test, we can turn it around by reflecting on it, and shining light, taking it into meditation, creating affiramtions for peace and love and understanding between you and another or a heart chakra meditation, and then when a feeling of peace has emerged finding a way to make up for this with the other.

Other types of tests from ETs happen as well.
We had one during a siting that invovled testing to see how much compassion I felt towards someone, and wont go into this but it was immediately after my son called me out to witness the craft and it went over our roof soundlessly. Then contact, connection to this man and woman, who are more cool and scientific but still spiritually oriented as later contact brought out, more spock like on the surface and analytical, with feelings underneath, their emotions more private. And this worry I had about another and whether or not they were feeling suicidal seemed to build strongly and distorted in me and I was aware of feeling manipulated. I spoke out and tried to get my son not to go out again and he said, they're back. And it flew soundlessly over again and he pointed to an orb.

I think tests are done quite a bit on us.

edit to add: Also, when this occurs, contact of any kind, nighttime, dreamtime, meditational kind, greetings with sitings of crafts, its varied. For example, ones where you wake up with wounds and perhaps even know they've come for you, and we've ahd mixed experiences, are physical. ie. they took you in the night and you may have memories. Other times they may be in house monitoring you, stealthed or show themselves to you. ie. flash down a viser and half unstealth while communicating and your checkups can be in house or on a craft. Or, occur while meditating and you think your in your bed, but it doesnt feel like youre in your bed, you have this awareness of a craft overhead, you're cold as ice and feel like youre on a hard surface and the whole reality you're experiencing is aboard the craft, ie. you are there with all of your senses.

When I had the experience of the dark haired contact telling me I would be in a meeting that night, and then testing me. I wasnt meditating, but was in my room. When it was over I was on my bed. Though the test was like a program he initiated, all of my consciousness was there aboard the craft (oobe? mental projection type astral oobe, akin to a combo of that and remote viewing, do not know.) Then next I am standing on this platform, multi stories high, open viewing screen looking at the sun, which is very large but there doesnt appear to be a side to this craft from the balacony as if its open, perhaps just some force field there. And I am being greeted and welcomed back, called Ka'la' and wearing this blue outfit. That was, too great a paradigm shift for me and I missed most of this incredible experience that he had said he wanted to show me. My overall impression that persists despite my sudden littany of "Cancel cancle ego, cancel cancel ego" and feeling of shrinking, it was very alarming at that point, too much. But this station was huge, multi platformed, and a mixutre of races, possibly species, but I saw primarily blonds and dark haired humans, tall women. I knew it was a galactic mix of Andromeda and the Milky way a joint project, everyone was emersed in their activities and felt clear and involved and helping, their work was important feeling.

And then I was in a room, with him and a blond woman, possibly De'ir'dre'a', like a meeting room, conference room, computer lab all rolled up into one, and a lounge, with plants, very spacious and huge. There were others in the room and he said to me, he almost wished he hadn't shown me. She said, nonsense it was time I knew/realized. And that was it, I awoke on my bed. Then we saw a craft.

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posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by mysticvibes

This is going to be including quite a few threads and even posts on ats, because we have some great posters on the metaphysics. In addition to a wide variety, I am fairly partial to Skywatching's threads and CavemanDD's as well. They have energy, I do digress and they may disagree, but it feels like ET/cosmic energy to me so perchance they are more aware. Mr. Green has some wonderful ones. There are ones on oobe's too, I have not successfully done this consciously that I am aware of, this is an area I don't know if my contacts have induced. I can't lie down and meditate and achieve it myself but i want to.

I'll see if I can find those threads in a bit, I have my own technique which is simple for heart chakras, and this is meant to be spontaneous, or rather you can take many issues into it, ie. a loved one, concern for someone, even mother earth, dolphins, you can send love to alot of difficulties, yourself if you need encouragement, like your inner child, a stage in your life where you were hurt and alone, that created hardness of heart, you can go back and reparent that moment. Its spontaneous, what you bring into the moment and energy of this meditation so simplest works best as the subject matter may be very complex or even many layers deep.

When doing this for a loved one or someon sick, you can walk right there mentally and be with them send them love, speak to them, you may even feel them and connect in a kind of emerging telepathy.

I do a really simple one. This is intuitive, the length of time you spend on each section could vary from 1-3 mintues to a longer if you feel its right, and the various elements can be responsive to your own intuition as to what to picture. But basically, you cans sit inside or out, its nice on the grass. Or lay down, if your tired. And place your hands together as if in prayer, notching your thumbs into a groove over your heart, sternum area. Focus on your breath, and heart beat. Relax.

