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Advice wanted on ouijaboard/EVP.

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posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 06:00 PM
reply to post by gazerstar

Whoops-ashtray just fell on keyboard! Anyhow, the ouija seems to be unique in pre-conditioning a negative experience, even amongst occultists. What makes me tired is the view of everything "unChristian" as similar to drugs, and the ouija is often seen as both the gateway and "heroin" of occult experimentation.
I did get negative responses. However, I also had a book (forgive spelling) called "The Complete Art of Magic and witchcraft" by Kathryn Paulsen. It had the keys of solomon invocations, and oftn the poor ouija gets the blame for all. Me and my buddy back then made a beautiful board. Then I covered it in cling-plastic, and the glass kept hanging on the folds. It destroyed it, really. A few months later a few buddies of mine went to a mall and got under-aged drunk (with fake IDs). Two of us were seriously assaulted. The next time we got together I invoked from Paulsen's book and cut myself. We played board and it promised me the guy who beat us would die. Two weeks later I read that he had died in a car crash Now I'd like to think it was his Karma, or just a coincidence. But I'll never forget that glass spinning round. We shouldn't do that stuff, I now know, and I destroyed all things. Leave fate up to vengeful God.

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 06:06 PM

Originally posted by Wookiep
reply to post by moocowman

Evidence of the paranormal? Actually I created a thread on it. Seeing how theres only so much one can do the internet, I wouldn't look online for your evidence. I'd say the best way to find it, is to have a personal experience, thanks!

Indeed, but the hearsay evidence (don't do it I heard this or that) is not evidence. All I'm saying is go ahead and do it but try to be scientific about it and present a case for any events here.

I would sooner flame the dude for a shaky video than for telling me his niece said her friends uncle turned into werecow.

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 06:16 PM
reply to post by moocowman

Good point, althouh in the early 1990s not everyone had a phone-camera. Doubt you'd see much though. People with a finger on the glass, each one thinking the other one was moving it. However, I had it spinning on my own!
Strangely, back then the Satanic Bible was banned here, but one could buy Paulsen, and I wish I had that book again. The former is largely a plagiarized fraud, the latter is potentially dangerous.

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 06:19 PM
You guys gave me a good laugh. I played with Ouija boards all through my teenage years, and it was always fun. We tried to contact Lucifer once, we looked up every single name he had and gave it a good effort, but to no avail. But if any of you actually believe that Milton Bradley can put a patent on doorways to the dead you will have a lot of fun on one. It takes some imagination and the willingness to pretend to make one "work". So my advice:


They are not "evil" and no one will die. Doors will not open on their own, tour friends will not be possesed, and demons will not appear.

For something a little more "serious" try automatic writing. THAT'S REALLY SCARY. Or you can take an empty cigarette pack (box) and jab a pen all the way through it. Then put the box about halfway down the length of the pen and put it on something to write on (paper works best).
Then have you and a buddy place the tips of your fingers on the box and close your eyes and ask questions just like you hold a Ouija pointer. The pen will move just like a planchette, and the "ghosts" will write messages for you. This was always more fun for us than a Ouija board.

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 06:38 PM
reply to post by Wookiep

You look like the drummer from infinity.Quija boards are a bit like a CB radio you send out a local call but you never know who you are going to get. Definately not recommended for the faint of heart.

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 06:43 PM
My advice, unless you know what you're doing, stay away from those things.
You just might open up doors you may not know how to close.

Here something that might help a bit.

(click to open player in new window)

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 06:57 PM
I love all these people who say 'I've done it a bunch of times with my friends and nothing bad happened' and then conclude that it's not dangerous.

Guess what: I know a bunch of people who have driven drunk, and am ashamed to admit I have also driven drunk once or twice. Nothing bad ever happened to them, or to myself on any of these occasions - so am I to conclude that driving drunk is not dangerous?

