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Dark Days In The UnderWorld

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posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 05:54 AM

Now the reason the enlightened prince and the wise general conquer the enemy whenever they move and their achievements surpass those of ordinary men is foreknowledge. Sun Tzu

Being able to tap into the compounds vast surveillance network made Slayer's job all the more easier. Through tapping their network he had access to all of their cameras and audio recording equipment.

The meeting got pretty heated. It seemed likely that they would come to blows at any second. He noticed an individual who came rushing to Magnus's side. He whispered something in his ear. Slayer could not quite make it out. As the guest started to depart, he was capturing as many face shots as possible. He had nearly everybody logged and had most of their voice prints. Then with out warning he lost all data feeds from the security system.

Leaning back in his chair he reached up to his sleeve side pocket and pulled out a pack of lucky strike cigarettes and his zippo and lit a smoke. He turned to his laptop and brought up a command prompt. He typed in the following command C:\BULLRUN/Hardhatmax and hit enter. He quickly unplugged the portable hard drive and shoved it into his side pant pocket of his fatigues. Making sure the command was working he waited a few seconds until he saw smoke rising from the machines. Everything was being fried.

Reaching under the table he pulled forward a duffel bag and unzipped it. From it he grabbed his Katana sliding it into it's sheath strapped to his back. He then pulled out his Colt 1911 pistol placing it into it's holster strapped to his leg as well as a few spare clips into their holsters on the opposite leg. Finally he pulled out his grandfathers trusty old Thompson submachine gun and three 100 round drum magazines.

Many would consider them relics but Slayer knew from past experiences that when in close quarters with such beasts it was more important to have stopping power than accuracy. Besides the rounds in the Thompson and his pistol were interchangeable. He was also using the newer more powerful .45 Super cartridges. The 45 Super cartridge is dimensionally identical with the older .45 round, but offers 300 foot per second improvement in muzzle velocity.

Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a small remote control. With his thumb he flicked up the toggle cover and thumbed the red button. Off in the distance he could hear several muffled explosions from outside. Simultaneously the city’s main power supply line to the compound was severed and the interior primary back up power generator was fried. Slayer waited as the power faded and the emergency lights kicked on.

He stood up and pulled out a backpack and strapped in on. He took one last drag off of his smoke and crushed it out then attached the drum magazine and pulled back the bolt...

OK boys and girls its show time...

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posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 07:43 AM
The king and his men left the room and walked across the foyer to the exit. Those who were still werewolves reverted back to their human form as they left the compound and got into the cars. The Queen travelled with Kull in one of the cars, whilst Melchior travelled with the King. Upon leaving they heard explosions coming from the compound behind them.

Just keep driving said the King It doesnt concern us

The journey home seemed longer for some reason. The king sat there in silence for the two hour trip back, with Melchior wondering what was going through his friends mind. The cars pulled up to the large mansion set in the English countryside. The acres of land and forests surrounding the mansion belonged to the King. It was a good place to live and hunt plus it kept them away from the humans.

As they entered the mansion’s large hallway, the Queen turned to the King.

Im going to bed, this evening was a complete waste of time; don’t expect me to wait up for you she said walking up the stairs.

Fine replied the King.

He looked towards his two friends Melchior and Kull.

Gentlemen, would you like to join me in my study he said opening the door to another room.

The three men walked in and the King poured himself a glass of wine.

Help yourselves to drinks. He continued.

Great evening, wasnt it said Melchior sarcastically raising the glass to his lips.

The King said nothing and continued to drink.

Is there something wrong sire? said Kull.

The King threw his glass to the floor.

Why must we always bow down to the vampires he shouted out loud it always has to be their meeting, their compound, their rules.

This treaty means nothing; they still treat us like slaves, even after all these years. They would stab us in the back given half the chance.

Then we will attack said Kull take the war to them, kill them all, wipe them out.

The king walked over to the window and looked up towards the sky, the moon was still out. He felt it’s calling flowing through his body and through his veins.

How did I let it come to this said the King this would never of happened if my father was still here.

Sire, just give the word, your men would follow you into battle. They would die for you. Said Kull.

The King continued to stare at the moon and felt it trying to change him. He paused. Then a new thought filled his mind.

Lets go hunting said the King turning back to the men theres still a couple of hours before dawn, the moon is out we could do this the old fashioned way.

Hmm said Kull just like when we were younger, we used to hunt together all the time.

Ok said Melchior putting his glass down but im not leading.

I will lead said Kull but you two better keep up, im not waiting.. and we know what happened last time he laughed.

They left the room and walked out into the grounds of the mansion. They could feel the moon calling them even before they saw it. One by one they changed into the beast, the half human half wolf beast and continued to walk over to the edge of the forest. The hunt was about to begin.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 03:16 PM
Skyler arrived at his own place with his thoughts racing. Whatever was going on, he knew it was bad. That vampire Toodles was leading rogue vampires and he was sure of it. Toodles seemed incredibly dangerous to Skyler at the meeting. He was as smooth as ice as he explained to Magnus that he had nothing to do with the unsanctioned killings of the rogue werewolves and Magnus bought it. Magnus would have easily picked up a lie like that from anyone else present in the room. Hell, Toodles even convinced Skyler in that moment.

He remembered how Toodles turned slowly and smirked at Skyler after Magnus bought his lie. It was absolutely unnerving because he now knew what was going on. The picture he found at that Victorian house all but laid out the whole thing for him. Skyler's mind was turning in a thousand different directions.

Skyler quickly went to his bedroom and unlocked his safe box. In it, he had a phone number that was a direct line to King John's mansion that was located in the English countryside. Should he call him and tell him of the picture he found at the rogue vampire's place? How would he go about explaining that he came across it in the first place? The King would know that Skyler took matters into his own hands and used the belt because he was mad, but this was big.

Maybe he would just have to call him and let the pieces fall where they would. That Toodles was no joke and he now knew that Toodles would know who killed his faithful follower. Skyler was in some deep trouble so he had to do something. He now realized why Toodles was smirking at him, and why there was a vampire riding on the wing of the leer jet that he came back to the states on. He suddenly felt very vulnerable. A vampire like that, with the resources that he was sure Toodles had, was incredibly dangerous.

What about that Black Dog that confronted him by the vampire compound in England? That was one mean m-fer, as his buddy Sunshine would say. If he could reach him, he could lay out his theory and listen to some wise feedback from him. What was his name? Zacharia, that was it. He remembered being led into the compound by him and then he disappeared. He was present at the meeting for a little while but then split on his own accord. Now that werewolf would love to hear about all this, but how in the world was Skyler going to reach him?

Skyler began to realize that the protection of the sunlight wouldn't last forever and night was quickly approaching. He sat down with the King's phone number in one hand, and his cell phone in the other. He had to gather his thoughts and come up with a plan. First and foremost he needed to gather up his brothers and let them know what was going on. He started making phone calls.

All of his brothers were called and they all agreed to meet him at his place in a couple of hours. That was a good thing. Now, he had to call the King and let him know what he had found. He did not want to do this because the King would know that he wigged out and butchered a rogue vampire, but he had no other choice. He began to dial the required numbers.

Lord Johns residence how may I direct your call please?

A thick English accent resonated through the receiver.

This is Skyler of the clan of Alexander. Might I please speak to King John? This is a very urgent matter and I implore you to direct my call immediately. This is an emergency and any delay is not advised on your part.

Skyler tried to sound intelligent and sincere. It was unheard of for someone of his caliber to be calling the residence of the King.

Im sorry to inform you kind sir the King is out on a hunt with his companions. He cannot be reached at this moment. Can I please have your phone number?

Skyler's rage began to rise. How phony of an excuse was that? He used all of his might to contain himself as he responded next. He had to be careful of what he said here.

Look I know you have my number in your caller identification. Please relay this number and my message as quickly as possible. May I take your name so I can tell the King how pleasant and professional you have been during our brief encounter on the telephone? This is a very urgent matter and I am grateful for your attention to it.

Skyler marveled at himself for coming up with that one. He put that operator on the spot. If she was lying, the King would deal with her. His happiness was short lived as he was now listening to dial tone. He slammed the phone down angrily. He was on his own.

The night was going to be long. He looked out the window and wondered about his brothers. He hoped that they would all make it to his place safely. They were going to be in for one hell of a night.

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posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 05:22 PM
I was kind of smiling to myself. Proud of what I had managed to accomplish with only a few little words. It was time. Time for me to let the underworld know what I had been up to for many years. Even our great Leader Magnus had been left in the dark.

After all the werewolves had left the compound, I decided to take a little walk. Seemed safe enough. No werewolf would dare attack so close to our main headquarters. I pulled out my phone and called my personal IT room at my compound back home.

"Jesus, bring the new servers online. I want you to find a backdoor into the main Satellites infrared scanners". I said. "Yes, my lord" replied Jesus.

To me, this was the end of the treaty. I don't care what our elders or any of the other clans say. They are too busy practicing old traditions while trying to maintain a peace that simply will not work. It is time to bring in the new, dispose of the treaty and take our place as the supreme Under creatures.

