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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 06:25 PM
reply to post by blujay

Hi Blujay and everyone,

We've gotta keep our thoughts positive,

I have written/conveyed this same message in many ways throughout the entire thread if reviewed. It’s absolutely/positively what people should do.

if people just got to the point where they realize thoughts are energy and do create,

Positive thoughts attract and can bring positive things, thoughts also can manipulate/ change one’s perception/view of how they perceive/experience life.The brain is the body's information processing center. It controls everything done on the physical level, making one intelligent, conscious, aware and alive.

The human brain is made up of over 100 billion neurons. The neuron, or nerve cell, is a type of cell responsible for the body's gathering, processing, and transmission of information. Much like a unit of computer memory, a neuron has inputs, outputs, and transmission lines. Thoughts transmit information through electrochemical signaling via the nervous system and informationally via through thought frequency that can broadcast and be heard on many levels.

Every thought that you have in your mind has a measurable frequency. On a physical level your thoughts are “magnetic” The “frequency” of one thought can “magnetically” attract things to you, those things will match the “frequency” of your original thought. As you think thoughts, they are sent out into the Universe on a quantum level, thoughts can be heard and picked up on by all ET’s capable of tuning-in/intercepting your frequency. Something like a radio works for us when we are finding a station/signal. “Thoughts” are continually flowing through space/time on many levels and can be picked up on/received in the same way a radio signal can be transmitted/received.

Every soul/individual on earth is continually being recorded/monitored, from over all health, to heartbeat, emotions, reactions, decisions, thoughts, everything that can be imagined more than one could possibly understand. The Creators/Teachers know everything about you both on a physical/spiritual level understanding your every thought, reaction, intent, action, emotion, past, present even future. As you think, “Thoughts” are sent out into the Universe, and they magnetically attract things that are on the same frequency this is why positive can attract positive and negative/negative.

Ultimately some things are out of our control as they are given/allowed for a certain purpose/reason by those monitoring/watching you as they give and allow things to come in your life. Sometimes hardships are brought upon people for specific reasons/purpose. Those on the other side guiding/directing you know why you’re here and what you need to accomplish in your life. Hardships can be given intentionally to people sometimes regardless of how positive they remain. It is part of this life/experience and part of living in a state of opposition existing in all things, adversaries can work harder against those who are stronger and are allowed interference to further that particular persons endurance/strength.
(Everyone differing on a different level)

The human species is being sustained/kept alive continually. If people could really see all that is taking place behind the illusions of this world they would realize how many tiny/simple things are so easily taken for granted. It is nothing less than a gift that life remains on earth, the world has been saved over and over more times than could be known from outside threats that could have blown earth to smithereens. This does not mean there is not purpose/reason for why certain things/events happen as everything does have reason/purpose from the other side. Residing within this dimension and what we see-everything may appear to be in a state of “Chaos” with accidents/disasters happening everywhere when in truth all things are more under control than could possibly be imagined.

Thoughts are received/picked up on frequencies, negative thoughts can attract negative things by law of opposition/attraction. Positive thoughts can attract positive things by law of attraction/opposition. It is important to remain positive in all things regardless of what situation your in. Being conscious/aware of all things taking place within the world is “Important” whether good or bad, negative or positive. It’s not always what you know but how you deal with it. Denying the many horrors of life believing they do not exist and only thinking happy thoughts can get you into more trouble on a conscious level rather then facing the music of reality and dealing with it in a positive way. This is part of the reason why you’re here in the first place. Denial of things around you is failure. If life was perfect full of milk and honey the lessons would never be learned.


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posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 06:36 PM
David was born in Canada, at the age of eight David realized that someday he was going to “Die” and it was inevitable. David continued to study about the world only to learn that many terrible/horrible things are taking place such as people starving, dieing of illness/disease, abuse, rape, murder, war, slavery, and so on.

David has a choice on how he can take this information, he can let it continually depress/worry him weighing him down in a negative way or he can do his best to remain focused, sending out positive intent/thoughts on how he wishes the world could be. He could learn the feeling of compassion for those who are suffering hoping that things can somehow get better. He can pray about it asking for help and to bless those people struggling/suffering in the form of “thought” sending out intent, asking/hoping for good things to happen.

