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Dark Days In The UnderWorld

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 02:12 AM
Andrew, be sure that Magnus is comfortable during this meeting. This might take a while

"Yes, sir"

I was preparing the projectors and getting things setup to reveal everything to our King. The house Vampire kept annoying us with little requests. I remember muttering to myself at one point If I am ever king, he is the first to go with a half grin on my face.

One of the IT members turned to me. "Sir, your encryptions have been deciphered and the data is ready to be analyzed".

Thank you. But there is no need to Analyze. Pull up data block 4321A. It contains all relevant data concerning this meeting. Once you have the file active, I am requesting you and your staff to leave this room immediately

"yes, sir". he said.

The comm became active and an announcement was made "Mathis of the Marcus bloodline has arrived Mr. Toodles"

Holy hell that was fast. I only sent the order less than an hour ago. Send him to conference room C.

"Yes, sir".

I turned to Andrew. How in the $%#^ did he get here so fast?

Mathis barged in right when I said it. "Sir, we might have a problem. I do apologize for not giving notice"

Ok, calm down. What is wrong?

"Compound 3 has been compromised by unknown assailants"

AssailantS? With an S? How many?

"We can't be certain. maybe 20. But this is impossible. Our perimeter cameras are one mile away from the compound and are capable of 600 frames per second. No vampire, werewolf or anything in existence can move past them undetected"

I am aware of their specifications. What was taken?

"Nothing important. Some satellite data that is 4 years old and some old digital story books".

This is worse than I though. Ok, get everyone to this compound as fast as possible.

I touched the comm panel to the Armory. This is Mr. Toodles. I need everyone at their posts immediately. We need the heaviest guard possible on the Server room and the entrance to the Cellar.

Mathis. Get over to the server controls and disconnect it from anything that is not in this room. Most of what....just disconnect it.

Andrew looked at me when I paused with confusion on his face. "Sir, is there..." Dont have time for this Andrew, DO IT!

"Yes, sir"

I left the server room and bolted for Magnus's chambers. I barged it and just started spilling everything I could get out in that second.

Sire, it appears Lilith is not alone. Compound 3 has been compromised which is impossible in itself. There are reports of approximately 20 unknown assailants. Most of the data Lilith is looking for has already been transferred here. I have posted the heaviest guard detail at every important entrance including the Cellar. You were adamant about not wanting me down there, so I assumed it was extremely important.

I suggest getting all Vampires inside the compound and ramping up the UV lamps to maximum illumination just to be safe.

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 02:35 AM
Melchior entered the lift at the end of the hallway with six berserkers following him. They were carrying weapons of all descriptions ready to “clean up” the tech lab and the warehouse.

Melchior looked around at the men as the lift started to move downwards, he wondered if they ever felt any remorse for the things they did. He had heard many stories from Kull about the missions of the berserkers and the fury that drives them into a full rage.

The lift stopped and the doors opened.

Gentlemen, if you would like to follow me. Said Melchior to the men.

He opened the door to the tech lab and they walked in.

Ah, sir said Russell looking up from his work station just in time. Ive finished the antivirus ahead of schedule. Its all in here. He said holding up the small black case.

Russell looked at the men behind Melchior and wondered what was going on.

Its too late said Melchior were here to shut everything down.

Two of the berserkers stepped forward and pulled out flame throwers from behind their backs. They continued to walk into the warehouse.

Where are they going with those things? Said Russell looking at Melchior.

Im sorry, we cant leave any evidence behind. Said Melchior turning away from Russell.

You cant burn the warehouse we are underneath the mansion.

Were not going too, Said Melchior in stone cold voice were just going to burn the people.

Theres over 800 people in there, this is outrageous. Shouted Russell in disbelief.

At least let me put them to sleep first cried Russell. Please, I beg you.

We don’t have time said Melchior Im sorry, I really am.

They watched the two men walk through the doorway. The screams and crying stopped for a few seconds as the men entered the warehouse. The door then closed behind them. The screaming started again; this time it was even louder than before. Even with the door closed tight they could still hear the people screaming for their lives. The sounds from the warehouse became urgent for a while and then muffled as the minutes ticked away. After forty minutes had passed Melchior wondered how much longer they would have to wait.

This is wrong! said Russell looking back at the door.

The warehouse door slowly opened and smell of burnt flesh filled the room. The two berserkers returned to the tech lab.

Its done. Said one of the men.

Russell turned to Melchior.

What about Kaelus? He asked urgently.

We are going to deal with him now. Said Melchior.

Melchior gave the order to the other four Berserkers to kill Kaelus. The men armed their weapons and pulled open the warehouse door and walked in. Ahead of them was the stone chamber. This was going to be fun to watch thought Melchior quickly following the men into the room.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 08:20 AM

Father knows Best

Still asleep, he felt a sensation across his face, and as a Venus fly trap clamps down on an unsuspecting fly, his large hand in a quick knee-jerk reaction grabbed the culprit. He sat up and looked at a rat, now in his hand, and held by it’s tail upside down; squirming and squeaking in fear. In a quick movement, he clasped the rat by its throat with it’s little head appearing above his large clenched hand. In an instant, he twisted off it's head and put his mouth over the squirting blood, now shooting out from it’s stub. It didn’t take long for him to drain the rat, and after finishing, he flung it against the wall. The sewer was pitch black, but as a result of his acute night vision, seeing in this subterranean labyrinth was easy. He looked down at the end of the sewer and saw a figure approaching.

With the figure in plain sight, Dieter jumped to his feet and assumed a formidable appearance, similar to what a cat does in making itself appear larger with its hair extended along its back in a defensive posture. He had the appearance similar to a bat with long pointed ears, sunken nose, red glowing eyes, robust facial features, bald head, gray skin, and hands extended with razor sharp nails protruding.

In a demonic voice, Dieter called out, Halt! Identify yourself! The figure stopped mid way before reaching Dieter. He squinted to get a closer look at the figure’s face, and had recognized it before, but couldn't recollect precisely.

The figure responded in Russian and slowly moved forward:

I thought this tongue would be more familiar and jog your memory of my identity. I mean you no harm. We met over 65 years ago on that arctic chilled steppe in the Russian heartland. It was winter 1943 and Operation Barbarossa was coming to an end and fizzling out, the last gasps of a maniac bent on world domination; how pathetic. You were with your men, and cornered, in that partially demolished building, in the center of the ruined metropolis and counting down the days until the Red Army breaks through so that you may be acquainted with your fate. I straddled both sides in the war and fed off of the soldiers in the midst of the confusion. Usually, when the dust settled, civilians payed the brunt for my atrocities, because the military could never figure out who was brutally murdering their soldiers.

The Germans thought it was Soviet partisans and the Soviet’s thought it was Nazi collaborators. It was a vicious cycle of terror by both sides. In most cases, they were wrong and innocent blood was spilled. You remember the policy, don’t you, for every dead German soldier, thirty civilians will be executed in return? I am sure you personally carried out some of those policies. Your hands are dirty, but so were the Soviets, and I leave the petty semantics to humans. I have no understanding of it anymore. I have been a tourist of calamity, warfare, civil disturbance, and other human misfortunes. It is easier to feed in those instances and I have been doing it for a very, very, long time . . .

I was there when Caesar laid waste to Gaul with his legion. The noise of screams still echo in my ears as people ran in terror as Rome burned. Nero blamed the Christians as scapegoats, although some believed that it was the Emperor himself who set the city ablaze so he could make room to carry out his grandiose construction projects. The Christians were brutally dealt with, some by wild beasts, who tore them apart like warm bread; while others succumbed to the cross like their Master.

My tourism doesn’t stop there, I was privy to the sacking and desecration of Jerusalem by Titus. Millions perished in that affair. Throughout the annals of history, during conflict and unrest, I walked among the victims and oppressors; feeding on both sides. They are but a meal to me, and I find it fascinating at the carnage humans are willing to inflict on their own. Name an historical event where unspeakable carnage and degradation took place, and chances are, I was probably there. As a matter of fact, I was in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and once again, I fed while the commotion shook the city. I find disruption either through warfare or natural disasters as the best cover for my feeding frenzies.

I have shadowed you, for sometime, since your turning; and with a rudimentary knowledge of vampire affairs and history, I am quite proud of your accomplishments. You carried over that same resourcefulness and resolve, I remember seeing during the war into the immortal world. I come before you now, because your mission may seem routine at present, but it is not; something serious is brewing among the Vampires and Lycans. The writing is on the wall and I have been observing it from a distance for years. I have remained out of the record books as long as I have been a Vampire, and I like it that way. I guess now my name would suffice, I am Albius and have seen much over the vastness of time.

Know this, I haven’t turned many, but like you, there are others around the world living in the shadows causing misfortune to the unsuspecting. They are my disciples, and will know at first sight of your relationship to me and may offer assistance when needed. See, Vampires are intrinsically linked to their maker and it’s at a subconscious level, some humans refer to it as intuition. Those nightmares you have been experiencing are a result of me and my hold on you. I have always been aware of your whereabouts as well as all my children.