I dialed another number when my phone lit up on its own. It was my assistant back home. "Toodles, we have a problem".

He didn't even have to continue. I knew what he was going to say.
"One of the under cover rogues was killed. It was by the hand of a werewolf. We are unable to identify who did it though". He said.

"Take the corpse to the underground test lab. Have a DNA sweep run on the corpse. Then compare the pattern to all known werewolves".

I did not lie when I said I was keeping a watchful eye. My rogues have been scouting and tracing the hunting patterns of these wolves for years. We managed to amass a huge genetic database on a large amount of them. The humans have come in handy over the past 100 years. Without their technology, my plan would not have a fighting chance.

It was interesting though. My blatant lie to Magnus himself was accepted. Or was it just a ploy to keep the peace? I could not be sure, but the treaty is still technically in place. I just might have the advantage. Soon though. Soon, I will reveal my work to Magnus. He will have no choice but to be proud of this lowly, unexperienced clan.

What was this? A stray human out at night...alone. It had been quite a while since my last meal and she looked to be aged just right. I almost jumped for joy at how easy this would be.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 05:37 PM

It is essential to seek out enemy agents who have come to conduct espionage against you and to bribe them to serve you. Give them instructions and care for them. Thus doubled agents are recruited and used. Sun Tzu

Slowly skirting along the wall he made his way back to the elevator. Setting the Thompson off to the side, he needed to use both hands to pry the doors open. He was about to look down the shaft when a large clawed hand grabbed him by the throat and shoved him backwards against the wall with enough force to drive him through the drywall into the adjacent office. The force of the impact almost knocked the wind out of him. He struggled to reach his pistol. He was then flung violently sideways like a rag doll.

Toppling a water cooler he landed on his back on top of a desk hitting the wall. He rolled away from the wall landing behind a desk grabbing his side arm he stood to shoot but there was nothing there. He looked all around the room. Up, down and side to side nothing...

Normally in these situations he would use his heightened senses to hunt a creature. Being a major vampire lair the building was permeated with their stench which made his sense of smell useless. He focused on his hearing and his keen eyesight. He slowly made his way back towards the hole in the drywall. Then his hearing picked up something he spun around and aimed his pistol towards the sound.

If you would like to make a call please hang up and dial again. This is a recording.

He took a step forward and with the heal of his boot ground the receiver into the carpet. He stood there for a few seconds in silence trying to detect any sound. He heard faintly heavy breathing coming from the next room. Quietly taking off his back pack he removed a UV flash grenade that he had his company develop. They were excellent at blinding vampires while burning their flesh with the high UV light source. Sliding with his back against the wall towards the open doorway, he pressed the grenade activation plunger down with his thumb and in a backhanded motion tossed through the doorway into the other office.

Turning away he covered his eyes and listened for the tell tale bang. Then he ran into the room. Hanging upside down from the ceiling the creature was not affected by the flash bang one bit. It didn't matter Slayer had his head at point blank range and fired off 7 rounds rapidly. The creatures head came apart splattering blood and matter all over the walls. Slayer backed up and changed clips as the body fell and crumpled on the floor.

As he made his way back to collect his backpack something puzzled him about that creature he reran the images through his head using his photographic memory. He only had a glance at its face before it disintegrated. It was not a normal Vampire. Silently he looked out through the hole in the wall over at the elevator shaft he crept quietly over and grabbed his Thompson. While holstering his pistol he decided that the shaft exit had been compromised. He had to find another exit.

Continuing down the corridor he made his way to the stairwell. Opening the door slightly he peered through the crack. He listened. Nothing. He stepped in and started down the steps. He got down about two flights then he heard voices and footsteps coming up. Slayer stopped and listened for a few seconds. He heard that they were doing a level by level search. He had a few precious minutes before they reached his level. He thought for a second about going up but decided maybe he could make it to a window and escape. He quickly exited the stairway on that level. He found himself in another darkened hallway. He went a few feet down the corridor to the first office on the left the door was locked.

He noticed it was a standard office door lock nothing really heavy duty. Grabbing the knob he twisted it with all his might crushing the light weight lock cylinder. He entered and closed the door behind him. He froze instantly there in the darkness he was not alone.

With a tremendously jarring action he was grabbed from behind and thrown against some filing cabinets. Something grabbed his backpack, picked him up with it and flung him through a closed door head first. His helmet shattered the door as he broke through and landed on his chest with a thud. Catching his breath he quickly rolled over and fired off a small three round burst. He landed one in the head and two in the chest. The impacts from the high velocity rounds knocked the creature back a few feet against the wall. Trying not to give away his position by firing anymore rounds than he had to. He tossed the Thompson to one side.

He reached over his shoulder grabbing his Katana's handle. He stood up and closed rapidly with it and in a smooth circular motion pulled it out and across it's shoulders separating the head from it's body swiftly and cleanly. It's head hit the carpet making just a heavy dull thud and rolled a few inches and stopped. He took a few seconds to exam it a bit better this time. Reaching into his chest pocket he pulled out his camera and quickly snapped a few picture to analyze later.

Time was running out he had to make his escape. He decided on his original exit through the elevator shaft. He reached the doors on that level and forced them open as before. The damned elevator was blocking his path. Reaching into the side pocket of his backpack he pulled out a custom made high yield thermite grenade. He pulled the pin and dropped it down the shaft. It exploded with a flash and started quickly burning a hole. As it did that he shouldered his Thompson and pulled out a pair of gloves and put them on then jumped for and grabbed the elevator cables. He slid down and landed on top of the car. He jumped down through the hole that was burnt to the space below. Where the entrance he made previously was and climbed down into the sewer system. Jumping from the opening to the floor he landed in the water.

Unslinging his Thompson he barely had time to gain his bearings when he heard a loud shriek from behind. He spun around and squeezed off a few rounds knocking the creature back a bit.

I dont have time for this crap!

He raised the Thompson and took direct aim at it's head and upper torso. He emptied the remainder of the drum shredding it down to the bone! All that was left was just a lower torso grotesquely standing there. They didn't call the Thompson the trench broom during the war for nothing. He released the trigger. He stood there for a few seconds in the dim light as smoke poured from the barrel. He starting jogging towards the exit as he released then tossed the spent drum and replaced it with a fresh one.

He picked up his pace and as he rounded a corner. He came face to face with Zacharia. He and Zach were startled. They both froze for a second. Slayer had been so preoccupied with avoiding Vampires he forgot all about Werewolves or Black Dogs. He slowly raised his Thompson. Then thought twice and lowered his weapon Had this beast wanted to fight he would have done so already.

Zach seeing the human lower his weapon thought to himself how brave or stupid of him...
Tell me human what is your name?
He said as he slowly circled him sniffing.

My family knows me as Sebastian. My few friends call me Slayer. You are neither!

Zach continued to circle Slayer. He didn't sense the normal fear that humans wreak of. He didn't sense any fear nor apprehension at all.
Are you the one?

Slayer just looked at him and said nothing. Zach circled him then got very close and whispered into his ear.
You know you have created quite a reputation for yourself. As a matter of fact there is a bounty on your head. Apparently you are considered dangerous. From my experiences the large tough humans are usually all brawn with very little brains. I however dont get that feeling with you.

Slayer shouldered the Thompson and turned around to face him and said.
Thanks for the heads up on the bounty I already figured there would be. Is there a point to all this jawing or are we just going to stand here knee deep in sewer filth blowing sunshine up each others skirt?

Zach got a very serious look on his face and looked him in the eye.
I may have need for your services. How can I contact you?

Slayer thought about it for a moment. He figured this would be another way to gain more information. He looked at Zach.
That is an interesting proposition. I will think about it and get back to you. No worries you may not know who I am but I know who you are. If I accept I will be in contact. You will know its me so dont bother trying to contact me.

With that he walked away...

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posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 06:30 PM
Magnus watched monitors closely. His creatures had not fared very well with the hunter, he had not expected them to. After all, they were the mistakes he needed to get rid of anyway. It had a been a good time to test their abilities, and gain information on this hunter's fighting styles and weapons.

He was a good hunter, much like Zaio. Perhaps one day his son would bring the head of this hunter and they would all laugh about it. Perhaps it would be the other way around. The compound had taken some damage, but nothing that could not be easily fixed.

At the very least, the hunter had not realized what he was sitting on top of, that was a blessing. Magnus' thoughts circled back to Zacharia. He had been in those same sewer lines and he could only hope his agent of fate would not be compromised by this unfortunate turn of events.

Furthermore intel had been tailing Toodles very closely, it seemed some of his familiars were ripped to shreds by some werewolves, yet another annoyance. What did Toodles think he could hide from him? All in good time Magnus thought.

There were more pressing matters at hand in any case. Word had not returned from the Lycan King, it seems a war was now inevitable, perhaps preparations were to be made.

As he made his way back to his chambers, Zoe was waiting for him. She seemed perplexed.

Father, what happened? Levels 3 and 4 of the compound are in ruin and the access shafts to the underground facilities are locked. How could you risk our research this way?

