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Dark Days In The UnderWorld

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posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 06:42 PM

New York
The city that never sleeps.

It was nearly 1:00 am by the time he left the airport. Traffic as usual was heavy even at this hour. Police sirens, helicopters and dogs barking all the sounds of home. A real life Metropolis he thought as he drove along the highway into the city listening to some soft jazz. Turning the music down he made a call.

Im back, Yeah I flew in about an hour ago. Gather what you have and meet me at the office, Ill be there in about 15 minutes.

Slayer finished his call then turned up the radio it was Frank Sinatra's song Fly me to the Moon. He tapped his hands on the steering while he drove to his company's NY office. Pulling into the underground parking garage he was greeted by Old Ben the security guard.

Busy night Mr Andrews?
Ben said as he walked over and scanned the bar code on the windshield of the car.

Smiling, Slayer responded.
Yup, you know what they say Ben... Rust never sleeps.
Ben smiled and then waved him in.

He pulled into his parking spot, got out and opened the trunk. He pulled out a small nylon bag. He then made his way to the private elevator inserted his key and rode it up to the top of the building. His company owned the top 3 levels. Making his way to his office he checked messages and made a call to the company's west coast division and informed them that he would be there sometime tomorrow afternoon.

He was greeted by Brian a few minutes later. Together they went to the boardroom. Brian had gathered more extensive data. The lists of accounts and business ties where amazing some of them went back centuries.

Well... what do you think?

Brain asked as he poured himself another cup of hot coffee. Slayer didn't say anything just nodded his head not taking his eyes off of the screen. He reached out his empty cup to Brian and shook it as he started to read out loud.

Did you notice how the names change on the accounts approximately every 80 years? Look here they have circled the name rotation back and forth going back well... hundreds of years. With only occasional breaks for wars

Brian poured him a fresh cup then walked back to the desk handing it to Slayer he sat down beside him turning to his laptop. He brought up some other data and showed it on the boardrooms overhead. Slayer leaned back in his chair putting his feet on the table. He Sipped his coffee while Brian stood up and walked over with his laser pointer and started to highlight the pertinent data on the screen.

The meeting went well. Slayer knew now what he had to do. With that he informed Brian that he would be in California for about a week or so at their advanced weapons lab in silicon Vally.

Why are you going there?

Brian asked as he stood gathering up all the material and putting into a briefcase. Slayer reached over to the nylon bad he sat on the table at the beginning of the meeting opened it and pulled out a thin T-shirt like garment and laid it out flat on the table for Brian to see. It looked like it had been shredded in a few spots.

This was my dragon skin armored shirt I wear during hunts. The same one we are now selling to the military. Apparently its not strong enough. This is the result from my last encounter with those vampire like creatures I sent you the images of.

I have asked for and hopefully will see the new improved model we have been working on tomorrow, As usual Ill test it myself first before I sell it to the military.

With that the meeting was over. Brian quickly left. Slayer gathered some items from the office and made his way back to the airport and off to Los Angeles.

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The sun was just breaking as he drove into town from LAX. He drove along the freeway system with the top down. The warm sun felt great on his face as he drove out to Los Feliz. He spent the morning with Carla having a passionate breakfast. They swam in the pool for about an hour. Looking at his watch it was almost 1PM he had to get going. He told her he would call her the next time he was in town. She pouted then gave him a big hug and a passionate kiss.

His home in LA was only about 20 minutes away. He quickly drove there. He showered and changed clothes. He went down to the garage deciding it was a nice day for a ride. Grabbing his helmet off the shelf he donned his leathers and rode his Harley out with the gate closing behind him.

He rode out to the Pacific Coast Highway and headed north. The trip would take him a few hours. In his rear view mirrors he saw some young kid riding a Kawasaki ZX-10R.

He quickly closed the distance and came up alongside Slayer. The kid gave him a long cold hard stare. He downshifted and throttled it and took off. Slayer grinned obviously this kid doesn't know what kind of custom modifications he had done to his own bike.

He opened the bike up. The Harley's massive custom built engine roared and came alive. He leaned in, It was go time...

95, 105, 145, 165, 185, 210...
He closed with the Kid quickly coming along side. He looked over at the kid and laughed then easily pulled away. All Slayer saw after passing the kid was him struggling to keep up as he fell farther and farther behind in his rear view...

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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 12:01 AM
Sitting in deep thought in my custom recliner, I was staring out into the night sky. Waiting for the com panel to light up on the right arm. I was anxious.

The com panel finally lit up
"Sir, the fleet is ready to mobilize. Just awaiting your orders" said Mathis.

Stand by. I will be personally leading this assault. Return to the genetic testing lab for now

I went to the staging area outside our little compound mansion. Just then my cell phone rang. It was Jack.

I am a little busy jack. This had better be good

"Sir, our satellite feed was just disrupted. Someone has detected us. I cannot re-establish the link. All the back doors have been closed and the primary data line has 3 new layers of encryption on them".

Damnit. We can't do anything without exact positions I thought to myself.

You know this means that Magnus knows of us. Ok. I am recalling the attack. I want you and the rest of the IT team to lock down the servers. Pull them off the net completely. Encrypt all the drives with your most sophisticated software. Standby for new orders

"Yes, sir" said Jack and hung up the phone.

All units, the attack is cancelled for now. Return to your living placement and await instructions

I got back into the compound and immediately ran to the server room. Looking frantically at the screens. Transfer ALL the newest data to this monitor. I will review it personally

After staring at the monitor for well over 3 hours, I decided it was time to call the Tech lab and make sure everything was secure. There was no way to know if any of our data was compromised after we were detected.

Jack. Reconnect one server to the net, open a triple layer encryption VOIP protocol and route my cell phone straight through it

"Yes, sir" he said.

Damn no answer. I thought. Something is wrong. There is a receptionist there to answer calls at all hours. Even daylight hours.

Vampire technology will have to be on hold. No doubt Frederick is whining about our recent account closures to Magnus by now. Jeez this could get horribly bad for me if they take this as an attack on them.

I turned on the compound wide com channel. We may have a problem folks. More information will be given later. For now, your orders are to leave this compound and turn as many humans as possible into Vampires. Detain them and hold them in the Genetic testing lab for modifications.

Maybe I shouldn't have been so hasty with everything. No matter. The problems will be dealt with as they come.

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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 09:33 AM

Beep! Beep! Beep! Turning and looking at his alarm clock it said 8p.m. He yawned and opened the top of his coffin and outstretched his arms. He crawled out of the coffin and proceeded up stairs and creaked open the door. Good morning Reinhardt. Reinhardt was Dieter’s mortal feeder who worked as his day guardian and personal assistant.

Reinhardt assumed his role in the mid 70's when he was a member of the Baader Meinhof Gang when they were launching terrorist attacks in Germany.

Dieter found him staggering through a dark alley after a bender at the nearby tavern. He crept up behind the man in full vampire form: long fingernails, fangs, and translucent eyes almost glowing in the dimly lit alley. Dieter tapped the young man on the shoulder and when he was about to scream; the vampire put his elongated finger over his mouth and the man was silent. What is your name young man? My name is Reinhardt Burger and you are? Who I am is immaterial at the moment, but why I am now before you; I need a guardian and assistant. See I had to lay off my former employee due to insubordination, and by judging from my appearance at present, you can assume that it was a messy affair. So lets get down to business. We will call this little meeting a job interview of sorts. Tell me about yourself and what you do. Well, I can see you are not a cop. I am a freedom fighter of sorts; a terrorist to others. I handle weapons and logistics for the Red Army Faction a.k.a. The Baader Meinhof Gang, and I despise the Yankees and what the fascist capitalists have done with Germany since the war. Dieter snapped back, So you are a bloody Communist sympathizer I have dealt with your ilk years and years ago in another life. I am not too fond of your Bolshevik leaning, but beggars can’t be choosers and I need a worthy human associate and you meet my criteria. Shall we cut to the chase, you can accept my offer or I will brutally dismember you and put your head on a street sign for the authorities to find in the morning? . . . Apparently, I have no choice now, do I? responded Reinhardt. Do with me what you wish. Immediately Dieter lurched forward and ravaged the man’s neck draining him all but of a few drops and carried him away to his layer. There was just enough human blood remaining to keep him human and able to conduct business during the day time. However, as he fed off of Dieter he inherited some of his vampire attributes such superhuman strength and keen agility. Members of the Red Army Faction took him for dead and that he must have been abducted and executed by secret agents of the US or German government. Since then, Reinhardt has been a trusted associate and servant and would fight to the death to protect his master.

