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Number of victims to unknown virus growing! State of emergency to be imposed in Ukraine?

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posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 03:39 AM
Whats going on with Asen??? Has anyone heard anything? I read somewhere that they may be censoring internet around Ukraine and was just wondering if it had any truth to it?

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 03:54 AM
Health Ministry Confirms 299 Deaths Of Flu And Acute Respiratory Viral Infections

The Health Ministry confirmed 299 deaths of flu and acute respiratory viral infections in 23 regions, the city of Kyiv and Crimea as of November 15.

Ukrainian News learned this from a statement by the Health Ministry.

Of 299 lethal cases, 17 cases were registered over the past 24 hours.

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 04:08 AM

Originally posted by downtown436
reply to post by paxnatus

I am with you pax.

I believe we are dealing with a bio-attack. Too many things point to that conclusion. Studying viruses and bioweapons is something I have been doing for a long time now as well. I know that the Russians have weaponized Marburg.

The entire Moshe thing is really scary. Also what is happening in Ukraine is really similar to the 1918 flu. People would start showing symptoms in the morning, and then they would have total lung destruction and death by night time.

So it will be very difficult to tell what we are dealing with until the other pathogen is discovered. I agree that we are dealing with something that is not just swine flu.

You realize that 1918 pandemic was swine flu, right?

Specifically it was a version of swine flu that had a mutation at protein sequence #225 that allowed it to replicate better in human lungs (among other differences).

You realize weaponized marburg has 100% mortality rate right? There's 299 dead after almost 3 weeks = must be marburg. .......K.

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posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 04:13 AM
you don't believe in everything WHO says, do you? if so, why do you think the death toll given is correct?


WHO, Health Ministry of whoever else, it's either Ukraine government or bunch of NWO freaks. they want people to panic, to take the vaccine... but they don't want it to spin out of control. control is all they want. also, if you would believe that vaccine will be deadly, then what comes to mind , is that it may be some form of binary virus. first part was sprayed in the skies, now it's spreading. mortality rate cannot be high, because it would prevent spreading. but, when they'll vaccinate everyone while those people will be infected already... think about it. new strain would develop, with much higher mortality rate, that would possibly kill only those that are infected with previous strain already. i'm not an expert on this, but my wild guess is that that's how it would be possible to create a virus that will spread widely while keeping high mortality rate - one of the strains, spreaded through vaccine, then on it's own, would be activator, rising mortality rate of previous strain when encountered in human being. sounds crazy... but that's not my idea, i've read about it many times, long time ago, when H1N1 started spreading in mexico. if that's the case... you'll yet have to see the true mortality rate after vaccination.

it would also prevent people from saying that vaccine is deadly - it may have some, more or less rare, side effects like GBS, but if it'll only kill those already infected... it'll end up with pretty random mess.

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posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 04:18 AM
reply to post by jedi_hamster

WHO figures are months behind.

The global total is near 9,000 with over 3 million cases.

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 04:30 AM

Originally posted by jedi_hamster
you don't believe in everything WHO says, do you? if so, why do you think the death toll given is correct?

[edit on 16-11-2009 by jedi_hamster]

W.H.O. hasn't been giving those numbers, those are Ukrainian official numbers.

They might be a bit light due to re-classification, like saying somebody died from pneumonia rather than saying they died from the flu, but the number isn't 10,000.

The hospitals ARE full of people that are sick though (read Asen's accounts of the doctors), and they're not all dead. Hospital staff has been getting sick with this flu, some have died, but they're not all dead from a weaponized virus.

There's newspaper articles about grieving wives and parents who lost family due to this disease (yes, melted lungs).
Why didn't they die too? Maybe cause the virus killing these people has a lower mortality rate than 100%

Also.. Finally.. Why are there so many reports of tamiflu helping?

I dont think tamiflu is effective on a weaponized virus. Nothing is, that's why it's "weapons grade"; no treatment works.

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posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 04:31 AM
Apparently the condition can lead to cardiogenic shock that could trigger cardiac arrest. With a rapid onset there might not be any flu symptoms.
Without an autopsy they wouldn't be counted as a victim of the virus.
I wonder if there has been an increase in heart attacks?

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 04:34 AM
Are there any real figures available anyway? I thought they stopped testing months ago, unless someone was admitted to hospital or died?

I don't understand how they can calculate a mortality rate if they don't know how many were/are infected?

(Not just Ukraine but across the world)

I'm sure someone else here is much more able to tell me how they calculate their figures now and I'd really appreciate knowing how they do it.

I'm in Spain and the vaccine isn't available yet - spoke to the doctor on Saturday and he said it's supposed to be available, for high risk categories, today (Monday16th Nov). He couldn't advise me either way about getting my children vaccinated and just kept responding to my questions by saying, "it's mainly the young affected".

My daughter's class, at school, had 10 people off at the end of last week (17 and 18 year olds). My son's teacher sent 2 children home on Friday after they suddenly started feeling ill (13 and 14 year olds). We know of many other teenagers that are ill at the moment but interestingly there aren't any children off sick in my youngest son's class (10 and 11 year olds).