Take my name with you to your immortal grave and tell no one of my identity or relationship to you. Now you know who I am and where I have been, don’t violate my trust or you will wish you never had. Heed my warnings and remain vigilant. That is all I have for now, and with that, I must depart, I hear the Hindu Kush is in upheaval at present . . .

With a stunned look on his face and utterly speechless after the long monologue; Dieter could only utter one word: Wait!

As the word left his lips, Albius was gone. With the identity of his Vampiric father known and knowledge of his extended family around the world, he looked at the world through different eyes. This knowledge would be a secret he would take to his grave, no one would know of his Master. It would be the ace up his sleeve. Now in human form, his mobile device began to vibrate. He removed it from his pocket and pressed the illumination button on the side:

Urgent! You have been summoned to London. Mr. Toodles has surrendered and is now in custody. Cancel all operations in New Orleans and Barksdale AFB! Arrangements have been made for a replacement to assume command at our facility in your immediate absence. Your replacement should be there by now. No need to return for your luggage, it will be mailed to you in London. Take what you have. A jet is on standby at Louis Armstrong International Airport, awaiting your arrival. Get to the airport as soon as possible!

End of message. . .

He put the mobile device back in his pocket. He thought to himself, with the emergence of his Maker and the serious tone of the message from his employer; his intrigue was now at a fever pitch. Assessing what happened with his Maker would have to wait, because he had an associate waiting for him near the mysterious phone booth and a flight to catch . . .

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 03:49 PM
Magnus had been speaking with Frederick about the events at hand when Toodles came barging in. His first reaction was to smite him where he stood, however, the look on his face proved he had not done so intentionally.

Sire, it appears Lilith is not alone. Compound 3 has been compromised which is impossible in itself. There are reports of approximately 20 unknown assailants. Most of the data Lilith is looking for has already been transferred here. I have posted the heaviest guard detail at every important entrance including the Cellar. You were adamant about not wanting me down there, so I assumed it was extremely important.

I suggest getting all Vampires inside the compound and ramping up the UV lamps to maximum illumination just to be safe.

Magnus weighed his options. Allow Lilith to ransack a compound which in all honesty was of no further use to anybody, or send a detail out there to investigate. They would most likely not return and he knew it.

I am not very worried about Lilith and your Compound Toodles, I apologize.

Toodles looked a bit confused by this statement. Without missing a beat Frederick connected the dots for him.

Lilith will not come here Toodles. She knows the secrets of this place, some of which you do not know, and by proxy, knows that this is the most dangerous place on the planet for her.

There is no amount of information or data that would be important enough to show herself here. She might send some of her operatives, but as we all know they will not make it very far with our hunters.

Thank you Frederick, you are correct. You see Toodles, there is only one person that Lilith fears and that person is Zaio. He is far more than some genetically enhanced specimen of mine. Zaio is the only of his kind. Well second really.

He'd captivated Toodles' attention. Toodles was aware of most projects going on, and during his rogue years had collected much info about about the various black projects that were known by very little. This operation however, had never seen paper. It had never been discussed outside Magnus' chamber and those who had ever over heard had disappeared.

Perhaps Toodles could make good use of this information. If anything it would keep him close to Magnus.

Allow me to explain. Magnus continued.

Zaio was at one time very much human. I turned him myself. I am a tactician at heart Toodles, but I do not have to tell you that. I have been planning the return of the Elders for centuries. Lilith was just a twist.

You see when we began testing with Zaio, he wanted to go all the way. He begged to be the best and submitted himself to thousands of tests and experiment drugs over the years. One of those drugs, was a synthesized version of my blood.

My blood is the blood of Lilith Toodles. Zaio is the most powerful of us all. Even I would not stand a chance if he were to turn against us.

Toodles seemed more confused than we he had began. How could Zaio be stronger than his own maker? How could Magnus have Litith's blood within him?

I was turned by Lilith and through out time together we fought many battles, with enemies you could not imagine. On three occasions I was wounded almost beyond repair. It was Lilith and her blood that saved me. I eventually consumed enough that now my blood is not my own.

I never knew what kind of power lay dormant within me, and because of such a tragedy, I am unable to access it. Old age has certainly taken its toll on me.

Zaio however is in his prime. He has not awakened yet, but he gets stronger everyday. Once he awakens, Lilith nor any of the Lycans alive today, will be able to stop us.

Magnus felt a pit in his stomach as he finished the last sentence. Was this too much to have divulged? Perhaps, but at this point, he could count on Toodles, and giving him trust such as this would certainly help him favor his King a bit more.

So, as said. Let them come and try. Let us be prepared however. Begin security protocol Alpha Draconis and keep me updated.

Frederick. Please find Zoe and Zachariah and have them come up to see me. I have not yet been briefed on their encounter and I need more information on The Lioness.

Of Course Sire.

Frederick too his leave.

Magnus was left standing in front of a jaw dropped Toodles. He patiently awaited his response.

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 08:48 PM
As the lid came off of the tomb, Zach made a fatal error and gazed into Samantha's eyes as she awoke. Peering into the eyes of a Vampire when they awaken from hiberation makes the person that looks upon them a walking puppet. Zach saw Skyler and saw his face as Samantha rose out of the Tomb and hugged Zach. Almost immediately, the three of them were surrounded by the remaining packs of Werewolves who were taking shelter in the Old Kingdom and needless to say they did not enjoy the sight of a Vampire under the sacred pedestal and they certainly did not enjoy the sight of a vampire in there house.

Skyler was trying everything to ward off the werewolves, he had no idea what the hell was happening was happening, but he did know that he was in the middle of this mess. Zach kept having the urge to transform into a blackdog, but kept fighting it. Skyler was wearing the ring and the werewolves around them seemed to be confused, but their were a few that were unwavering, a vampire in the Old Kingdom was a death sentence for that Vampire.

You dare to protect this blood sucker?! One werewolf said, approaching them.

Skyler turned to Zach and looked at him. The werewolves began to walk toward the exit doors and prevent them from leaving. Samantha was smiling and Zach was fighting the trance that he was in, but before he knew it. Samantha turned to Skyler and muttered something.. It sounded like, "Get back." and/or "watch this". Samantha pointed to the werewolf starting the trouble and turned back around to Zach.

Kill that one Zacharia, I command you. Samantha said, as Zach turned into a black dog.

The other human formed werewolves that were there backed up, as the moon could not reach them at this time and only twenty had that belt. Skyler was reaching for his gun, he did not want to slaughter his brothers unless he had no choice. Before Skyler could even process what he was going to do Zach had jumped on the werewolf and quickly over powered him. The old werewolf could not fight back, as Zach dug his claws into the neck of the werewolf. Skyler looked back and told him to stop, but not only that he noticed a flicker in Zach's eyes, from black to red. Skyler had read about this before, but could not remember what this was a sign of.

Suddenly, Zach jumped off the old werewolf and turned back into a human. Samantha looked surprised, but quickly turned to Skyler.

Well if were going to make a break for it, now is the time young werewolf. Samantha said, following Skyler out of the Old Kingdom.

Zach caught up after a while, he could not break this trance. Samantha was in control and Zach could not escape. He was hopeing that Skyler figured this out and that he would be on constant guard, just incase Samantha used Zach against him.

The king is expecting us Zach. However, you lady Vampire are not welcome. I suggest you get lost now. Skyler said, walking to his car.

Wait. Zach said, as Skyler turned around in confusion, We have to make a detour first. We have an elder Vampire Skyler, if she dies in our care a whole bunch of hell is going to reign down upon us. We need to bring her to the Vampire compound Safely.

Skyler looked again at Zach's eyes, which were once again changing from their brown human color to a red color and then quickly switching back.

Fine. But we go straight to the King after this. Those werewolves in there are certainly going to tell the King what happened and I want to get the story straight. This is your mess Zach not mine. Skyler said, opening the doors to the car. And how come your friend just does not clap her hands or whatever and transports us their with her abilities?

Because I cannot do that anymore, its a one thing type of deal until I get my energy back. Tell me young Vampire, would you enjoy the ability to rule over the werewolves? and create peace among the lands? Samantha said, touching Skylers shoulder from the back seat. I can give you all the power that you need and want. All you have to do is kiss me and the world and the power will be yours now and forever.

Zach looked behind him and only hoped that Skyler does not fall for the elders evil magic. Samantha ruled by a kingdom and she could create one again if she had a husband and loyal opposite. Of course by kissing Samantha, Skyler would have tremendous power that no werewolf could possess. Samantha always wanted power and she had it for a while, until the humans threw her from power. If Samantha had a werewolf husband, she would have power from both sides. It would be almost unfair.

Zach was screaming inside for Skyler to tell her to shove it. The battle inside Zach was tearing him into. Skyler was silent and this was bothering Zach, was he actually considering this?

Samantha continued, I will make you king of the Werewolves and the Vampires and together we could have peace. That is what you want, is it not?

Skyler continued to drive. He was silent, but Zach knew on the inside this young werewolf was considering this and who wouldn't? And why did Samantha tell Zach to take her to Magnus. What was she planning?

