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Dark Days In The UnderWorld

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posted on Sep, 5 2009 @ 01:16 PM
The three men walked into the mansions hallway and were quickly greeted by the butler. He was the king’s servant and house keeper, who also went by name of Butler.

Would you like breakfast gentlemen? Asked Butler as the three men walked down the hallway.

Not now said the King we have a war to plan.

Yeah, said Kull were going to war.

What now? said Butler shaking whilst holding the tea tray should I remove the best china from the cabinets sire, we wouldn’t want it to get damaged, not like last time.

No, not now said Melchior we are just preparing for war at the moment.

Ok, said Butler with relieved expression on his face.

Oh, master Kull said Butler the operations room has received a message from the unit. Their mission was a success and at present they are on standby awaiting orders.

Kull had completely forgotten about his men and the mission they were on. He had been so wrapped up with the vampire meeting and the thought of war not once did he raise any concern for their safety. Not that he should, he knew that they could take care of themselves. After all, their motto was “death by fury”. These weren’t people to mess with, he should know, he trained them.

They were part of the royal guard, protectors to the royal family. They were also in charge of all military operations and special operations. The name given to this unit of men was “The Berserkers” and they had earned that name well.

Kull’s thoughts turned to the old days when he used to run with the pack. The Berserkers were so close they were like family. They all knew each other’s thoughts and concerns. To protect the King was their only path in life and nothing else matters.

Through intense training they had managed to bring their werewolf strengths and abilities to their human form. Their eyesight and hearing had increased tenfold and their sense of smell was so keen they could detect a scent at least a mile away.

But it was when they entered into the rage or the fury, this was when they were at their best, a finely tuned killing machine. Killing without thought or mercy. Nothing could stop them, no man or beast.

Oh, master Kull said Butler I forgot to tell the King there was another message earlier this evening, from a master Skyler of the Alexander bloodline. I was told he sounded very distressed and demanded to speak with the King, he said it was very important.

Dont worry said Kull I will deal with this, dont bother the King.

Kull walked down the hallway to the operations room and entered without even knocking.

Get me a trace on Skylers location. he said walking into the room.

Yes sir. said one of the operations team Im moving the satellites now, it shouldn’t take long sir.

There sir, said the man pointing at the screen he seems to be at sea on a boat.

Kull looked at the screen, there didn’t seem to be any trouble around him.

Sir, the Berserkers are only two hours away from his location, should we send them in? Said the man behind his computer.

Kull looked at the screen again, and paused. He then turned to the operations manager.

Give the call sign, send the boys in and god help anyone who stands in their way.

posted on Sep, 5 2009 @ 05:59 PM
Zach and Zoe finally reached the mountains and were exhausted, even in there superhuman forms did not keep them from getting tired. Zach looked around and could see the darkness beginning to fade.

Your not immune from the sun are you? Zach asked, looking at Zoe who was just laying there resting her body.

Sadly I am not, and my dad is not answering his damn phone either. Zoe said, as Zach looked at her, she looked extremely depressed and in some sort of physical distress.

Are you alright? Zach asked, as Zoe shook her head and moved her arm toward Zach.

Zach saw no blood from her arm, but a saw puncture wounds from a bite. The wounds seems to pulsate, as if her heart was in her arm. Zach sat up and continued to look at it, her arm was very red against her pale skin. As Zach could tell she was having a hard time breathing. They both needed to move, if those things came back, he was not sure if he could protect both of them and most importantly Zach needed to move her out of the sun.

Zach stood up and could smell the strong odor of those beasts that just attacked them. Strange, Lilith, the only vampire capable of giving life. Was she really alive? And why was she bringing Magnus's dead experiments back to life? Things just did not make sense. Was this really Lilith? What if another Vampire figured out how to bring the dead back to life? That was a scary thought, but Lilith was even scarier.

The sun began to rise and Zoe was slipping in and out of conscioucness. Zach sighed and grabbed Zoe's phone and placed it on a loop to continue to call Magnus, until he answered. If that failed he would have to call King John and request his help. Thats the last thing he wanted to do, to ask help from a Vampire and a Werewolf. But they were the only ones to be able to help them. King John never fully forgave Zach for killing his Nephew. But King John knew that his nephew was a bad guy and that was why he didn't punish Zach, but killing a member of the royality bloodline is never good.

Zach looked over to Zoe and she was unresponsive. He raised her top lip to look at her teeth, which began to turn Silver and Zoe's eyes began to turn from Blue to green.

What the hell? Zach asked, knowing that Venavores could not infect Vampires, but apparently it was working here.

Could the experiments have done this? Allow Venavores to pass on there genes to Vampires? It still didn't make sense. However, if Zoe turned into a Venavore she would be able to live longer in the sun. What to do?

Zach was thinking and a loud EXPLOSION filled the air. Zach looking back the compound saw the flames rising from the hidden location in which they were at. The smoke rose to the sky and darkened the sky even more. This would be the time to move Zoe and find a new hiding stop, they needed to move, they needed to find shelter. Zach stood up and picked up Zoe and began to carry her body up the mountain. This was a trek to the top, he placed Zoe over he shoulder so that way if he fell he could catch himself and she wouldn't get hurt.

As he began to carry her, he remembered back to a time of the war between the Venavores and Werewolves. The Vampires did not associate with Venavores back then, they were looked upon as animals to the Vampires. The venavores could drink human blood, but they needed poison to survive. They could last in the sun longer, but could not drink any sort of water or they would die. They coudl not even touch it or they would burn.

Needless to say, the black dogs were deployed first to try and lower the number of the Venavores. Zach was not the leader of the black dogs then, he was towards the top, but not the commander. That spot belonged to a woman, a female black dog who everyone feared. Her name was, Ruth, not the oldest Werewolf mother, but the daughter of Shasha and Lucas. Lucas was King Johns illegitament brother. But none the less was considered King Johns Brother. They named Ruth after the Oldest Mother of the werewolves, Sasha was a part of the Elizabeth bloodline, the same bloodline as Zach. And Ruth was only the third Black Dog ever to come into the world nearly 1,000 years ago. The strong and mighty Ruth.

Zach even feared her, whatever happened to her is unknown, but some say Magnus killed her or imprisoned her. Others say that she left and didn;t want to be leader anymore. None the less, Zach missed her command. She was a strong leader and Zach felt like an older brother to her, even though he was younger.

Ruth disappeared and after that the structure of the Black Dogs and the life of the black dogs would change after that. Without her as commander, the black dogs were outcasted and pushed toward extinction. He continued to climb the mountain as Zoe began to speak to him, but she was not very audible.

Zach--- don ot forget to my father that---- Zoe said, but Zach could barely understand her.

A cave was becoming visible, but the sun had already begun to shine. Zoe began to moan in pain and Zach had to hurry. He began to run toward the cave as a beast jumped infront of him. Zach turned immediately and the fight began. Zach kept looking at the sun and positioned himself so that he blocked some of the sun. Zach not paying attention was overpowered and brought to the ground. Zach could not fight this one off and the beast bit him on his neck. Zach howled in pain as his adrenaline kicked in to the max and dug his claws into the beast and threw it down the mountain. Zach turned back into a man and blood began to run out of his neck. He grabbed Zoe and ran to the cave. Zoe's face began to show signs of burning and so did her arms, but as soon as they got into the cave she began to heal herself.

