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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 07:16 AM
reply to post by DaphneApollo

Hi again Daphne, apologies for the delay in response. I wrote an essay for you to make up for it.

Regarding the 2003 NEAT Comet, it has been given that the purpose of that event was to serve as warning for humanity by the Creators. A warning to everyday citizens and particularly to world leaders that we are not living in harmony and in disobedience to the Creator. We are all at this time being provided the graces to change our ways to operate in larger degree of Love. However time is short and the greater chastisements are being delayed so we can be given more time to make amends. Simply put, the greater the continued disobedience/selfishness of the masses, the greater the effects of coming chastisement that will be deemed necessary. It is up to us.

Rapture events will occur to the best of my understanding, however there will be both legitimate Raptures and false raptures.. The false rapture will involve being given a choice to board physical crafts, whereas genuine rapture of those chosen by Christ will involve an ‘automatic’ based raising of the spirit. It appears various people are experiencing prophetic dreams of both scenarios to add weight to this belief.

Regarding the October date given, I removed it from my site some time ago for two reasons--simply because even if the shift does occur then as the info supplied at the time stipulated, I feel now it is not in the best spiritual interest to include such dated information, not to mention that it is difficult to prophesise exact dates for celestial passages without some form of 'inside knowledge' which in my case the info for Wormwood passage was not supplied by a scientific/govt source. Please bear in mind that a meteor strike can still cause a ‘smaller scale’ pole shift (like the quake in Chile shifted the poles, though to a very small degree) prior to the passage of the binary Brown Dwarf star a.k.a ‘Wormwood’. Dates are highly irrelevant to me at this stage and I have reflected that on my site, in turn providing a statement regarding why within the ‘Essential Message’ link. In saying that though, I will add that I have always felt intuitively that October 2011 is going to be relevant to the path of humanity in one way or another. Even if it is a false flag operation date period ala 9/11/2001. Please be aware Luciferic Illuminati follow numerological patterns for their ‘ritual sacrifice' events. That is why the 2012 ‘cycle period’ is so important to them-- to be able to manipulate enough global events to ensure the ushering in of their ‘golden age of Aquarius’ around the Dec 2012 time line. The ancient Mayan’s worshipped ‘gods’ were in fact the Fallen ones who gave them their advanced knowledge of astronomy and their calenders. In more recent history, leading factions of the Nazi party were also heavily influenced and I dare say ‘possessed’ by the ‘fallen angel’ spirits of Lucifer. Sounds crazy to some, however research will reveal just how many high ranking Nazis were involved in occult secret society practices including involving themselves with initiated ‘ancient knowledge’. Truth is stranger than fiction undoubtedly.

Yes difficult times are coming, however do not underestimate the graces and protections that can be received via faith. Pure faith via true connection to Christ and the Father Creator, not blind faith out of fear or hope. Therefore we should all strive to Love the Creator and His Creation (as they love us) with all your heart and give thanks for every blessing. The Creator knows what is in your heart and intention, therefore those more pure in heart will receive the strength they need to get through the times to come and sufferings in turn can be greatly eased for those deemed worthy to receive such graces. The little innocent ones will be afforded strengths. They too have been conditioned and prepared for the times in many ways.

Be Love
Be Grace.
Fear nothing.
For no soul is ever forgotten.

Yeshua Christ, Bless us all to be bathed in Your light so we may Truly see beyond the many veils of illusions, so we may be redeemed in deliverance to Your will and share in Your bountiful Heavenly glory. Amen.

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posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 08:34 AM
reply to post by benedict9

Hello Benedict9, how are you. I wondered where you were. HA/HA . I just want to say that I mean no disrespect to either Chris or Benedict9 and those posting on here I would hope would respect them as well. I am not attacking, only giving a different view.

You know when I started reading this thread I was very depressed, I mean suicidal depressed still am, but an amazing thing happened I kept reading and ET_MAN spoke of what happens after we go over that you don't want to go to that place that happens after a suicide. He doesn't know this, but , he talked me literally down from a ledge, no kidding. So, he helped someone, somewhere, he didn't know, to overcome some horrific thoughts. Thank you for that Chris!

Saying that and out of the way, I see your message has softened a little bit. I'm glad. I'm still listening to all you have to say and I hope that you at least give some of what I say a listen too.