Sure, the dangers of driving under the influence can be more easily proven scientifically, but that doesn't change the fact that it is possible to do something dangerous many times and have no ill consquences. It doesn't make that activity any less dangerous.

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 07:02 PM

Originally posted by TheStev
I love all these people who say 'I've done it a bunch of times with my friends and nothing bad happened' and then conclude that it's not dangerous.

Guess what: I know a bunch of people who have driven drunk, and am ashamed to admit I have also driven drunk once or twice. Nothing bad ever happened to them, or to myself on any of these occasions - so am I to conclude that driving drunk is not dangerous?

Sure, the dangers of driving under the influence can be more easily proven scientifically, but that doesn't change the fact that it is possible to do something dangerous many times and have no ill consquences. It doesn't make that activity any less dangerous.

yes, but there is a differenc. I used Ouija boards for years and years. I won't say NOTHING happened, but I tries and tried to "open a doorway that I can't close", I researched the "real" names of demons and spirits. My conclusion is simple: all the happenings that were "odd" or "unexplainable" were a result from our collective need for something to happen. The mind is a powerful thing. The only doorway you are opening is one into your subconcious, where many things are not understood.

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 07:09 PM
Ouija Boards can be a lot of fun...and a lot of trouble, depending on your own frame of mind (or frame of reference !)...

When they do seem to 'communicate' it may be that your subconscious (or maybe pineal glandular) mind is somehow opened slightly, and as such, what are termed 'energies' or 'entities' might be able to 'enter' your conscious/subconscious machinery---certainly weird effects have been reported by hundreds of reputable persons who claim to have sensed presences or 'dark' entities who seem to like to linger around for months and even years after a 'seance' or a Ouija session.

Can't say why this is, but this is what a common pattern seems to be with a lot of people I have spoken with.

Others claim that if you design a kind of magick circle around the Ouija Board (i.e. cleanse the circle) and define it with a prayer for 'only friendly spirits to enter the circle' which must be defined with a piece of tape or chalk (depending on the floor) or a chain sprinkled with any/all of the admixture of the following ingredients that you can get:

Especially Salt, Vervain, blessed communion wafers, holy water, Oil of Cloves, and Boneset.

But equally effective apparently are: angelica, foxglove, hazel, majoram, nettle, wintergreen, caroiway, willow, violet and /or aloe.

Whether these charms actually work or trick your subconscious mind into believing they work, they still seem to do the trick effectively.

There should also be a banishing ritual at the end of the Oija Session in order to make any lingering spirits know (or commanding the subconsious mind of the user to close the pineal portal portion of his/her brain) that they must leave and not return until asked / commanded to do so.

For some reason, spirit entities react strongly with the WILL of the user of Ouiji Boards, and it is apparently important NOT to be afraid of them, but be kind but firm with them---at least this is what people who do this tell me !!

But screwing around with such things is NOT recommended for children or persons who are not fully prepared for serious spirit communication--that is another thing they tell me !

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 07:30 PM

Originally posted by TheStev
I love all these people who say 'I've done it a bunch of times with my friends and nothing bad happened' and then conclude that it's not dangerous.

Guess what: I know a bunch of people who have driven drunk, and am ashamed to admit I have also driven drunk once or twice. Nothing bad ever happened to them, or to myself on any of these occasions - so am I to conclude that driving drunk is not dangerous.

Here we go again with the drug/occult analogies. Strange how lately everything from food to masturbation has become "addictive' and a "drug". I guess in China we'd all need "internet withdrawal" then.
Apart from that it's a good point though.
I do think it has something to do with the de-personalized board itself. It's really an ancient method known to lower level entities.

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by halfoldman

Disruptive spirits can be attracted by the unwary using the Ouija Board. These things aren't toys, and in the hands of the unwary they can be highly dangerous. Whether you attract disruptive or non-disruptive spirits is largely down to the level of spiritual evolution of the person using the board. (By ‘spiritual evolution’, I don’t mean religion.)