So Zach, how does it feel to begin the revolution. Lilith will bow before me, but first I will prove a point to the entire Vampire world, Take me to Magnus and convince your friend to take us.

That was no more than twenty minutes ago when she told him that telepathically. And now she was talking to him again.

When your friend see's what powers I possess he will surely become my king. And you Zach, well perhaps its time for you to spend some time alone underground. I will rule...

Zach closed his fist, as Samantha told him to relax and his body listened to her. As Samantha continued her assault on Skyler and her words became sweeter and sweeter to the ears. Zach was even becoming tempted, this was a great deal, but in the long run would only cause more suffering. Hopefully, Skyler would be strong enough to decline Samantha's deal of being her King... The fate of everyone rested on his actions from this point. As Skyler continued to the Vampire Compound.

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 09:59 PM
Samantha's words were like a soft melody to Skyler. Her gentle caresses on his shoulder was strangely inviting to him. He concentrated on the old cobblestone road that would lead him back to the main dirt road. What in the world was going on?

Skyler please listen to me. We dont have much time. The fate of all of our lives hangs in the balance. I could make our dreams come true. Samantha was unrelenting with her hypnotic speach.

Skyler could see it. He could actually see himself being the King and ruling everyone. He would be a good King. He would be sure that all the treaties were enforced and that no one on either side would be killed. Could it all be this simple? Could this magical woman really make his dreams come true?

Skyler shook his head and concentrated on the road. Look I have to get you over to the vampire compound. Zach and I have a lot to do right now and Im really not sure what you want. Skyler tried to sound assertive but his timid response gave him away.

Ive seen our destiny Skyler. I have seen you and I sitting on the thrones of power and I have seen peace in our midst. Do you think it was an accident that Zach was there to show you my hiding place? Samantha spoke so eloquently and gracefully.

It was written long ago Skyler. It was written and it cannot be broken. You must believe me. Samantha continued as the Hummer turned onto the main dirt road leading away from the Old Kingdom.

Isnt this true Zacharia? Samantha questioned Zach sternly. There was something different in the way that she addressed Zach. Skyler noticed it.

Its...its...true Skyler. written. A long time...ago. Its...true. Zach seemed to be forcing his words out. Skyler raised his right hand up and gazed at the jewel encrusted golden ring that adorned his hand. He then slowly felt his jacket. The King Cobra was there. He carressed its outline through the denim.

My my arent we the old one? Skyler almost whispered absently. He knew something was wrong. He knew he had to make a move but he wasn't sure if Zach would be on board. He still felt the desire to be King though. It was as strong as ever and it was getting worse. Would it be that bad for everyone after all? Wait, he had to think.

Please. Lets get to the vampire compound first. Everything else will work itself out Im sure. I mean it is written right? If it is written than I believe we cannot change it by getting to the vampire compound. Zach put your friend at ease. Everything will be fine when we get there. Skyler said forcefully now. He thought for sure that he heard a slight growl from Samantha when presented with the logic. Whatever was going on, he was sure that Zach would have a solution. Whatever this Samantha was talking about, well, it would just have to wait. Skyler concentrated on the road.

After a long and nerve racking ride the Hummer was closing in on the vampire facility. He knew something was going on there as obvious vampires in trench coats surrounded the vehicle as soon as they turned onto the compound's road. Skyler lowered his window.

Just bringing someone to Magnus boys. Im sure he would not want us delayed unreasonably. Skyler used his thumb to gesture toward the backseat.

A very serious hunter killer vampire peered into the back and suddenly stood straight. He began waving him through immediately. Man, now that's service with a smile. Skyler rolled slowly up to the main gate and parked the vehicle.

Alright Skyler you follow us. We will take her to Magnus and everything will be revealed. Zach stated flatly. He opened his door and helped the lioness out of the vehicle. Skyler stepped out and let them lead the way.

The place hadn't changed a bit. It was as creepy as all hell. Vampires walked the interior of the compound with weapons. It seemed that the place was in lock down or something. They were approached quickly by the very same clip board wielding vampire that Skyler remembered from the meeting. The vampire looked at Samantha and cringed. He looked toward Zach.

Zach I trust that you will be needing Mariah? She will be found through the double doors. Please show yourself. The clip board wielding vampire gestured toward the massive wooden doors as he turned his gaze to the ground.

This was getting stranger by the second. For all Skyler knew he was being led to his demise. He had come this far, he had to see what was going on. He followed Zach and Samantha through the doors.

Mariah was at her desk and immediately pushed a button on her intercom. Sire Zacharia and two visitors will be coming up. The one that you had been interested in seeing is with them. Mariah released the intercom and quickly led them to the elevator. The doors closed and seemed to open just as quickly. Mariah seemed to be standing in the same place except that the surroundings had changed. Cool trick.

They exited the elevators and were led to Magnus's chambers where workers were busily replacing the doors. The doors they had removed seemed to have been blown up, lying in a pile on the side of the hallway.

This was too much for Skyler. He felt his jacket again. He caressed the outline of the King Cobra. He wasn't sure where this was leading, but he was determined to find out. He was about to be face to face with Magnus himself.

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posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 12:11 AM
I stood there with the proverbial "jaw drop" in utter disbelief. It had occured to me that Magnus was right all along. I was just an arrogant fool. Even I had no idea of the magnitude of that which had just been laid onto my ears. At least I was comforted by the fact that even though he was aware of the Awakenings, we planned on stopping her in some form or fashion.

Before I could even speak, I got an eerie sensation. Someone was here. Someone very old. Someone that I knew.

Sire, something is wro... and I was cut off when a hand grabbed my throat and suspended me in mid air. It was an Elder. That much I was sure of. By her looks and presence, I would surmise it was Samantha the Lioness. I could see out of the corner of my eyes, Zacharia who seemed to be in a daze and the Werewolf Skyler.

"Such a pity, Magnus. To have such young and filthy blood in your house" she said.

I was powerless. I could feel her strangle hold on my neck begin to tighten. She looked straight into my eyes and I could hear her thoughts You have defiled our kind long enough. You and your entire bloodline will perish you filthy scum

Right when I thought my end was near, I was released. I fell to the floor gasping for air. "Come now. We should all rejoice at this occasion" she said.

As she was talking, Andrew came rushing in to attack her Andrew, NO! Stand down! I yelled.

"Magnus, maybe we should meet in a more private setting" Samantha said.

Magnus yelled at me "Toodles, get the others out of here NOW!

I turned to Skyler who seemed to still be in shock. I grabbed him by the arm and tried to get zacharia but he was in such a daze that he wouldn't budge.

Magnus yelled "Leave him Toodles, I will get him"

And with that, I threw Skyler into the elevator and followed behind him.


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posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 12:53 AM

Charity comes in all Forms

Dieter removed the manhole cover and emerge from his subterranean lair. The street was desolate and quite. He crouched down to move the manhole cover to it's original position. There was a voice coming from the sidewalk, Sir, can you spare some change for a displaced veteran?

Dieter honed in on the man and looked around to see if any witnesses where around, and to his pleasure, the street was dead. He thought: How unfortunate, this wino is in the wrong place and at the wrong time. As he approached the man who was sitting against a boarded up building; he started to brush off the filth from his time in the sewer. Standing before the man, he took another look and saw nothing of concern. In his deep German accent he began to address the wino: Pleasant night?

The man took a sip from his brown bag and looked up at Dieter now standing before him: arghhh . . . C’mon, any change? I haven’t eaten in days. This man was so drunk, he didn’t find anything suspicious about a man in a business suit emerging from a sewer in the middle of the night. He smelled like a brewery.

Well, my good man, I have nothing to offer you monetarily, but maybe you have something to offer me? What do you mean, I am the one asking you for help? What I mean is, like you, I have not eaten as well. My stomach yearns for a meal. Well, if you think I have food, you are mistaken, that is why I am asking you for change. Oh, my good man, I know, but you are the meal! Move along, your ******* nuts! No my friend, you are the one that is nuts, sitting out here alone on this desolate street in such a vulnerable state. You make yourself such easy prey. There are monsters afoot and I happen to be one.

The loud acceleration of a car sounded and in moments a police cruiser was beside them. The police officer rolled down his window and shined a light in the direction of the two men. Both men now illuminated, Dieter turned around to face the officer.

Buddy, you don’t look like you are from around here, don’t you know this is a dangerous area at this hour? Oh, I am unaware officer, see, I am here on business; and an unruly cab driver dropped me off here for no apparent reason. Maybe the cabby was playing a cruel prank on me, I don’t know? Thanks for your concern, and as I was walking in search of a bus stop; I stumbled upon a fellow man in need. So here I am.

Then the cop focused his attention on the homeless man, still sitting against the wall. Is this man bothering you? Dieter turned around to face the man and his eyes flickered bright red and he shook his head from side to side. With a shocked look on his face, as if he had seen a ghost, he responded: No officer, he is just a good Samaritan helping a man who is down on his luck find a meal. Okay, get off the street and into a shelter, because it is dangerous out here.