They expect the New Madrid to go off anytime???? I live 130 miles north of the Gulf Coast of MS. So, I'm sorta in it. Did you see the video of the UFO over the Dome of the Rock 2-3 days ago, these are interesting times we live in and I believe that this is related to chap 11 vs 1-2 of Revelations. I believe that the Dome of the Rock will be destroyed so that the third temple (Temple Mount) can be built either by earthquake or missile or by God himself. When that is built all Heck is going to break loose.

We need to keep our faith in Jesus, Yeshua always and always. Looking forward to more replies from you.


posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 01:02 AM
reply to post by DaphneApollo

Hi, I am well, kind of you to ask. I hope you will be graced with a brighter spiritual outlook in spite of the challenges of this world. There is nothing you cannot overcome in this world with the graces of Christ and his Holy servants. We all have our cross to bear in this ‘fallen’ state. You are not alone sister.

ATS is a great environment where people are free to say almost anything including such colorful remarks pertaining to ‘dropping the soap’ relevant to these slippery times, though of course courtesy is always appreciated. I am not one to be easily offended, being granted a thicker skin for this endeavour. Nevertheless the consideration is appreciated.

Earth core activity is currently increasing. The shift is inevitable and I cannot ever back away from such, for it would be false testament. The only question that remains is exactly when the greater shift will occur and the level of effect it will leave on the world and remaining souls. No one knows the hour or day of Christ’s return. Matters of the celestial are another matter altogether that can be detected and tracked.

How all these coming Earth changes will affect the individual soul depends on One’s personal level of grace attainment in Love and Truth. Many prophecies WILL be fulfilled. For many deny their own divinity and embrace ignorance systems in a state of dis-grace. This will eventually ensure the unleashing and uprising of Christ detached nations (Russia/China particularly) and their Antichrist ideologies as I see it.

Pure unhindered Faith in Christ is Everything to enable a soul to carry their cross of Salvation to overcome this corrupt world and it’s Luciferian implementations. Peace.

I dedicate this to you beautiful One.

posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 04:12 AM
It's probably my over active imagination (although it's not like i think about this thread or possible event every minute of every day!) but I had the most intense dream last night. I know dreams are a funny thing but it really really felt real.

I was in a house with my fiance and other family members and we were debating 2012 theories, me in favour of them and my fiance not. When a huge wave came ripping through our town and hit our house. Everyone was scared and panicked but everyone was intact. All of a sudden a 2nd wave, even bigger came and caused serious destruction.

I just remember being in floods of tears so many people hurt but for some reason I seemed to be okay.

I've never really been one for such intense dreams but that felt so real to me when I woke up this morning.

Like I say, probably just by sub conscious thinking about things but it was a crazy vision/experience.

posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 10:27 AM
reply to post by benedict9

Hi Benedict9. That video left me ' Breathless ' and emotional on top of it. Thank you. The eyes are the windows to the soul and I've seen through yours. How? Anyone as conciencious as you thus far have shown yourself to be as far as others feelings, animals welfare, cruelty awareness to them etc. I have seen your eyes and thus far been shown your soul and it is beautiful.

Before I made the post asking if ET_MAN had studied Revelations I had a dream. And didn't understand it or it didn't make sense to me at the time but just about two days ago it made more sense and it goes thus: I'm in a waiting room/airport sitting on one side and a man with blond and graying hair mid 40's early 50's around 6ft tall and had an English accent turned to me and said Hi Daphne, nice to meet you and I was shocked in the dream for I had not known this man and later we're driving talking about the state of the world and what could it mean, this possibility and that and I asked him had he heard of ET_MAN in the dream, I thought gosh it's invaded my sleep, he said no he'd never heard of him. Dream interpretation: I didn't recognise him but he recognised me, I recognised Benedict9 and there is no other than him here (wizard of OZ, Yellow brick road) and now I recognise him. If this doesn't make sense to you disregard it. It's just a dream may not mean anything at all.

I am now just writing from the heart I shouldn't probably post the above but my heart tells me to. And so I will.

If a pole shift happens or not it doesn't matter for I feel better now and happier than I have in a while. I have a smile on my face and am in a rapture of emotions. It took me a little while to write you back because of your video. How nice and thoughtfull you are. Thanks.

