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Number of victims to unknown virus growing! State of emergency to be imposed in Ukraine?

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by Bcs8484

Some guy name Joseph Moshe is on this site for networking for people in the field of microbiologists. Someone else posted some info showing that the same name was sent to a california mental institution. Weird.

Look at was his bio shows as his specialty.

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 07:17 PM

Originally posted by JustMike

Sure some variations in the figures there -- and the nature of the situation. Seems like a sanitized report, which is possibly a taste of what we'll get from the big msm when they get round to finishing their reports.


The MSM seem to be giving the expected message that this is standard swine flu.

If they make a report, then people may research on the net and discover that this thing isn't swine flu. SO they don't really want to report on this at all.

On the other hand, they need to report at some stage - so they will definitely keep saying it is swine flu for as long as possible - despite any mountains of evidence to the contrary.

They will also need to create some cover story for Ukraine's response - so they can blame that easily on political grandstanding.

Of course - it is entirely possible that this whole thing IS political grandstanding - but it seems there might be something else happening here - a very nasty and deadly new virus, or infectious disease.

Someone stated that they believed it had a 4 week incubation - if that is true, then there is no stopping it. It doesn't seem very likely though - and if it does, then it makes it more likely that is is infectious in nature, rather than viral - so it should be more easily treatable. It should also mean it is more easily identifiable - and they haven't yet - so that tends to make me lean towards it being a virus.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 07:21 PM
I was having a look at a thread in this other forum and there's a poster there by the name of NIMAN who is referred to as "dr" sometimes so I think he must be the Dr L Niman who manages this recombinonics website

He sounds like the same man anyway and here is his reponse to a poster who asked his opinion about if he thought a mutation was occuring:

"I think the numbers remain soft. The latest table has MANY more cases, which significantly lowers the CFR to levels that are not that different than many other countries. Moreover, these other countries (thoughout the northern hemisphere, including the US and Canada), are also seeing a sharp uptick in cases and deaths. These changes are also associated with the start of the school year, which spreads the virus in schools, which then go to contacts, which then increrase levels across the board.

I am not clear if the increase in deaths in the Ukraine are new people dying, or older cases being reported. Earlier media reports suggested there were about 100 deaths in the Ukraine, so a jump from 30 to 37 to 48 may all be linked to official acknowledgement of these earlier cases, so the numbers today look LESS like a major chnage, than they did Friday, when it sounded like there were just 10,000 cases, but 100 deaths.

If the CFR is anywhere near 1%, then I would say there was a change (which would also be true if there were hard numbers showing a CFR of 0.1%). Right now however, it looks like only the more severe cases are being counted, and the number of H1N1 infections in the Ukraine may be in the millions."

See first link to reach the page this came from.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 07:26 PM
reply to post by liveandletlive

Joseph Moshe is the guy who was claiming that the Baxter Lab in the Ukraine was producing a swine flu vaccine that was a bio weapon. He stated that it weaken the persons immune system then a flu similar to that of the 1918 spanish flu would kill them. After he came out saying these things in public the feds arested him saying he made threats to blow up the white house, big scene in LA its on youtube if anybody wants to see it. No charges were ever filed and he is thought to have been sent back to Israel.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 07:28 PM
PS) Here's a link to a table of numbers regarding those infected region by region,those hospitalized, those in intensive care and the dead. I think I'll link this table in a new thread over on the pandemic forum as many might miss this here.

Link to table of infection and death stats in Ukraine

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 07:40 PM
I made a youtube video just now proving that western media is LYING to us.
Ukraine news sites say it is NOT A(H1N1), and every western media outlet says that it IS H1N1. Who's lying? I wonder.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 07:45 PM
Great Post

Been following this thread sice the beginning didnt say anything yet because I dont know what to think.

Its just weird. Why Ukraine? Why not a major European city or an american city this would spead out much faster as there is more international flights then Ukraine in europe and america.

It makes sense to me if Its a different virus/bacteria. This would consolidate both sides. Pharma is making the money and at the same time they will create panic and reduce population. everyone at this moment is getthing vaccinated for the wrong bug? (My theory)

Still not 100%s sure what to think about this not enough info on whats going on for real. Some info seems to be contradictory.

Ill keep following this one, its very intresting. Hope its not the diversion I at some point was discussing with a friend of the posibilities this could end in (swine flu). If its the plan to have a diversion.Then we dont know what we are up against and the mass is getting the vaccine for swine for nothing. Maybe the vaccine is required to infect the mass. Once taken will it help this one get out there and become more deadly? Just throwing this out there.

