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Dark Days In The UnderWorld

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 05:56 PM
Not long now gentlemen. Said Russell looking at his watch about 30 seconds actually.

Why so precise? Said Melchior laughing.

The door is on a time lock it only opens twice a day at certain times. He replied.

The large iron door clicked and the pressure seal broke. The door opened slowly. They heard sounds of screaming coming from the open door, lots of people screaming and crying in pain.

What the hell is in there? Said Melchior.

Dont worry said Russell its only the humans. If you would like to follow me gentlemen.

Russell walked towards the opened door with the King and Melchior not far behind. He pushed the door further open and they all walked through into a large warehouse. The room had hundreds of medical beds lined up in rows with boards at the front of each row with the letters A1, A2, A3 etc going across the room. In each medical bed was a human, wired up to some kind of drip system with liquids of different colours being pumped into their body.

How many people do you have here? Said Melchior looking across the vast room.

We have over a thousand beds. Replied Russell but not all of them are being used at the moment.

Where do all these people come from? Asked the King looking concerned.

Theyre mainly loners, you know people like drifters, the homeless, tramps. All the people that no one cares about. Said Russell looking at all the beds.

The three men stood there listening to all the crying and screaming echoing through the warehouse.

Thousands of humans go missing every year He continued and no one bothers to ask why? It makes our job a lot easier.

What are you giving them? Asked Melchior.

Vampire blood! Said Russell in a cheerful voice we are trying to turn them. We need the vampire virus to run through their body so we can create an antivirus.

Antivirus? Asked the King. Its not a disease.

But it is.. it attacks the human cells and the white cells cant fight it. But we are making an antivirus that attacks the vampire disease and its nearly complete.

How long have you been doing this? Asked the King.

About a hundred and fifty years, when the last war ended. We started the work. Said Russell.

Melchior continued to look around the room at the hundreds of beds. He couldnt believe what he was seeing. How did they manage to keep this quiet for so long he thought.

Where do you get the vampire blood from? Asked the King in shock.

Ah, yes.. You havent met our resident vampire yet have you? Said Russell eagerly.

Gentlemen would you like to follow me. Said Russell leading the way.

He led them into a small stone chamber that was covered in ancient writing. At the back of the chamber was a tomb, it was standing upright and big enough to house at least two people. The tomb was also covered with ancient text.

This writing belongs to the ancient ones, the werewolves of long ago. Some say its a map that leads us to their location.

The men stood there in awe of the stone tomb and the ancient writing that covered it.

Whatever the text is Said Russell it keeps this vampire under control he has lost all his powers.

Russell walked over to a button on the wall and pressed it.

Gentlemen allow me to introduce you to our resident vampire. Said Russell watching the doors of the tomb slide open.

The three men watched the heavy stone doors slide apart to reveal a very old vampire chained to the wall. The vampire lent forward towards the King and started to hiss.

NO! Cried the King stumbling as his legs gave way beneath him., I..killed... you.

The King could feel the rage growing inside him as he started to turn into a werewolf. Melchior grabbed the King and held him away from the vampire.

Close the doors! yelled Melchior if you want to keep your vampire alive, close the bloody doors.

The king struggled against Melchior trying to get to the vampire. His eyes full of rage and despair as he looked directly at him.

I killed you. Repeated the King as Melchior continued to hold him back.

Who is this vampire? Asked Russell with a look of horror. He wont tell us his name.

The king tried to speak but couldn’t. He tried to say the vampire's name but couldn’t.

K..K..KA.. KAELUS. Shouted the King and looked away from the vampire.

Melchior pulled the King away from the tomb.

For gods sake, close the doors. shouted Melchior. This vampire murdered his father.

The stone doors closed once more and vampire disappeared into the tomb’s darkness.

Why? Said the King in disbelief looking at Russell.

Hes a pure blood, and thats what we needed to create the antivirus. We had to keep him alive.

How long before this antivirus is ready to use? Asked Melchior trying to change the subject.

About a week, but theres a problem. Theres a price to pay for using it. Said Russell.

What? Replied the king quietly now calming down again.

How much do you know about the history of the bloodlines? Said Russell to the King.

The Elizabeth bloodline was created by the vampires; they carry some of the vampire DNA in them. Continued Russell.

Oh my god.. Said Melchior interrupting Russell.

WHAT? Said the King.

If you use this virus against the vampires you will destroy every single vampire out there but you will also destroy the Elizabeth bloodline too and kill hundreds or thousands of werewolves in the process.

The King snarled at Russell.

And you allowed this to continue? He shouted at Russell.

Im closing you down. Said the King turning away.

Get the Berserkers in here, I want everything cleaned up. He said looking at Melchior.

Sire? Said Russell You will destroy the virus.

The King turned towards the door and started to leave.

Sire? Think about what youre doing, you could wipe out all the vampires. Shouted Russell.

SIRE? He shouted as the King left the room.

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 11:42 PM
The hunters finally let me go after the speech from Lord Magnus. Zaio himself escorted me to my new living Quarters. It was a silent trip. He glared at me from time to time. All I could do was keep my head down. What have I done? I thought to myself. It had become evident that I had become overly paranoid.

We stopped at the entrance to my new sleeping place.

Can I at least have my phone back so I can tell the compound to evacuate? You can monitor me while I make the call

"Very well" said Ziao as he handed me the phone

I dialed a few numbers and it rang twice. Andrew answered and said "Sir, we were beginning to think you would never call".

No time for pleasantries, Andrew. Some complications have occured. Evacuate the entire building. Move all residents to compound 3 for temporary living quarters. I will explain later

"Of course, sir" he said.

I hung up the phone and handed it back to Ziao. "Just to let you know, your room is tapped by multiple communication devices. If you even attempt to contact anyone without express authorization from either me or Lord Magnus, you will be taken to the holding cells for execution. At least until we have reviewed your data". Ziao said.

Look dude. I just had my butt handed to me by a single Vampire. I am not that stupid.

Ziao looked at me with an infuriated look. "YOU WILL ADDRESS HIM AS LORD MAGNUS OR SIRE! and walked away.

First order of business was to change these blood soaked clothes.

After I changed, I decided it was time to come clean on everything. I have betrayed my King in my own arrogance and defiled his dwelling.

I headed down to the main IT room. One of the techs looked up at me in surprise as I entered "Mr. Toodles. Glad to see you. You know, you have given us a run for our money".

Yes, I am aware of that. I am not here to do more damage. I am here to show you how it was done so you can prevent it in the future

"We are most pleased to have you here. Magnus said you may or may not show up".

I ignored his last statement and walked straight over to a monitor.

First thing. Your encryption protocols are outdated. You use 7 encryption layers that still run on a 128 bit protocol. We have tested up to 512 bit decryption software capable of up to 11 layers. Second, you store your satellite feed data on a private server that also acts as a residential gateway and has a direct web connection. Backdoors from the web are wide open. No amount of firewalls were able to stop my IT guys.

He just looked at me in silence for a few seconds before finally saying "This encryption software you speak of is much more advanced than anything we have seen. Perhaps you can give us a copy of it?"

I can. Will be a while though. My compound is being demolished as we speak, but I am sure Magnus will let me contact my backup IT room in compound 3 tomorrow morning

I walked out while he was still speaking. Muttering something about firewalls. I ignored him. I had more important things to think about while I was forced to stay here.

Before I made it back to my room, I had decided that first thing tomorrow night I would get permission to contact the backup server room and have all the data collected over the past 5 years forwarded to Magnus's primary server. He would know all that I know.

