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A study: Physical relations with ESP!

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posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 07:44 PM
Well I came up with this thread idea today when I was thinking about some dream experiences I had last night. I was thinking about describing the physical effects to your body an astral projection has, and from there I realized I wanted to make a much needed post to try and marry science and spirituality on the subject of "psychic energy".

When you theorize about the entirety of the human experience and don't exclude any aspects as separate, it leaves room to think of the physical body as an expression of pattern occupying a frequency wavelength in "space". Now if there is anything that I feel people get stuck on the most, it's labels. So on the topic of wavelengths I'll just quote this:

Energy and matter we have studied from Einstein's hypotheses are analogous: matter can be austerely denoted in terms of energy. Thus, we have only discovered two mechanisms in which energy can be transferred. These are particles and waves. For example, light can be expressed as both particles and waves. This paradox is known as the Wave–particle Duality Paradox. [2]. Through the work of Albert Einstein, Louis de Broglie, and many others, current scientific theory holds that all particles also have a wave nature.[3] This phenomenon has been verified not only for elementary particles, but also for compound particles like atoms and even molecules.

- Wikipedia

Okay, so we get that things have a wavelength. I think many of us only think of "what's there" as what we can perceive with the 5 senses, and to that thought, with wavelengths in mind, I give you this:

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Our human senses only perceive a fraction of the wavelength frequencies science has begun to work with. So that being said, it is possible that our bodies actually extend beyond the perceivable "shell".. it is possible at some wavelength, nothing is separated? We have planets joined in solar systems, plants and animals joined in ecosystems in the sense of their interactions. Perhaps we are all joined quite literally on some level that is infinitely small and thus immeasurable.

Many of us believe or have been conditioned to believe the human experience is only limited to physicality, that is we're just matter, atoms, everything is localized and science can't understand exactly where thoughts come from but we all assume the brain is their origin because of a physical counter-part response.

I don't deny if I had brain damage, that it wouldn't be a problem, but I maintain through personal experience that it is possible that whatever a thought is.. even if its origin was the brain, that it's capable of interacting with my environment. As an experiment, sit in a food court and watch people walk by, stare in their eyes and see how many magnetically snap their eyes to yours. Something to take note of. Try to put yourself in a position where it seems it would take effort or be co-incidence for them to look at you and single you out the crowd. But anyways...

We know we can control whatever is connected to our nervous system but what if our nervous system extends beyond its physical counter-part?.. What is a nervous system but a network designed to carry information from a control center. What if that control center was much broader then we realize, and what if, like tuning a radio dial to a new frequency, we could view networks similar to a nervous system of which we interact?

I'm trying to paint you a picture here with words... but try this, close your eyes, visualize yourself sitting there in your chair, and then imagine if you could perceive light above or below the color spectrum we're used to. What if there was a field that extended 2 inches away from your body, in the shape of your body.. maybe in your mind it appears electric... then maybe there is a bubble that extends about an arms length away?.. You know how when you don't feel comfortable with people that are close to you, maybe you'll even feel sensations in your body.. ring a bell? What if there was an even bigger bubble, or like a field of static interweaving you, your chair, computer and the walls of your room and everything between it?

I'm just trying to give you the idea..

So then, is it perceivable that there could be a part of us lying within a higher or lower frequency yet none the less intimately related to the "physical" body?


Ok I want to introduce a concept to you. There is a technique taught in a book by Robert Bruce called Energy Work. In this technique you rub an area of your body so you become aware of it, and then try to move this point of awareness up and down, etc. By practicing this with different parts of your body, not only are you more aware of your body as a whole with time, but also there is another side effect. Someone made a comment in one of my psychokinesis videos about "static charges" coming from my hand. When you try this technique, of putting awareness on a spot and moving it around, it actually generates a charge. You might even feel electric shocks.

There are certain healers who practice moving this energy build up around their body and into the body's of others. A good video of that is the one with John Chang I believe his name is, a Qi Gong healer.. you could see people twitching on the table when he's treating them and the camera crew getting jolted when they touch his stomach, also considered the area where "spiritual energy" is accumulated.

Here is the video I'm talking about.