Then after a couple minutes or so, rub your hands together and place your right hand over your heart, and your left hand on top. Now you can picture the symbol for the heart chakra, the ananhata.
and the color green, or just the color emerald and picture it flooding your body, welling up within you, flowing down your arms and back, while you image your concerns, or the person you are focusing on. Use your intuition to seek what you need to know, and your insight. Affirm your connection to your higher self.

When your finished, hold your hands out and send all of your love and the emerald energy to surround that person, or even mother earth, and you can speak to them in your mind. Stay with this until your ready to reach up to the sky and down to earth to ground, really in your mind even.

Wingmakers site has had controversy, but their meditational excercises are excellent. Whatever is true about their source, these are good:

Chakra excerises:

Balancing the Chakras:

Chakra meditation:

Chakra radiance:

I ingore the higher chakras being defined as they are but there are wonderful links on the side.
Lowki has some very interesting and cosmic chakra understanding:
14th p0ost from the top though the whole is good. 7 posts down

basically the chakras from top to bottom:
C universe chakra (somewhere in universe) can look at the universe with this one
B galactic chakra (somewhere in galaxy) can talk to galactic entities through here
A solar system chakra (somewhere in solar system) can talk to solar system entities
9 planetary chakra (high in atmosphere by plaedian channeling) can remote view planetary
8 local chakra (just above the head) the chakra that defines/filters your physical sense experience, (telekinesis here)
7 gateway chakra ( crown of head, violet) channeling here
6 third eye chakra ( mid eyebrow ridge or forehead, deep blue ) akashic record viewing here
5 voice chakra (throat, pale blue) wisdom and past life memories
4 heart chakra (located near or at heart ) anchoring in ideas or committing here
3 mind chakra (located at solar plexus ) make choices, between alternatives
2 desire chakra (located near navel) desires here hunger, thirst
1 aware chakra (base of spine) awareness and connection to physical
0 none chakra (below self) primeCreator zen happiness here
Opening the Chakras
Need Meditation, Third Eyes, Chakra Clairification
ATS.P: Chakra Tones Meditation
CavemanDD, his metaphysics threads are good and this one inlcudes a podcast
A Beginners Guide To Chakra Meditation
Chakra Meditation

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posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 05:26 PM
So I never have to find these again by searching hard, and because ATS has some wonderful threads, enlightening, and well worth reading, I just made a list of some of those these, but to explore subjects with the search bar and under someone's profile in the threads category.

Haven't said anything "wacky" in a while. Ok here's one.
CavemanDD This thread is pure wisdom, being in the moment, zen minded, yet conscious and attuned to the nuisances and inner direction. This is a state of being and it is partly what I mean when I write, this leads to progression and developing insight, psi, right brained responses. Brilliant.
A study: Physical relations with ESP!
ATS.P: My Astral Projection Guide

Skyfloating and a glimpse of a few of his wonderful threads:
Getting High Without Drugs
Psy Time Travel 101
Tuning in to Extraterrestrial Contact
ATS.X: Alien Contact Meditation
How to shapeshift yourself
How "the law of attraction" works
conscious Oobe....It's Real!!

Now I think I must go back and reread/refresh my memory on some of this. Very good information.

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posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 07:02 PM

Kirk Nugent: I Need You To Remember. (Part 1)

I Need You to Remember by Kirk Nugent.

from 5:12

Do you know how much I love you?
Of course not, I can't tell you that.
What if you don't love me back, I'd rather wait until you're laid in a mahoganny box,
such a paradox but isn't that how the script is usually read so

The question is,
Do you honor the living who you passionately mourned the dead?

Remember when you would leap and grow your wings on the way down?
What happened to that?

Remember when you used to live in the moment? Of course not! You were only 2 then, and since then, you were trained to repress you are, your sense of adventure.

But this poem wouldn't be so long if
wasn't important that you remember: When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Better yet, how much quiet time do you set aside to deprogram your mind, to remove the blindfold and behold your so much more than you've been told.

You're like an emporer who chooses to panhandle like the sun believing its a mere candle.
You were born blessed, never cursed, you behave like the ocean dying of thirst.

Your burden is heavy that you're pumping full with fear . But I can feel your spirit, youre tired, you want to put an end to all this illusion/confusion, you just want the chaos to cease. You want peace.