Zach took the phone out of his pocket and checked on it. Still no answer. He could only hope that Magnus would answer. And come to their rescue, because Zach sensed that King John would kill Zoe...

Zach laid back and blacked out.... As Zoe's old message continued to play and reloop.

"Dad, we need your help, the base in Nok has been compromised and me and Zach are under attack. Please hurry!"

And that repeated and repeated over and over as Zach and Zoe laid there, one dieing and the other turning into some sort of monster.

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posted on Sep, 5 2009 @ 06:43 PM
Magnus was ascending the elevator when he thought of Zoe. She'd been gone too long without checking in, that was not something she would do. Zaio on the other hand, he could not hear from him for months and not be worried. Zoe was not a fighter.

Magnus was worried.

Reaching his quarters he immediately grabbed the secure line cell phone he'd forgotten there an saw the four dozen calls and voice mails left. The last of which made his skin crawl.

"Dad, we need your help, the base in Nok has been compromised and me and Zach are under attack. Please hurry!"

DAMN! Magnus pounded his fist down on the desk as the message played over and over. She needed help, but what could she have gotten herself into that compound could not provide security for?

The research lab in Africa was not old, and had been retro fited with the newest available technology.

As he quickly pondered his options on how to get to her, or who to send, James came rushing through the doors.

Sir! Our satellites have detected an explosion at the African research lab. According to the data the facility has been leveled. Furthermore we cannot locate Zach or Zoe. They're last known location is climbing the mountains. A satellite feed shows something following them.

What is following them James? Did the research subjects get out?

No they oddly resemble test subjects from last years round, however they were dead. These ones a very much alive and seem to have enhanced capabilities.

Magnus could not believe the words coming from James' mouth, did he have another traitor doing research at the compound? Had Zoe walked into a trap? The anger boiled inside of him.

James, listen to me very carefully. You will take no less than ten of our finest hunters we have on hand, preferably those who have had UV resistance enhancements. You will also be taking Ruth.

Forgive me Sire, but do you not think that Ruth is too unstable for such a task? What if things go wrong, she may loose track of the mission and you know what happened last time. It took us several months to track her down and another six to bring her back up to par.

Indeed, that could be a problem, however luck was on his side. Ruth had come to him in the days after the wars. Tired of fighting, she said she wanted to be something more than what she was, and when the time was right, she would return as leader of the Black Dogs. This would be the time.

If the circumstances were different James, I would agree with you. However, we do have Zacharia with her. Ruth will perform better than ever. Just make sure she is aware. Leave now James, I want you to find her, and soon.

Your secondary objective will be to eliminate any hostile forces and find out what happened to that lab.

James nodded and rushed through the doors to prepare his team. Magnus sat into his chair and viewed the monitors that had been placed in his chambers by the security team. He could not keep track of Toodles as he was transported to London and also keep track of the team he'd just sent to rescue Zoe.

He typed in his commands and the file on Ruth appeared on screen. What a beautiful specimen she was. She was their first attempt to fuse Lycan and Vampire DNA together. The ultimate super soldier. Immune to silver, UV rays and a host of other problems associated with their kind.

The most remarkable thing however is they were able to keep her appearance and autonomy intact, meaning she was still the person she said she was, just enhanced in many different ways.

As he watched them pull her from the holding quarters, he saw her expression as they explained the situation and those involved. The look in her eye was one of worry and hate for those who dared step in her way for this mission.

Zach was like a son to her, and she would fight for him in this way. Magnus continued scanning information as it came to him, hoping that his men would arrive in time to save her, no, save them both.

posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 07:17 PM
The sun was so incredibly warm, even in the shadows of the cave the heat was immense. Zoe was looking better, it would appear that whatever was bothering her was disappearing. The silver around her teeth was gone and her eyes had returned to their blue color. Zach was still laying in the spot, but he began to heal, amazingly it was taking a very long time.

Zach only hoped that the message to Magnus had been heard an dthat help was on its way. Zach began to think back to Ruth and the army of Black Dogs, before they were killed. Particulary, one event, the battle of Forest Shadows. The black dogs first home and sanctuary, however in todays world this sanctuary has been burnt to the ground and is now desert. Sort of strange from a lush forest to dust in under 200 years. Ruth was much like Zach, an observer and, unlike Zach, loved to fight.

Ruth ruled with power and strong compassion and conviction. She knew the old laws well and the old ways of the ancients. Instead of fighting with nature, she worked along side it and nature had rewarded her greatly.

Ruth had just returned from killing the supposed traitor of the Vampires and returned back to Forest Shadows. She was with a group of five others, Zach, Jason, CarMichael, Josephine and Vance. They had arrived to the entrence of the forest and could immediatley smell the fire that brewed from the belly of the forest. Immediately Ruth and the others knew. Zach and Ruth headed straight into the forest while the others hit the flanks to save lives and to kill any enemies. It had appeared that the Venavores were responsible, after all the Black Dogs and Venavores were in a war. But that was not the case, it was the humans that attacked. Apparently, one of our black dog members grew angry at a women and did vial things to her. Of course this was learned after the fact and apparently, the humans did not want to discuss this matter, instead they wanted to torch the woods in which we inhabited at the time.

Ruth was a different black dog than us, instead of turning black like the rest she would turn white. Of course only those who had seen her turn knew this, we were not sure how any of the others would react. But soon Ruth would be seen for what she was.. different.

We came to the main entrance of our village inside the forest and the humans had numbers far larger than we had anticipated. Ruth did not back down, instead she just looked over to Zach and smiled. With that smile she turned into her black dog form, a white coated wolf, bigger than a house dog and slightly smaller than a bear. She was so fast, changing in and out of human and dog form to adjust to any situation and kill faster.

At the end of the battle, Ruth stood on a rock and the sun cast a white shadow around her.

She stood with her sword, which also vanished when she disappeared. I guess no good warrior disappears without their weapon. After it was all said and done and the humans were dead, we needed to get out of the raging fire. All five us and the survivors numbering in the thousands all made it out. Except for a nearly 10,000 black dogs, the humans caught us totally off guard.

Suddenly, a helicopter could be heard over heard and Zoe was shaking Zach to wake up as nearly 5 beasts stood in front of them. With them approaching, Zach attemoted to turn, but could not he was still way to weak and Zoe could not protect both of them. As they approached, they could only hope for a miracle...

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 10:29 AM

Crack a few eggs to make an Omelet

From the cover of darkness, under the outed street lamp from across the street, Dieter looked on, as Reinhardt mingled with the guards at the compound's main entrance. One thing came to mind, Reinhardt better not screw this up? Apparently, whatever Reinhardt had said while talking to the guards had worked, and the man and two guards proceeded into the compound. Every thing is going as planned. I will give them about 15 minutes before I make my grand entrance. Looking at his Rolex, he knew dawn was but a mere hour and a half away; he had to get inside and rested. He watched as the remainder of the guards proceeded inside, and were most likely on their way to conference room 2; as had been planned.