What’s on the agenda for this evening? Dieter asked as he lit his Cuban cigar and exhaled. Well, you have been summoned to London on official vampire business. A human courier delivered the message while you were resting. They have a Lear Jet on standby at Berlin-Tegel International Airport. Prepare the luggage and we shall depart for London immediately. At that instant, Dieter butted out his cigar and took a sip of the fine Cognac Reinhardt had prepared for him before waking and entered his dressing quarters to select an Armani suit to wear. Reinhardt, I have not eaten, lets stop at the Red Light District and pick up breakfast along the way. Yes, master, and they departed the posh townhouse in one of Berlin’s most luxurious boroughs. Reinhardt opened the door in jet black window tinted Mercedes and proceeded to the airport with a pit stop along the way. They made it to the Red Light District and pulled over to the first prostitute to approach the vehicle. The window came down, My employer wishes to use your services. Fine, 150 Euros, and I will pleasure him like he has never been before, responded the woman as she threw away her cigarette. Cash was exchanged and the door immediately swung open and the woman stepped in. The car proceeded to drive away. Before the woman could open her mouth to begin her spiel, Dieter was on her devouring the flesh on her neck. She never saw it coming and was drained in moments. Dieter sighed and pulled a silk handkerchief from his breast pocket and proceeded to wipe his lips. Amazingly, not a drop hit the interior of the car. That was decent, can’t say it is as good as a high price escort, but for breakfast on-the-go it will do. Dieters lit another cigar and exhaled, Reinhardt, find the nearest ally, dump her and roll over her; so that it looks like she got hit by a car and lets get to the airport. Very well master.

After body disposal was complete, they made way to their destination. Reinhardt handled the parking arrangements and followed after Dieter. They proceeded to board the jet. An attractive stewardess approached and said Welcome aboard Herr Weiss, a glass of AB-? That would be lovely. Reinhardt proceeded to put the luggage in the overhead compartment and was seated alongside his master. Then Dieter proceeded to open his wrist with an elongated nail, Stewardess another glass please. She brought over the glass and he proceeded to drain his blood into it. He handed the glass to Reinhardt. The two men began to sip their beverages. The captain came on the speaker: I’m James and I will be your captain, weather is smooth this evening and travel time from Berlin-Tegal to London-Heathrow eta is 90 minutes, enjoy your flight. The jet began to ascend and steadied along its course. He paused and took another sip of his blood as Reinhardt slept beside him and thought about the upcoming summit. He has been to summits before but his senses tell him this one is inherently different.

While peering out the window into the darkness; he began to reminisce about his past as a newborn vampire after the war. When reconstruction began in Germany, he was able to use his previous associate, who was an astute businessman, to secure building contracts with the Allies, and as such; he was able to secure immense wealth. Over the years, he was able to meet others of his kind. With time, the vampires learned of his methods as a human and his willingness to use brutality and terror to enforce vampire law and policy. He became astute in surveillance, intelligence gathering, espionage, interrogation techniques, and other covert operations within the supernatural realm. He assisted in purges, internal security matters, covert hunts and abductions, and other operations. His brutality was used against both werewolf and vampires. When his name was uttered, fear consumed those that heard it. In many cases, his skills were so exquisite, that much of the time, wrongdoers never seen him coming until they were in his throes and under his control. He knew this much, that with his summoning, it had to be something serious and detrimental to the peace treaty and the organization as a whole.

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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 11:24 AM

After arriving in London, a car and driver were waiting for him. Welcome to London, Herr Weiss, said the dark suit-clad vampire as he opened the door to the Jaguar for the two visitors.

So what is this meet about? Dieter asked the driver. This matter is above my pay-grade, but you should learn more when we arrive at the compound. He removed another cigar from his breast pocket and lit it as the driver cracked the window. They finally made it to the compound and they proceeded to the entrance. As they entered, a tall slender vampire with blond hair shook the hands of both men and greeted them. Welcome back to London, Herr Weiss. Your accommodations will be provided within the compound lodging quarters. Here are your key cards. You still have time to check into your rooms before the meeting convenes. He proceeded to the elevator that led to the lodging quarters and he got that distinct musk smell of the werewolf in his nose. This was odd, because not very often do werewolves enter our domain. There was unease in the air among occupants of the compound. He proceeded to his room on the third floor after exiting the elevator with Reinhardt walking alongside. Reinhardt stayed in the room next door. Dieter unlocked the room and proceeded to drop off his luggage. After semi-unpacking his meager luggage and locking and loading his trusty HK P46, he proceeded to the first floor after telling Reinhardt to remain in his room until he returned.

Dieter was greeted by, Frederick, the right-hand associate of Magnus GallowsRaven.

He knew of Magnus GallowsRaven, and at present, he was the Supreme Leader of the Vampire Counsel and of my bloodline. Welcome Dieter we have been expecting you; would you like to come inside? asked Frederick. Looking around at all the werewolf and vampire hierarchy and he shook his head at the sight of the posturing on both sides. No, I don’t do well with politics and I’ll leave that to you and the diplomats. I will wait outside. Very well, said Frederick as he proceeded inside and the guards closed the doors. Thinking to himself, "Don't like walking into bloodbaths." He could sense the animosity in the air between the two races and that repugnant smell of the werewolf. His acute hearing would have allowed him to hear what was being discussed inside but cared less about the back and forth. He found that when conducting a mission it was better to perform it with an open mind and free of prejudice which also allowed for him to be a more efficient killer. So he pulled his mp3 player out of his pocket and pressed play. The music of Chopin’s “Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor,” began to chime in. *Listen below*
There were other vampires and werewolves standing outside along with him and they continued to stare each other down. He continued to act as a fly on the wall and observed the situation. The doors finally swung open, and as the werewolves exited; he got evil stares and snarls. He immediately removed his headphones and awaited further instructions. Frederick came out to greet him, Magnus wishes to see you in his chambers immediately. The thought entered his mind; this has got to be serious because usually my work has been contracted through a third party, never directly from Magnus himself? He took the elevator upstairs along with Frederick. They made it to the chambers and huge doors swung open and Dieter and Frederick entered. The meeting went on for about 45 minutes and afterward Dieter departed with a new mission in hand. He proceeded back to his room and informed Reinhardt.

We have to depart at sun down and to New Orleans on a fact-finding mission of sorts. I will fill you in with more when we are in the air. Dawn will be here shortly. See to it that our luggage is prepped and ready for this evening. Very well said Reinhardt.
After giving instructions, Dieter retired to his coffin.

*More mood music below, please click*

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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 02:29 PM
The walk out of the flats was uneventful and Skyler and the guys couldn't wait for their cabs. They needed some air conditioning. They stood on the side of the lonely county rode and waited for any signs of the taxi drivers. It didn't take too much longer as the vehicles appeared on the horizon of the road through a mirage of heat vapor.

Everyone piled into the vehicles. To the docks my friend and we are in a hurry. Can you turn up that ac for us? Skyler told the driver of the lead vehicle. They sat back and enjoyed the ride.

As the ocean drew nearer they could all smell the tell tale signs. They began to get excited about their trip and couldn't wait to experience the open ocean. That is of course before they could actually see what they would be riding in.

Im out man. Take me back to the flats. I aint about to get on that thing. You could forget it. Its a death trap man and I aint about to get out in the open ocean on something like that. Said Sunshine loudly from the backseat. Skyler too was obviously taken aback by the sight of it, but he remembered Pablo saying that it was disguised to look like a pile of rust. Well done on that one Skyler was thinking.

Look Pablo said that the inside was much nicer. Lets just check it out. Believe me if this thing is anything but sea worthy we arent going anywhere. I am curious arent you guys? Skyler turned from the front seat where he was enjoying a steady blast of cool air from the vents.

I guess so but Im tellin ya Sky I aint going anywhere on that thing if it is too far gone. Sunshine complied. They pulled up to the entrance and were greeted by a smiling Colombian man who began shaking all of their hands vigorously. He was obviously glad to have them aboard as security as he undoubtedly heard of their ruthlessness in Colombia.

Please please gentleman let me show you around a bit. Before we begin let me give the legendary Skyler his access card that will allow you fine gentlemen to access anything on our vessel. Please come with me. The crewman led them into the pilot's cabin and they could not believe their eyes.

Oh man this is nice. What in the hell. I see what Pablo meant now. This is state of the art isnt it? Sunshine couldnt believe his eyes. The exterior of the ship was absolutely destroyed it seemed but inside it was a brand new vessel. Surely this vessel was seaworthy.