And so now you can no longer ignore that little voice in your court telling you that this life,it just has to be about something more.

And just like you, I don't want no enemies. I want love, peace, harmony. I want to sit in the presence of a Beloved Family, one called Humanity, dipped in Spirituality, with their sense and sensibility .

But they're feeding us complexity, stereotypes and warlike theories, and we're oblivious to the fact that mentally we're chained in slavery.

How Can We Be So Blind?!!!
This is a question that frustrates me!

But I guarantee you this, If Today You Would Refrain From Spiritual Suicide, Starve the Ego Until Its Deceased, Then Tonight The Genocide Will Cease.

Because just like it requires billions of pebbles for a mountain to be contructed with ease, so is world peace constructed by billions of souls with inner peace.

Now do you understand why its important that you remember?

(humbleness, put priorities in place, everyone needs food, shelter, clothing, love, warmth, friendship, peace, acceptance, first provide this for everyone. Renounce the complexities of the world, and be humble, thankful, appreciative of Family/Creator/and each other!)

Kirk Nugent: 11:11 ( I Need You To Remember Part 2)

[We are facing a state of emergency, but unfortunately you are so paralyzed by fear its impossible for you to emerge and see.

For those who understand no explanation is necessary, for those who don't no explanation will suffice.

But they don't hear the clock....

Kirk Nugent: Answer The Call ( I Need You To Remember Part 3)

Kirk Nugent: Signs Of The Times ( I Need You To Remember Part 4)

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 02:24 PM

Birth a Leader in Your Dream - Story Waters - Dawning Realities

You Have Arrived! The Time is Now! by Story Waters

Story Waters Guided Breath Meditation

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 02:26 PM
Rubbish the thing these people forget is there really is evil and there really is good, thats why they get nothing right, lol.

Most people are scum, and your pissing against a strong wind.

posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 10:19 PM
Christ and the Crystaline Structure of the Pineal?

I just created a thread today, that I know touches on a deep mystery and truth, about the nature of Christ, perfected one, attainment of perfection or being a true Christed being who can shine ones light and make a difference in this world, one that the religious and elite through every age have kept from humanity.

Since it was relegated to offtopic forum today, I may continue posting here instead, for it relates very much to this thread as well.

posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 02:02 AM
When you are free as an individual, the thoughts of others will be unable to interfere with your own realm of being, although, it will naturally come to you, to "awaken" other individuals, so they can "snap out" of the "cage" of concepts and thoughts that prevent them from being able to actualise themselves.

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 09:25 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Great thread...catching your thoughts in action I believe is the key to unconsciously assisting the agenda of others. A tip on raising frequency...keep your body high alkaline - drink freshly squeezed lemon water!

posted on Oct, 19 2012 @ 02:31 PM
Some more frequency videos by Morning Mayan/Linda West.

Getting Arrested Is not High Frequency

Stay away from low vibrations and really become more aware of what co-creating or holding Love and Light into this world means.

Sideways Thinking - Free Yourself

Einstein 2012 End of time?

My absolutely favorite video maker on youtube. Blessings Linda for your wonderful work!!!

And I want to share a post from someone whose thread was totally misunderstand and in all our conversations he kept reminding me that I was really into Linda Wests videos and sort of directing back to those ideas. And his own post in his own thread is along the same idea, entirely.

ACT upon those feelings and release that desire/energy into the world, if more individuals focused on how they wanted the world to be it will find positive new ways for change, focus sending energy from within out of the crown of your head and into the material world, your feelings, thoughts, desires and consciousness is an unseen force and energy that plays a role in material reality. Every thought, desire, feeling, hope is directed, heard and can be answered.

ACT upon those feelings and release that desire/energy into the world, if more individuals focused on how they wanted the world to be it will find positive new ways for change, focus sending energy from within out of the crown of your head and into the material world, your feelings, thoughts, desires and consciousness is an unseen force and energy that plays a role in material reality. Every thought, desire, feeling, hope is directed, heard and can be answered...

Focus on the positive and know that 1 human soul is stronger then a thousand superman's. If you only knew what a soul really is and how powerful your subconscious can become, do not let this biological temporal cage hold you down, this 3D world has placed limits and bars all around you, the adversaries have placed traps all around you with cheese in your face hoping you'll bite. Do not fall for it, stay positive in all things and learn how to react in all negative situations, always stay positive regardless of the situation your faced with, learn to focus on that energy within which is positive and goodness/love, that is coming from higher dimensions and should be released from within you.