Do not lecture me this night Zoe, these things are out of my control. Your father is seems to be loosing his touch.

Zoe had never seen her father in this state. He had always been sure of himself, always knew what to do next. Exactly what had happened she did not know. Zaio would need to fill her in.

How was America? Are the experiments there going as well as you had planned?

Magnus could not bear the though of more problems arising.

Yes they are progressing nicely. We seem to be making allot of headway. Subject A-982 can be exposed to sunlight for over 5 hours without any noticeable harm. I dare say he might be faster than Zaio as well.

Ha! I suggest keeping that fact from your brother, less he go to America and kill that one himself, you know how proud he is to have been the first.

Do not worry he is still the most powerful of us all. Pity he has not realized his true potential yet, but all in good time father.

Even though she was younger than her brother, Zoe showed wisdom beyond her years. At times he wondered if she had lived longer than even he had. Her love for the venevore she kept around her was a bit startling, however these were small things he could overlook.

As Zoe was taking her leave, Frederick barged through the door even more riled up than when the Lycans were in front of him.

Mlord, we have a problem. Seems there is treason within our ranks.

Is that so Frederick? What have you learned?

One of our satellites intercepted a phone call by one of the Clan Leaders. Would you like to guess who?

Toodles, Magnus knew.

Show me.

Frederick pulled out a tablet PC and began to play the recording.

One of the under cover rogues was killed. It was by the hand of a werewolf. We are unable to identify who did it though.

Take the corpse to the underground test lab. Have a DNA sweep run on the corpse. Then compare the pattern to all known werewolves.

How interesting Magnus thought. Seems we would need to keep an eye on him even more than they had been. For years the younger clans were under constant surveillance as the rumors of killings and mass spending of funds supplied to them by the Lilith Bloodline.

Mr Toodles had done a great job of caring for his own, but lacked a sense of leadership and respect for his elders. They were not about tradition, they were all about the now. A new breed.

Zoe, contact the Sector 0 hunters. I want twenty four hour surveillance on Toodles, have Zaio follow him if you must. I want a report in my hands yesterday.

Yes father, right away.

Zoe scurried off to make her father's demands a reality.

As for me Sire? Frederick asked, a bit puzzled that he'd not been given this menial task to begin with.

I have more important things for you Frederick, find out what happened to Zacharia, and why the detail I sent failed

But my lord, their report states he ran from them.

They should have known better than to attempt to lie this way. Had they approached the subject with tact and grace as he had instructed them to, perhaps things would not be as complicated.

How disappointing. It seems an example needs to be made. They must think I have gone soft. I will not put up with descent in my house, not now, not ever. Take them to the sun chambers, make sure everyone is aware.

Frederick began to speak but soon realized that opening his mouth might result in his untimely death. Things were beginning to change in the Vampire Clans, those who refused would have it forced upon them. Magnus was a force to be reckoned with.

Left alone to once again ponder his thoughts, Magnus grew tired of this charade. The veranda usually gave him a sense of peace and understanding. However, with everything that had transpired he needed some air.

Jumping down from the veranda and into the street below, Magnus would find a suitable meal. Just like the old days he thought. It was time to hunt.

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posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 09:39 AM
Zach confused at what the man had just told him, this man that called himself Slayer. Slayer turned to the corner of the next Sewer tunnel, Zach decided it was best to get out of the Sewers completely, above him was a grate, but the arrow pointing to the grate on the wall had a big "X" on it. Zach pushed the grate up and could hear cars passing overhead, with a strong push the grate flew off and Zach jumped out. He brushed his clothes off and found himself on a busy street. People were walking the sidewalks and this was perfect. He put the grate back on the hole as people watched him from the side.

Zach walked to a corner and turned into a household black dog that would walk next to people, of course this dog had big clothes on. He seemed quite friendly and harmless the people thought as they would pet him. This touching was un-necessary Zach thought as he continued down the street turning into a Hotel and changing back into a human. His clothes were a little awkard now, but he fixed it through moving.

Can I help you kind sir? The receptionist asked, as she smiled at Zach who was still fussing with his shirt.

Room for one please. Zach said, as he finally fixed his to conform with his body.

Would you like a Grand Room?

Of course, its under a name already. Valentinus

Yep your good my friend, I am sure you know where the rooms are. She said, handing Zach his two room keys which were necessary for the Grand Rooms.

Zach headed to his room, he needed to think things through, he needed to decide on his next move. Go to the King? Go to Magnus? Find that blonde lady again? He would think about this tomorrow, he needed his rest...

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 02:20 PM
Skyler's boys arrived well before sunset and they were very curious as to what he had to say. He immediately explained to them how and why he lied about going to London. He told them every detail of his unnerving trip. They were stunned, but at the same time concerned. All eleven of them agreed that it was the proper thing to do, given the circumstances.

He then went on to tell them about the belt that their King had given him and how he had visited the old Victorian house that they all knew about. He explained how he had come upon the little shrine that had been erected to one of the meanest looking vampires he had ever seen, and how he believed that vampire was leading other rogue vampires. The looks on their faces at this point was all too telling.

He then explained how the King could not be reached and that they were on their own for now. Skyler then began to show them how they would protect themselves. He began to arouse their primal instincts and challenge their ferocity toward the rogue vampires that he knew would soon be appearing. He led them into a rage that was reminiscent of their earlier years. Their determination and resolve was like a snowball gaining mass as it rolled down a snow covered mountain. This was perfect.

And so tonight we ride! We are going to take our little show on the road and go back to the flats. Where we used to hunt. Just like the old days! If they want some they can come and get some.

The flats was an old partying place of theirs when they were young. A wooded area far from the suburbs and cities. Nobody knew about this place. They would have bonfires and let themselves morph into the hideous creatures of the night that they were. They would hunt deer and anything else that moved their. It was a place that held alot of memories. The gang members cheered at the prospect of going back there. Skyler's other reason for going was to keep the fight far from public eyes.

Hutch and Dinger I want you guys to take this and visit our friend at the pawn shop. You tell him that I sent you and I want him to show the good stuff in the back. Spare no expense and get everything he has. I know I saw some Mossbergs and a couple of M16s. I want it all. Tell him we need the trigger guards removed and the weapons modified like we always do. Whatever he has we want it and we want them modified. Do you understand? I am not playing games here boys and I hope you guys know that.

He handed Hutch a couple of stacks of one hundred dollar bills. How much money was in those stacks he didn't know. He didn't care. Hutch took the money and stuffed it in his jacket as he was smiling.

I want that equipment at the flats before sundown so we have our work cut out for us. Before we begin our little journey I want to be clear. We are not holding back here boys. I want you all to bring your A game. Do we know what to expect from eachother?!

A resounding HELL YESSS!!!! echoed inside Skyler's little bungalow. They couldn't wait to get started. They began gathering up their things and finishing off their beers as everyone headed for the door.

Skyler and his nine other members arrived at their destination. Kick stands were extended and wood was gathered. Soon a roaring crackling fire extended into the ever darkening sky. Shirts were removed and everyone was eagerly anticipating the arrival of the moon. Two more bikes were heard approaching. Hutch and Dinger had arrived with the hardware. Preparations were made as the weapons were staged. They gathered around the fire and let the moon, now high in the night sky, wash over their bodies. They were in full regalia by now and God help anyone who happened upon them.

The vampires were fast. Faster than normal vampires Skyler thought as his eyes focused into the pitch black woods. He could see them. There were only eight and they moved very quickly, changing positions and locations as if they were blinking in and out of existence. It was infuriating him and his brothers. They roared and bore their teeth at them as they hunched down and prepared to give chase. Oh, they would catch them. They would catch them and they had something for them. They all howled in unison and sprang into the woods.

Skyler happened upon one that appeared in front of him out of nowhere. It wielded a machete of some sort and with lightning speed brought it down toward Skyler's neck as its mouth was open revealing dagger like pearl white fangs. Skyler caught its hand and twisted its arm, spinning him around as the bones shattered in its extremity. It shrieked as Skyler grabbed its head and began pulling upward. Its neck lengthened as if it were taffy and finally popped off. The sound of unearthly screaching startled him and he turned his gaze on the source.

What a sight! A werewolf in full form, holding a vampire low at its waist, while another werewolf was pulling on its head. The werewolves were growling and seemed to be smiling if that were possible. He turned quickly as something crashed into his leg.

Another vampire, pinned down by a werewolf who was choking it unrelentingly. The werewolf then drew back its fist and began delivering a devastating barrage of punches to its exposed demonic face. Fangs were broken and blood began appearing where its face had been. Skyler joined in the fun by goring its mid section with his claws.

More screaming and howling. Skyler ran toward the worst of it. On his way, a vampire lunged at him from a tree. It hit him in the chest and they both began rolling through the brush gnawing and gnashing at one another. Skyler clamped his teeth on its neck and with all his might bit down. The vampire was flailing and screeching as Skyler stood tall with his prize clamped tightly in his jaws. He continued on toward the battle carrying it in his jaws.