Can you show us where we will be staying? I want to get us all established and then take a little tour. I have to be acquainted with all areas on this ship and the sooner I begin the better. Skyler asked the man as he proudly pointed out the latest in technology. The man explained to them that the exterior was covered in a new radar absorbing material that made them invisible to everything that the authorities could throw at them. He was talking and pointing as he lead them through the carpeted hallways and the air conditioning was right on.

There are six rooms that will accommodate all of you. They are all the same. I hope it is adequate my friends. The crew member said proudly as he waved his arm across the room smiling. He was definitely proud of his ship and that much was sure.

Skyler turned to the man and asked how to get down to the hull. The man explained that it was very simple and that the elevator, in conjunction with his access card would deliver him there. Skyler shook the mans hand again and dismissed him. He wanted to see those xenon lamps. He had big plans if things worked out for him during their little trip. Skyler went by himself as his men took up positions in their rooms. He had to get a look at what was so important to Pablo.

He went to the elevator and inserted the card. The doors closed and he felt the movement of it immediately. He was going down and that was for sure. It made him swoon a bit as the cart came to a stop and the doors slid open.

The smell was the first thing that hit him. It was as strong as ever and he instinctively covered his mouth and nose. He looked at the vast expanse of poison growing unchecked in the hull and suddenly wanted to kill Pablo for bringing this kind of torment on his own kind. He shook off his anger and began analyzing those lamps. What made them so special anyway? He had to come up with a plan and he knew that those lamps were going to be a part of it. He began making his way through the hideous foliage.

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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 02:43 PM
Magnus descended the elevator to the Grand Foyer for the meeting of his clan. They were all there as expected. Except for one. A contractor that Magnus held very dear to him. He'd always been very useful in these times and would stop at nothing to complete his goals.

It was time to give this one a promotion.

As Frederick came to his side as he did always during meetings, mostly to take notes, Magnus whispered to him.

Dieter should be her by now Frederick. What is the hold up?

Politics are not his forte Sire, he has requested to stay outside for the duration of the meeting.

I like a Vampire who gets to the point. Very well, once the meeting is over escort him to my chambers.

It was time for the meeting to begin. Magnus raised his voice. My fellow brethren, we have ourselves a problem in the ranks. This is not acceptable. I have taken care of you all, and some think the proper way of repaying those kind deeds is to spit in my face.

If any of you feel the way Toodles does, I suggest you take your leave now. However, in doing so I have one request. Run and hide. For my wrath will be swift and without mercy.

The congregation sat silent, no one dared move while Magnus was speaking. Content with the response, Magnus continued.

I am offering a bounty for the Vampire who brings me Toodles. Alive. This will not be a reward of money, but a reward of power. Details will follow the success of the operation.

His clan have crossed us for the last time. As we speak our security forces are tracking them and will attempt to cut off any monetary assets they have, whether they belong to us or not. It seems they have been running their own show for quite some time.

The hunt begins at dusk, prepare yourselves well, they will not let him go without a fight.

Leaving the Grand Foyer and returning to his chambers, Magnus had much to discuss with his fixer.

Frederick and Dieter came through the doors minutes after he did.

Ah welcome Dieter, it is nice to see you. Frederick leave us please.

Dieter looked a bit annoyed with having to travel all the way to London. He had been use to receiving his orders and simply carrying them out with no in between from anybody. This time it was a bit different.

Dieter, I have a special request for you. For years you have been the person we have used to fix all kinds of issues and you have always been successful. I fear this time you are the only person who can assist.

Dieter listened quietly as Magnus went on. That was a trait he'd appreciated in him. He never asked questions that were irrelevant, he simply did as he was told to the best of his abilities.

We have a traitor in our midst. A clan member by the name of Toodles. He is not of our bloodline but he is putting our entire race in jeopardy with his actions. Starting wars and doing biological research without permission or oversight.

I need you to go to New Orleans, infiltrate his base of operations and find out exactly what is going on. Do not use any form of communication other than verbal, his team have proven themselves quite resourceful in those matters. Report to me when you have collected your data. My son Zaio is currently tracking his movements as well. Keep in the shadows, it is not necessary for him to know I have sent another.

Magnus handed him a folder with the appropriate information.

You will find everything you need at this address in New Orleans. It is a secret warehouse I keep for such occasions. Money, weapons and anything else you desire. The guards have already been informed of your coming. Please do not leave any witnesses.

For the purpose of this mission, you have been promoted to security clearance Alpha 0. You report only to me and may do as you please with any other clan member. You have full access to all files in the archive and unlimited monetary funds.

As Dieter left through the grand doors, Magnus called for Mariah on the intercom.

I am hungry Mariah, send in something fresh.

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 03:40 PM
God she hated spiders. She always asked Tom to kill them for her. They’re the most awful frightening creatures ever she thought.

No Tom, dont take it outside just kill it. she always said. Here, hit it with this magazine.

There was nothing on this earth that scared her more than spiders, until now.


Sarah kept running through the dense undergrowth of the forest, pushing the branches away from her face as she ran.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god she kept saying over and over again. Tears wept from her eyes and ran down her cheeks as she continued forwards.

Too scared to look behind her to see what was following, she just kept running.

Oh my god, hes dead. she said Toms dead she continued almost out of breath.

Over in the distance was a large decaying oak tree with a hollowed out trunk. I can hide in there she thought running towards the tree. I must hide, I have to hide. She climbed inside the trunk and sat very quiet and very still.

Everything outside was quiet too, not a sound was heard for miles. Then suddenly there was rustling in the bushes to the left of her, and then with an almighty crash the creature leapt through the branches and landed on the ground next to the tree.

Sarah gave a short sharp gasp as she saw the werewolf through a tiny hole in the tree trunk. Her breathing became faster and faster. All she wanted to do now was scream.

Oh please god. she whispered whilst crying somebody help me. Please god, anybody. she said crying.

The werewolf turned towards the tree trunk picking up on the vibrations of sound, the words being whispered and carried on the wind.

Sarah gasped seeing the werewolf looking at her and immediately put her hand over her mouth.

The werewolf was ready to make his kill; he crouched down then leapt onto the tree trunk ripping apart the rotten bark. Sarah screamed at seeing the claws come smashing through the side of the tree. She managed to kneel down and crawl back towards the hole she had climbed through. Back in the open she decided to make a run for it. She ran across the path towards the set of bushes to the left but suddenly felt something heavy land on her back knocking her down to the ground.

Face down on the ground she couldn’t move as the werewolf was crouched on top of her and she felt a sharp pain in her neck as the blood started to trickle down her face.

Any minute now she thought, this nightmare was going to end.

After all it had to be a nightmare what else could it be? She would wake up next to Tom in bed, see his smiling face next to hers and watch the first rays of sunshine fall through the bedroom window. Any minute now she thought.

She closed her eyes and took her last breath just as the werewolf’s jaws sank deeper into her neck causing intense pain. Her eyes opened in shock one last time knowing the awful truth. This wasn’t a dream, she was about to die.

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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 10:37 PM
Skyler sat alone in his cabin with his thoughts. Sure, they were supposed to have two to a room, but his roommate was partying with all the other guys at the moment and Skyler had an awful lot to think about. The protection that the ship afforded him and his men was comforting and he was able to delve into those matters that seemed to elude him before. It was quiet and he was able to concentrate for the time being.

He thought back to that night in Colombia, when him and his men took out those police officers. He was actually working with his life long friend Doug who had gone on to become a drug enforcement officer. One of Doug's undercover agents who had infiltrated Pablo's inner circle actually introduced Skyler to Pablo and told him that he was the best man to have for running security to and from the states. Skyler agreed to work with Doug on this matter because Doug had explained that Pablo's agents had dossier's on almost all of his men and that Skyler was an unknown. Doug just couldn't be sure who Pablo actually knew about, but Skyler was definitely not known to Pablo. Skyler and his men, being a biker gang, fit the bill very well.

Doug knew that he could trust Skyler to track the shipments. Not only that, Doug secretly thought that Skyler would be the best man to have because Skyler had no strings attached. No wife, no family and very tough. Skyler knew deep down that this was the reason, but it was not spoken of between them. To Skyler, like he had said to himself so many times, it was just gravy on a paid vacation for him. He had no fear of Pablo or his men and the whole thing seemed like fun for him and his guys. They were werewolves after all and dealing in the mortals matters was easy. He often wondered what Doug would think of him if he told him that he was indeed a creature of the night. No time to mull that little bit of intrigue over, he had bigger fish to fry.