It also interesting to note that IRON, (a conductor), in the blood in the right dosage can assist with energy distribution through the body.. it's also interesting to note that the iron is actually STORED in the area associated with the major spiritual energy containment center!!
Now I hope you see where I'm going guys. I'm a spiritual guy but I'm not unscientific. I'm not a fan of labeling things as one thing or the other. Paranormal, psychic, magic energy, or you can call it electromagnetism. I think many people don't believe in psychic energy because they think it's pure fantasy where it could very well be quite NATURAL and extend to levels we can't yet measure, but what I'm hoping to establish here is the concept that the body can have seemingly invisible layers and that we are capable of creating and moving a charge of sorts.

But anyways, with meditation, you work with sensing areas in your "body", particularly nerve clusters and the endochrine system which are linked spiritual to CHAKRAS...

Now, I don't have any research off hand on scientific studys of chakras but I'll tell you through my own experiences that I am able to easily feel them, and that they emit what feels like a field extending beyond the body.. and that by simply by IMAGINING energy going into these areas, that if actually affects your MIND..If anyone has any scientific research regarding that, please feel free to post it.

Some T'ai Chi for ya...

In T'ai Chi and some other forms of meditation, specific emphasis is put on moving points of awareness around the body and generating a charge and moving it. There is a specific practice called "CONDENSED BREATHING" where the practitioner tries to accelerate this charge, or shift it's frequency higher.... crankin' it up!

While developing body awareness in Tai Chi, the goal is to be able to be aware of the whole skeleton at once, and then applying condensed breathing. The idea is to sort of squeeze the energy into the bones, which they believe to be sort of like an energy circuit. And if you've ever looked at the inside of bones, it really is like a crystaline structure. The have been scientific to store information in crystals, 2 movies or images I believe, one of the mona lisa and I forget the other. I've even seen a glass-like computer chip that they made out to be very powerful so I have no doubt that bones could be as efficient.

Why am I mentioning bones? Well I'll get to that when I mention Astral Projection.

So far, I hope I've established that our entirety may not be as it appears physically and that we have a natural ability to create and carry charges, and also gain a higher awareness of whatever lies in our nervous system...but with the extended body field in mind, could their perhaps be a broader nervous system? Maybe we can feel objects or each other? Telekinesis? Delivering a punch of energy from your body?

The only thing I am concluding is that things aren't as they seem, and things that seem supernatural seem to have quite ordinary physical relations.

In part 2 I will be discussing Astral Projection / Dreaming, The mind and the physical relations and sensations of that as well.

EDIT: Just made this video to briefly describe the books mentioned in this thread:

(click to open player in new window)


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posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 07:44 PM
Astral Projection, Dreaming, The Mind

What is astral projection?

Astral projection (or astral travel) (or AP for short...) refers to episodes of out-of-body experiences considered to involve an astral counterpart that separates from the physical body and travels to one or more astral planes or the physical world.[1] Astral projection is experienced as being "out of the body".[2] Unlike dreaming or near death experiences, astral projection may be practiced deliberately.

- Wikipedia

Astral Projection has been compared to lucid dreaming, that they involve the same supposed energy "body" and take place in the same theorized dimensional plane as dreams.

Many would say dreams are just hallucinations of the brain, processing daily events and random subconscious symbols. Some would say that the whole experience of dreaming and Astral Projection take place in the projections of the Pineal Gland of the brain. Hint Hint guys.. this is what the Fluoride in the tap water is for. Think of this little gland as our internal looking glass and then picture it becoming fogged up with chemical / mineral deposits.

Well there is something else that is interesting about this gland..

When the pineal gland is at its peak performance, it turns a golden color and emits a black juice as well as a golden oil. That black juice would be the melanin color of the organs and every other area of the body which has a pigment.


The back of the eye has a black area called the macula which is pigmented with melanin. That is the area the light hits when your eye opens. Many people have difficulty with blindness because they no longer make that beautiful colour in that spot.

More listed from the source here: SOURCE

This same gland is the one that is not only supposedly linked to dreams and simple visualization, but also the intuitive psychic energy center, and is the gland affected by certain chemicals that induce "hallucinations".

When this gland is healthy it has a noticeable affect on one's vision. In spiritual practices, it is believed the psychic energy center linked to this gland works in co-operation with the eyes. Many people who have has supposed Kundalini Risings, or awakening of psychic energy, which is supposedly accompanied by a jolt that runs up the spine (hint, an energy of electrical nature moving up the nervous system).. During these experiences people claim to have expanded vision, like being able to see in 360 degrees for a short period of time. Afterwords, some people who have had this experience claim they have perfect vision from having required glasses before.

