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Bail outs for THEM, But 9/11 Rescue Workers Can Fend for Themselves!!

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 07:41 PM

NYFD Firefighters say they heard explosions and believe the towers were brought down by high-explosives. Radio recordings show the NYFD Firefighters say they heard explosions and believe the towers were brought down by high-explosives. Radio recordings show the firefighters in the towers saying there were only two small pockets of fire and should be able to knock it out with two lines. But then the buildings came wasn't the small fires in the towers, it was high-explosives!
FireEngineering Magazine says there is no way that jet fuel brought down the towers, and to stop hauling away the debris at the crime scene!

This whole scenario is heartbreaking, through their courageous actions they have sentenced themselves to death, it disgusts me how anyone can want to protect the scum whom are responsible for this.

We know what happened that day, keep the faith, it is only a matter of time before the voice of the people will be to loud to ignore.......

I have recently discovered all the FR`s and other rescue workers eye witness reports and posted them here.......

Lest we forget.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by zysin5

Thank you for this thread, Zysin5!!!

Truth be told, this was the very reason I began my quest to finding out who really was responsible for 9/11...and you know what, this vile treatment of the 1st responders will be their fatal mistake and the ultimate reason in those truly responsible being brought to justice.

I will be sending the contents of this thread to everyone I know so that we can contribute in anyway we can.


posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 08:59 PM
reply to post by OnTheFelt

Your welcome man! I took note of the thread you made not to long ago..
Financial Proof and More that 9/11 was an Inside Job!
A great thread and I would suggest anyone taking the time to read this thread in full to jump over there and support that one too!

You know Im much the same.. Before 911, and the months after I was your typical sheeple.. I didnt start looking at everything until I started to see how the firefighters where being tossed aside and mistreated!

I also belive this will be the fatal mistake in all of 911 cover up!
This is the very thing that opened my eyes, and what lead me to uncover many personal truths..

This very event lead me into so many other things I didnt know that was out there!
Before 911.. The only conspiracy I ever heard about was Elvis is still alive, and JFK murder.. I had always belived that JFK was killed by CIA but I didnt realize how deep many conspiracy theories where..

For the most part I am a skeptic by nature.. But you can not just turn a blind eye to the facts and events taking place!

Being a skeptic there are many things I simply will not buy into.. Yet as a person who has learned many new things in the light of what happened..
YOU just can't deny something is totally wrong here..
And a BIG cover up of my generation is playing out before my face..

I will not sit by and watch while the bad guys get away with it!

I couldnt sleep at night knowing in my heart I did nothing!!

Thanks for your support!! All support is welcomed! And keep up the good fight my friend!

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 09:51 PM

Originally posted by Seventh
I have recently discovered all the FR`s and other rescue workers eye witness reports and posted them here.......

Lest we forget.

Thanks for posting that in here!! I belive its very important that we document these accounts!
As they will and can be used if this ever gets into court..

However as I said before, I honestly think this is why they are wanting them dead..

Dead men tell no tales..
Plus not to mention they where told to shut their mouths.. And not speak of any of this due to national Security!!!

Now that right there tells you something is up...

As if these men die.. And there is no one left to speak the truth..
Its all part of the plan I belive..

And Im happy to finally see I have got some attention here with this thread!
And it has nothing to do about my own personal attention!

Its just something I must DO!

And so many skeptics and debunkers come into threads like ours and offend us by saying.. oh you just want Fame or glory for such threads..

I Want to make it VERY clear thats not why Im doing this!!!

Hell If I had anyway to expose all this 100% I wouldnt want to be put on TV.. I wouldnt want to be known for this..

I would be happy to have just done what any good person would do..

I don't want money.. I do not want fame..

But I do want JUSTICE!!! And I want to see more people opening their eyes before its to late..

Yet honestly.. I think it is too late by now.. Sadly enough, But I will try to remain postive and still keep working on this.. And not let anyone to tell me to shut my mouth or keep it to myself!!

And Im far from the first.. Or the only peson..

Yet why is it.. More people Care or want to get into flame wars to talk about stuff they can not proove 100%..

We can proove this 100% NO questions, if ands or butts about it..