David also has a choice to become depressed/worried and remain in fear about the impending doom of this inevitable death as he now understands that “He Will Die” it’s not a matter of “If but When”. There is nothing he can do about it and he knows it, so how does one deal with it? Do they carry it on their shoulders in a negative way or do they realize “HEY, IT’s OUT OF MY CONTROL” One does not have power to change the inevitable therefore one should strive to remain focused on things that are within their control. Positive/important up-lifing things within this temporal/short existence focusing on the test they were sent to take. One needs to have a little faith, hope, trust in order to overcome the “FEAR of the UNKNOWN” “The FEAR of DEATH” believing in better things to come understanding once again.

Fear, pain, torment, suffering, misery, sadness and all the horrible/terrible things in this lifetime are placed here in order for you to make choices and sometimes experience them. So the question now is how will you deal with them? WELCOME TO THE TEST! Opposition must exist in all things within this physical reality/universe we live in. THE UNIVERSE IS MORTAL and IMMORTAL. Mortal as things are born and die, things come and go, stars are born and pass. Worlds without number created then pass. IMMORTAL as in all space/energy/matter within the universe is eternal and has always existed without beginning or ending. The universe we see is continually changing/transforming and it’s an eternal ongoing process. So are the souls of Man and all beings of intelligence in existence. When the Sun, Solar System and planets die (as we know it) something will eventually replace them and the matter/energy will move on/transform/remain. As you read this now infinite stars, solar systems, worlds and lifeforms are being created and much greater things than this, beyond all human understanding/comprehension.

Everything and everyone is subject to “CHANGE” all worlds, suns, solar systems, galaxies and so on. NOTHING remains IMMORTAL in physical form within this dimensional MORTAL existence that resides in laws of opposition such as birth and death, with beginning and ending.(From mortal understanding) Everything is constantly changing/transforming in our reality. “Immortality on a physical level occupying a perfect body can only be found on higher levels of existence” Physical Immortality is essentially a state of perfection where all things must be in a perfect/state/condition.

The laws of the universe we live in are subject to death, pain, suffering, misery, sadness, cataclysms, change and opposition found in all things. If you never experienced sadness how would you know happiness? If you never experienced suffering how would you know joy? The eventual immortality that we are all working on is the one that is eternal. A perfect state of existence that does not need to be altered/manipulated in order to find everlasting life.

Death, pain, suffering, misery, sadness, cataclysms, change and opposition are placed here in order for you to experience them so you know what they feel like and can better understand them. THIS IS YOUR EXPERIENCE whether bad/negative or positive/good it’s inevitable that you must go through all this in order to understand things of higher design/nature. One day you will be in a position where you NEVER have to experience the hardships of this life again understanding why death and life is necessary and why pain/suffering happiness/joy must be experienced.

The feelings/emotions of perfect “Love” “Understanding” “Compassion” “Patience” “Equality” “Respect” “Service” and so on. You will be at a level of knowledge/understanding what all things are going through in life including the “Negative” side of things which seem “Bad” to us now but in fact are not looked at in this way by the higher up pure loving dimensional beings. “They are looked upon with great “Understanding” “Sympathy” “Compassion” “Forgiveness” “Hope” “Love”, never “ANGER” HATE” but the exact opposite, they are on a level of understanding far ABOVE those who are in negative places. There are ZERO Negative beings to be found within the upper/higher dimensions. Negative entities/beings remain on lower levels for as long as it takes them to find this understanding and make change. The only path that leads to brightness is going up, the negative side remains in darkness. Negative beings do not always remain negative, some on earth today fit into this category and are negative beings to a certain level/degree. All things can change within infinite time/space. (Infinite possibilities)

There is infinite amounts of time for things to change and all things are capable of change even “Negative Things” “All things are possible within infinite time/space/existence. Being in a “Negative State” can be temporary, nothing has to be eternally in a “Negative State’ within infinity. Having this understanding knowing that someday those on the opposite side can change makes them “Equal” to all that is on the same level that we are “All Equal”. (Equal opportunity does exist from an infinite perspective.)

