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Manifesting, Visualizing, Raising Frequency To Co-Create A Free World

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posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 11:29 PM
I had a chilling thought just now, perhaps this is why the cia might be so interested in getting involved in eastern gurus. I couldnt see why they would do this even. It made no sense, and then I thought........Ingo Swann talks about the Sidhi's.
There is so much information in the ancient Eastern Writings, and much of relates to who we really are. We're multidimensional sensing systems, naturally psi, with hundreds of biological toggles for our psi. We are so much more than they want us to believe. In addition there is a lot of et information, and science in the East.

It just dawned on me that if they put cia ops into the mix and made sure their information was prevalent, because its so hard to study in depth the traditional works, this would be a way to control or filter who went further into attaining more knowledge than they wanted us to have.

It would mean pouring over his books and comparing them to the more ancient ones to see what was going on there.

posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 11:35 PM
O.K. I spent a lot of time researching yoga in India -- the various schools, philosophies, etc. Unfortunately none of it is too appealing in my opinion simply because the Vedic philosophy is really the foundation of Western philosophy. I go into this on my blog -- just like on my links of my online articles, interviews, free full preview book, masters thesis:

My online articles, blogbook, masters thesis, and book -- full free preview:

reply to post by Unity_99

posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 05:06 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

There is so much information

Exactly Unity!! This is why I say it is best to seek out your higher soul self and bypass all this middle ground information. It fills the vast realms between yourself and the part of you above the veil that is all knowing, there is just SO much information and it is making you unable to see the forest through the trees.

It is in my opinion that these realms have been filled with all this info for the very reason of confusing and manipulating. Seek out YOU and you alone then there is far less confusion and worry.

posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 10:45 AM
reply to post by Mr Green

Higher Self is not an end to all, we do have connections when we seek. For some this guidance is picked up, others have a different kind of connection, as in their HS stays in the background possibly due to their own decision before incarnating. But finding HS is not the mission.

We have to develop our metaphysical response in answer to the negative side attempting a negative harvest and millions have incarnated, for this exact moment. We're be awoken, and the journey is something we discover. For example, in my searches and meditations, Mother answered me directly at one point and told me it was time to start to forming meditation groups to raise the frequency and awareness, we had to co-create a positive ending to the play. And that it was time to be bold. This meant no sitting on information like many do, acting as if its only something a special privileged group should know. Just give it out there and let people come as their frequencies raise and their awareness grows.

Many are here regarding the timeline possiblities. I stepped into the currents of two major ones, the biggest two. The disaster was in first place but the second was also strong. And we're here to change that.

The Great Intention is a very powerful moment we can all join in, manifesting and bringing in a free and positive evolving world for all. We also need to work through the duality, as the answer to the Universe's question is unity.

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posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 01:43 PM
Here watch this!

reply to post by Unity_99

posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 01:46 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by Mr Green

Higher Self is not an end to all, we do have connections when we seek. For some this guidance is picked up, others have a different kind of connection, as in their HS stays in the background possibly due to their own decision before incarnating. But finding HS is not the mission.

Below is the tree of life. It is a map of human consciousness. Is shows why the higher cosmic self of source consciousness is never in the back ground or to the side. Your Source consciousness of SELF is the white circle (above the abyss/veil) within the Source and your higher self (soul guardian) is the central yellow circle (which resides just below the abyss). Both run up the central column of balance, never are they to the side of ones consciousness. I cant see how anyone can manifest anything without first connecting to their higher guardian self,( which is the central initial purpose of any awakening ) and then to make it further and connect to their cosmic soul self. I just cant see how puhing these two extremely spiritual aspects of the self to the side or back ground can achieve any spiritual, metaphysical or manifesting goals. They are central to the self and for me MUST be connected to with total balance and awarness prior to any dimensional shifts/manifesting or other wise can even be considered.

We have to develop our metaphysical response in answer to the negative side attempting a negative harvest and millions have incarnated, for this exact moment.