He happened upon a clearing where two werewolves were methodically dismembering two very unfortunate vampires. The werewolves it seemed were actually fighting over who would pull the next limb off of them. He scanned his surroundings using his enhanced eyesight in his werewolf state. There was one of them, creeping up behind a werewolf that was carefully stalking another vampire. He lunged at him and tore him open with his hind claws in a kicking motion. He then began stepping on its head furiously.

The weapons were staged at strategic locations throughout the woods and they were to be used for protection when they were in their human form. The vampires had been stopped by now but the werewolves remained vigilant. They gathered back around the fire slowly. Skyler was still carting the vampire in his jaws by its throat. He swung his head toward the fire and released the vampire as its carcass landed in the roaring flames. Sparks flew skyward and they all looked eachother over.

Everyone was still here. Their coats were matted with blood and the smell of the battle lingered in the air. They began howling. They looked to the night sky and howled in triumph. Skyler would let them have their victory dance now, but he was sure this was just the beginning. Those vampires weren't just vampires. They had been worked on or something. He was sure of it. He looked to the sky and howled. Sunrise was coming and he knew they would need to rest.

As the moon receded their human forms began reappearing. By the time the sun was rising they were all sitting around the fire and were quite human. They set up a watch with three guys at a time as the others rested on foam bedrolls on the ground. Now, not only the nights, but the days were longer too.

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posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 03:42 PM
They stood at the edge of the forest, ready to begin the hunt.

Are you two ready for this, its gonna get pretty intense said Kull crouching down.

Then with a giant leap he threw himself into the air, twisting his body sideways as he went. His feet landed on the side of the tree trunk and his claws pushed deep into the bark. He grabbed hold of the tree with one hand and looked back at the others behind him.

Are you two just gonna stand there? he shouted at them.

Again he pushed off from the tree and went flying through the air with his arms and legs spread out in front of him, he landed on all fours on the ground with a thud. He crouched down again, and then sprung himself forwards flying passed the tress deeper into the forest.

Christ hes fast. said Melchior watching Kull.

The king and Melchior followed Kull’s route into the depths of the forest, jumping over trees, crashing through branches, hanging from the trunks to catch the scent of their prey.

Kull had a caught the scent of something on the wind, he recognised it, what was that he thought. He sniffed the air again.

A deer he said out loud. His friends were still in the distance behind him.

The hunt was on.

All his senses suddenly came alive. He could feel the forest around him. This was how it used to be all those years ago. He could feel the hunter returning to his soul. The savage beast was rising inside him. It was almost time for him to let go, lose control and let the beast awaken. The scent of the prey grew stronger as the wind changed direction.

Kull started to run forward taking large strides, getting faster and faster. He crashed through the tress in front of him, ripping apart any branches that stood in his way. He leapt forward into a clearing only to see his prey in front of him. Without any hesitation he jumped onto the back of the deer and sank his teeth into its neck. He closed his eyes and savoured the taste of blood; it had been a long time since he had last tasted blood from a hunt.

He raised his head to the sky and gave a long eerie howl to the moon.

A gust of wind brought a new scent towards him and he turned his head to sniff the air once again.

He recognised this one too. This prey was human.

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 04:01 PM
Magnus stalked the streets of London. It had been a while since he'd hunted anything. Usually he would just feed on the occasional guest who showed up. Tourists mostly who did not know who they were dealing with. A nice thing about being this old was his ability to sustain himself for long periods without feeding.

A few of the clans had resorted to using synthetic blood or robbing actual blood donor clinics, but to Magnus, it had never been the same as a good hunt. It was sport and he was good at it. Everything about Magnus invited you in.

His smile, his voice even his dark appearance drew people towards him. As he walked up and down the streets attempting to find the right one, a flash of blonde caught his eye. Turning quickly it was gone.

Magnus shook off the his feelings of uneasiness and continued his hunt. He decided a park would best suit his needs, besides a running prey was a fun one. Richmond Park would do. At twenty five hundred acres it would be perfect. He would lead his prey there and then strike.

Moving from street to street towards the park, again the the distance he noticed the blonde woman from the monitors. It had to be her he thought. Feeding was now his second priority. Perhaps I can follow her and gain more information he thought.

As he continued to move through the dark streets attempting to avoid detection, he soon realized that she was leading him to the dark park intended for his victim. More and more Magnus had a sense of being watched.

His cell phone rang. Technology. Magnus longed for the days where people could not get a hold of him, but then again in these times perhaps it was for the best.

This better be good, what is it Zoe?

Father, we have found Zacharia in a hotel. He seems to be camped out there at the moment, present condition unknown

Good he thought. Perhaps it was time to send somebody he could trust.

Zoe, go find him. Tell him what he needs to know about our projects and his role in them. If you can see if you can figure out what he and the hunter discussed.

Very well Father, I will contact you later with details

No, do not bother. I will be at the compound before dawn.

Magnus hung up the phone and noticed the blonde girl still standing ahead of him, as if waiting for him to continue his pursuit. Intrigue mounting within him, he pressed forward, hiding in the shadows.

Reaching the park gates she went inside and disappeared. Magnus waited a few minutes on an adjacent rooftop, making sure he was not being followed and making sure nobody else was following her. The moment passed and he pressed on.

As he entered the park, a voice he'd heard in ages past beckoned to him from nowhere.

Magnus. Magnus. Come closer my Lord Magnus.

Who are you?! Magnus screamed at the empty and dark forest.

You know who I am, the question would be why am I here?

Magnus could feel a presence on top of him. The energy was heavy. Had he been human he may have equated it to love. Emotions such as those were a thing of the past.

Why do you lead me here? Why do you watch me?

What ever do you mean good King? I have never stopped watching you. I have always been there. You have lost sight of yourself, I am here to make you see again.

Magnus felt a hand caress the back of his neck and memories of his path began to flood his memory. As he turned, he found again an emptiness in the park. This was enough, these games would not be played on him this night. As he started to leave, something heavy again came upon him. He was getting dizzy, hard to keep his eyes open.

As Magnus hit the ground in the park, the last thing he saw was the blonde girl standing above him her ancient jewel glittering in the moonlight.

Sleep now my Lord. All will be revealed shortly.


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Slayer made his way to a manhole opening about a hundred yards further down the sewer. Making sure he would not be seen he quickly climbed out and ran down a nearby side street to where he had parked. Removing all his gear he closed the trunk and drove off. The adrenaline rush he had been on slowly faded and he felt drained as the sun slowly rose.

Already having property in London his flat at One Hyde Park had become his temporary impromptu base of operations. He parked his car in the underground garage. He retrieved his back pack from the trunk and walked over to the elevator. He stopped and hesitated staring at the elevator call button for a few seconds. Thinking to himself he had had enough of elevators for one day.

This is stupid

Rolling his eyes he pushed the bottom and waited. Upon reaching his private level he walked over to the double doors.

Voice print recognition requested.
The security systems computer voice asked.

What? Huh?

Being overly tired and sore Slayer was slightly startled by the computers voice. Accepting his response as a reply the doors unlocked. The flats automated environmental controls activated. The lights came on and classic rock started playing. Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven was on. He walked in and went straight for the bar. Grabbing a bottle of scotch he filled a glass with some ice from the dispenser poured himself a full glass. Taking the bottle with him. He walked passed a portrait of his grandfather on his way to the office and master bedroom upstairs.

Hey grandfather

He said raising the glass in a toast. Feeling his injuries he moved slowly as he walked. Just about every part of his body ached. He walked into his office and over to the computer. Dropping his back pack on the floor, he flopped into the chair then pulled out the portable drive he connected the device. While it was uploading the data he logged on to his message service and viewed his messages. 20 were business and corporate related at his office and only 3 private messages on his cell.

Downing the first drink in one gulp he poured a second while reading his email messages. He answered some, deleting the irrelevant ones. He lit a smoke exhaled deeply then gulped down the second drink and poured a third. Pressing the voice message retrieval options he sat and listened to all the boring mundane corporate BS. In the end he was a few million dollars richer than he was two days ago. Switching over to his private cell messages he hit the play option and sat back sipping his drink.

Where are you? I tried calling all the numbers, they said you were out of town. I thought we were going to spend some time together this weekend? Give me a call please....



Hey... its me Janine

I was just thinking about you and wondered when we could hook up again? Just let me know when you are back in NY OK? Well I have to get going. Call me!


Hey Slay
Its Brian I have that information you wanted. Apparently those holdings go way back. I mean way way back. Unraveling the paper trail has taken a lot of research. I dont know who they are but who ever they are they are pretty powerful and have ties all over the planet. They own property in the US, UK, the EU and Asia. They are tied into everything. Mostly funneling their finances through off shore accounts. The money is very old and immense.
thats all for now...

Let me know if you need anything else. I have the info on a disc and placed in a secure location. You know where.


Slayer quickly typed a text message reply to Brian's cell. He would send him the photos and audio files that he had just acquired. He informed him that he would be back in the states within 48 hours and that he had some business to attend to here in London first. Not mentioning that that business was healing his wounds.