This one is solid! And I stand by this thread with all my heart!

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 01:29 AM
Now this is the type of button pushing I want to warn many of my supporters about in this thread.. If this is all some skeptics and debunkers can come up with.. Please go play your games elsewhere!!

As I wont be lured into cussing someone out.. Nor will I play games with such ignorance!

Originally Posted by dedicate
Funny, this issue is the least troublesom to me. The first responders are generally made up of people who worship the system. Police? Bah! should be renamed "Officers of the State". So, they got what they've been dishing out. Way I see it. Firemen? Heroes? Don't know. But I've never put them on my list of heroes. Probably most of the "Fireman is hero" is mass indoctrination of State worshiping. Most firemen are not too bright, despite what the media indoctination tells us.

Yet I felt that a quote like this must be exposed, and brought out to air..
People like this, that can not debate what I have put here.. Will resort to low blows and dirty debating tricks..
I see it all the time.. Sadly enough there are times where my passion will get the best of me.. And I end up saying something that makes me look bad.. Or that would bring me down to their level. Which is just what they want to do..
So I give a friendly warning to all members who support truth.. Do not play their games.
There are those skeptics I respect and will debate at anytime..
And there are those who, well.. as you can see say this kind of stuff..

While I may not be a big fan of cops and other servants of the government.. NO one deserves to die.. No one deserves anything like this!

[edit on 17-7-2009 by zysin5]

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 02:03 AM
It's a sin that these first responders are left without compensation, or
medical assistance.

If nothing else, the Bush admin. should be hung for their neglect of human

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 02:39 AM
In the legal world, is it possible during a trial to use the written or video testimony of someone who's died?

I just wonder sometimes if Christine Whitman was instructed to say the air was safe, so that they'd be no one left to testify once the trials began years later.

She was never held responsible, so I do wonder if the same people that instructed her on what to say are also the same people that protected her from prosecution.

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 03:53 PM
reply to post by Mark_Amy

Thats a good question.. On the legal side Im not sure 100% As my background is not post worthy to say one or the other law wise..
Yet its true.. NO one is being held accountable for so many wrongs.

And so many people would rather look the other way!! Its sad..

But thankfully I did hit my goal of 20 flags on this thread! I thank everyone once again for helping me get the word out..

All in all these are the things that will help expose the wrongs, and hopefully if we could make just this one thing right, it could change the way people see how all this works..

Ive had such a busy weekend.. So it took me awhile to get back with you here on this question.. I will ask some of my law friends about this question and see if they wont come on the site, to give you a straight answer.

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 04:15 PM

Originally posted by zysin5

However as I said before, I honestly think this is why they are wanting them dead..

Dead men tell no tales..

No, hell if they didn`t want anyone knowing the truth they would have locked the doors leading to the roofs, and not sent in the helicopters to save people just like they did in `93.. Oh wait............

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by Seventh

Right.. It just seems very off to me.. Not to mention all the other things that add up to 911 being something much more than just terror attacks..

Many of us have done our homework.. And we know in our heart that this was more than just what it seems..

If I may be so bold.. I know deep down 911 was a mega rite.. Where it envoked a stargate, and opened up many doors..

To many of us.. thats what woke us up.. Yet I will try not to get into all of that..
But these men and women who are not being care for are IMO being sacrifced to some sick end..

I just hope enough people will open their eyes to this before its to late..
I am forever the person who sees the glass half full..

Yet if a man comes to you and is thirsty.. You give him a half of glass of water.. And if he is still thristy you give him another half glass of water..

Wise words, that pretty much boil down to this..

If anyone wants to know something about 911.. Do not lay it all on them at one time.. Give them a half a glass of knowledge.. If they are still thirsty for more knowledge.. Then you give it to them..

By giving out to much at one time.. Can leave people thinking your either nuts.. Or you are trying to manipulate them..
Let them come to you, and in time this will all be worked out...

I keep my hopes up.

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 02:28 PM
reply to post by zysin5


Go read the commission report the debunkers tell us in unison, googled commission report and was hit with this headline.......

Chair of 9/11 Commission admits official evidence was ‘far from the truth’ .

If a picture could paint a thousand words then four words can paint a completely different picture.