Compassion/understanding/forgiveness is necessary for all beings, understanding that some are in such a state that “THEY DON’T KNOW ANY BETTER” some are in such a state that “THEY DO NOT YET UNDERSTAND” remaining in darkness, some are in such a state where many “ONCE COULD HAVE BEEN”. Some on earth came from lower states of existence and some on earth now are considered “NEGATIVE BEINGS” to those in higher places. Everyone is on a different level and there is not one person born into this world who did not come here to improve with intent to move up on a higher level.


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posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 06:48 PM
Judge nobody ever, the only person to judge will be yourself, you will know exactly what you did wrong upon leaving the body and reviewing your life. You ultimately review your life while the Teachers stand by, the test is based upon the laws of Mortal existence such as laws of opposition and laws of consequence to your own actions. You will know exactly where you stand having full recollection of why you came here.You will see your accomplishments/improvements and view/experience your failures in great detail.The person that will be hardest on yourself will be YOU. Believe me your higher eternal self will be hard to deal with.-) Meet your future self and get a punch in the face. lol If you could go back in time and watch yourself doing something you’ve always regretted doing that may have even destroyed part of your life how would you treat yourself?

Some prisoners who have murdered out of rage would probably do the same if they could go back in time. Your future eternal self is YOU once you remember all things from previous existences, once you remember ka-zilliions of times more than you know in this lifetime, recalling everything and why you came here and what you planned on accomplishing look out-). You might think you will take it easy on yourself now but wait and see. lol The Teachers/Guides/Family will be there to help you deal with any pain and sorrow you cause yourself, you will need them believe me. Every soul will experience/see all the pain they caused others whatever that may be. Everyone is on a different level and nobody is perfect or they wouldn’t be here in the first place. It won’t be easy jumping into the shoes of those you “chewed out” “Attacked” or whatever it was. Most will experience this from within the other person or “your victim”, re-live it and this is part of the closure/test/exam. Since time, past, present and future are merely illusion you might want to consider asking extra forgiveness/help (when needed) from your future/higher self now.-) Forgiving yourself for whatever you’ve done in the past should start TODAY, NOW! It’s easier doing it here now then for those who remain in denial facing it there.-)

A few examples of positive things that may help some. One of the most important things is WATCHING YOURSELF, watching your thoughts, deeds, actions in all things. Making amends with everyone around you, Forgiving all to the best of your ability whether it takes you a short time or longer time either way you MUST FORGIVE everyone of their mistakes. You must release all weight upon your soul and conscious/mind. You must become free within, regardless of your past, whatever your past may be the time to make things right is NOW. Stay in the present, forgive yourself of your own wrongdoings and past because I assure you nobody is holding anything against you accept yourself. You have been forgiven of all things already on an infinite/timeline/scale (Infinite perspective) whether someone is holding something against you within this life accusing you, blaming you, making you feel guilty about something or not I assure you that person has already forgiven you in this life or another.

DO NOT LET someone weigh you down and DO NOT FEEL Guilty, shame or anything negative knowing that you have done the best you can to clean up your own mess/past mistakes. Release all that weight/negative energy and find focus on something new allowing only the positive energies to reside in you. Change your life today, continue your path in the present focusing on things that are eternal not temporal. (Materialistic things are without value and mean nothing). Create a positive field of energy around you and your family that attracts good things and brings you positive forces/experiences in your life. It is usually your soul/conscious/higher/future self that tells you something is not right and that you are swaying from the true path you came here for. Always carefully listen and tune in to your inner feelings asking for help/direction as needed, you are always being watched, listened to and heard so can be answered by others if/when needed.

Those watching over you have experienced the same suffering/hardships/challenges of life you have and understand your situations better than you do. It takes a lot of patience on their part to help down here. I suppose it would be a few hundred times greater than the “Patience” we have with our own children in raising them but who could ever know for sure.-)

Staying positive in all things to the best of one’s ability, sending out intent through prayer, meditation, thoughts, pondering, dreams, and so on always hoping/asking for things to get better for those who are less fortunate and the world in whole. All positive things are good, all good things are positive. Sending positive thoughts and intent of love for all in the world, wishing/hoping for equality with all people/species/life is a path that can bring/attract a positive force/experience.

