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Dark Days In The UnderWorld

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posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 02:26 PM
This thread is built and collaborated by the members of the Crypto-Chronicles Working Thread. Only members of the Crypto Chronicles may post in this thread. If you want to join, contact me.

Read with the official theme song playing.

Dark Days In The Underworld

2010. It had been some time since the two Clans have fought against each other, ever since the Treaties were signed, stating that no wars would be waged against each other. However, the treaty failed to notify and did not ban the use of attacks by clan members on the opposite clan. Violence had begun to erupt again, especially in England and America, Rogue Vampire gangs that have disobeyed the orders of the Clans. In retaliation for such attacks rogue member of the Werewolf clan have begun to extract revenge by killing Vampires. It would seem that the treaty has begun to lose its vision.

With these unwanted attacks from both sides. The Vampire Counsel has asked for a meeting between the King and Queen of the Werewolves. But will this be enough?



Slayer69- Sebastian Andrews- Hunter (Human)

ToTheTenthPower- Magnus GallowsRaven- Vampire/ Bloodline: Lilith (Supreme Leader)

Mr. Toodles- Mr. Toodles- Vampire/ Bloodline: Marcus (Counsel member)

jackflap- Skyler- Werewolf/ Bloodline: Alexander

John Q- King John- Werewolf/ Bloodline: Ruth (King)

TheMythLives- Zacharia "Zach" Valentinus- Black Dog/ Bloodline: Elizabeth

Vampires have about 3,000 in England and 5,000 in America.

Werewolves have about 2,000 in England and 4,000 in America.

That's only in those countries and not counting the other variations within the kinds. The Story will begin in London with a meeting of the Counsel and the King and Queen. From there nature will be incorporated by masqua, who will throw twists and turns into the story. Remember this is an Epic and the story never ends, fortunately for us...

This is the beginning to such a story.....


Name: Zacharia Valentinus
Age: 457
Bloodline: Elizabeth
Type: Black Dog

General Description:

Height: 6 Feet Tall
Hair Color: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Zach swam in the cold waters heading to the dock, he would often swim on his back trying to figure out if the clouds would part before he was able to make it. Eventually, the moon borke through, but no matter, he wasn't a slave to it as his brothers were. He could turn at anytime he wanted, be as big as a bear or an average sized dog, but he didn't care. He couldn't stop thinking about all these patrols, he had remembered last time he was in London, the patrols were crazy. If he were noticed tonight, things would not end well, he considered what he just said and laughed, he was in the middle of the ocean swimming toward the docks.

He wasn't one to fight, more of an observer than anything else. After getting word that the Counsel and the King and Queen were going to discuss matters of the treaty everything had changed and he needed to be here, just in case something went wrong....

The Vampires had it easy he thought. They could move about easily, mostly because they had infiltrated the ranks of the hierarchy. The rain began to fall more heavily and as he peered through the park, flashes of that one night as a child began to overwhelm him.

He had always fended for himself. Having been orphaned at the age of three, he hadn't really been given the choice. Humans had been so unkind to the Werewolf clans, and that night had been no exception. Mind you he was not a Werewolf but it seemed people wanted to label him such anyway. While on the ship taking him to London, a group of older men had attempted to rob him, as his temper flared at being slapped around a few times, unexpectedly, the change began.

As the signs of his transformation became apparent, immediately weapons came unsheathed. It hadn't been a very long encounter, about a dozen men fell easy to his agility and unmatched strength. He took no pleasure in the killing, one of his first. And he had vowed to stay away from danger as much as possible from that point on. He had to make a decision, their was blood all over the ship and the ship security was seen from above, running down. Zach made the decision to jump off the ship and swim to shore.

Then again, there would be time enough to kill as he pleased. After over four hundred years roaming the planet he had made a lot of friends, and some enemies. The Vampire clans had a treaty, he did not need to fear them, although there was talk of disturbances at the higher level. And he needed to see what the issue were.

Zach finally made it to shore, where he was pulled up from the dock and dropped. He was surprised that he was pulled up and looked upon his helper. It was a vampire and apparently down the dock, there was a car.

We have a car ready for you The vampire began to walk toward the car and Zach quickly followed. But was heavily confused, how did they know he would be their? He hadn’t told anyone.

How did you know that I was arriving?

Just get in the car The vampire said, as Zach slid in the back of the vehicle.

A lead car escorted them.

But that was all he would see as the Vampires darkened the cars windows. After a little while of driving, not too far, but far enough. The door opened and Zach could see where they were at now… The vampire compound, probably a bad idea, but there still was a treaty.

Wait here, you will be called shortly. The Vampire driver said.

Zach looked around and sat down on the car’s trunk, while he waited for the meeting to start. The sun had begun to come out, but was still fighting off the darkness.



Since I am beginning the story, I must present one force of nature, but from now on masqua will be the current head of nature

(*****Everyone must head to London right now, for the Vampire and Werewolf Peace Talks. The Talks will be held in the Vampires London Compound. However, Werewolves cannot enter yet, Vampires can. Werewolves will be told when to enter by ToTheTenthPower or King John****)

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posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 06:12 PM
The flight to London was a pleasant one. Skyler had partied with his brothers well into the early morning hours and told them he had go to Maine be with his sick mother. A sick lie, he knew it, but it was the only one he could come up with on such short notice. Had he told them what he was about to do, it would've been nothing but trouble.

It was better this way. He wanted to know why his clan seemed to rank on the King's pay no mind list. Sure, he made sure they had plenty of money but anything beyond that seemed off limits. They were kept in the dark about most things and it really ticked him off. The last event, one of his brothers being cut down in a strip club by a vampire, was too much.

He tried to take it through the proper channels but was ignored as usual. Now there was some big power meeting that he was supposed to know nothing about. That really did it for him. That's why he decided to take matters into his own hands and find out what the hell was going on. If the vampires broke the treaty, they should pay. He really wanted to bring this fact to the attention of their King face to face. Maybe ask him why him and his clan seemed less important than the older clans.

He knew all about the vampire compound. He had heard of the place during one of their many gatherings and knew where to find it. He took a cab from the airport and told the driver to drop him off about three blocks from the place. That way he could walk up to it slowly, as if he was just a pedestrian wondering the streets. Hell, maybe he'd get jumped and things would get exciting.

It was a cold night and fog rolled through the cobblestone streets. The old fashioned lamp posts cast an eerie glow on the sidewalks and on the front of the old brownstones that he strode by. This place screamed vampires and Skyler was on high alert. He felt the front of his denim jacket to make sure his revolver was still in his shoulder holster. He knew it was there but it reassured him to feel it with his hand. He wasn't sure about the whole silver bullet thing, but rest assured, he had it loaded with silver jacketed hollow points. Just in case.

As he drew nearer to the compound he could see someone sitting on the trunk of a jet black BMW. To him, that car was right in front of where the compound should be. He slowed down and gazed harder. He began to focus on the subject and conjured his heightened senses. His nostrils flared and eyes narrowed. He sensed a werewolf.

He slowly turned the corner as if he wasn't really heading that direction anyway. He kept his eye on the figure and could tell, that guy was a werewolf. He wasn't a werewolf like Skyler. He was older, much older. One thing he had learned was to respect brothers like that. He would have to approach this guy with caution. No doubt, that guy would know he was a werewolf too.

Once he was out of his line of sight, he composed himself and began thinking. Sure, he wasn't invited to this shindig, but couldn't he just play dumb? Would that work? No way, that guy exuded nothing but wisdom. He would know Skyler was there because he was pissed off. What if he just asked him what was up? No, he'd probably be disemboweled for being stupid. He paced back and forth trying to figure out a way to approach the compound. A few paces forward, turn, a few paces backward. How to go about this?

As he turned and began his ritualistic walking he almost walked right into the guy who was now standing directly in front of him. He instinctively thrust his hand under his jacket and grabbed hold of the grip on his pistol. The guy was amazingly fast and disarmed him before he could blink. Skyler stood frozen before a werewolf of old, a werewolf of the bloodline of Elizabeth. A Black Dog. Skyler was no match for this guy and he waited for his next move. He could only pray that whatever was going on, didn't have anything to do with his clan's demise.

It suddenly dawned on Skyler in that moment. He realized that he wasn't there because he was ignored. He was worried about his own bloodline. He wanted them to count for something. That was why he was here, trying to figure things out. He hoped he hadn't been foolish in pressing the issue.

posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 11:53 PM
It's been some years since there was a meeting of Clan Elders. In fact, I can't even remember the last one we had. But I sense that things are changing and a meeting might be imminent, if not necessary.

I am Toodles. Clan leader of the Marcus bloodline. I stand at 5'11 and decided years ago, to do away with the long hair usually associate with my kind. On a good day, you could almost mistake me for being human, my eyes turn nearly a perfect brown. Our kind are the youngest of the vampire world. Some consider us babies. Unexperienced. I believe we are simply the new and improved vampire. Sure, alot of us are not pure bloods. I am not even pureblood.

Two centuries ago to this day was when I was made into this immortal. My maker, Kaelus, was killed in battle with the werewolves 150 years ago. It was that very battle which brought us to peace talks. Both races were
nearly extinct.