So we are told to research for truth which is found in the gospel of OS - the Commission Report, need I say more?

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 02:52 PM
reply to post by titorite

Criminals don’t like witnesses to their crimes, they want everyone who was there dead.

Once people understand that it becomes easier to understand why there has been very little help.

The dust cloud was way too intense even blocks and blocks away, I call bs on the official story

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 06:22 PM

posted by zysin5

However as I said before, I honestly think this is why they are wanting them dead..

Dead men tell no tales..

posted by Seventh
No, hell if they didn`t want anyone knowing the truth they would have locked the doors leading to the roofs, and not sent in the helicopters to save people just like they did in `93.. Oh wait............

Are you hinting that the WTC death toll was probably far less than what the 9-11 perps were planning? So after the Towers didn't fall as quickly as planned, they went to plan 2 with Christine Todd Whitman to limit the survival time of the 1st responder primary witnesses? Then the carefully stacked 9-11 Whitewash Commission made sure that the 503 WTC 1st responders did not have a voice by ignoring their testimonies and entire 12,000 pages of statements and refusing their wishes to testify?


Didn't the Bush Regime try the same thing with the wounded surviving cannon fodder from the Iraq / Afghanistan Wars, by hiding them in a rat-infested decrepit moldy and rotting old building at Walter Reed?

Well gee; some Generals got fired over that didn't they?

The 9-11 Generals got promoted and not one single punishment.

posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 01:14 AM
reply to post by SPreston

Thank you for your post Spreston! Yes you are right.. That was the hint.. And its another piece to this puzzle that falls into place!

Such as the Bailouts, those who caused the problems are praised.
Such as 9-11 Generals promoted and not investigated.
When you live in a world that lives by the code.. An eye for an eye..

Sooner or later the whole world becomes blind..

We attack Iraq, becasue the towers fall.. We attack others, and take an eye for an eye.. And people are so blind they can not see whats going on here!

Keep the posts comming!! Keep the truth flowing!

AS many skeptics and debunkers claim something this big couldn't be covered up. Well they are right about that!
Its not even covered up that well.. How can people still not see it?

I would like to use this as a metaphor...
A plan this big is like a Large Red Dragon Wyrm.. You must find the missing scale.(Smaug Of Lord of the Rings.)

Smaug was huge beyond all they had imagined and glowed fiery red with serpent rage. He was armored as all of his race with scales of impenetrable iron, but in wariness, he protected his soft underbelly from assault: as he lay sprawled upon the wealth of his hoard he allowed diamonds and hard gemstones to imbed in his belly, armoring his only weakness.

"Revenge! Revenge! The King under the Mountain is dead and where are his kin that dare seek revenge? Girion Lord of Dale is dead, and where are his sons' sons that dare approach me? I kill where I wish and none dare resist."

I hope that metaphor did not fall on deaf ears.. And you can relate it to whats going on here..

[edit on 25-7-2009 by zysin5]

posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 09:38 AM
How odd (or maybe not so odd) that not one duhbunker (except for exponent) has visited this thread in support of the abandoned 9-11 WTC 1st responders or in defense of the Bush and Obama Regimes.

These suffering and dying heroes who gave everything to help save others are not worthy of your attention?

I wonder if the 12000 pages of testimonies from 503 surviving 1st responders has anything to do with your lack of interest. Did you approve of the 9-11 Whitewash Commission AND NIST ignoring them?

Within a month of 9/11, NYC fire commissioner Thomas Von Essen, a 30-year NYFD vet, set up interviews with fire, port authority police and EMT first responders to record their initial impressions of what they experienced on Sept 11.

The stories of 503 men and women ran to 12,000 pages. Graeme MacQueen, a recently retired religious studies professor, read them all. In addition to the heartrending nature of many of the stories, the consistent theme was of hearing, feeling and seeing explosions, a controlled demolition. Failure to officially acknowledge this evidence is further proof of an inside job.

MacQueen (McMaster University, Ontario, Canada) narrowed down the testimony of 118 first responders as especially court-worthy testimony. But he notes the entire testimony was excluded by the 9/11 Commission, as well as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 11:53 AM

Originally posted by SPreston
How odd (or maybe not so odd) that not one duhbunker (except for exponent) has visited this thread in support of the abandoned 9-11 WTC 1st responders or in defense of the Bush and Obama Regimes.