Use this energy to assist in defeating world problems and negativity.

If you are determined and focused on this energy all negative entities are powerless against you by law, do not be afraid of such entities if you ever do encounter them, such forces will try to scare you that is the only tool they have against you but they cannot defeat you in the same way that you cannot force two opposite ends of a magnet together. Negative and positive cannot blend, you will have the upper hand on all negative adversaries standing against you, they cannot withstand your field of energy.

That post pretty well has the whole earth journey in it, what its about, how to reach to your higher energy and shine into the world, and to transmute the negative.

To literally forsee all the traps and times when we give into to stresses and dangers around us and react poorly or with anger, and begin to break those traps, disable them, to practice responding with Love and Peace in all situations.

Transmuting the energies to positive and thus sidestepping all negative traps and plans. Picking up and influencing those around us. Spreading that higher frequency LOVE and Light everywhere, helping those around us to be free.

Helping awareness in the world.

In addition, he says that Superman thing, and Sleeper does too! He also said, we're like 1000 X superman, if we only knew what a soul is!

Be Love you wish to see in the world and reach up to the higher energy, yourself, and shine that in. We exist, as Infinite parts of infinity, in No Time, all steps at once, but also, in the physical testing ground our body suits also extend infinitely, for there is no measurement possible, even a grain of sand as ET_MAN said, is the size and equal to the infinite universe. From Higher to Lower (gravity based or perceptional) realms and space-time, we exist and we can bring in those higher energies to shine on all our problems and help us solve them.

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posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 11:15 PM

Illuminati Magic or New Age Nonsense

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 10:53 PM
I've been watching some interesting videos. These are very useful, helpful for anyone seeking within to wake up more, to increase consciousness.

Dr. Steven Greer, Remote Viewing in CSETI

Near Death Experience and Contact - Dr. Steven M. Greer, MD

Dr. Steven Greer : Guided Meditations - (June 10th, 2011)

And this video where the frequencies in the last 1/3 or 1/4 with the recordings, has some energy in them that can stir the pot in anyone.

Dr. Steven Greer presents "Contact & Disclosure: The Final Sequence"
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posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 11:01 PM

No More Confusion. Focus - Prioritize

Cool Manifestation Story

Conspiracy Theories Reality Check

The Beauty of Going With the Flow

Joy. Peace. Happiness. Love and Be Good To Others.
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posted on Dec, 9 2012 @ 12:59 PM
Thanks for posting all of this Unity! i have not gone through it all yet but we can always use the encouragement to focus on creating a free and peaceful world.

posted on Dec, 9 2012 @ 08:21 PM
reply to post by hawkiye

Alot of her earlier videos were made private, but Linda West has an ability to tech frequency, link law of affinity, frequency matches, with emotion, joy, and how to really achieve that state. She also, as an ex Catholic and with dream visits of Angels bearing math, that she tried to send away, but finally wrote down this info, ended up winning a scholarship to South America with scientists including Terrence McKenna.

Its seeing positive, making peace with those around you, making ammends and striving to be a help to others, not a burden, not to be loved, but to love, to put the smile on another. So many ways to raise frequency, but its like a science in that, if you can rate from 1-10 high frequency items, excercise, nature walks, sungaze, birdsong, laughter, hugs, comedies, positive thinking (if a movie or a news show or a stray thought puts you down or brings you down, turn it around, write it down in a different way!)

---"I will awaken
I will spread my wings of love and awareness, with memories of who I truly am, and why I have come to this planet.
It is my will and will of the Creator
I fear no evil for I am the light and love of the Creator
I affirm this with my heart and soul
for light gives me strength and I will do what is right, on task, on mission, for love and freedom's win.

--"I am in optimum healthy, filled with radiant health and energy. My body transmutes all toxins and disposes of them, and heals itself quickly from all dangers. I am so grateful!"

--No plans against the people shall ever prosper. All are freed and growing in positivity, love, and helping one another like a true family. We are free and filled with Love.

Its from a higher frequency that we bring in the good.

And, look at your life and weed out 3 lower frequency things. So do an experiment, add 3 higher and take out 3 lower and then take notes in a journal, and try from good moods with emotions, to see and yearn for and even pretend you already have this.

Then give gratitude, give thanks, see this as a Miracle, daily miracles, Family, Team work!

These are examples.

Sunpictures. I have a hard time sungazing with the massive rain for 3 years, so my summer pictures are the most safe way to winter sungaze.


posted on Dec, 9 2012 @ 08:26 PM

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