I had turned my back on my King for too long and it was time to reconcile.

posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 06:51 AM
Melchior ran after the King as he left the room and went back into the tech lab. They could both hear Russell in the distance shouting to the King.

Sire, think about what youre doing! Were the words that echoed around the building.

Melchior had managed to catch up to the King and was walking beside him at a fast pace.

A hundred and fifty years. said the King hundred and fifty.

Sire, I had no idea about this either. Said Melchior.

The vampire that killed my father is in my house,.. MY HOUSE! Continued the King still enraged.

I know Said Melchior I will have the Berserkers take care of it sire.

But what about the antivirus? Said Melchior are you really going to destroy it?

What else can I do? Replied the King I will not kill my own people.

But are they really your people? Asked Melchior The Elizabeth bloodline was created by the vampires, not us.

They are still werewolves! Said the King raising his voice.

With loyalties to whom? Replied Melchior Whose side are they on, ours or theirs.

Enough! Shouted the King We will not speak of this again.

There was silence between the two men as they continued to walk to the lift. The king pressed the button on the lifts doors and they slowly opened. They both walked inside still not speaking. Melchior pressed the ground floor button and the lift started to move. He turned towards the King.

What about all of the lives you could save. He said looking at the King.

If you used the antivirus then there wouldn’t be a war, the werewolves would have no reason to fight... or die. Continued Melchior.

I will not kill my own people. Shouted the King.

But the same thoughts were running through his mind too. For the sake of one bloodline all this could be over, no more talk of war, no more vampires, no more living in their shadows and for what, the destruction of just one bloodline. A bloodline that has its allegiance with the vampires, the peace treaty was put in place because of the Elizabeth bloodline, because of their mixed loyalties.

The king’s thoughts turned to who was responsible for these experiments, for bringing this vampire into his home. Who would have the power to overrule him or even the arrogance to go behind his back.

The lift stopped and the doors opened to reveal Butler standing there holding a tea tray.

Tea sire? Said Butler raising the tray a little higher.

No. Said the King Not now!

Theres a Master Skyler and friends, waiting for you in the meeting room sire Said Butler.

Ok said the King Im on my way now.

Melchior and the King walked down the hallway towards the meeting room.

Dont mention the antivirus. Said the King to Melchior.

Or the Warehouse and the experiments. He continued.

Or Kaelus He said walking towards the door In fact dont say anything.

The king opened the door to the meeting room and the two men walked in. They both stood there looking at Skyler and his men.

Right then, Said the King does someone want to explain to me what youve all been doing?

posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 10:37 AM
The doors to the luxurious conference room opened suddenly. Their King walked in and all the men stood. The King seemed to be distracted by something, but it wasn't something that Skyler could put his finger on. The King addressed the men and asked what they had been doing.

Skyler spoke first as the King motioned for everyone to be seated. The King sat in the large chair at the head of the table and waited to be apprised of their recent adventures. He sat intently, hands folded in front of him and took it all in.

Sire not long after the meeting at the vampire compound I came across some alarming evidence that I felt you needed to be aware of. It seems that one of the more sinister vampires had been leading rogue vampires against our werewolf brothers. I believe it is Toodles who is leading this assault in violation of the treaty that everyone worked so hard to achieve. In a little known vampire lair I came across a shrine of sorts that had Toodles picture as the object of worship. My fears were further confirmed as we were attacked by no less than eight vampires upon coming across this evidence. We were forced to hide in the woods where we found no safety from the relentless assaults. I was then approached by two humans who told me that Toodles wanted to speak with me personally. I was forced to dispatch those two and go into further hiding as the humans revealed that satellites and genetically modified vampires would find us wherever we went. This was all very disturbing to us. We took refuge on a frieghter that was invisible to any form of detection from the vampires. Your men arrived in the nick of time to save us from the owner of the freighter who needs to be put in his place at a later time. We have been fending for ourselves and doing a pretty good job of it I must say. I am finally able to relay this information to you as you have graciously brought us to your mansion and inquired as to our goings on. I respectfully submit to you Sire that the werewolves are under attack by the vampires in violation of the treaty and ask that you take this matter to Magnus.

The King sat back and breathed deep as he contemplated all that Skyler had told him. He rubbed his chin slowly as he set a distant gaze on the surface of the glimmering conference table. He seemed to know something but was looking for the right way to present it. All the men had a deadly serious look on their faces.

Oh and Sire. I forgot to tell you something that I think will be useful. On the freighter that we were forced to hide on there were advanced lamps of some kind. They replicate actual sunlight. These may be useful to us in the future so they were removed from the ship and brought to the marina that your men use. They are very advanced.

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posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 11:13 PM
After a long day of sleep, I woke up kinda late. It was nice to finally get real rest. Not even 5 minutes after I exited the unusually comfortable death bed, my phone rang. It was Andrew.

"Sir, we have been ordered to transfer all data gathered over the past 5 years to Magnus' private servers. What the hell is going on?"

Andrew, comply with the orders. Take my word for it, we are in no position to undermine any orders.

"Why don't you just tell me what is going on so I know what to expect".

I would prefer not to discuss this over the phone. I want you to get on a plane to London. We will discuss this here. I think Magnus would be pleased to hear everything from the two officers of this clan.

"Alright. I am on my way, but promise me that you will explain it all before we go to Magnus".

Do not worry my friend. You will know all that I know

I hung up the phone. Ziao knocked on the door. Much NOT to my surprise. When I answered there was a sword in my face.

Put that away before you hurt yourself

"I thought you would be pleased to know that the demolition of your compound is complete. And I would prefer if you spoke to me as if I am your ranking officer in this building. Because I am".

You know, Ziao. I always liked you. Mainly because you are so serious all the time. Then again, that is your weakness. Cut the crap and get off my back. Maybe you did not see how I tore up all those genetically modified hunters of yours? Do not think for one second that I am just a weak, arrogant fool. Lord Magnus will have his way with me, NOT you.

He gave me a look of disgust before he decided to finally walk away. But, only after we stared at each other face to face for about a minute.

What a friggin tightwad I thought to myself.

I went up to Mariah's desk and she almost had a look of fright when she saw me.

Not to worry Mariah. I am not here to break anymore doors or tear up more vampires. I need to ask the CORRECT way, if I could have a meeting with Magnus.

"Umm..uh...yeah, sure. Umm..hold on just a second".

She tapped her comm button to the Lords chambers. "Sire. Mr. Toodles is here to see you. Would you like me to send him in?"

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posted on Sep, 17 2009 @ 03:40 PM
Zach had awoke. The fake daylight was being projected into the room, by some massive light outside of the darkened windows. Either that or the windows had UV light fliters, which would not be surprising, because of the Vampires technological advancements.

Zach shook his head as he sat up and saw Ruth sitting on the window side of the room, she was cleaning her blade, but stopped to look at Zach as he awoken.

Welcome back Ruth said, smiling as Margaret the Vampire that Zach ran into earlier came in to check up on everyone.

Zach was having a hard time focusing his eyes, but he could hear everything and smell everything of course. Margaret asked if Ruth could set outside with her for a minute, as Margaret smiled and waved at Zach. Margarets smile was very kind and it would be rude not to smile back. Ruth and her stepped out and Zach was alone trying to see his hand in front of his face.

Suddenly, their was a smell of someone else here. A vampire, at first Zach thought it was Magnus, but upon further inspection it was a female vampire and not just any female Vampire, it was her... Lilith.

Where are you? Zach asked, as a whisper hit his ear, telling him that she was right here.

Zach tried to grab her, but their was nothing near him.