I'd like to also point out compared with the prior post, do you think this experience could lead to enhanced awareness of the "nervous system"?...and do you think this would have an impact on the punch of the "static charge" from the nervous system? Have you seen videos of psychics holding light bulbs and making them light up?

Anyways, you get the idea. It is my theory that this spiritual awakening, which has an electrical sensation about it could be an indicator of the body's natural energy system being enhanced.

Lets move on shall we..

So back to dreams... Perhaps they are a localized event being viewed internally, of which the dreamer is the only party involved.. or perhaps on the expanded body field theory, dreams could be like tapping into a different wave length and even inviting the presence of another person.

Anyone ever had a dream they told to someone who said "Yeah I had that same dream, I was there!"..? Well look it up. I remember an incidence in school where 4 girls all said they had the same dream.

In fact the reason I got into this kind of stuff was a really big kick of Deja Vu when I realized I had dreamed of what I believed to be the future when I was younger. How could a 10 year old imagine what it would be like to have the maturity and life of an adult with such clarity?.. Looking down the years... How could this child imagine being an adult with a disciplined mind from many years of meditation? Since there is no "evidence" to support my personal dreams, I'll move on, but actually the next part is about my personal experiences and how I have experienced physical effects of it.

My first couple Astral Projection experiences I woke up with sleep paralysis. Accompanied by that was a LOUD ringing in my ears and it felt like my head was shaking out of control, these were very real, physical feeling sensations. I was struggling to "rip out" of my body, it felt like much resistance. I finaly "projected" from a state of sleep paralysis and the event lasted maybe 5 minutes before I woke up. It's important to note that I'm very healthy, that I had a full night of sleep and was quite energized before I attempted my first astral projections, but once I woke up I was absolutely energetically drained. I was moving my body around like a zombie for at least most of my day!

Through repeated projections I have found those heavy vibrational feelings during the event of become much more subtle and gentle, and the ringing has become higher pitched and quieter. I also don't get as tired as I used, but here is where the bone thing comes in. Remember when I mentioned the skeleton and energy?

During one morning of Astral Projections, I really pushed it and had several projections over the course of an hour or more. I woke up and my entire skull felt sore, not like the feeling of a headache, like every inch of bone was sore! This only lasted about 30 minutes and I was also quite disoriented but it happened.

So this told me a couple things
1. It's not the same as dreaming as it has very real and uncomfortable physical side effects.


2. If it has a physical affect of any kind, this could lead to new scientific directions in further understanding the human experience.


One more short experience for you:
I once had an Astral Projection with my eyes open!.. I was lying in bed, I had just woken up, I was fully "integrated" as I was moving my limbs around... I had the after noise of a projection which sounds like Tinnitus (HINT, HINT!.. is it a dissorder or tuning into the natural sound of ourselves?). Well anyways.. I projected from that state, and from what I thought, I was still in my physical room, but when I got out of bed... well let's just say I wasn't physical. So there was a very real sense of a subtle transition of "realities".

If you want to know more about the sounds, experience, and an easy method of inducing an astral projection, I have a podcast for you: Astral Projection Guide

Astral Projection vs Lucid Dreaming
Many would debate over the differences and similarities. From personal experience I feel they are equally legitamate and useful, but just different experiences. With a lucid dream you might find you have more control and the dream will last much longer... whereas during a projection a slight scare or even a breeze will knock you back into your body, if not, then it seems there is like a timer.

So suppose dreaming is more stable because it's like a telepathic exchange of subtle information interacting with an extended layer of the body we call the astral body, which as being linked to the body, is linked to the brain etc. It's also interesting to note how quickly we forget our dreams even though there is so much basic info to remember. It often requires us to write it down to almost translate it to a conscious level.

With a projection I feel you are literally extending a field, a very sensitive field. This could be linked to reports of the "silver cord" some experience while projecting.

Honestly, the 2 experiences are equally valuable to me, some people just have a preference of their lucid experiences, and perhaps lucidity is a simple aligning of conscious levels.. just like how the body could have different fields, so could the mind.