He remembered sitting on the leer jet with the product loaded that night. His cell phone rang. It was Doug. Skyler this is Doug. Listen I believe Pablo knows you are working with us. I dont know how you were found out but I believe he knows. He has an awful lot of reach and I believe from what we can gather his paid policemen are coming to intercept that jet. I believe they are going to kill you and all your guys. Do anything you can to get out of there. They are going to kill all of you and there are no assets in the area to help you. Skyler hung up his phone. He looked out of the window of the plane and could see the flashing lights from the police cars. He turned to Sunshine smiling and told him it was showtime.

They decimated that squad of crooked officers. They then boarded the plane and told the pilot to continue the operation. The pilot had no idea that the squad of policemen were sent by Pablo. When the plane landed in the states, undercover agents posing as Pablo's connection went to work. They took the product and piled the money for it back into the leer jet. It left the states on schedule.

Pablo got his money and wondered what had happened. He immediately turned to his chief intelligence officer who told him that Skyler and his men were agents. This particular intelligence officer paid dearly for making these claims, and Pablo was sure that he was trying to undermine his operations. The news reports showed Pablo's head of intelligence flayed and hanging from a tree. The other drug lords, who had no idea that Pablo was paying the authorities, bowed before him. They believed Pablo had thwarted a legitimate bust. This was all good to Pablo. He could pay more crooked policemen now. It just worked for him. As for Skyler, Pablo believed he had come across the best security team in the world. Certainly these guys knew what they were doing.

Skyler relayed his information to Doug who immediately pulled him from the operation. He was glad Skyler had made it, but it was just too risky now. They would keep an eye on Pablo through other means now. He told Skyler to steer clear of Pablo and praised him for their heroics. He had no idea that Skyler would keep a watchful eye on Pablo all by himself. Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies even closer. Pablo would have his day of reckoning, and it was drawing nigh. This high tech floating tub of misery was going to be the first step.

He realized now that Pablo's intelligence officers more than likely intercepted phone calls from his cell phone. That is how they must have known that he was working with the drug enforcement agency at the time. Too bad those intelligence officers were so diligent. They might be alive today if they had never intercepted those calls, or if Pablo was bright enough to realize he had been double-double crossed. Skyler began to smile about the whole thing. His plan started to take shape in his mind.

He needed to reach the King before he could lay waste to Pablo's empire. He thought long and hard about how to do this. If Pablo was able to intercept cell phone calls, then surely he could see who would be using his shipboard communications. He began to chuckle. How would Pablo deal with that, Skyler calling an ancient mansion in the English countryside? Them talking about werewolf stuff. He began to laugh out loud. Oh, this was a hoot. He relaxed himself and poured through his plans even more. Those lights in the hull were a big part of those plans he was now formulating.

Skyler walked out onto the deck of the ship. The ocean breeze was refreshing. They were under way now and alot of things would have to happen on this trip. Their lives depended on it and Skyler would do anything that had to be done to ensure their survival. He leaned on the rail and watched the water, still going over his plans. Just then, as if in agreement, a dolphin jumped. This reassured Skyler and strengthened his resolve. Things were about to down, and very soon.

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As he lay asleep, a dream going back to the war years commenced.
*Below a German song from the Eastern Front, please click.*
It must have been some backwater on the Eastern Front. My men and I were searching homes because of partisan activity in our sector, then we came upon this home; a very small and ragged one at that.

Knock, Knock, a small man appeared with brown hair, blue eyes, and Asian facial features. He could have been no more than 5'2 or 5'3. In Russian: How may I be of service to you captain? I pulled a cigarette from my silver case and proceeded to take a puff. I exhaled and sighed. In Russsian: Your home has been added to our list by command for a search because of sabotage on our equipment and supply lines. We suspect the cause of our misfortune has its origin around here?

You can make this easy or hard? taking another drag from his cigarette. Very well captain. While still on the door step, he turned around and gestured for corporal Siegfried and sergeant Schmeckleburg to join him inside to commence with the search. To the other soldiers, still standing around smoking and sipping from canteens, he began to make a circle gesture which meant they had to set up a perimeter, which they did. While inside, the sounds of banging and clacking could be heard as the men ransacked the home in search of contraband and intelligence. He then proceeded to a small wooden table where there was a bottle of vodka, glasses, and a loaf of bread. While sitting at a table, he poured himself a glass and took a sip. The man was standing in front of the cooking stove as silent as an oak in the black forest. In Russian:Come here and drink with me. I would like to ask some questions to develop my report. Are you the only person in the house? Yes. Don’t lie to me because I have a knack for finding the truth. I am telling the truth captain! Very well. Is there a crawl space or basement to conceal the enemy or weapons? No. What you see is what I have. The man nervously took a sip of his vodka while looking at corporal Siegfried removing a floor board.

Dieter could feel fear being emitted from the man. Then Siegried chimed in, in German: Captain there appears to be a hole and enough room for a man to crawl in. Corporal fire your weapon down that hole I can’t have you walking into a trap. Expecting battle hardened partisans laying in wait; Siegfried began to ready his Mauser.

The man began to shift and shake nervously in front of Dieter as he pulled his Walther P38 from it's holster and placed it on the table. Sporadic rifle fire could be heard. Siegfried crawl down that hole and see what’s there and report. The corporal hoisted his weapon back over his soldier and removed his pistol and flash light and crawled into the hole. In German: Captain I turned over everything in this house and no weapons, explosives materials, or intelligence. Very good sergeant. Be seated and pour yourself a drink. The sergeant began to sip his vodka while the Russian man was clearly shaken with tears streaming down his cheeks. Dieter lit another cigarette and took a sip of his vodka. Moments later Siegried crawled out of the hole. In GermanSir it was a massacre, I found three small children and a woman dead from my rifle fire and no weapons. It must have been the man's wife and children? Dieter thought. In fury, Dieter rose up and struck the man as he sit before him at the table. In German: Swine! Why didn’t you tell me you were hiding people below?

He proceed to cock his weapon and before he let off a round to execute the man; his face turned into the creature that attacked him at Stalingrad later in the war.

He shrieked, still in his coffin, and began to wipe the sweat from his brow.
While out of his coffin and dressing, with the nightmare still vivid on his mind, he looked visually shaken. He went over to the sink to splash water on his face, still deep in thought. These nightmares would happen sporadically since becoming immortal. Just imagining a couple thousand years of those nightmares? He shuttered at the thought. Hopefully, in the future after meeting his master it will resolve his nightmare problem? He has checked the archives at the compound before, but there is no record of a vampire meeting the description of his maker or possible whereabouts. It's only a matter of time before I find him and I have more than enough. Now, for more pressing matters at hand. He gathered his things, already prepared for travel by Reinhardt the night before, along with putting his pistol in his jacket and exited the room. He knocked on Reinhardt’s door, and in seconds, the door swung open with the man carrying his luggage. No one has to tell you when to get ready? Yes master. Shall I make travel arrangements for New Orleans. No need. All that is covered by the organization. Very well master. Lets get to the airport. The two exited the compound and there was a car and driver waiting. They entered the vehicle, and when the car began to drive away, he took another cigar from his pocket, and lit it; while thinking about New Orleans and how to deal with Toodles and his potential treason? He knew that Zaio and the hunters would be there as well; kicking over stones. Stealth and secrecy would be the key on this one. No grand entrances unless absolutely necessary. However the big-wigs want to deal with this I am all ears; it’s their game after all. I’m just a lowly investigator at this point, but I’ll show my teeth if backed into a corner. If everything goes as I hope; it should be a routine assignment and no different than the others from the past. New Orleans here we come.

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It hadn't been long before I picked up the scent of old blood on the wind. Magnus knows of our deceit I thought to myself. Some very old hunters were nearby and I couldn't risk normal operation at this point.

I tapped the nearest comm panel All areas, I am transferring all access to everything in this compound to myself. We have hunters in the area and they are not friendly. Prepare to defend yourselves. Do not attack unless attacked. DO NOT!

I turned to Andrew Lock out everything. Get all the UV pulse cannons out of the Genetic testing facility and equip one at every entrance to this mansion.

"Yes, sir" He said.