For David, it is better off that he learned the truth about his own reality in which he lives instead of being locked in a box and never told about it. He has broadened his awareness/consciousness by having knowledge of such things taking place and the freedom is given him to choose and deal with things however he wants, whether in a positive or negative way. Either way he now understands that he is virtually helpless when it comes to changing the inevitability of his own “Death”.

David now sees the world in a new understanding realizing that some things are just “OUT OF HIS CONTROL.” He decides to take control of what he can take control of and turn whatever situation he faces into a positive one. He decides to work on overcoming his fear at an early stage, realizing he eventually must face that fear or “THE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN” not being positively/absolutely 100% sure of where he goes when he dies. He realizes that a little faith, hope and trust is necessary to overcome such a fear, either way he knows without a doubt that he will someday surely die. David finally chooses to become brave and accept this, he learns to release fear of death and the unknown. Nothing seems to scare him anymore, he can face the “Adversities” of the world head on and only hope/trust for the best using positivity and the force/energy that positivity creates.

David eventually connects with this energy inside somehow feeling assured that everything will be OK regardless of what happens. David sees that no matter how or when he dies makes no difference, he gains new faith that whether he has a heart-attack today, dies in a car accident tomorrow, an earthquake hits on Friday or massive tsunamis happen on Monday it makes no difference anymore. David sees that death is inevitable and will eventually happen, his faith/hope/trust has become stronger now believing that only positive people can be taken to positive places. There are no tricks in the long run, positive beings are never taken/captured by negative beings unless for temporary reason/purpose because positive does not mix with negative in the way you cannot force a positive force/field/magnet against a negative one. Positive and Negative forces clash in opposition and cannot blend into one or mix.

David feels like Superman with this knowledge realizing that no matter what he does if he stays focused in his life using only positive energies he can overcome all negative things and negativity can never capture/take him over in the long run. His fear quickly leaves him. He now realizes that all things are possible within the universe with zero limitations and boundaries. Infinite speed, infinite size, infinite brightness, infinite darkness, infinite love that becomes greater and greater forever, infinite happiness beyond anything imagined and so on. David suddenly sees that he can accomplish anything he wants that falls under the rules or balance/in accordance to the laws of the universe. David feels ready, prepared for death, stripped of fear and un-afraid he plans to meet death with bravery and absolute certainty/faith that he will never really die but lives on forever only moving/advancing to higher grounds according to his current level/state of spiritual condition/existence.

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posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 07:18 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Well David...I might have mis-judged you. There is absolutly nothing I disagree with in your above postings. Very well said and written and I agree 1oo% maybe because I am not afraid to die and have the idea that I have to stay right here in Los Angeles, I choose to be in denial of the possible Earth changes. My spiritual teacher who is in communication with the Beloveds says the same as you. I just choose to focus on my frequency and what I will be when I die and not how I am going to die.

I owe you and the readers an apology.


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posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 07:39 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Very, very well said, ET MAN.

Fear is an emotion of negativity/darkness, and dwelling there for long will attract so many negatives to your self.

posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 11:04 PM

Originally posted by ThinkOutsideTheBuns

Originally posted by Copernicus

A lot of sceptics seem unable to discuss topics such as this without being rude. Its not strange that a lot of people finally gives up trying to talk about things like this. ET_MAN has not given up and he has not insulted anyone back, and for that he has my respect.

Sometimes people can let their skepticism cloud their judgment. Thats a mistake if you are really after the truth.

That my friend shows your true insight and wisdom and for that I commend you. Superbly stated in all of its simple glory.

Please forgive me while I add some words I said in a prior post::

Originally posted by ThinkOutsideTheBuns
Evidence is not always available and "truth" relies solely on your own mentality and ability to discern its credibility. If you cannot or will not believe then fine, continue along your path, if you do believe it the same applies. The branches in the road of life are numerous and the one you choose determines the next fork you encounter.