I am sorry for the accident that you have suffered. It was not my intention for you or Zoe to come under attack. I do apologize, but I must ask you something that is very urgent. Where is Samantha the Lioness? Lilith asked, as Zach felt his head beginning to hurt.

I know you hid her and we need her powers. I can feel her power and her energy. Now Zach where is she? Zach began to feel extremely sick and his perception of time began to disipate.

I do not know where she is. The last I heard she was dead and thrown out to sea in the for being a witch. Zach said, as the main doors opened and Ruth and Margaret came rushing in.

Zach's vision restored and his headache disappeared. Ruth ran to Zach's side and Margaret hit the alarm button. Their is an intruder and this intruder is a Vampire. Lilith. The alarm did not sound, she hit the button again, but nothing.

Damnit. The alarm is not working. Margaret said, as she told Ruth to stay here and she would check around and get some secruity up their.

Ruth looked at Zach and Zach told her what happened and began to wonder why would Lilith want Samantha? Unless Lilith is gathering the elders and restoring the elders that had fallen...

Something was wrong. These events are leading up to something big and something very dangerous. It was time to get the word out, every Vampire should know and every Werewolf should know as well.

Especially, if the werewolf elders and the Vampire elders were brought back into power, both sides did not care about peace, only killing and exterminating the other side. If the elders were gaining power, it would become a fight for peace and the fight to live.

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posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 12:09 AM

Idle time with thoughts as Company

On the way back to the compound, Dieter thought about the recent events from this evening, and why the powers-that-be pulled the plug on his investigation? What was Toodles up to? By now, he would be in the air on his way to London for interrogation. My subject is out of the country at present. I wonder what Magnus has up his sleeve concerning my assignment? So many questions and so few answers?

Things just don’t add up? Why the grand entrances, to begin with? I thought vampires act in the shadows and that is what separates us from our hairy adversaries? Why give Toodles the opportunity to give his side of the story before information is gathered from a third party? For instance, when damning information is gathered and available; then haul him in for questions and try to catch him in lies. Personally, this move could be seen as a sign of weakness on Magnus’s part. Maybe, Toodles is surrendering as a means to get to know Magnus and test the waters as to what he can get away with? The move is very indecisive.

As his file reads, Toodles is very clever and an upshot. If I were Magnus, I would have played this one by the numbers. If he was involved in unsanctioned research or attacks on the werewolves? I would have found out sooner or later. Make someone feel comfortable and over time they are bound to make mistakes and choreograph their moves. I would have waited for him to do something foolish and then make my presence known, but only with concrete evidence. Oh, the waiting game. All these thoughts and ideas? They were now pulling into the main gates of the compound. Guards could be seen making their rounds along the perimeter.

Reinhardt, I think I will retire early this evening after such an unfortunate chain of events. We will go back to Toodle’s compound this evening. Very well, Master, as he parked the vehicle. The two men exited the vehicle and made their way into the compound.

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posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 04:03 PM
Magnus frantically searched his archives for the information he sought. The place was littered with scrolls and ancient manuscripts from the time of the pyramids and even records from Mesopotamia.

The room was circular in design, which provided the perfect cover for the covert room. When it had been built it was simply listed as a core column and nobody had ever questioned it. Book shelves lined every inch. Like a needled in a hay stack... Magnus sighed under his breath.

The book he was searching for gave the only accounts of Lilith during her reign as the Queen of Vampires. Being the first, Lilith was extremely powerful. It had been ages since he'd seen, let alone read the contents of her diary.

Rummaging through the various shelves and niches, Magnus' attention was drawn to a particular book he'd looked into recently.

The records of Samantha The Lioness.

She had been turned by Lilith along with Magnus as some of the first Vampire to roam the land. Magnus however, had received the proverbial short end of the stick as for abilities and knowledge of her kind.

She was bestowed with a great kingdom. Vast lands that stretched for hundreds, if not thousands of miles in each direction from her city. She lived a very luxurious life, held slaves, both Vampire and Werewolf. A fierce warrior, she was renown for leading the charge in her various conquests of territory during her reign.

Samantha however was extremely involved in researching her predicament as well as the Lycans who called her palace home. She consistently attempting magic rituals and biological experiments to determine what made them tick, and how she could make them better.

According to most Vampire lore historians, she was the pioneer of genetic and physical modification for our species and Lycans alike. It's even said she may have been the founder of the Black Dog clans, however, this information was but a myth and records were never found to show how she would have accomplished such a feat.

She ruled the her kingdom for almost have a millennia before a night of calamity and destruction. Neighboring lords, kings and queens had caught wind of this immortal Queen and had decided it was time for her to be forcefully removed.

They gathered their armies and stormed her palace, killing all who stood in they're way. Legend has it that the Vampires were able to escape, along with Samantha, her Lycan slaves being tossed into the fray as bait.

Some say she was killed that night, however her name has resurfaced multiple times over the generations. Whispers of her whereabouts were frequent during the black plague. Some had speculated that it had been her poison which was released upon those poor people. It was never confirmed.

With the return of Lilith's daughter, and perhaps even Lilith herself, there was a great possibly that Lilith would attempt to resurrect her own general to run her legions. Lilith would no doubt attempt to resurrect all of the Elders and bend them to her will.

Hearing the buzz of the intercom above, Magnus closed his books and returned to his chambers. Reaching the console on his desk, Magnus clicked it on.

Yes Mariah?

Toodles requests an audience with you Mlord.

I see he has learned some manners. You may send him up Mariah. Also, can you let James know I am looking for him?

Right away Lord Magnus

With that, Mariah was gone. Magnus, his mind still clouded in his earlier readings decided it was time to change his thoughts.

Dieter would be wondering what his role is in all of this. Poor fool, Magnus thought. A waste of a good man as far as he was concerned. No matter, more plans would be drawn up for him.

Clicking back the intercom Magnus spoke without waiting for a response.

Mariah, tell Dieter to return to the compound, I have new orders for him and I trust any of our lines of communication at the moment. Please make it sound urgent.

As he finished with his directives, James came through the door.

Ah James! How goes the data mining of the compound?

Very well. It seems that Toodles had a mountain of information that would have helped us in every situation we have had in the past 5 years. From research and development to security and even vital Lycan information. The man is good at what he does.

When he shares the information he is. This almost got him killed. Although I cannot look past his obvious talents. What do you think James?

Truthfully Sire, he gets the job done. It may not be pretty, and it may not be according to the book, but nevertheless, he has collected more information over the past half decade that we have in over thirty years. His methods work, however sloppy they are.

I am sure that with a bit of training and some oversight, he could prove to be one of our most valued agents.

James had a look on his face as if he had spoken out of turn. He was never the type to over speak, always knowing his role and following it to the letter. It the time since he had come to the compound, he'd also become a friend of Magnus. Very few spoke they're minds around him.

Thank you James. I appreciate the honesty. I agree, he is very useful. I will make sure not to under estimate his abilities. Now for the matters at hand. I need you to start scanning all Internet traffic and various other sources of information. I am looking for any correlating information in regards to Lilith and Samantha the Lioness.

James' jaw dropped upon hearing the last.

Those two are but myths Sire. You cannot really think that...

James' voice trailed off as he realized that Magnus was very serious. He would try and gather more information from Frederick later. Now was not the time to ask questions.

I will get right on it.

Good, thank you James. Now be off would you?

Magnus was still waiting for Toodles at this point. He wondered if Toodles might have information about Lilith or Sam hidden away in those files. Another thought crossed his mind.