If there is a Pole shift or a rapture (which I don't believe in anyway) we're going to face it, Antichrist system, being offered up because of the Christian Faith and testifying for it and thus being beheaded for it, DEATH comes to all eventually. Nothing anyone can do about that is there? What gentleness and love did we give today while yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not come; Today is all we have. Today is the day that the Lord has made we shall rejoice and be glad in it. So come quickly lord Jesus. Maranatha.

Thank you for your insight benedict9 . Will look forward to more posts from you.


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The lord moves in mysterious ways his miracles to perform. Wouldn't you agree?
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posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by benedict9

After watching your video again, I then went to your web page and looking on the Alien Agenda page 4th video down , I watched and have to say Spot On! People don't realize that this is why the flood happened. This is Lucifers second attempt at corrupting the line which Christ would come.The first was him planting the seed of Cain. This is the Parable of the Sower passage. Have you read it? It explains in parable the wheat and tares. It also clears up the passage of the Synagogue of Satan. " You are of your father the devil and his works you will do." Not the Jews that are in Israel today or around the world , but the line of Cain saying they are Judah but are not. Totally explains the Holocaust doesn't it? Here's the video. The first one was of interest also.

Benedict9 you are an aware and awake and think like I do person. I hadn't looked at your site for a while and some has changed but your'e in the know. And I am aware also and listening.

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posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 07:00 PM
reply to post by ZeroGhost

Not that I have any proof of such, but always stuck in the back of my mind is that should this event/wave travel at a speed that is faster than light, we wouldn't see it till it was here, would we?

As such, I will prepare for the things I need to do tomorrow in order to live.

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 10:36 AM
reply to post by DaphneApollo

Hi DaphneApollo, glad you liked the vids, and appreciate you expressing from the heart.

Indeed the Creator works in mysterious ways whence miracles occur every day where the holy servants dwell
Unholy legions however, both in the physical and astral seek to corrupt the human souls that are so sacred to the Creator. We are His children and precious flock that must learn how to shield themselves from those deceivers who are like ravenous wolves, seeking opportunity to snare the spiritually vulnerable.

Furthermore, a warning to all followers of Christ that more attacks on the faith will come with the emergence of the coming 'new world'. And who shall stand firm in solid foundations amongst attacks such as this planting the seeds of doubt and confusion...many will turn away eventually. By the way the endorsing comments from those newspapers within the link are KNOWN Christ adversary Illuminati organisations. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

And anticipate the increase of reports like these to condition the populace to embracing our coming 'space brothers' (aka fallen angel legion). The Vatican is also promoting such conditioning at this time.

Most will be deceived as prophesised and I resign myself to it though I will alert as many as possible to coming deceptions.I would in turn like to outline something important pertaining to my alien deception link and some of the motivation for it's establishment...

A vivid prophetic dream I experienced showed a craft arriving at my current street with three very tall beings descending from a craft. Interestingly these entities appeared VERY similar in clothing and form to the alien like beings shown in the disaster film 'Knowing'. However I did not see their faces as they were descending with their backs to me viewed from distance, though all were wearing black overcoats just as portrayed in the film. In the vision you read on my site, I expressed that it was shown to me that the arrival was a govt black ops project, via a strange man, an 'official' in a suit that approached me in the vision and revealed to me a Government project name, which I could not fully recall after waking though starting with letter B (not Bluebeam by the way).

In my spirit I know that anything associated with the military-industrial machine of war is NOT aligned with Christ, but with the prince of the world system-- Lucifer. These beings were aligned with the military establishment. That alone speaks volumes to me in my discernment of the principalities at work.

In the movie 'Knowing', these 'saviours' of the specially chosen are portrayed as 'Nordic' like beings of which many 'channellers' (of beings that possess their host) of the new age movement have over the years heavily portrayed as the 'good guys'. Now this is where I feel the corporate (Illuminati) Hollywood media is using this film as a vehicle to promote a future false Rapture agenda. In the film they show a total utter destruction scenario, which btw won't happen. Fear is a powerful tool of manipulation, so when crafts eventually do arrive in real life and there is talk of required evacuations pertaining to coming disasters (as Ashtar Command channells have already mentioned in their web messages), many will be easily lured to want to 'escape catastrophes'. It all starts making sense when enough dots get joined with proper spiritual discernment.