I come from a human family of farmers from Scotland. I moved to france the year I was bitten, in hopes of making a better life than a farmers life for myself. Almost ironic how it worked out.

Ever since the standing peace between the Vampires and werewolves began,
I have kept a watchful eye. We can never trust Dogs. As I am sure they feel the same towards us.

Since I was reborn, I have seen many of my kind die before my eyes. I
made it up to clan leader when our previous leader took a mortal blow
to the heart and we were forced to put him into stasis. I have only been
leader for a short time, but hope my leadership is as good and as well accepted as our previous leader.


I was sitting in the compound, starting to get impatient. "What is the friggin hold up"? I screamed at no one. Not expecting a reply.

"Zacharia has arrived" shouted a loud voice.

This meeting was made into such a huge deal but it meant nothing to me, honestly. A bunch of dogs are going to be entering our sacred home just so we can tell them to chill out.

I looked out one of the huge, stained glass windows to get a good look at the werewolf Zecharia leaning against the back of his car.

I was told very little of the nature of this meeting. Something about rogue werewolves and vampires killing eachother and threatening the peace treaty. I would not disrespect the standing peace for the sake of the elders that I have grown fond of. But, respect aside. It makes no difference to me. The fewer of them there are, the better.

I began thinking back to the trip here. From New Orleans to London was one hell of a ride. The plane trip was dreadful at best. How hard it was to sit with all those humans and NOT feast. It was last minute too, so I managed to get the worst seat on the plane. Seems the Hierarchy didn't think me important enough to give me a heads up before. No matter though, I was here and that is all that matters.

I glanced out the window again, the werewolf was gone. Where had he gone? I didn't hear the permission being given for them to enter the compound. Maybe I should alert them that something is up.

I turned to the hunter vampire sitting next to me. He was part of the Marcus bloodline and one of the newest members. Only 78 years old. "Andrew, keep an eye out this window. That werewolf has disappeared and I don't like the way this looks". I said. Andrew replied "Yes, sir".

I got up and moved to the table across the hall. It was a glorious site to see all these vampires converging at one place. This has not happened in so many years. To know we are strong still was reassuring. I was beginning to think I was the only clan leader who had sense left.

The others had better arrive soon. With every minute that passes, I get more annoyed. This was proclaimed the most important meeting in the past century, and I couldn't wait for it to be over.

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posted on Aug, 25 2009 @ 01:52 AM
Name: King John (Werewolf king)

Age: Approx 2400 yrs

Bloodline: The bloodline of RUTH (Oldest bloodline)

From the very beginning when Lycaon, the King of Arcadia in ancient Greece was transformed into the wolf creature by Zeus, the Lycans have been feared by all, man and beast. With fear comes hatred and with hatred, comes persecution. Through the centuries the Werewolf clans were hunted by humans [and the vampires]. Our numbers dwindled as we scattered to the four corners of the Earth. Lost and confused we waited, waited for the call to rejoin, and to hunt again.

But that all changed during the middle ages, our waiting was finally over. The call was given by the oldest bloodline (my bloodline) to return home to England. We managed to re-group with our lost brothers and sisters. They returned from faraway lands and crossed many oceans to be with us. From this gathering, one clan was formed and a King and Queen were chosen to lead us into the new era.

My father (Edward) was chosen as the King being that he was the oldest member of the bloodline of Ruth. We watched our numbers grow in strength whilst we lived in the forests of England. The hunted had once again become the hunter. Every night in great numbers we hunted our prey by moonlight, tearing apart the surrounding trees as we ran through the forests. These were good times and for the next few hundred years we lived in peace.

But then the war came, the great battle between the Vampires and Werewolves had begun. No one really knew how it all started or who was to blame but this time we were ready and stronger. Many warriors were lost on both sides as we fought on, almost to extinction. This time we felt victory was in our grasp. But alas this was not to be, and that cold September night still haunts me even now.

That night we battled with a rival vampire clan I remembered turning to watch my father being killed, his head cut clean from his body. The vampire responsible was Kaelus, I took my revenge short and swift.

Now, I was the King.

Many of my clan called for the revenge of our King, but to keep our clan alive we needed to think and wait whilst we watched the movements of the Vampires. Years passed without battle and war between the two enemies.

To keep the peace alive I suggested a treaty to be drawn up between the two houses, a treaty that would keep us both safe. This was agreed by both parties and peace has been with us for another hundred and fifty years.

But the Youngbloods, the Blood Line of Alexander (Youngest) were restless and they wanted to take revenge. They blamed me for not acting against our enemy, for not revenging the death of our King. I watched them every night come and go on their motorcycles, leaving for the hunt and me not knowing where they went. This was a Youngbloods world now, with no respect for tradition or the old ways.


Sire, are you not hunting tonight my King? I heard a voice from behind me.

As I turned around I saw the face of one of my oldest friends (Melchior).

No, old friend, not tonight I replied.

Looking through the window, I watched the Youngbloods ride off into the night. I could smell death in the air. No I thought to myself Not, now. Not, again

The door to our room swung open and in walked Kull, one of our greatest warriors that ever battled against the vampires.

You two better look at this he said, shoving the paper into my hand.

Its from the Vampires, they want to meet with us he continued.

I looked down at the piece of paper in my hand; they’d requested a meeting in London at one of their compounds.

It could be a trap sire said Melchior.

Maybe, my old friend but we are going anyway I replied.

Kull, get the cars ready, make sure we are carrying weapons I said as I turned back towards the window Im not letting any blood sucker get the better of me, not tonight

We left in convoy later that night for our two hour road trip to London. There were two armoured cars in front and two behind us as we travelled along the motorways in our blacked out Mercedes. Thoughts went through my mind as to what the Vampires wanted.

As we arrived and pulled up to the compound gates you could feel the tension in the air. There were guards everywhere we looked. But we were ready for anything. The cars came to a halt and we turned off the engines and lights. We watched and waited.

posted on Aug, 25 2009 @ 12:34 PM
Name: Magnus GallowsRaven
Age: 2300
The Blood Line of Lilith

Being old has it's charms, or so Magnus use to think. Twenty three hundred years is a long time to watch the world decay and then rebuild itself, it seems humanity will never learn.

Born in 230 BC, Magnus has very little memory of himself before his "rebirth" as a Vampire. he remembers nothing of his family or even his real name. It changed as the centuries went on. As far as becoming a vampire, he knows he was not given the choice. The affliction was simply thrown unto him for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Initially, Magnus had though himself cursed. The nightmares were not something that helped either. What initially was though of as just bad dreams became visions of things he did not understand, some he did not care to. Not having any of his kind for answers, he wandered aimlessly through the world attempting to find an answer, or others like him who could provide that answer.

In his travels, Magnus killed unmercifully. A meal was a meal, and who ever was present when an urge for blood came, Magnus knew no sympathy. He kept one piece of his humanity however. He would never turn another. Even the though of giving somebody this wretched curse made his blood boil and his fangs ache.

He learned everything he could. If immortal, why not be an educated immortal? This was something he had remembered from his childhood. He had never had the chance as a human to pursue his interests of history and philosophy among many others. Cultures, languages and stories, he learnt as much as he could.

Even that grew lonesome after a few hundred years however, and eventually the need to find some of his own overwhelmed him. His answer came on a trip to what is today known as Africa. In those days it was called "The Dark Continent".

The year was 560 AD and Magnus had been desperately searching for his own kind. He had spoken to many historians and shamans about the various legends surrounding beast who drank others blood and dwelled in darkness. One such historian had led him to Africa, where centuries ago, there had been a dark plague that ravished the land. Legend had it that the people there had turned into blood craving monsters who could not step out into sunlight.

With the information in hand, Magnus began his travels from Europe to Africa in haste. Travel has difficult since he could not travel during the day, but he eventually came to the place he sought. It was the Nigerian village of Nok. Their history was shrouded in mystery, but they lived peaceful lives. One of the first cultures on the continent to use master iron works, they were a bountiful people.

Magnus sought out the local shaman who informed him that there lay an abandoned city to the west which was inhabited by creatures of the night. They were of ancient origin and rarely disturbed the people of Nok as a treaty had been agreed upon long ago. Magnus' hopes rose with every word.

Having been a Vampire for many centuries now, Magnus had developed heightened senses, clearer vision, speed and strength beyond any man he had ever faced. However when leaving the village Magnus could not shake the feeling that he was being watched. Not only that, the person or thing watching him was far older and far more powerful than he was.

The journey to the ruined city was a long one. Having to hide in abandoned buildings and caves during the day, and traveling within the brisk night. This was something that he found particularly troubling about his condition. Voyages that would have taken mere days as a human took weeks as a Vampire. Being so shut out from society was another reason for him to find others.

As he approached the ruined city, Magnus began to feel a sense of familiarity. The markings on the wall, although ancient, spoke to him as he had known this place in the distant past. Even the architecture seemed to jump out of the visions and nightmares that came daily as he rested.