Since you're here on this site you may have heard of the government investigating into remote viewing, so does that mean it has some testable legitamacy? If there is any scientific basis, I am sure it lies in investigating different fields of the body, different wave lengths, and somehow finding thoughts being intermeshed with it.

There has been interesting studiess of how the body perceives things, and how cells can function normally after removing their nucleus, believed to be the "mind" of the cell itself. I won't say any more on the matter, I simply direct you to this fantastic video:

But the video itself if you watched it, paints the picture of rough body-mind connection. I'm introducing this as a means to explain how information could enter a subtle field of our body and reach our mind. It could be possible to throw packets of information at people, but scientifically I'm not sure that's quite measureable yet.

But for the sake of theory, let us entertain the thought that on some level our bodies could be intermeshed with our environment, and that the key to gathering far away information lies in "the inner eye".

Is it possible that the government knows about this and has tried to create a mechanical version of the pineal gland?

Some more theories on Pineal Gland coolness:

Final statement:
There is a load of interesting information out there if you dig for it, I hope this gives you a taste. For me, I have a hard time believing anyone given the deceptive and self-deceptive nature of some people. You're on a conspiracy website, you know the world is run by liars. Don't you think might not want us to know this information if it's true?


posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 07:53 PM
And if anyone says James Randi, dammit that man's not a scientist!.

He sounds like a greasy scammer from what I've read. He could even be part of "the agenda". Ha.

But if there was an honest man doing the same thing, well that would be great.

I'm trying to professional follow a career with metaphysics and I am serious about trying to bring it into a scientific light. I'm not the only one. I have read some interesting things, seen some interesting videos, but no'one hears about it. No'one hears about the tests in India, or how Qi Gong healing is considered a legitimate practice in China.

And no'one hears about this guy:

Buddha Boy!

Note their efforts to film him to prove his case, as well as the other man mentioned that was supposedly scientifically observed to not eat or sleep for 10 days I believe it was.

If anyone has seen Ghost Hunters: TAPS.. there is a great episode, unfortunately no longer on youtube.. of an old man who they put a thermal camera on... he tries to psychically read one of the crew members and the camera shows a bit of a light show for ya.

Not to mention the other episodes and what they've picked up on a thermal camera.

If I ever get the money, I will be sure to get a nice thermal camera for PSI experiments.

Anyways, peace! Hope this thread isn't lost in the pile of "too big to read, PASS"

I'll just have to keep adding to it.

EDIT: My aim was to actually make this a very very short thread!!... I wanted to say "Hey guys, I astral projected and got a sore skull, lets talk about it.".. haha, see what happens.

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posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 08:16 PM
very good thread, S&F

also dont forget people like Robert Bruce, or even Ingo Swann. Both are very gifted people and worth looking into.

The entire Remote Viewing phenomenon could have its own 20 page thread

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 08:37 PM
I wanted to mention something else.

I picked up a GREAT book called:

The Secret Life of Plants

Within 2 chapters I was blown away from the science that has already been done about the consciousness of plants and its like it was swept under the rug.

Anyone ever hear "You have to talk to your plants so they grow"? I have no doubt that is there where it came from.

The tests where done by attaching polygraph / lie detector equipment and some other machines. The initial test was done by the guy, I guess the author, while sitting in his office one day. He was bored I guess and decided to attach the polygraph to the leaf of the plant. He got no response but when he thought "i'll burn the plant"... huge activity appeared on the graph.

It is apparent the plants possess something of an unconscious awareness, similar to what I'd compare to the spiritual concept of the higher self or something of a unified mind if you can imagine that.

There was another experiment done where there was a room of plants and they had some guy stomp and destroy all of them except one. The surviving plant they hooked up to the graph and then they let let random people into the room with it to which there was no response, but when the guy came in who killed the other plants, then the plant responded.

Other tests have shown that the plant demonstrates activity when its "owner" goes through intense emotional experiences.

This really is a great book guys, pick it up!

They also talk about how plants grow and have what seems like intuitive sense of firm foundations. When it starts to grow, it develops sensitive roots that are able to navigate around and through obstacles to its destination of water/ resources. You ever watch a fast video of a plant moving? Their movement seems so subtle and non-existent until you speed it up on film.

So we could say plants have something of a conscious awareness by these fantastic study's but what I'd really like to point out is how they could be an extension of our "physical" self.. another field in a different range... an extension of our minds, our brains and body's the radio receiver. Different structures for different functions, what constitutes sentient life?