To add a little twist and add some further weight to all this... There is a friend of the family who I learned is a Freemason. I happened to discover that he has for years been communicating with a spirit being he calls his 'friend'. I found out by a mutual contact that this Mason has personally disclosed to him that his spirit 'friend' has revealed to him that he is going to evacuate the Mason before disaster. It is important to note that this Freemason contact is VERY anti-Christ in his belief system and wants to hear nothing of Him. So what kind of beings are making such promises one may ask?? I know what I have determined. It is also duly worth noting that this man tried to promote the virtues of the implantable microchip to me, saying it will be great for humanity with no crime in the world, peace etc. I swear I am not making any of this up, and that is when I realised just how much his spirit had been overcome by whatever forces he has given himself over to that promise to 'save' him.

All these circumstances, not including my own countless research and further prophetic dreams (exposing coming Bluebeam use also) I feel have been allowed for me to confidently recognise just how dangerous and powerful the spiritual deceptions are to come during the coming period of Earth changes and that many will embrace them via fear, ignorance and false conditioning.

I ask that you nor anybody else blindly believe my testimony. The door of Truth is open to those who knock loud enough and long enough to confirm their own Truth via the Holy Spirit, for the rabbit hole runs very deep.

Keep smiling sister. May you be enveloped in all that is Holy and Pure, for we will require the special graces to endure the hardships to come. God bless.

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posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 02:09 PM
thanks, ats.
hello dear people.
dear ''et man'', and others,
i apologize in advance for not so brief post and some lack of structure in it.
i have spoted this thread about one day ago now, so after reading about whole 20 or 30 pages i started scrolling only to read your posts (ET_MAN), to check you out more and got to about 50 or 60 eth page like that. and then some more random pages... anyway, dear et_man, because this has intrigued me very much, to shorten my struggle i decided to write and ask... you seem welcoming.
i have encountered some profound ideas before, forced by life in certain situations to introspect, see my huge weakness compared with those flashes of insight about what could be, what should be. so part of me seeked the knowledge, i knew before reading any spiritual theories that i will never have good destiny until i be true to myself on that deep level that i only saw in flashes. but it wasnt yet clear to me that the 'super-best answer' to all problems is love, benevolence, compassion which make eternity not hell but heaven, and overcome all obstacles (when properly combined with intelligence and systematic change in way of life, personal discipline etc). luckily, through couple of years i found many good books from throughout the ages (thanks to our good friend, mr internet, and some others) with profound big pictures, humans-universe-purpose stuff, that helped me alot. in short, the best of all have that same benevolence, and humility along with a way of saying big truths lovingly. and this is easy to recognize once you are familliar with only 1 of such.
unfortunately it is also easy to pretend to be such a person..on the internet... we know that anyone with some intelligence who has read some of the stuff i read, could have quite easily fabricated all this stuff, along with writing style and ''jesus'' approach. But i can hardly imagine a motive for anyone fabricating stuff you write about, besides it being true, or doing sort of an experiment. you wouldnt be trying to get followers, or to earn 10 million dollars, i dont see this going there, hah!
i have also noticed that when looked from the outside, the best and most important truth, looks about the same as the probably most succesfull deliberate manipulation and lie. so to measure truthfulness of such big things is for many people a sticky dillema.. for me it was too. but
as i read your posts, my inclination to believing in your sincerity increased and increased because of your apparent good attitude, intentions, and intelligence.. (as much as i can infer from these written conversations). you are reasonable, for best i can see now, and consistent with many things ive come to believe from personal reasons..
anyway, i want to say, i mostly believe you now, if you are sincere, you are a very good and important person, thank you for becoming that, and striving to help your brothersisters as best you can. i like that very, very much. thats the most awesome thing to do isnt it. using all ones power for benevolence and good.
if you are not sincere, which i still do not completely reject, but am inclined more to believe you are , then you must be doing sort of an experiment! and if there are still those negative about your doing this, you can look at it as experiment -and see what can be the outcome of his actions. i see more possible good then harm.

