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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 01:57 PM

Originally posted by skylightsintheillions
reply to post by DaphneApollo

Tap water in America and elsewhere is already heavily "treated" with things like flouride and the like.
sounds like poison water.

And if our soul is linked with our DNA, those chemicals damage our DNA, and so, our soul.

Hi skylightintheillions,

That's a great analogy. I've never thought of that before, but it's not what I'm talking about. Could be part of it though. I do believe in the NWO, but Wormwood is something different.

Please read this link :
chapter 8:vs1-13 This will explain what the waters being poisoned by Satan AKA Wormwood means.

In these end times we need to know these things.

The "rivers" are waters, or nations, whereas the "fountains" are in reference to "the fountains of the living waters", which are the Christians whose fountains of living water flows from our Lord Jesus Christ. This burning by Satan comes through deception, and many Christians will be deceived by Satan because they do not know the difference between the morning star [Satan], and the Morning Star [Jesus Christ the Messiah]. All except God's elect, are going to be deceived.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 08:43 AM
reply to post by DaphneApollo

"...Don't drink the water, don't you breath the air"

Yeah I feel like interpreting revelations is something that can be done and redone forever until the moment of truth happens. In my opinion, the satanic fountain stuff, the deceived people, that has already happened. People have become sheeple and will do and follow anything their organized church tells them to, regardless of denomination or religion. This is the deceit, donating money to a church so a priest or pastor can drive a mercedes...or so there can be a million dollar marquee sign....

but anyways, IMO, most of the things in revelations are already underway, why should it all happen in the blink of an eye anyways?
They've had oil rain in the south after the BP deal, and the oceans now have a lot of the chemical they added in them, which, of course, allowed the oil to evaporate into the clouds....

It's already happening, but we are the frog in the pot being slow-cooked.
Not for long, not for long.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 09:17 AM
The 'Wormwood' Brown Dwarf Earth passage effects are described in Biblical prophecy (Book of Revelations).

The 6th Seal event list that presages Wormwood’s visible arrival.

Rev 6:12 – 14: (12) I looked when He broke the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the whole moon became like blood; (13) and the stars of the sky fell to the earth, as a fig tree casts its unripe figs when shaken by a great wind. (14) The sky was split apart like a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

1.) a great earthquake… The node rings of the sun and 'Wormwood' clash with serious tectonic shaking lasting 10 or 20 minutes (maybe more) of continuous shaking, major destruction of cities closest to the “epicenter”.

2.) the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair… We get volcanic activity at tectonic plate edges… rims of fire that eject high tonnages of ash plume into the upper atmosphere that block out the sun light over large areas of the earth. (And the hair being referenced would be black hair common to people of the Middle East not blond hair found in more Nordic people.)

3.) the whole moon became like blood… Wormwood throws large tonnages of iron oxide dust and debris between the Earth and the moon or into Earth’s atmosphere. When we look through the veil of iron oxide dust, the moon takes on a blood red color.

4.) the stars of the sky fell to the earth… Wormwood throws asteroids and various forms of space junk into Earth’s atmosphere that impact on the surface as meteorites. Expect some severe tsunami events if there are impact pieces landing in the ocean that are of significant size.

5.) the sky was split apart like a scroll when it is rolled up... At least one of the volcanic eruptions will be a large pyroclastic explosion… a volcanic cone that will “blow its top” like Mt. St Helens in May, 1980. The blast concussion feels like the sky is “splitting apart” anywhere within sound range of the cone. The curling action of the mushroom cloud when viewed from below looks like a scroll when it is allowed to spring back into the “rolled up” position. The description seems a little odd but St. John was a first century writer and he used a word picture of something that was familiar to describe a mushroom cloud… something he had never seen before. Expect more volcanic explosions as Wormwood approaches. There might be several volcanic mounts that erupt explosively like Mt. St. Helens did but there will be at least one.