Vampires, Werewolves and Black dogs could heal in a matter of minutes. He however even with his genetic enhancements took hours. Finishing off his third drink he poured a fourth. With a cigarette hanging from his mouth he stood taking the bottle with him, he made his way to the master bedroom. He needed a shower.

Walking into the adjacent master bathroom he removed his shirt, raising his right arm he twisted to the side. He Looked into the mirror, he could see the purplish black signs of severely bruised ribs.

Sticking his tongue out he looked at his face. On his forehead and cheek was dried blood covering healed cuts. He washed them away then toweled his face off. Already the sign of a black eye was fading it was just pink and slightly swollen. Downing his fourth drink he poured a fifth. Feeling the effects of the scotch strongly now he turned around and leaned back against the counter closing his eyes listening to the music. It was now playing Iron Maiden's Number of the beast. He snickered.

How fitting.

He stood in the shower for about twenty minutes just letting the hot water flow over his head and shoulders. He stretched and felt every bump and bruise. He dressed and went back downstairs. He ate while finishing off the last of the bottle. He cracked open another while he relaxed and listened to old favorites for a few hours.

Stumbling up the steps and down the hallway to his bedroom. He tripped over a pair of shoes flopping on his bed landing face first.

He slept for 12 hours...

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The trip back to America shall we say....more "Fun" than the trip to London. As I boarded, I decided that it was time. Time for me to show myself to these pathetic humans.

I waited until the plane was over American shores. The Captain announced "Now Approaching Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport". And so it began.

I stood up from my seat, ripped the belt clean from the seat itself and hit the guy sitting next to me flat in the forehead. So happens that the buckle hit him and cracked his skull open, he started screaming and gushing blood everywhere. He leaked on my new trenchcoat I thought to myself. I went for his neck before he was too dead to be of any use. Oh, how nice it was to finally get that meal.

The woman across the aisle started screaming, as did everyone else in the plane. As soon as I got done with him, I immediately went full vampire form. Eyes pulsating, fangs out and fingernails grown to epic proportions. I began the hacking and slicing of everyone in the cabin. One guy pulled out a knife (how he got it onto the plane, I cannot be sure) He jabbed at me, but by the time he jabbed, I was already behind him. Dead, in an instant.

I moved on to where the attendants had decided to hide away. I ripped the doors off the storage compartments and threw them straight through the cabins hull, making a huge hole in the side of the plane. I could hear the door hit the left engine. It made a grinding sound, then exploded. The entire plane shook. The look on the attendants face was priceless. Horror beyond comprehension.

I ripped her face clean from her skull and then jumped through that hole I had made. I was having so much fun that I didn't wanna stop there. I stopped, turned around to where one of the golf carts were sitting. Picked it up and threw it straight into the fuel line of the plane....

I got back to headquarters and my assistant immediately ran up to me and informed me of the news. "We haven't confirmed a number yet, but the attack was highly unsuccessful. They had to retreat. A few are dead".

Damn I thought. "Alright, hold off tomorrow nights attack. We need to rethink this strategy. One way or another, those werewolves are going to pay for all of the deaths". I said.

Andrew walked up and looked me up and down "Sir, are you ok?" he said. "Yes, just had a little fun. Turn the news on" I replied.

78 people including the Captain, Co-Pilot and 2 flight attendants are dead. The plane had a golf cart thrown straight into it's fuel line. We still have an unconfirmed report of a person who might be a suspect. Although the details of the person are sketchy at best

"HAHAHA! That was YOU?!" Andrew screamed in my ear. I simply smirked and replied "Yep. They will have some fun trying to trace me. Have we gotten any leads on the werewolf who killed our companion the othernight"?

"Seems the dog who killed him was one of the dogs who fought off our attack tonight. His name is Skyler".

"Alright, give me all the data we have on him. He is target priority 1. Hunt him down at all costs" I said.

Morning was approaching, it was time to sleep.

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 10:09 AM
Zach awoke to the strong smell of Vampire, a strong one at that. Zach jumped out of bed put his shoes on and headed out the door. The smell was getting stronger as he turned the corner of the hallway and there she was. She just stared at him, Zach was ready to turn as the women said her name was Zoe, Magnus' daughter. Zach was relieved to hear that.

My father told me that I had to fetch you. Zoe said, as smiled.

Fetch? Thats a good one, so why are you here. Zach said, as he walked next to her and the two proceeded down the hall.

Apparently, my fater thinks you can help him and also help me. Zoe said, pusing the elevator button.

Zach entered the elevator and Zoe followed him and pushed the button one. Help you? And how am I supposed to do that?

Well you will be my bodyguard. Zoe said, as a moment of silence commenced over them.

The elevator stopped and Zoe walked out and Zach followed. Zoe turned to Zach You have to decided now, either you say yes and you come with me or you say no and go back into hiding.

Zach smiled and noded. A car was waiting for the outside the hotel...

When they arrived to the Compound, instead of taking the front door to the Foyer they took another route around the side of the building. Zoe pricked her finger and bled on a hole. The wall opened and Zoe walked in. Zach followed and tripped he didn't see that what he was stepping on were stairs. Zoe grabbed the back of his shirt and saved him, pulling him up and then setting his feet right.

Zach and Zoe made it to the bottom of the stairs and lights clicked on. Infront of them were test tubes and pods, on the other side of the room were weapons that Zach had never seen. On the other side of the room, chemicals lined the wall from end to end.

Come. I want to show you something. Zoe walked over to the weapons area and Zach followed.

This is a fantastic weapon. Zoe said, poiting it at Zach, Its one of our trump cards. A device which burns from the inside out, kills both Werewolves and Vampires alike.

Burns? Zach asked.

Zoe grabbed a piece of wood and shot into it, about five seconds later a flame appeared from the inside and in another fix seconds it was completely engulfed. She went on to tell him that the bullet was mixed with Silver and UV light. A strong weapon indeed... She also told him that the bullet can automatically tell density as to not go through an object, but instead to lodge inself in an enemy.

After a while of weapons being demonstarted and the lot. Zoe then turned to Zach, We are going to Africa, in about three hours to check up on some test subjects and of course make sure the hideout if going well. You can rest wherever you want, the Vampires here will protect you, Magnus gave strict orders.

Didn't even ask if I wanted to go he thought... But indeed he had agreed to go in the beginning.

So Africa it was, unfortunately, little did he know that agreeing to go to Africa would possibly be the worst decision he could have made....

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Skyler awoke to mid morning sun. Birds sang and a mild breeze was lazily blowing the white smoke from their now extinguished bon fire. What a night it had been. Luckily they were all still alive. Another body stirred and sat up quickly. It was Sunshine.

Hot damn Sky helluva night huh? We gotta do something with all those bodies. Im starving what say you run over to Joes and grab some beer and steaks for us while we clean up? Come on man I dont feel like going into town and you know Joe would be happy to see ya.

Joes Wine and Liquor and was a small convenience store about three miles outside the flats. They had partied there plenty of times when they were younger and Skyler knew Sunshine was right. Joe would love to see him and Skyler would love to see Joe. Skyler wiped his hand across his face slowly as if he was about to say no, and then smiled at Sunshine.

Yeah Ill go. Just give me a minute to wake up here. I mean damn Sunshine I had to take care of all those scum bags by myself while you were over there scratching yourself. Gimme a break.

Skyler collapsed back into his foam mat and started laughing. Sunshine laughed as well. They were glad to be alive. They slowly got their feet under themselves as the others were getting up as well.

Alright boys Ill be back. Im gonna go get us some breakfast. Somebody gotta relieve those guys that are on watch. Work it out amongst yourselves.

Skyler's bike roared to life as he slid his sunglasses on. He drove back through the long trail that they had taken to get to the flats and was relieved to finally see some pavement. Ten minutes later he was pulling up to the small shack that was Joes Wine and Liquor. Oh, the memories were all coming back to him as he walked up the small wooden steps and kicked the screen door open.

Where in the hell is Joe!? That douche bag owes me twenty dollars.

He hollered as he made his presence known. Joe emerged from the back room. A small old man now, but his face brightened as he realized who had paid him visit. He raised his hands and walked toward his old pal.

Holy sheep sheers! Look what the cat dragged in! Its great to see ya bud. How you been?

Fine Joe buddy fine. Things are a little hectic right now so I cant hang out. But I promise me and all the guys will be back soon. They all wanted me to come and say hi. By the way how are you fixed for steaks? Those animals are starving.

Joe laughed as he immediately produced a bag in which he began loading Tbones and london broils. They laughed about the old times as Skyler was busy at the walk in cooler grabbing cases of beer. It felt good and Skyler was wishing that him and his buddies could come back and hang out with Joe for the rest of the damn week. Then they heard the bell ring as the old screen door opened.

Skyler stepped out of the cooler to see who had come in. Maybe he knew who it was. He then realized he didn't know these guys and he was sure they didn't belong around this area. They wore black suits and were about six feet tall. Both of them were wearing darkened sunglasses and when they saw Skyler they approached him. Skyler knew something was wrong. He put down the case of beer he had in his arms and placed it on the other ones he had collected.