I have to wonder the same thing myself.. Granted, I do not think any man or woman could stand up to the pile of evidence not only laided out in this thread, but so many more.. Yet Ive found the weaker the thread, the more debunkers all come in to dismantle it.
Evidence like this can not be dismantled.. It is what it is!

And I thank you for SPreston for adding videos and your heart felt passion in this thread.. Just the kind of support Ive been looking for all this time!!

Keep up the good work..

And the offer still stands to any debunker or skeptic..
I welcome you here.. As I have put alot of my own heart into this one..

I stand firm in my stance.. 911 was an inside Job!!
Why you might ask? Please read the thread..

This isnt about how the buildings came down.. Or who did it..
This is about the cover up.. And those who had a hand in this.. Knowingly or unknowingly..

Justice will be served..

posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 03:53 PM

A video recap here..

I want to compile as much information that I can in this thread for easy access for anyone who is willing to bust this wide open..
And expose those who will use 911 for everything to serve their agenda!
Yet when it comes down to the people.. They suffer..
They are not properly funded... Ask yourself.. Why?

If you can ask yourself why.. Then you have just crossed that line, that will lead you to ask more questions about 911..

Yet when you start to ask question.. You inturn become the terroist... Odd huh?

Christie Todd Whitman should be held at some point responsible for her claims that is was safe to be at ground Zero..
Yet this witch gets off the hook, because she is just a puppet pawn of a higher order, that told her to say it..
If we can not hold her to justice.. Then what about those who gave her such orders..
What the hell is going on here??

[edit on 25-7-2009 by zysin5]

posted on Jul, 30 2009 @ 09:50 AM
I'm going over this thread this morning.. As my sisters boyfriend, who's name is Bradly Evans is sitting here with me. Bradly was 5 blocks away from the WTC center on 911. I am having a really good rap session with the man..

We started talking about this last night.. And since he was there I didn't tell him what I think about 911.. I let him tell me what he heard, and what he saw.

After he told me his story.. I told him to come and check out a site called ATS.. And that I did a report about 911 first responders.
I hope to get him to make an account so he can come in with his own words and tell you all what he heard and saw..

Right now he told me to go ahead and write this out, what he said before I said anything to him.. As I have learned you don't press this on people.. You let them tell you, and then you go from there.

Bradly stated last night.. That From 5 blocks away he heard many loud explosions! And thats not counting the huge explosion caused by the planes hitting the WTC.

He clearly said he felt the ground shake under his feet.. And what sounded like popping sounds moments before the first tower came down.
Many huge explosions that shock the glass of the deli he was taking cover within..

I'm going to spend the better part of the day here.. Getting all the details in writting. I want to get the deli name where he was taking cover.. The street name, and exact placement of where he was at this time..

I have not had the chance to speak face to face with a person so very close on the day of 911..
While these memories are never fun to bring up. And looking back on this turns my stomach.. However I feel its part of my duty, my job to get his report put down in writing.
This is something that has really gotten down deep into my heart.. Deep into my soul.

As the events of 911 hurt me deeply.. And I will not stop until I feel like I have done everything in my personal power to bring some light to this subject.. 8 years later, and here we are.. A little bit closer to putting everything together..

Yet in a world that projects 2+2=5... We add up all the evidence and we come up with 2+2=4..
Yet in a World that projects lies, and outright ill logical manipulation.. Those who listen to what the MSM tells you.. And what the government tells you..
You will add up 2+2 and it will equal 5!!

As thats what this has come down too..
If all your life, you go through first grade.. and you are told 2+2 =5..
Then second grade, 3rd grade.. ect ect.. all the way up to highschool. 2+2=5 And then onto the university and you are taught 2+2 =5.

And deep down you know something is wrong.. You know deep down 2+2 has to equal 4!!! Yet all those professors who have spent all their lives teaching this lie.. Will say.. I have 50 years of exp.. And I have this and that degree.. You are absolutely NUTS or MAD if you think 2+2=4!!

