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Manifesting, Visualizing, Raising Frequency To Co-Create A Free World

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posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 03:28 PM
Many are awakening to the way the world is, not just those on conspiracy sites, or alternative news, but even in checkout lines in supermarkets, amongst middle class citizens, here in Canada, some amazing conversations have grown into discussions where everyone in the line up knew about the pyramid structure, nwo agenda, bloodlines.

The question is what do we do, we're waking up and inundated with information, and being pushed into this duality, and the nwo agenda, or an end time one.

I've had experiences that more than woke me up, lifelong experiences that I finally was able to stop shelving and begin an intensive search for answers, and results from manifesting excercises. I really know that there are many options and timelines, not just one, even if its strongly being entrenched into our subconscious awareness to prod us into manifesting things we would never wish to bring upon this world.

The first step in making a difference is to become aware of your thoughts, and to step back from them. We don't have to accept every thought, or feeling that runs through us, especially ones that arise from exposure to media and their matrix control system, their coding in music or entertainment, and the news. We can stand still and say, no. Cancel, cancel to alot of the data running in our heads, and work at gainery mastery over our thoughts. We can do more, we can practice small excercises to prove to ourselves that we are co-creators of this system, that our minds and thoughts are powerful, that we are so much more gifted and powerful than any of the leaders wish us to catch on and realize.

We can create peaceful growing numbers of aware people, by manifesting this, unity, or the Living Way, as the pleidains call this, for example. Ie. meeting others on mutual ground and seeing the good in them, setting aside differences and reaching a place where growth can begin, rather than wars. We can create alternatives to the many endings we've heard of, we could envision protests growing world wide in a kind of meditative, multicultural, dance-a-thon, where everyone sits and meditates, envisioning themselves shielded and protected.

Unlike a recent thread that wants to exclude children from protests, I see protests as meditative, informative, with large numbers of families and children. Do not exclude the children. They are not to attack large groups of people.

I'm going to share videos by morningmayan, her channel on youtube is wonderful. Her videos are wonderful, and include my own visualizations, intentions and manifesting/prayers (I do both, I give my intentions and visions to the Prime Creator in gratitude and thank Her/Him). Also excercises. And ideas for raising frequency.
Her wonderful channel

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posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 03:31 PM

FreedomizerRadio tonight GMO's and Monsanto - we want to hear from you!

Freedom radio is wonderful. I'm just starting to explore this.


Masters Class Spirituality - Time to get connected

True Success Stories of Manifestation With Frequency

New Start 2010 - Out With The Low - In With the High Frequencies...

7 Keys to Raise Your Frequency!

Frequency Class - THE BASICS - pt 1

Frequency Pt 2 - "How to Discern a Frequency"

Frequency Pt 3 - The Law of Affinity - How it affects your life

Conscious Universe, the Observer Effect

Double Slit Experiment

The Great Intention
Max Igans wonderful Channel

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posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 04:22 PM
Raising frequency is very important for our awareness, to increase our experiences in meditation, and access our soul memories, as well, a higher frequency increases the speed at which we manifest with our thoughts as we begin to become aware that perhaps we can make a difference in this world, and that we incarnated to do just that, on assignment, to plant seeds, hold the light, raise frequency and awareness and co-create a free edenist world, rather than just accepting nwo or catastrophe. Then we also become aware that we need to raise our frequency hand in hand with getting aware of our thoughts, and starting to negate or cancel the ones we don't wish to entertain. So that we can start to manifest the things we were born to do, joy, love, freedom, advancement, and shine our lights.

So, the next things I will include will be the various methods we can raise our frequencies with. The first and foremost, aside from meditating in nature, is with frequency itself. Music, the sounds of whales and dolphins and binaural beats.
Bach To the Future - New Deep Meditation Tool
Isochronic Tones, free downloads
binaural beats
the freesound project if you want to make your own with audacity or another editor, you can even include your own affirmations or intentions.
Download the Solfeggio Tones 11:11 series. These are also wonderful to add to other soundtracks to create your own.

