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"UFO" over Niagara Falls : Video

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posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 08:41 AM
reply to post by ScorpioRising

Yes there is no love from me to a Plagiarist.
I've proven that time and time again by SHARING EVERYTHING WITH EVERYONE.

Stealing ALL MY FINDINGS and Plagiarizing them is criminal, it's something you can sue for, at best all he did was then corroborate with the MINIMAL evidence he obtained ( which in itself was nothing new ).

And As Paladin said, I KNOW EVEN MORE ABOUT IT.

What he did was sloppily use other's people's information, only used his own clinometer readings ( on a badly made one mind you ) which in the end tells NOTHING NEW as I already stated it rises and falls in altitude and my estimations were correct enough OVER A YEAR AGO.

I'm ON RECORD measuring from 7000 to 35000 feet on different times.
waste of time as well making those readings, WORK ALREADY DONE.

In the end he came here, collected NOTHING NEW, NOTHING THAT I DIDN"T ALREADY GET, and claim it's his discovery.

Until someone rapes you of your hard work, or ROBS you... you don't know how infuriating it is and it's easy to look at it with no emotion from the outside.

So it DOES matter who came up with it first, when the PLAGARIST claims he's the "Only one in the world to figure this out" and wants it NAMED AFTER HIM TO BOOT.

Sounds just to anyone?

It's an INSULT to me and my 600 or more HOURS of work and time, not only did he rape my findings and steal everything, he then claims I couldn't figure it out, as well as an insult to everyone ion Niagara who was studying this PROPERLY ( ie slowly over time gathering proof ) not a 2 week HACK job

REMOVE THE CLAIM OF BEING THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD TO FIGURE IT OUT, AND STATE THE TRUTH that I told you everything and you only corroborated it.
and credit me where it's due ( which is almost ALL of your evidence ), and JUSTICE will be done.

Fact is if you didn't SHOW UP, by this time I would have had the evidence and interview DONE and working on my final video by now.

But knowing what a low life he already is, I know he'll just try to get away with it and see how many people he can fool.
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posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 09:43 AM
Shiver: You may not realize it yet, but you have about as much credibility as a rambling hobo on the street corner. You already dismissed the texts I sent as faked, and when I proved to Everyone the texts were in fact sent you just ignored it and continued rambling.

Why should anyone believe you when I already proved you a liar on at least two occasions?

However, I'll give you one thing, even if small. If we look past all the lies and accusations, all we have here is two people who think they know the truth about this phenomenon. I've made claims that my light pillar theory is the truth. You've made claims that your laser bubble theory is the truth. That's the main point here. Two different people, two different theories.

The fact that I made another claim, that I believed I was the first one to figure this thing out fully, really has nothing to with anything. Yes, you have proven that you've discussed some of the same findings I did with your friend, but I still was the only one to fully believe this was a light pillar phenomenon that only reacted to powerful, upwards directed lights, and I still believe 100% that that theory is the correct one as there's a mountain of evidence to support it. But if you prove your laser bubble theory, I guess my claim of being the first one to fully figure this thing out is untrue. Not a lie, just untrue.

I understand your frustration though. You spent a lot of time on this, and you obviously had this laser bubble theory in the works even before I stepped foot in Canada, as you said. Your claims of my actions "forcing your hand" about the laser bubble theory are correct. You felt you didn't have enough evidence, and decided to wait for more before presenting your theory.

In the mean time I was growing sick of going from hotel to hotel in a country even colder than Cold Sweden. The apartment I rented smelled of smoke when the downstairs neighbors smokes, everything was old, used and the living conditions were several notches below what this swede was used to. I was sick of it, and just so relieved when I found out what I still believe is the truth.

And when I did, everything started coming together. The rods forming shapes being an illusion (I showed you proof of me seeing it from two different positions, anyone would've been able to figure it out so don't act like I couldn't). The shapes of All the late 2009 videos corresponding to my Star Wars picture comparison. The positions of the 3 upwards directed lights in down town Niagara Falls.