The cascading moonlight onto the ruins gave the place a sense of death and decay, yet to Magnus it was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. As he approached what look liked the remnants of a central Dias or sacrificial chamber a figure jumped at him from the shadows.

Had his reflexes not been as developed, Magnus would have been decapitated by the very apparent sharp claws of this beast. It cut through the Dias as a machete would through soft wood. After the initial shock, his primal instincts took over and he reverted once more to his Vampiric form. The claws became extended, his fangs protruded from his mouth. The smell of blood was in the air.

Something strange happened as he glared at the best in front of him. The beast knelt and bowed to him. Bewildered, Magnus spun around only to find others doing the same.

What are you? Magnus screamed aloud, his voice booming. The creatures immediately began to shift. Magnus could not believe how beautiful they were in their human forms. Never would he have thought of them as monsters.

One of them stepped forward. Judging by his size and age, Magnus assumed he was their leader.

I am Lazarus. We are underlings of the Vampire Clans. Unlike you, we do not have the privilege of living with our brethren. We were outcast long ago for sins committed against our kind.

Intrigued Magus thought of another question.

Why do you bow to me? I am nobody of importance. I am but a demon of the night, who has walked and terrorized humanity for centuries.

The creatures, now in human form, seemed confused by this statement.

You are a pure blood my lord. You are of the originating bloodlines.

How do you know this? Magnus snapped back. This is the information he'd been waiting for all these years.

It is apparent. He answered.

You smell of pure blood. Your eyes glow blue which is a mark of ancient royalty.We do not have all the answers for we are not pure bloods. We were mistakes made in times past. Our hunger for blood goes beyond anything you have ever experienced.

Our instincts are primal, we cannot dwell in large populations for people become aware and hunt us. The people here have been good enough to keep away and we only prey on the ones who stray too far.

Feeling badly for a creature worse off than him was not something he intended on doing. If he was royalty and something "special" he would need to find out why.

Where can I find those who are like me? I need to know more.

Lazarus retreated behind a makeshift dwelling and returned with a book in hand.

This is the recordings of our collective knowledge, everything we know about our kind and yours. There is also an address scribed within, we do not know where it is. A cold and damp place according to some.

As he reached for the book, Lazarus pulled back suddenly, a evil grin showed up on his face.

Ah, but you cannot take without giving pure blood. What do you offer me in return?

This game was getting very tiresome, and a meal was well warranted by now. Counting the one in front of him, Magnus could sense ten more lurking in the shadows. With a sigh he replied casually.

I will allow you to live, creature. I am not here to play games and will drain you of whatever real life you have left.

As he spoke those words, Lazarus attempted to use his speed to knock his opponent over. Unfortunately, Magnus being older, was quicker on the draw and slit his throat with one swing. As the book tumbled in the air Magnus turned to the rest.

Take your revenge I dare you. It has been ages since a good fight and you all would make excellent practice. If not, I suggest you retreat to your ruins as I take my leave.

The creatures retreated and as they did. Magnus raised a hand and caught the book. It was time to learn the truth, and find those who could truly explain it. In the pages of the book he found the history of his bloodline.

From what was there he came to the conclusion that he had been bitten by one of the first Vampires. It seems there was only one at that time, her name being Lilith, and she created all the others who came afterwards.

However through centuries the lines had been blurred as some turned those who were not worthy. According to the writings however, Magnus should have been a half blood and not pure. This intrigued him more.

At the end of the book was an address, just as Lazarus has stated. It was a London address, cold and damn summed up that part of Europe quite well and again Magnus travelled alone, through the nights.

Centuries later, Magnus had established himself within the Vampire clans as a respected and feared Supreme Leader. Having gained the trust of the few older Vampires and having been treated as royalty from the minute he was presented, things had been very easy.

He still did not know who is maker was, the Clans claimed not to have that knowledge, or the reason for which he had been turned into a Pure Blood. At 2300 years, it mattered no more.

He was content with ruling over his fellow brethren and had finally found his niche. Wars with the werewolves, Lycans as he called them from ages past, were at an end, and a time of peace had come across the lands. Sufficient treaties had been written and signed with humans to make sure hunter's only hunted those who we mutually agreed were a problem.

As he stood in the rain, pondering his immortal future, a feeling of deep disturbance took place, one he's been unable to shake off since.

posted on Aug, 25 2009 @ 12:57 PM
Magnus stood on the veranda, alone. This was his favorite place in all the compound. Not only did it serve as his personal chambers at the very top of the edifice, it also was the only place known the Vampire kind where one could watch the sunrise without harm.

A modern breakthrough in Vampire technology, it had been in the works for decades before it was finally installed and working properly. It consisted of a translucent material which wrapped the top of the building. It allowed light to pass through yet reflected the harmful UV rays that meant certain death for any Vampire caught in them.

A marvelous place the Vampire Compound was. Built in the early 1900's as a front for Vampire business, the hotel had gone through several renovations since it's construction. Throughout the years however, people had begun to talk and the place was said to be haunted, so humans paid no mind to it. It was just a gem in the city as far as they were concerned.

Every night he would sit on the veranda and ponder his next move, and every morning at dawn, he would watch the sun rise before resting. This night had been most troubling. having been very nervous about the recent attacks and escalating tensions between the Lycans and the Vampires, Magnus had called for a meeting of nobility. The King and Queen of Werewolves would come for the first time to the inner most sanctum of the Vampires, to discuss a possible forging of new treaties and making decisions as to what to do with the rogue factions.

The hunt for them had been long and extensive. Quite frankly Magnus was getting tired of loosing good men to unworthy opponents. These new breeds of Vampire and Werewolf had no respect for the old ways, no love for their heritage and perhaps most disturbing of all, they did not obey when given orders.

The Vampire nation was a tightly nit group for thousands of years. Orders passed down for the King to the Council and from them, to those who lead to outside clans and smaller outskirt communities. However these ones, Vampires originally from the bloodline of Marcus were not ones to listen. They began hunting those who should not have been hunted and in response, a few were dealt with by Hunters of our own bloodline.

The Lilith bloodline ruled, this had been the case as long as any Vampire could remember, these charlatans would need to be dealt with. Magnus would have a good mind to let the Werewolves pick them all off, but being proud he would deal with this himself.

As the first raindrops began to fall, Frederick his centuries old right hand came through the double doors looking a little flustered. He's a tall and lanky man, his age Magnus had never asked, but from the stories told he would have assume over a thousand. He'd never been much of a fighter but in matters of preparation and execution, there was none better than Frederick.

Mlord. Magnus could smell the fear.

Yes Frederick? I assume the preparations are going as planned?

Of Course Sire, everything is as you have planned. Our hunters will be posted at all entrances as well as in the research facilities and any other vital parts of the compound. Also, Zaio is also finishing preparations on Black Stone, and it will be ready for when our guests arive.

Wonderful Frederick, and Zoe? How is her research doing?

She is presently in America doing joint research with our New York Division and should arrive shortly before dawn.

Good, I want her present at the meeting, any word on when the Lycans are set to arrive?

During daylight hours of course, always need to make an entrance, foul beasts.

Easy Frederick, our goal is not to have another war, you know as well as I do the consequences of something like that. Let us hope that things go well.

One more thing Frederick. We shall be extending an invite to a young Black Dog who will have great interest in our little event being planned. I have sent agents to collect him.

A random Black Dog? Sire, forgive me but have you lost your mind?

Far from it, I am simply extending a hand of good faith to a deserving creature. Do not worry, things will be fine. Now, be gone Frederick and see me when everything is complete and our guests arrive

As Frederick left the veranda at a frantic pace, Magnus caught the sweet smell of Lycan blood in the air, and wondered if his surprise guest had already arrived. There would be alto to discuss and Magnus would make sure that things went as he desired.

Magnus made his way through the double doors into his chambers and clicked the intercom on.

Please allow our friends into the grand foyer, the meeting will take place shortly.

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posted on Aug, 25 2009 @ 01:27 PM



After the war Sebastian's father Dr John Andrews went to work for Los Alamos National Laboratory where he met and fell in love with a young attractive full blooded Mescalero Indian lab assistant. She was the daughter of the tribes medicine man. Shortly after Sebastian's birth, both of his parents were killed in a mysterious plane crash.

While growing up Sebastian would spend the school years back east in stuffy schools wearing a uniform he couldn't stand all the while waiting for summer or winter breaks. Under his grandfathers [Ezekiel Duran] guidance he would spend the summer months hunting, fishing and learning the ways of the Indians.

One fateful morning during winter break when Sebastian was 17. He and his grandfather went on a long hunt. They had spent 3 days horse back riding up into the snowy mountains and down into a deep ravine.

That morning before they broke camp. Sebastian noticed a wolf up on a small knoll near their campsite just sitting there watching them.

Grandfather do you see that?

Without looking up from his morning coffee his grandfather spoke. He has been shadowing us ever since we left. I thought by now you would have been more aware of your surroundings. Dont they teach you anything of the real world in those fancy white mans schools?

Smiling he looked over at his grandfather and said. Get a grip grandfather. You know movies talk now and come in color. What do you think? Is he hungry? Maybe I should throw him some Jerky maybe he will go away?