I'm still thinking of doing this because I had quite an experience of spontaneously manifesting with the Compassion Binaural on the Bach to the Future Thread which has subliminal messages.

And that has incredible implications for how severely we are being affected by subliminal messages in all our media including backwards messages in music.

In fact this is such a deep rabbit hole that the day I was researching how to use audacity and how to create my own subliminals, internet went off over and over again. Just when I thought it was a coincidence, hours later I posted this on another site, and bang!!! Off again before I could post it.

THis looks interesting
SBaGen -- Binaural Beat Brain Wave Experimenter's Lab
pure binaural tones
free downloads

posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 04:38 PM
One word: theta:

My 3 youtube favorites:

Shimmering Gossamer (Theta binaural meditation)

Binaural beats Theta


Insight (Prologue) | A Theta Meditation with Binaural Beats


Total Relaxation Meditation With Brain Entrainment / Theta

Brainwave - Cosmic Vision - Theta Meditation - Binaural Beats

binaural buddhist meditation in theta wave

Brainwave-Theta Flight- Theta Meditation - Binaural Beats

Brainwave - Eternal Mind Trip - Theta Meditation - Binaural Beats

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posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 04:50 PM

Atlantis meditation

3D Binaural Audio: 02-The Forest Sound+Moonlight Sonata

Schumann meditation, binaural beats

shri yantra mandala w/ schumann binaural

528 Hz Schumann Chakra Balance (binaural beats)

Zenergy: visionary art and crystal singing bowl music

Weaving tones on Tibetan Singing Bowls

Crystal Bowl Attunements

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posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 05:21 PM
Many will say this is a lifelong discipline that only a few can embark. Its actually for every single one of us, and its so simple that even children can be taught how. In fact, some of us have never studied under any groups, or any body of knowledge, in fact ran hard and fast from the controlling elements in religion, and preferred to keep all entrapment away, far away. Some of us have not read the law of one, or channeled information. Yet, through experiences, and trial and error surviving difficulties, have come to this journey all on their own.

The fastest and most important thing you can do, other than metaphsyical cleasnsing to heal the duality such as ho'onoponopono, is to listen to dolphins and whales, their frequencies raise ours and bring back memories. In fact I believe that the highest frequencies can only be obtained this way, and that this is part of why these wonderful spiritually advanced creteceans are in our world, for Gaia, to strengthen her crust, to enrich our atmosphere with oxygen, and to raise the frequencies of this planet.

Ho'onoponopono is incredible in itself, and I wish more and more would realize they can work on the data that has built up, perhaps for a whole cycle even, and work on setting everyone, even the dark hats, elite free. Inviting Creator into the process. For some, Creator is best seen as the Force, like in Star Wars, and/or their Higher Self. I say, Divine Mother, though sometimes, Granfather. In any case, here this link is:
Dr Hew Len 1 of 9, ho'oponopono

The dancing Whale and Dolphin

♫ MEDWYN GOODALL - Dolphin Companion (Music for Relaxation & Meditation)

Whales, dolphins and nature sounds - Whale song

Chant des baleines

SONGLINES Songs of the East Australian Humpback Whales

Orca Song

Whale Sounds

Whale Song - Pieśń Wielorybów

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posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 05:21 PM
Great thread Unity. S & F
for your effort.

I will take my time to go through all of the material you have provided.

That could take a while

posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 05:31 PM

Originally posted by heffo7
Great thread Unity. S & F
for your effort.

I will take my time to go through all of the material you have provided.

That could take a while

Thank you. Yes it will take time to go through, sorry about that. I avoid making threads because I don't like committing to large organization of information and feel I post better on other peoples threads, the shorter the better my writing. But...its important. There is so much we can explore, in ourselves to push the limits on consciousness and this would unravel this matrix and block their end time efforts. I've discovered this works, through my own experiences, and just want to share some of the tools that can help others, and see what we can do. I think humanity is beautiful, and believe in people. The proof that so many ask for comes from within themselves, and its as easy for most, if not all, to prove this to themselves by beginning the work and keeping a journal.