If you read the blog, at first I thought the third light (not the ones from the square building and the searchlights) were from the casino southwest of the Skylon Tower, but when I superimposed my image onto a map to see where the third light actually came from, the spot was actually over the Skywheel. That superimposed image itself is basically 100% proof of that being correct, but I have two more pieces of evidence as well. 1: In my images you see two small shapes on the third light, just like in the Antigravity Skate Shop video, which matches the fact that the Skywheels two slanted, upwards directed spotlights. 2: They do turn off at night, explaining away your (most rudely proposed as you cursed and called me idiot and what not, saying it) claim that it never turn off. Here's the mail I got just now from the Skywheel people.

Like I said earlier in the thread, I was going to try and make things right here, because I am a swede and swedes don't like to inconvenience anyone. As for how all this started, in your head, you've probably made a couple of false connections. We did talk about the light pillar phenomenon that day, but not as in depth as me and the physics professor.

You said in your video that I started believing your explanation after you explained the light pillar phenomenon to me. I did start believing it was a light pillar phenomenon, yes, but only after seeing that huge light pillar from two different angles later that night. It's a coincidence that I met you just hours earlier. It's also a coincidence that you gave me 7 gigs of videos and images already published by you that day. I only asked for some higher quality video of the fastwalker videos, which are still 100% unexplained by the way.

Somehow you felt that I stole your work by coming up with a conclusion (that was different from yours anyway) just after you gave me the data and had a talk to me. Somehow you've convinced yourself that you told me about the perspective thing even though I am 100% sure you didn't, As the texts I sent you prove. You would've reacted differently if I sent those texts and you told me. Instead you're all friendly 2 days later. We shake hands. I offered you the styrofoam box, a weather balloon, food I had left over still unopened. You even accepted that super glue I offered you. We shook hands maybe two times more and everything was just great. A great end to a great journey for the both of us.

And that's how it should've ended. You should've presented your theory on the subject alongside mine, and let history do the judging.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 11:03 AM
Keep insulting me dirt bag, you have been found out and proven to be a PLAGARIST.

you are a DROWNING MAN sploshing for air.
I am LOVING every minute of it.

You're DONE already, quit trying to ssave yourself.

Witnesses already came through

HANDEROO with emails dated early January that I solved it when you said this.

"it is Proven that the phenomenon isn't a weather phenomenon! "

You posted this JANUARY 21st!!!!
"This, more or less, proves there has to be an object up there. Have a look at the pictures in the official thread. "

THis is after I told you in the 14th I believe, that it's not a UFO yet you didn't believe me until your basic findings corroborated MY FINDINGS & MY DISCOVERIES.



Gotta love Justice

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posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 12:09 PM
see above
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posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by Drexon

PS I told you I didn't get those texts.

Furthermore makes no DIFFERENCE, I caught you on the ATV on Jan 21st, 7 DAYS AFTER I EXPLAINED EVERYTHING, saying IT"S A UFO.

Who's lying?

I'm lying because I didn' tget a MEANINGLESS TEXT?

I already told you everything ya theif BEFORE this text you sent, means NOTHING.

You kept info from everyone that I met you in the 14th before you had a chance to look into the sky and take 1 measurement of any kind!

Handeroo corroborates that fact. You knew NOTHING at the time I told you EVERYTHING.

I also have suport from peopel coming through that I told as well, LONG BEFORE YOU WERE HERE.
Emails and posts made, one on one conversations saying it is likely not a UFO and EXACTLY WHY and explaining almost EVERY EFFECT SEEN that I discovered.

Oh an I was on TV explaining that it's likely a weather phenomenon back in 2009!

Did you send me a text before then too?

About the Laser effect, blow it up your arse.
I said it's a COMBINATION OF EFFECTS, not only that.
Maybe you're too stupid to listen, but I'm sure you're a schemer just trying to pull one over on me.

Won't work.

YOur reputation is dust now, give it up.

YOu've been proven a theif by your OWN COMMENTS on the AFT, proving YOU KNEW NOTHING
and my Emails and one on one conversations PROVING I knew waht it was before you came here.


Nice try "smart people"

The only thing the 'Melender Phenomenon" will explain is a thieving Plagiarist who tried to steal from someone and failed.

That's the "Melender Phenomenon".

You're famous for it now. Enjoy it

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 01:19 PM
Wow Shiver,

I liked the Swede's " we both figured it out,let's be happy statement " When are you gonna stop losing you mind over him stealing your Proof?