Zacharia, and Zoe were also in the compound. He would need to visit them and the lab to view the results from Ruth's latest excursion. Noticing the monitor flashing red, Magnus turned to see the Med Center silent alarm running. It turned off a second later.

Just a security hiccup Magnus thought to himself. Had there been any real danger he would have been notified. He better have for their sake. As Magnus paced about awaiting Toodles his mind wandered back to those days with Lilith.

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 09:42 PM
Security had swept the room clean and found no trace of Lilith or any intruder. The doctors believed it to be a hallucination, however, Ruth and Margaret swore to hear other voices besides Zach's. Margaret and Ruth discussed a few ideas and both decided it was best that Ruth deliver the message to Magnus that they had been infiltrated. Ruth would not be defeated easily if she were attacked trying to deliver this important message. Margaret would stay behind and watch over Zach and escort him around. Zoe had left earlier, she was meant to report back to her father, however, it had appeared she had returned to check up on Zach.

Are you alright? Zoe asked, standing next to Zach, Zach was supposed to be sitting down, but could not help walking back and forth to try and shake the strange effects that Lilith was performing. She was draining his life, such a strange feeling that he had hoped to never feel again.

I have been better. Did you see your dad? Zach asked, rubbing his right hand.

I ... uh... I could not find him and I heard something happened up here and decided to check it out. Zoe said, brushing her hand out of her face and blushing a little bit. Zach smiled and knew that she was telling him a fib, but it was for good intentions.

Do not worry Ruth is going to report to him and bring him up to speed. Zach said, as he thought about what Lilith said and him hiding Samantha. Which was indeed true, Zach did hide Samantha, but he did so in order to protect her. After all she had created a new race of wolves to attack the Vampires, which of course was not her intention, but try telling that to Vampires of old. Zach knew she was in a safe place, however, Samantha was not one to really care. She would kill anyone to get ahead or to shut anyone up. Zach wanted to kill her many times, but the laws and ancient wisdom of old would not allow him too. Her blood flowed through his veins and everytime he had tried to kill her it felt like he was killing himself or killing Ruth. So Zach decided to do the next best thing and hide her or rather imprison her.

During the train ride of the ancients Zach hid her among the ancient werewolves a risk that paid off greatly as he was able to imprison her on werewolf territory and not just any wolf territory, but the terrirtory of the Old Kingdom where his brothers died.(Mentioned here) Zach knew that Samantha would be safe their, she is hidden under the pedestal of the Kings. Where the first werewolf Queen Rachel was born and placed as the rightful heir and knew leader. She laid their for all to see and lay eyes upon. Zach remembered Samantha well and how young she looked. Almost like a child, but she was powerful and to be feared among everyone. He especially remembered when he snuck her out and brought her to the Old Kingdom and how she looked when she viewed the sight.

Is it safe here? Samantha asked, looking at the giant statue behind her.

Unfortunately, just know that I would kill you if I could. I am only doing this because if I kill you- Zach said, as he was interupted by Samantha.

-You kill yourself and if you were to die. I would also lose apart of myself. A drawback from old technology, just know that if you were not so powerful I would kill you as well. But if I were to kill you I would lose some of my power as well. You and I, Zach are much more similiar than what you think. Your death would hurt me more than you would know. Samantha said, as she smiled and kissed Zach on his cheek Goodbye my son, take care.

Zach remembered closing her in under the pedestal and sealing it off well enough that it would be impossible for anyone to get out. He would need to see her again and ask what Lilith wanted, it would seem that more than one war was unfolding and he needed to get information from her. He needed to take only those he could trust and he needed more muscle than himself, it was time to go back to the wolves and get help from them. Of course, now Zach needed to get out of the compound with a good excuse and of course somehow convince Magnus, Ruth, Zoe and the others that he was fine to leave... or he could just escape...

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 11:43 PM
I stood in the lobby waiting for the go ahead to enter Magnus' chambers. "Mr. Toodles. The Lord has approved for the meeting with you. You may enter".

Thank you very much, Mariah

I made sure to open the chamber doors slowly so as to not...alarm anyone. I could see Magnus almost in a nervous pace. It was clear that something was bothering him. And I believe I know what it is.

Good to see you again, Sire. At least this time I am not getting my butt wooped.

He sat down and just looked at me

I know you are probably still nervous about what has transpired. But, I know of your predicament and have for some time. There are files that your IT team is no doubt having trouble accessing. The encryption used is far beyond their abilities. But, all that data is currently being transferred here. It is my intention right now, to give you a briefing on what those files contain.

I paced around a little myself before I could muster up where to start. I walked over to Magnus' mini bar and helped myself to a drink. Common pleasantries are something I am still not used to.

Four years ago, during a routine infrared sweep. We were scanning for real time locations of Vampire and Lycan entities planet wide. We were studying Lycan movement patterns. And we picked up on a faint trace that looked Vampire...but it was not.

At this point I could see his apprehension rising. I took a big gulp of my brandy. I knew this would piss him off to no end. And I was really not looking forward to more swords in my face.

I looked over at Magnus who was simply staring at me still.

"Go on" he said.

I ran a search program to see if we had ever seen it before. We had. Once two years before. We picked it up at the same time the town reported a massive homicide. 1064 people killed in a 3 hour time period. No explosions. Nothing. The reports said it was some kind of superfast animal.

I sent out 4 hunters to investigate and no one reported back. So I gathered a full team including myself. When we got to the town, we found the hunters where they had last reported in. All dead.

Legend has it that only one entity could be fast enough to kill that many people in such a short time period. That legend is Lilith herself. You are under the impression that your secret chamber has the only copy of the text. But I have a digital copy. And yes...I know about the secret chamber.

In any case. The data files are records of our scans. Showing where this ghost has appeared the past 6 years. There is a pattern. Who or whatever it is has been targeting Libraries. Old libraries. We believe the next target is New Orleans. In fact, we believe it will be my data compound.

Everything you know...I know, and more. I will be willing to give the location of the Data compound. I know the movements of the creature and might be able to come up with a defense. But I will need the best hunters that this house can offer. And I want Andrew there. That is...if you allow me to do so, Sire.

I just stood there watching Magnus' eye movement. He stared at me with the angriest eyes I have ever seen. Obviously my breach of protocol under his nose for so many years was eating at him. Perhaps this will be my end. I would deserve no less.

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Sometimes a picture says a Thousand Words

He awoke from his slumber still feeling bitter from such a calamitous evening the night before. Dieter got dressed and proceeded upstairs from his quarters to meet Reinhardt. He made his way to he surveillance office. While passing guards along the way, he got a sense that they had finally grown accustomed to his command, by carrying on as if he wasn’t there. Finally, at the surveillance room he ascended upon Reinhardt who was alone scanning the monitors. He took the seat beside his lieutenant.

Good morning Master, I take it you slept well? It was decent considering what transpired last evening. After looking over the monitors, Dieter turned to face Reinhardt.

So how was your day, Reinhardt? Well, I thought last night was kind of peculiar as well. So I went over to the compound during the day and ran surveillance. I took photos of humans loading coffins into a truck trailer. as he removed the photos from an envelope and handed them to his master.

Looking over the photos Well, these are intriguing. Did you follow the truck after loading was complete? Yes Master, I tailed it to about 3 miles south of Barksdale airforce base. Very interesting, indeed! So, most likely, these vampires were housed at the compound we looked in on the night before? What are these photos?! as he looked at photos of humans descending below ground with the coffins near an unmarked phone booth.