His grandfather stood up towering over his 6' 2" tall grandson, he looked down at him and patted him on his shoulder with his massive hand and said...
That would be an insult. We as guests dont offer the owner of the house a bribe for them to leave. This is his home, this vast ravine is where he dwells. When we leave he will still be here. He has come becuase of you.

Slayer turned and looked over at the wolf then back at his grandfather.
Me? Why me?

His grandfather smiled then said...
Well I have been coming to this ravine for years and this is the only time I have seen him come this close. He is showing you his respect.
They soon after broke camp and made their way deeper into the mountains and found a path through the mountains into a wide valley. The mountain air was cold, crisp and clean. Ezekiel Stopped and looked out into the distance. Silently, He pointed to an eagle off in the distance barely visible to the naked eye. Slayer Rode up next to him and they both watched as it soared towards them and gave out a small squawk as it passed almost as if welcoming them or acknowledging their presents. It continued on it's way and flew off into the distance.
So do you still plan on joining the Marines?

Knowing his Grandfather disapproved of the war in Vietnam he hesitated for a few seconds finally he admitted to his grandfather the truth.
I signed up already and will be going to Vietnam. I figure my country is at war. I should join the Marines and do my part just like you did yours in WWII.

Looking over at Slayer his grandfather shook his head and took a deep breath and said
When the white man called on us to fight the Great War we did not hesitate. They thought we fought because of what they called patriotism. We really fought because our land was attacked. They seemed to have forgotten whose land this really is. This war that they have themselves in now is not an honorable war...

Although he did not believe in the reasons for going to war in Vietnam he was proud that Sebastian would follow in the long family tradition of joining the Marine Corp.

The night air was cold, still and damp. The moon was full and the night was calm. They made camp in a heavily wooded area with very little snow on the ground. They sat and talked for hours about what Sebastian was going to do once he finished his tour in Vietnam. They agreed that he would go on to attend University. His grandfather made him promise then suddenly stopped talking and got real quiet.

In an instance his grandfather jumped up and spun around with his large elk horn handled bowie knife drawn. In a flash there was a large black blur. It and his grandfather were on the ground rolling kicking up dirt and leaves. Slayer jumped up and ran for his rifle, the horses had broken free knocking him to the ground as they galloped off into the night.

His grandfather broke free and jumped to his feet standing at 6' 7" he and the beast circled one another for a few seconds staring at each other eye to eye. Raising its snout into the air it gave out a thunderous howl. Right then Ezekiel gave out a spine tingling Indian war cry of his own that echoed throughout the valley he then lowered his head and rammed the beasts midsection with his shoulder propelling it backwards hard into a tree. Ezekiel jumped back to face his opponent once again they squared off. Like two titans of old they faced off and circled each other.

The beast lunged with its massive paw wide open with its claws out aiming for Ezekiel's head. Faking right then going left he avoided the swipe dropping low he kicked his leg out while spinning around and swept the beasts feet off the ground it fell back hard hitting the ground with a loud thud. In one motion Ezekiel rolled in stabbing it twice with a backhanded motion once in the chest and the second time in it's shoulder. He quickly rolled away and jumped up. The campfire light reflected in the blood glistening on his knife as the beast rose to it's feet. Growling it quickly lunged again his grandfather stepped to one side and thrust his knife deep into the chest of the large wolf like figure.

It gave out another ear splitting thunderous howl and in a sweeping motion swung its huge muscular arm and back handed Ezekiel in his chest knocking him fifteen feet across the clearing. With that Slayer grabbed a nearby fallen thick tree branch and swung it with all his might nailing the beast squarely in it's back. Knocking it forward it did a rough face plant right into the fire. Embers flew as it regained it's footing and charged at him. Slayer took a step back and tripped over a saddle. Falling back hard he lost his grip on the tree branch. The beast closed the distance in a matter of seconds and pounced on his chest and raised its arm to swipe.

Out of nowhere the Grey Wolf that had been shadowing them jumped on the back of the beast and tore into it's shoulder followed by another and then another soon there were 8 large wolves viciously attacking the creature. Fur, dirt and blood flew in all direction in a ferocious melee. Slayer got up and ran over to his grandfather but he was dead. The blow to his chest had crushed his ribcage collapsing his lungs and stopped his heart, there was nothing he could have done.

Turning back to take revenge he was amazed to find the beast and the wolves gone. That night he swore that when he finished his obligation to the Marines and as promised would finish his studies first, then he would kill every inhuman beast for what they had done to his grandfather.


Present Day

Slayer heard about the meeting through some of his contacts in the underworld. He had to be there. He had made his way to London a few days previous to figure out his plan. He had reconnoitered the area and found a flaw in their security. The compounds main building stood over one of the oldest sections of the London sewer system.

He was able to gain access to the buildings main elevator shaft through the buildings foundation in which he climbed his way up the shaft and found ventilation ducts. He positioned himself in the ducts and waited for the meeting to begin. He was very tempted to bring a large amount of C-4 and level the whole damned place to the ground. Wolves and Vampires alike. He however thought it best to find out exactly what was going on.

His plan was not just to kill every single one of these bastards but figure out how to bring down their entire organizations. There will be no killing on this occasion. He sat there silently recording the details of their meeting.

Lucky bastards!

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posted on Aug, 25 2009 @ 04:40 PM
Zach walked into the Foyer.

Looking both ways and especially looking at the young blooded werewolf who's name he wasn't too sure about. He had almost gotten himself killed by just walking into the place guns blazing because Zach scared him. Luckily, Zach was able to talk some sense into the young blood and explain what was going on and that Zach knew that this werewolf's motorcycle gang was involved with killing Vampires and that killing needed to stop. He could only hope that what he said sunk in...

Zach looked to his side and saw the King of the werewolves, John. King John and Zach were mutual friends, they didn't talk much or hang out much. Zach rarely paid tribute to the King, not out of disrespect, but because Zach just didn't feel like a real werewolf. He knew he was different and he knew he got along well with both sides, but he prefered being around the Lycan type, they were the closet to him.

Zach, brushed some lint off of his jacket and was about to sit down, until a female Vampire walked up to him.

My lord wishes to speak with you in his chambers with some of the elders. The young Vampire stated.

Alright... Lead away.

Alrigh? What the hell was Zach thinking walking into a Vampires chambers with Elders? Mistakes like this need to stopped being made. The young Vampire and Zach walked further down the hallway.

Zach was thinking and wondering what this was about... Surprisingly they didn't walk down the hall that far, until they reached an elevator.

Go in. The Vampire said, as Zach walked in and the elevator began its ascention.

The elevator stopped and Zach walked out where the same Vampire appeared again. Zach was confused, but held his tongue as they continued down another hall and appeared a huge door, which she even struggled to open. Zach walked through the doors and saw nearly 8 Vampires and Magnus sitting down discussing something.

Zach was pushed forward and led to a seat, Zach looked around as the others just stared at him.

Well? You requested my presence?

Magnus looked at him as a hand slammed hard against the table, Zach quickly looked and could smell anger and hatred coming from the opposite end of the table. Frederick looked at Zach with eyes changing and teeth ramping.

Are you supposed to scare me? Sit down and put your teeth away, I was requested...

You dont deserve to be in the lords Chambers, you animal. Frederick said, as Zach just sat their.

Zach shaking his head at Fredericks ignorance, looked at Magnus, What can I do for you Vampire Lord?

And with that, the talking began, while the other werewolves waited below. These talks worried Zach, not because he was scared, but because of what could be said and the actions that would need to be taken once they were...

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Skyler stood wide eyed waiting for what this werewolf of old would do next as the Black Dog stood with a slight smile, holding his revolver in the air in front of him, almost daring Skyler to grab it back. Skyler exhaled slowly and lowered his arms to his side so as to not seem threatening. He was now more vulnerable than he ever was in his life.

My my arent we the young one? Do you have a death wish or are you just stupid? Take your time with your answer your life depends on it.

Im here to represent the clan of Alexander. King John has invited me. He would be just a little bit upset if I were not to show up.

Skyler lied through his werewolf teeth about this. He knew anything else he said would have meant death. Mentioning the King was one sure fire way to sustain his existence.

The elder werewolf slowly handed him back his gun, grip first. There eyes had been locked on each other throughout the ordeal and now Skyler broke eye contact as he shoved his revolver back into its holster underneath his faded denim jacket. He tried to act natural so he wouldn't seem as though he was nervous. The apprehension was palpable and he could actually hear his own heart beat.

Why are you sitting outside anyway? Are you waiting for them to lay old newspapers on the floor for you or something?

Skyler said this with a smile, and he hoped the werewolf understood that he was trying to bring levity to their situation. It was an analogy to the disdain that vampires felt for their kind. He hoped he hadn't said something wrong. His fears were washed away as the older werewolf chuckled and gestured toward the facility.

Yeah it seems as though I was to wait for a flea collar first or something. I believe we are allowed in now. The clan of Alexander? You are the first one Ive met. Good to see young blood so involved in such matters. Lets go see what all the fuss is about shall we?