Any way have a few more things to add to the tools and hope to share some of the intentions, things I've visualized so far in meditations, and really hope to hear from others what their envision. And how we can start creating.

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posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 05:32 PM

Whale Slideshow. Whale Songs, Ocean Sounds. Isochronic Tones

humpback whale song

Dolphins Chillout - (music for babies-pregnancy)

Whales, Dolphins and Chakras - Lemurian Returns

Sounds of The Dolphin

the sound of dolphins and whales

Meditation - Sounds Of Dolphins

posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 05:37 PM
I do apologize to anyone with dial up, as this must be hard to load. I prefer them embedded myself on threads. I'm going to go back and double check to make sure they all play, and add links under them if they don't before the edit feature disappears.

posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 06:45 PM
Manifesting, or visualizing is one way, and intentions or vocalizing is another, I do both.
The most advanced way is visualizing, and you really need to fool your consciousness into pretending its as real as possible, to really envision this as something you can feel strong emotions about, emotions amplify and pull in this vibration, that you can feel with touch, smell, taste, all of your senses, if you can activate them. In meditation, and frequently throughout the day, to daydream strongly for as many minutes as you can hold this. If you are raising your frequency its best to chose the higher frequency moments to do this.

Affirmations or spoken statements, in the present tense, as in "I am awake and aware, remembering who I am in source, my cosmic self, and waking up to do the work I came to do." or, "I am doing the work I came to do!" Statements may be seen as less perfect as technically, there is some separation between you and the wish. However, your fifth Chakra, your throat chakra is the energetic center for manfistation, and words have frequency. As does music. Speaking statements in reality actually strengthens the wish.
You can do this at any time, speaking slowly and letting word vibrate within you, or during a chakra meditation while focusing on the fifth chakra.

Examples would be like:

"We are awake and aware, waking up to our true abilities now over this planet, and we are now forming manifesting and meditation groups to bring in an edenist world. All awaken and join this transformation. We are powerfully protected and safe and care deeply for every single person and child on this planet, and for all of nature and mother earth and we are acting in love to respond with compassion to each other for we are one, and working at healing mother earth. No plan against the people shall ever propser. We are raising our frequencies to the highest level and our awareness and love, and only positive loving people, events and circumstances will ever enter our lives.
This is manifesting now. It is so. Thank You, Creator, for Your love, shine Your light and love upon us, enlighten us. I offer this intention to You."

"I am aware, and know who I am in source, my cosmic nature, and my memories are returning, I am connecting to my higher self, and learning why I've come to this planet, my abilities and natural gifts are activated now, this is manifesting now, and grows stronger each and every day. I am light and love, and wish to see the light in everyone, under the masks we all wear, to reclaim and love every aspect of self in this game of oneness. I am growing and evolving, my dna is healing and I will remember. I am tuning out the negative in order to pay attention to that which I need to see."

"I will awaken
I will spread my wings of love and awareness, with memories of who I truly am, and why I have come to this planet.
It is my will and will of the Creator
I fear no evil for I am the light and love of the Creator
I affirm this with my heart and soul
for light gives me strength and I will do what is right, on task, on mission, for love and freedom's win.

I am emerging now into my cosmic self, my true self, with all of my memories and skills. My true self will no longer be silenced. It is so."

"My frequency and awarenes is raising to the highest level possible. I attract only postive, loving, higher frquency people, events and situations into my life. I am in impeccable knowing at all times, and all things come to be at the perfect moment, in perfect timing."

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 06:13 PM
More than ever, in the current situation in which so much is wrong, in our outward mirror, this world, it manifests over time from our inward mirrors.

The mirror inside us must change to reflect the outer world.

As an experiencer, I see the need for cosmic advancement, and advancement of our spiritual (not religious) metaphysical psi gifts. The inner gnostic seeking.