If someone wants to contact spirits, that is a free-will choice, but quite why they would want to use an Ouija Board is beyond me. Imagine creating a short essay of two pages using one of those; it’s so primitive. There are many people who channel messages from the Spiritual Hierarchy; Extra Terrestrials; Spirit Guides; Relatives and Friends who have passed over.

Those done in a public setting with say Lee Carroll who channels KRYON of Magnetic Service; use the voice method where the invisible party speaks using the mind and voice of the visible partner. There is then an audio recording, and sometimes video too, and later a text transcription is produced using a word processor.

The other method is for the invisible party to use telepathic transmission to the visible party’s mind, and then they type that on a PC with a word processor. I get transmissions like this using a word processor, and have done for about 35 years. Whether you use an Ouija Board or a Word Processor, the technique is the same; and it involves opening up your mind to unseen forces.

The Ouija Board is sold as a game really, and that is how the unwary get caught. They don’t have adequate protection against disruptive spirits, as they are simply not aware of what’s involved. Some people use them and have no problems; but that’s the trouble, will you or won’t you get caught out? Toss a coin, or have a guess; will you or won’t you get caught.?
Below is some information about spirits from another post I answered; and even if you don’t believe what I am saying, stay safe and either take precautions or don’t do it.


We are eternal, and on the death of our physical body, our spirit body continues to exist in another dimension. You can't normally see it because its' atomic structure is less dense than our physical bodies are. It's a bit like radio and TV signals; you can't see them, but just because you can't see them, doesn't mean they don't exist.

If a person is nice, friendly and harmless just at the end of their current life, they are going to be the same immediately afterwards in their spirit body. If they are nasty, disruptive & harmful before passing over, then they are going to be the same afterwards.

Just after death, there are people there to help us to a place of safety, but because most people don't understand that life goes on after death of the physical body, some still don't believe it when they have passed over. Some live in great fear, and because they can still see everything around them in the room or building where they 'died', they often don't even realise they are dead.

They try and attract attention, by using all of their might to grab things; smash crockery; bang windows and doors. But the people in the room or building can't see the 'deceased', so they don't know what's happening, and can't help.

So, when a person buys a Ouija Board, usually for a bit of fun, they are playing with forces they don't understand. When they've read the instructions and start to operate the board, they open their minds to unseen forces. These disruptive and negative spirit people (and there are many more who are non-disruptive and positive), are powerful and determined, and they can grab hold of the people operating the board, and attach themselves permanently.

I knew a sweet old lady who did that, and after she was grabbed by disruptive forces, used to put lipstick all over her face and swear profusely, when the spirit visited her. She lost all of her friends and died as a recluse.

In another case, an estate agent (realtor) died, and used to stay around his former office as he had been a workaholic, and bang filing cabinet drawers, and throw office equipment on the floor. He was successfully removed after a while, when his daughter went to see a person who knew how to perform the task.

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 07:30 PM
After extensive research, here is my list of verifiable anomalies that have happened while using Spirit Boards.

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 11:24 PM
For starters, I also own an original William Fuld board...and of all places I got it, it was from ebay.

Before I continue, I will say that I believe in the supernatural and metaphysics, and at first I was nervous to even use the board.

I am going to say the phrase "Like attracts like" , meaning that if you go looking for negativity, then it will find you.

As for my board...I have seen both worlds, because I own a "dead board" (I know this can be seen as a ghost), as in I get nothing in terms of spirit contact. I have also did several things that should not be attempted (assuming you believe the boards are evil, and shouldn't be messed with), such as leaving the planchette on the board, sleeping with it in the same room, and even daring a presence to show itself/do something to let me know it's there...nothing has happened, and the board actually collects dust in my room.

However, when I got it, one of the previous owners must have done something improper with the board, because I "saw" (more felt than saw one of them) 2 entities. One takes on the form of a metallic sphere/orb, and the other is just like a shadow person...except it follows you around in the apartment.