Dieter turned to face the officer as he spoke, Sir, there is a bus stop on the next block, it runs 24 hours. Finish your business and get there. Thank you officer, will do. After the exchange, the officer turned off his light and drove away. Dieter turned to face the man and then turned to watch as the police car’s tail lights descended into darkness. The man was to drunk to escape. With the police officer gone and looking down at the man, Dieter spoke: Nicely done, friend. However, I am unable to spare you this evening, because I am starving. But I can relieve your suffering, at the very least. Shall we begin? The man just gave a nod of acceptance, because he knew his fate stood before him.Very well, lets begin.

In an instant, Dieter's face changed into a morbid looking creature with large pointed ears and bright red eyes. He gave a hiss, with fangs showing, and lunged toward the man. Immediately, his hands were on his shoulders to subdue him. In quick succession, his mouth gripped the man's neck. As his teeth pierced the soft tissue, the man gave out a blood curdling scream which was most likely heard for blocks. However, the night was quite, at least he hoped so. He continued to drink the warm liquid as the man squirmed and shook in the final gasps of life.

After finishing, he stood up and looked around. The street was still quite and the void of humanity. He grabbed the deceased man by the leg and dragged the corpse to the manhole cover. After removing the cover, he took the dead man’s head in his hands, and with a quick jerk, broke the neck. He pushed the body down the hole. Hopefully, when a car rolls over the hole, and the body is discovered, and reported to the authorities; they will think he was drunk and fell down the uncovered manhole; only to break his neck in the process.

With split second speed, he was gone. Moments later, he approached the black SUV which was at a distance from the phone booth. The sounds of aircraft from the military based engulfed the extraneous noise of the night. Dieter opened the vehicle's back door to take a seat. Reinhardt turned around to face his master, now sitting behind him.

Master, I have been here for most of the day, and at nightfall, I witnessed unknown visitors descend below like the movers had done before. Just an estimate, but there could be no more than 20 or 30 individuals in the group. Everything appeared orderly. After their descent was complete, I left the vehicle to have a look see, and I am still at a loss on how to gain access? The visitors are still below. That is all I have.

Dieter looked out the window at the phone booth which was off at a distance and turned to face his associate: Fine work, Reinhardt! However, your findings are of minimal importance at present, because we have been summoned to London and are to leave immediately. All operations have been canceled. Command at the compound has been arranged by our employers. So lets get to the airport! Very well, Master. as he put the key in the ignition to start the car and drive away. Now moving with about a 6 hour drive ahead of them, he removed the mobile device from his pocket and began to type:

Leaving Bossier City. About 6 hours travel time to New Orleans and the airport. Daylight will most assuredly be upon me on my arrival to London. Ensure that there is adequate accommodations for such inconveniences at Heathrow. Requesting immediate audience with Magnus for debriefing and reassignment. End of message . . .

They where now on the expressway en-route to Louis Armstrong International Airport. Out the window, vehicles could be seen weaving in and out of traffic in a frenzy. Over the incessant hum of passing vehicles, he had thoughts of his mission and what was in store for him in London . . .

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“Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war...”

Four berserkers stood in front of the tomb with their weapons armed and ready. Melchior pushed the button on the wall and stone doors of the tomb slowly opened. The vampire stood there chained to the wall behind him. His head was tilted to one side and his eyes looked sunken and yellow. He could only keep his ancient form he didn’t have enough strength to become human. Not that he wanted too, he despised them. Slowly he raised his head and looked at the soldiers that stood before him.

Melchior waited at the back of the room and laughed at the sight of Kaelus. He looks pathetic he thought god he could have done the job himself.

Cut the chains and bring him to me. Shouted Melchior.

Two berserkers walked up to Kaelus and cut the chains either side of him. Kaelus fell to knees, too weak to stand up.

Bring him here. yelled Melchior.

The two berserkers each grabbed an arm and dragged him across the stone floor. Kaelus began to feel the blood pumping around his body once again as he moved away from the tomb. He began to feel his strength returning, his muscles started to move and grew stronger. His yellow eyes were slowly turning blue.

Russell was waiting outside in the tech lab still holding the black case with the antivirus inside. They can’t kill Kaelus he thought. I couldn’t save those people but they’re not going to kill my vampire. He quickly opened the door to the warehouse and walked in. He put his hands over his mouth and nose as the smell of burning flesh still filled the air. Oh god thought Russell I think I’m going to be sick. He tried not to look at the burnt bodies but they were scattered everywhere around the warehouse. He quickly walked over to the stone chamber and opened the door and walked in. Russell looked over towards Kaelus only to see the berserkers dragging him away from the tomb.

NO! Cried Russell the tomb stops his powers from returning, put him back in ther..

But it was too late. The vampire rose to his feet, slowly he unfolded his wings. Kaelus grabbed the two soldiers and flew upwards towards the stone ceiling. He pushed their heads against the stone tiles and dropped them to the ground. Their lifeless bodies hit the stone floor with a thud.

Melchior watched with horror, this was the Kaelus that he remembered, the vampire that he fought against in the last war. This was about to get bloody thought Melchior. With that he slowly backed away into the corner of the room.

The other two berserkers watched their friends die at the hands of the vampire. Without thinking they threw their weapons down to the ground and got ready to bring on the rage.

Oh Christ Said Melchior looking at the soldiers changing into werewolves.

Death by fury! shouted one of the berserkers.

Death by fury! shouted the other.

The men’s bodies contorted and twisted as they changed into the werewolves. Their eyes looked blood shot and they had saliva dripping from their mouths. With a large growl they turned and faced the vampire.

One of the werewolves leapt forward and landed on Kaelus. They tumbled across the floor knocking over stone pillars as they went. The werewolf jumped back up to his feet and grabbed Kaelus by the leg then threw him against the wall. He hit the wall at speed sending pieces of stone flying in all directions.

The vampire got up and charged at the werewolf with his hands stretched out in front of him. Kaelus grabbed the werewolf with one hand and shoved his other hand through the werewolf’s chest ripping out his heart. The werewolf slumped to the floor at the feet of the vampire.

Kaelus turned towards the last werewolf. The werewolf leapt onto the wall and started to climb towards the ceiling. The vampire leant down to the floor and picked up one of the chains that were used to contain him. He swung the chain at the werewolf which wrapped itself around the creature’s neck. He pulled it tight slicing the werewolf’s head clean from his body. The werewolf fell from the wall to the floor.

Kaelus stood there laughing for a few seconds. He then stopped and turned to look at Russell.

Give me the case, Scientist. He said in a loud voice. NOW!

Listen, none of this was my idea, they made me do it. I don’t think you would want this, it kills vampires. Said Russell shaking while holding the case tightly.

I know replied Kaelus its time for me to seek my revenge.

Against who? Said Russell edging backwards away from the vampire.

Kaelus rushed forwards towards Russell, he was so quick Russell didn’t even see him move.

Against the world Said Kaelus whispering in Russell’s ear.

I thought I would start with the vampires. He continued they left me for dead, during the last war when I fell they never looked for me, they left me for dead. I thought they would come and rescue me but they never did. No one came. One hundred and fifty years and no one came to save me. To hell with them.. he shouted whilst taking the case from Russell.

Its time for me to cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war. Shouted Kaelus.

Wont you die if you use the antivirus. said Melchior stepping forward from the corner of the room.

Ha, ha Said Kaelus I forgot you were still hiding Melchior. Its been a long time werewolf. How are you?

The antivirus wont kill Kaelus, hes immune to it because we used his blood for the experiments. Interrupted Russell.

Yes he is, isnt he Said Kaelus. Oh, What a tangled web we weave gentlemen.. ha, ha.

Melchior edged towards the side of the wall.

You will have to get out of here first. Said Melchior hitting the intruder alert button.

The lights dimmed across the mansion as the intruder alert beacons started to flash red, whilst loud sirens echoed through the hallways.

Gentlemen, its time for me to leave. said Kaelus clutching the black case.

Oh, just one more thing. he said looking at Russell.

The vampire quickly moved his hand to Russell’s throat and with one quick flick he broke the scientist’s neck.

There, my work is done.... Melchior, its been a pleasure. Oh and send my regards to your king.

The vampire spread his wings and flew across the room to the doorway and towards the lift.

Melchior pressed the intercom button.

Kaelus has escaped and is in the mansion, I repeat Kaelus has escaped and is in the mansion.

The words echoed through the hallways and around the building. The house staff and personnel looked towards the sky peering through the windows and doors. They watched the moon as it started to rise. The vampire had chosen the wrong night to escape. All over the mansion people were changing into werewolves and getting ready to hunt down the vampire, getting ready to hunt down Kaelus.

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As anticipated, the seal had been broken. Magnus had felt it in his soul as it was happening. Samantha was connected to him much like Lilith was, and this time she was coming for him.

As Toodles muddled over what had just been reveal to him, Magnus began donning the armor given to him so long ago. It was a killers wardrobe. Some claimed it had been forged by an ancient people who imbued it with the energies of this world. In a time where magic was not a fable, but reality.