6.) every mountain and island were moved out of their places… Tectonic shifting from the Wormwood node ring earthquake will shift the mountains and islands into different places. The displacements may be measured in tens or hundreds of feet of difference but the shifts will be measureable with modern surveying equipment. If any of the GPS satellites are still up and running after this assault from outer space, the measurements can be made easily and with accuracy as close as 10 centimeters. If the GPS system is destroyed we might have to do it the old fashioned way with ground based surveying equipment but the results will show that many of the known positions for mountains and islands will in fact be displaced to new positions.

7.) With major earthquake activity and island movements expect severe tsunami events to follow the tectonic shifting for various coastal cities within tsunami shockwave range.


posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 09:30 AM
reply to post by benedict9

Yes, I had a fortelling, and vision and saw the black sun during meditation, and the nigth before, the moon went blood red in the eclipse Further, the meteor geminid shower took place shortly before that so the metaphorical stars could be seen as falling from the sky. This was all around Dec 21 2010. I saw, shining disks, stacking, not the moon, before it went red, like a dove at first, then a man, THE LAMB?

Note in all revelations: What eye do you see with? Do you with darkness or Light, brighter, or dimmer, progressive or regressive, and all the degrees inbetween?

Note, the LAMB unleashes the seal. Not a Fire Breathing Dragon. Not Harshness, Cruelty or Suffering.

What eye do we see with?

2011 is about the coloring book change, a page turns, the Mayan calendar, in this Holographic School, it seems to be an important coding. An awareness thing.

Are we ready? Are we seeing gently, lovingly, caringly, can we ask for and seek for MIRACLES. Do we pray under the stars for everyone, and for gentle changes into positive things.

To pull in our good, can we not give to others. We give to receive, we need to sell what we've got or not focus on things, just on others, see everything as belonging to everyone and start loving. Seek within, pray for our own individual way to do this to give more, to change.

What light do we see with? Lets make it a positive, tender, gentle Lamb, or Love & Light, Light!!!!

I don't see earth hardships coming, but upgrades, positiivity equality, and end to slavery, an upgrade, we all pass, goodness, Family is Coming, we are free and going home. Even the ones who need to make U-Turns jump for joy and head the other way, asking for help, saying they're sorry.

We Are Coming Soon! These words just leapt in my heart just now!

I see the Lamb, filled with Love and Gentleness breaking the Seal and giving us a choice to experience positive upgrades, and equality, not something destructive.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 10:00 AM

Originally posted by skylightsintheillions
reply to post by DaphneApollo

"...Don't drink the water, don't you breath the air"

Yeah I feel like interpreting revelations is something that can be done and redone forever until the moment of truth happens. In my opinion, the satanic fountain stuff, the deceived people, that has already happened. People have become sheeple and will do and follow anything their organized church tells them to, regardless of denomination or religion. This is the deceit, donating money to a church so a priest or pastor can drive a mercedes...or so there can be a million dollar marquee sign....

but anyways, IMO, most of the things in revelations are already underway, why should it all happen in the blink of an eye anyways?
They've had oil rain in the south after the BP deal, and the oceans now have a lot of the chemical they added in them, which, of course, allowed the oil to evaporate into the clouds....

It's already happening, but we are the frog in the pot being slow-cooked.
Not for long, not for long.

I totally agree with you. The pastors driving mercedes peeves me off that's why I don't go to church. They don't teach anything. One line out of two verses and rant on for 45 minutes then pass the plate. Give me money, I've fed you sheep, now baa baa home. I don't like organized religion either that's why you must study on your own with help of a good pastor that you trust and I trust this one.

Have you seen the Illuminati card deck? It all, oil spill, chemtrails, flouride, all seems to be planned or known. Things are starting to come together all around us. I am not a bible scholar by any means and don't mean any disrespect to ET_MAN or Benedict9. They have seen what they have seen I have even been shown waves on the West and East Coast before I came across this thread and have learned so much during the reading of this thread.

The world seems to be really picking up speed with the disasters!! But, we'll have to wait and see, won't we.


posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 10:39 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

I love your approach and point of view. It's very important for us all to stay in the light. It's very easy to get cynical and dark in this world nowadays.
A great change is-a-coming!