This left the perimeter virtually un-manned and gave Dieter the green-light to proceed. Eyes now red and in full vampire form, he made his way to the complex. He proceeded through the front gates with a whoosh sound and the split second speed of a vampire. If any stragglers where around, they would have never seen him, but only a streak. Inside the compound, it appeared desolate, and with his acute hearing, he could hear no movement of humans; but only rats scurrying about. Peering down the corridor, he saw the entrance to the stairwell that led to the main conference room on the 2nd floor. With a whoosh sound and speed unlike anything seen by humans, he proceeded up the stairwell. Standing outside the door of the main conference room and peering through the window; Dieter could see the head of security with his back to him and Reinhardt in front of him having a conversation.

The two men were seated at the very front of a long conference table. Most likely, Reinhardt was giving the man recognition for the outstanding job he was doing heading security at this most sensitive compound; as the other men watched from the large 52 inch flat screen monitor in conference room 2. Reinhardt looked in the direction of window at the red eyes shining in the darkness, and gave a nod. Dieter then began to subtly open the door and close it, as to not disturb the conversation. The CCTV cameras were all centered on the conference table.

In an instant, there was a mammoth figure standing over the-head-of-security. Guards in conference room 2 saw the figure on the monitor and were shocked at the sheer size and demonic appearance. They had seen the horrors of man from tours in hot spots like the Middle East and other backwaters around the world, but this figure was an evil unseen by man.

Mother of God a guard could be heard saying.

Shock and bewilderment laden their faces, as they watched in stoic silence, as their commander had no idea what was standing behind him. In an instant, two elongated hands where placed on the commander's shoulders and when he turned around; Dieter opened his mouth and bit down on his head. The top of the mouth came down with force like the guillotine on Marie Antoinette’s neck during the French Revolution. Blood spewed out like a geyser, and then in an instant, the two large hands grasped the man’s head and twisted it off like a bottle cap. Screams could be heard from conference room 2 as the men watched in horror. They tried to open the door to aid their commander but it was locked from the outside.

Earlier, Reinhardt made sure to ask the commander for a convenient bathroom break when he was assured that the men had been fully assembled in conference room 2 and unarmed. While away from the commander’s presence, Reinhardt proceeded down the hall to conference room 2 and locked the door from the outside. After securing the guard, he proceeded back to the main conference room to await his master’s entrance. As seen from the monitor, the figure began approaching one of the cameras on the wall with the head of the commander in hand. The guards were now back in their seats after finding no means of escape to assist their commander.

With a German accent and still in vampire form, Dieter began to speak.
I hope you enjoyed the show. Your commander has been relieved. Command will be assumed by my associate Reinhardt. He is familiar with the layout of the complex and the security protocol. In terms of compensation, your pay will continue to be deposited in your accounts as before. Now after seeing what I have done to your commander, understand this, if you cross me or my authority; I will find your loved ones and kill them all. Not quickly, like your commander, but slowly, very slowly. . . I am privy to their locations and backgrounds, as a result of your completion of the family background document, when your firm signed the security contract with my employers. So don’t test my hand. Human life means very little to me. Now if you follow orders and continue as you had before I arrived, you and your families will be safe. One last thing, tell no one of what you have seen tonight, that means, family, authorities, etc.. If you disobey, you know what will happen. as he held-up the severed head before the camera for all to get a close look.

Now that things are clear to you, my associate will be down momentarily to release you and give a briefing. With that, I must retire. After talking with Reinhardt about security matters, how to dispose of the slain commander's body, and this evening’s chain of events; Dieter was gone with a whoosh sound. Moments later, Dieter found himself in the vampire quarters and proceeded to crawl into a coffin.

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posted on Sep, 8 2009 @ 08:45 AM
The ship was well beyond the twelve mile limit by now and Skyler informed the crew that they should maintain their current heading. He advised the first mate that he would be calling Pablo to let him know of the situation. Everyone was still nervously at their posts and wondering why they seemed to be heading for the English coast. Night was upon them now and Skyler and his men would be ready if things really got out of hand.

Skyler was in his cabin with the King's number in one hand and a telephone held to his ear with his other hand. The connection was established and Skyler could hear the same operator he had spoken to the last time that he had called.
Lord Johns residence how may I direct your call? The voice was almost robotic to Skyler.

Hello this is Skyler. Im with the Alexander clan and I need to speak to the King. This is a very urgent matter and I do not believe you should dismiss it in any manner shape or form. I need to speak directly to the King and I need to speak with him now. Skyler chose his words carefully and hoped he had made an impression with her.

I see master Skyler. There is a message for you right here and I am to relay this to you. Are you ready? This was great, Skyler was ready to hear the same old line of bull that he always heard. Yeah go ahead Im waiting. He believed at this point all was lost, his men would still be on their own.

The belt that you received from me at the meeting has a tracking device. We know where you are and help is on the way. Be ready for pick up at your location. Any resistance will be crushed. Stay alert. Estimated time of arrival is two hours from the writing of this message. The operator relayed the message methodically. Skyler sat in amazement. This was absolutely fantastic. He calculated the time in his mind and he still had about an hour and a half.

At this point he hung up the phone. He was sure Pablo would have heard that call. He really didn't care. Help was on the way and his men were more than enough to deal with anything Pablo could send. He rounded up his men and told them the good news.

His men began preparing the life boats for the crew. They didn't want them to be around when the help did arrive. They made sure that all the life boats were equipped with enough water and an emergency signal beacon so that they could be picked up later. Now all Skyler had to do was convince them to bring this tub to a halt and get off. They would comply, or they would be forced off.

Skyler immediately went to work, explaining to the first mate that the situation was far more grievous than he had expected and that abandoning the ship was their best course of action. He lied and told him that Pablo agreed to this and that they should all listen to Skyler. The first mate seemed puzzled and did want to call Pablo to make sure of such a drastic measure. At this Skyler told him that he was at a very important meeting and that contacting him now would not be wise. Skyler hoped the fear of contacting Pablo would take this plan a little bit further.

As everyone was boarding the life boats and being lowered to the sea below, Skyler told them to engage the signal beacons when the ship was out of sight. This would ensure the removal of the product and the technology which was staged in full view of them now. It all made sense to the crew and they complied. Within about an hour, all the crew was off the ship and drifting away far from the freighter.

Alright boys. Now we wait for the cavalry. I hope for Pablos sake he doesnt try to send a force to recover this freighter. He will be in for a rude awakening. Skyler said absently to his men who were now leaning on the rail watching the night sky.

You know hes gonna. Thats just how he is. I believe we will be ready. Said Hutch as he pointed to the ever emerging moon on the horizon. Im not worried about them at all. I just dont want this freighter getting back into Pablos hands. We gotta make sure that this sinks. Why dont you guys go below to the engine room and see what we cant do about making that happen? In about forty five minutes our help should be here. At that time we light the signal fire. Then we make sure this thing goes to the bottom. Skyler addressed no one in particular but everyone knew what had to be done. The men dispersed.

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posted on Sep, 8 2009 @ 09:05 PM

Sightseeing at the Lake

After talking to the still bewildered guards and giving them the run-down on his new command and authority, and re-instating the guard; Reinhardt proceeded to the main conference room to bag up the remains of the beheaded commander while accompanied by two guards for assistance. After completing their task. Reinhardt turned and told the other guard to remain behind and clean the blood splattered room. He and the other guard then proceeded to the black Land Rover below to load the body and commence with disposal. The two men made it to the sport utility vehicle and hurled the body into the back.