It doesnt really matter what you believe per se, only how you react and respond to the knowledge you intake and how you progress from there. All knowledge, whether it be truthful or not is nonetheless knowledge and how you respond to it is what determines your further progression of that event (the post you read) in your life. You can believe me if I say "the christ is real" and leave it at that or you can disbelieve, or perhaps you can choose either and remain curious and thus seek out the foundations of such a statement and research, learn and in turn, discover new paths and ideologies, new realizations of truth or fiction and perhaps expand upon what you have already determined, or even conflict with your own opinions on such a matter.

This is the Information Age and its not about whats truth and whats real, its about how you react upon what you take in and where it leads you. Live the experiences as if they were virgin and seek to progress both your knowledge and your enlightenment as you make your way through this journey of personal existence, because thats exactly what it is, YOUR experience in THIS time, right NOW.

Live it, learn it and progress in a positive manner to further evolve yourself beyond what you are at this moment. That my friends is the real truth.

ET_Man has never swayed, never given up on enlightening you and has expected nothing in return. If you believe what he has to say, follow the road and "discover". If not then kindly educate yourself. Please do not poison the waters for there is much for all to learn. I think its pretty obvious ET_Man is well versed and quite well educated in his teachings and understandings of what it is he is portraying to us.

In a sea of illusions, braindead people, power hungry money mongers and the general populace, we should all be honored to have such an enlightening persona to open new pathways within our life-journey. Academia pales in comparison to what ET_Man has shared with us and the cost is significantly less.

I personally would like to say thank you to ET_Man and commend him for sharing with us all that he has, taking time out of his life-journey and enlightening us with his words of inspiration and teachings.

Thank you ET_Man, your words fall not upon deaf ears (or blind eyes).

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Hi, ThinkOutsideTheBuns,

You took many words out of my mouth on this one, I recommend people read his above comments, he is on the path that leads to honey, milk and butter. Thanks for the addition and kind comments.-)

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posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 11:10 PM
reply to post by Thill

Umm what kind of test did a 1 day old baby that gets shot in the head (war , crime , accident ,take your pick and it probably is happening at this very moment somewhere on earth) choose ? And more importantly did it pass or fail ?

Hi Thill,

Good question as there are many cases/incidents out there that all seem horrible/terrible to us. It makes us wonder WHY, if there is anyone/anything good up there why won’t they help us and these innocent/suffering people in the world who are going through horrendous acts of violence/suffering/pain and death?

First we have to understand why some individuals come here in the first place. Some souls were meant to simply experience birth and death receiving a body only. (Nothing more) While some newborns who die are not actually occupied yet. Each individual differs on when they spiritually occupy or are placed into a physical body.

Some souls do not get placed in a body until after birth, some before birth and some at other times. (Depending on why they came here and what they were supposed to experience) Free will and free action is allowed here and must remain on a certain/level degree due to the law of opposition factor. From human perspective what we don’t see is the “Future” while those on the other side already see past, present and future. They know what will happen already in our lives before we lived it. They can see all those so called horrible/terrible events happening before they ever happen and wisely co-ordinate things in ways we could never comprehend/understand.

What seems horrible to us sometimes is not always horrible to those who experienced it. Not everybody suffers in the way we imagine, pain can be taken away quickly from many upon death and some who appear to die in horrible ways don’t necessarily feel it but are taken quickly. Everyone experiences pain on a different level, some may seem pain tolerant while others pain intolerant. This is for a reason/purpose and whatever we feel ultimately can be taken away by those watching/monitoring us if needed/allowed. Pain is part of the programming like some feelings/emotions we can experience wired within the human body.

As evidence to some of the pain and painless experiences try exploring some near death experiences if you believe in such things and see what others have written about it from personal experience. Everyone who experiences near death experiences to come back/survive are here for a specific reason/purpose and those particular experiences were intended/meant specifically just for them. Many experiences will differ depending on what that individual needed to see/hear at the time. Like an Oracle putting you back on track-) (Usually pushing them towards a pathway.) Sometimes near death experiences are intended for the family/friends and not just the individual.

Here is a fair site to look into:

Best Wishes!

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posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 11:26 PM
reply to post by cindymars

Hi Cindymars,

Well David...I might have mis-judged you.