Well, Master, that interests me as well. It’s as though they disappeared. After the unload was complete, I went over to look around to see how they were descending below and I found nothing. Good work Reinhardt! Master and something else, I got you something to eat this evening. Oh yes, where is my meal? It’s in the holding cell. I was able to acquire a prostitute this afternoon after my surveillance activities, and brought her here. You never cease to amaze, Reinhardt. After I feed, we will proceed to the compound and follow-up on those other photos. Meet me outside at the car in about fifteen minutes. Very well, Master. Dieter exited the room with the sound of the door closing.

As Reinhardt watched the monitors and moments later, the camera showed Dieter in the holding cell with his dinner before him. Now in the cell, Dieter saw the woman crouched in the corner shivering in fear. She looked up at the tall imposing figure before her Sir, some man took me here and has kept me captive, please help me! Oh, I am not the one to be asking for help. Please, help me!

He moved towards the frantic woman, and in quick succession, yanked her up from the crouching position, and tore into her neck like a rabid dog with a piece of meat. She frantically flayed her arms around in distress. With cold precision, he continued, until she was limp and completely drained. After finishing, he tossed her aside like a rag doll and left the room.
After leaving the cell and walking away; guards could be seen entering the cell to gather the corpse for disposal. By now, Reinhardt had shared with the guards on how to properly dispose of bodies.

Now outside, Dieter made his way to the black SUV. With the sound of the door closing and taking his seat in the back, Reinhardt take me to the compound as planned. Very well, Master. as he put the key in the ignition and started the vehicle to drive away.

On the way to the compound, he thought about the intriguing photos near the military installation. Why the need of another compound, and apparently underground as well? The plot continued to get more complicated by the day, but he welcomed the challenge.

They finally made it to the compound, and to Dieter's surprise, the night was illuminated by a raging inferno accompanied by a large police presence and fire fighters. Thinking to himself, what the hell is going on here? Now humans would be sniffing around as well. Sometimes, subtly is the best approach. This only makes things more complicated than they were, if Magnus gave the order to destroy the facility? Still so many questions, but this inferno would explain the evacuation from earlier as Reinhardt uncovered.

He removed the encrypted mobile device from his pocket and began to type a message:

At the compound, police and emergency personnel on scene fighting fire. No sign of occupants. Earlier, surveillance photos showed an evacuation of vampire occupants conducted by their human servants. Coffins could be seen being loaded into a large trailer. A truck transported the cargo as my associate shadowed. The truck made its way to a desolate location near Barksdale airforce base and the cargo was then taken below ground near an unmarked phone booth. We will make our way there this evening to follow up on the new lead. Access below is unknown. More details to follow . . .

Reinardt, lets get the hell out of here! Go to the location from this afternoon. Very well, Master. as he started the vehicle and drove past the police and firefighters addressing the inferno.

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Are you heading back to London?

No, not yet.

I have an old score to settle for my Grandfather Ezekiel first...

Those words echoed in his head as he pulled up to his Grandfathers cabin.
The night was cold and crisp. The moon was full but hidden temporarily by cloud cover. He made it there just after sunset. He moved quickly unloading the back of the jeep. He had to hurry to set his trap. On his way up he had stopped at the local slaughter house picking up a fair bit of blood, beef hearts and livers.

He loaded all his equipment into the cabin and then set about spreading the blood and beef parts everywhere in the surrounding area.

If this doesnt attract the creature on a full moon then nothing would.

He said under his breath as he threw the last liver against a tree stump.

The cabin was dark, lit only by the soft glow coming from the fireplace which had a heavy iron pot just starting to boil in it. It didn't take long for the fire to warm up the cabin. Slayer changed his clothes, putting on the new light weight armor under his black fatigues then laced up his boots.

He barricaded the entrance and windows not that he thought that would stop the creature but maybe slow it down enough to give him the upper hand. He sat down in an old heavy wooden rocking chair with a sawed off double barreled 10gauge on his lap. He reached down to his left and pulled out a bottle of whiskey from his rucksack.

Those who knew Slayer knew that he and whiskey didn't mix. He became down right mean and nasty when he drank it. As the fire crackled he lit a smoke and drank from the bottle and waited.

It didn't take long before his heightened senses of smell and hearing picked up the creature. He knew it was getting closer. Slayer sat back and rocked in his chair and took a few more large swigs from the bottle ignoring the burning as he swallowed deeply.

He thought about that night all those years ago and how this beast took the only real family he knew away from him. He took a very long drink from the bottle. The rage and anger grew as he drank and remembered. He heard the roof creak but it was just the wind. He now could hear it panting and smell it's breath it was very close. His anger built up, he could feel his muscles getting stronger as they swelled. He took one long last draw from the bottle and sat it to the side, flicked his cigarette into the fire. It bounced off the boiling iron pot and into the fire. Then he cocked both hammers back on his shot gun.

Payback Time!

Crashing through the door with splinters flying it charged in. It was a true hell hound. It stood up and started to let out a booming howl, Slayer gave it both barrels in it's chest cutting it's howl short. The blast knocked it backwards out through the now open doorway. It landed hard on it's back with it's chest smoking from the impact. Slayer stood up and grabbed his Louisville Slugger baseball bat that he had placed on the mantle and followed the creature.

Now looking more like a Mob gangster hit man than a hunter. He slowly paced back and forth twirling the bat by the handle with his right hand. Looking at the creature as he paced, waiting for it to regenerate. The creature rolled over on all fours then started to raise it's head. Slayer stepped in and swung hard in an upward motion hitting its ribcage.


Then following through he came down even harder on the top of it's head.


He stepped back and waited again for it to regenerate. Grinning, Slayer pulled out a smoke and lit it with his grandfathers old WWII zippo lighter. He walked over to a tool box he had placed on the front porch of the cabin. He reached in and pulled out a heavy Ball-peen hammer. As the creature started to snarl as it was recovering from the blows. Slayer walked over to it and swung again in an upward motion this time with the hammer hitting it's lower jaw slamming it shut against it's upper jaw. It bit through it's own tongue almost severing it.

The creature let out a thunderous whimper. Slayer smiled while putting his cigarette out on it's forehead. He proceeded to smash it's two front paws with the Ball-peen hammer. Then leaning over he whispered into it's ear.

Its time to get medieval

Stepping on it's shattered from right paw with the heal of his boot he jammed his thumb in it's left eye gouging it out. He walked back into the cabin and took another deep draw from the bottle and then walked back out and over to the creature by this time it was up. Dazed, confused and blind in one eye it was wondering what the hell was going on.

Slayer charged the creature and in a classic American football tackle drove his shoulder into the beast’s midsection he felt some of it's ribs break as he propelled it backwards into a tree stump which exploded from the impact debris flew in all directions.

He could tell the creature had difficulty breathing from the broken ribs. It slumped to the ground struggling to catch it's breath.

Reaching down he grabbed the Louisville slugger baseball bat again. As it fought to stand up Slayer swung the bat with all his might hitting the beast squarely on it's snout. The impact drove it’s snout back into it’s skull. He heard a deep gurgling sound as it fell limply to the dirt. Slayer stood there for a few seconds then walked back into the cabin and came out with a red hot boiling iron pot of oil and poured on the creature as it tried to cover it's face with it's left hand. The flesh on the left side of it's face and hands were burned in a horribly grotesque manor.

Regenerate this... He said as he swung the red hot iron pot by its handle and smashed it in its snout again. It stuck to it's snout sizzling as he let the handle go and walked over to his jeep. He grabbed a duffel bag off of the back seat, reached in and pulled out his Japanese Katana and another bottle of whiskey.