You stay here and see to it that your colleague gets all that blood up, as Reinhardt stepped into the vehicle and shut the door.

It was still nightfall, and it would be about a half hour or so before that changed, so a speedy disposal was needed. He put the key in the ignition, and proceeded on his way, with the guard descending into the complex as seen through the rear-view mirror. Body disposal was something he had gotten good at over the years as Dieter’s servant and day guardian. As he was driving, he began to think of suitable places to dispose of the body. Lake Pontchartrain was perfect. Who knows how many bodies have been disposed of in the lake, and have remained unsolved, as a result of the city's notorious drug trade and underworld? He would drive over to one of the deserted levees, and use the large stones nearby as weights, and hurl the body over. The plan was brilliant. Now, hopefully, no crusading metro cop pulls him over in the meantime.

As far as he was concerned, the city was still in a slumber for the most part. He proceeded to the 9th ward section of New Orleans since hearing about the devastation brought by Hurricane Katrina on the news some years ago back in Germany. He made it to a neighborhood and found his way to the levee nearby. The landscape was still in disarray since the hurricane almost five years earlier. The place was perfect. He proceeded to park the vehicle, turn off the lights, and popped the back hatch. While looking in the back at the remains of the slain commander, he began to rummage for some rope for making anchors for the body. He immediately poked his head out from the back of the vehicle for another quick look before beginning his task. To his pleasure, no signs of humanity, but only the sporadic chirp of crickets. Some lights from the homes nearby began to come on as people began their days. Still dark outside, he was able to gather some heavy rocks near the levee. He made short order of anchoring the body. After a few minor alterations to the body to hinder identification by authorities; he hurled it into the water. A few splash sounds could be heard and now the job was done. Reinhardt made it back to the running vehicle and proceeded to make his journey back to the compound as the sun rose on the horizon to the east. While driving he peered down at a small black felt bag on the passenger seat and grinned.

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posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 07:57 PM
The beasts began to approach them, as a figure from the back cast a shadow upon all of them. Zoe looked over and saw something; it had appeared that Zoe knew who or what was standing infront of them. The beasts had turned and just as quickly each and everyone fell to the ground. A figure stood in there place, holding a weapon. A brown and silver gun that had smoke raging from it.

Zach and Zoe were approached by this being and at least five others who went to tend to there wounds. Zach looked next to him and saw the figure that saved them walking toward him and crouching down next to him. Zach looked at the figure and began to lose his thoughts.

Are you alright Zach? The lady asked, as she looked at his eyes.

Zach closed his eyes and blacked out.....

Zoe and the others began to head out of the mountains and above to where the helicopter landed. Zoe looked over at the women. Who still had the same hair and eyes, as long ago..

Thank you Ruth... Zoe said, hugging her.

Ruth looked at her and realized that now she had to stay. She had to make sure that Zach was safe and well, before wandering off again. Ruth still had the headaches ever since they completed testing, the first completed and successful hybrid.

Ruth suffered from strange side effects. Her hair would often change from black to its normal hair color. Her eyes were turn from green to very dark blue. Her personality never changed though and she remained a HIGHLY strong being no matter what.

And now back to the compound. Ruth said, brushing her hair back and entering the helicopter evac.

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posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 01:48 PM
I was put on a private Jet with the same set of hunters that took me into the car. No humans to slaughter. What a pity. The flight back to London was the most silent flight I had ever taken in my life.

As we landed, one of the hunters pointed that UV thing at me again and had me get up and wait to be escorted off the plane. Once off, another car was waiting to take us all to the High rise.

As we pulled up to the High Rise, I noticed the building was eerily quiet. Too quiet. I could see the infrared scanners and video surveillance that watched us pull up. No doubt Magnus knows we have already arrived. Listen buddy. I want you to call Magnus right now before we get out. Inform him that the data I am carrying is extremely important and if any harm comes to MY compound, then the data will be lost forever. I am sure Magnus does not want to LOSE this war with the Lycans, right?

He glared at me for a second before picking up his phone.

As I was watching him, I suddenly realized why the whole area was so quiet. Most of the Vampires that normally inhabit this place were not here. But where were they? Perhaps much more was going on than I realized.

posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 03:15 PM
The moon hung high in the clear night sky. It was silent on the freighter. The only sounds that could be heard were the waves lapping against the ships hull as it drifted. Skyler and his men stood poised on the deck fully transformed into their werewolf counterparts.

Suddenly a small crack rung out as a flare was lit and thrown into the pile of product that they had retrieved from the hull. An ever growing brightness began emerging as the distant sound of helicopters from one direction became clear and the distant sound of speed boats from another direction became clearer.

Oh, this was gonna be good. The werewolves on deck began snarling and howling as their eyes darted out into the blackness. No one could be sure if it was the help that was coming or Pablo's men, or both. The helicopters hovered over the ship as ropes were dropped from them and it became clear that these were Pablo's men. Skyler and his men waited for their first victims to repel down the ropes.

Soon the deck was swarming with armed commando's from Pablo's paramilitary units. Skyler and his men began taking them out one by one as they sprung from behind bulkheads and crates. Shots rang out and screams were heard as the forces were being systematically decimated. The helicopters maintained their position as they tried to get an idea of what was going on.

Soon boarding irons appeared over the rails of the freighter and they clanged loudly as the hooks found purchase. More men were now descending the ropes onto the ship from the helicopters. It was their last act of allegiance to Pablo as the berserker units sprang onto the now blood stained deck of the freighter. Skyler and his men realized they were friendly right away. They were definitely inhuman in their rage and insanely quick.

The berserkers cut through any resistance that came their way. Bodies were cut down and thrown overboard in seconds. The flames from the signal fire raged into the sky as blood began splashing everywhere as if it were coming from water balloons thrown randomly around the deck. More shots rang out and gutteral growling and roaring could be heard echoeing deep into the distance.

The pilot's of the helicopters must have seen some of the carnage from their vantage point. The ropes fell like spaghetti onto the deck as they turned their crafts away and made for the safety of their base. Just then a loud swish was heard as a rocket launcher was fired from the boats waiting below. The craft was vaporized in mid retreat. Another swish was heard and a bright explosion was heard and seen some yards away. Only one chopper actually made it.

Skyler and his men stood poised to take on any more resistance. The berserkers were darting from one area to the next in the search for any stragglers. All was clear. The pallet of advanced xenon lamps were carefully lowered to the waiting boats below. The berserkers then led their werewolf friends to the speedboats. The engines roared to life and the freighter was left in their wake.

The speed boats began their journey back to the English Coast as a furious explosion rocked the frieghter. A bright flash illuminated their retreat for a moment as they looked back and smiled. Pablo is next, Skyler was thinking, but that would just have to wait a little while.

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A bag full of Surprises

Uggghhh, as the large man exited his coffin and outstretched his arms. He proceeded to the wardrobe which was stocked with clothing and other belongings. He thought to himself, Reinhardt must have settled in while I was asleep. Dieter picked a white collared shirt, black suit coat, and black slacks. After dressing himself, he emerged from the vampire sleeping quarters to find his servant. While walking through the hallways, he passed some guards who refused to make eye contact with him, either out of anger or fear? It didn’t matter how they felt just as long as they were obedient.