i have questions but most will be answered if you give me a link or something of the organized information, map of probably safer areas, about this upcoming event.. so u dont have to write..or maybe someone else can answer, if they know. i bet you got 500+ mails to answer. 94%of stuff i find on internet is mostly fiction. i found some of the links where there are warnings about what i already believe is true, but i havent found the map, and i supposed you posted it somewhere within this thread, since in later pages of it, i didnt find people asking for it anymore. 2011earthchanges website i am 'not allowed access from my country'.. whatever be the real cause of that. so.. any more links apart from these?
unity for truth forum doesnt let me see anything.

anyway, this is what i really now believe will happen -
as the earth stops (or even wobbles a little) the oceans will spill due to simple inertia of mass. all coast lines will be gone because of longer term rising of sea lvl due to ice melting. change of rotation causes 'middle' and long term reconfiguration of many layers of the earths system. this intersecting thing will trigger all this and more. during which we should hide preferably in some mountain cave or shelter or hole away from coastlines, (for about a year or several years, still depending, but starting around 11. of october this year?). At least half of the population will die in the initial stormings. there will be a change in consciousness. for certain is that conditions that will arise will requre also a destruciton of many belief systems, whole lives mental and physical built on the finite and wobbly foundation will require serious reprogramming. if there has never been mental discipline, emotional stability and positivity deliberately worked on in this life, i can imagine how hard it will be. and i fear people will not all turn to love, but as you said, simple survival, and in this, maybe take this as an opportunity to establish 'my own' dictatorship or manipulative negative post apocalypse society or whatever under threat of being stronger and having guns, and being able to do what i please, and say i please domination if i can? There will again be that i fear. we will finnaly experience the 'state of nature' . But for certain is that some will embrace and be guided by love, and meet all other survivors with nothing but love and pleasure of being in a company of a human and respect and compassion and all that. I rejoice at the possibility of my destiny to include this.

stuff i am not totally or at all clear on-
After the cataclysm some earthly powers (not benevolent, with maybe some ancient influence from some malevolent aliens) will try to re-establish themselves? they are so annoying! and you say that this will be the time of aliens openly coming here and have their fingers in the earth and human business, and there are both benevolent and bad aliens. so this part is important, but noone can predict exactly how it will go aboot?
what is for certain, if anything about this part? i presume it is not disbelievable that there will be clashes between aliens about what to do with humans and earth? fun stuff? total open clash of light vs darkness? its gonna be a wicked story to tell for survivors...
and i guess that will be the time when jesus's craft under the sphynx will be utilized..hah.. maybe i will reincarnate in some 15 thousand years again, and listen stories about this again, as i now listened to the stories of atlantians and stuff. who knows!

you and others also speak about some other source of change in consciousness, which i dont quite understand, (do i need to?) as in produced by not only by that necessary reprograming due to 'no more world'? some intelligences, beings, linked by maybe not yet imaginable ways to us, will be able to excersice a more profound effect on us as to increase our awareness and ability to love? a spiritual mental and physical change will take place, and will be survivable, and survivors will be purified, and need further guidance from other more advanced beings, humans or aliens. how close is that to what is really the case? i see if there was no individual free will effort for change, how can he recieve rise in consciousness from outside? To what extent can there be interference of such beings ? i can imagine person using free will to change to eventually come to ability to communicate with actual beings from other 'levels', and then, they help him, but no inner change for him if there isnt his free will doing that.
And how can malevolent beings have great intelligence and awareness? how can such beings even come to be? that sucks.
could you point me the way, perhaps a link, or explain, (if you have nothing better to do) the nature of this change of consciousness apart from the part that i think i understand, which has to do with need to reprogram, find a purpose which hasnt got anything to do with worldly things, as the world that will now be swept by cataclysm was a big distraction market in it self.

by the way..
i am in north croatia (southwest of hungary), should i get the hell out of there? perhaps on the 1km mountain above the city? i think i saw you say hungary (higher ground there) will be safe... what about mediterranean and adriatic... how far from the coast must i go, how high a ground must i find?
part of me is happy, rejoices, part of me sad, part fears enslavement. but i rejoice because if i survive i will have the chance to develop that true, hard core caring and compassion which is needed. ofcouse, laziness and passiveness will dissaper like paper in a huge fire. if i die in midst of it, who knows what will be my opportunities. interesting stuff. as you said, most can be gained by peparing spiritually. i find it perfectly reasonable to believe living a good life by universes standards produces good destiny independent of whether i survive this. i will dwell on this and discuss the prospect of this with any of my friends who feel similar, believe this is on the way (whole 3 of those

thanks for good will..

posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 12:15 PM
reply to post by benedict9

Hi Benedict9 sorry for the delay in writing you. I had read your post before I was alerted to a problem and had to pick up my child. We have been in icy conditions for the last three days America is taking a huge winter hit right now. I should have left a little note that I would write you later but had to leave suddenly.