Magnus had not cared, it was feather light, and had protected him for his share of battles throughout the centuries. If Samantha wanted to take control, she would have to pry it from his dead lifeless hands.

Humph, dead hands eh? Magnus uttered under his breath. What a funny notion. Two dead ancient warriors will be fighting for power over the living. How quaint.

As he placed the final piece of armor on his shoulders he looked up just in time to see Samantha come through the doors and grab Toodles by the throat. She lifted him off the ground as if he were a flea.

"Such a pity, Magnus. To have such young and filthy blood in your house"

We have a very different view of filthy blood Samantha.

Magnus looked and was surprised to see Zacharia and a Lycan standing beside Samantha. Zach had a look of calm of his face, obviously under a trance from Samantha. She had the most piercing gaze.

Let them go Samantha, they have no part in this. Your prize here tonight will be me.

Samantha laughed loudly.

Ohh Magnus. Still telling bad jokes are we? Pity. No, these two are very important to my goals. As is your archives below this room.

Magnus knew what she wanted. The location of the remaining Elders and the secret to their seals. Each elder could only be awakened by one person. Over the generations a person was reborn with such abilities. They had been lost throughout time but Magnus had been researching their locations and had quite a stroke of luck.

With this information, Samantha could hunt them down and force them to open the tombs. Then she would have her army once again. Magnus could sense however that her strength had not fully returned to her.

Toodles, get the others out of here NOW!.

Magnus yelled as he withdrew his rune blade from it's sheath and pointed it at Samantha. Toodles moved swiftly grabbed the Lycan first and threw him into the elevator shaft. He attempted to do the same with Zach however, he would not move.

I Zach muttered in a broken voice.

Leave him Toodles, I will get him.
Jumping into the elevator shaft and hitting the button, the doors closed and Magnus was left staring down Samantha and Zach. He did not want to harm Zach, but would if he needed to.

Samantha raised her hand and pointed in Magnus' direction.
Kill him. She said softly.

Zach immediately lunged forward. He was quick, but there was hesitation in his maneuvers. Magnus easily blocked the first few blows and Zach quickly realized in his human form he would not be able to over power him.

He turned into his black dog form and lunged towards Magnus throwing him outside onto the veranda.

If only I can get him away from her glare, the spell will break. Magnus spoke to himself as he continuously dodged Zach's blows.

An idea came to mind. As Zach backed up to lunge forward, his jaged claws aiming for the throat, Magnus ducked and use Zach's own momentum to throw him over the veranda and down into the streets below.

He'd only had time to hear the sound of crushing glass and concrete before Samantha appeared in front of him. He could only hope, he had not killed Zach. Even with her weakened strength she was still as quick if not more so than Magnus.

I will have what I want Magnus, NOBODY will stop me! She shrieked as they began exchanging blows.

You will not Samantha. Not on my watch. For centuries I sat on the sidelines watching you ravage the land and her people. No more. You were put to rest for a reason. I should have killed you myself. What a sad pitiful being you are, preying on the ignorance of the young ones of our kind.

With these words, Samantha lunged forward and grabbed Magnus by the throat and lifted him from the ground.

How dare you? Ever since you took power Magnus things have fell apart. I may have been sealed in that god forsaken temple, but I have watched this world decay. The vampires are weak Hiding in the shadows and pandering to human demands.

Even the Lycan are doing better than you are. It is too bad I will have to kill you now Magnus. If only you had allowed Lilly to take over, we would not be in this situation.

Magnus gasped for air trying to get his feet on the ground as she continued.

My rule will be absolute. Everyone will bow to me. Lycan and human a like. Now Magnus, would you not simply obey and be my King?

Magnus could feel her gaze attempting to weave the spell of deception that had enthralled so many. He finally was able to set his feet to the ground and with a mighty push kicked her square in the chest.
Samantha fumbled to the edge of the veranda as Magnus picked up his sword and readied himself.

Your petty tricks will not work on me Samantha, you should be smart enough to know that.

By this time the veranda was almost completely destroyed. Massive chunks of concrete and glass littered the ground below as well as the entrance to Magnus' chamber had been blocked.

Magnus could feel his strenght draining. As powerful as he was, Samantha was simply more so, even in her weakened state every blow she gave felt as if it were the last. Magnus grew weary. His armor slowing him down.

She charged him again, this time however he managed to swing around and landed a blow on her thigh with the rune blade. She shrieked in pain as the blade dug deep. Magnus felt the density of bone and smile came across his face.

Pulling the blade back quickly he was able to give her a blow to the chest with the hilt knocking her forward and almost over the veranda.
I can go on like this for ever Samantha. Magnus smiled. He had caught his second wind, he armor seemed lighter and he felt grounded.

You will meet your end this day Magnus. I will rule over this world and you will NOT stop me.

Lunging forward again with greater speed than before, Magnus only had time to glimpse the metal object she pulled from her leg. A second later he felt sharp pain in his shoulder. Looking down he realized she had stabbed him in between the armor where two pieces met.

Falling on one knee, Magnus could not figure out why he was not healing, and why his strength seemed to be draining faster now.

Poison is a very useful tool, eh Magnus?

With the pain now blurring his vision, he used the the weight of the sword to stand up and saw Samantha holding a silver dagger, dripping with blood.
Magnus could no longer move.

You will soon be paralyzed and I will soon remove your head from your shoulders. You were a good sport Magnus, my only regret is that you have to die for the rest of us to live.

Lunging forward yet again, blade in hand, Magnus knew there was nothing he could do. This would indeed be the last of him.

As she reached him Magnus closed his eyes and waited for sweet death.

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Zach rolled off the car window, as a swarm of Vampires surrounded him to see what was going on. Zach could feel his strength coming back and that damn trance had finally been broken. Two vampires quickly ran to his side and stood him up quickly, they were going to detain him and lock him up, luckily, Margaret was there and quickly resolved the situation as she looked above and saw the fighting commencing between Magnus and the elder Samantha.

Margaret could see serious injuries on Zach, but that was not phasing him at all. Zach's injuries quickly begin to heal as he looked back up at the Veranada and could only imagine the fiighting that was commencing. He looked back at Margaret who was trying to tell him something, but Zach could not hear her.

Margaret tried again and Zach could pick up a few words and realized what she was trying to say.

Samantha is trying to kill Magnus. Assemble everybody at the main floor, close off the roof, and get Ruth and Zoe to a safe place. Zach said, as he began to run to the compound.

Where are you going? Margaret asked, as the other people around her began to lock the place down with tighter secruity that has never been seen before.

I am going to go and try to save your King. Do what I told you Margaret and get Zoe and Ruth to a safe place. Zach responded as he began to run to the compound.

Zach was able to reach the elevator as Zach felt a quick and sharp pain in his neck. Zach grabbed his neck out of reflex and fell to his knee's as he turned around and saw Margaret holding a syriange.

Sorry Zach, but I am much older than I look and I know the elders abilities as well. Mariah told me that she saw your eyes fluttering to red. Thats a sign of possession, Samantha was great at that. I cannot risk you turning against the king, just rest my friend. Margaret said, as Zach saw some Vampires surround him and carry him to a door. After they reached the door, Zach blacked out.

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Toodles, get the others out of here NOW!.

As soon as we got inside the elevator, I watched the door close. The last image I saw was of Magnus standing face to face with Samantha. Even Magnus doesn't stand a chance against an elder I thought.

I looked over to Skyler who was still in shock and seemed to be caressing something inside his jacket. No need to worry, Skyler. I never inteneded to kill you and do not intend to do so now. You will not be a prisoner here. Rather, I may need your assistance

As soon as the words rolled off my lips, the elevator shook and came to a grinding hault. I could hear pounding on the roof and then the entire thing was ripped off. I went immediately to full Vampire form.

Skyler, if you can change at will. I suggest you do so now. I said.

It was the Vampires that attacked compound 3, I was sure of it. The first one I saw grabbed me by the throat. Oh HELL NO! Not this again! I yelled as I grabbed his arm and pulled him into the elevator. Immediately I began clawing at him. I unsheathed a hidden dagger from my belt and sliced its head clean off.

Two More jumped into the elevator. As they were jumping in, I kicked the door off and pushed Skyler into the hallway and followed after him. what the hell are liliths pawns doing here I thought to myself. Unless Lilith and Samantha are working together

Both Vampires flew at me with amazing speed. I managed to avoid the lead one but the second one sliced my leg with a tiny dagger. I fell to my knees.

As I looked up and tried to catch my breath, the lead vampire walked up to me slowly and said "Filthy blood. You are only the first". I felt the wound heal itself and jumped to the ceiling as fast as I could move. I pulled out a second dagger and swung at the lead vampire at the same moment that I managed to throw the other one straight through the head of the second vampire.

The other other vampire get REALLY mad when I killed his companion. He charged at me with insane speed that I had never seen from a regular vampire, save for Magnus himself. He swung his knife at my neck and I barely dodged.

I stabbed him with a syringe of radioactive liquid that emitted UV radiation.
I have said it before and I will say it again I said to him as I approached. Age cannot compare to genuine ingenuity

I could hear more coming up the stairs at what sounded like Insane speeds. I yelled at Skyler GET OUT OF HERE NOW!