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 11:08 AM
And why tell people this?

If it did happen, they would know it would happen, they would see the meteorites, and they would notice the earth changing.

It wouldn't matter if you knew, because honestly.. are you going to "dodge" or "avoid" that?

Scaring people won't help them really.

Your simply telling people what they already "would" know at the time.
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posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 01:46 PM
reply to post by Daecollo

He is sharing for awareness, and so that instead of approaching with fear, the future, to see that reality is an illusion, a physical manifestation of our inner workings. In a sense that is a gift, our flaws, if we can see them clearly and seek to overcome them, with faith and hope and unconditional love for everyone including ourselves, gentle, kindness, a willingness to overlook the past, forgive, and work on getting better, overcoming, in other words, see this hard hellish world as a gift too, that opens our eyes, if we're willing to let it, and gives us the courage to improve. Well, if we can start to share, and forgive ourselves and families, and get our houses in order.

Then it doesnt what 2012 does. Since this is our collective consciousness, we may be pulling in the SHFT, ascension, transformation, healing for all. But if something where to happen, Higher Ups are in control. In meditation I saw my entire family SHFT suddenly, into advanced people, it shocked me completely. The meditation was to envision finding a house in my home town area, instead, while picturing this and my family, this SHFT occurred in a twinkling of an eye, no danger, no warning, just flowed through, and my older son was surprised and came downstairs worried and Higher Ups walked in, blonds wearing blue uniforms, from the balcony and drew him aside to fill him in. Complete transformation, I was a new person.

I never really thought too much of ascnesion because I think we're not supposed to want to leave people behind, so it didn't matter, but that was the SHFT.

When disasters happen I hold miracles and SHFTs in my mind, that they have progressed in the twinkling of an eye, that its merciful.

I have faith that things are in the best hands possible. That true Parents/Teachers are watching over the playground and notice all the bullies. But Big Lights serve the children, little lights, and love the bullies too, so they don't just pay it all back in a flash, it all serves in lessons for everyone, though this does not mean that there is no right and wrong, of course there is, it means we must not judge, and have compassion, and try to help others wake up, and have mercy on the more lost ones.

The purpose for this thread is to wake people up, and nudge them to prepare,and the most important is to put their lives in order, their houses, its spiritual preparation. As this is all illusion anyway, a thoughtscape school/hologram.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 02:00 PM
reply to post by skylightsintheillions

Thank you, we all need to keep that positive light in us, and work on overcoming negative thoughts. I refuse to see the negative, which isn't to say, not facing what could be happening, its just that, I walk by faith always. I've had way too many daily miracles, big and small in my life, and family life and experiences to not see with eyes of faith. That being said, I think everyone needs to know there is no way they can just work on being perfect either, I think we need to tell ourselves and others that its ok just being us, that we're worthy just as we are, and loved just as we are. I hesitate to tell people they're not good enough and all need to uncover all their flaws and work hard to overcome, because while we need to push to grow our consciousness bigger, our lights bigger, its also true some of us have low self esteem. Some need to be told that they are safe just being themselves and that they are good enough just as they are. And to care about themselves and give themselves permission to be themselves fully, and lovable.

We need to not judge others, but bear with each other, understanding that what others are feeling or seeing like, we quite possibly have once done the same, (in one lifetime or another). So realistically bearing with each other and accepting each other, the way we are for the most part, extreme negativity aside, but at the same time, we need to seek to overcome the weaknesses and love and forgive each other.

Its a Lamb that is bringing the change. The F O L, the Family, Yeshua, all that is True Love. If the transformation occurs, and every single person always believes they're living in the end times. The date I always felt inside was roughly 2014-2017, that seemed to to be about something cosmic that I didn't understand. Well I still think we should live as though we are and strive to make a positive transformation happen instead.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 03:03 PM
OMG! I could not possibly read all the posts and get any work done in order to comment?