Skyler correct? Clan of Alexander? Dont play dumb with us please. There is a very important individual who requests your presence and we are in a postition to deliver you to him. No harm will come to you and not agreeing with us is ill advised. Really he only wants to talk.

Skyler sized the two of them up. They weren't vampires that was for sure, but they weren't just mortals either. They may be feeders, waiting for the day that their sinister vampire Lord turns them completely. They were bad and very faithful to their masters. He would take care of them.

Right right. Uhm let me think for a moment. Ok. No. Pack sand you pencil necked stiffs and get out of my way before I make you regret that you exist. Do not test me boys I am in no mood for games.

They had expected that reaction from Skyler and were unmoved by his aggressiveness. They looked at eachother and on cue reached beneath their jackets but did not withdraw their weapons. They were about to though.

Do not make this harder than it has to be. We know where you are all of the time. Our satellites can monitor your club everywhere. Do you think you had a victory last night? They were expendable test subjects. Worth nothing to Toodles. They were an experiment and thank you for verifying their effectiveness. We now know how to adjust. If you come along peacefully no harm will come to you or your clan. Listen to reason Skyler. Toodles will not be so kind if you refuse.

Skyler felt a chill go up his spine. Satellites? Test subjects? What the hell was going on here. He began conjuring his primal rage and a smirk began to be apparent on his mouth now. Just then the door opened again and an older gentleman wearing a flannel shirt and ball cap walked in. He looked at the little meeting going on and froze.

Toodles huh? Would you guys mind bringing him a message for me? Id very much appreciate it.

With this, Skyler with lightning speed, withdrew his Colt King Cobra from beneath his own jacket and deposited a hollow point into each of their foreheads. Blood sprayed from the backs of their heads as their now lifeless bodies crumpled to the floor. He put his revolver away as he turned and grabbed the beer. Joe emerged from behind an aisle shaking.

Skyler what the hell? You are in deep trouble arent you. Here take this and go. Ill do what I can but I cant promise a miracle. Go! Go!

Skyler threw a wad of cash at Joe and Joe threw the bag of steaks to him. The patron that had come in unexpectedly stood frozen with droplets of blood drying on his face. Skyler rushed passed him and out the door.

The patron, after realizing he wasn't dreaming, called the police. The police alerted an ambulance and the news crews weren't far behind. Joe, before any emergency vehicles arrived, went to the back room and destroyed the video tape from his cameras. When the authorities arrived he explained that his surveillance equipment didn't work. The news reports were very sketchy.

Well Shep this is where it all went down. A scene right out of the SciFi channel. Local businessman Joe Liebowitz isnt talking to us but one eyewitness is. Lets listen.

The scene now changed and a shaky camera focused on the patron. He was visibly upset and trying to explain what he had seen. The footage was taken right outside of Joe's where forensic teams were trying to determine what had happened. The patron gathered himself and looked into the camera.

They were demons I tell ya. One big biker fella shot them both in the head. They fell to the floor. The biker fella walked out like nothing happened. Its Armageddon I tell ya all. Armageddon! This is the end I tell ya!

The camera now focused on the reporter. There you have it. Right from the source. This is the back country Shep and strange things do happen. Our eyewitness explained that the perpetrator was wearing a jacket that had the name Hounds or something on it. There is no description of him beyond this. This is Wallace reporting live from Joes. Out.

The anchorman, looking at his monitor, now turned to his audience. Take from it what you will. We report you decide.

Skyler never saw the news reports. He arrived back at the flats where they all ate and drank talking about what had transpired at Joes. Skyler suggested they go to an old Nike missle base that they knew of up in the Highlands. There was an underground bunker there that would shield them from the prying eyes of any satellites. They gathered up their equipment and began preparing for a long ride.

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Sarah was walking a few paces ahead of Tom, down a path that seemed to be heading nowhere.

Are you sure its this way? she said in a grumpy mood.

No, im not sure honey replied Tom behind her remember you lost the compass dear.

So youre blaming me now are you? I mean, like I really want to be here wandering around the forest in the middle of the night. This is exactly how I want to spend my weekend away. She shouted out almost tripping over a tree stump on the floor.

Erm.. No honey, I was just saying.. Tom paused and thought for a second. This was one conversation he wasn’t going to win. Best stay quiet he thought maybe she won’t complain anymore.

Oh and another thing yelled the voice from the darkness. This was the way he was beginning to think of her, the voice in the darkness, that forever moaning voice in the darkness.

And another thing she shouted is this really what you think of me. Gary took Lisa to Paris last weekend... PARIS! What do I get, some lousy forest in the English countryside!


Unfortunately Sarah’s weekend hadn’t quite worked out the way she hoped it would. She had managed to get some time off work from her busy job in the city and Tom had promised her a romantic weekend away. She thought of expensive hotels, romantic dinners, maybe going out to a show in the evening.

But Tom had other ideas, he bumped into his mate Steve and the conversation turned to Steve’s fishing trip to the lakes in the forest. It’s a place where no one goes; it would be a perfect place for camping.

Sarah didn’t take the news to well that they were spending the weekend in a tent instead of a luxury hotel room.

This is a joke right? were the exact words she used in front of Tom. He already knew that this was going to be tough, but still upbeat he promised her a wonderful time getting to know nature.

They parked the car along the roadside near some trees, took out the maps and compass and headed off into the depths of the forest. Everything was fine until they reached the small river.

We will have to cross it said tom looking over to the other side.

Im not crossing that, I will fall in and drown said Sarah.

Dont be silly, it will be fine said Tom taking her hand whilst leading her down to the river bank.

The crossing was going well until Sarah slipped on a rock and fell backwards, but Tom managed to pull her back up before she got carried away with the current. As he pulled her towards him he watched the compass fall from her jacket pocket into the river.

No! yelled Tom as the compass disappeared underwater.

Did we need that? said Sarah looking at him all wet and cold.

Its ok, Im sure everything will be fine replied Tom.

It was getting late so they decided to set up camp next to the river. The tent didn’t take that long to put up and they both climbed inside to get some rest. Sarah was fed up, cold and wet. There weren’t any matches to start a fire; Tom had forgotten to pack them. The hours passed and the tension between the two grew unbearable.

Tom, I want to go home she said out loud.

Honey, its one o’clock in the morning. Said Tom.

Im freezing, miserable and fed up. Im going home she said and with that she got up and climbed outside into the darkness of the night.

Tom reluctantly packed the tent and equipment away, then took out the map and torch.

Im not crossing that river again. she said putting her back pack on.

Tom looked at the map to see best route back but without the compass he wasn’t too sure which way to go.

Lets go this way up through here he said pointing.

Sarah was walking a few paces ahead of Tom, down a path that seemed to be heading nowhere.

There were sudden noises coming from the bushes to the left of them, then to the right of them. Then more trees moved very quickly.

And another thing she shouted is this really what you think of me. Gary took Lisa to Paris last weekend... PARIS! What do I get, some lousy forest in the English countryside!

One of the bushes behind her moved and Tom let out the most painful scream.

TOM? She shouted turning around Im coming Tom she said moving the branches aside very slowly.

She pushed the branches away, and saw Tom lying on the ground with two wolf like creatures above him. They were tearing off chunks of flesh sending blood flying into the air.

She gasped. Another creature leapt from the side and landed in front of her in full view.

Its a werewolf she thought unable to move.

With a sudden rush of adrenalin she turned around and ran forwards, no idea where she was going she just ran.

This ones mine said the King.

Once again the hunt was on.

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 06:11 PM
Lilia! Where are you?

Lilia. The love of his life. No. The love of his eternity. Magnus had never thought it possible, but somehow, she had managed to dig herself a place in his heart unlike any other. She had been a beautiful girl in life and even more as a Vampire.

Magnus took pride in the fact that he wasn't the one who turned her. She never spoke of her past and when the subject came up she would get a painfull look on her face. That look prevented Magnus from pushing the conversation further every time.

He had met her in Italy. He could not remember the year however it was during the time when the " New World" had been discovered. The nights they had spent together hunting humans who had strayed too far in the grape fields still haunted his dreams.

The night she was killed had forever changed him. They had been traveling across Europe hoping to catch a boat to this new continent. Everyone said it was a place where your dreams could be realized. He'd been a part of the Vampire clans for centuries now however Lilia had breathed new life into him. Gone were the days where he wanted power and control.

He simply wanted to leave with her, start a new life and build an Empire in the new world. That dream was cut short by men in the night. In their travels from Italy to London they made camp in a forest just north of Paris.

As the daylight faded and the night took hold, Magnus left to hunt something for them to eat. Humans would be hard to find, so an animal would have to do. Half way into his activity, he heard a blood curling scream. Magnus was fast getting back to the camp site, when he arrived, she was gone. All that was left were bloody footprints, the smell of human in the air.