Skyler wasn't sure if this guy was just playing along or if he bought his line about being invited. It didn't much matter at this point, he was committed to the falsehood. He walked alongside as they exchanged names and shook hands. Skyler was feeling better now, but how was going to deal with King John when he saw him? One step at a time he told himself.

Skyler couldn't believe his eyes. No less than four hunter killer vampires flanked the entrance way. He cast his gaze towards the rooftops and saw swirling black figures like wisps of smoke circling high above. The building itself was ominous looking and Skyler suddenly felt way out of his league. He concentrated on keeping his composure around the ancient company that he now found himself amongst. He was entirely underdressed as well, adding to his self imposed complex, that he was now ever aware of.

The interior of the place was overwhelming. The architecture spoke of times passed. The smell intimidated him. It was old blood, he was sure of it. The vampires were smirking at him, as if they knew he didn't belong. Skyler wouldn't have been surprised if they seized him at that moment and locked him away in some ancient dungeon to be feasted on at a later time. He kept his back arched, stood tall and put on his best game face. He began returning the sneers with a cold determination that started breaking into their over confidence. They stopped looking at him and whispered amongst themselves now.

Where had that werewolf gone that he walked in with? He hoped this wouldn't turn into a blood bath. He stood with his back against a marble pillar and took account of everything in front of him. He concentrated on how that vampire had taken his brothers life. Now, he could feel his blood pressure rising and his primal instincts were a fraction away from kicking in. This is how he sustained his appearance and it seemed to work. He was here to take care of business and have his say in these matters. He would let the voice of his clan be heard, and hear it they would.

The vampires began gathering together now and he was sure something was about to happen. The werewolves were now assembling together as well. He would follow their lead in a moment. He was making sure that it seemed as though he had done this all before. He had to be sure that his every move was a show of confidence or else they would know that he was a just a rogue, of some new clan that didn't seem to matter much. Deep down, he wished he was partying at his new place with his brothers, ignorant of the magnitude of this meeting.

He slid his hand along his belly and up to the right portion of his under arm. He caressed the shape of his revolver absentmindedly. It was there, he was ok. He was suddenly awoken from his wondering thoughts as a tall figure clad in a black robe addressed him. It was a vampire with a clip board.

Excuse me kind sir what clan do you represent?

The vampire held a feathered quill at the ready, as if he was going to check something off on the clipboard. It was smirking at him, as if he knew Skyler hadn't been invited. Skyler projected the image of the vampire from the strip club onto him and immediately Skyler began to hate him. It must have shown because the smirk disappeared.

The clan of Alexander. I am here on a direct invite from King John. No I do not have my invitation. You could interrupt him if you wish.

Skyler talked coldly and methodically and stared deeply into the eyes of the blood sucking vermin. He was hoping that the pale pointy eared bastard would say something cute. Oh how we was wishing. He could feel himself actually trembling now.

The vampire could see from his gaze that this particular werewolf meant business. There was something about him that the vampire couldn't put his finger on. He must be serious the blood sucker thought, and he wasn't about to approach their King about it.

I see. That will not be necessary. You obviously belong with them.

The vampire turned quickly and began approaching the other werewolves. How in the hell did he do that? Man, his luck was out of this world. He still had to worry about King John though. How would he deal with that? One step at a time he told himself. One step at a time. He turned his head and began looking around more. Way over on the other side of the foyer their were obvious werewolf guards keeping everyone away from something.

He watched them, waiting for them to shift so he could see between them. What the hell was so important over there? Suddenly one of the guards stepped to the side as he warded off a werewolf from the area. Skyler saw what they were guarding now. King john sat in a High backed chair consulting with a very old looking vampire. King John hadn't noticed him but he knew if he kept staring that he would sense him. The guard took his position back in the opening and he couldn't see the King anymore. That was a relief. He would wait and see what fate had in store for him.

Im sorry sir did you say you were with the clan of Alexander?

It was the vampire with the clip board again. Skyler immediately put on his game face.

Yes. Im here on a direct invite from my King. He is right over there. Shall we go see him?

No its just that I have to write that in because we didnt have that particular clan listed. Rest assured we will get to the bottom of it though. By the way do you always dress like that when representing your clan?

It was short notice and I didnt have time to pack. This is not a fashion show is it?

Certainly not. Please wait right here while I verify your attendance credentials.

Skyler was suddenly flanked by two hunter killer vampires and the other attendees began looking his way, wondering what was going on. Skyler began to let his rage rise up. Willing his primal instincts to the surface. If this was how it was going to go down, he would take these two with him first. Then he would turn his attention on that clip board wielding sap.

Skyler! I am so glad you made it on such short notice.

It was King John, followed closely by four very large werewolves who were his protection. The King was smiling as he extended his hand toward him. Skyler couldn't believe this. He forgot his rage and extended his hand.

It was a tough one but I made it. I hope my attire does not offend Sire. I came as soon as I received your invite.

King John grasped his hand unbelievably tight and pulled him toward himself as he whispered in Skyler's ear.

You fool. Do you know what you have almost done here? You got your way Skyler and you will be attending this meeting. Do not do anything foolish or it will be the end of you and your motorcycle riding buddies. Do you understand?

The King eased away from Skyler's ear and began smiling as he loosened his grip and played the part. Skyler complied and returned the smiles. The meeting was about to begin, and the clan of Alexander would be present. He would have his say.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 12:10 AM
It was time. The meeting had begun. I couldn't help but feel a certain anxiety as the announcement was made. I could hear the faint rumble on the roof as the Guard vampires on top of the high rise were stalking the area.

The hunter who had sat next to me most of the night was still there. I turned to see his face. He looked nervous too. The sight of all those werewolves entering this sacred space was appalling. I watched Zecharia and another rough looking werewolf walk by. The rough one looked at me with a snarling face. I couldn't help but but feel a rage well up inside me. I could feel my eyes changing.

What was going on upstairs, I could not be sure of. All I know is that King John was meeting with the eldest of Vampires. It had occured to me the reason for this meeting. The reports of killings on both sides. The treaties signed over a century ago by the same elders who are in place now. They were going to blame the Marcus bloodline members for the attacks.

Dante was walking around with his clipboard. We considered him to be the house slave. He did anything and everything anyone asked him to do. It was by his choice...such a curious creature this supposed Vampire was.

I watched him approach the rough looking werewolf and his expression change. I could tell that this dog was mocking him. It almost made me wanna lunge right then and there. "No" I thought. "I am just looking for a reason to cause a bloodbath".

"Is it just me, or does he seem like he does not belong here?" I asked Andrew, who was not paying attention. "Who"? he said. "Nevermind. You see that rough looking werewolf over there? I want you and Ash to watch his every move. If he goes somewhere, follow him". I said. "Yes, sir" He replied.

All the vampires were ordered to stand as well as the werewolves. Maybe we were about to find something out.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 05:31 AM
The king continued to stare at Skyler across the room; he shook his head in disbelief.

Sire, hes a young blood, I wouldnt be too hard on him said Melchior.

Young blood or not, his actions could of started a war, he didnt think replied the King.

The King looked around the foyer to see where his men were. There were five men guarding the Queen at the back of the room they were holding machine guns with laser sights. The men aimed their weapons at everything that moved. Another six men had changed into werewolves and were prowling around the foyer. Kull had also changed into a werewolf and was pacing back and forth beside the king whilst holding a battle axe in each hand.

Ive never been so close to vampires before without killing them he said out loud.

Kull, take it easy, try to relax a little replied Melchior.

A dog ran across the foyer over to where Kull stood and started to snarl towards him. Kull lent over towards the dog let out the deepest, loudest growl you had ever heard which then echoed through the great hall.

The room went silent.

Everyone turned and looked in the direction of Kull, only to see the dog running back the way he came with a whimper.

The king shook his head.

Sorry said Kull looking down at the ground.

How long do we have to wait? asked the King this is getting ridiculous.

Just then a female vampire appeared by entrance to the meeting room.

Ladies and Gentlemen, can I have your attention please. If your Majesties of the Werewolf clan would like to follow me I will show you to your seats

We walked into the room followed by the rest of our clan. Before us was a large round table big enough to seat twenty or thirty people. On the wall were old paintings showing various members of the vampire bloodlines. I think I recognised a few of them from previous battles.

The king and the Queen were seated next to each other in two large oak chairs, while Kull and Melchior sat either side of them. The rest of the werewolf clan stood at the back of the room, watching and waiting.

So where are the Vampires? Shouted Kull.

Kull, be quiet. said Melchior.

The king looked on, towards the empty throne where Magnus would sit. In a few moments the meeting would start and he would finally find out the reason why they were here.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 12:01 PM
The smell of Lycan was very much apparent now. Magnus had never thought that it would come to this. To have these beats walk in our sacred home. He could hear them prowling around in the Foyer and at one point believed he heard a growl.

Seems our guests are becoming a little unnerved.

Frederick, along with several other advisers, sat around the table in his chambers discussing the matters at hand. Some in the compound were not happy, and the complaints had reached his ears. The other elders had attempted to change his mind, but this needed to be done.