Yet besides the proof demands this begs, how does such a astronomically relevant event evade the hundreds of thousands of professional and amateur astronomers, comet and asteroid hunters, not to mention those with 2,3,4 & 5 version night vision and Flir optical telescopes and binoculars? Even a brown dwarf would be seen in infrared easily outside our solar system as a heat source. Even if within the Ort cloud on an eccentric orbit.

While I know that two thirds (2/3) stars in our sky are Binary, we likely lost our sister star billions of years ago. Likely part of the Ort cloud now, but dust. Never sure with such limited understanding as our astronomy has, but no evidence yet, suggest this idea or the Nibiru idea idea is mearly "symbolic" or only a metaphoric for something else. Biblical representations of reality were such, in order to communicate an "idea", not exact data.

I'm shelving this for better direct on actual science and less mythological core information. An event is likely going to hit, but it will be something we will not expect or have no clear understanding for yet.

Still listening however. Good science looks at everything, dismisses almost nothing. Funny, awareness does the same if healthy.


posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 08:55 AM

From your understanding, any truth in this or some very creative story telling?

posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 09:53 AM
Revelations chapter 6 vs 12 onward

I would rather people have a different view point.


posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 11:25 AM
Here's a video by Nassim Harramein talking about what "Nibiru" has already come and gone in 2003. Just watch, you'll see.

This mans videos have been posted throughtout this thread prominently but this one never was posted wonder why?

Mr. Harramein is an Astro Physicist and a peer revieved/paper published scientist. Can't get any better than that as far as science goes. I know, my husband is a scientist in Physics and Chemistry with published papers to his name. And is Hindu. So, what does that mean. Big deal you say. I'm fully aware. When you talk of Wormwood, you are talking from Biblical view as it is only found in Bible to my understanding.

posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 12:06 PM
WHY do people insist on believing this crap about Nibiru, Planet X, whatever you want to call it? There are thousands of amateur astronomers out there with all the equipment needed to see this IF IT WERE THERE. I guess all of them are in on the conspiracy to keep it from the public, right? Does this give some sort of satisfaction to those who do believe? Do you need some reason that is not under your control, that the human race is going to hell in a hand basket? I'll say this once again. If something were close enough to start making all the earthquakes, volcanoes, floods etc... We would have been able to see it long before now. Please, someone who believes in this explain it to me.

posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by DAVID64

Well I see that you believe strongly that there is nothing to worry about, that all the changes and bird/fish deaths, and changed severe weather and flooding, are nothing to worry about either, and ignore past events.
Interesting avatar you chose though. A contradiction?

posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 01:29 PM
DaphneApollo: I love that video. The sun is a window, gateway, phone line home, projector, input system, and streams forth new planets and material, and also our collective consciousness too. F O L!!!!

The miracle that was performed, an arm of the sun just batted that meteor/comet whatever it was away. There is another comet coming close in Aug, and one in Oct, our planet has lost some of its magnetism too, making it more of magnet for cosmic bodies. We need to be Love, and switch channels to the love one. Giving unblocks our receiving, and is a part of the tests here.

Edit to add in general I was meditating for answers, hemisync. I really think that all the expensive waves the monroe insitute puts out can be duplicated for free for downloads. Not their specific sounds and hemysncs, but using homemade ones on audacity or a sound editor, layered sounds perhaps, even some soft spoken affirmations or "subliminal layerings" which do work despite all those lies you read that they don't, and the binaural, "Compassion" on the Bach to the Future thread shows that right away, that is one powerful soudn track, its loaded with positive affirmations. And if the postiive work, just imagine what is coming in on your news, media, music, etc. In fact, its such a deep rabbit hole, that when I was researching this, basically how to make my own, not only did the internet shut off, but I'm on Shaw: tv, and phone too! And then I posted this happened hours, everything gone again. Bang!!!

Pole reversal did that too. And, when I was talking to my mother just after I got my phone, internet and television back, I sensed someone was listening, not the normal tapping sound, but my energy recognition kicked in, so I gave him a lecture about being a hero for the day instead of a weak, sell out guy, and loudly came the click click click, and bang, everything gone again!!!!!