I know emotions are running high on this thread and that is really to be expected with the situation we're all trying to monitor and make sense of but please don't stop posting and mods please don't close the thread because it's an important source for some of us (people have the ignore option).

I'm watching this thread, and others, about the Ukraine situation, because I'm still on the fence about the vaccine for my 3 children. Hence my question about just how they're calculating figures now. The more information I have - good, bad, right, wrong, released statistics, guessed statistics, means I will hopefully be able to make the best informed decision. Every little bit of information just gives me something else to go an research more in depth. At the moment it feels a little like I'm playing Russian Roulette with my kids lives!

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 04:46 AM
Another thing with the numbers is that the reports suggest several strains.
How many are actually infected with the dangerous one?
And how many have the sniffles?
How many of the victims displayed the chronic conditions?
How many died from swine flu and how many from cardiopulmonary insufficiency and cardiogenic shock?

I think we'll be seeing a lot of "unique" viruses popping up in the near future.

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 05:08 AM
Online news sites crash.
Seems that many are now looking on the internet as alternative news appears to be speading-but some sites now crashing;

Connecting to database has been faild
MySQL error 1040: Too many connections

Above was my attempt to open link to Kiev Post.

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 05:26 AM
there are reports that in recent days some big planes were flying slowly over several polish cities, spraying things... i have to talk with a friend who lives in one of those cities, i haven't noticed any planes over my city yet, but... seems like my country is doomed as well.

mark my words. Poland will be next.


now i remember seeing a trace on the sky in the morning around 2 days ago... i was convinced it's from a military jet. it was a little bit too wide... but it didn't catch my attention. now i've heard some plane, didn't spot it ... and just heard it again. didn't spot it this time either, but... 2 minutes ago there was pretty wide trail on the sky (after i've heard the previous plane). now when i've heard a plane again, i went to the window... and there's another trail in different place, and previous one is gone.


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posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 05:52 AM
I don't think this has been posted.
I found these remarks very curious.

The World Health Organization said Friday that a “high to very high intensity of respiratory diseases” had been reported in Russia and Belarus but it was now less concerned about a big outbreak in Ukraine.

People are dying by the dozens daily, but they're not concerned.
Now that's a World Health Authority!! Notice it's referred to as a "Big" outbreak.

“The initial analysis of information from Ukraine indicates that the numbers of severe cases do not appear to be excessive when compared to the experience of other countries and do not represent any change in the transmission or virulence of the virus,” the WHO said in a statement posted on its web site.

Now what is actually being said here?
Besides a ridiculous comparison. The reporter described it as a "Big" outbreak. The WHO doesn't seem to think so. They acknowledge “high to very high intensity of respiratory diseases” but say nothing. Are they talking about H1N1 deaths or the other deaths when they are making comparisons?

Ever notice how their advice is always not to close schools or borders because it's too late? It's repeated like mantra. They advised that in the first few days of the Ukraine outbreak.

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 06:05 AM
just got this info of jane b's site that speaks of planes spraying eastern poland as was done in the ukraine ighted-news&Itemid=105&lang=en

not exactly sure what her source was for this just says "reports"

any ats members in poland who can do some on the ground confirmation?

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 06:10 AM
reply to post by Hermes8

check my previous post. additionally, i can say that as long as i'm living in poland (whole my life), i don't remember seeing any chemtrails here, nor reading any reports about those. and now... well.

you can consider it confirmed. i live in southern poland, so i guess they're spraying all cities, but people either just didn't notice it yet or didn't report it.

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 06:27 AM
Baku – APA. 299 people died in Ukraine because of flu and acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI), APA reports quoting the Ukrainskaya Pravda portal. According to the Health Ministry 17 people died during last day, one of them is a pregnant woman.

In total, 1 364 939 people have been infected with flu and acute respiratory viral infections. 75 862 have been hospitalized. 40 490 people have been discharged from hospitals.

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 06:34 AM

Originally posted by Hermes8

just got this info of jane b's site that speaks of planes spraying eastern poland as was done in the ukraine ighted-news&Itemid=105&lang=en

not exactly sure what her source was for this just says "reports"

any ats members in poland who can do some on the ground confirmation?

VX, I'm convinced. But who would do that?????

VX was used in the 90's and scientists were working on a refined form that would take less particles and have different effect but the same result, death within 48 hours.

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posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 06:42 AM

Originally posted by jedi_hamster
reply to post by Hermes8

check my previous post. additionally, i can say that as long as i'm living in poland (whole my life), i don't remember seeing any chemtrails here, nor reading any reports about those. and now... well.

you can consider it confirmed. i live in southern poland, so i guess they're spraying all cities, but people either just didn't notice it yet or didn't report it.

hey jedi, you must have been posting when i was writing mine
"good minds think alike"

i also got a report of a huge spike in deaths in ontario canada, with no info on MSM yet, and no reports of what they died of or where
only report is some "news blog" called vancouverite- but i did find where the numbers come from on the Public Health Agency of Canada website.
i know this ukraine, but thought i should pass it along (no 20 posts yet so can't start threads) if someone thinks it is newsworthy enough you could start for me

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 06:54 AM
i've just almost fallen of my armchair... months&catid=41%3Ahighlighted-news&Itemid=105&lang=pl

i'm just reading those documents, those are in polish... but...
in this document there are instructions for fire department (in Gdansk - one of the cities being sprayed right now) what to do in case of H1N1 pandemic. and it says...

