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"UFO" over Niagara Falls : Video

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posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 10:19 PM
I copied the text from my blog.

"It's back, 3rd time, 3 days inbetween. This time it was stronger than I've ever seen it. Some of the "side lights" could even be seen. God damn I nearly froze my hands off working the monster camera trying to get some of these pics, but.. oh yeah, it payed off baby!

What I've got for you are some high speed sequences of the UFO, more or less proving there must be something up there. It really can't be a weather phenomenon at this point. The spotlights, when they hit this thing, they're Really wide, but only a small small light appears from the object. Check these photos out. I took hundreds, and all the RAW data will be made available to you at one point or another.

Here's some select shots that I found interesting. My camera can take several pictures per second, so I've divided them up into interesting sequences. Download the pictures to your computer and switch them back and forth. ("Sekvens" is "Sequence" in Swedish. I put them up on the Swedish forum too)

Sekvens 1:

Sekvens 2:

Sekvens 3:

Sekvens 4 (Really interesting!):

Notice the two lights on the side of the reflection.

Sekvens 5 (very clear):

Sekvens 6 (also very clear. Shows in detail that the reflection is a lot smaller than the width of the spotlights):

Sekvens 7. I took this sequence of shots to give a frame of reference, and to show that the images of the UFO is being shot by pointing the camera straight up. (ground level) (shows the UFO) (shows it disappearing again, except a speck of light still left)

Youtube video to come! Good one this time!"

Here's the Youtube video. Can't paste onto the blog yet for some reason.

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posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 09:22 AM
Come on people. We've got a real mystery here, and Bob Lazar's the hot topic?

posted on Jan, 21 2011 @ 01:46 PM
problem is its the same footage over and over... theres still not much news generated, maybe a nightvision or similar might live it up!

nevertheless, greatly appreciate the time energy invested

posted on Jan, 22 2011 @ 09:39 PM
reply to post by Drexon

welcome to my world, friend, welcome to my world...nobody wants to listen or can't admit there IS something there !!!!!!!!!

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 11:24 AM
Let's make them, with proof. Real proof, not ATS level "I've got proof!" and then it's nothing.

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 11:29 AM
reply to post by Drexon

I'm sorry this is not garnering more attention, it is very mind-blowing! I think that most people would rather speculate endlessly about "dots and pixels" photos and videos than agree that there is real evidence of an unknown "craft" or body in your images.

Maybe because it is real and they can't answer the "What is it" question, they just ignore it altogether. Even the believers. It must be more fun for them to argue endlessly about crappy images and videos.

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 11:36 AM

Originally posted by damwel
There is a large balloon that is tethered near the falls and is used for sightseeing. It does remain up at night but I don't think it is as high as what I see in the video. I don't know.

I have been to the falls a few times, I do not recall any balloon being tethered over the falls.

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 11:41 AM

Originally posted by Drexon
Come on people. We've got a real mystery here, and Bob Lazar's the hot topic?

Hi Drexon,

I started this thread and showed an active interest in it (contacting several of the earlier witnesses), but have only paid a casual interest to it for quite a while.

Although other people may have different reasons for not paying more attention to the more recent development in this thread, perhaps it may help if I explain my own reasons.

Basically, I got frustrated with the number of people that claimed to have taken videos or photos but failed to give really basic details that might help identify the source of these reports.

While some of the reports were accompanied by a date, very few were accompanied by a time and virtually none of them were accompanied by:

(1) The location of the witness - ideally on a map and/or by co-ordinates or by some other data that can easily be input into a map (it isn't much help to most of us to be told that the witness was outside an unnamed nightclub, or even a named nightclub unless some sort of address or zip code is included);

(2) The direction in which the light/object was seen from the viewpoint of the witness - again, ideally shown on a map or by data that can easily be put onto a map (again, it isn't much help to be told that it was in the direction of a particular shop rather than to the north, east, west etc);

(3) Details of how the light/object was noticed

(4) The duration of the sighting

(5) A summary of what was seen, including the angular size of the light/object (e.g. by comparison with the size of the full moon or a pea held at arms length etc) and the direction and amount of any perceived motion during the sighting

(6) Details of how the sighting ended

(7) Any other information that might help identify the source of the sighting or rule out any possibilities.