He made his way to the command center, where Reinhardt could be seen scanning the surveillance feeds from the cameras outside and within the compound. The guard who was beside him abruptly left his seat when seeing the massive vampire, now in human form, enter the room. When Reinhardt saw the guard get up in haste, he knew his master was present. He immediately took the bag from his pocket, turned around, and flung it to Dieter as he stood in the doorway.

After catching the bag and moving out of the way as the guard walked by to leave. Dieter stepped inside and closed the door behind him. With Reinhardt now standing and facing his master, Dieter unraveled the string that held the bag closed and looked inside. To his pleasure, he saw teeth and finger tips that apparently came from the head-of-security whom he decimated the night prior.

Looking inside the bag again and with the metallic hum of electronics and computer servers in the background, he looked up with a grin and began to speak in German:Good job, Reinhardt! These are the hallmarks of a successful undertaking! Now, the authorities will have a hard time finding the identity of the unfortunate commander. Kind of hard to make a positive identification with a head and no teeth and a body with no finger tips?

Dieter took a seat at the control panel as Reinhardt took the other. Master, the guard is firmly under your control as you may have noticed by their reactions toward you. I have given them a briefing as you instructed and assumed command. I knew you would like the finger tips and teeth. So, now, the authorities will be stuck with a John Doe if it should happen to resurface and find it’s way to shore. Status at the compound is back to normal from last night.

Very well. said Dieter, as he rolled up his sleeve, and made an incision to his wrist for Reinhardt to feed on his immortal blood as reward. In haste, Reinhardt immediately began to feed on the man’s wrist.
Don’t get greedy, Reinhardt, I haven’t fed yet! Reinhardt finished and wiped his lip with his forearm. Master, so what is on the agenda tonight?

Dieter rolled his sleeve down and handed him a piece of paper from his pocket, Go to this address and run surveillance this evening. Keep a low profile and maintain an unsuspecting vantage point, because the place will most likely be heavily guarded and under surveillance. We can’t alert the occupants of our presence. Understand? Very well master. as Reinhardt removed a roach from his personal stash that was on the console and tossed the squirming insect into his mouth with it being followed by a loud crunch.

Now that you have fed, Reinhardt, I must depart to find a meal for myself this evening. I won’t be needing your services for transportation. I shall depart on my own to get a feel for the French Quarter. I shall meet you at the address after dining. What vehicle will you be in? I will be in a jet black Land Rover at a safe distance while surveying the address you gave. as Reinhardt put the cover on the plastic container holding his insects. At the instant Reinhardt finished speaking, his master was gone, with a whoosh sound and that split second speed of a vampire.

Now, perched atop a building in the French Quarter, with loud Jazz music playing below in the streets; Dieter peered down at the expanse of humanity partying and began to evaluate his prey. . .

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I was escorted to the main hall where we had that meeting not so long ago. Everything was dead quiet. Couldn't even tell werewolves had recently been here. The walls must have been bug bombed after that heinous event.

Upon sitting down, I began to think about the past once again. Back to when I was a child. Memories from that time period are still very fragmented, but recently some faint images had begun to resurface.

"James! You're too close to the edge of the forest"! I yelled. A huge black figure jumped in front of him and he was gone in an instant. All I could hear were screams that grew fainter by the second. That beast was way too fast.

I was probably 9 years old at the time. I remember James was a good friend of mine and we never heard from him after that day. Rumor spread fast that it was a werewolf that took him. I was told to never believe in such ridiculous superstitions. Although I always wondered why, if the grown ups didn't believe them, then why was the forest off limits to EVERYONE?

A house vampire was walking by, he glared at me almost with a disgust. I could not help but make the same look back. They see me as a traitor. No matter, that will all change once I am finally taken to see Magnus and he learns what I have learned. I looked to the hunter standing next to me Alright if I make a call? Just want to check out things at home. Dont worry, I am not stupid enough to wage war on the entire planet. "Make it fast" he said.

The phone rang a few times "Who is this?!" Ahh, Morph, nice to hear your voice. "Toodles?! Is that you?! Yes it is. Been a while I know. But I need a favor. I pulled my phone away from my face and made a few keystrokes. "Anything dude" he said.

Good. My phone has just transmitted a set of coordinates through about 10 thousand servers worldwide into your phone. The coordinates are encrypted, you know the protocol. Get there and initiate the auto orbit sequence on satellite 4 and get an EMP lock on my compound. Fire it. Make sure and shoot a second time after it resets. The data must be destroyed. I have what I need with me

The hunter next to me ripped the phone out of my hand and destroyed it. They patted me down and took all my belongings short of the cloth on me. What?! I am just doing what I am sure Magnus was going to do anyways I said as I kinda laughed.

I made a mental note of this vampires reaction. He seemed to be the jumpy kind. As I have noticed with most genetically modified specimens. One thing I made sure to backup before destroying all the data, was the satellite feed data on the werewolf Skyler. He had disappeared shortly after we planted the tracking device on his motorcycle. But it was not moving. He was a clever one.

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The King and Melchior continued down the hallway. Kull had disappeared somewhere but the King didn’t have time to look for him.

Sire said Melchior Where are we going?

To the tech labs he replied as they walked at a quickened pace.

They reached the end of the hallway with a door leading to a stair case and next it was the lift.

What should we take the stairs or the lift? Said Melchior looking at both doors.

As its below the basement, im taking the lift. said the King opening the lift doors.

The two men walked into the lift and pressed the button marked “TL” the lift started to move downwards slowly.

When was the last time you visited the Tech Labs? Asked Melchior.

Years ago, I don’t get involved with such things these days. He replied as the lift came to a halt and doors opened. The two men walked out of the lift and opened the door in front of them.

This is our main tech lab. Said the King to Melchior as he opened the door which had the words “Do not enter” written on it.

The room was huge, cluttered with all sorts of machinery and devices. There were two men wearing white overalls working at one of the work stations.

Ahem. said Melchior coughing trying to grab their attention.

The two men turned around with a look of horror on their faces.

Oh my god, sire. Said one of the men erm.. Pleased to meet you, my name is Russell. What brings you all the way down here? He continued whilst trying to clear up some of the mess.

I wanted to see what new weapons we have available. Replied the King.

Melchior picked up a small metallic box and started to press the buttons on its side.

Excuse me, please dont touch that, unless you want to kill us all? Said Russell pointing at the device.

Melchior quickly put the metal box back down on the table and walked over to the King.

Well gentlemen, its a great honour to have such important guests in our little workshop. said Russell looking pleased with himself.

Can we just see the weapons? said the King.

Yes, of course. said Russell picking up a circular disc.

This little device here he said lifting up the small round object is a daylight grenade, throw one of these into a room full of vampires and you wont have to worry about making polite conversation. He said laughing.

Ok Said the King still looking quite serious anything else?

Yes, we have daylight bullets and we are working on a changing pill, it will harness the power of the moon. Just by chewing this little gem you change into a werewolf at anytime.

Does it work? Said Melchior.

No. Replied Russell but we are working on it.

Melchior was getting bored and his eyes started to wander around the room looking at all the different gadgets on display. Who uses this stuff he thought as he continued to scan the room. He noticed at the back of the room another door with the words “keep out” written in bold.

Whats in there? Said Melchior pointing at the door towards the back of the room.

Thats where its being created. Said Russell looking at the King.