As the elders continue their arguments amongst themselves, the central doors opened and low and behold our special guest had arrived. He seemed a bit confused by his surroundings, and could smell the hate emanating from the others around the table.

Frederick seemed especially jittery. He was not the type to run his mouth, yet with this one, he seemed to want to prove his loyalty, or perhaps his fear.

As the two exchanged their unpleasantries, tensions seemed to be ever increasing.


Magnus’ voice boomed throughout the wide chamber and the chalice in front of him shook.
Frederick, I will not have you insult our bloodline by reducing your behaviour to that of an animal, stay your tongue.

Frederick looked almost hurt. Ye..yes Mlord.

The rest of you, leave us. We have matters to discuss that do not require your imput.

The other elders rose and began exciting the room and after a few moments, only Zach, Frederick and Magnus were left sitting at the table.

I have been watching you for a long time Zacharia and I believe we have a mutual interest in these matters.

Magnus knew that Zacharia would never truly trust him, but perhaps he could intrigue him enough so that he would be useful in the long run.

Forgive me Lord Vampire, but I highly doubt that you and me have anything in common other than keeping the treaty in place.

Magnus was amazed at how brave he was.

Never would any of his men speak to him in such a way. Especially while coldly staring into his eyes, unwavering. This one held some promise.

Ah, but you see my friend, that is exactly what I would like to discuss. You see, we have a mutual problem. My brethren are being killed by your rogue agents and so are yours, a solution is required. The one I propose will solve our problems but I will need help attempting to convince your kind.

And what makes you think I will be willing to help you? It would seem as if your plan benefits the Vampire Clans more than it benefits us.

Do not be a fool Zacharia. You are not like them down there, no. You are something much more special. Something far stronger than even you might know, and I have the avenue of showing that true potential.

Zacharia seemed a bit perplexed, but was determined to not have this Vampire charm him into any sort of agreement or trap.
What would you have me do? And what is this plan of yours?

All in good time friend Magnus laughed aloud.

Just know that you will be called upon to give your opinion during the meeting and I want you to speak. I want you to be outspoken, even in front of your King. Do not worry, no harm shall befall you.

Even more confused now, Zacharia began to speak but was cut off by the sound of the great doors opening again. The same female vampire stood in the doorway.

Mlord. If we do not start soon, we will have a bloodbath on our hands

Magnus looked at Margaret, a little disappointed. This was inconvenient but would have to do.

Well then, it would seem we have made everybody wait long enough. Shall we begin Zacharia? Follow me.

The three of them stepped into the elevator and down it went, walking into the Grand Foyer, Magnus was displeased with he saw. Glaring hate and turned Lycans in his home? This would not suffice.

King John, do us all a favor and have your men stand down. There will be no harm done here to anybody today you have my word.

Let us begin this meeting as they did in times of old. Each clan leader shall present themselves and their troubles first and then we shall discuss the issues at hand.

As they all sat around the table the tension in the room seemed to vacate a bit. Perhaps this would go better than expected he thought.

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Skyler was riding a sea horse. He could feel its leathery body beneath him pumping furiously as it tried ever harder to gain more speed. He was amazed because he was able to breathe under the water. Behind him, and gaining fast, two vampires were riding sharks. Their fangs were exposed and their eyes glowed a brilliant red. He pulled on the bridle and banked into a deep cavern as the sharks narrowly caught him. Skyler twisted the throttle on his Harley harder. He was traveling down the turnpike at a furious rate. Two jet black Jaguars were in hot pursuit. Inside the cars he had seen the demonic figures of the vampires smiling wildly as they gave chase. They were gaining on him.

“Be advised we are on final approach. Please keep your seat belt on.” A thick Columbian accent crackled through the intercom on the leer jet. Skyler slowly began to realize he had been having a nightmare. He shook off the cobwebs from his sleep and began to recall his trip to London. It had begun when his buddy mentioned that stupid meeting to him.

"What do you mean, a secret meeting?" He enquired of Sunshine. A burly big fellow who had just let the cat out of the bag. "It's nothing really, just some old m-fer's getting together. Probably about cash reserves or something, dude it's nothing really." Skyler could tell by his demeanor that he didn't mean to mention it. So he played along. I mean how many times had he reached out to their King to enquire about what to do with those vampires that killed their brother? Now he was going to London, to snuggle up to them.

When he was sure everyone had forgotten, he went inside to the bathroom and pulled out his cell phone.

"Pablo, it's Skyler, how you doing?" Skyler called Pablo. He was a drug kingpin from Columbia that Skyler ran security for on a couple of his deliveries to and from the country. Not that Skyler needed the money from him, he did it for the fun of it. The money was just gravy on a paid vacation for him. "Listen, I need one of your jets fueled and ready go by the morning. I have to get to London and there is no other option for me." Skyler was trying to talk quickly so no one else would suspect anything.

"Skyler, this just isn't possible. Do you know what's involved my friend? Let me make some phone calls and get back to you." Skyler knew that's what he would say. He could feel his blood pressure rising and envisioned ripping his throat out. "Do you remember that squad of policeman that they found on the tarmac in Columbia Pablo? Do you remember how I took care of them for you? Do you remember how all the other drug lords respected you after that? Well they will look on that event as a friggin kid's birthday party compared to what they will find at your slimy compound if you don't do this. Do you understand me Pablo? I will come for you, and I won't be bringing presents. Do you friggin hear me?" Skyler's voice was deeper now and he could feel the rage boiling his blood. He meant every word. He meant every word and he would follow through on his promises, oh he would certainly follow through. Skyler almost found himself wishing that Pablo would test him.

"Hey, Skyler, I didn't say I wouldn't did I? Look, you are a good man and I will help you." Pablo answered carefully and nervously now. "You know where the gate is at the airport. You be there at seven in the morning. My newest and best leer jet will be fueled and at your disposal. My best pilot will be there to take you wherever you need to go. Really, Skyler, please calm down my friend. I will help you as you have helped me. We are friends after all. Aren't we?" Pablo was waiting to be reassured but was presented with a dial tone.

Well, for all that scheming Skyler wasn’t any more reassured then he was before the trip. The meeting was a joke. Something about renewing a treaty and let it be known crap. He didn’t even have a chance to ask about his brother being cut down in that strip club. He actually felt more afraid now then before. He felt the tension in that meeting. For all their words nothing was resolved, and that one vampire seemed to have a real problem with him. What was the name on his placard at the table? Toodles, or something like that. That was one creepy vampire and Skyler could feel him watching him the whole time.

All Skyler knew at this point was that something big was about to happen, and no treaty in the world would keep him and his clan safe. He gazed out the window and it was still dark out. The lights and shapes below became increasingly more discernable as the plane descended. Something caught his eye. He cupped his hands to shield his eyes from the plane’s interior lights and stared more intently outside.

Sitting on the wing with his legs crossed, a figure sat watching him. His robes fluttered in the breeze but he was unaffected by the draft. His eyes glowed a crimson red and his pale hand was supporting his chin as if he was contemplating something. His talons jutted out from his hand and he was moving them slowly. As it realized Skyler could see him it smiled, stood, and jumped.

Skyler sat back in his seat breathing heavily. Did he just see that or was he still dreaming? He felt his jacket to make sure he still had his gun. It was there. That did it. He knew the vampires weren’t going to listen to any treaty. His King would have to allow them to do something or they were going to die. This was getting far too serious.

He looked back out the window and was relieved to see the sun coming up on the horizon. He looked at the wing to make sure there was nothing there. He sat back in his chair and began to formulate a plan that would protect him and his brothers. He had to think of something.

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Zach sat back in a chair on the far end of the table, he could see some of the others looking at him and he immediately knew what they were thinking about. They were wondering, Why was Zach with the Vampires. Magnus had brought up a point, but what it was exactley Zach was still not sure. And the talks have yet to begin, it had appeared everyone was still on edge. Zach caught an eye on Frederick as he walked out of the meeting room with a couple of Hunters.

Zach was going to follow, but decided it was best not to pursue. He couldn't hear anything beyond the room. As the talks began, Zach listened, but remembered a few months back, but it felt like Years ago. It was him and the 3 other Black Dogs, the originals and he remembered that day when they died and looking at the attackers, it was neither Vampires or humans, but the werewolves themselves. Apparently, not more than a couple of months ago the werewolves, more like a group of rogue Werewolves attempted a Coup and part of this they decided to Purge the Black Dogs.

It had begun like any normal day, the sun was out and shining and they had just captured 5 Vampires who Lord Magnus banished and they killed them, by using the sun and throwing them into the waters. As they walked away, he could remember his three brothers well walking next to him away from the scene.

But later that day everything changed, he had recieved a phone call from one of his brother who sounded like he was trouble, telling Zach that everything is wrong and that they needed his help. The last he heard from his brother was the Old Kingdom, located in the oldest part of London and still run by the King to this day, the city is still closed to outsiders, but accessible by the Werewolves.

He remembered walking into the main chambers and following the pools of blood, he reached the back doors that led to the sacred plaza, where the Werewolves are said to have been concieved. But everyone knows that its just the birth place of Rachel, the first Queen Leader of the werewolves who died in combat with the Vampires long ago. He opened the doors and saw his brothers laying face down, they were dead, their scent had disappeared.