Any ways for the OP: hope you stay well brother keep us informed as much as you can but one thing do. Do it for all of us ... Stay safe ... Dead you are useless to us brother and useless to the fight. I know you understand what I mean. So for all of you out there dont take any unecessary risks. We will need you for phase 2 of this if its a conspiracy Virus/Bacteria. Courage brothers ...

Last thing: whats the back up plan if communication and internet goes down. How do we stay in touch and informed here on ATS?

Fear No One, Trust No one ...

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 07:53 PM
reply to post by seattletruth

Well I decided to resarch on the UKraine sources too bad that many of them are not in English, many doesn't even talk about the viral infections at all.

This site does but the information seems not as an emergency as many had posted, still I feel that perhaps the govenrment in the Ukraine is using the pandemic to stop elections.

According to Chief Sanitary Doctor Oleksandr Bilovol, 13 cases of A(H1N1) flu have been officially confirmed in Ukraine as of Saturday, October 31.

Oleksandr Bilovol announced this at a conference call meeting chaired by Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko on Saturday.

"13 cases have been confirmed," he said.

Oleksandr Bilovol said required tests for confirmation have been sent to a laboratory in London.

Health Minister Vasyl Kniazevych told the press one death has been officially confirmed as caused by the virus.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Chief Sanitary Doctor Oleksandr Bilovol said 81,247 people contracted acute respiratory viral infections as of October 30, and 11 cases of A(H1N1) had been officially confirmed.

The Health Ministry on October 30 declared the A(H1N1) flu epidemic.

The Cabinet of Ministers has introduced quarantine in nine regions, banned organization of mass events, and closed schools for three weeks because of the epidemic influenza.


posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 07:58 PM
Just in case some people never got to read this: Here ya go.............

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 08:15 PM

KIEV: Ukraine, moved in the so-called swine flu, the population more and more panicked. Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko said in a televised address to wear protective masks to the public. However, these are scarce. Tymoshenko urged Ukrainians, therefore, to tinker, the masks themselves ". They also asserted that the government had prepared himself since the first known cases of swine flu in Mexico to combat a pandemic with the swine flu virus. The public has no reason to fear that the security measures are stringent. - After four deaths caused by the new type of virus, the Ukrainian government had ordered the precautionary closure of all schools. The current panic is contributed by 40 deaths from pneumonia in the west of the country.

not sure if this is new info or not but it does say "new type of virus"

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 08:21 PM
reply to post by TheCoffinman

I, native german, can not decide if this report says it´s swine flu or not, it contradicts itself several times.
first they say swine flu, then new virus, then pneumonia...

omg, i just had to puke from this:

Swine flu lets Impfmündigkeit soon disappear , say experts
Hamburg (dpa) - Experts expect that the swine flu vaccination fatigue of the Germans will soon disappear. Once the number of seriously ill patients climbed, the mood will change overnight, "said virologist Michael Pfleiderer" the "Wirtschaftswoche. The swine flu in Germany has an increasing impact. The death toll nationwide has risen to six. In several states schoolshad to close last week.

Cui bono?

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 08:29 PM
I don't think it is wise to get too hung up over the labels in discussing what is going on in Ukraine . An inordinate number of people are getting sick there and many are dying. Of that there is no dispute.

Some of the deaths are occurring within a short time of the onset of symptoms. That is frightening.

It is obvious that the system is not able to cope with the demand of accurately diagnosing and treating all of these people at the same time. The media are in no shape to interpret inadequate information and come up with valid and indisputable stories (or versions) of events. So good information is lacking.

We are lucky here that we at least have some first hand reports of what is happening. It may be a long time before something more sure can be said about the roots of this crisis. If the western system has given up on testing and now only makes assumptions about what is killing people, surely the Ukrainian system will not be able to do much better.

My fear is that something quite horrendous is possibly on the horizon, and the more facts that come out about this outbreak and all the others, the better prepared we will be.

Politics and BS need to take a back seat.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 08:38 PM
reply to post by dnvrliz

Why is everyone copying from everywhere instead of googling a bit ?

On one hand it is said that he went back to Israel, on the other he is in court and put into a kind of mental hospital ? Doesn't add up.

By the way this is the microbiologist I think isn't the one from your story : link

Compared to court docs he is born in 56.... compared to official israeli site.... he would have been 12y old when he started he professional career as a microbiologist ? So a superbrain microbiologist from he Mossad, and Israel let him be thrown in a mental hospital ?

Really ATS ?

By the way, mainstream EU (to be honest I checked only frenchspeaking one) starts to publish articles about the situation in Ukraine. Somewhat slow i find.