Where whats being created? replied the King in a confused tone.

You know said Russell you did say that we shouldnt talk about it.

Talk about what? Said the King getting annoyed.

Russell opened his drawer and took out some documents; he showed them to the king.

Sire, we’ve started the testing like you said, its nearly ready now.

Melchior looked at the documents in the King's hands.

The documents have your signature on them. Said Melchior looking at the King.

Yeah, but I didnt authorise this. Replied the King.

The king looked directly at Russell.

I demand you to tell me whats going on here. He shouted.

Ok, its nearly ready said Russell if you wait another five minutes I can show you.

The two men stood there wondering what they were about see.

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Do you ever get tired of this place Sire? Frederick asked as he stood between Magnus' chambers and the veranda. It seemed his master spent more and more time up there. Frederick was beginning to ask himself if more action was needed rather than calm, calculated planning.

It seems to be the only place I find peace these days Frederick. I trust you have good news for me?

Yes Sire. The team dispatched to rescue Zoe and Zach are en route. They have successfully acquired all targets. They are also bringing in a few specimens for testing.

Good, make sure to wait for Zoe, she will want to lead the team. Send both of them here immediately upon arrival. I want to know what happened. Research seems to be the only thing we have going for us at the moment. The data on Ruth, do you have it?

She performed above our expectations. The data is being compiled and should be available to you...

As he spoke the monitors left of him lit up and small sound was heard.

Now apparently.

Good Frederick. And Toodles? I assume he is waiting for me?

Yes we are attempting to make him as uncomfortable as possible. He did babble something about important data for you to consider. A foolish attempt to barter his freedom I would assume.

Frederick had never like the young bloods. He'd even attempted to coax Magnus into having them all slayed at one point centuries ago. In hindsight, it might have been a good idea.

Well well then. Perhaps Toodles will be of more use than entertainment this evening. Transport him to the holding cell, strip him of all his belongings and get that data to the security team or analysis.

He wishes to give it to you directly Sire.

Remind him that he is no position to be making the rules of our little encounter. It will be the data or his head, he can make the choice. I have a few more things to attend to here before I see him. Be off now Frederick.

Frederick shuffled his old self out of the doorway and down the long corridor to the elevator. Things were falling into to place nicely. He'd of liked to have heard from Dieter since his departure, however worrying about his results was a waste of time. Even if he could not complete what he had been sent to do, Dieter always brought results.

Clicking the intercom open he did not wait for her to speak.

Please send Dieter a coded alert. Let him know the operation was successfull but we need more information on the young bloods. Give him surveillance mandate Victor-5.

With that he clicked it off.

Now Magnus could return to the work he was hiding from everybody else. Walking back into his chambers he struck a lever below his desk. As the sounds of old came alive in front of him, the floor began to recede to reveal a twisting staircase. It had been part of the original building, but Magnus had left it out of all the blueprints since acquisition.

Only a select few knew of these archives. It contained the most valuable of Vampiric lore and history collected accross the ages. Along with powerful artifacts which even fewer if any knew the secrets of. It was the only known place in the Vampire world to have records of Lilith and her daughter.

Magnus needed to be prepared for the future, and for that, he must revisit his past.

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The speed boats made their way to an inshore network of canals and estuary's that the pilot's navigated with precision. It was still dark but the sun would soon be in full view, bathing their surroundings in daylight. Skyler and his men were now back to their human form and they wondered how these guys who were piloting the craft were able to know when and where to turn as they made their way through the twisting estuaries.

They soon stopped at a small marina where they were escorted onto a pier. Very efficient workers began tending to the crafts as soon as they were pulled up and tied off to the docks. Skyler and his men were then led to three black sedans that were waiting on the road nearby. They all sat back in the comfortable leather seats as the caravan peeled away from the marina.

An unnervingly fast ride through some countryside led them to the mansion that was King John's residence. Skyler had seen pictures but he had never actually been here. Him and his men were amazed. The sun was finally up and they were now inside of the massive stone walls that encircled the place. They were led toward a massive set of stairs.

Once inside they were even more awestruck. The architecture made them feel as though they had traveled back in time. It was absolutely beautiful. The artwork on the walls was very old and must have been extremely valuable. Almost all of the paintings were of werewolves Skyler noticed. One particularly striking painting could have only been of King John himself fully transformed with the moon behind him and rain pouring down. He stopped a moment and admired it.

Their chaperons apparently saw that they were moved by the painting and let them take it in for a moment before they were hurried down a long hallway and into a lavish conference room where they were served tea and told to wait for the King's entrance.

The servant who had brought the tea now left and they were on their own in the luxurious surroundings. Everyone felt uneasy and strangely at home at the same time. They looked around at one another smiling.

Well whats with this tea crap? I need a beer. Sunshine broke the silence and they all chuckled.

Man you guys are not fit for the outside world. I know we are going to be apologizing more than talking. What was the King thinking bringing us here? Skyler added. He was actually glad that the King thought enough of them to have them brought here. He shifted uneasily in his seat and sipped his tea loudly with his pinky extended. The rest of the guys couldn't take it and began laughing loudly. They felt safe and they were anxiously awaiting the arrival of their King.

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Dinner and a Date

Looking at the people below from atop his perch, partying in the streets, he thought in excitement; it might as well be a buffet down there! The street was packed with revelers as if “Fat Tuesday,” arrived early to Bourbon Street this evening. He proceeded to the edge of the building which was adjacent to a dark alley and jumped down from atop the seven story building to the earth below. He began walking towards the noise and the crowd before him. Walking among the sea of humanity; he began to look for a night club to stalk his prey.

Revelers were frolicking in their debaucheries and an alcohol induced glee. Scanning the people he knew this was going to be a fine place to feed. He found a night club that met his fancy, however, there was a long line outside awaiting to enter. A line was of no concern. He bypassed it all together while making his way to the front. At the entrance, he came upon a big bouncer, and made eye contact with man. Accompanied by the gaze, he sent the man a subconscious message to allow him to enter. In a moment, the man shook his head and extended his arm as a gesture for Dieter to move along. Now in the club, he began to get acquainted with his surroundings.

Loud music could be heard in the background, accompanied by revolving lights, and dancers on the floor gyrating against each other. He made his way to the bar. The bar tender saw Dieter and came over to serve him. With a sharp German accent: Cognac, please.

Moments later the bartender arrived with his drink and Dieter handed him the fare. He took a sip and placed it on the table and removed a cigar from his breast pocket. Lighting his cigar and peering down to the end of the bar; he noticed an attractive woman staring into her drink and alone. She was wearing a short black dress and had a fair complexion with long black hair. Without thinking, he took a puff of his cigar, with his drink in hand, and descended upon the woman. Making his way to her with tunnel vision, he thought, what a fine meal indeed. He welcomed himself to the seat beside her and began his seductive craft.

The men in here must be fools to leave an attractive woman alone with only a drink as company? She looked up and smiled at the vampire now sitting next to her. The two made eye contact. Immediately, the expression on her face changed as if stuck in a trance.

She took a sip of her drink and began to speak with a slight southern drawl. I love your accent, are you by chance, European?

He took a puff of his cigar and exhaled: Yes, I am from Germany and in your fine city on business. What is your name, if you don’t mind me asking, because a woman as exquisite as yourself must have an enthralling one?