However, I placed a salt line in front of my bedroom door, and this entity has yet to cross over it.

At least read this stuff (below)
-Some people will have bad experiences. That doesn't mean that the OP will

-Salt seems to do some good at keeping entities at bay

-Your beliefs will determine the outcome of using the board

-Look at both sides of the argument...just because I have never had anything happen to me doesn't mean that nothing will happen to the OP

-Try to stay away from negative "when will [insert person] die?". I say this because those type of questions are better left unanswered

-Use your own "gut instinct"...if you don't feel safe in a session, like there is a threat, then stop using the board

-Treat it like a loaded gun...with recklessness it can be deadly, but you can lessen the danger by being cautious

-I cannot verify this, but I often here you should start off the session by praying, opening the board with a ritual, initiation. Likewise, you should close it in the same manner.

-NOTE: some people will claim that the board is the "tool of the devil". You need to understand that sometimes this is do to their religious beliefs. Just respect their opinion.

And as always...NEVER buy the board off ebay, seeing as you never know what you will get [insert winking smiley here]

posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 08:30 PM
I messed around with a Ouija board once...turned out to be a highly regrettable experience with really bad repercussions.

[edit on 29-10-2009 by Unplugged]

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 11:46 PM
Nothing good can come from allowing yourself to be used as a conduit by an "unseen" force. Remember that God said "...the dead know nothing" What or who then would be speaking through you?

Be safe and research the spirit world some other way.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 11:51 PM
I highly reccommend using a Ouija board ........... if you enjoy Ghost Rape !!!!!!

I'm kidding, but using one is basically inviting entitiy's you may not want around, .... and who know's how long theyll stay to mess with you.

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 12:09 AM
This is my opinion only.
A lot of people think that the Ouija is an arcane form of contacting the "dead" or a better term, other dimensional beings. Also it is sold as a game, giving it a new meaning to the young ones of our world.
There are not a lot of people who see it as a learning tool for those that are starting out either looking for answers or trying to find a form of spirituality, and this can and will lead to other greater forms and learning's as to how you can achieve your desired outcome.
There is many a horror story out there of the Ouija, but, to me personally, if you go in positive, and with a clear and open mind, nothing will happen to you. There is fear instilled in a lot of these things, because of this pre-conceived notion of horror and scariness that is now associated with them, people are now built to think the worst could happen - so that is what you are gonna get (remember we build our own illusion).

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 12:21 AM
Number one rule if you decide to use the board is to not do it alone...Last one I had only brought evil spirits and wouldn't leave. I ended up burning the board.

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 12:41 AM
If yo dont know hwo to protect yourself properly, stay away fromt hem. i had my own experince..yuo dont know who or what your talking too on the other side. ouija baords are doors* cahnces are, you will have an unfreindly spirit, or entity dying to go through that door, via communication and the board,a nd WILL LIE to yuo, every word...then you will be sorry. I remember chatting with a woman online, 2 years ago, form brooklyn, not too far form me. We were talkin about ouija boards, and she told me her experince...her and her freind were playing with it, soon after, they heard what sounded like 'pig npises; behind her walls. That is classic demonic festation. They freaked out, and never played the board again. The pig, never came takes 3 or 4 days of nosntop playing more or les, for the spirit or entity to gain yuor trust and free will, to gain momentum nad power, so it can enter, it seems. so on her case, she got lulcky* as it was only a few huors for one night.
Careful what yuo wish for, you just might get it. the game is very tempting to play...indeed it is. theirs some things in life, that are meant ot be left not understood, and to found out when our time passes, onto the other side*

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 12:45 AM
burn sage** ive done tons of research on this, burning sage is supposed to wrad off spirits, especailly evil ones...its kinda like they dont like the smell, or rpesence of it* burn white candles* tappered want as much residule glowing white light around, and have it blessed sya the lrods prayer or have a catholic preist bless them, in case yuo got unwanted spirits*

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