As I hope I have shown, for me I cant consider any "metaphysical response" in relation to a negative harvest without understanding and being connected to the higher principles of my being. How can I work on negative influences sent by 4th dimensional entities if I myself are not completely balanced and aware.

I think people are attempting to run before they can walk with all these new age attempts at fighting the negative harvest. Knowledge of self will prevent the negative harvest and for me that is why I shall continue to seek the connection to my cosmic consciousness. I actually believe those pushing for the negative harvest absolutely dont want you to connect to your cosmic consciousness because they know this is mankinds answer to ascension.

You say finding your higher self (which then leads to cosmic self) is not the mission. It is the only mission, the tree of life picture i have used is just one way of showing the consciousness of the self, there are many others. I do not practise kabbalah but the tree of life shows wonderfully my point.

I do like your energy and enthusiasm Unity but I cant see any sense in your above statements.

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posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 02:31 PM
reply to post by Mr Green

We have to do our missions. What we are prompted strongly to do within our cores. This is my mission and it was given a few months ago to develop a way of bringing this awareness. I am so happy to have found morningmayans videos, she is from my soul family and on mission as well.

This awakening means we are becoming aware of the things that are driving us and what it is important to do. I use my intuition, my insight, the promptings, prayer, meditation to be on task, in impeccable knowing at the right time. I have no choice, since my wakeup I am being pulled and called and reminded, and spend a great deal of time seeking the next step. I am also seeking greater and greater connection to higher self. We need to wake up. We are keeping this duality with our consciusness and it is a mirror. And the cabal/elites know this and are agents of chaos programming the matrix and events.

We have to rewrite the play. And grow these numbers as never before. Currently there are many programming the matrix for the ending to come in that we do not wish to see, and you yourself experienced one of those negative spell casters, who attempted to silence you. I had to work back carefully on his thread, it was very strong and very dark programming the matrix. I worked back until I read one passage where he attempted to code into the global consciousness internet, in a viral way, a command to silence all humans, awaken his kind and evoke earth changes quickly and I countered it and canceled it out and rewrote humanities win.

Our Higher Selves are there to help and guide us through and seeking to be connected to our cosmic selves and HS is important, but this is to do the work we came to do. And many of us came to make a difference so that they do not achieve their negative harvest, or global fascism.

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posted on Feb, 6 2010 @ 11:17 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

We have to develop our metaphysical response in answer to the negative side attempting a negative harvest and millions have incarnated,

I have thought about your thread and how some people could possibly have missions that were not directly related to connecting to their higher soul, and I now after much meditating on this question see that yes this could be the case.

To develop our personal metphysical response to the awakening and its subsequent harvest can indeed be a metaphysical response that does not require the mind/body/soul to connect as a whole.

Thank you for pointing this out to me. I feel my metaphysical response to the awakening is to connect to my higher self and with its guidance to cosmic consciousness . This I see is a single/lone path response to the awakening but I can now see fully, thanks to your awarness that others may take a group path involving missions and ascend as a group consciousness on their journey towards cosmic consciousness.

Thanks again for making me see as I was struggling with this concept. After all the RA are a higher density complex that involve the many as one.

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posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 04:04 PM
Thank you once again Unity_99. I really enjoy listening to these.

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 05:47 PM
reply to post by Mr Green

No, its my words are being clumsy I guess. What I keep trying to say, is many are here for missions and seeking their higher selves, connection, and guidance, which they may only have subconsciously depending on their contracts they arranged for themselves before they came, or they may have greater contact , is to help them do their mission. So our Higher Selves help us do our mission. I understand what you're saying too. Maybe I'm not saying it clearly, thats all.