Really, know one cares who discovered first, because These are all theories. I guess I could say I knew it was a weather phenomenon first, because I put in my report on TV cogeco10. I gave 3 possibilities in the report. Weather, Ground Lights or UFO! Saying the most likely is weather. I guess I win then!!!

No I don't, and I don't care. The only thing the Swede did wrong was say he was the only one in the world who had figured it out. He's already apologized for that and said both of your theories could be the correct one.

Your amazing Fast Walker video's are The real unexplained here in the Falls, that's what everyone has to start chasing now.

posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by shivercanada

So sue him if you believe you have a case and quit raging all over the thread. For petes sake! All you're doing is discrediting YOURSELF. If I thought someone had plagiarised my work I would be dealing with it through a lawyer NOT a forum on ATS!

Originally posted by shivercanada

Until someone rapes you of your hard work, or ROBS you... you don't know how infuriating it is and it's easy to look at it with no emotion from the outside.

I have had my own work stolen. Lyrics in fact but it was my own fault for being naive and not protecting them.
If your work means that much to you then protect it.
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posted on Jan, 30 2011 @ 04:49 PM
Thanks everyone. I'm gonna put this whole mess behind me now. Though I'm beginning to believe it's just a normal light pillar phenomenon, meaning my theory has zero chance of landing me in the history books for discovering anything. Ironically, Shiver's still does. Especially if he figures out the fastwalker vids.

Peace out, y'all!

Edit: I'll answer this question though, as it seems like an important question to answer in order to allow Shiver get peace of mind.

"How could you come to this conclusion as well, without actually seeing the effect take place? "

This is a RAW image of the phenomenon I took that night. I even showed it to handeroo minutes later, as I told him "I'm beginning to think this is a weather phenomenon".

RAW images are notoriously hard to counterfeit, so you should be able to believe that the date, the time, the camera used, what settings and every other bit of information the RAW files contain, are true.

Of course, you need to stay committed to the lie that you told me everything already, so you won't be able to publicly claim you believe that I could figure out this all on my own, even if you did. But I hope they help you on a personal level.

That's it for me. I've said everything I can about this and I won't be making any more appearances or statements about this subject henceforth.
edit on 30-1-2011 by Drexon because: Compassion

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 03:46 PM
Based on ALL the latest, overwhelming piles of information recently shared in this, I have changed my youtube video descriptions to reflect that. Here is a copy/paste:
This is one of a series of videos of the Niagara Lights Phenomenon. This has been occurring for over a year, and has finally been solved with SOME certainty.
Thanks to Shivercanada, and Mr. Whatdidusee, for letting me know when IT was visible. This is a RARE phenomenon, and when viewed in person, gives the viewer the impression of a LARGE metallic reflection from HIGH in the sky. This is the reason that the videos were originally posted as ‘Niagara UFO’.
Working with Shivercanada who has spent countless hours searching for, watching and researching this, and JayMel81 (DREXON) from Sweden, who came with time and resources unavailable to us, the conclusion reached (with some animosity, accusations and regrets) was that this is a strange light pillar effect, with ice in the atmosphere creating the ideal conditions for this to occur.
There are still many questions regarding the Niagara UFO’s, such as various different types of craft reported, the summertime appearances, Shivercanada’s ‘FASTWALKER’ videos and from my many discussions with different people since I became involved in this. There IS something else out there, and here. This I know. When it becomes popular, common knowledge is anyone’s guess.
What a strange trip it has been.
If I have offended anyone with my stubborn attitude regarding this phenomenon, stand in my shoes when viewing this.
To the people who came and saw, listened and supported me, THANKS, we have a hell of a story for the grandkids!!!!
Keep looking up, literally and figuratively...handeroo
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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 08:28 PM
I have seen the object on a number of occasions, in both darkness and twilight conditions. I have observed it when the spotlights on Clifton Hill are both on and when they are not. It is not a weather phenomenon.
It has a shape, it has a hull with symetrical lights, and I have been looking directly at the object when some, but not all of those lights have shut off.
I have witnessed it from a position 2km away from the Hill, while people where video taping exactly what I was seeing in various other parts of town.
It seems in the fervor to be 'the guy who debunked' the sightings, you have foregone the facts of the sightings, and the reasoning is completely specious. I saw it but my buddy didn't so it must be the weather? Ridonculous.