Expercises, visions I hold during the day and in meditation have included:

Safe, wonderful ecofarms, locally and abroad. And meditaiton groups, education, in communities, with sitings and suddenly it just takes off and everyone contributes land for communal gardens, and for the homeless and pushes for changes in their zonings. They all wake up. They manifest the changes, they grow in huge numbers. They manifest high frequencies and attracting only the high frequency, loving and postive people and events, and cosmic visitors. Only cosmic freinds may ever show up. The others are ketp away.

We all advance, bystepping the entire system and co-create a wonderful world, and pull in all the help we need to do it, healing the core of earth and healing nature. We are powerfully protected. I see farms and communities everyone including in the 2012 danger zones as completely protected, safe, flourishing, advanced.

I see inventions being patented open source and people help each other plant gardens and zero point clean energy.

In additon, meaning no disrespect for different wonderful global fashion, I see equality and freedom from politically entrenched religious rule throughout the planet and my symbol is seeing everyone wearing blue jeans and a white tanks. So I see the boys and girls emerging from the eco deluxe earth ship homes, with their wonderful indoor gardens, with beamships in their back yards for crafts, to attend their long lasting very advanced 180 cosmic educations in Africa, the Middle East, and all over the world.

The people develop their psi and telepathy and communce with nature and whales. We have teleporteres, and we visit all the time. Brunch with friends in Africa, and beautiful scenary. Their kids come back and spend the night over with mine. Schools can be attended all over the world, and dinner out in Italy. Its a small world with our teleporters, clean technology, equality, universal understanding so we value, respect and feel for each other.

I also hold the light, over Africa, the Middle East, HAiti. White light, awareness and awakening and protection. Golden light. Blue light peace and Healing, and Pink, unity, love, tenderness, respect for everyones thoughts, and concern for all, and their freedom.

I hope others can join in creating a wonderful eutopia and begin to change the mirror and change this world.

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 06:34 PM
I see an advanced world where medical advancements exist and everyone has dental, medical all education distributed to all, and advanced genetics, all races, of every color equally progressing into the cosmos. And woman choosing when they wish to have a child, advanced birthcontrol unlike anything "they" have come up with so far, though I believe this would already be known. Since so far most reports seem to be blond haired cosmic humans I think its time to push that envelope away from the Vrill eugenics programs into diversity and visualize big the beautiful diverse advanced human family progressing.

I see everyone being educated to the max, and volunteering, perhaps 4 hours a day, 4 or 5 days a week on average and retraining when necessary, less hours with more technology perhaps, much like the Venus Project, living our bliss and giving and taking like linux open source. I see no need for political parties, but most things decriminilized, and groups of citizens, equal, 50/50 men and women sharing pulbic duties in councils, locally to global levels, in jury duty that rotates quickly on its sifts, such as several month shifts. An equal group of jury duty, highly educated as citizens are, 50/50 men and women serving as watchdogs for the first group. The point is we the people are the governing forces, and we the people are educated and qualified, and telepathic and transparent, and we the people are basically responsive and answering to the public at all times.

I see us creating shields for our planet, metaphsyically and through advanced science, to ward anything incoming.

And advancing culturally, scientifically, creatively and learning responsiblity.

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 06:41 PM
Awesome thread, haven't gotten the chance to look through all of it yet.

Also a good thing to do is to do energy rituals, especially with in groups and utilize the energy to make change.

I believe using the memory quality of water and spreading it would be useful too.

Just my thoughts.

I don't listen to binearal beats enough.

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 08:00 PM
Thank you so much Unity_99.
You are such a great person.

I will gladly spend time listening to all of these.
Once again, thank you.