When you said this part,
"Thanks again for making me see as I was struggling with this concept. After all the RA are a higher density complex that involve the many as one."
I wonder about the RA. I am very cautious, even our language is coded by the annanuki, and the hybrid leaders they set up, its Atlantic to Egypt/Sumeria, to Juda, and Rome, anyway, this is some book. For some reason it glitches past page 30 or so, best to download. Alot of words relate to Sat, saturn, E.A., names of Egyptian Deities, Atlantean, and they're all a net/matrix. I'm just cautious thats all.

posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 01:55 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Hi I have read 3 books of the RA, and I must agree with you, take some of it on board but reject other parts. Way I look at it is this, dont believe anything unless it resonates totally with your soul..even if it is from a sixth density memory complex! The RA is still channelled which means its open to the distortion of the only believe what totally agrees with your soul. That way by following yourself you are safe from distortions of these psychic and astral realm communications.

Its still cool the way they answer everything as I AM RA though!! Very interesting books if you can read them with an open mind and take only from them what is required for your growth at this point.

posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 10:52 AM
reply to post by Mr Green

Oh dear, if you read the book I linked, Ra is a little more alarming to me than that. This book, goes through their gross manipulation of the languages, symbols and religions by which they have formed a matrix, and we evoke the atlantian/egyptian/babylonian "deities", ets/annanuki, Isis, Ra, Sat, Ma. The matrix, Ma's Tricks. This book is so tightly woven it makes you question everything.

posted on Mar, 4 2010 @ 06:06 AM
I have a "vision board" on my pc.

Instead of watching TV I have my slide show.

What's on it?

Nebulas, log house in the moutains, flowers, rivers, mountains, the sun, space, stars, green lush grass, the ocean, trees and beautiful forests, a little boy petting a moose that has wondered up to his front door, people living in harmony...with each other and the other creatures of this wonderful planet.

It's a free slide show program and I use it to visualize the way I want my reality to be.

Maybe if we all visualize the same pictures - everyone putting up one picture in their profile and call it for the vision board and we all mass concentrate on it.

Not everyone can meditate but everyone can visualize that is why TV is so popular.

I'm going to put a picture up for our vision board right now.

Good luck!

posted on Mar, 4 2010 @ 10:32 AM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

Vision boards are powerful. I do it in meditation, usually monitored. In fact in the one I do about the world waking up, disclosure, Africa flourishing, advanced education and telportation, a wonderful world akin to the Venus Project with grass roots citizens all taking shifts in leadership roles via jury duty, etc, I was monitored intently and then told This Is It! Think Big!

I want to make several vision boards and also think it might be nice to not limit to just collage. Art projects.

This is a wonderful idea.

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 09:07 AM
This is my first post and I made you (unity99) my first friend here

I really liked your ideas about music production and incorporating positive messages into the music with theta tones etc. I will do more research on these because its right up my ally as a music producer. I use orion platinum and adobe audition, plus a few other ones by the way. Also I love everything to do with meditation ever since i was 14. Im 24 now. I would meditate for days at a young age. I found this post very interesting. Maybe I will post a link of some music incorporating experimental tones and positive philosophical messages with whale sounds too. Ive wanted to do that for awhile and this thread has given me some motivation. Thank you very much for posting it.

Also I would love to learn more about chakra's and raising ones frequency, got any meaningful links or advice? Have you ever meditated and saw a red circle of light in your mind. I could see it for a while inside my mind and with eyes open. I researched alot and stumbled about info on the ajana chakra. I cant help but link this to the red dot indians have on there head. I read somewhere that only very spiritual "masters" experience something similar. This happened when i was 19. The whole story of how I uncovered this side of meditation I wont go into for now.

Thanks again for your post and sorry if i began to ramble a little :-)

:edited spelling

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posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 09:30 AM
reply to post by mysticvibes

Thank you for your wonderful post, and I also added you as a friend. The binaurals and hemisync, including the addition of subliminal, positive affirmation type subliminal is actualy a very big rabbit hole. From my research this is something that the Germans prior to the ww2 discovered and deveoped into their NLP, and television control, for it hijacks our minds, hz, and frequencies and makes us prone to mind control.