Basically, none of the sightings were accompanied by the basic details requested on the UFO sighting report forms used by most UFO groups (and, for that matter, that had been requested by the US Air Force during the existence of Project Bluebook).

While photos and videos can be useful ADDITIONS to those basic details, they are little more than an amusing diversion unless they are ACCOMPANIED by those basic details.

All the best,

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posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 11:52 AM
reply to post by MrWendal

There was a tethered balloon ride there, called "Flight of Angels" that visitors could ride, even at night. It even mentions spotlights hitting it at night. However, I believe it was grounded in 2008. Perhaps they are going to start it up again and are doing test flights.

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 01:55 PM

Originally posted by jennybee35
reply to post by Drexon

I'm sorry this is not garnering more attention, it is very mind-blowing! I think that most people would rather speculate endlessly about "dots and pixels" photos and videos than agree that there is real evidence of an unknown "craft" or body in your images.

Maybe because it is real and they can't answer the "What is it" question, they just ignore it altogether. Even the believers. It must be more fun for them to argue endlessly about crappy images and videos.
And the images I've produced are good, at least the ones from 3 days ago. Taken with a $5000 camera, showing details that were not visible to the naked eye.

IsaacKoi> The RAW images I've uploaded to Megaupload (haven't uploaded the images from 3 days ago yet as there are several gigs worth) all contain time stamps, accurate down to a second. They also contain what kind of mode the camera was in, if it was a long exposure or, well, what kinda mode it was in.

As for the location it's basically the same every time. Close to the spotlights that are located in the middle of the street called Clifton Hill. The images and sightings I've experienced have all taken place within 300 meters from those spotlights. I can show you the exact location on a map if you wish.

As for how they're spotted, I've basically just gone there every night since I arrived. I just wait for the spotlights to come on and head on out there and look up. If it's there, great! If it's not, home.

And the object slowly fades out of view after some time, though I do have to admit I've been sloppy in recording these sort of things. The RAW images are a good reference though, since I stop taking pictures when the object disappears. I've been trying to get angles and directions instad, so I can triangulate its position and figure out at what height it is. So far it's been hard, since it's only been visible within a small radius, and the angle calculator I created isn't that accurate.

"Perhaps they are going to start it up again and are doing test flights"

Solid theory, but if you spent your time here you would know it's not a balloon. One of the four times I saw it you could see stars just next to it. Last night's it also snowed heavily. It's not a balloon.
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posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 07:41 AM
Visible again yesterday. I was at the top of skylon tower when I saw it appear in thin air. Camera wounldn't do as I told it though, so only one good picture.

More (much more!) information at:
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posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 11:09 AM

Originally posted by Drexon
More (much more!) information at:

Hi Drexon,

Well, your efforts in the field have managed to revive my interest in this thread...

I hope you don't mind me asking a few questions:

(1) On your blog, you give some precise figures for the distance to the light/object (e.g. "805" in the post on your blog at this link, which I presume from other figures mentioned in that post is in metres). How did you measure or estimate that distance?

(2) Have you spoken to other people while photographing the light/object? How do they react to and/or explain what you are seeing?

(3) Have you considered one of the skeptics that suggested the light/object is a weather phenomenon to join you while you are out photographing?

(4) You mentioned above that you could mark your location and relevant directions on a map. I would be interested in seeing that information, as and when you can spare the time.

Keep warm out there,


posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 12:45 PM
1: Says on the blog. I have an clinometer that I created, that, if you look through a small tube it tells you what angle an instrument I attached to the tube, is at. The distance (X and Y positions) is calculated using a website, then you just do the math to get the exact altitude.

2: Well yeah, but that's not really interesting. I haven't told ordinary civilians to photograph it, just have a look at it. And they all walked away within minutes.