As the creature rolled in agony Slayer opened the bottle and knelt down beside it and took a few swigs. The creature started to regain it's strength. He watched as it stood facing away from him. He could hear the bones popping as they repaired themselves. He heard what sounded like rope tightly twisting as the creatures muscles also recovered. It spun around now in complete rage it howled thunderously echoing throughout the mountains and glared at Slayer with it's one good eye in the most evil manor. Slayer stood and faced his opponent.

The beast charged at him. Slayer quickly stepped to one side and in a most beautifully executed motion made a butterfly pattern with his Katana then spun around and walked away a few feet. He turned to see the beast staring at it's two new stumps where it's arms had been a second before.

He walked over to the beast and smiled. In a lightning fast sweep he disemboweled the beast right there then swung around and lopped it's head off. As it hit the dirt with a thud he wiped the blood off the blade. He picked up it's head and sat it on a pole. He finished the second bottle while packing up his belongings. When he finished that then he dragged the body into the cabin and sat the head on the mantle.

He poured gasoline all over the cabin and the body and lit it. With a loud whoosh the cabin was engulfed in flames. He stood there watching it burn. Then he said an old medicine man prayer that his grandfather had taught him many years before as the smoke rose to the heavens...

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The King sat there listening to Skyler, he couldn’t believe the stories about the rogue vampires but this just reinforced the need for war. He looked around the room at the men that stood before him. The Alexander bloodline he thought; he was about to put all his trust in these young bloods. Would they fail him or even deceive him? He had no idea.

Melchior sat next to the King and didn’t say a word; he just looked at him now and then with a cold stare.

“What about all of the lives you could save”

Were the words that kept running through the Kings mind every time he looked at Melchior.

The King stood up.

Gentlemen, I would like to thank you for your hard work in upholding the reputation of the Werewolves. From what you have told me, this only reinforces my decision here today. Gentlemen I have declared war against the vampires. The peace treaty is over. We are now at war.

And now is the time to unite the two bloodlines together, in fact no, now is the time to unite all the bloodlines together because only as one clan can we defeat our enemy.

Melchior sank lower into his chair knowing that the King would never use the antivirus now, not after that speech.

Cheers and applause went up around the room as the Alexander bloodline rejoiced at the thought of war; this is what they’ve been waiting for all these years.

Gentlemen, continued the King, theres just one more thing I ask of you. You need to bring our brothers and sisters home, return the rest of Alexander bloodline to England. Here we will make a stand and fight the vampires. Go fourth and travel to the faraway lands, find our brothers and sisters and return home.

The king took off his ring that his father had given him and handed it to Skyler.

Take this ring it carries the seal of my bloodline, the bloodline of Ruth. It also has my initials embedded on the sapphire stone.

Butler will arrange all your travel details, weapons and anything else that you require. Gentlemen unfortunately I have another matter to deal with in one of the tech labs, so Im afraid I must leave you now. Butler will be here shortly to discuss your travel arrangements.

The king and Melchior left the room and closed the door behind them. The king turned to Melchior.

Get the berserkers down to the tech lab, I want everything cleaned up right away, this madness ends now.

Yes sire, said Melchior I will take them down to lab personally, my lord.

The King turned and walked away.

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 08:55 PM
Gentlemen I have declared war against the vampires. The peace treaty is over. We are now at war.

The words still echoed in Skyler's ears as the King departed and his men were cheering. He grasped the ring in his hand as the noise in the conference room became a distant whisper. He never thought that he would see an all out war with the vampires in his lifetime. Now he was being tasked with rallying all the bloodlines. How could this be?

Up until this point he had always felt as though he was having a non stop party. Now, this was deadly serious. His men cheered, he could still hear them in the back of his mind, but did they realize what has just been said? A war with the vampires was no joke. He snapped out of it and re joined the living.

Guys! Guys hang on a minute here. I can see everyone wants to honor their King. I need you guys to realize that this is no joke. Those vampires are not playing games. They are deadly serious. Which means we have to be deadly serious. Pull your acts together because this isnt about cheering and agreeing that the vampires will pay. If we dont have our heads on straight we will be killed. Those vampires at the flats were childs play compared to what they will throw at us. Enough of the hootin and hollerin we gotta put our game faces on. Its life and death. No kidding.

The men seemed to hear what Skyler was saying. They all dropped their smiles and high fiving and let the gravity of the situation sink in. Skyler was right. They wouldn't win by acting like they were at a baseball game.

Your right Sky. What do you think we should do first? Sunshine asked seriously.

Just then the conference door opened. It was Butler. Skyler sir I am Butler and will be facilitating your needs in this endeavor. What will you require? Butler asked as a matter of fact.

Well first off is there any way we can contact the known clans from here? Do you have a contact list of some sort that we could use to track down those clans who do not know what is going on? Skyler's mind was racing in a thousand different directions.

Actually yes. We have our archives which house the location and contacts of all the known clans. We can reach them in this manner and tell them that their presence is required at the Kings mansion. We can provide transportation to those who need it. There are clans that cannot be reached though. They are secluded and considered very dangerous. They are in the Old Kingdom. It is located in the oldest part of London and still owned by the King to this day. No one has received word from them for ages. Butler said as he remembered the distant clan members.

Get me directions to this Old Kingdom. I will go there myself and bring them on board. As for you guys help with getting the rest of the clans contacted and brought here. I want a list of whoever cannot be reached. For all we know they are under attack already. Skyler was feeling as though he was dreaming. This couldn't be happening. Butler stepped out as he was tasked with getting directions.

Sky you really should let a few of us go with you. It might be dangerous. Sunshine added after a moment of silence.

No. We cant risk losing more of us than we need to. Ill be fine. You guys make sure everyone is contacted and get them here. Skyler said. He really didn't want his guys going with him because if he lost even one now the werewolves would be at a disadvantage.

Butler re-appeared in the conference room with a map. He showed Skyler where the Old Kingdom was located. He also gave him a secure cell phone.

Now all I need is a ride. What have you got for me Butler? Skyler asked as he tucked the cell phone into his hip pocket.

I suggest you take one of the Hummers. The Old Kingdom is not well known for its roads. The vehicle will certainly take you where you need to go. Butler offered.

Sounds good. Show me the way. Skyler said as he slipped a pair of mirrored glasses on. He was determined now. Him and his men would make sure everyone was united. His purpose was before him.

As Skyler pulled out of the Mansion and onto the old country road that led to it, he felt his jacket out of habit. The Colt King Cobra was still there. He would find the secluded clans and God help anyone who got in his way.

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While the Cat is away the Rats will Play

They made their way to the destination of interest. All that could be seen, was desolation and a lone phone booth with a light on top. It was relatively late because of the long drive north from New Orleans to Bossier City where Barksdale AFB was located. The phone booth was out in the middle of nowhere, and the only sound, was that of jet engines from the near by base; while periodically being blanketed by lights and aircraft flying over head to land and depart. As late as it was, getting back to New Orleans before sun rise was out of the question; so he would have to find an abandoned building or sleep among the rats in the sewer until nightfall. Oh, did he hate rats, what filthy vermin. He thought about the rats from his war years.