No worries, hey my name is not David. lol
(That was just a little story I put together.-)

There is absolutely nothing I disagree with in your above postings. Very well said and written and I agree 1oo% maybe because I am not afraid to die and have the idea that I have to stay right here in Los Angeles, I choose to be in denial of the possible Earth changes. My spiritual teacher who is in communication with the Beloveds says the same as you. I just choose to focus on my frequency and what I will be when I die and not how I am going to die.

Considering death is just a word/definition created by man and merely illusion upon such an occasion we find ourselves waking up to the other side feeling more awake than ever before, reality feels more real when passing on to the other side, let’s just call death “An Awakening” because that is really all it is.-)

I will be starting a new thread soon specifically only for evidence/facts to be presented coming from sources that can be verified. This thread has gotten a little hard to sort through for people so it’s necessary to open a clean one presenting ONLY evidence/facts that can be found/verified (Nothing more, nothing less). I haven’t seen anyone put together a full picture/package on this yet so feel somewhat obligated to do so. Nothing will be coming from ET_MAN anymore pertaining to this event as I realize people need to see hard/evidence/facts from verifiable credible sources first hand before change/preparations can be made. My words clearly should mean nothing alone without sources to back it up.

Sometimes it’s only at the precipice that man makes change. Unfortunately things happen this way sometimes, I see an incoming event putting a stir in the crowds, waking up many for a long overdue change to occur on this planet.

Events of all kinds happen for specific reasons/purpose, at the brink of extinction, species react/humans make way, sometimes only at the precipice can change be made. Into a new era, into the Golden Age of man!

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posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 11:33 PM

Originally posted by blujay
reply to post by ET_MAN

Very, very well said, ET MAN.

Fear is an emotion of negativity/darkness, and dwelling there for long will attract so many negatives to your self.

Thank you blujay, that’s kind of you.

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posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 11:43 PM
reply to post by win 52

I do take these threads with an open mind, because lifes experiences have taught me to examine all things spoken of by men/women carefully. It is common knowledge people slant things in a way to benefit them selves with no regard to whom they may hurt, by what they say.

Right or wrong does not fit into the equation.

That goes for both sides of a debate.

Hi Win 52,

Wise words and thanks for adding to the discussion.

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posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 12:02 AM
Thanks ET man for a very concise way of explaining the gears that are behind the machinery we call "life" its very enlightening and hope giving...

Thanks again and hope you have a wonderful 3D existence.

posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 06:48 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

That has been a very intriguing answer to my question , thank You. I will have to think more about it and see where it takes me .

posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 07:34 AM

Originally posted by altered_states
reply to post by ET_MAN

do you have any dates when this will occur? if so what will happen if it doesnt happen?

If it does not happen, will anyone be to upset, (short of projectile vomiting**), if I run naked through the streets? I know, I will shut up on this one. **-- You throwing up, not yo, I am butt ugly.

posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 11:10 AM

Originally posted by ThinkOutsideTheBuns
All knowledge, whether it be truthful or not is nonetheless knowledge and how you respond to it is what determines your further progression of that event (the post you read) in your life. You can believe me if I say "the christ is real" and leave it at that or you can disbelieve, or perhaps you can choose either and remain curious and thus seek out the foundations of such a statement and research, learn and in turn, discover new paths and ideologies, new realizations of truth or fiction and perhaps expand upon what you have already determined, or even conflict with your own opinions on such a matter.

This is the Information Age and its not about whats truth and whats real, its about how you react upon what you take in and where it leads you. Live the experiences as if they were virgin and seek to progress both your knowledge and your enlightenment as you make your way through this journey of personal existence, because thats exactly what it is, YOUR experience in THIS time, right NOW.

Its a interesting way of looking at things. Life like in the matrix, where nothing is actually real or true except the experiences and our reactions to it.

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posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 12:19 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

I have been receiving information from what I call guides, for most of my life. This has increased since a stroke affecting my left brain in 2005. I was told the stroke was allowed in order to wake me up.

I have also posted a lot of information on ATS, which basically says similar things like what you are talking about.