These rabbit holes are deep and its what they're doing to control us and keep us in the dark. Well its time to use these for the Power of the Good, not the Darkside.

Monroe Institute does not own the ability to make hemisync type auditory or binaurals, isotopes, anyone can do this. And there are free, royalty free sites for nature sounds, bells, chimes, rain, ocean, dolphins, etc, drums you name it. Those are other sites we need to contribute to if we can. Softly spoken affirmations. But the basic statement/affirmation and the different skills they brign out, energy creation of an energy tool for healing and energy body maps, asking questions, problem solving, manifesting, all sorts of steps that are common knowledge to many metaphysics type people. Theyre charging a lot for this. We should make our own.

They have this Focus 10. Well basically, its akin to putting yourself in the state where oobe's and experiences often happen, akin to reaching low theta or alpha in meditation where your body is akin to paralyzed, and your mind awake. There are lots of ways to do that. Not just theres.

Then they included Focus 12, this is an interesting one. Expanded consciousness. You are not your body. And its a higher frequency, you can feel the field or rather I reach into it. Monroe speaks of channels by the way he talks about different channels as well. I always renounce any traps or things i don't intend consciously with my heart when I meditate and define things according to what I believe, especially their affirmations, so I change everything around my way.

While in meditation and searching for answers, how to help my children more, probably good for familes and even communities: flow sheets, vision boards, posters, signs. People are very visual and need reminders of the poor and others. Tshirts. Getting kids on board to make things, they love crafts. One day a week, call it Earthday and donate money for gifts, or forgo fast food, extras, and donate money for charity, get kids onboard. The words earthday as a once a week thing came.

Also, things that came to me were about our lives. What have we left undone? Talents unused? We should be developing our gifts to help others! I was already shown in a family abduction scenario end of May last year, that time was perceptional. That we're kind of in our own rooms in Hotel earth, and was told this day took 9 days to complete. There is time to get going, and undust old talent and pick up things from teenage years or younger days we put off, we wanted to do, but didn't. Maybe they're better now. Think blogs, or videos, or community newsletter, or volunteering your garages and tools, all you tradesmen, with teenagers and youths who need to learn basic skills: ie. change a tire, build a telescope, ham radio, wind turbine, food dehydrator, generator, mod a car diesal/biofuel, oh maybe think in terms of

Anyway, answers were given, we can't change the world. We can't do everyone's exams for them, their homework either. But we can shine our lights, dust off our skills, put our families and children first, and nudge others to see more and seek within for answers, projects, both family relationship kinds, community kinds and awareness kinds.

Survival blogs/groups in every region. There are not very may, well if Meet Up is anything to go by, i did check.

Food for thought.!

Edit to add:

If earth is like a giant inn, there are so many people, born into this world with their own growth needed, lessons to learn, not strict karma like some bloodline think, but they are here to learn, perhaps, first hand what love and goodness, and lending a helping hand mean. Don't you think that is what its really about? Law of consequence!!!
How about injecting some real light into this scenario, and my Higher Self is kind of nudging me to say this:

Forgiveness and to not judge is what we need. We are not here to say others need to learn lessons, and to depict who, where , when? Those in Africa, those in Indonesia, who the bloodlines have depicted as unworthy for life. For the kurdish people who left Iraq during the Gulf War, to find even in an exodus, no compassion, No Room In The Inn, and over 90% of their children died on national news every night for months. Now, some of these peope are Higher Ups who have come to nudge our mercy and love, not just coming in from dim little nazi planets who need to learn love. Who are we to judge another?

Forgive yourselves everything and everyone everything. Love. Be kind, and gentle. when you uncover a huge flaw in yourself, and we should pray and meditate and seek to uncover our flaws, to be shown them, flaws are often wounds, or scar tissure over hurts and feelings of low esteem, where we didn't count, and didn't feel loved. Most of the illuminati, don't even come close to understanding psychology, or human nature, they don't get it.