She took another sip of her drink and looked with complete interest on the exotic man sitting beside her: My name is Jezebel, and you are? Dieter, and the name suits you.

He looked around and got the sense that other vampires were around looking to feed. Rather than fight another vampire for a meal, he chose to take his and depart immediately.

Looking into Jezebel’s hazel eyes with an alluring gaze and now in total control: Shall we retire? She looked around at the dancing and looked at Dieter:Yes. I am ready.

Very well then. Butting out his cigar and guzzling down his Cognac, he gently took the woman by the arm and led her out of the night club. While on the street there was music playing and revelers with plastic cups scurrying about in an inebriated euphoria. He continued on his way with the dark alley from earlier on his mind. The darkness would be a fine concealment of his next deed from any witnesses on the street. Enthralled by the man beside her, she only thought of one thing, when she would ravage him between the sheets. She looked at him as they briskly walked to his destination and asked where they were headed?

I thought we would retire to my hotel room for a drink? With his hooks in her, she looked into his eyes: I thought you would never ask. Lead the way.

The couple made it to the dark alley, and if the woman wasn’t under his seductive control, she would have objected to the stranger taking her down the dangerous alley; but that wasn’t a concern at present. In other words, he could of led her through the gates of hell if he had wanted. She was under his spell. They made their way down the alley like to two love birds with his arm around her's.

After reaching safe distance from the street and any witnesses, he embraced the woman and began to kiss her while subtly pushing her toward the wall of an adjacent building. When the woman had her back against the wall and still in a passionate embrace, he removed his mouth from her’s. In an instant, fangs appeared and before the woman could assess the situation and scream; he was already devouring her neck for the warm blood that awaits . . .

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Still sitting in silence, Frederick himself walked over to where we were located. He whispered a message into the lead Hunters ears and walked away. As soon as he was out of sight, the hunter said "Get up". So I complied. He grabbed me by the arm and starting to take me in the direction of the holding cells.

WOAH! Hold on a second buddy. There has to be a mistake!

As soon as I said it, my foot caught something and I tripped. As I was falling to the ground the other hunter jumped beneath me and caught me right at the instant the fist of the lead hunter went straight into my jaw. Out of instinct I went full Vampire form. Eyes red and fangs out. My teeth sank into the neck of the second hunter and he passed out. 3 more hunters joined the fight and after injuring all of them, they managed to lock me down.

Before they through me into the holding cell they stole the flash drive from my pocket. Luckily, I half expected a move like this. The flash drive contained a UV stun grenade that went off as soon as it was touched by the hunters, all of them fell unconscious to the ground.

Heh. No amount of genetics can defeat good old fashioned ingenuity I said aloud.

I gathered up my belongings and made my way out before the cell guards realized what was going on. The real drive was stashed in my boot. I took off as fast as a Vampire my age could move. Magnus's chamber was first. He will see the data first hand with me there whether he liked it or not. Our clan has been ignored for too long and it ends tonight.

With all the important vampires out on missions, it was a relatively easy flight up to magnus's chamber. I stopped at the big doors.

With a big kick, the doors flew open.

MAGNUS! Good to see you again! You didnt really think a few genetically modified hunters would hold me down did you? Listen, we got off on the wrong foot. Our clan is still loyal to the one and only Magnus. But we refuse to be ignored any longer

I pulled the drive from my boot and showed it to him.

Here is the data. If you would be so kind as to turn your monitors this way. I think you will find what you need. You and me are not the only ones who have experimented with Genetics. I have discovered a human military base. Remember a few years ago when a group of our hunters disappeared with no word? They were captured, and the humans have modified a new specimen that has the capability to destroy us all. Even the lycans.

According to my research, the launch date of this new prototype is less than a week away.

I stood awaiting his reply to everything I had said. I could hear the vampires still at the compound ascending the steps and heading toward the chamber. If this does not get his attention then I fear I am done for.

You know that I have ordered my compound to be EMP swept. But I have backups of the data. I can show you how to stop them. I have only ever wanted to prove my worth Magnus, and you can no longer ignore us.

One might ask "why go through such extreme measures just for something like this"? But I could not be certain. The vampires have infiltrated thousands of human corporations, there is no way to be certain if the Humans have done the same. As we have witnessed with a recent encounter of the human called slayer, humans are a worthy adversary

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Three, two, one. The doors of his chambers swung open with a large crash as Toodles came into the chambers. Obviously flustered the words exploded from his mouth faster than he'd even expected.

MAGNUS! Good to see you again! You didn't really think a few genetically modified hunters would hold me down did you? Listen, we got off on the wrong foot. Our clan is still loyal to the one and only Magnus. But we refuse to be ignored any longer.

You certainly will not be now, Magnus thought to himself.

Here is the data. If you would be so kind as to turn your monitors this way. I think you will find what you need. You and me are not the only ones who have experimented with Genetics. I have discovered a human military base. Remember a few years ago when a group of our hunters disappeared with no word? They were captured, and the humans have modified a new specimen that has the capability to destroy us all. Even the lycans.

According to my research, the launch date of this new prototype is less than a week away.

You know that I have ordered my compound to be EMP swept. But I have backups of the data. I can show you how to stop them. I have only ever wanted to prove my worth Magnus, and you can no longer ignore us.

If anything Magnus thought, he had spunk. However, Toodles seemed to take pride in doing things on his own, without regard to the chain of command. The holding cell was a test of sorts, he had failed miserably.

Well Toodles, my apologies for making you wait. You have my deepest thanks for collecting such vital data for our cause.

The words left his mouth and in that instant the flash drive was in his hands. Speed was something Magnus had been known for. Looking down at his hand, Toodles took a second to register that his bargaining chip was lost.

You are a very clever Vampire, however we must address some things.

Magnus waved his hand in an odd gesture, and out of nowhere came Zaio, sword unsheathed. He'd pushed Toodles to the wall and held the blade's tip to his neck.

I would suggest not moving Toodles, Zaio was very much looking forward to killing you. Perhaps he will get his chance, he has already put allot of work into following you around.

That was the easy part. Zaio muttered, a smile on his face. I have to say though, the UV grenade in the flash drive was a nice touch, I will have to remember that one.

As Zaio continue to hold him the other hunters arrived, stopping in the doorway to catch their breath, James took one look into the room.
Well, seems everything is in order here Sire?

As always James, please take this data and see what comes of it? Also, we have no need of Toodles compound, please destroy it.

Yes Sir! And with that, the others were gone.

Well then first thing is first Toodles.

Walking towards him he brushed Zaio aside and landed a heavy punch square to Toodle's jaw.
You will address me as Mlord or Sire, do not ever forget who I am.

Second, this situation could have easily been avoided if you had kept to the proper channels and included your findings in your monthly reports, which were sloppy at best.

I would be in my right mind to execute you where you stand.

At this remark, Zaio looked at his father with disappointment.

That would be rather barbaric would it not? No, you will continue your existence among our ranks Toodles, but I give you fare warning. If you ever even think about crossing me again, your head will sit on my desk. It would make a fine ash tray.

As far as your clan being ignored, that was of your own doing. Meddling in things that are not yours to decide and hiding vital information? These actions have put us all in danger. There are rules for a reason, to prevent charades like this one. How much time have we lost simply dealing with this?