The whole point is.. This has been rigged since the start..
We have been lied to soo GOD damn much that even the most simple answers to this world are warped.. And off by just a little bit..

Where I can look and see 2+2=4... Yet I am mad, or crazy.. AS the status quo states what 2+2 is in their eyes, and in their rigged world..

Add up the evidence to 911 And you will see just what I mean here..

And its a GOD damn shame...

To end.. I don't mean to come off mad at anyone here on ATS.. And I can see how 911 maddness can affect people on here.. I try my best to keep a level head.. But I just get really mad when its so right there in our faces..

And yet so many refuse and outright battle with you.. To claim there is no funny biz when it comes to 911..

Well they want a battle?? I guess Im ready to fight for what I belive in!
Yet its that time.. I will FIGHT.. For what is right..
And I will do my best to show those who do not belive..
2+2 =4!!! NOT 5 like you have been brainwashed into thinking all your life!!

Purely a metaphor.. But you get my drift..

posted on Jul, 31 2009 @ 12:32 AM
Yet the EPA spokeswoman Whitman gets a free pass after announcing it was safe to work, and the government "of the people, by the people, and for the corrupt" leaves our heroes to suffer. Makes me absolutely sick how we seem to be nothing more then trash to our own government. We have absolutely no more say in laws or bills that get passed, or who gets our tax money, or anything else.

As i'v stated before I love my country, and I love my country men and women, but we live under a new government that does only what benefits them at our expense. It truly makes me sick.

posted on Jul, 31 2009 @ 02:44 AM
reply to post by prepare4it777

Thanks for stopping in Prepare4it777!! Each and every post in here counts, and means alot to me! For every person who adds a little bit of knowledge, or just to show their support is another voice in this world that will slowly change the mindset when it comes to the men and women who gave so much!

As i'v stated before I love my country, and I love my country men and women, but we live under a new government that does only what benefits them at our expense. It truly makes me sick.

You are right and well said my friend! Simple, short and to the point!
Now Im just waiting on swampfox and the crew to get their butts in here and either tear this thread apart.. Or support it!

As I want to make this clear once again.. I am a skeptic when it comes to most 911 threads. And I feel its the skeptics who keep a healthy balance going. If I don't get a few more debunkers and skeptics in here.. Its going to off set my reason for working on this thread..
Granted I didn't make this we can go back and forth and fight about the details of the towers that fell..
I made this thread.. So show from a skeptical point of veiw, how a person such as myself could come to find something is not right here.

At this point in the thread.. Its been around long enough.. I know some of you guys out here have seen this.. and decided not to either read the thread. Or move onto a thread such as a NO planes thread..

Why anyone would want to waste their time debating such topics over and over again is beyond me.. But I have seen many great 911 threads including this one still not get the due attention it needs..

Prehaps if I envoke Ignorethefacts to come in here.. Maybe I will get some more hits going on this thread..
While at one time Ignorethefacts and I where seemingly at odds with eachother.. I do thank people such as him for what they do around here.

While on the flip side of the coin.. I thank the truthers and those who are willing to look outside the box for answers.
I honestly think theres going to be a point where we are all going to have to agree upon something. Truthers and skeptics can work together to make this a better place.
By understanding we each have our own roles to play.. To keep eachother in check, and to keep the balance that keeps me comming back to ATS.

Yet here in the past year or so.. I have sadly noticed the quality of ATS seemingly drop off at points.. We have a larger fan base.. And many more members than the years before.
Alot of cannon fodder to be dealt with.. And I'm willing to keep it up.. and keep on going.. But I can not do this alone!
I would be a fool to think I could take this on single handed...

Im going to need your help! While I am pleased with the support I have gotten thus far.. I know we can do better!
I know that sooner or later the base root to this thread is going to catch on.
If not in this thread.. Then someone else.. Please take this work..
Start another post! Anything to get this rolling like I feel it should be..

I want to see this taken to the top, and I want everything that has been addressed in here taken to the people who have the connections, to make a difference.
And I will not stop until my work is done here.. And its far from over..

Thanks again everyone!! Lets keep this ball rolling!

I expect no less from ATS!!

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