I pulled out a UV stun grenade and threw it down the hall and took cover. As soon as it went off, I could hear louds screeches and then silence. I took off toward the sounds and found them all slowly getting up, still in a daze. I pulled out both daggers and started slicing off as many heads as I could get too before the last few finally got up and took off for the nearest window.

My last concern was with Skyler. I tapped the nearest comm panel and said "Toodles to the armory. We have multiple intruders. Crank up the external UV lamps to Maximum and equip everyone with singular directional UV grenades. Make sure they know to place them on the ground with the lamp facing OUTWARDS towards the bad guys".

I was startled when I heard a loud crash outside. I ran out to see who or what happened. Zacharia was laying on top of a car and getting up. I looked toward Magnus's veranda up above and could hear shouting and noticed it was torn up pretty bad Magnus can take care of himself I thought.

I ran back into the compound and pulled out my phone. If we live through this, I sure hope Magnus does not kill me for having this number I said aloud.

I pulled up Dieters number and sent him a text saying

"War has erupted at the high rise. We require all assistance available. Please get here as fast as possible".

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Everything had happened so quickly that Skyler was still in a daze. He had watched Samantha hang Toodles by the neck and discard him like he was absolutely nothing. Then suddenly Toodles was in the elevator with Skyler. Toodles had mentioned something about changing into his werewolf counterpart.

The elevator roof was torn off and all hell broke loose. Skyler was pushed into the hallway by Toodles and he could see now that Toodles was in some serious trouble. The vampires that were attacking were not ordinary. They were seriously fast and ruthless. Toodles was now making a phone call of all things and Skyler could see one of the genetically altered beasts approaching him from behind. Skyler, without hesitation withdrew his Colt King Cobra and double tapped the creature in its skull hitting it squarely with two silver jacketed hollow points. The creature fell backward.

Skyler reached into his jacket pocket and withdrew the belt that King John had entrusted to him. He quickly holstered his pistol and strapped the belt around his waist. His transformation was almost immediate this time. He felt as if it actually knew of the dire situation. Skyler's senses were heightened now and he could hear the creatures closing in on all sides. Toodles pocketed his cell phone and the two of them began making a slow circle with their backs toward one another.

The creatures were unrelenting but they were no match for Skyler and Toodles as they were systematically dismembered and dispatched. Toodles was using an ancient dagger of sorts combined with his vampiric traits of nails and sheer strength. Skyler too was using his dagger like claws and brut force.

Suddenly the exterior of the compound brightened. The creatures who were outside responded to it by trying to shield their eyes and they abandoned their methodical approach of slipping inside a little at a time. They were making a mad dash for the interior of the compound which gave Skyler and Toodles the upper hand. More creatures were killed in that instant than in the whole battle. Piles of bodies grew and the assaults finally began to relent.

Toodles was injured a bit but it was nothing really. He was healing before Skyler's eyes. They surveyed their surroundings and realized that Magnus was still battling Samantha. They would have to do something and they both realized that battling Samantha was suicide. Not to mention the creatures that still may have been roaming the interior of the compound.

They turned and saw Zach being carried away by a group of vampires. Quickly they ran to his aide. Toodles pushed the vampires so hard that three of them broke through a wall and landed on the other side. They seemed to not be moving. Skyler grabbed two of them and hurled them across the hallway. They smacked into a large statue and remained silent. Toodles and Skyler grabbed Zach by his arms and began trying to drag him to safety.

Great idea you had there Zach bringing Samantha to see Magnus! Skyler thought as he turned to look at the unconscious Zach. He knew that it wasn't his fault and that it was Samantha who was to blame.

The both of you were tricked Skyler. Plain and simple. She knew what she was doing all along. We cannot let her kill Magnus. We have to do something. I just dont know what. It seemed as if Toodles actually read Skyler's mind. Toodles motioned for the stairwell as the elevator was now out of commission. Once in the relative safety of the stairwell, Skyler removed his belt. He transformed back into his human form.

Samantha is very clever. She will not fall for any tricks that we may come up with. Im not sure if there is anything we can do for Magnus. Toodles offered. He was right. Even the two of them would be no match for the likes of her.

Well we could always give it a shot. I mean what do we have to lose? If anything Im sure Magnus would help us out. Skyler reasoned.

They decided then and there that they would die trying. Skyler put his belt back on. Toodles was in full vampire form. Together they made their way toward Magnus's chambers. The creatures that did remain in the compound made lame attempts at attacking the duo but they were being dealt with swiftly. They hoped that hiding Zach under a small compartment in the stairwell would keep him safe.

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Back in London and no time for a Pint

They made it to the airport without a hitch. They were now in the air. Dieter looked at his watch, and was relieved that there would be just enough time before dawn, to arrive at their destination. He would miss the trappings of New Orleans, and hopefully return in the future, but that was the least of his concerns. Something was afoot in the world of the immortals but couldn’t put his finger on it? What was his master hinting at while in that sewer below Bossier City? Still so many questions?

There was another vibration to his mobile device. After removing it from his pocket, he looked down expecting to see instructions by Magnus or from one of his trusted associates, but was surprised to see what was before him. Plus, the number was unknown to him.

War has erupted at the high rise. We require all assistance available. Please get here as fast as possible.

He put the device back in his pocket. With calmness on his face, he shook Reinhardt who was asleep beside him.

urghhh, Master, what is it, is everything in order? Reinhardt, we have a serious matter that awaits in London. There is a serious disturbance at the complex. I don’t know if all out war has been declared or if it is a skirmish? I have yet to hear back about accommodations being arranged for us like last time. So you need to secure our travel to the complex. Perhaps, a windowless delivery truck? I will make arrangements with the pilot to ferry the Lear into a hanger, and hopefully, avoid giving any sign of our arrival to potential adversaries. That is the only plan I have for getting us to the compound under the radar. This is our predicament. Anything else, Master? No Reinhardt, just use your best judgment on this one. Very well, Master.

The captain came on the intercom: Descent to Heathrow will be very shortly. Hope you enjoyed the flight.

After the announcement, Dieter got up and approached the cockpit. There was a flight attendant sitting by the door leading to the cockpit. As Dieter got closer, the attendant got up.

Attendant, I need to speak with the captain, immediately! The attendant opened the door to the cockpit and allowed Dieter to enter.

Captain, I need you to get this plane into a hangar after landing.

The captain took a quick look at his instruments and looked up at Dieter now standing over him.
Don’t worry that is precisely what I will do, apparently there is a disruption at the compound, because I have been unable to make contact since leaving New Orleans. But, now you need to get back to the cabin because we willing be landing shortly. Thank you, Dieter turned around and closed the door behind him to return to his seat.

As he took his seat, the flight attendant came over and informed them that it was time to fasten their seat belts for landing. A hard vibration shook the jet as it made contact with the earth. It took about 10 minutes before the jet was in the hangar. The door opened and he took a look around and saw nothing of concern. The hangar was very large and quite. When everything was safe, he exited the jet along with his associate. The pilot and attendants followed behind and walked away.

Okay, Reinhardt you know what you need to do. Very well, Master. as he turned around and readied his sidearm and walked away.

Dieter chose to wait near the jet. Reinhardt stumbled upon what he was looking for, and it was perfect. There was a parts van in the hangar and windowless no less. He looked around and saw no activity around the van. Apparently, the mechanics were out on the runway most likely fueling and servicing the jets. He approached the van. The back doors were open. Getting closer to the van, he gave a quick look around and the hangar was the void of activity. He made his way to the back of the van and peeked around the corner to discover a man with his back to him rummaging for something. Removing the weapon from his belt, he slowly crept into the van and hit the man on the shoulder with the butt of his pistol, thus, knocking him out. He quickly got out of the vehicle and shut the doors behind him and ran to Dieter who was nearby. Master, we must go quickly. Follow me!

They walked at a brisk pace and made their way to the van that was at a distance. Now at doors, Reinhardt flung them open, and hopped in the back to retrieve the keys from the unconscious man’s pocket.

Now standing outside the vehicle: Okay, Master, hop in Don’t worry, I will get you to the compound. Sit tight. Good work, Reinhardt!

Now with Dieter inside, and both doors in his hands, Reinhardt took another look around and slammed the doors shut locking them from the outside. He made his way to the front of the van, and entered to take his seat behind the wheel. After starting the vehicle, he made his way to exit of the hangar which was open. Now outside, he followed the markers leading to the tarmac and runway exit. It was your typical London weather: cloudy, no stars for as far as the eye could see, and sporadic drizzle. The sounds of jet engines could be heard through the cracked window of the van. Airport workers scurried about like ants at a picnic carrying crumbs in orchestrated succession to their mound; some on fuel trucks and others on luggage handlers. He was now approaching the guard post, which secured the runway and tarmac from unauthorized visitors. Reinhardt slowed the vehicle to a crawl, and the guard approached the vehicle, after giving it a quick look over; he smiled and gave a gesture with his arm to pass. Reinhardt gave the guard a nod in acceptance and continued on his way with the electric gates closing behind.