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posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 08:52 PM
reply to post by piett

IF he is in a mental hospital, which I HIGHLY doubt, he will be out in no time. The MOSSAD doesn't screw around. They will get him out if he hasn't already gone back. I am VERY surprised that he didn't make it to the embassy according to an article I read. Usually our government gives Israeli's a pass on a lot of things. There is a LOT of BS wrapped up in both this story and this virus or whatever it is unraveling in Ukraine. Which only goes towards fueling the theory that there is a conspiracy involved for real.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 09:20 PM

Originally posted by wayno
reply to post by Luppakorva

Like I stated earlier I just wanted to share that information with you guys.

If your information wasn't quite so lopsidedly pro Russia and anti Ukraine it might be more valued. As it is you and a couple of others come across as nothing more than dis-info agents.

I am more and more inclined to think there might actually be something to the suggestion that Russia is behind this "outbreak". They would be about the only ones to gain anything at all from this. Time will tell.

The guy was only quoting someone he knows in Russia - that source can only know what info is available to him. In this case, its happening quickly - so the Russian source might get some useful info in future - I wouldnt be writing him off.

The people who have something to gain from this are the globalist bankers - the scum - they can use this to allow their pro NWO govt to force Ukraine into accepting the EU and IMF, and the banks to bail them out. The economy is screwed - but they are trying to protect their currency and independence. The govt in now appears to be pro NWO.

However, I doubt this is purely political - I doubt that very much. This seems like a real case of pneumonic plague - and it looks incredibly serious, not just for Ukraine, but quite possibly the world. If this thing is as infectious and deadly as it appears - then it will be very hard to stop. If it has an incubation period longer than a week, then it will be basically impossible to stop.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 09:24 PM
As I'm sure this has been reported, this virus IS behaving exactly like the Pandemic of 1918! also known as The Purple Death!

People died so quickly due to pulmonary edema i.e. the filling of lungs with fluid, in this case the fluid is blood; that they were fine in am dead by evening.
The corpses were actually purple.

We better hope and pray this is not the 1918 Spanish flu! If it is we are screwed.

In my opinion this sounds like Marburg! which is just as bad if not worse!

Signs and symptoms of hemorrhagic fevers caused by Ebola virus and Marburg virus start abruptly within a few days to a week or more after infection.

Early signs and symptoms include:

* Fever * Severe headache * Joint and muscle aches * Chills * Sore throat * Weakness Over time, symptoms become increasingly severe and may include: * Nausea and vomiting * Diarrhea (may be bloody) * Red eyes * Raised rash * Chest pain and cough * Stomach pain * Severe weight loss * Confusion, irritability or aggression * Massive hemorrhaging from many sites, including nose, mouth, rectum, eyes and ears

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 09:28 PM

Originally posted by paxnatus

Signs and symptoms of hemorrhagic fevers caused by Ebola virus and Marburg virus start abruptly within a few days to a week or more after infection.

Early signs and symptoms include:

* Fever * Severe headache * Joint and muscle aches * Chills * Sore throat * Weakness Over time, symptoms become increasingly severe and may include: * Nausea and vomiting * Diarrhea (may be bloody) * Red eyes * Raised rash * Chest pain and cough * Stomach pain * Severe weight loss * Confusion, irritability or aggression * Massive hemorrhaging from many sites, including nose, mouth, rectum, eyes and ears

Not at all how I would want to go and I think they would probably try to limit news about this as much as possible for as long as possible or people would start freaking out.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 09:31 PM
Uh oh, this news doesn't sound good.

I think someone has unleashed mecha-swine flu. It's swine flu and bird flu but now has mutated and is capable of infecting cars, and coffee machines. Anything with moving parts. Keep your lawnmowers indoors and be vigilant.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by mkross1983

I'm sorry, not trying to spread anymore fear, but I am a nurse, I realize the imminent danger of a hemorrhagic virus, these are deadly Level 4 BioSafey Virus' In other words the most deadly in the world.

THIS IS NOT SWINE FLU PEOPLE!! Nor is it Bird flu! This sounds like hemorrhagic virus such as Marburg! The media will down play this on purpose!
If not you will have a world wide panic!!

I hate to say it, but as for the poster in the area and the thousands stuck, there will be NO travel out of there!! In fact they will seal and lockdown ASAP!!

OMG!!! This is so disturbing and depressing. But I think everyone needs heads up as to what the actual situation is.


posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 09:43 PM

Originally posted by paxnatus

Not at all how I would want to go and I think they would probably try to limit news about this as much as possible for as long as possible or people would start freaking out.

Um. yeah... Like they didn't want to induce panic about the NOVEL form of H1N1, right? Or like they didn't want to induce panic about the H5N1 in 2006, when they said MILLIONS would die, and few did?


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