He remembered being held up in a ravaged building defending against a barrage of Soviet assaults by both infantry and artillery strikes. His unit must have been there for a about a month or more, cut-off, since it was in the waning days before the 6th Army’s surrender and Field Marshal Paulus’s big day as Stalin’s trophy and my eventual vampiric baptism. Well, back to the rats, amid our MG 42 cutting the advancing Red Army to pieces, and our grenades dismembering them with every explosion. They kept coming, and we kept firing with everything we had, but the strangest thing was at nightfall during the assaults; the rats would swarm our position amid the loud deafening noise of the firefight and make it over the wire. They came in droves, and what was the first thing they ascended upon; the bodies of our dead. We couldn’t bury our dead, because by now, in the dead of winter, with the ground frozen solid and Russians everywhere both day and night; it was too dangerous. So we kept them in hopes of being rescued by another German patrol and given the proper accommodations to bury our dead, but that patrol never came. So, throughout the night, as we fought for our lives, the rats feasted on the remains of my men. By day break the rats were gone and all that remained of the deceased was bones. They were stripped clean of flesh. This was a nightly ritual while I was a guest in my last human home.

Filthy, filthy vermin! I am beginning to think Toodles is as cunning and determined as those rats. By now, if it was Toodles that was taken into custody; he has met with my employer and is weaving a tale about the nature of his activities. Hopefully, I will get the chance to meet Toodles? At this point, he has my respect, because clearly; all his angles are covered. It takes a lot of will to surrender one's self under the serious allegations that have been levied against him.

He looked out at the phone booth and thought about what is going on below. What were the rats doing down in that subterranean facility? He thought, “While the cat is away the rats will play.”

Reinhardt find accommodations at a hotel today and contact the command center in New Orleans and tell them we will be away for a while. I will find suitable accommodations before daybreak. Meet me here at nightfall this evening. Very well, Master. As Reinhardt put the night vision binoculars on the passenger seat and placed his hands on the steering wheel, the back door opened and closed, and in a split second; Dieter was gone.

He found himself in a dark sewer with the sporadic noise of dripping water and the squeak of rats as they scurried about in what sounded like a stampeding herd with his acute hearing. Hopefully soon, I get a message from my employer about his recent actions? Until nightfall, I will once again, be the guest of rats . . .

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Magnus stood in Toodle's presence, too shocked to speak. The feelings of betrayal and anger rose up from within his core. He would have done well to have killed him. No. That simply would not do, thought Magnus.

Perhaps the best way to deal with Toodles would be to keep him close by? If he was given a position in which he was required to report directly to him, all the while having the freedom to carry out his own operations, he surely would not keep things from him then.

Stepping forward, and reaching out to Toodles, Magnus was sure he thought his end was near. Placing a hand on his shoulder he smiled. Certainly it would have been the first time Toodles had seen this from his Lord.

Well. It seems you have done your homework my friend. Good. You have proven your skills to me and it is time I put them to good use.

Toodles, I hereby appoint you to Director Of Special Operations.

You will answer to nobody but me. Not even Zaio or Zoe. However Toodles, I must stress the importance of this role. You may not go behind my back with these projects anymore. I am giving you an open door. An opportunity to do as you want, to re-kindle my faith in the young bloodlines.

You will have full access to the compound and have all the staff you require as well. The only things you may not meddle with are underground, and I beg you not to make the mistake of attempting such things.

I trust you will not disappoint me. Now go and prepare a briefing for me. Come up with a plan, and give me all data you have on Lilith and any other elders which are not active, or are suppose to become active soon.

Also the Lycans have been surprisingly quiet. We better keep an eye out for them as well.

Magnus returned to standing in the back of his desk, still waiting for a reply from Toodles.

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I stood there in shock. Looking at the King with eyes I had never seen before. I stuttered before I could come up with a reply to my promotion. I never thought the day would come that Magnus and myself would be on good terms, much less receiving a promotion from him. Even more, a promotion of this magnitude.

My Lord. I cannot express my gratitude and you will not be disappointed. First things first though. Andrew is on his way here, I must speak with him. I would also advise getting Deiter here as well. He has been watching me for some time. Per your orders I would assume. He would be very useful to me. I need not tell you where my data compound is, cause he already knows.

A battle plan was already forming in my head. If Lilith really was back and seeking to revive her lost empire of death, then this would be the battle of all battles. Vampires and Lycans are both in grave danger and it would seem that peace time is the only option at this point.

Sire. I have an idea. If Lilith is back, then she would endanger not only us but also the Lycan bloodlines as well. It would seem that we have two options. We fight two wars or make peace once again with the Werewolves

Right as I finished the sentence, my phone range. It was Andrew

My apologies. It is Andrew

"Sir, I have arrived in London. I will be at the compound in about 3 minutes".

Very good. I will be outside waiting for you. It seems a stroke of Good fortune has been bestowed upon us by our King. Get in contact with Compound 3 and have all of our staff come to London immediately. Oh, one more thing. Is the data transfer complete?

"The data transfer was completed 2 hours ago. And you will have the staff there in 1 day. Promise." he Said.

I hung up the phone and looked back to Magnus who was looking at me with confusion.

Oh, yeah. Forgot to tell you, Andrew is already here...I ordered him here yesterday so we could review the data with you. I will be sending the encryption codes to the IT team as soon as Andrew arrives. You can meet us down in the Tech lab in approximately 1 hour. We will have our report and battle plan ready.

I will not fail, Sire. I have not failed thus far. Albeit, I made some mistakes along the way about how I did things but when It comes to operation protocols, you made a good choice. Glad to be back in good services with my King.

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Zach found escaping the Vampire Compound to easy for comfort, but none the less it was done. The Old Kingdom was near, but alomg the way, he kept hearing a voice that reminded him a lot of Samantha the Lioness. It was as if she was communicating to him, telling him to be careful and to be aware of when he enters the Old Kingdom. Zach just thought it was his mind telling what to do in the form of Samantha's voice.

Up and about already? A voice asked from behind Zach, as he turned to see what was behind him.

Upon not seeing anything, Zach turned the other way and there was Lilith. Standing infornt of him smiling and laughing.

You know what... I always knew that you hid Samantha Lioness, but the question is why? and of course where? Lilith said, walking closer to Zach.

Well... If you were not such a pain I would show you. But your inetntions are not good for anyone, so until then, I wish you a happy recovery. Zach said, as he smiled and saw the confused look on Lilith's face.

Lilith looked and saw Zach pull out a prototype weapon of light encased in silver and threw it at Lilith, as it fell to Liliths feet it exploded in her direction. Lilith should have been severely hurt and Zach waited to see, as the light eventually cleared, Lilith stood their smiling.

Zach, I am the Queen of all the living and dead. Your tricks will not hurt me. Now where is the Lioness? Lilth said, as she began running to Zach.

Zach turned into a household dog and began to run down the street, headed to the old Kingdom. If he was able to get to the Old Kingdom he would have packs of werewolves able to fend off Lilith, while he was able to get the Lioness out. Zach only hoped that he could get their in before Lilith caught up.

Zach ran past a few people, looked over his left shoulder as Lilith was about to grab him and then suddenly...

Zach appeared in the Old Kingdom, he was in his human form. Lilith was no where to be found, Zach was not sure how he appeared here, but he had an idea. He felt this was Samantha's doing, but why?...

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Skyler felt as if he had been driving forever. It was a long ride through some major highways and freeways. The towns and hills seemed to stretch on forever. Now, as night was falling, he was on a dirt road that snaked through a gorgeous forest. He had followed the directions to the letter so he wasn't afraid that he was lost. He just started to feel isolated now. There were no streetlamps or roadsigns back here. Just woods and a pretty rough dirt road.

Skyler was grateful now that he had taken the vehicle he had taken. The suspension absorbed most of the rough terrain. He was waiting to see the marker that Butler told him about along this road. A very large oak tree with deep claw marks. It was there that he was supposed to turn. He squinted his eyes and watched each tree closely. Finally he saw it. The only problem was, there was no road where he was supposed to turn. Just brush.