Reinhardt remembered the route taken by the driver when they arrived in London the first time, and chose to follow it. It was very late in evening and traffic was at a minimum. Dieter was in the back of the van which was pitch black to human eyes, but clear as day to a vampire. He looked at the man on the floor who was still in an unconscious slumber and thought of a meal. However, the man would be dealt with later, because he had to send a reply to the unknown number with the urgent announcement from earlier.

Message received and confirmed while in the air and briefly before our descent into London-Heathrow. Now in London. Currently, en-route to vampire complex. Should arrive soon. Aware of security breach. If possible, provide status update. Please, identify yourself, only my employer is privy to this number . . .

Reinhardt was now near the guard post of the huge compound, but it was abandoned. He brought the vehicle to a stop and flashed the brights. No one came to see him in, and so he put the van in drive, and continued through the gates which were open. He continue around the perimeter at a slow pace, and still no security. Making his way to the parking area below the compound, he got a little disturbed at why the compound was so quite. He remembered Dieter saying there was a security breach, but no security.
The garage itself was deathly quite almost to quite. He found a parking space and went to the back to let his master out. Dieter was now out of the van and waiting for a report.

Master, I made my way around the compound and there was no security. I mean none, and there is supposed to be a breach? Something big is happening upstairs, Reinhardt, and we must proceed with caution, because we dont want to be victims of an ambush. Secure the driver and lets make our way up stairs.

Reinhardt shut the doors to the van and locked them. They began walking to the stairs leading to the upper-level. After readying their sidearms, they made their way into the unknown.

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posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 02:52 PM
WAIT! I said as we were ascending the stairwell once again. The armory has things that could help us out. We must get there first. We need to go down one level

We took off for the Armory and upon reaching the door, immediately surrounded by 20 house Vampires. Its Toodles! I yelled. Skyler here is helping us. I am granting him entrance. And the Vampires stood aside.

My phone vibrated just then. It was Dieter. Dieter is here. I will have him meet us here in the Armory. I sent another text saying

"My apologies Dieter. This is Mr. Toodles. We need you to enter the compound and meet us on level 2 at the armory. Everything is on lock down. Magnus is Battleing the Elder, Samantha and we do not believe he will last much longer. We must help him. Be weary of Intruders though. Samanthas followers have attacked us. I think me and Skyler took most of them out but there may be a few left".

I hit a button that turned one of the walls over and revealed an arsenal. Skyler, these are top secret weapons I developed over my rogue years. They are designed to hurt Vampires. I began their development 5 years ago when I first speculated on Liliths return.

I pulled out a pistol that was about the size of Skylers cobra. This one is yours. It shoots micro bullets no bigger than a needle. Each clip has 500 rounds in it. Only setting is automatic. It fires at 40 rounds per second. The micro bullets have UV emitting, radioactive liquid in them. You may keep that as a sign of faith. I trust you will not forget this day. I handed him 4 extra clips.

As soon as Dieter gets here, we will take off. We might not be able to stop Samantha, but these guns sure will give her a run for her money. Might buy Magnus some time to deal with her properly.

I turned to everyone that was in the Armory at the time.

Listen up, we are going to all charge into Magnus chambers. Samantha the Lioness is battleing him and we cannot let her win. Everyone grab one of these guns and shoot at her as soon as you see her. Whatever you do...DO NOT! I repeat, DO NOT HIT MAGNUS!

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posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 03:49 PM
Magnus was in the midst of his final moments and he knew it. Not being able to move, forced to look straight at his attacker and she grew nearer and nearer, Magnus thought about all the things he'd wished done differently in his life.

He had failed his lineage. He had turned the Vampire clans into a farce. If not by Samantha's hands, surely it would have been to King John of the Lycans.

Pondering these thoughts, Magnus heard a loud thud and as he opened his eyes a quick flash of metal in front of him. When the dust settled, he realized that Samantha was lying face down on the edge of the verranda, and Zaio was standing in front of him, sword drawn, dripping with blood.

Father are you alright? Zaio said over his shoulder. There was something different about his voice, his demeanor. He seemed like a vampire who had walked the earth longer than Magnus has.

I cannot move. A poison of some sort. I should have predicted treachery. Where did you come from?

As he spoke, Zaio, still facing Samantha who was getting back to her feet, plunged two fingers into the wound Magnus had suffered in his shoulder. The pain shot through him, but only for a second. Immediatly he felt releaved, his healing factor had double and Magnus could feel it.

Rising back to his feet, grasping his rune blade in both hands, he stood next to Zaio. Father and son ready to face a terrible danger. And that is when he saw it. The eyes.

Zaio's eyes were beaming purple, they almost seemed to come alive when he looked left then right.

I have been watching your little battle from a few blocks over father. I wanted to give you a fare chance before making an entrance.

How do you feel? What has happened to you?

I do not know father. I feel stronger than ever before and I have abilities I cannot explain.

Magnus knew very well what was going on. However this had been a long kept secret, even from Zaio and now he would to tell him the truth. Samantha was back on her feet and from the look on her face, contemplating an escape or not.

Hmph. What a nuisance you all are. She muttered while spitting blood from her mouth.

You will not be leaving this place Samantha, I can read your thoughts and you will not escape me Zaio stepped forward, now within several feet of her, his blade seemed to vibrate.

Well well. An elder born anew is it? Well done Magnus, I did not think you smart enough to keep a trump card. Come boy, show me what you have! She shrieked again as she lunged forward in an attempt to cut down Zaio.

Zaio however, moved with swiftness Magnus had never seen. In fact, he had not seen him move, but in a split second had deflected Samantha's blow and was standing directly behind her. Samantha, obviously upset from being duped changed her target to Magnus and came again.

Magnus deflected the blow with the hilt of his sword and punched Samantha square in the face with his bracer. She reeled back in as the pain over took her. In this distraction Zaio leaped into the air and brought his sword down right between Samantha's eyes.

The blow was so swift it took everyone a moment to register what happened. Samantha's glare froze as she fell in two perfect pieces on the veranda, her entrails littering the ground beneath her lifeless body.

Magnus stood dazed, shocked and a bit confused at what had transpired. Zaio had defeated an Elder with ease. And what was this nonsense about a born again Elder? Zaio was a weapon, and in all his time on the earth, Magnus had never heard of one awakening as an Elder. This warranted further investigation.

Zaio, help me move these boulders. I need to get back into the compound and assess the damage.

With a swift motion Zaio swung his sword horizontally at the pile of ruble. The three boulders blocking the entrance were immediatly turned into dust.

Magnus stood in awe at the power of his son. Never would he have thought he would gain so much in so little time.

Go to the bottom levels and help clear out the rest of the intruders. Meet with Toodles on the second floor armory, back up is on the way.

Yes father. As Magnus waited for Zaio to go through the now open entrance, he simply hopped off the side of the building and descended to the street below, landing like a feather.

Magnus rushed through the doors and surveyed the damage. His chambers was in ruins. The double doors lay in waste and the elevator shaft was clearly crooked from the force of having people thrown into it.

He dusted off his desk and the intercom and flicked it on to adddress the entire compound.

Fellow vampires. We have been attacked and an attempt on my life has been thwarted. I am safe. However we have casualties. We will end the lives of any remaining intruders and will initate lock down procedure 0. All personall please enter the compound as nobody will be able to leave or enter once the process is complete.

We will debrief when the situation is under control.

He clicked off the intercom and pressed a panel beneath his desk. Placing his palm in the reader, it took a blood sample and as the green lights flickered on one by one, the compound began to rumble.

Large plate metal began descending the building on all sides including any entrences. The ground shook around the compound as gates were lifted from their underground chamber. They rose thirty feet all around the compound.

Magnus sat in his chair, contemplating his next move. Things were escalating, and he could not just sit on the sidelines and wait for another to come kill him.

posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 04:17 PM

The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend

They made it to the first level without a problem. The power must have been cut, because it was very dark and the alarm sounded in loud succession. They paused at a corner, and looked around, and saw a large vampire with his back to them with bodies strewn about in his wake. In an instant, he assumed the most forbidding appearance as a vampire; with a sunken nose, red glowing eyes, large pointed ears, gray skin, long slender fingers with razor sharp nails, and a bald head. They both knew the pistols would be of no use, and returned them to their belts. He turned and looked at Reinhardt standing behind him and held up his fist as a sign to stop and wait.

He began to sneak down the corridor and lowered his posture to reduce noise. Creeping ever so slightly, he made his way behind the victim without making a sound. The vampire was still looking back and forth in front of him and had no idea Dieter was behind. In a quick motion, Dieter extended his arm and put it through it’s back. It gave out a loud shriek and when his arm came out he had the heart in his hand. Before the creature could turn around to defend itself, he closed his hand quickly, crushing the heart; as blood spattered all over him.