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 08:14 PM
The truth is simpler and yet more radical than the New Age "higher frequency" propaganda. Check out this -- there's video testimonials and amazing healing in conjunction with the Mayo Clinic --

My masters thesis was on sound healing and I have a blog on it - the secret is not frequency but rather complementary opposites

You can say "higher" but actually it's not higher nor lower it's always already -- it's the emptiness -- what we exist within but what we are not. The void is the ultimate truth -- resonating with what we already are -- that we do not exist! haha. Enjoy the truth and if you can sit in full-lotus! Until then try out the "small universe" exercise -- Level 1 sitting meditation c.d. from have fun.

reply to post by Unity_99

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 08:27 PM
reply to post by drew hempel

Editing this post completely. Fascinating blog, thank you for the link. I missed that link for some reason at the bottom. I've had some remarkable experiences in a high state of frequency, that changed my paradigm. I wrote in original answer that I had an incredible siting of a large white molded craft, a light ship, on July 3, I wouldnt have seen at all had I not had the rushes of vibrations and come out meditation outside in the summer evening. And a state where answers come, in fact postcard answers, quickly, and I thought to try some short term manifesting/visualizing, wondering how long it would take. It was the next day, that two of the three manifested, I wasn't expecting them that quickly.

If there is something else at work other than a raised vibrational hz, could you explain more fully what it is that brings this awareness?

Qigong is linked to psi development, energy development and healing. I'm going to research this more in full. And try to encourage my sons to explore it as well.

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posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 08:30 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by drew hempel

Manifesting is remarkable faster in a state of higher frequency. To prove that it works all you need is a journal and some small tests, such as parking spaces, cloud work, a phone call from someone you miss and havent heard from for months, a hug---you get the idea. It works.

I think I made a cloud disappear by the power of my mind before. I was chanting: "Cloud disappear" over and over again.

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 08:30 PM

Originally posted by Scarcer
Awesome thread, haven't gotten the chance to look through all of it yet.

Also a good thing to do is to do energy rituals, especially with in groups and utilize the energy to make change.

I believe using the memory quality of water and spreading it would be useful too.

Just my thoughts.

I don't listen to binearal beats enough.

Thank you. Water is very connective to our psi and our gifts. Often in the shower we can have some metaphysical experineces. Or even doing the dishes, listening to songs on mp3 player.
Water also is cleansing, especially if your attempting to heal or cleanse energy or doing auric work.

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 08:48 PM
reply to post by sphinx551

Thanks. I just want to say that we're all in this together, and we can make a difference to this planet. I remember a year ago waking from a dream, I didnt know what it meant, but I knew then that when the time came I had to hold one perfect thought. None of that made sense to me, though I did remember doing some of the intentions and visualizing years ago when we went through alot of trauma, and counseling. And it worked, though not quite the way I had wanted. That is why when you do this, you have to be very clear, and work on your thoughts, canceling out the ones that you don't want. We don't have to accept every thought. And sometimes also, our own feelings of low self esteem or blocks stand in the way. If we feel resistance to something we need to explore it in meditation. Do ho'onoponopono work, and work at releasing the blocks.

Also, we should always think of it as for the good of all. That everyone will be blessed by this. Manifesting a dollar at someone elses loss isn't cool. Because I have faith in Prime Creator I give everything as a prayer into Her hands for the good of all, for the happiness and safety and well being of all.

If we can start coming up with ideas of eden, and really feel them with our hearts and emotions, and really feel the safety and protection of everyone, and the healing and stability and shielding of our planet, and if we can go one step further and envision larger numbers of aware people, helping each other, caring about the plight of others across the globe, getting together and helping independence, like Hialiens thread:
The Great Awakening
Awakening II: Free Cities

His idealism and hard work all last summer to fine tune this idea was incredible and inspiring to me. The idea that we can help perhaps and actually get people together to make some generators or help gather supplies and some way of getting them to people, with water devices and seed kits, sprouting kits, just thinking of ways to get people off the grid into independence whereever they are. Many poor are disenfranchised from the land, and I recall he used Mexico city and their run down apartment buildings as an example.

We need to care and help others, to pull in the help we need. We need to work on raising our frequency and envision only attracting the highest frequency, positive and loving events and circumstances into our lives, and that includes cosmically.

So this is like trying to get us to practice and prove to ourselves through our own experiments in consciousness, and keeping a journal of it, so we can see for ourselves it works.

And then finetuning and perfecting ourselves, so that we will be able to pull in what we want, to establish a free world where everyone is whole, healthy, happy, equal, and valued. No need for banks or slavery of any kind.

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