One of the treasures ran up to me in the main hall. "We have a problem. 3 swiss bank accounts were closed down today. No word as to why. There is 10 million USD we no longer have access to". hmm. That could be a problem. Get to the basement. Bring the backup generator online. Power up the electrostatic emitters along the Vaults interior plating. We have 5 million Euros in there and I do not want anyone touching it

I caught site of one of the hunters along the perimeter. A split second.

I sat down at my chair and turned on the external P.A system. To all hunters in the area. You should know that we have UV pulse cannons at every entrance to this building. I do not wish to harm my own kind. I want to speak to Magnus himself. He will be the only one permitted to enter this building

As soon as I made the announcement our main power went out. Luckily it was only a few millisecond until the backup generator kicked in.

I decided to pipe back in on the Intercom Come on Magnus. You dont seriously want to fight two wars do you? Werewolves and Vampires at the same time? Even THIS is out of your league.

This could get ugly. I only hope Magnus shows up. I do not wish to wage war on my own kind.

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After boarding the jet bound for New Orleans, Dieter took his seat alongside Reinhardt. He put his leather suitcase on his lap and pulled out the file on Toodles. While scanning the documents, he began to get a mental picture of his potential target.

Mr. Toodles- Mr. Toodles- Vampire/ Bloodline: Marcus (Counsel member)//

Counsel Member- Clan Leader- Age 200

5'11 and decided years ago, to do away with the long hair usually associate
with my kind. On a good day, you could almost mistake me for being
human, my eyes turn nearly a perfect brown. Our kind are the
youngest of the vampire world.

In thought, hmm . . . the young man rises fast for being a 200-year-old vampire, and a Counsel member no less. Very impressive indeed. This should be interesting. However, any potential treason within the vampire ranks should be stamped out immediately. Treason is like a cancer, and if not treated, it has a chance of spreading. I just need to find an angle to infiltrate his operation. Surveillance is the key. Maybe through Reinhardt, I can get a vampire of his ilk to turn sides? Someone with Toodles’s authority is bound to make enemies. No one rises that fast without stepping on a few toes. I’m sure the city has change since Hurricane Katrina and the old vampire hangouts are no more or relocated? That will be the place to find one of his disgruntled employees. Since my birth as a vampire, I have noticed that they tend to flock together.

The jet finally made its ascent.

Stewardess how about a glass of AB- negative?

Moments later she came over with the glass, slightly warmed, after putting it in the microwave. With the glass in hand, he took a big gulp


He proceeded to hand his servant the file, with which he began to look over, while chomping away on a cockroach. His feeder had a penchant for cockroaches because of their crunchiness and sweet flavor, at least according to his tastes. Reinhardt kept a plastic container full of them. He never understood when he found the time to catch them, and it must be during the day while sleeping. They made sure to conduct a mission oriented conversation in German as to keep it as hush as possible. Not everyone spoke German, at least that’s what Dieter had hoped.

How can you eat those infernal things? Master I find them quite the exquisite.

Dieter shaking his head: To each their own.

More crunching could be heard as Reinhardt devoured his insect snacks.

Master apparently this Toodles may be a worthy adversary? His rise is quite impressive. Kind of reminds my of another, years ago, in Germany, back when I was human. Lets get one thing straight he is not my adversary because he had done no wrong to me. Lets refer to him as the subject. Very well master.

Call him a school project of sorts. When we make it to our destination, lodgings near the French Quarter have been arranged before living London, by our handlers. Before we settle into our lodgings we will need to crack a few eggs to make an omelet. It will act as our base of operations since it is the heart beat of the city and a more than adequate hunting ground for meals. Hopefully it will be a suitable area to glean information on Toodles We can’t afford to bring attention to ourselves! Very well master.

Dieter proceeded to put another cigar to his lips and was in the process of lighting. In an instant the stewardess appeared No smoking!

In a split second, Dieter’s faced changed into the most demonic looking vampire one could imagine: bald head, gray skin, sunken red eyes, big long ears, fangs, robust skull features, and a sunken nose like that of a bat. He gave a guttural grunt. The woman was taken a back; clearly startled.

Dieter responded in a course sounding voice: You were saying?.

She retreated to her seat. He lit his cigar, took a puff, and exhaled.

Very shortly we will be in New Orleans and dawn will be upon us and I will have to retire. We will settle in at the lodgings arranged by the organization. Reinhardt I want you to go out during the day and get a feel for our surroundings and our new home for the immediate future. Very well master.

After their conversation, Dieter took back the file and placed it back in his briefcase. He took another puff of his cigar and sipped his blood with New Orleans and Toodles on his mind. Crunch, crunch, crunch as Reinhardt continued snacking . . .


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Zach and Zoe continued to run from the beasts, but these monsters were way to fast for them. Even with Zach and Zoe's superhuman speed and abilities, these monsters were much stronger and much faster. Running to the mountains seemed impossible and if they were caught it would be over before it even started, unfortunately, that was the way it would have to be.

The monster jumped on Zoe's back and she fell immeditaley, the monster could not get his mouth around her neck, which would have immediately killed her. Zach jumped on the back of the beast and bit down hard, as the other two monsters tackled Zach. Zach managed to break free and started to growl at them. He was too tired to turn into the other form, but he could try if necessary.

Zoe was able to grab the monster on her back and slammed him to the ground. The monster got back up immediately, now they really needed help. Zach and Zoe backed up to one another and Zach turned immediately into his true black dog form, a werewolf the size of a bear and twice as strong. The beasts had no concern, they were other concerned with killing as they attacked Zach and Zoe again. Zach was able to grab two of the beasts by the head and slam both of their heads together and they immediately collapsed and fell to the ground. Zoe was struggling with the other one as Zach used his paw and slammed the beast to the ground. The beast did not move afterwards.

What was that? Zoe asked, as Zach turned back to his human form.

Zach immediately saw no blood and this became concerning, the beasts looked like the experiments in the Vault.

Where do you dispose of the dead experiments? Zach asked, pointing out to Zoe the lack of blood.

We dispose of them in the ridge, just north of the facility.

Zach was worried he only knew of one Vampire with the ability to restore the dead, a Vampire that was said to have been dead for centuries. The Vampire known as Lilith.

Zoe call Magnus, we need to get to the mountains. When you get in touch with him give me the phone and let me explain whats going on.

Zach only hoped that Lilith was dead, she was the only one with the ability to returh dead beasts. She had the ability to grant life and death. But now the question was, who's side is she on?

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James came through the door as Magnus finished his meal. He had always enjoyed the taste of South Americans. It was always cleaner, not the polluted blood he'd come to expect from people in the bigger cities.

The lifeless body hit the floor and Magnus looked up to great his trusted security manager.

Ah, James. What do you have for me?

Good evening Mlord. It is nice to see you back to a regular feeding schedule. We were beginning to worry about your well being.

Fear not James. I am as healthy as any undead can be. What is the latest word on our little problem in America?

We have been keeping a close eye on his compound and communications. Predator drones have been in constant routes and our satellites are doing the communication work. Also the Sector 0 hunters have reached their destination. Toodles knows they are there however and is beginning to make threats. We intercepted this communication

To all hunters in the area. You should know that we have UV pulse cannons at every entrance to this building. I do not wish to harm my own kind. I want to speak to Magnus himself. He will be the only one permitted to enter this building

Come on Magnus. You don't seriously want to fight two wars do you? Werewolves and Vampires at the same time? Even THIS is out of your league.

Magnus pondered this idea for a second. To go there himself, he would kill Toodles. There was no amount of bargaining that could make up for his indiscretions. If he wanted to be saved, he would do it on Magnus' terms, not his.

What do you think James?

Magnus was not beyond taking advice from men who knew more about these matters than him.

Well Sire, the UV cannons will be useless against Sector 0 hunters. Especially considering Zaio is also in the area. If he intends to lead the charge then Toodles would do well to run and hide. Zaio will find him, day or night.

Magnus was caught off guard by this last comment. This was a well guarded secret within the Vampire archives. Zaio was the only Vampire in existence who had successfully undergone UV treatment. He was a day walker. It had never been discussed, or used for the matter.

James, how did you come across such information?

James looked up, seemingly afraid and carefully choosing his next words.

Sir, as head of your security, I pride myself in knowing everything that goes on in this compound. If I am expected to protect this place, I must be in trusted with the secrets that are routed here.

Well then, that is an answer I can respect James. Very well, I should have known you of all people would have spent hours in the archives researching things.

Should I go to New Orleans James? Should I go there and show them all who they are dealing with?

No. That would show weakness. This one thinks he can ask for things at a whim and we will bow down to him. We should let him sit in his compound and mull over his options. He has no where to go.