3: What skeptic is that? And that'd be great. The more the merrier. I really just want to get this over with since my apartment is freezing. Wanna get home to Sweden, even if it means proving it's a weather phenomenon, which I highly doubt can be proven at this point. There's just Nothing suggesting it. Nothing. No similarity in weather. It can be hot, cold, snowing, misty, cloudy, clear, you name it, it appears. Never ever visible during the day though.

4: Go to google maps and zoom in on skylon tower. Then compare to the latest picture on the blog. The bottom marker is at skylon tower, the top one at the exact spot the spotlights are at, at this moment.

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 01:37 PM
@Isaackoi, I have been involved in this since LAST december. I have seen this with my own eyes (and many others with me) many times and captured IT on video 6x. I have been trying to follow the 'rules to capturing UFO's book' as much as possible. I reference major landmarks, reference NORTH, I have kept a no parking sign in frame for reference, note wind direction, constantly adjust focus, use a tripod, etc...blah, blah, blah...I am not a scientist, meteorologist, photographer, videographer, physicist. Just some dude with a couple cameras and some connections.

The FACTS are:
1) NOT a tourist balloon ride (that is in the US)
2) NOT weather related (has been captured in the summer, though not as much)
3) SOLID object, reflecting light
4) NOT ground lights. The clouds obscure the object when they roll in
5) NOT affected by wind in any direction
6) DOES NOT MOVE in any direction but UP
7) I have recorded IT many times, coming and going, IT leaves QUICKLY
8) I have TWICE captured airplanes flying UNDER IT.

Watch my niagara UFO #5 and you can see that the spotlights are being cut off by an object. They do not travel as high as they should when they hit IT. This is also on the 'exclusive' video posted by shivercanada.
While you are on youtube, watch the ENTIRE 'niagara UFO' playlist. Including DREXON"S latest, over 41 videos. The answer is elusive, and will be found out...
yell as loud as you want, no one will hear or want to hear.

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posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 02:58 PM
"2) NOT weather related (has been captured in the summer, though not as much)
3) SOLID object, reflecting light"

About 2. You mean it's not an ice crystal phenomenon, right?

And 3. Yeah, even the professor of physics was baffled by this. There's just no explanation as to why it'd reflect something back and only from one spot, and as my latest photos have shown, a spot that's only about 1/7th as wide as the actual beam of light coming from the searchlights.

I say this proves there's some kinda object up there. It's the process of elimination. If all known weather phenomenons and man made objects (like blimps, helicopters or tethered weather balloons) have been ruled out, all that's left is a craft of some sort.

I will, however, remain objective (meaning I haven't made up my mind) until some weather expert or maybe even UFO expert acknowledges this. There's a very slim chance that it could be an previously unknown weather phenomenon, but there's just so much evidence against that it's going to take a lot to prove that.
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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 11:55 AM
I believe I found out the truth about this phenomenon. It's basically a broken light pillar phenomenon, but because Niagara Falls is such a special place, crammed with water particles in the air, and because it's a tourist area with powerful, Directed lights (directed upwards), it appears in weird configurations and a lot more often.

See the full description at my blog. If you have qualms about my findings you're of course free to discuss them, but I think my findings are waterproof, unfortunately. I mean, I was the one wanting this to be an alien craft more than anyone.
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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:07 PM
Drexon, your conclusion may be a bit premature.
Watch both the 'exclusive' video and my #5. the searchlight beams (ya i have been calling them spotlights) are being stopped from further upward travel by something. Watch the exclusive below and @ 2:00 it is shown the lights are being blocked

watch Niagara UFO #5 below and again @ 2:00, first, the area to appear to reflect light first, is actually farther away from the beam of light. RAW footage is a better view of this. Second, as the clip runs, note the light appears to be blocked from going higher up, watch JUST before the light reflects, it is shining higher.

This from another angle, at the top of the hill looking in my direction on the same night as #5. Not a steady shot AT ALL.