Looking straight ahead Zack saw only fifteen dead werewolves. He walked to his brothers and checked on them, in one of his brothers hands their was a piece of paper and on that paper was a name, it was Francis Gordon, King Johns arrogent nephew and wanna-be king. Anger flooded Zach and revenge would be his. He walked back inside the chambers and headed directly to Francis's place. Francis wanted to be the King and he wanted to start a war, he had built a building, much like the Vampires current Compound, except newer and much more lavish. All that for only a few Werewolves that were loyal to him. It was time to end this game.

The next day at the same time of the phone call in which his brothers called for his help, he watched as Francis's Chambers were blown apart, Francis was dead. He made sure of this, checking on the body parts that were left after the explosion, Franics was gone, his scent was completely vaporized and Silver filled the air. The bomb was a special type a bomb crafted out of Silver Shrapnel and packed with acid, along with a real explosion. It was over kill, but necessary.

He continued to replay the explosion that he saw from across the bridge and he envisioned his brothers next to him, ready to walk side by side once again.

He got back into his car and drove off to return to America.

Zacharia what did you two talk about?

Zach was caught off guard and returned to the present situation at hand which was the meeting. Zach saw that it was Sampson one of his oldest friends.

I will be sure to tell you after my friend.

And with that the talks continued...

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posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 08:02 PM
Getting past the compounds vast and advanced security and surveillance systems may have seemed impossible to many. Fortunately most if not all the of the equipment they used was either designed or manufactured by Secure-Tech a subdivision of Vera-Tech which Slayer just happened to own. He knew the bypass codes.

It took him a few hours prior to the meeting to set up all the equipment he had to work silently and that meant slowly as to not give away his position. Once he had his equipment in place it was simply a matter of splicing and then hacking their security grid in order to use their very own surveillance and security setup to augment his.

The hours till the meeting passed relatively quickly. Before he knew it he was done and they started to gather. He had to resist his gag reflex twice. The stench of so many vampires and Werewolves was almost overwhelming. Never before had he smelt such a stink. Most humans would not be able to smell the difference between them and humans but to his genetically enhance senses it was almost unbearable.

He found a small corner in an unused maintenance area where he set up shop. He brought up on his monitors the members who were invited. It always unnerved him that the Vampires would show no or very little heat signatures while the werewolves would always show up very strongly with high temp signatures. How fitting. He thought to himself. Opposites do attract.

As he scanned and recorded the gathering he noticed a few things. He could sense tension and mistrust on all sides. A gathering of this type is very unusual and extremely rare. Even so the tension level was very high among those who were gathered. He watched all the posturing. How pathetic Slayer thought to himself.

Most of them have been around for centuries yet they still worried about positions of power and status, of course you had those who were falling all over themselves to be noticed by the royals. All except one. He zoomed in on him in particular. He just didn't seem to fit in. It wasn't just his attire but his attitude seemed rough and tense. More so than the others.

He made a mental note to remember his face and voice he also captured his face with a screen shot. Recording the meeting was not necessary for Sebastian, he had a memory like a steel vise. What was needed however were facial and vocal identifications for his extensive computer tracking system back at his office.

He checked his watch they were late starting.

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posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 10:42 PM
The meeting had started later than I would have liked. But, all the same I suppose. Ash had returned with some news on that werewolf. "right now he is just standing outside. Not doing anything". he said. "Alright, continue surveying. Don't bother me again unless something happens" I replied. "Yes, sir".

I was thinking back to the battle that killed my maker, Kaelus. I never bothered to learn the werewolf's name because it mattered not. They were all the same. It was night and we had moved in to strike one of their main compounds. It was supposed to be the ulitimate victory for us. After hours of fighting and hundreds of us dead, our Leader Kaelus moved in for a strike on the Werewolf king himself. He was successful. The head fell and blood splattered my lords sword. He stood there victorious without paying attention to his surroundings. Another werewolf came up behind him and decapitated Kaelus before I had a chance to get to him.

I snapped back to my attention when my clan name was called "Mr. Toodles, you represent the Marcus bloodline clan. Many here feel that you are the one responsible for the attacks. Is this true?"

"No, my lord. I never gave any orders to kill werewolves. A few of my clan have been missing for decades with no word of their whereabouts. But, I never gave explicit orders". I said

"You were invited to this meeting to voice your concerns so that all may hear them. Lycan and Vampire alike. What would you like to see being done differently with the treaties?" said Magnus

"My Lord. Forgive me for being frank. But, the werewolves should have been exterminated centuries ago. I will not hold my tongue on this issue".

I could hear the crowd stirring and alot of snarling and growling in my direction. They were not happy at all.

"If I had it my way, this would have been done. But, I do not. But, For YOUR sake my lord. My opinion, should this treaty continue. Would be for each side to exterminate their rogues. Cut off money supplies and hunt them down".

Magnus and King John both stared at me in awe. Almost as if they couldn't believe this had just happened. One werewolf looked like he would pounce on me any second. I smirked at him, daring him to.

One of the other clan leaders said aloud "You would jeopardize this meeting and this standing peace for the sake of your personal vendettas"?

I looked him square in the face. "Yes, yes I would. Do not take my word for it if you do not wish to. But, these Werewolves are the scourge of our existence. They deserve nothing less than to be fed as sausage links to our human slaves".

Just then the crowd roared but was quickly silenced by both Magnus and King John.

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 02:44 AM
Kull stood up from his chair with both axes raised and pointing at Mr Toodles.

Do you want me to rip his throat out sire said Kull still looking towards the vampire.

The king looked up at Kull from where he sat.

Please he said calmly sit down Kull youre not helping the situation.

But what was the situation here, claims of rogue vampires and werewolves. The call for the Werewolves to be exterminated, wiped out from existence. King John knew he had trouble within his own clan with some of the young bloods. But this was for him to deal with, not brought up around a table with Vampires.

Maybe this is the end of the treaty he thought to himself.

His father Edward once told him never trust a vampire but he thought he had proven him wrong with the signing of the treaty. It was King John’s idea after all. But maybe now it was time to end it, he knew many of his kind would welcome war once again, especially the young bloods.

But there had been peace between the two houses for a long time now; perhaps the peace treaty was worth saving after all. These thoughts played over and over in his mind but in the end it all came down to one thing, he couldn’t ignore what Mr Toodles had said.

The King rose from his chair and looked directly at Magnus.

Lets cut to the chase Magnus, Why are we here? Said the King out loud.

Did you ask us here, just so that your men could insult us he continued pointing in the direction of the vampires at the back of the room.

You could feel the tension rising; the vampires standing at the back were changing positions looking for the best place to attack from (should the fighting begin). The werewolves too were watching and more of King John’s men had changed. Some of the werewolves had started to climb the walls of the room and edging closer and closer towards Vampire throne.

Is this the end of the peace treaty Magnus? He continued.

King John knew the werewolves behind him were ready to attack, he could hear their breathing get deeper and faster. He knew given the order they would leap forward and unleash hell on the vampires before him. He knew the next words from Magnus could start another war.

Im waiting Magnus, I suggest you choose your words very carefully Vampire.. said the King.

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 12:18 PM
Skyler's plane landed and he was heading to the garage to retrieve his motorcycle. He couldn't believe what was going on this dark world of his. The events of the meeting replayed in his mind as rage coursed through his blood.

Toodles obviously had his own agenda. He could sense it. He was leading rogue vampires although he had told his King that he had nothing to do with the killings. King John had taken Skyler to the side and confided a dark secret to him when the meeting had ended.

Skyler take this. It is a belt from our ancient ancestors. There are not many of them. If you wear it you will transform day or night. I am giving this to you in confidence that you will use it only when you have to. We both know what is going on here. I do not want any of our clans to be defenseless even if they are young. We need all of our resources now. Stay alert.

King John had done this quickly so as to not make suspicion arise from the members of the meeting who were now busy filing out of the hall in anger. It was a silk lined box. Very old. Skyler tucked it under his jacket and followed the crowds out of the place.

Once on his plane he had opened it. The belt was gorgeous and horrifying at the same time. The brown fur glistened in the planes interior lights and he could tell as soon as he gazed upon it that the werewolf who this was taken from died horribly. He closed the box and tucked it back under his jacket. He felt a shiver run up his spine as he tried to dismiss the images that the belt aroused in him.

Now, on the ground and mounting his Harley, he was as mad as hell itself. Before he gathered his brothers he had something to do. It was something that no one on the planet was going to keep him from. The images of the old Victorian house on the edge of town where he was sure the vampire lived was clear as day. He had done some reconnaissance after his brother was killed and he was sure that was where the vampire responsible for the horrible death resided. He started his machine and peeled out from the parking garage with determination seething in his pours.

The silence of the surrounding area around the house was broken by the rumbling of his bike. Birds took to flight and squawked as they retreated. Skyler saw the curtains of the place moving and knew that someone had heard him coming. That was fine with Skyler. He could care less. He removed his jacket and shirt, the sun felt good. He sat the old box on the seat of his vehicle and opened it. Those old horrible feelings began arising as he pulled the belt from the box and wrapped it around his waist.