Since Sunday last I have been taking a fast, today is Saturday only half a day. It helps, but Wednesday I had seen your video on Tuesday and had to leave early on Wednesday. Wednesday night I fell asleep watching Lord of the Rings (love it, takes me to another world) anyway fell asleep thirty minutes, woke up smiling, because I had had an Epiphany and understood what " Wormwood" means through your eyes finally. Bear with me as this post will be long.

It was good that I didn't answer you on Wednesday because I would not have had an opportunity to think about the videos that I had seen on your site. The first one scared me seriously. People seeing that many lights in the sky and pulling over to video that. It is not what they are thinking. I have not ever seen any crafts or been abducted. Well, your mention of the movie "Knowing" (good movie) "City of Angels" (good movie also) = Fallen Angels & Daughter of Men. Let me give you a glimpse through my eyes into my soul if you will.

My life, since I was six years old I went, like most children in the early 70's, went to Sunday School. So, we're taught Eve ate an apple and we fell into sin, ME, "Why are we still eating them?" I was young and knew that was a fib, not that we fell into sin, but about the apple, for there is no apple tree in Genesis. So, my awareness of lies, in religion no doubt, was realized early in life. Then, I ignored the Bible ( so sad) till my early teens, pick up the Bible again when my mom starts talking about the mystery of Ezekiel, Oh yeah! I say let me read this. I read it and thought "That's a UFO" no if's and's or but's about it. So, I turn 18 and my seeking of knowledge about Religion and UFO's is unquenchable. First book is "Chariots of the Gods" Erich Von Daniken. I told myself yep, I believe ya dude! Next book Joseph Blumrich describing Ezekiel's vision, ship, no vision folks, it's real and it's God's Throne come down to Earth. Okey dokey!

More and more books. Books on Hinduism, Judaism, Kaballah , Budhism, Seventh Day, Bahai' Faith, Urantia Book The, even satanism I read. My mom loved that book in her house, she had a fit. Me, oh, Mom, I'm very strong minded I'm doing research only, not gonna happen anything to me, and it didn't.

I'm now going to talk about String Theory (M) Theory. I went back to page 212 of this thread to find it, great post by ET_MAN by the way (winky winky) I ask my scientist in my home who has an advanced Physics Degree about this, He's not an Astro Physicist though. Me- How many dimensions in this theory? Him- up to 11! Me-Can something come from (hypathetically) from another dimension into our solar system? He looks at me crazy and says " alright MS Physicist" making fun. Me- I'm serious. Him- why? It's only theory now and not a proven fact. I know I say. Me- Can something come from another dimension , cause tidal waves, tsunamis, earthquakes, pole shifts;etc. Him- Oh! He's talking about a Huge Solar Storm! NASA claims 2013 will be a solar problem. They know! But, I still don't think this is Wormwood.

By the way Nibiru has nothing to do with this thread, it's not a brown dwarf, it's an entirely different object.

Page 214 in reply to Bridge_Boy by ET_MAN 8/4/2010

Wormwood is, I think, a huge Mother Ship loaded with the human/hybrid mixtures that will mix with us, be baptized by our papacy that reign in the message we are here to save you from a catastrophe and we bring "Peace" and behave as Jesus, answer all problems. Why do I think this? UFO's have always been descibed as coming from wormholes, dimensions we aren't aware of. Yeah, Right. Spirits and Principalities is more like it. They will copycat Jesus, Satan and his fallen ones, " I will return as you saw me leave, from the sky in the clouds." Jesus speaking.

Benedict9 if this is not the answer only two things left and that is what you've said or a Nuclear Bomb from the Russian/Chinese regime. You know I picked up a book by Hal Lindsey " Late Great Planet Earth" it's a great book and I have read it many times but this book was written in the 70's and even then spoke of the United States not being the super power by the end times and that China would be probably the Super Power along with Russia. Freaking amazing 1970.