After destroying the heart, the creature instantly liquified. He turned and gestured to Reinhardt who was down the hall to join him. Dieter looked down and saw some night vision goggles near a corpse and knelt down to pick them up. After picking them up, he turned and handed them to Reinhardt. The dead vampire was guarding access to the lobby and the main stairwell leading to the second level. They waited a little while longer until, Dieter was comfortable to proceed.
Before moving forward, his mobile began to vibrate. He removed it from his pocket and hit the illumination button:

My apologies Dieter. This is Mr. Toodles. We need you to enter the compound and meet us on level 2 at the armory. Everything is on lock down. Magnus is Battleing the Elder, Samantha and we do not believe he will last much longer. We must help him. Be weary of Intruders though. Samanthas followers have attacked us. I think me and Skyler took most of them out but there may be a few left.

After looking at the message from Toodles, he put the mobile back in his pocket. Reinhardt scanned the lobby with the night vision goggles and held his hand out with a forward gesture when the coast was clear. They moved in orchestrated succession in a crouched formation. They were at the stairwell, and from behind the lobby desk came a vampire that jumped out on to Dieter's back. The two fell to the ground and began to roll around hissing and struggling with each other. Reinhardt looked on the ground and found a piece of wood debris nearby and picked it up. He quickly examined it, and by luck, it had a sharp end. His master was still tangling with the vampire. Reinhardt ran over and waited for the best time to stake it. Out of the corner of his eye, Dieter saw Reinhardt standing with the stake at the ready. They were still rolling and struggling on the ground with the other vampire hissing and spitting. With the vampire now on top of him, Reinhardt came up behind and drove the wood weapon through it’s back and into it's heart. It gave out a blood curdling shriek, and stood up to remove the sharp object from it’s chest, but to no avail. It fell to the ground shortly after. Dieter got up and composed himself. He went over to the vampire laying on the ground and put his large hands around it’s head. With the head in his hands, he quickly removed it from the body. Reinhardt knelt down and removed the stake.

After that, they briskly moved up the stairwell to where the armory was supposed to be. At the entrance to the corridor, Dieter gave the stop gesture to Reinhardt. He peeked his head out of the opening scanning both ways. All he saw were corpses strewn out leading to a room with what appeared to be house security standing outside. He thought, there’s the armory. With that in mind, and the coast clear, he held his hand up to his associate to proceed behind. The two moved one behind the other until they were in the armory, and beyond the security, who payed them no mind. They came upon a vampire and a man examining high tech weaponry. One man was wearing an ancient belt of sorts and the vampire was examining a munition of sorts.

Still in a formidable demonic appearance, Dieter asked, in a low sinister voice: So which one of you is Mr. Toodles? They immediately turned to face where the voice was coming from. . .

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Zach awoke in agonizing pain which could mean only one thing... Thats Samantha, the mother of the black dogs had been killed. The pain was earth shattering and he kept changing from a black dog to human form. Ruth peered under the stair case and looked at Zach who was in obvious pain. Ruth could not feel the pain, because of the experiments that Magnus had her undergo. Suddenly, an intruder entered the stairway and just turned around as quickly as he came in. But he stopped for a minute and looked back.

The door was reflecting light from the hallway. Zach was feeling some relief from his pain and was able to control it now. Ruth helped him to stand up.

You better find the living elders, because very soon, they are all going to be slaughtered to make room for the sealed elders. Or the elders deemed to be to dangerous. The werewolves will fall with the awakening of their elders, peace is done. War is the only way now my friends. The man said, walking out of the door.

Wait. Ruth said, as the man turned again. Werewolf elders? We do not know where they are. We sealed only one up, the rest disappeared.

The man smiled. He does not have too know, but he does, you should ask your king about his secrets. Also, Do you really think that the elders would agree to imprisonment if they could never get out? You must go to King John, both of you and tell him about the Werewolf elders. They will begin to awaken in 4 days and the next Vampire Elder will awaken in 4 days as well. If you thought my sister was bad, wait until you meet my daddy. The man said, as he vanished.

Zach and Ruth looked at each other. Apparently, things were about to get very entangled, but one thing was for sure both of them needed to get to King John and Skyler was going to come with them.

Margaret opened the door with Zoe and told them to both head up to the second floor. Zoe, Margaret, Ruth and Zach began to run to where Magnus was. Margaret ran into a locked door for the lock down procedure, as Ruth grabbed it and ripped it from it hinges. They continued down the hall and entered Magnus's chambers.

Magnus, we have a problem. Ruth said, as she looked to her side on the vernada and saw Samantha's remains laying there and Zaio standing behind his father desk.

We need permission to leave and head to King John.

Me too. Skyler said, walking into the chambers. You were not able to leave me here were you?

All of them smirked as it was some much needed humor in a very bad situation.

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posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 12:48 AM
I watched Skyler walk out of the Armory after hearing Magnus's announcement. Right as he was turning, Deiter came up behind us and said "So which one of you is Mr. Toodles". Skyler gave a smirk and walked off.

I am Toodles I said. Glad to finally meet my stalker. Too bad you missed out on the party. No worries, I will be explaining to Magnus just how I got your number.

I handed him one of the special guns and said You and your friend here might need these. Take whatever you feel you may need

I walked out the door towards Magnus's chamber. As I was approaching, I could see Zacharia, Skyler and Ruth talking to Magnus. where the hell did Andrew disappear to? I thought. And with that thought, I turned around to go find him.

I was walking down the main hall and a glimmer of his face caught my eye. Unfortunately he was lying among the bodies of dead vampires. Seems he had been attacked and crushed by the intruders. What a shame. No matter though. He was a coward I muttered to myself.

I walked back to Magnus's chambers and waited for the appropriate time to speak.

Sire, I would like to accompany Skyler and Zacharia to King Johns mansion. I will not be waging wars this time. In fact, I want to establish peace once again. Vampires and Lycans are both at risk here it would seem. We need to work together if we are to ensure our survival. For both parties.

I walked over to Samanthas remains and spit on them. Filthy huh? Too bad you are the one sleeping with the ants

I turned around to speak once again.

I know enough to know that Lilith draws power directly from the other elders. The catch is that they must be awake. Lilith by herself is more powerful than any of us, save for Za...I will leave that to Lord Magnus. But when the others awake...we can only imagine.

The old stories say She was created by a Fallen Arch Angel. In an attempt to cast an Immortal presence in the mortal realm. She was number 1 here. The highest and most powerful. Legend says she cannot be killed, which is why she was imprisoned instead.

Legend would also have us believe that the ones who can unlock the slumber of the Elders, are the mortal incarnates of that very Arch Angel.

I looked around the room as everyone was staring at me with a look of wonderment. oh come on. Just because I am the second youngest one here, does not mean I am just an ignorant child.

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 08:50 AM
Skyler was listening in amazement. He knew nothing of the ancient things that had gone on. He was learning fast though. Magnus was regaining his strength by the second and he motioned for the group to take their leave. Skyler turned as he dug for the keys to the Hummer in his pockets. Has anyone seen my keys? I believe I left them on the table. Just kidding lets get moving. With that Margaret, Zoe and Ruth began to follow Toodles, Skyler and Zach out of the chambers.

Once at the exit, Toodles pressed an intercom button and said something that seemed unintelligible to everyone else. Suddenly a loud metallic sliding sound was apparent then the exit door opened. They hurried to the vehicle and roared away from the compound.

Toodles this weapon you have given seems quite exotic. You developed these things yourself? Skyler asked. He was holding it in his right hand as he drove at break neck speed and looking at it quizzically.

Its nothing really. The humans technological advancements have helped us greatly. Pity they know nothing of how to apply their know how. Please put that down and watch the road. We dont want to get into a fender bender now do we? Toodles said nervously as he watched the traffic pass at furious speed.

Right. Thanks for the weapon lets hope I dont have to use it. Skyler said as he slipped the weapon under his jacket. It was strange. The very same vampire that he thought was about to kill him gives him a weapon that could very well be used to kill Toodles himself. This was a good thing. At least he knew that there was more to this whole thing than meets the eye. He thought about asking a ton of questions but decided to not poke the hornet's nest. Better to get the job at hand done and find the answers along the way. Skyler concentrated on getting to the Kings mansion.

After a harrowing ride they happened on the dirt road that led to the Mansion's grounds. Immediately a vehicle stopped their progress as it pulled out of the woods and stopped in front of them. Some very serious looking soldiers piled out of the vehicle with weapons and surrounded the Hummer.

Skyler lowered his window. He recognized these guys. They wore the same uniform of the group that helped them on the freighter. My name is Skyler. Im on urgent business right now. Do you guys recognize this ring? Skyler held his right fist out the window.

With this the gaurds backed off and the vehicle pulled back into its hiding spot. They continued on toward the mansion. Upon pulling through the outer wall Skyler realized that his men had indeed been busy contacting the other clan members. The place was crawling with Lycans. Black Dogs roamed the interior of the palace walls. Others who were not transformed seemed to be going over battle tactics. They parked the vehicle and headed for the Kings chambers.

Some of the werewolves recognized Ruth and bowed. Others saw Toodles and snarled. They didn't have time for formalities and they continued on. This was going to be one interesting meeting for sure.

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