But...its also based on our real biology combined with metaphysics and it is a two sided coin. In other words theyre controlling us with the very tools that can awaken and free us. And using subliminal against us in our media, and phantamogoria as well (not sure I spelled that right).

When it comes to us pursuing this they're not quite as happy. If one of their companies puts out a tone and hides nefarious subliminal then they're all for that of course, I'm pretty sure, but ours, our own grass roots efforts, I'm sure they really wont like this. And yet we have the power to awaken and free our consciusness and manifest a free and progressing, equal world, in this Consicousness Driven Universe School.

Pure tones, nature, whales and dolphins, chimes, waterfall sounds, flutes, also, perhaps, singing bowls/crystal bowls, windchimes and shaman drums. Many different ways to layer the sounds and create them as a layered tones different in each ear. In addition, the affirmations. Your programs sound like they're designed for this job. I use linux most of the time, and audacity for grass roots, home grown solutions is really something I want to push myself to explore, I have collected a few files but didn't get around to trying to record the affirmations.

They could be in a variety of themes, such as oneness with others, and waking up awareness, remembering who we are and our lifes purpose, recovering memories, connection with Higher Self, and nature, developig psi, verbal visualizations of the kind of world we wish to create, eden and equality.

In my search for how to create sublminal messages, my internet was shut off over and over again. It was only done once before, for researching and posting on the pole shift and then it was the whole Shaw package. When it came back and I mentoned to my mother on the phone what I belived had happend, instantly phone, tv and internet off again. These are very deep rabbit holes. They want to control this, but they also know this is our way of freeing our minds and becoming aware and free of them.

I'm relaxing today, not feeling well for the past few days, and will look online for the kind of simple and effective chakra meditations that help. And add them in another post.

Thank you again for your post, just waking up in this world does an enormous amount of good.

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 10:52 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

I discovered this site a few years ago my freshman year in college but never had a real reason to join the forum as a member until i read one of your replies about higher dimensional ufos and your ability to see them after meditating. I found this concept very interesting and would like to delve deeper into it. Also you mentioned that you felt you were being tested before you could see the beautiful ship and that they were communicating with you telepathically, could you expand on this at all? In what way did you feel you were being tested?

The thought of being tested by a spiritual alien race to be proven worthy of interacting with them on some level motivates me to improve myself spiritually through meditation like raise my vibrationally frequency or meditate in full lotus (i think that is when all chakras are activated?), so i wont be left behind in a potentially wonderous side to this story.

Personally I believe ufo's exist because Ive seen my fair share, and believe there is a spiritual side to this story. The thought that there are alien spiritual masters inside these ufo's is intoxicating- to think there are entires races of buddha's and jesus type figures is heavenly. This thought seems at first exceptionally optimistic there is a logic in the thought that a civilization would evolve spiritually side by side with technology. I would hope so anyways. I've read there are good ones (nordics) and bad ones (greys) so if this were true then my previous logic wouldn't be mutually exclusive - it would seem the message is out there that you can be advanced technologically but spiritually inept.

On the music production side, I decided to become a music producer 7 years ago when i spent all my time listen to mind blowing sounds meditating- I decided to create the music myself and add my own creative vision to this godly art. I love creating spiritual sounds and melodies for myself and others to meditate to - to me its similar to creating inner worlds much like a fictitious god would create the outer - so the godly metaphor is appropiate somewhat
Have you ever listened to goa trance music? This is the type I am refering to- its about reaching spiritual experiences listening to music while meditating. really mind blowing melodies.

I want to create such alongside philosophical messages similar to what you mentioned. I personally would love to promote the oneness and interconnectivity and most importantly the interdependence between all species of earth. When we destroy the forrest and creatures we are destroying our future. We depend on them for life, indeed it is such a web which created us. I want to inspire a reference for nature. Also I want to explore themes which push human potential be it spiritual and mental as in psi energies which i have first hand confirmation of. Ie I can create palpable energy fields through my hands through my chi which i can quite strongly feel and had others feel when they put there hand between mine. I think its a trip introducing such concepts to people with no knowledge of this ancient practice.