China is now in power. More power than they need and America's President is bowing to their leader and taking loans from this Communist/Socialist Nation and we buy their goods to no end here and everywhere. Watch out for the Third Temple, this unrest in the Middle East currently, the Two witnesses at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and a man rising to power in Western Europe ( 10 nation confederacy) United nations turning away from Jesus in their speeches, etc. These are truly amazing times my friend, Do you think Benedict9 that there are good and bad Et's and I'm a little off on my finding? God did come down on a Throne after all. He may fly some of them too. But, I still think, Satan and antichrist comes first I don't change that line of thinking at all.

I will look forward to your reply Benedict9. DaphneApollo.

link to add: UFO over Dome of the Rock 1/28/2011 [url=]
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posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 02:02 PM
10/11? I'm wondering about February 10th now, and also there is an alex jones related thread about a caller who talks about mid March, and a pole shift.

I have faith and trust. The best thing anyone can do is think about how to prepare people should something happen, locally for example, prepare printout or even write them up and hand them out door to door to get people to trust in each other, pool together, work together even if necessary. To see past this material curtain, almost like a stage setting, backdrop that surrounds us, and start to think of spiritual progression, and of each other.

Its all about Love, and we're surrounded by those who are watching over and who hear us, every thought is picked up, we're not alone, and we should see this with eyes of faith, raising frequency, love, asking to have our sight healed, our worldly views taken away, to be able to overcome any flaws and work forgive everyone including ourselves.

Not to worry. Every time I step outside I feel this net, as if we're in a petri dish, but everything is overlooked and monitored. I'm greeted and told to not be worried but know that we're all surrounded by such love if we choose to work on ourselves and see the positive, they're for us for every step of the path. We are not alone, and they love us, and we're seeds, that need to flower into plants/trees, that know what counts, what is real, what the choices always where, can see the traps, and choose to love, to strive for equality, to see past the tinsel and the fake world around us and count our blessings. We're striving to mature and grow up.

Sometime in the process ahead, whatever things that come, will be a transformation, and a SHFT, anytime from now onwards I think its possible. I believe they will come, return, our true Family, Parents, Father/Mother, Yeshua/Jesus, though its not about specific definitions. We need to prepare ourselves spiritually first, get our hearts and souls in order and physically to help and share, come what may.
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posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 04:34 PM

Originally posted by ET_MAN
I come with a message,

A world disaster will occur causing a cataclysm event on the horizon that will bring coast lines far inland around the world, super storms never before seen in history will occur as a result of this, earthquakes will be seen on a scale unheard of.

does this mean that California will be completely gone ? please say it isn't so !

I mean the mega-quake has not broke it away from the rest of our great union yet and it has not fallen into the sea, but I think with it being so susceptible because of the fault line and also lying on a coast do it mean it'll be one of the first to go ?

I am very curious to see a world in which California does not exist

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by DaphneApollo

Hi Daphne, just a few quick links for you to chew through. I must get to bed now, but will get back to you again next login.

another ufo vid

area 51 caller (warning:disturbing message which I know to be valid based on my soul journey realisations). Claimed to be a hoax, which I don't believe--- though hypothetically even if so, the transmission was disrupted because the message contains truth damaging to the 'new world' agenda.

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posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 06:33 AM
reply to post by Bridge_Boy

Hi Bridge_Boy,

My apologies for the delay!


From your understanding, any truth in this or some very creative story telling?

The object Nibiru is not the event/energy/object referred to in this thread.

In regards to the annunaki there are some truths depending on one's interpretation of such things – symbolic.

Here's a video by Nassim Harramein talking about what "Nibiru" has already come and gone in 2003.

The object that passed in 2003 is not Nibiru or the event/energy/object referred to in this thread.

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 06:42 AM
reply to post by DAVID64


WHY do people insist on believing this crap about Nibiru, Planet X, whatever you want to call it?

There 's plenty of disinformation on such subjects out there.

Object X =Object=Unknown = Event on the Horizon.

There are thousands of amateur astronomers out there with all the equipment needed to see this IF IT WERE THERE.

Human perception only stretches so far --- viewing objects in other times/spaces/stations are an entirely different thing being interdimensional. At certain time's objects can leak through the cracks for astronomers, it's like finding a needle in the haystack. What's the opposite of a Sun and what does it look like?