For weeks he had attempted to find those who had taken her, but no to avail. Tracking her sent had been useless and after a few months, he had simply come to the conclusion she had been killed. In his grief, Magnus turned to his brotherhood for support.

Now more than ever he wanted control and power and his journey to the top began. He had never felt this way about anybody else, and his hopes and heart had remained dark all of this time. Until now....

Magnus awoke in darkness. He was no longer in the park. To be honest he had no idea where he was. A loud ringing in his hear made his senses human at best. No smells, no feelings, just darkness. A voice began to speak:

My Lord Magnus. I have returned to you my love. To help you in these difficult times.

You cannot be her. She was killed. You are but a bad memory.

As the darkness faded, Magnus realized he was in a sanctuary of sorts. Far below the city it seemed. This crypt was ancient and had been occupied for some time. A figure in the darkness moved forward, and Lilia appeared.

Of course it is me Magnus, how could you say such things. I was not killed that night. Simply taken and help captive. That's until mother saved me. She told me to return to you, for the time was at hand.

Mother? Who held you captive? Why do you return now? Is it only to haunt me one final time and take your retreat. I am not the same person I was.

I do not expect you to be. I still love you Magnus, however I am not here for a reunion of hearts. I am here to help you deal with your apparent loyalty issues. I am here to rid this world of Lycans.

No. Violence is not the answer. Our treaty holds strong. I can take of my own kind Lilia. It is not out of my control.

It soon will be my love, it soon will be. When your daughter returns from Africa, everything will change. You will see.

As Magnus attempted to move forward to caress her one last time, his reality faded. The walls seem to melt around him. He found himself standing on the veranda once again. Puzzled and distraught by what had just transpired, he need to rest.

Frederick came rushing through the door. It was not the time for his antics.

Leave me Frederick.

But my Lor...

NOW! Magnus screamed. As Frederick again attempted to protest Magnus grabbed him by his never changing shirt, lifted him from the ground and pushed him with such a force that he bounced off the walls opposite the grand entry. Hitting the floor Magnus walked towards the entry and with both hands slammed the doors shut, locking them in place.

Rest and deep thought were the only things on his agenda at the moment.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:39 AM
I woke up to the moon light flooding my little room. Time to get some work done I thought. I got dressed, and headed down the stairs to the main lobby room.

Andrew, walk with me. We are going to see the progress with the new data after the other nights attack

I came to the basement door. "Please state name and rank" said the computer Voice. Toodles, clan leader of the Marcus Bloodline "Voice print recogized, welcome back Toodles" he said again.

As I walked down the dark, concrete steps I could hear screaming and a slight howling.

Mathis, good to see you again. How is the work coming?

"So far so good. The genetic data we collected has revealed a few chromosomes in the Werewolf DNA pattern that can be fused with Vampire DNA. We just finished cloning a new test subject"

Excellent. Let me know how it goes. We will be mobilizing a full fleet of Hunters tomorrow night. Your orders are to take Skyler alive. Equip unit 2 with 2 mg silver nitrate rounds. No more than 2 mgs. Will be enough to damage and render them unconscious. I want a full unit ready by tomorrow night.

"Yes, my lord" he replied.

Andrew said "Why is this rogue so important to you? He has killed enough of us, maybe we should just leave him be".

My friend. He and his pack have killed alot of us. Does that not say something about him? They are as young as us yet able to take us out so easily. We need to run tests on him, see how he is so powerful

"I see"said Andrew. "So we are planning to use him for something?"

All in good time my friend. For now, I can only let you have certain information. I am sure you understand

I walked back up to the main room and went down the far hall to the new server room. Jack immediately came up to me to inform me of the news.

"Sir, we found a backdoor into the main satellites infrared scanners. We have been monitoring Magnus's IT team. Seems they noticed your little attack on the human plane. They will not be pleased".

Very good. Keep an eye out, I want you to upload all available data of the werewolves into these servers and get a track on all their movements in real time. Let me know the instant a large group of them moves

"Yes, sir" said Jack.

Now it was time for a little more fun. The night has just begun. I hadn't seen the news report on my two men that were killed. I didn't need too, I knew they would just die by approaching Skyler. But, we managed to get a tracking device on his bike. He would be virtually indistinguishable from the rest without it.

For now, I hunt for a new meal. Tomorrow night I will have to check on our tech lab and their findings into new UV technologies. The sooner we can go out in daylight the better. I only hope it is even possible.

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Skyler and his guys were busy with last minute preparations for their ride into the Highlands. All the equipment was secure and the bodies that littered the surrounding area had been buried. Skyler still wasn't sure what was going on and he wished he was able to contact their King. As things stood, they were on their own and they had to take care of business the only way they knew how. Skyler looked around one last time then cast a worried gaze at the sky. Satellites, what the hell? Just then his cell phone rang. He hoped it was their King.

Whats up? This is Skyler. The caller I.D. had said unknown caller so he really didn't know who would be on the other end.

Skyler my friend. How are you? I trust your tip to London was a good one. Was there any problem with the pilot? If so I will deal with him appropriately.

It was Pablo. Skyler really didn't have time for this self important mortal but he entertained him none the less. Pablo was a good card to have in his deck and he knew that he would be using him again.

Your pilot was fine Pablo very professional. Thank you for providing me the transportation. I owe you one. Right now Im a little busy so if there is nothing pressing I really have to go.

To Skyler, Pablo was just a greedy mortal who preyed on his own kind. He could care less about him really, but a resource was a resource. Pablo had connections and his network served Skyler more than once. He would keep this resource close.

I do have something pressing my friend I do. You see one of my newest freighters will be leaving port today. I am very concerned with the security of this vessel as I have much invested in it. I would like you and your men to go along for the ride. To make sure everything is ok. I mean I will never forget how you and your men stopped that squad of policeman in Columbia when they were about to detain my airliner. It is this kind of professionalism that will be required to protect this freighter Skyler. It is that important. I know this is short notice but then you gave me very short notice when you had to go to London and remember I didnt ask for you to compensate me for that trip. I complied because I respect you. I ask you to respect my request.

Pablo had heard all about what happened that day in Columbia from his men. The police had surrounded his leer jet that was loaded down with his product. All seemed lost. Then Skyler and his men laughed and opened the door. They jumped out onto the tarmac and decimated them. Some of his men said they changed, but others said they were just ruthless. It was dark and nobody could really be sure. One thing was for sure though, Pablo was respected after this event. The other drug lords even gave him parts of their business and Pablo's empire increased. He knew whatever happened was no joke. The carnage was unbelievable. He needed that kind of protection now and Pablo was calling in a favor.

Skyler was about to hang up on the jackass but thought about it a minute. He decided to ask him a few questions first. Maybe this was an option for him and his men after all.

This sounds dangerous Pablo. What have you got on that freighter that you are so worried about? I am in no position to do this for you really. Maybe you could change my mind.

Skyler decided to test the waters. Make him talk some more about what it was that was so important. It could be that Skyler would laugh at him and let him know who really was in charge. He waited for Pablo's response.

This freighter has been an ongoing project for me. Deep in its hull I have constructed quite a garden. There are plants growing and that is all you need to know. The lights are a product that my research team in the United States have developed. A new kind of Xenon lamp that replicates actual sunlight. These are very valuable to me Skyler. The plants I can grow anytime but the technology on that freighter is what I want protected. The freighter itself is invisible to infra red detection. All of its machinery is water cooled. Its exterior is one hundred percent radar absorbent. It is harvest time in that garden which is why I need it here in Columbia. So my workers can do their job.

This struck a bell with Skyler. He decided to press him on the issues. Find out just a little more. This was promising actually.

So you are telling me that satellites cannot track it Pablo?

Exactly my friend. It is one of a kind. It is an invisible ghost ship. Just because I am from Columbia doesnt mean that I am stupid Skyler. My research teams have all avenues covered. Even this phone call Skyler. It is scrambled and encrypted beyond deciphering. As soon as you picked up this call my servers took control of your phone and there isnt a person on the planet that can intercept or hear this call. Believe me my friend I am very careful with all that I do. Which is why I am asking you to take the ride with my crew and make sure nothing happens. There is always the unknown. Like pirates. Who I would have you deal with in the same manner you dealt with that squad of policemen. Do you understand?

Skyler liked what he was hearing. This could be a way for him and his men to stay protected while he was waiting to hear from their King. He decided that this was blessing in disguise.

Alright Pablo. Ill do it. There will be twelve of us. We need access to that hull. I want to make sure I can access everywhere on that freighter. I am a professional Pablo and I know you understand. If I am to do this I want control over everything. You have your men give me the access cards to every place on that ship. I will not be responsible if one thing is out of place that I had no access to. Is this understood?

Skyler was making sure Pablo knew that if he was going to take charge of security that he was going to do it right. Not only that but those advanced xenon lamps were something he could use alright. He could care less about Pablo and his men. They didn't scare him not even in the slightest.

You have a deal my friend. You will have access to everything and my crew is at your disposal. Just one thing Skyler. I hope you realize that I will not be paying for this protection. I did you a favor so you are returning my favor. Does this sound fair?