He stopped the vehicle and looked into the woods where the turn should be. The vehicle would make it. He decided to go for it. Switching on the four wheel drive he turned into the thick brush and hit the accelerator. The engine roared and the vehicle rocked on the uneven surface as he sped into the woods. Hell, if this wasn't where he should have turned than at least he would have some fun.

After a couple of hundred yards of dodging trees and rocks he realized he was definitely going the right way. He slowed as he looked intently at an old marble pillar that was broken in half and was covered in vines. A little further and he began seeing more columns and even the remnants of what appeared to be foundations of old dwellings. Suddenly, he was back on what appeared to be an old cobblestone road. The drive became easier as he switched off the four wheel drive and continued on to the mysterious Old Kingdom.

After coasting down a long ravine and then back up a hill side he was awestruck at what appeared to be an old temple of sorts. The massive complex seemed so out of place in the forest. Its huge granite walls rose at least forty feet and even some of the artistic stone work was still present. He coasted to a stop and turned off the ignition. He picked up the ring that King John had given him and slipped it on his right middle finger. He opened the door and stepped out into the ancient Old Kingdom.

The smell of the forest hit him first. The soil was rich and the various plant life mingled together. He could feel his werewolf instincts kicking in more with the onset of the night. He looked around and took note of his surroundings. As he did, another scent hit him. It was a werewolf. That should be no surprise. He was in werewolf country after all, but it was familiar. He recognized it from somewhere. He turned toward the old temple and began to close the distance.

The smell was definitely coming from the old structure, so he would check that place out first. He walked up the old stone steps and stood at the entrance. The huge doors had long since eroded and only fragments of them hung on the hinges. He peered inside and could see that someone indeed had been, or was still here. The dust on the floor was disturbed and footprints could be discerned. He was about to call out into the darkness when suddenly a familiar voice startled him from behind.

My my arent we the young one? Zach asked comically. Knowing that Skyler would recall the first time they met eachother.

Skyler spun on his heels quickly and realized that it was the black dog Zach from the vampire compound. Zach what the hell? You almost got yourself hurt man. Skyler tried to sound tough, but it was useless. Zach knew better.

Not likely young blood. I could hear you coming all the way from the freeway. What on earth are you doing here? Zach asked as he handed Skyler a bottle of water from his back pack.

Your not going to believe this. I am really glad to have run into you here. King John is summoning all of the werewolf bloodlines to the mansion for an all out war with the vampires. I am here to find those clan members who have no contact with the outside world. The ones who cannot be reached. They need to know what is happening. Skyler said and than raised his hand to show Zach the ring that King John had given to him.

War? With the vampires? You have a lot to learn young blood. There are things that you know nothing about. Things that Im sure would make you question the validity of your very existence. King John is about wage a war that has everything to do with some very ancient grudges. There are powers at work right now that would humble even King John himself. If you come with me Ill show you these secrets. It is possible that what we uncover here may very well avert this war. Zach motioned toward the inside of the temple.

You are trying to tell me that you know better than our King? You are privy to something that even King John does not know? Why should I believe you? Skyler was questioning Zach. To Skyler, the King had the last word. He had to obey his King, but Zach was a black dog of old. It wasn't too much of a stretch for him to be telling the truth.

I am not telling you to disobey our King. I am merely saying that we may be able to avert a disaster. Do you want to help me? Zach asked.

Skyler could sense a sincerity coming from his older brother. A sincerity that could not be denied. He seemed troubled. Whatever those secrets were that he spoke of, he knew that they were haunting him. He sensed something much deeper than the pressing matter at hand. He would agree to help him.

Ill help you. If we could do something to change the current course than why not? Ill help you. Skyler said. He felt deep down that it was the right decision. Maybe there was something more going on than anyone knew about. He felt a shiver go up his spine at the thought of those secrets being revealed to him.

They both walked into the old temple and approached a huge structure. Its over here. Under the pedestal of the Kings. Where the first werewolf Queen Rachel was born and placed as the rightful heir and new leader. Zach said as if in a trance of some sort.

Queen Rachel? Pedestal of the Kings? What was Zach talking about anyway? Skyler watched him approach the structure as he slid a pry bar out of his back pack. Come on help me. We gotta move this over. Zach said as he began to force the bar under a sarcophagus of sorts. It was huge, but Skyler and Zach would be able to move it. The pry bar found purchase and Zach pushed down with all his might. The huge structure broke away from the ground and the seal was broken.

Skyler hurried to his brothers side and began to push. Together they slid the huge structure five feet from its original position and revealed a metallic circular lid that was recessed into the floor. Zach panted and gazed at it. Skyler could feel his skin crawling. This was way too creepy. What was it that was about to be revealed?

Zach used the pry bar again and began working it around the seal of the circular lid. Skyler watched in fear. What was going on? What was about to be revealed to Skyler? He suddenly felt way out of his league. He knew nothing about the ancient stuff and this had him unsettled.

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Skyler stood motionless as Zach worked the edge of the pry bar between the metallic disc and the surrounding stone. Little by little he began to see the lid move. Zach was moving in a rhythm, slowly but steadily loosening the ancient cover.

Zach whats in there? What do you need thats in there? Can you tell me? Skyler pleaded to no avail. Zach was determined to uncover whatever was beneath the lid. With a flash and a roar of thunder the lid suddenly flew skyward. In that instant, Zach fell backward and Skyler shielded his eyes.

When they looked back at the open portal they saw a mist rising up out of it and cascading along the stone floor. All was silent. Skyler could only look on in disbelief.

Zach scrambled back toward the opening and looked inside. Two hands appeared on the rim of the opening, then hoisting herself up, Samantha the lioness appeared and gained her footing as she stood tall and gazed at her surroundings. She extended a hand toward Zach, who was still kneeling on the floor. He took her hand and she hoisted him to herself. The two hugged each other.

Skyler was dumbfounded. Who was this and what was she doing in a hole in the floor? What the hell was going on here? He dared not speak. He would wait to find out what this was all about.

The two stopped hugging and looked at each other smiling. Long time no see. Zach finally said. He seemed to be holding back tears.

Zach I know Lilith was after you. I seen you running from her. That is why I brought you here so quickly. She cannot see us now but it will not be long before she can. We have much work to do. Samantha replied back to Zach.

I know. The King has declared war on the vampires and wants to unite all the blood lines. He is at his wits end Samantha. We have to tell him what is happening. Zach said. He turned to Skyler.

Skyler can you get us back to the Kings mansion? Zach asked but he already knew the answer.

Of course. I am just a little confused though. I... Skyler was cut short from what he was about to ask as hundreds of werewolves descended on their position in an instant. They encircled the group bearing their teeth and hunched in an attack posture. Now Skyler was really confused. He had an idea though.

He raised his fist with the ring on it and began walking slowly showing the ring to the werewolves who were ready to attack. Do you recognize this ring? It is from your King! He requests your presence at the mansion. Skyler shouted boldly.

An obvious black dog stood and transformed back into his human form. Does the King require her presence as well! He shouted back at Skyler as he pointed at Samantha.

Thinking quickly, Skyler didn't miss a beat. Of course! Why would we be here with her? It is his direct mandate that we escort her back to the mansion. To the rest of you. We unite this day as one blood line! War has been declared and your existence is in jeopardy. Make haste and meet us at the mansion. As for her the King will deal with her. Skyler shouted loudly and tried to act as if he knew what was going on. He only hoped his gamble would pay off.

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