Also the notion of specific tones having the ability to induce meditative states, ie alpha, beta, etc is execptionally appealing to me to add to my productions, surely there is much research for me to do. Also, I can imagine overlapping different tones could produce interesting effects, both sound wise and mentally. Hopefully I can create some consanance with them so they sound good and not nails to a chalkboard. Also being fluent with synthesizers frequncies above 20,000 kz ( above most humans hearing) has scientifically been proven to create euphoria but dont look for it on tv or through most speakers because usually they have filters which block those frequencies. You need specialized monitors to access them. And frequences below 40 hz can create the opposite effec

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 10:56 AM
I ran out of space on my above topic. lol. Nice to meet you unity_99 I can tell you are a unique person and I appreciate your positive outlooks. I hope you feel better and be on the lookout for some music links of mine. i am also experimenting with creating music videos with image slide shows which is another avenue to spread these positive thoughts.

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 11:41 AM
I love your energy. Feeling some strong connections, and am sensing this awareness in you. I have been drawn to lots of energy, have energy recognition, lots of people, even wearing the other masks in this duality, I'm going to add that caveat and you may have noticed I have threads out there, even to try and reach family on the other side of the fence, and send love and light to each and every one of them. Yours is wonderful.

In any case, when I post, sometimes just boldly, then I hesitate and avoid for a bit, because I don't like negative responses, but I cant post in a different manner, or get more practical with what I'm trying to say, or encourage others to discover in themselves. Im very right brained and have been woken up to memories that connected to our family sitings and brothers experiences as well, growing up, and really woken up by them. And its a duality universe asking a question, a test, an opportunity for progression and growth. The ones managing this are distorted in their viewpoints but have alot of knowledge and information, very much so, just a kind distorted ideas of their true natures and roles. So with positive contact, there is a family element there and metaphysics.

The test was kind of personal, I sense where it came from but, some of it is confusing because various things have come over and over again. It seemed to be about my level of consciousness and whether I had moved out of human understanding. I posted on Lowki's thread about it and will find the link. It related to a friend who has woken up with many wounds, often has memory blocks but sometimes if you ask the right question it triggers downloads of memory, and who I've shared contact experiences with. He had experiences of their harvesting his AB dna with females who had been raised since childhood in this usary, abusive Vrill like environment. It really upset me.

Now, I'd spent alot of time bringing issues in our world, under the stars and asking for help and how I could help, also the abuses here, and didn't care one whit who was monitoring, what polarity or orientation, all in this cosmos are family, some need to be reminded. Alot of changes, the last year in my understanding due to seeking my Higher Self more, so my understanding has changes and become spiritual and ufology oriented, combined, kind of quantum phsyics meets the Beyond, whats outside this school. In this moment, I went under the stars and was quite upset and asked for real help to end the abuse of women and children, even hybrid program the black ops and negatives are running and that the cosmos and old empire/negatives in it are very patriarchal and that we need women on the job. I was very upset.

Then I calmed down, and later was meditating listeining to the frequencies when I felt a craft overhead and monitoring, then next, what I call images of a blond male who I've seen before, speaking of Sirian and Sirian/Ple'o'sha'n councils (implying one system and then a coalition body with two, not sure what this means at all), and cultural exchange.

Then it was more him pursuing me. which I in the end decided was a test of my understanding of sexuality and whether or not I myself had grown up in this area. The presentation was like he wanted to marry me or something along those lines, but I just felt this was something that no one without their soul memories or knowledge of life and who they were should engage in. And, have always felt I have family watching over and someone waiting for me. So in the end, after many scenes in which I changed them each time and got away, I said I didn't know who I was yet.

Then I opened my eyes, decided that this was a meditational mystery, not real, I didnt think it was real, the skeptic in me always leaps forward and analyzes it and I put it down to the frequencies.