Something I may not have mentioned to Drexon, a WELL connected contact of mine, who was there watching during this video, was able to confirm to me that 'someone' has been aware of this since the 70's. 'THEY' are aware of IT's visits. I know this person well, and of his connections. This info and more, casts my doubts on ice pillars.

Again, watch the video in the OP, does that even come close to an ice pillar?

Don't forget, this was back a couple times in the summer

Hang around for a while more, and when you get a quality sighting like some of these were, I think you will change your mind.
I know the sightings you've had have not been the best, rewarded.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 04:30 PM
As I was reminded, from talking to that physics professor, light being refracted (as in redirected mid air so you can see it) Means there's something there for it to refract off of.

That means that light pillars are in fact synonymous with blocking light. All light pillars have a maximum lenght. The longer they are, the less "stuff" is in the way to block them. The shorter they are, the brighter they'll be, because there's more stuff in the way. This stuff being water particles and crystals in the case of light pillars.

The professor explained (something I already knew) that the beams from the searchlights wouldn't even be visible if they were being shot in space (in a vacuum). The only reason they're visible down here on earth is because they're constantly hitting little bits of particles in the air, refracting the light (meaning spreading the light that was originally "straight", coming from the searchlights, into all direction so it's visible from all angles).

With a normal light pillar phenomenon (which are rare) you have a high concentration of flat and hexagonal ice particles in the air, forming millions of tiny mirrors which "choose" to reflect the nearest light source (usually from the ground) and spread them in a patter which forms the light pillars in the sky.

In Niagara Falls however, you don't have as high a concentration, and the particles seem to form way up in the sky, or as low as 800m as one of my calculations showed. This makes it almost impossible for ordinary street lights, that flood the streets of Niagara Falls, to react with them. They're just too weak and the crystals too high up. However, Niagara Falls have all these powerful lights that are being directed upwards. Those are strong enough to penetrate several kilometers into the air. There are some on the square building. There's the searchlights and there's the upwards pointing lights on the hotels and on the casino south of Skylon Tower.

So you see, it's perfectly reasonable for this to be a light pillar phenomenon of sorts. I don't know the exact physics behind the summer sighting(s?), but everything else is explained by it.

At this point there's just so little "mystery" left to it. The angles have been explained too. They're actually all straight, it's an illusion that they form a triangle. Look at this Star Wars video for reference.

At 0:35 they jump to "lightspeed" (you see it in the preview even). The effect from the stars can be compared to the effect of light pillars seen from below. The stars lights are actually all straight, but they appear in different configurations because they're elongated.

The flash of light only appears when the searchlights are being pointed straight up, because there's no light for the light pillar phenomenon to gather (react to) when they're not pointed straight up. The only "weird" thing left is that a very weak version of the phenomenon, that apparently is only visible with a military grade night vision camera, is apparent during the summer. And I'm willing to "chalk that up to the heat", or humidity in this case. It's not too far fetched to think that weak light pillar like phenomenons can appear without ice crystals in high humidity areas.
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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 04:41 PM
Here's a picture for comparison. This is a screenshot from the first video.

And here's an edited star wars image. I've only Removed stuff from the image. I haven't changed anything around. Only used a black marker to blot out parts of the image.

Similar, no?

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 06:29 PM
Here's the ultimate proof. Best one I could think of. 3 pictures, explaining why it pretty much has to be a light pillar phenomenon.

First a map with the 3 brightest lights in downtown Niagara Falls painted in red. The square building by the rainbow bridge (right), the searchlights (middle) and the very lit up ferris wheel (left).

Then an image I took with my very light sensitive camera as I was pointing it south(ish), standing on clifton hill, just by the spotlights. The blue circles circling the 3 light spots seen from the ground.

Edit: Picture too large to show on forum. Click link instead.

And a third image with the second one superimposed onto the first one, reverted horizontally to fit the map (original picture was view from below, this is view from above, so you need to flip the image). I adjusted the angle slightly and voila, perfect match. You can tell the red dots go precisely into the blue circles.

Case closed, basically.

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