Skyler thought about that a minute. Pablo was flexing his muscles. If Skyler demanded to be paid Pablo would oblige. No doubt. Pablo was afraid of him and Skyler knew it. He thought it would be better to let him have his little victory. Skyler didn't need the money at all.

Pablo I wouldnt take your money after you did that favor for me. Please we are better than that arent we? I am leaving in about a half hour for the docks. What is the name of the ship I am looking for?

It is the Senora de la Luz. Or to you Our Lady of Light. It is a magnificent freighter on the inside but on the outside it is disguised as a rust bucket. That is the radar absorbent material we used and a perfect camaflouge to anyone else. Make haste my friend. We have work to do.

Ill see you in Columbia my friend. Skyler closed his cell phone. He turned back to his guys who were impatiently sitting on their bikes waiting for him to finish his phone call. He would have to let them know that they were all going on vacation.

Alright boys. Change of plans. Get these bikes hidden in the woods. Put a tarp over them and camouflage them. We are walking out of here and taking cabs to the docks. We are going on vacation to Columbia!

The guys all cheered at the prospect of going back to Columbia. They had a great time on the last trip. They all began rolling their bikes back into the woods. Skyler called a local cab company and ordered three cars to meet him and his guys on the county road outside the flats. Sometimes things just seemed to work out and this was one of those days. Skyler told his guys to launch their cell phones into the woods after he explained that they could be tracked with them. He wondered how he would reach the King now.

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Nok a small village in Nigeria, Zoe the whole flight kept talking and talking about how her dad was here long ago and that he was liberated here. Zach just kept nodding, eventaully, the flight stopped and the land was completely different than anything he had ever seen.

Zach, Zoe, and a group of other Vampires all made it to the hideout in Africa. The terrain was a killer on the back as the jeep kept flying up and down and side to side. It was a pain in the butt and Zach could feel his spine cringing in pain.

Alright, well, this is the hideout Zoe said, as she pushed away the rock infront of the place.

Zoe, whats in there? Zach asked, as Zoe had a strange look on her face.

Do you smell that Zoe said, looking back to the others.

Zach shook his head and so did the others, their was no apparent smell coming from anywhere. Zoe shook it off as an error on her part as they began the decent down the stairs, three of the four Vampires that arrived with them stayed outside to watch for intruders. The fourth one went down below with Zach and Zoe.

Zoe just touched the wall and the lights lite up, a vault was seen straight ahead of them.

Whats in that thing? Zach asked, as Zoe began to walk to it.

Zoe stood infront of the Vault door and waved to the Vault door. Eventually, it opened up and Vampires in white doctor coats walked out. They all hugged Zoe and said that everything was going well. Zoe walked in and Zach followed as the Vampire shook his hand and welcomed him. That was strange Zach thought, too bad the rest of the Vampires were not so kind.

They walked into the vault and the fourth Vampire that went with them stood outside and closed it shut. Once inside Zach saw humans being experimented upon and Venavores as well. They had Venavores who were mutated and had 3 hands and 4 eyes. Some with their teeth and nails nearly 10 inches long.

Zach looked at them closer as a scientist grabbed him and pulled him back, as acid was shot out from a Venavores mouth almost hitting Zach in the face. The scientist smiled and continued, apparently this scientist was use to that sort of thing.

They reached the back of the lab and their in a container was a Vampire whos eyes were black and her teeth were silver. Zach looked at Zoe...

Is that real Silver?

Sure is and one bite from that puppy and you will probably die, she cannot control her venom of silver that has naturally grown inside of her. She over compensates when she bites. Zoe said, as she held the file on her.

Zach looked at the Vampire in the conatiner or glass casing whatever you prefer. The Vampires teeth were much sharper than the average Vampire, this one was a weapon, meant for the sole purpose of killing. Zach inhaled and recieved the scent of the Vampire in the container, very strong and rememberable.

If this weapon were to be harnessed it would be extrememly dangerous to all the werewolves and to Zach. Thinking of killing the Vampire right there and not worrying about the consquences an alarm was sounded. Zach turned his attention away from the Vampire.

What the hell is it now? The scientist asked, as he turned on the CCTV camera on the outside, it was some sort of beast attacking the men outside, they were not werewolves and not vampires. But then what were they.

Zach grabbed Zoe by the arm We have to go now.

Zoe nodded and the scientist began to grab weapons of all sorts, as they took Zach and Zoe to an underground tunnel which led to a car and an exit. Zach and Zoe went in and followed the road, Zach could smell a strong oder of Vampire coming from the end of this tunnel and Zoe commented on the smell again.

The two of them made it to the back and opened the hidden door to get out. Zoe walked out first and Zach quickly followed.

Where the hell is the car? Zoe asked, looking in every direction.

Yea, we need to start running... Zach said, as he glanced to the side and saw three beasts running toward them.

Zach turned into a hosehold dog, he was fastest in this form, if he turned into his bigger form he would be slower and lose his energy faster. Zoe was really fast anyway and was eevn faster turned into a Vampire. Her blue eyes shot everywhere and the two began to run to the east. Mountains were visible on the east side and if they could reach the mountains they could change the odds of the fight, in the open like this would be suicide. Neither of them knew what these beasts were.

Not looking back the two could feel as the beasts began to catch up with them. But they kept running to the mountains, because at least on the mountains they have hope.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 05:32 PM
Magnus had attempted to rest, however the series of events which had unfolded prevented his mind from resting. There were far too many variables to account for and too many excuses being made by his men, and even himself.

Frederick would probably be still licking his wounds, he did seem to have some pressing information. He clicked the intercom and summoned him in.

Mariah, please send for Zaio as well, we have something to discuss.

He is not here Sire. He is out on assignment from Frederick, anything else Mlord?

Yes, send in the head of security then, I want that report on our younger brethren.

Frederick came crashing through the doors, attempting not show his very obvious limp and dark bruise on his forehead from having it smashed against the wall statue.

Ah Frederick! Magnus exclaimed as if seeing an old friend after many years. He loved to keep him on his toes and entertainment really was half of Fredericks job.

I apologize for our encounter earlier, I hope you are not too injured?

Of course not Lord Magnus, I am just fine. He spouted in between winces.

What information do you have for me?

Well it seems that Mr. Toodles has been very active as of late. Attacks, weapon purchases out of unknown and unmarked accounts. He has closed the ones which we funded, a sign of rebellion I assume. I never did understand children.

Hmph, I will deal with him personally at a later time. Keep tracking his movements. Have the hunters been dispatched?

Yes, Zaio himself has been tracking him and relaying information. Toodles has no idea what he has gotten himself into. Your son has been pleading for the green light to attack and rip out his throat, I thought it best to wait for your advice Mlord.

Yes, that was very smart of you. Again tell him to keep up his reconnaissance and to not make himself seen or known. If he is spotted, tell him to leave no witnesses. Where is Zoe?

We do not know Sire. She and Zacharia left for Africa. We got word that the compound there was compromised. An attack by unknowns, however they seem to have escaped and we were tracking her movements until they reached the mountains. It is out of our satellite range. Recalibration is being done in time for the next pass over.

Excellent. How did our prisoners fair in the sun room? Magnus was disappointed he was not there to watch them perish, it always was a sobering experience.

They broke the record. They lasted a whole 15 seconds before being evaporated into dust.

Finally Magnus thought. Some actual results. It seems lately he was plagued with issue after issue followed by failure to deal with those issues. Perhaps things were looking up.

As he continued to converse with Frederick about the mundane details of compound administration James came through the doors. James was one of Magnus' most trusted and loyal members of the clan. He'd been with him for centuries and had acted as his bodyguard in the times when he was making voyages.

A very tall, strong build man he stood around 6'2. His strenght was unrivalled even by some ancient vampires and Magnus had made sure to afford him every luxury in genetic enhancements and weaponry. He'd spared to expense to keep his kind safe.

Sire, you summoned me?

Yes I would like to inquire about Toodles, you two were acquainted are you not? What can you tell me about him and was is this I hear about satellites being taped into?

I am as displeased as you Mlord. Yes I knew Toodles back when there was some sense in his head. He had always spoke highly of you, but we all knew he wanted control. As for breaking into our systems, a few members of our security team have been missing since the meeting. I think they have been working with him and gave him access to our security.

We have since closed any back doors available and rerouted all traffic through our underground secure net. This will not happen again, you can count on that. I also have two teams at the ready to give support to Zaio if he requires it.

Fantastic James, it is nice to see some competence in the wake of such troubling times. Take your leave and keep me updated.

James left the room. Magnus pondered all this information. The Lilith Bloodline needed to come together on these issues. He needed to make sure there were no more traitors in his ranks.

He clicked the intercom again and Mariah answered.

Mariah, please organize a meeting of all residing vampires, as well as outside factions in the London area. Priority 1 issuance. Include all members from the underground testing facility as well.

Right away sir.

If Toodles wants to lead and make his own decisions, by all means he would need to kill every last one of the Lilith Bloodline in order to get it. He would take the fight to him.

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