I stood to go into the house, and looked over to the right to this clearing in the sky where we have had sitings. I had been experiencing many rushes of vibrations, rapid ones, during the meditaiton, and experience, and this is something I relate strictly to a higher frequency state. And ET_MAN asked me if I had seen a craft (because my son and I have witnessed many together, including the rest of my children for some) that only I could see.

He also had talked about contact my son recieved in the kitchen, during a time when he had missing time and a few other things. Well this would be the one siting that only I could see, I believe.

It was a beatuiful, huge solid, gleaming glowing white, light ship, graceful and unlike any picture I have ever seen online. It had huge molded platoons along the sides of the body from the back. It materialized and I saw it from the back at a slight angle, and then it flew forward and vanished.

I've had other experiences where they test us, another where it seemed to be relating to how in control of ourselves and our human natures we are, how higher thought oriented we are. In that one I was told I would have contact, and this is from someone I have love for, he is very heroic feeling, and idealistic, when he talks to me it was about Africa being the symbol of the world, and told me later to love my children and put them first in everything, that he was a father too. The image he gives me in the picture/sound type contact, and my experience and night time memories is of a beautiful attractive dark haired man. In this instance, I felt this surge of happiness and a fleeting thought that he was attractive and he did not like that. Instantly I was felt his disapproval and that we humans were too sexual or something.

He put me in a craft in my mind, and I was suddenly onboard with him and he was telling me with teleapthic images and feelings that he cared very much for me, that he was falling in love with me, etc etc. I sensed a test. I said instantly, no you misunderstand. This is a human experience and its not possible for us to completely control every thought but just because I think the image you sent me is very appealing, and really like your feeling/energy who you present yourself as being does not mean that I would want to ruin communication this way, or that I am interested in someone in that kind of way, I don't even know who my family is and want to remember and when my life is over go back home.

In any case, then I was shown the viewing station monitoring the sun, and had a real paradigm changing expeirence, which was almost too much for me. But was told it was time I knew this. When I did my normal, this cant' be true and didnt accept it when the contact was over, I was outside and my son and I had contact with a craft, in fact I believe this may have been the one last July where as I turned to go into the house, this voice sounded loudly, Not yet, we havnt greeted you yet. And a red lighted craft appeared between the trees and flew forward and as it approached the roofline my son and I both saw it was a saucer.

Alot of my contact happened that way, where I would doubt it, it was hard to get me to trust it, and so there was always a wake up call in seeing a craft. I trust it now.

to be con't

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 11:47 AM

When I post, is never to worry though if people are on the same page, because I can't write or share things that are conventional or logical or practical, this isnt how it happens for me, and my experiences are what they are. Also, as I said I'm very right brained. A few of my friends have tried to get me to tone down my posts or not embarrass myself or turn others away by only talking about certain things. But I can't stand control, and its not right. There are so many different types of people in this world with different attitudes, and gifts, and for the ones stepping beyond the coloring lines in the book/box, seeking beneath the matrix, many different mixes of experiences both ET, and crafts and also metaphysics and dreams.
I can't share anothers experiences, but I can share mine and the truths I'm finding in life, and encourage others to begin their journey. More practical down to earth ones that appeal to the conservative will have to do things their way, while I have to do things my way, and encourage that in everyone.

Its about pushing limits on consciousness, questioning everything, and giving. We need to give more I was told.

And we have abilities to shine light and envision and manifest. This is a consciousness driven universe/school/hologram, and basically they've been hijacking our consciousness.

edit to add: Its like this, we perfect ourselves, push the limits on consciosuness, work at learning lessons, raise vibrations, care about this world, yearn for eutopia, peace, equality, give to others and nature, give....and work to overcome our matierialism. For the Universal Understanding/Telepahy needs a clear channel. And we attract what is our vibrational state, our state of being. Positive contact needs an advancing positive soul.
The other kind of thing can bring in contact we wouldnt wish for. Many don't understand what I mean here.

When we grow and work on ourselves and care about the world, more is given. As we strive further, more is given.

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