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posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 06:47 AM
reply to post by fnulnu

and that is what makes this SO strange. I am just backing up and going to look at this from many different viewpoints. Like I said above, There are many questions. I am going to discuss this with all the people that I brought out, analyse ALL my footage again and bring hopefully a different angle to this. By renaming my videos as a light phenomenon, a different 'breed' of youtube viewer and audience might watch them , and re-open this from a different view. That of the ' light pillar' folks, who may come and say that this cant be just weather, or ...There are too many folks around this area who have seen 'something' in the sky. Maybe not this, but they have seen something. I still plan to chase this, to satisfy my own curiosity, not to get recognition of any kind.

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 02:36 PM
reply to post by fnulnu

I was directly beside the revolving lights on the Hill, my friend was at fallsview casino which is about 1km away? The light pillar thing is all about the angle in which you view them. I saw the flash because I was at the correct angle, my friend could not see it becuase he wasn't. If it was a ship reflecting a really bright blue light, why didn't he see it too?

Dude, I've thought it's a ship for more then a year now, but after seeing it so many times, 'm just not convinced anymore. You said you've seen windows? Wow amazing, what is your usual vantage point when you've see it?

And "IT" has been seen 11 times in January, the most of any month and also the coldest of any of the months "IT" has been around.

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 09:36 PM
reply to post by Drexon

Go away Swede.

In 2009 I was on TV saying it was broken light pillars so stop it, it's pathetic, you didn't solve anything that wasn't already on the table long before you arrived.

Besides this you don't have all the DETAILS about it, it is NOT only a BLP, there is no way, too many other FINE DETAILS don't fit it and you're still unaware about those facts.

My problem is you are being ( in another person's words about you ) "an OPPORTUNIST"
You claiming you're the only one in the world figuring it out and making us all look like stupid idiots.

You should have researched it before you wasted your money just verifying what was already known long ago.

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posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 02:53 PM
reply to post by Drexon

Oh, PS just one final blow.

from my NOVEMBER 23rd 2009 Youtube video.

I posted this comment ONE YEAR AGO, go check yourself and suck it.

My research and Findings as PROVEN AGAIN. YOu took it from me and tried to pass my research off as your own.

As I told you, and you LIED TO THE PUBLIC saying I DID NOT tell you, and have done nothing but say I know nothing about Broken Light Pillars, even saying that I didn't discuss it on TV.

Try to wriggle out of this one now, your Lies are extensive and documented, keep screwing yourself.

"What it seems to be is lights diffracted from MULTIPLE LAYERS of ice in the sky, and ALL LIGHT sources, which on viewing angle look very different based on the location of the ice.


Not LIGHT PILLARS....very different and much much rarer.

Do a web search and use the date February 18 2009 and you'll find the picture. It's EXACTLY the same.

It won't explain the FLASHES or shadows & SOLID look at times, but every things else is explained."
shivercanada 1 year ago

Hate to be a jerk, but I'm the Devil when someone wrongs me.

You want to slander me publicly, steal my countless hours of research, try to make myself and everyone in this town look stupid, after I spent MY PRECIOUS time helping you FREE OF deserve it.

Watch how this guy will now try to misdirect you in his reply as he's done MANY TIMES already from every bit of evidence given. Dirt bag material.

Todays phrase: Yamni is a PLAGIARIST who lacks moral fortitude and respect of his fellow man.

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posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 03:23 PM
*Yawn* Too bad you abandoned that explanation for some moronic laser bubble one, allowing me to beat you to the finish line. And my name isn't "Yamni". I dunno where you got that from. Prolly a result of your inferior intellect.

Swish! Nothing but net. Enjoy second place, you (extremely sore) loser. I really did feel sorry for you, convincing yourself you actually told me anything. Now, after trying again and again to be nice and seeing you act like a spoiled child for the umpteenth time, I guess I had it.

I think I'll just work as hard as I can to get my name on this phenomenon just to piss you off, Shiver. After all, you have no evidence you told me, and this discovery you made means nothing as you obviously didn't believe it for very long.