What about the 100th Monkey Syndrome?

Animals living isolated from the test subjects just seem to develop the same skills? Hmmm

What about evolution? If something like a fish can't have intelligence awareness, how does it develop such intelligent survival mechanisms fitting for its environment?... how does a school of fish swim so synchronistically?

Is this a sign of a group consciousness? A link of a field beyond what is considered physical?

There are just so many interesting things to ignore.

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posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 08:40 PM
reply to post by phi1618

Thanks for the comments.

Yeah remote viewing COULD be its own thread but there's always a few people who flat out deny it, which is fine.. it would just be nice if we could have a nice big collection of scientific study's presented in one thread to unify them all. I could nominate a few people to do a better job of that then me!

Robert Bruce is great, his book was very interesting, I wouldn't mind getting his Astral Dynamics.

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 11:08 PM
I like your threads, I really do.

However that remark about Randi is just a low blow and you are the last person I would expect to write that. It smacks of the intolerant behavior you accuse others of. You need to research more on Randi and what he does.

There is nothing wrong in trying to find a more rigorous and stringent way to scientifically prove the paranormal. Look at how much harm has been done in this field & to this field because of ludicrous & unreplicable claims by so called "psychics" etc...

And some of your findings are iffy:

1. Buddha Boy is iffy. There was a screen erected around him and nobody could go near him during 5am to 5pm? That was when he could maybe go for a bite.
2. The 100 Monkey Effect has been discredited. Even your source says so. Unfortunately it lives on as a popular urban legend. I've even seen it used in literature from a Japanese religion.

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 11:29 PM
This is a great thread. You have put a lot of work into it.
Lots of interesting vids and articles.

I particularly liked the qi gong healer video, and the link to your Astral Projection pod where you have tried to recreate the buzzing sound. Slightly different tone to what I hear, but similar.

Fish, like all animals and living entities, must use mass subtle telepathy for their synchronized formations.

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 11:40 PM
i have seen and tested so many things... none of this seems to represent reality. Good luck though... keep chasing those magical super powers. i know i sure would like some.

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 08:48 AM
reply to post by postmeme

There is just about as much info out there "pro" randy as there are speaking out against him.

I'm sorry I let you down, but I just don't trust this guy, that's how I feel.

Don't know what else to say really, guess that's it.

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 09:08 AM
reply to post by postmeme

I don't know if you watched the whole Buddha Boy documentary but they finally did get to film for a long stretch of time, it's been a while since I watched it, i couldn't give you an accurate amount of time. But damn.. just sitting there naked in 0 degree weather, meditating for the whole day even, I wish I could do that.

I have no doubt there are scammers out there but from my own experiences I cannot deny the possibility otherwise.

I tried something new with this thread, to try piece together some off hand stuff I knew that could contribute to the idea that there has been some research into the paranormal that is interesting to say the least. Some are bent on believing something one way or the other but its the ability to be open that allows us greater perspectives that challenge the foundations of our belief stucture. I wish there wasn't an ATS rule speaking against illegal drugs or personal use of them.

You can't convince everyone one way or the other, and I knew that when making this thread. I'll say that we'll never be fully satisfied and that's why I made this thread: Logic and Imagination

I'll tell you, personally through meditation, the real experience isn't "super powers" its that feeling of aliveness that amplifies, that amount of wisdom that floods in, different perspectives, fixing problems in the deep corners of your mind and overall making life better that drives me in this field.

I'll keep tossing bits and pieces and you can feel free to do with it what you will, but my intentions are successful as long as I can introduce new concepts, it doesn't matter if they aren't believed, that's a personal journey in itself. So I'll keep tossing them and you do what you want with them.

posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 11:55 PM


posted on Jul, 9 2009 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

I bought the book after reading your comments on it.


posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 02:21 PM
Hey Caveman!

Loong time out. Yes, i figured things out... im right now on a great
job (low pay, but huge freedom to create), so i feel this no longer
distracts me of hanging out here (again) and exchange POV with
all of you guys...

Just one word: WOW. Lots of great new info! This whole thing about
plants makes me wonder about the whole old legend about mother
nature / father spirit and we here holding hands with both...