'There's a serious suspection, that A H1N1 virus causing pandemic illness will mutate, which may cause much higher infection rate and more serious illness.'

now, that document is from 16 June. that is freaking scary. especially that i think it cannot be translated properly into english... it doesn't say exactly 'will mutate', it's more like 'will get genetic modification' - without specifying if it'll modify itself or if it WILL GET MODIFIED. and these are official polish government documents.

as i've said before.

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 07:00 AM
I certainly don't think that this is "just" a biotech weapon, and I certainly don't believe it's just the A/H1N1 that make people drown in their own fluids neither!

Many things in my opinion is pointing to some crazy mix or mutation of the A/H1N1 that is circulating around - from some tissue tests taken and from autopsies - showing exactly the same signs of damages to the lungs as the A/H5N1 signature or the Spanish flu.

-In Canada they earlier made some reports available from tissue tests where they were baffled from the results and said the damages in the lungs looked exactly like the dreaded A/H5N1 virus or the Spanish flu.

- Some reports from Brazil and Argentina said something similar!

Well! with so much similarities - why don't we follow this lead?

And of course! maybe there is a possibility that genetics from the Spanish flu or H5N1 could be specially engineered and genetically altered to fit this profile?

And if all this is would be a conspiracy, of course the A/H1N1 virus could be engineered with genetic parts of the Spanish flu that they recovered both from Canada and from Spetsbergen in Norway.

Or maybe it's genetically constructed to hit certain characteristics? - but how the heck could they hide somthing like that if they now are analyzing the DNA genetics worldwide in different labs and institutions?

Here in Europe in many countries the vaccine is the Pandemrix vaccine from Glaxo (GSK)

So what is Pandemrix?

Well! Pandemrix is the mock-up vaccine they first developed with the antigen added from: A/Vietnam/1194/2004 (H5N1) which they tested and got approval for here in the EU 2008.

So the "Pandemic" was expected from the beginning to be a H5N1 pandemic.

Then when the "swine flu" entered the stage, they took this mock-up vaccine and added the antigen from:

A/California/7/2009 (H1N1) v-like strain (X-179A) and we got the current swineflu vaccine which they now are injecting into people.

OK! so far I'm getting this, but why are so many cases reported to have lung damages similar to A/H5N1 or the Spanish flu?

Now many will say; but that is only natural for the swine flu - look at the characteristics of the 1918 virus it had the same - the virus goes deep in the lungs and in the worst cases they get filled with fluid and blood and some people die - and much is depending on your immune system response & cytokine production etc.

Well I don't know what to think anymore! - all this that is happening in Ukraine and scattered reports of lung damages similar to A/H5N1 and the Spanish flu from several places in the world.

There has to be something more to this A/H1N1 virus?

But then again! we also have people who had the flu and said it was a tough flu but recovered after 1 week without any additional damages. Yet others get treated with ECMO-lungs and many of them die rapidly soon after.

But there are soo many thing that doesn't add up about this frikking virus, and they are still keeping us in the dark!

I have never been this confused about what to do in all my life!

If things get much worse, and if I had the possibility to take the vaccine without any adjuvants or additives like some of you in the USA - there's maybe a slight chance that I would go and take the vaccine?

But I definitely don't want the hyper squalene laced "Pandemrix" which is the only vaccine my Government is offering us here! and it's the only vaccine on the open market here - heck! I've even tried to find an alternative vaccine without adjuvants and told them I was willing to pay for it myself!

Impossible they say! this the one and only vaccine you're going to take!

And this is only making me more suspicious of their intentions! especially after I heard that our Government people will take the Celvapan vaccine without the squalene adjuvant and additives.

Does anyone here know where in Europe you can go and get/buy the vaccine without squalene or additives? if so? which country?

Maybe I could make a long weekend trip holiday to somewhere if I could buy this in some other European city?

Damn flu crap!

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posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 07:00 AM
reply to post by ElectricUniverse

Remember all the talk about "population reduction",

Interesting. The Western Ukraine (where this illness started) is pro the West while the Eastern part of the Ukraine is pro Russia.

Eliminating or reducing the pro west population in the West of Ukraine would help to tip the balance in the country so that Ukraine as a whole fit comfortably within the Russian sphere once again.

If this is a manufactured epidemic, a result of a bio-weapon, there is only one place to look for where it came from. There is only one country that would benefit from this -- Russia.

edit to add: Two more things to consider. First is the timing right before and election. Reducing population in the West of Ukraine or rendering them too sick to vote would help swing the election results towards the pro-Russia candidate.

The second helpful coincidence/opportunity is the H1N1 flu pandemic. What a fantastic cover! A bio weapon released in the middle of an existing epidemic would hardly be noticed, while its effects only serve to confuse those trying to identify what is going on. This surely had to be too perfect an opportunity to pass up.

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