Edit: Oh and I blocked you on hotmail so don't send me any more of your delusional e-mails.
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posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 03:34 PM
reply to post by Drexon

HAHAH! AS I said you would try and twist the facts and try to MISDIRECT people.

NOW I abandoned it. hahah!
Yeah that's why I told you everything.

Now you use the FINAL thing you can since our conversation wasn't recorded.
Little Piece of #.

I FIGURED IT OUT FIRST ( I can hear your blood boiling )
You think anyone believes you now?

YOu are still trying to save yourself by insulting me and bending facts. Won't work

YOur reputation as an immoral thieving dirt bag is everywhere.

YOu were dumb enough to waste thousands of dollars coming here, and claim you solved something that was solved over a YEAR AGO.


I figured it out first, you hack thief. Don't steal from people much smarter than you.

THis will never be named after you, you are a DREAMER. Keep DREAMING.
YOu even try it I'll sue you for your Plagiarism. YOu met with me, YOu admitted it, I proved it, I have witnesses EVERYWHERE BEHIND ME that know I share all my info to prove I would have told you.

I even TOLD SEBRING98 and others that I told you everything because I was SORRY FOR YOU coming here for nothing.


That's what always catches dumb criminals

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posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 03:53 PM
@drexon, And my name isn't "Yamni". I dunno where you got that from. Prolly a result of your inferior intellect. that came from me. That is how you told me to pronounce your name, so I spelled it phonetically. Just wanted to clear that up.

posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 03:58 PM
"You think anyone believes you now?

YOu are still trying to save yourself by insulting me and bending facts. Won't work"

You're the one who's credibility is on the line here. I've had an ace up my sleeve, but I haven't pulled it out because of RESPECT towards the countless hours you've put into this. However, I'll pull it out now because you honestly deserve this.

And... before I do that. You really have some stomach giving me crap about insulting me when that's ALL YOU'VE DONE FOR THE PAST WEEK! Hypocrite. Liar. Spoiled brat. Here, I'll prove it.

A few days ago you denied ever receiving the texts I sent, claiming you never got them. That was your last defence against the texts, as admitting you got them would validate my side of the story. You also claimed I somehow faked the texts even though I showed everyone they were billed at the exact same times as the texts on the phones. Remember, you asked for this.

Texting technology works the way that the phone receiving the text has to send an "OK, I got it!" signal to the phone sending the text before the text can disappear from the sending phone's Outgoing Box. This "OK, I got it!" signal is also sent to the sending phones phone company, so that they can accurately bill for the sent message.

So Shiver, not only did you receive the text, you lied to everyone, and probably to all of your "witnesses" about this. I just hope they weren't close friends of yours.

And this is incontrovertibleproof. You can't explain this away with me faking the texts, saying they contained something else, because then you still lied about not receiving them.

How about you show everyone your texting log on your fancy iPhone 4 there, Shiver? I know it remembers everything send and received, or did you conveniently delete our conversations even though you had them just 2 days ago?

Enjoy the depths of hell, Shiver. I already told your friend Paladin about the text technology thing, so chances are he's already asked you if you actually got the texts and you already lied to him. Can anyone say "It's a trap!"?
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posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 04:03 PM
Wow way to prove your scientific mind boys...

first off, stop fighting, you guys are destroying all possible credibility any of you have.

second, If you have done research then as a good scientist you should have recorded your findings.
If you your findings recorded then it is a simple matter.
Whoevers data was recorded first gets the credit.

If you continue to keep up your childish squabbling, at least take it off ats.

If neither of you recorded your findings in a manner that can verify the time,
then you should take it as a lesson for the futur of your scientific endeavors.
NOT as a reason to argue about whether the chicken or the egg came first.

posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 04:16 PM
"If you continue to keep up your childish squabbling, at least take it off ats."

I'm done. Fully done. Just had to let off some steam. But you have to understand my position of being harassed by this guy day after day. I wouldn't be surprised this level of online stalking and harassing is illegal. So please, don't put me and him in the same folder. I've been nothing but kind and compassionate up until that one post.

Anyway, I'm out - again. I have nothing else to contribute to this thread now that Shiver's been exposed.

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