I was having a nice talk with someone about egos and automatic
responses.. it was great, because he explained to me what we are
talking in ATS with other words (he is a psychologist, not mine hehe),
and he got the conscience as a battle of ego and projected reality, and
on a side note that we need a SIMBOLIC PROTOCOL that either reject
the things that attack the ego or reforces the ego., and we only grow by
the pain of acknowledgement of 'i was wrong'.

You can see this happening when someone say to you "you are not

This also can be illustrated by the rejection of the mere proposition of
plant theory, sounding like a true "positivist".

Positivism is a philosophy that holds that the only authentic knowledge is
that based on actual sense experience. Metaphysical speculation is
avoided. Though the positivist approach has been a 'recurrent theme in
the history of western thought from the Ancient Greeks to the present day'
and appears in Ibn al-Haytham's 11th Century text Book of Optics, the
concept was first coined by Auguste Comte, widely considered the first
modern sociologist, in the middle of the 19th century. In the early 20th
century, logical positivism—a stricter and more formal version of Comte's
basic thesis—sprang up in Vienna and grew to become one of the
dominant movements in American and British philosophy. The positivist
view is sometimes referred to as a scientistic ideology, and is often shared
by technocrats who believe in the necessity of progress through
scientific progress, and by naturalists, who argue that any method for
gaining knowledge should be limited to natural, physical, and material
approaches. In psychology, a positivistic approach is favoured by

Althoug these 'brakes' are needed in case for delusions of ego, it is also
a form of thinking passed along without filters (the dumb down conspiracy
as I labeled it)... if its not on the books then is not real type of fellas, and
laws of physics are there for a reason... yeah, we all know 'what' reason
is: for you not to question and wander past there, like tesla did and he
payed the price.

Anyways, my research shows that positivism was debunked by Kurt Gödel,
and let me copy here this text from Donald J. DeGracia:

It was Gödel who proved, using the very heart and soul of the positivists
doctrine-- mathematics--that it is impossible to ever conceive of such a
system of logic. It is not my desire here to go into the details of Gödel's
proof because it has been amply documented elsewhere. My point here
is that Gödel's proof reflected an important turning point in the nature of
the twentieth century intellect, a turning away from broad, monolithic
approaches of understanding, toward a new type of pluralistic


I am of course referring to the famous “wave/particle”
duality presented in 1929 by Niels Bohr and his “Copenhagen”
interpretation of quantum mechanics. Again, the twentieth century
intellect was forced, by its own standards, into replacing a previously
monolithic mind-set with a more pluralistic approach

Yes. Science today is dealing with 'not possible' polarities of the old
and dead ways of positivism....

And, speaking of 'sides', i like this categorization (or deconstruct /
construct the ego borders?) summed up by donald:

In the context of the plurality of modern approaches toward
knowledge, let us begin by considering four traditional
approaches or perspectives toward knowledge: science, philosophy,
occultism and mysticism.


First off, there is, and has always been, a constant exchange and
interplay among the four in terms of their greater social context. In
some cultures, for example ancient Greece or India, or Medieval
Europe, the studies of philosophy, science, occultism and mysticism
were so intimately intertwined that no real distinction was made
between them1. Granted, these cultures may have seen the four
branches of knowledge in a different light than we do today. Yet they
saw knowledge in a unified framework in which all four of these
approaches had equal validity. However, the way that science and
philosophy are taught today in the universities, it is all too apparent that
this is not true.


Actually, to the true mystic, nothing is separate from anything else,
and any classifications of the nature of reality are seen as that--
classifications. Reality itself, from the mystical vantage point, could
care less what you call it: “IT” is anything you wish to call “IT”--and
everything else as well. Mysticism is the true spiritual approach, it is the
true way to religion. What we call religion today in the West is but a
watered-down, overly rigid, dogmatic and institutionalized vestige of
ancient expressions of the mystical experience. The true mystical
experience defies the mind at all of its levels, whether these be words or
rituals, dogmas or beliefs, and brings into direct comprehension the
overwhelming and unquestionable, yet ever-changing and ever
dynamic, living unity of all existence.

Ok, i will stop here.
Great to be back on an awesome thread.
Im definitely buying the book, much appreciated!


posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 01:12 AM
My friend and I tested really high for ESP in our psych class in college... we got like 35 out of 50 of image testing

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