You will NOT leave this compound while your data is being reviewed and a plan is put into action. You will be released from Hunter custody until I may find a suitable position for you. In the meantime I suggest you make yourself useful. If you run, you will have signed your own death warrant. Trust me, it will not only be Vampires you will need to worry about.

Zaio, please take him to his quarters, give him back his belongings.

Well, that I can do. But I will be bored around here, so I will keep an eye on him myself.

As you wish, if you see Zoe, she needs to see me immediately.

Toodles and Zaio took their leave as Magnus inspected the damage to the door.
Clicking the intercom on he spoke.

Mariah, can you send repair up here to fix this damn door. I also want added security to the lift for my chambers, blood screening if possible.

Right away Sire.

Perhaps now Magnus could delve deeper into his past and attempt to unravel the mysteries of the events unfolding before him.

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Zach was resting in, Zoe was watching over him and Ruth was on the other side of the bed standing up. A Vampire walked in, some strange looking vampire with a gimpy leg. He walked over to Zoe and whispered something in her ear.

Well, my father is looking for me. I will leave you two alone. Zoe said, as she smiled and looked back at Zach who she felt concern for. Something she has never felt in her life before, especially this strongly.

Ruth smiled as Zoe walked out and looked down at Zach who had suddenly, in the helicopter ride over here, blacked out and fell into some sort of seizure which led to coma. The next best thing would be for Zach to wake up or the BIO tech's to find out what those dman beasts were to find a cure or treatment for Zach.

Ruth was powerful and she was looked up to, but deep down she feared only one black dog and that was Zacharia...

Zach was a black dog with a heart and strong power that many did not possess. Ruth and Zach formed a mother and son relationship, but in Zach's eyes they were more like brother and sister than anything else. Ruth remembered the day when Zach was born and his mother and father had abandoned him for reasons that could not have been foreseen. As far as Ruth knew she was the only one that knew of the reasons, surrounding Zachs past and she honestly felt guilty.

But she had pushed those memories so far back, that she could only remember the good times. The times when Zach, his brothers and the other black dogs were alive and having fun. The times of when they killed Jack the Ripper, a damn Vampire who was hunted by both his kind and the werewolves.

The marvelous times they had together and especially, one time in particular...

The ancients of the werewolf clan. The soul embodiments of the firsts Werewolves and their direct heirs. No one really knows where the hell they are at this particular moment, infact many say that they dead, but then again others say that they alive and in hiding, while others say that Magnus captured a few and killed the rest and then their are those others who say that the ancients are in power as we speak. Needless to say, if the werewolves ever wanted to win a battle and if the ancients were still alive, they would request there help and surely the battle would be a very difficult battle to decide on who would win and who would lose.

While the transportation of these ancients were happening, it was so peaceful and the ancients decided to use some of their ancient wisdom and grant their transporters a time of great tranquility. What they did was allow the werewolves to feel human. They removed the curse or the gift and allowed the werewolves and black dogs to feel human and to engage in human acts, such as sex, kissing, hugging, touching, a different emotion and emotions of penatrating instinct that changed them very much and those who were lucky enough to be of the recieving end of this gift have never forgot it. But then again, many of those who have recieved this gift have been killed by the werewolves that did not recieve this gift.

Ruth felt, strong maternal instincts toward Zach and Zach felt like a brother to Ruth. This was the beginning of this bond, a past power that brought things into focus for them. This past power has long been lost and only the ancients hold this power and have the ability to wield them. Much like Lilith, the oldest Vampire and the first Vampire who has the ability to give life and take it. The ancients were powerful and their abilities have, unfortunately, been forgotten.

That day they could share as mother and son, or brother and sister. Ruth could feel a necessity to find these ancients and learn their powers. But she needed Zach and she needed Magnus's help. If only Magnus would listen more to his daughter and not pay so much attention to Zaio. Zoe had a secret, it was a great advancement for the vampire world, but Ruth was sworn to secrecy. Zoe had been trying to tell her father her big plan and ideas that she had already set into motion.

Zoe had begun a school for Vampires... And not only Vampires, but werwolves as well. She had managed, with the help of Ruth, to begin to destroy the dividing line between Vamps and Wolves. Her vision for a brighter future was working...

Peace maybe acheivable after all..

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A Stakeout minus the Coffee and Doughnuts

He finished feeding on the women now limp and was reinvigorated by the sustenance she provided. After being drained dry, the body fell to the ground like a rag doll. A quick swipe with the side of his hand, he wiped away the remnants of Jezebel from his lips. He looked around and found a dumpster near by. With that in mind, he hoisted the dead woman over his shoulder and made his way to it. He removed the cover and hurled the body inside. After the deed was done, he took a quick look around to see if anyone had seen him dispose of the body. The coast was clear. He looked at the woman in the dumpster and muttered to himself:

Goodnight Jezebel. What a fine specimen. Have a pleasant journey to the dump.

He then reached down inside and covered the body with trash to conceal it. After closing the lid, he was gone with a whoosh sound on his way to his faithful associate, who by now; was in the black Land Rover watching Toodle’s compound.

He identified the solitary black vehicle which found a home on a dark and desolate street nearby. Now, at the vehicle, he opened the door and sat in the backseat. With the sound of the door being closed, Reinhardt put the night vision binoculars on the passenger’s seat and turned around to face his master who was sitting behind him in stoic silence.

Master, I take it you had a pleasurable hunt? Oh yes, Reinhardt. My meal was delicious, and oh do I enjoy the hunt. He looked out at the compound which was at a distance from their current location. He then turned and looked at Reinhardt and spoke:

Any activity tonight? You missed some fireworks.

Again, Dieter peered out at the compound with surprise on his face. What do you mean?!

Still facing his Master, Reinhardt, answered:

A few hours ago, while you were out for a meal, I observed a raid take place and judging by their movements; they were vampires. They swarmed the place like the locusts of ancient Egypt. By all accounts, it was a successful raid and after about 20 to 30 minutes with seemingly no resistance by the occupants, a man emerged from the entrance in the raiders custody and was whisked away. ID on the man or the raiders is unknown?

He felt a vibration to his leg coming from the encrypted communication device (looks like a Blackberry) given to him by his employer before leaving London. He removed the device from his pocket and pressed the illumination button. Now looking at the screen, a message was present, it read:

surveillance mandate Victor-5

After looking at the message, he moved his head to face his servant again:
Reinhardt, apparently, what you saw this evening was a knee-jerk reaction by our employer. I knew all along that hunters would be here as well, but I never thought they would be given the green light to make a hasty raid on the compound. I am only speculating here, but the man you saw in custody must have been Toodles? Again, its only speculation since you couldn’t make an ID on the person. The recent chain of events changes nothing. We will continue on our course as planned until told otherwise. Very well, Master.

He then looked at the phone again and began to type a message into the keypad:

First night of surveillance complete. Activity at the compound! Armed raiders ascended upon the compound in force! An unidentified man was taken into custody by the raiders and taken away. Destination unknown? Activity at the compound is now normal. Awaiting status assessment and further instructions? End of message . . .

Dieter hoped Magnus would receive the message, and respond quickly, because he hated the the waiting game.

Reinhardt, lets get back to the compound. I think our work has concluded for this evening. Very well, Master as Reinhardt turned on the lights, started the vehicle, and pulled away.

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