Hmph, so tough love it is then James? Very well. Have our security team hack into their mainframe, send him a message for me.

And what shall we tell him?

To sit tight. Tell him that I will not negotiate with a coward and he may sit in his compound until the end of time.

Shall we make him wait in the dark as well Mlord?

Have we not already shut down the power?

Yes we have, however I have recently come across a new piece of technology that has been mounted to our newest surveillance satellite. It will fire an EMP on the compound, destroying any electronics including his generators.

That sounds like fun. Route the surveillance feed directly to my quarters. I am going to the lab to check up on some things.

As they both left his quarters, each on his own path, Magnus knew that this time, Toodles was cornered, and it was up to Dieter to infiltrate and get results.

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Melchior and Kull arrived at the Kings location seeing that he changed back into human form. Covered in blood the king looked down at his victim lying on the floor. The two werewolves changed back to human form as well and walked over to the king.

Good kill! said kull looking at Sarah’s head severed from her body.

Dawn was approaching and the sun’s rays started to filter through the trees.

Time for us to go home. said Melchior.

The three men walked down the path back towards the mansion. The king tilted his head downwards looking at the floor; his mind was still troubled with the thought of the vampires. The hunt had only masked his real problems for a few hours.

But during those few hours it did remind him of what he was, he remembered that he was Lycan. This was something that he had forgotten, just a name he called himself. The true meaning of Lycan had been suppressed all these years by the peace treaty. The irony of it all was that the peace treaty was his idea, how the vampires must have laughed when he had suggested it to them. How foolish he felt now, knowing that he had been silenced by his own hand.

The king continued to walk with his head tilted down, ashamed of what he had become. For so many years now the werewolves had lived in the shadows of the vampires, God it’s been so many years. No wonder some of the bloodlines had turned away from him.

The sun crept higher into the sky and the birds started to sing their morning chorus.

How could he unite the bloodlines? He thought as they continued to walk across the woodland. How could he get the Alexander bloodline to trust him again?

Sire said Melchior is everything alright?

I think its time to make peace with the Alexander bloodline, its time to unite the bloodlines my friend said the King lifting his head up.

I hate young bloods said kull to many gadgets and guns. We don’t need their kind.

But we do, indeed we do. replied the king. Only united as one clan, can we prevail.

They will never listen to you or do what you ask of them. said Melchior theyre young bloods, they think only of themselves.

But they will listen to me, said the King. especially if I give them something they want, make them an offer that they could never refuse.

What? said Kull slowing down in pace.

To fight for their King. He replied walking ahead.

What, sire? Said Melchior raising his voice in concern.

WAR, gentlemen, we are going to war.

Melchior and Kull both stopped walking as the King continued onwards.

Against who? Said Kull as the king continued up the path to the mansion doors.

Against, Everyone! shouted back the King.

The three men walked up the path to the mansion, with the king alone out in front and the other two somewhat behind. The sun had risen into the sky above them and a new day had dawned for the werewolf clan. Was this the beginning of a new era?

Its about time he remembered what it is to be Lycan said Kull to Melchior as they walked up the path.

Maybe, my friend. replied Melchior whilst looking at the king in the distance.

Melchior didn’t share his friend’s eagerness for battle. So many were lost in the last war it nearly brought about the extinction of both races. Those were dark days back then, very dark days indeed.

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Right click here choose open in new tab/windows for mood music

Slayer made it to the facility just as night was falling. This location was set back into the hills off the main highway and away from town. The private secure road leading up to it's location was a 15 mile long curvy wooded road monitored 24/7.

The location was chosen for it's seclusion by his grandfather on his fathers side Theodore Andrews. Here was the heart and soul of Vera-Tech industries.

Formally known as Andrews defense industries. They had participated in many well known defense projects over the past 90 years or so. They took a small part in the Manhattan project. But were very involved in the testing of radar avoiding technology during the war years. Working with many of Tesla's ideas they had varying degrees of success while conducting the Philadelphia experiment. The Technology of the period was just not there yet.

That was then, now however with the advancement in computing and materials they would soon be able to prove the theories sound. They had the lions share of testing and development during the 80s under the Reagan administration. Participating in many projects regarding SDI also known as the Star Wars program. Unknown to many the projects had many spin offs and side projects now in use in very sensitive military applications.

Here he had some of the best and brightest in their fields employed. Genetics had been his fathers passion not his. He still worked in genetics but his passion was in nanotechnology.

Slayer tore down the old facility and replaced the outdated building with a state of the art test and development facility back in 05. Incorporating the latest innovations in modern high tech equipment. Here the company engineers tested and developed many black budget programs and systems for the CIA and pentagon.

Having seen the horrors of real combat and warfare first hand while serving in the US Marines. Slayer had made a personal decision and switched the company's focus away from offensive weapons projects and towards higher end materials, nanotechnology and genetics research and development. It made him sleep better at night knowing he was working towards saving lives as apposed to taking them. After parking his bike he made his way to the lobby. He was greeted by his top engineer and friend William. Good evening Mr Andrews. How was the trip?

Not bad, not too much traffic. Long ride though.
Slayer said smiling while shaking his hand.
He then walked over to the ID verification screen on the desk. Setting his helmet and gloves off to the side he leaned over. The machine scanned his eyes then the computer requested the he place his hand palm down at a specific location on the counter to obtain a secondary ID. The computer only took a few seconds then cleared him to proceed.

Very few of the other employees knew the nature of Slayers private matters. As far as most of them knew he was just another rich nerdy Bill Gates type. This image was one he promoted. He didn't want them to know about his private obsession. Keeping up with the charade they both looked over at the front desk personnel and smiled then they made their way to the elevator once in and the doors closed all the formalities ended, the mood became very casual. Slayer was with an old friend. He turned to Will and asked

Did you finish the armor?

Yeah Slay, I had them working around the clock. We analyzed that data New York sent us. Was it really that bad in London?
William said as he handed Slayer some data he then turned to the panel to choose a level.

No. Not really they were a bit stronger but they didnt seem too intelligent.

Up or down?
William asked pausing at the panel.

Slayer was focused on the report he was just handed.

Do you want to go up to your office to freshen up first or down to the lab right now?

Slayer folded up the report and stuck it in the inside pocket of his jacket and said. I came all this way to see the progress I can shower and change clothes later. I want to see what you have.

Fair enough
William said as he put in his security key. A small panel opened up which revealed 6 more levels below the ones known to most of the employees. Upon reaching the lowest level the doors opened they stepped out and went to their left. They walked down the hallway and through a pair of beautiful hardwood and glass double doors into a conference room.

Slayer hit the lights and went over to the bar and mixed a couple of drinks. William grabbed the remote and turned on the left display. On it he showed Slayer the new improved nanoweave micro fiber armor.

We were able to increase the protection by a factor of 200 while only adding 10% to the weight.

Handing William his drink Slayer walked over and looked at the shirt. smiled and said. Hey I even like the color.

Relax Slay, it and the matching leggings are under garments. They wont be seen.

William clicked on the right monitor, he showed data they had on the known bite and tearing strength of Werewolves and Black Dogs claws.

Remember the suit protects against ripping and biting but its not padded. You will feel the impacts and possibly the crushing vise like squeeze if they clamp down on you...

Looking up at the screens Slayer swallowed his drink then turned to William and said he wanted to see it demonstrated. They left the conference room and went down the hall to the ballistics lab. There sitting behind a large monitor was about the most mousy geek Slayer had ever seen. William introduced Slayer to Professor Peter Stein. He was the one who came up with the new nanoweave micro fiber. Apparently Professor Stein was a bit nervous, when he stood to shake Slayers hand he knocked over his coffee and short circuited the telephone.

They walked over to the underground firing range. Down at the far end they had a manikin setup wearing the new garment. Professor Stein picked up an AK-47 and fired off a few rounds. Then he grabbed an AR-15 firing a whole clip then proceeded to repeat the process several more times with various types of firearms all achieving the same result. No penetration.

Proudly Professor Stein turned around with a large smile on his face that instantly dropped when he found himself staring at the tip of a razor sharp Katana about two inches from his face. Professor Stein Stepped back sticking one foot into a small waste basket he tripped falling backwards landing on his backside with his glasses falling off his face.

Slayer lowered the sword while helping him to his feet then walked down to the manikin and swung with all his might. The blade hit the manikin with a downward strike between the head and shoulder and got stuck. Professor Stein and William were a bit apprehensive both standing there with concerned looks on their faces..