When we uncover our flaws, be humble and grateful for the opportunity to change is here, and we can pray, and seek. Its not necessarily going to be solved in a day, week or month. Some things can take a lifetime to overcome, just as some hearts can take a lifetime to mend and heal. But this is part of the gift here on earth, uncovering our weaknesses is a gift, don't blame yourself for being a child. Seek to grow, to love, to reach the next grade, all children do this, trying to master their skills. This isn't saying its ok to hurt others, this IS SAYING, don't be judgmental, be thankful to see clearly what needs change, and humble. In short, this is what earth is about. And growing our hearts bigger.

If we all started doing this, two things would probably happens, our Star might toss a few more comets and dangers out of harms way. In addition, when the Family show up, we'll be more ready.
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posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 07:10 PM
Winter Wipeout the TV series jokingly referring to aliens and reptiles among us and Ufos and human disguising. Also mentioning 13 and other occults...

It will be disclosed

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 04:16 AM
hi et_man

i have tried to read threw your post and i have to say everything u have said feel true to me like if it resonates with me i dont really know how else to describe it, now when u originally posted this thread it was back in 07 or 08 i believe and i i just started reading it today and realized so far what u have shared with us is true all of it is in the media today. now i do have some questions which i do hope u can answer either here or in private message. thanks in advance

i sometimes find myself in deep thought and wondering about life and i always feel like i have a purpose in this to do something good i dont know if its in a big like find a cure for a disease or something minor but i always feel that way i was hoping u could should some light as to why i feel this way.

what is the cure to aids? herpes? cancer? im sure this would be useful information for man in the coming future and the progression of us as a species since i dont see our government ever giving it to us (and i do believe the cure is already out there)

what can u share on the recent animal death going in the world today?

how close are we to our government disclosing the truth about aliens?

what advice can u give me to help explore my self and possibly open up my third eye? is doing this bad for the soul?

i patiently await your answers, thanks in advance.

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 04:48 AM
reply to post by DAVID64


Laws of physics are often defied, especially when dealing with forces larger and more complex than limited human understanding. Not all that exists can be easily seen and perceived.

BTW, there are many who are in the know of what is pending including the information I received via an astrophysicist source that confirmed the coming display of the binary sun. I am not here to play games with people's lives in spite of what others may think.

Those who are wilfully ignoring warnings nor interested in seeking Divine Truth are going to have a very difficult time for their spiritual ignorance, for indeed it is through the Holy Spirit that everything of true value is given--in particular the insights to see through the many illusions and deceptions played out on the human race. Peace.

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 05:32 AM
reply to post by DaphneApollo

Regarding the Nassim video link you added, I assure you that if it was known that this event was truly threatening as the extinction level event it was made out to be, then you would have witnessed attempts of mass evacuations of those in power and those connected to them. That didn't happen. Seriously think about it.

The multi- trillion dollar underground complexes will be put to use eventually. They have also been referred to in Holy Scripture, and I know you are paying attention to the Bible to know the reference you seem to be ignoring.

Wormwood is literal as much as you likely don't want to ever face such a reality and just for added thought, I have experienced the coming pole shift already in vision. I was not viewing it, I was living it. It was total darkness outside whilst I was sheltering in a cave. A super massive hurricane was raging outside whilst the ground was splitting open. No, it wasn't pleasant, though I guess Spirit deemed it necessary to prepare me with such things.

All these things experienced in the vision, modern day scientists would describe as being the scenario in their 'hypothetical' descriptions for a physical pole shift--therefore that scientifically confirmed it was a valid vision--not that I doubted it to begin with. It also correlates with scripture and I know the Creators would not put me through this vision experience (among several others) if it wasn't relevant to my lifetime, including the astrophysicist information granted to me to fulfill the work I am doing now in raising awareness. Believe what you like and cling to the comforts your false prophet priest offers, for if he is teaching that Wormwood events are metaphor, then false testament he has spread to his flock. May he be blessed all the same for Truth of these times will be realised by all of this generation and they will be on their knees as humbled children for being blind to the Word and embracing deceptions. Peace.

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