I had awake visions/dreams after the stroke which took me through much of the information you are presenting here. They told me they were keeping the worst stuff from me at that time because I was not strong enough to hear those parts, and that someone (a younger man) would come along to fill in the missing parts when the time was right and I was recovered enough to handle what I would learn.

The thing missing of course is the news about the brown dwarf heading our way. If it comes as scheduled on October 11th it makes sense October 14th could be when my pardon (death) is official. I had been thinking along those lines before, but now it seems to make perfect sense to me.

As to all of the other information you posted here, I will bring some of my own writings so people can see the connections.

Time is a restricting factor in all of this .... I am still an energy slave. Funny how that works ... we look down on the slave traders of old then we sell out to the new slave masters, Energy Corporations.

posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 12:26 PM
reply to post by win 52

Hi Win52,

Interesting story, I'm sure others on here would be as interested in hearing more about your experience as I would. If you can post it here that would be a nice addition since it's right on topic.

Best Wishes!

posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Here is the thread I have posted much of the information in. Some of it was given to me as I typed. I have been schooled in the art of listening. This is not channeling so don't confuse the two. I think there is 10 or more pages of my writings in that thread. Some of it was about things that happened only days after I said it would happen as sort of proof that my information was valid and current.

I even said disclosure would come on ATS first. To me, this is the disclosure we have been waiting for and I am not walking into this blindly.

ask a time traveler

I have also been questioning Niburu, as in what is that about? Is that merely a heavenly armada and the red giant is an intergalactic transport?

It would be nice to know, but knowing might make the short time seem like an eternity.

Nice to hear from you ATS.

I re-read posts quite often as well, to see if I missed anything.

I also have some great cloud shots where the sun is reflecting off of a fairly large, very shiny object within the clouds. I didn't see it till I was blowing things up to get a better look at the phenomena. The object in question would have been approx 2-3 miles across, or more???. It was stationary and as I drove the glint seemed to shift with my ground travel. That was in southern alberta, 2 weeks ago.

I see you are posting at TD's site.

Sheldon's posts are where I understand us to be at in the grand scheme of things. I can't say I understand about the money part other than that all of the honest people 2/3 have been seriously abused by 1/3 of the population. Those numbers seem to surface all the time when I ask about who will go on and who will be stopped from further controlling actions. There will be 1/3 who will not want things to change, but change is unstoppable.

I could just imagine the sky full of objects like this....just like my vision in 2005.

Some bible scholars are adamant about belonging to specific religions will be the judge as to whether you are saved or not. I understand we will all be saved at the onset, then the good will be sorted out from the bad eggs, or wheat and tares if you will. People will have to stand and judge them selves then the cleaning will be complete. My vision was cut short by my son walking into the room.

Believe me when I say "seeing, knowing about this and watching events unfold is a bit too much for coincidence". Could any one have for seen the events we are going through today, in 2005?

So, the rocks are this year!

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posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 02:20 PM
In the Zeta thing you posted I read the part about Chicago, it didn't look good, and I was sitting here thinking chicago, ( obviously away from the city buildings) would be safe, now its looking like it sucks for all of IL ?

the suburbs around chicago, 20-30 miles away from the city ? is it just all bad for north IL ?

where would you go then ?

posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 03:02 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Excellent post Et_man !!!

The issue of watching one's "self" is an old old concept, articulated by many including Oespenski; accomplishing "self monitoring" yields a very high state of awareness and is difficult to maintain in our over stimulated world. I certainly have not "accomplished" anything near this state permanently, but I do aspire in that direction.
The issue of focusing on positive energy is just now being looked at by the mainstream scientific community. Psychiatry/psychology has known about it for years, but now there is physical science research (I;ll try to find the specific reference) in Japan where positive thoughts have been shown to change the proton vibrational structure in a glass of water, in a manner that is more organized than that seen with negative thoughts. NO kidding !!!! And, this was replicated several times. This means that positive thoughts can affect physical reality.
Hope you continue to enlighten this board Et_man; you thoughts are very much appreciated.


posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 04:17 PM
I just want to say thank you ETman for all the time you have spent sharing your knowledge with all of us. You have not heard from me before so I need to thank you now. My one question is this: I wish to know if in fact a ship is buried under the great pyramid as I believe it is.

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