Slayer had to yank the sword out and was happy to find that although the sword had cut a 6 inch deep gash into the manikin taking some of the material in with it into the gash the material wasn't cut or torn and was in perfect condition.

Are you satisfied? William asked as he walked over to Slayer.

I will have to test it in real life first to let you know the answer to that.

Are you heading back to London?

No, not yet.

I have an old score to settle for my Grandfather Ezekiel first...


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Skyler walked slowly back to his cabin. He had a plan now, but timing was everything. He had to get his guys up to speed and he wondered if there were any listening devices in the rooms themselves. He wondered if Hutch would be able to put this freighter on a course for the English coast. Suddenly, he had a wonderful idea.

The man who had given them a tour of the freighter when they came aboard appeared now, walking quickly toward Skyler smiling. Skyler sir I trust everything is in order. Have you been satisfied with your access and is there anything you and your team will need? The man was falling over himself to make these guys comfortable.

Everything is fine and in order. I do have a few questions for you though. Will I be able to contact Pablo with the ship board communications? Skyler asked if he could contact Pablo first to keep him thinking that he was on their side.

Yes of course but we do not contact our boss unless there is a problem. He is a very busy man and does not like unnecessary disruptions to his schedule. Every one of your rooms has a telephone that will be able to contact him but I advise you to only contact him with emergencies. The man was visibly moved by the prospect of contacting his boss. An obvious indication to the nature of his boss. Skyler could use this.

Right we do not contact him unless we need to. I will need the number though just in case. Also how would I go about making a call to the main land? Is this possible? I only ask as I do have people I must contact and they are waiting to hear from me. I do have a life beyond this security job for Pablo you know. Skyler smiled to put the man at ease and find common ground with him.

Yes yes of course my friend. All you have to do is dial star nine first and then you have a regular telephone. You can call anywhere in the world from this ship. His smile faded as he seemed distant for a moment, as if he just remembered something. I do suggest you keep your personal calls to a minimum though. Our boss does monitor the communications from this vessel as Im sure you must be aware. He almost seemed to be telling Skyler a dark secret. Pablo really had these guys on edge.

As any prudent boss would my friend. The calls I need to make are of no concern to him and they will be limited. Ill be sure to relay this information to my team. If there are any course deviations can this be seen by Pablo as well? I only ask as if there is something I feel we need to do like go around an armada of naval vessels or something I do not want our boss to be concerned or bothered with it. He explicitly instructed me to take these kinds of matters into my own hands and direct your navigation team if I need to. The less we bother our boss the better dont you think? Skyler wore a concerned face as if he was afraid of bothering Pablo with such menial things and was fearful of his displeasure.

I do not believe that minor course changes are a concern to him as he realizes we must elude other vessels or pirates. This is not something he would see either as the ship is invisible. He does have his own tracking devices on board but these are only good up to a twelve mile radius from the course that is laid. Anything beyond a twenty five nautical mile radius he will be concerned with. I dont believe we will have to navigate much farther off course then that. If we do there is a major problem and Pablo will have to be notified. I am glad you are so proactive about these matters my friend. I am feeling better already. The man was obviously feeling a connection with Skyler as they both now talked about the importance of not bothering Pablo.

This is very good. I do not want to needlessly bother our boss. He is very busy and his time is valuable. I will be calling some of my assets who are well ahead of this vessel and will be able to tell us if we need to make course changes. Your radar will not see these problems as Im sure you know they have technology too. Just like this ship. So if I tell you to make minor course changes it is because my assets have warned me. Do you understand? Skyler now projected the concerned security guy image to him with a little authority thrown in for good measure.

Skyler I am sure you have all of our bases covered and whatever you need to do to ensure a successful operation for our boss will not be questioned by my team. Pablo has spoken very highly of you and you are trusted my friend. Please let me know what we need to do and I will see that it is done. I believe we will all enjoy ourselves here. The man seemed very submissive to Skyler. This was a good thing. He wondered how he would react when he realized Skyler was taking the freighter. Skyler laughed within himself.

Alright then we have an understanding. Lets make this a smooth and profitable operation for our boss shall we? Skyler shook the mans hand hard and smiled. They went their separate ways. Skyler continued to walk slowly toward his cabin, thinking.

This was working out very well. All he needed to do now was bring his guys up to speed on his plan. He thought about the rooms being bugged and decided that a loud radio would mask any conversations they were having. To anyone listening they would just be a bunch of rowdy bikers partying. Which is what Pablo would expect anyway. Things were falling into place and Skyler felt good.

He would tell the first mate that they needed to make a course change soon. After they were out of the twenty five mile alert zone for Pablo he would call the Kings mansion again. At that point, if he didn't reach his King, things could get very ugly for this crew of Pablo's. These were small glitches that could be dealt with. He was more sure of this plan than he had ever been.

posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 11:21 PM
I was still waiting for some sort of reply. Nothing. I knew Magnus would not show. I didn't expect him too. But at least it bought me a few minutes.

Andrew approached me and said "Sir, I don't think the UV lamps will work on those. I am betting they sent some of their genetically enhanced hunters". Did not think of that. And there is no telling what their satellites are capable of now that I think of it. We never had time to go through the entire database. I want you to kill the generator and tell everyone to stand down. We will be slaughtered if we fight.

"Yes, sir" he replied.

To all the hunters who can hear this. I am standing down. No one shall be killed tonight. I wish to be taken directly to Magnus.

I few seconds later all the lights went out. I could hear them coming up the steps like lightening. Within 3 seconds, I was surrounded by 6 hunters. DO NOT ATTACK THEM I yelled at the others near me. I assume Magnus wants me alive, yes? Good, take me directly to him. I have some things I need to show him. JACK! hand me the external drive with all the data I requested.

A few seconds later Jack emerged with the data. One of the hunters tried to grab it from his hands but I snatched it away. Nah uh. Dont be so hasty. This data could mean your heads if it is damaged. Magnus is the only one who will touch this besides me. If you DARE touch it again, I promise you will regret it

He backed away and stood down. I was led to a car and as soon as I entered, a UV lamp was pointed at my head. "Make one wrong move, and this lamp will hit you with 7 times the UV radiation emitted from the sun". Alright jeez. Calm down. I am here and calm right?

As soon as I entered the car, about 40 hunters surrounded the building and locked it down. "Order your hunters to surrender". I think not. They are standing down. You can hold the place for as long as you want. But until I talk to Magnus, no one else will go in shackles "Very well. We shall see what he has to say"

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Skyler's guys were now apprised of the plan that he had formulated. They had sat in one of the cabins afforded them, blaring classic rock and roll, whispering into each others ears until everyone was sure of what had to be done. It didn't take too long for everyone to be on board.

Now they just needed to read the navigation charts that Hutch had requested from the navigation team that kept the ship on course. Hutch meticulously pointed out on the charts where they had to steer the vessel. He pointed out the coordinates that would be their destination outside of Pablo's twenty five mile alert zone. They realized that at that point, Pablo would realize that the vessel was seriously off course.

They accomplished this without saying a word to each other. Just pointing and hand gestures were all that was needed. Now, Skyler had to get the first mate and relay those coordinates to him. He would tell him that he had spoken with his assets and that those assets had advised him to go around a large military force that was running maneuvers. He would tell him that those vessels had to be avoided and that Skyler's route would be the best possible way to avoid them.

At this point Skyler stood up from analyzing the charts. He took the chart that they had scribbled on and folded it in half. Alright boys Im gonna head to the helm and check up on some things. Everyone hang tight. He nodded his head to his guys and made his way out the door.Hey tell them we need more beer and tell them we need some more food too. Said Sunshine loudly with a very serious face on. This was done for effect, not necessity.

The first mate was busy talking with other members on the bridge. He turned quickly when Skyler entered and smiled. Skyler my friend I hope all is well. Do your men need anything? He asked. Skyler motioned for him to follow him out of the door and onto the deck as he waved the navigation chart at him.

Look my men advised me that there is a large military force conducting maneuvers up ahead and we need to avoid them. Skyler explained as he unfolded the navigation chart. This is the best possible route to take at this point and I believe we will be able to get back on course right here at the twelve mile limit. So I need you to direct this ship to take this course and advise me when we are at the twelve mile limit. Do you understand? Skyler spoke with authority here so as to intimidate the man. He acted as though he was very concerned.

Yes of course. That is why you are here is it not? I believe you are right about this course of action and I will implement it immediately. The first mate took this very seriously and went straight to work. This was perfect. As soon as they were at the twelve mile limit, Skyler would advise him to maintain his course and that he would be talking to Pablo. All he had to do now was wait.