I guess all of them are in on the conspiracy to keep it from the public, right?

The large majority are left in the dark, very few are aware of the forecast.

If something were close enough to start making all the earthquakes, volcanoes, floods etc... We would have been able to see it long before now.

What you will see are more of the above mentioned --- earthquakes, floods, storms, weather changes and new rising volcanic activity, what you won't see (IS) what's coming until it cross's the dimensional plain pass the go line. Horizon Event of the Cross---Ing.

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 06:47 AM
reply to post by sLiCk93

Hi sLiCk93

when u originally posted this thread it was back in 07 or 08 i believe and i i just started reading it today and realized so far what u have shared with us is true all of it is in the media today.

A water and food storage is wise to have in this day and age. The day (IS) coming that food and water will be more valuable than diamonds and gold. Spiritual preparation should be priority #111.

I sometimes find myself in deep thought and wondering about life and i always feel like i have a purpose in this to do something good i dont know but i always feel that way i was hoping u could should some light as to why i feel this way.

Always follow your heart, do something Good --- help those around you to the best of your ability, doing Good and choosing to do Good (IS) what Good is all about.

what is the cure to aids? herpes? cancer?

A new earth structured with Light squares! The day is coming that earth will change and all things of the past will be made new. Prepare on a spiritual level that you may be one-1 among the other one-111's

(and i do believe the cure is already out there)

Believing (IS) a powerful thing!

what can u share on the recent animal death going in the world today?

More things will come with fly's and locusts!

how close are we to our government disclosing the truth about aliens?

There are plans along those lines, if released believe it not, the truth behind the matter (IS) more than meets the eye. Matter/energy falls under human perception which can be easily altered/tricked. There are boxes of deception within boxes, be not deceived.

i patiently await your answers, thanks in advance.

Patience, kindness,humility, tolerance and charity are only good things for one-1 to possess. You're eternally welcome!

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 06:50 AM

good beings to Conquer Death Fear !

One that is Good and understands the structure behind all matter/energy understands that Good works reap Good things and the opposite the opposite. There is nothing to ever fear for those who are doing Good unto others.


Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 06:54 AM
reply to post by DaphneApollo

Hi DaphneApollo,

about the underground bases, I feel that those are there for sinister reasons

For some it's black and white, such squares of the opposite understand not the opposite, neither do they see what's headed earth's way. Understanding not the structure on, above and below the surface brings hide-out's/secrecy. The out, on-top and in are equally held accountable – there IS no escaping the cause/effect/attraction/consequences to one-1's actions based on the eternal laws of the opposition structure. One-1 should wisely turn and make amends before the great Lighten-ing day comes. Neither turn to the left or to the right, one-1 shall look up in brightness and be taken according to the just condition of the eternal spirit. Be wise and watch your thoughts, actions and interactions with others closely. Have love, peace and charity. Set not your hearts upon the temporal and materialistic things of the world but store up that which (IS) eternal in spirit that can never be taken away or destroyed. Be thankful and grateful for that which is given that so many easily taken for granted. The Light of the world shines it's Light freely for all to see unconditionally. So should you give freely to everyone-1 unconditionally. Teamwork, sharing, caring, giving, togetherness – FAMILY.

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 06:59 AM
reply to post by queenofsheba

Hi Queenofsheba,

Jesus comes back

As Benedict9 put it - “Yes our family IS coming “

I thought we were given free will. How then can we be "tricked" into doing evil work?

Good works are of the Good – Opposite are of the opposite.

As it's written, one-1 can clearly determine and know what is what and who (IS) who based on one1's fruits/works.

Those who see with a clear eye know and understand the opposition structure of earth. Review what is what and who (IS) who based on the eternal laws of understanding the opposition/cause and effect structure = Freewill, thoughts, intent, choices, decisions, actions, cause and effect/attraction consequence to action.

Love & Best Wishes!

posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 07:02 AM
reply to post by Theonlywoody

Hi Theonlywoody,

If nothing happens

Even nothing IS eternal something. So (IS) the nothingness which is eternal somethingness behind all energy/matter perceived/viewed/seen by the human camera/lens/eye. One-1 should work on cleaning up the inner spirit, if the soap (IS) dropped it can always be found within Eternity.

Love & Best Wishes!

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