The anger was the first thing that hit him. It was furious and unrelenting as his arms grew longer and his hands stretched towards the ground. He felt it all and invited it. His back bent forward as jet black fur began appearing over his tanned human skin. His jaw jutted forward and stretched as glistening white fangs appeared from his agape mouth. He raised his eyes to the cloud littered sky and roared. In full form, he turned toward the house.

Please right click and open this link in a new tab as you read

Skyler sprang towards the house and closed the distance in a single leap. He kicked the door off its hinges and out of its frame as it splintered and fell. Inside four people stood with weapons at the ready. Their eyes glowed red but they were far from vampires. They were feeders Skyler realized. Faithful to their dark lord that used them for blood meals. He jumped toward them with a gutteral ferocious howl that reverberated through the walls of the structure.

He clamped his jaws on the throat of the first one, a demonic looking woman holding a tire iron. He sunk his teeth deeply and tore back at the same time nearly decapitating her in a mere second. He had work to do and there was no time to enjoy this.

He grabbed two more with his razor sharp taloned claws and smacked them together as if they were mere rag dolls. He heard bones breaking and continued on smacking them together till they were lifeless and blood poured from their nostrils and mouths. He released them and turned his attention on the last one who seemed to be trying to get to a door.

He grabbed him from behind and pulled the back of his neck into his teeth. He could feel the spinal cord clamped tightly in his jaws and he closed them down with unbelievable strength and shattered the bones. The body fell.

Skyler looked around. No more. He opened the door that the last one was trying to reach. It was the door to the basement. Stairs led down into darkness. Skyler could see very well in the dark in his present state. He jumped to the floor below and saw the room was partitioned off with a velvet curtain. He ripped it down revealing a very ornate wooden casket. He flipped the lid off it mercilessly.

Inside the vampire was there. Skyler recognized him right away as the one from the strip club. The vampire's eyes opened and it opened its mouth hissing, revealing his dagger like fangs. Don't ever wake a sleeping vampire he had been told. Well, today was a little different wasn't it?

He quickly grabbed it by the throat and lifted it out of its resting place as he used his other hand to grip the top of its head. He twisted it, as if he was opening a bottle of soda, and pulled its head from its shoulders. He threw the the two pieces against the concrete wall and it made a sick smacking sound. Skyler knew he was done now. He had to calm himself and remove the belt. He was panting as he unfastened it. The next thing Skyler knew, he was sitting against a coffin looking at the carnage.

He made his way to the far corner and observed something very interesting indeed. A gold framed picture with candles around it. It was set up like a shrine of sorts. The picture was unmistakable. It was Toodles. The creature's over lord. He was in trouble. He had to let his brothers know what was happening.

He walked back outside to the bright sun and put his shirt back on. He mounted his bike and pulled out of the place. He wondered how he was going to let his brothers in on all that had transpired.

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The talks quickly led to anger and hate from both sides, Zach was displeased not only with the vampires strong hatred, but the hatred from the Werewolves, apparently hatred was contagious. King John had just made a final stand calling out Magnus's intentions. Magnus was pretty calm, didn't seem to bothered by what had just transpired. Zach wasn't bothered, but the yelling from the werewolves needed to stop, the Vampires were waiting for them to break the treaty.

See you people later Zach said, as he stood up and began heading toward the door.

A werewolf grabbed Zach's arm, Where are you going?

You people can kill each other without me here

The door was opened for Zach and he left that tense situation. What a waste of time, he thought to himself, that accomplished nothing, but added hate to the fire and now the treaty would be useless. Of course this wasn't the official outcome and he woulnd't know what it would be until Sampson called him and told him, thats what Zach felt, the werewolves and the vampires were to far gone to be friends anymore.

Pretty rough in their huh? The same female vampire that led him to the elevator said, Magnus called her Margaret.

Yea, that is why I am leaving Zach said, as Margaret opened the door for him.

Becareful Zach, their were whispers of rogue Vampires aiming for a black dog that would attend this meeting, the whispers only began a few minutes after you entered the meeting room. Watch your back. Margaret said, as she closed the doors and now Zach began to walk.

Rogue Vampires, going after him? Zach replayed the meeting and remembered Frederick talking to a vampire from behind the door, what they said was unknown. It had to be Frederick, Zack walked further and a car pulled up to him. The window was lowered and on the passenger side was a gun sticking out the window and holding that gun was a Vampire, apparently, an old Vampire with the Blue eyes, representing pure blood. The vampire told Zach to get into the back of the car.

With a blink of the eye Zach was gone.

Where the hell did he go? After an apparent pause the driver yelled There he is, he changed, Magnus is going to be upset if we dont protect him, I think we scared him.

The passenger said, Good. That gives us a reason to not pursue and an alibi to tell Magnus. We lost the dog... Due me a favor Isacc, tell Frederick, when the meeting is over, that we did our part

We had the easy part, I wish I was the one to have been picked to tear him apart. The driver said, as he opened his door and walked out the vehicle.

Zach ran as fast as he could through the gates and out into the main street, cutting across a yard to get to the back of the house and then turning into an alley. He had to stop because the wall was rather high, he backed up and jumped across and changed back into a man. He made it the other side and caught himself before he fell, he was on a highway that was closed down. Road work signs at all the entrances.

He looked to his left and saw someone their.

A blonde vampire, he could smell it, a rather old vampire who was also a pure blood. She hadn't even changed yet, but her eyes were radianting blue. Zach didn't know whether to turn again or to just walk away. She just stood their staring at him, eventually she began to walk toward him.

A Black Dog was supposed to die here. However, my alligences are with my Lord Magnus, not the others. He has faith that you can help him, if you proceed anywhere else you will encounter dozens of rogue vampires past this street. Use the sewers and get out. The female vampire said, as she pulled open the grate.

Zach was not sure to believe her or not, but he had no choice either way he was going to be in fight, that is if the sewers were a trap as well. He decided to trust her and escape, he looked at her one more time and remembered her face from somewhere, but couldn't place her.

Zach enetered the sewers and followed the sewer workers arrows, eventually he would find a way out or so he had hoped. But one thing was apparent, the war that ended centuries ago was now resurrecting and a war in this day and age would lead to catastrophic results that neither side can imagine.

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Magnus stood seated at the table, in disbelief of what he was hearing. A meeting which had been intended to promote peace had now turned into a shouting match.

Tootles had made his views and opinions clearer than he’d been asked to do, and his failure to account for the actions of his clan would be dealt with.

Enough of this John, if you think you and your ilk scare me, then we are not as good friends as I though.

The words left Magnus’ mouth like sharp razors.

I suggest you and your men remember exactly where you are, and how hard it would be for you to exit if anything happens to me or this council. You do remember the last time one of your guards attempted to assinate a member of my house do you not?

As Magnus spoke, the more agitated werewolves looked to their King for a response, however upon closer inspection the King of Lycans seemed to be more interested in cold staring Magnus.

We have come here for a simple reason. This fighting grows very tiresome, and I for one would prefer to not have to clean up Vampire corpses every other month. I would assume you feel the same about your brethren who are being fed death as well.

In order to help curb this and bring those who break our ancient rules, I propose we gather and list and again mutually agree to hunt those who would do us harm. If we continue this way, we are no better than the humans

Magnus was not sure how well this would go, but it was his only option at this point. As he continue to speak he noticed a security guard appear in the door. He whispered something to Frederick, who came rushing to Magnus’ side.

Mlord. The research lab has detected an unknown heat signature above the level 4 entry. He seems to be watching.

Magnus contemplated this. He’d heard of a human hunter who was feared in the United States for his skill as well as his choice of high profile targets.

Intel had shown that he was in the city. Hmm, perhaps we would need to send him a message as well.

Seal off the lab, make sure nobody can come in. Switch to security system delta and release test subjects 18 through 23 into both levels 3 and 4.

Frederick left immediately to alert the rest of the compound.

I will require his aid as well, perhaps showing him a secret of ours will help build some rapport.

Attention returned to the meeting at hand, a few of the members had left. Most notably, Zacharia. Damn, Magnus thought, if anything happened to him before his role was complete, there would be hell to pay. He could only hope the detail would do its job.

We shall prepare a hunting list for you King, and have them delivered early next week, we will not attempt to stop any hunting of these Vampires. I hope we can receive the same cooperation from you.

As for you Tootles, I suggest paying a bit more respect to those who are elders. If you ever disrespect me or this court in that fashion, I will personally deliver you to Krull over here. Do we have an understanding?

As the Lycans began to file out, Magnus returned to his chambers to ponder the very many plans there were to make and execute. He also wanted to keep a close eye on his new friend above level 4, and watch his creations in action.

As Magnus entered the compound’s central control and security center, and caught a glimpse of the monitor, his skin began to crawl. On the screen before him, a view of the closed CCTV camera network of London, he observed Zacharia talking with an unknown female. As the conversation ended and she turned to face the camera Magnus’ eyes widened.

It cannot

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