He made his way to the cabin and gave everyone a thumbs up. I couldnt find anybody man come on lets go find the beer all on our own. I know where they keep it. Skyler said as he motioned for everyone to take action. Yeah! Its about time we raided the refrigerators man lets go. Hutch yelled loudly. They began to implement their plan.

Hutch and Skyler went to the elevator and Skyler used his access card to access the hull. The doors opened and immediately Hutch began figuring out a way to dismantle the lights so they could be taken off the ship. Skyler began bundling up all of the plants that grew out of control in the synthesized climate. The large garbage bags that he staged earlier worked well.

Up above them, the rest of the guys straggled around the ship with beers in their hands acting as if they were enjoying themselves immensely. Actually they were just keeping an eye on everyone and making sure that nobody entered the elevators to go to the hull. They were actually enjoying themselves really. I mean this was just too much. Just gravy on a paid vacation really.

After some time the first part of the plan was set. Skyler had the elevator loaded with packed garbage bags and Hutch had a pile of highly advanced xenon lamps stacked neatly on a pallet secured with line that was used for the plants to be supported. They looked at their watches. Another minute and Skyler would send the elevator up. Alright this is it. I hope those guys know what time it is. Skyler whispered.

The doors on the elevator closed and up it went. Once topside the doors slid open and Dinger wasted no time. He began walking huge garbage bags filled with the venomous plants onto the deck of the ship. It only took him about ten minutes to position the enormous pile of bags. He sent the elevator back down. The rest of the guys were making sure no one happened upon them.

The elevator doors slid open and Skyler and Hutch slid the pallet onto it and climbed in as well. Up they went. The doors opened and a smiling but panting Dinger greeted them. So what took you guys? I been waiting all day here. He joked as they slid the pallet off the elevator and positioned it on the deck. They used a tarp to cover it. With this accomplished they all looked at their watches. They made good time.

The rest of their plan had to wait for the ship to reach the twelve mile limit. All they had to do now was make sure no one was going to happen upon their signal fire. That was waiting to be ignited on the deck, and that would be easy. That should be able to make them visible to the help that Skyler hoped his King would send.

Skyler approached the first mate now. My friend please tell all your crew to stay at their posts and do not come out on deck at this point. We have received word that the military satellites can detect bodies out here. The less people we have outside the better. Am I understood? Skyler said forcefully this time and pointed at him for good measure.

Yes my friend of course. I will tell everyone we are on red alert and that no one can leave their posts. I am glad you are watching out for us my friend. Let me get busy now. The first mate took his orders very seriously now. This was a good thing. Night was approaching fast and by that time they will have passed the twelve mile limit. They would let the moon do its job for them beyond that.

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Zaio stood just beyond the reaches of Toodles makeshift compound. He’d been keeping an eye on Toodles for quite some time, and when his father asked him to do it formally, nothing had really changed.

He was impressed at the resourcefulness of the clan, more importantly its leader. The young bloods had shown themselves to be very valuable in his eyes. That would be the last point in his report. Judging from the looks of things however, it seemed his information would be dated long before it went to Magnus’ desk.

As he watched, a group of hunters surrounded the compound. He could smell them. Sector 0? A little extreme don’t you think? Zaio was speaking to nothing in particular.

As the hunters began moving in, another message from their leader exploded in the air.

To all the hunters who can hear this. I am standing down. No one shall be killed tonight. I wish to be taken directly to Magnus.

It seems his work here was done.
Magnus descended the elevator to the levels below ground. There was no need for secrecy in this place, so the levels were clearly marked. Underground Level Four he said loudly upon entering.

Reaching the bottom, Magnus stepped out to a room filled with lab coated vampires. This level was for advanced biological engineering and Magnus’ pride and glory. He’d built the program from the ground up after being convinced that although superior to humans, Vampires were weak in many aspects. His dream was to overcome those. To walk in the daylight and live.

Continuing down the long and narrow hallways Magnus reached a large vault like door. Sliding his hand into the side it pricked all four fingers and registered his DNA. The door slide opens to reveal the only test subject to have survived the latest round of enhancements.

Magnus picked up the file next to the holding tank. Flipping it open he chuckled after realising that after a hundred years, he was still listed as a volunteer. How ironic. Although he was still conscious, Test Subject 001 was very much a machine. The latest developments in behavioural modification along with cybertronic implants ensured that much.

He was very eager to test his skills. The silver fangs, UV resistance and a two hundred percent increase in overall strength, agility and mental calculation would give any Lycan a run for its money. Any vampire I suppose as well.

While continuing to go over the data and checking on various other weapon and enhancement projects, and orderly handed him a communication from the security team.
It read that the hunters had picked up Tootles and were on their way to deliver him.

It seems my evaluation will have to wait. We have pressing matters.

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The captain of the flight chimed in: We will be making our descent to Louis Armstrong International Airport very shortly, I hope you enjoyed the flight from London.

Finishing off his glass of AB- and nudging Reinhardt to awaken from his slumber. The first thought to enter his mind, was to reach the compound near the French Quarter, but how would he check in? He knew that the place would be riddled with guards as Magnus mentioned. Now what to do with the guards, let them live or kill them all? Could they be trusted to keep his involvement secret? Maybe, I will set an example, by killing their leader; as they all watch in horror? Put the fear of the almighty in them. I’ve been known to leave that kind of impression on my foes in the past. Reinhardt is good, but to lock down an entire compound, while I rest? I think I will leave the remainder alive to assist me. Reinhardt will be the new head of security.

Reinhardt, gather the luggage and secure a taxi when we depart the terminal. Very well, master.

As they walked across the tarmac, jets could be seen ferrying to their boarding terminals and that distinct jet engine sound could be heard. Finally, outside the terminal, with that New Orleans street music playing in the background; Reinhardt flagged down the first cab they saw. The trunk popped open and Reinhardt flung the bags in. Reinhardt proceeded to give the driver directions to their destination near the French Quarter in his distinct German accent.

The driver asked in a Cajun accent: So what brings you guys to the Big Easy? Business or pleasure? A little bit of both. Responded Reinhardt, grinning.

The driver looked though the rear-view mirror at the figure beside Reinhardt, and to his amazement, there was no reflection. He immediately shook his head in utter disbelief, and peered into the mirror again, and still no reflection. The driver didn’t want to make a fuss, and shrugged it off, because he was nearing the end of his 12 hour shift with fatigue setting in. He took a sip of coffee from his mug and continued driving.

Driving through the heart of the city; degraded buildings could be seen with damage left by Hurricane Katrina some five years earlier. Dieter continued to look at the plight that had befallen the city and shook his head in disgust.

Reinhardt insisted that the driver drop them off a block away from the compound. This was done as to not add attention to themselves and offer a vantage point for observation. They reached their destination and exited the vehicle. Reinhardt went to the trunk, which was ajar, and gathered the luggage. The cab left the curb, and drove off, with red tail lights descending into darkness. With the luggage hoisted over their shoulders, they began to walk. It was very late and the landscape was now barren of humanity. From afar the two men stood beneath an out street lamp and saw their destination. It was reasonably defended with a roaming patrol and guards at every entrance armed with light machine guns. Dieter knew that there would be both night vision and thermal cameras scanning every nook and cranny of this building. This was only reasonable, given the stockpile of weapons and equipment being housed at this facility, as Magnus had mentioned. However, those security measures are of little use on vampires given the fact that they do not emit a heat signature.

He studied the tactics of the guards, and without a doubt, they were human as account of their clumsiness. Only a vampire could see it, not humans. He thought to himself, "Who knows what rat hole these men crawled out of; maybe Iraq or Afghanistan?" He needed a way to get their attention and weaken their defenses. The thought entered his mind of using Reinhardt as a means to that end.

Reinhardt, go up to the guards and present yourself as an agent of the Organization on official business from London to check security. Request an audience with the head of security. Meet with the head of security in the main conference room and ensure that he assembles his men in conference room two with a monitor to watch the CCTV feed from the main conference room. Make sure everyone is assembled in that conference room so security is completely lapsed. They will then witness a spectacle they will never forget. Don’t worry, I am familiar with the layout of the facility, because I studied the blueprints while you were asleep; while in the air.

Reinhardt nodded in acceptance and readied his sidearm, by screwing on a suppressor and concealing it in his jacket. He then proceeded to walk toward the guard shack with Dieter studying his every move . . .

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