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OJ Simpson: The Case Reviewed

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posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 01:28 PM
Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the second installment of "The Case Reviewed" (The First one was Marilyn Monroe: The Case Reviewed), in this one we will be delving deep into the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Lets see what we have, I warn you beforehand that the details are graphic and the whole murder was one of vengeance, anger and pure hatred...

* I did not post any pictures do to the graphic images that are shown * they are truly gruesome and totally unnecessary to be shown.

So without further wait, here we go:

Nicole Brown Simpson:

And Ronald Goldman

The first piece that needs to be analyzed is the crime:

The Crime

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were found dead at 11:40 PM on June 12, 1994, Brown and Goldman were found fatally stabbed outside Brown's Bundy Drive condominium in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles, California. Nicole had been stabbed multiple times through the throat, to the point of near decapitation; her vertebrae was almost severed, and she also had a swollen face. Goldman's body was found with 'teaser' wounds on it, implying that the murderer taunted him with the knife before actually killing him.


Now the suspect was of course OJ Simpson. OJ and Nicole had split up and divorced over 2 years ago. However, what would lead a man to kill his ex wife? Lets examine OJ's state of mind:

Psychological Analysis

1) OJ and Nicole had just went through a divorce over two years ago. However, OJ became jealous of Nicoles new found lover and friend.
2) According to Denise Brown, OJ had a terrible temper and in one incident:
"He (O.J. Simpson) grabbed Nicole, picked her up, threw her against a wall. Picked her up and threw her out of the house."
3) Prosecutors clearly stated O. J. Simpson was pushed over the edge when his daughter danced at a recital June 12, 1994. Nicole hadn't saved him a seat.

Interesting right? Not a lot of motive, not a lot at all. Lets continue. To the witnesses and the timeline of events:

The Witnesses and Timeline of the Murder

The time line for murder began after a trip to McDonald's. House guest Kato Kaelin testified that he returned home with Simpson about 9:40. Prosecutors said that's when Simpson grabbed his knit cap and the gloves and headed for his ex-wife's condo. Once there, prosecutors said, he stabbed his ex-wife and then turned on Ron Goldman, a young man who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The killings in this up-scale neighborhood took maybe mere minutes. There were no witnesses except, perhaps, a barking dog, Nicole's beloved Akita, found later with blood on his paws. At first, prosecutors said that barking dog established 10:15 as the time of the murders. But the defense tried to push that time to 10:35 to make it seem impossible that Simpson could have killed two people and gotten back home so quickly. Around 10:35, Nicole's neighbor, Robert Heidstra, testified that he heard the dog and voices. And Heidstra apparently told others the second voice he heard sounded like O. J. Simpson.

The defense attack on the time line was set back further when the same witness let it slip that he saw what could have been Simpson's white Ford Bronco speeding away at around the same time. Prosecutors said that even if the murders happened that late, at 10:35, Simpson still would have had enough time to drive home. Without speeding, prosecutors drove it in about five minutes which means that, on the night of the killings, Simpson could have gotten home by 10:40, when Kato Kaelin heard bumps in the night. Prosecutors said the noise was O. J. Simpson hitting a wall and dropping a bloody glove in his own yard. Fifteen minutes later, at 10:55, a limousine driver waiting to take Simpson to the airport saw a black person he described as six feet tall and 200 pounds coming into the entry way of the house.

Park testified he'd been buzzing the intercom since 10:40 and getting no answer, proving, prosecutors said, Simpson had not been home. It had been an hour and 10 minutes since anyone had seen or talked to O. J. Simpson. But the defense wants the jury to believe that without opportunity, the missing time means nothing.


The suspect was none other than OJ:

Which now brings us to the trial (Evidence):

The Evidence of the Trial

Finally, the prosecution began to put forward witnesses directly tying Simpson to the two murders. The evidence was technical and circumstantial, relating mostly of the results of blood, hair, fiber, and footprint analysis from the Bundy crime scene and Simpson's Rockingham home. The most compelling testimony--if one assumed the accuracy of the testing--concerned two RFLP tests. The first indicated that blood found at the crime scene could have come from only 1 out of 170 million sources of blood--and that O. J. Simpson fit the profile. The second came from blood found on two black socks at the foot of O. J.'s bedroom. According to prosecution testimony, only 1 out of 6.8 billion sources of blood matched the sample. Nicole Brown Simpson might well be the only person on earth whose blood matched the blood found on the socks. On cross-examination of the prosecution's DNA experts, the defense had little choice but to begin to develop the theory that either the blood samples were contaminated or they were planted by corrupt police officers

Corrupt officers? Lies? Man what is wrong with this investigations either they do not happen proprly, someone "loses" files or the investiagtion is corrupted.

The LAPD officer who found a bloody glove outside Kato Kaelin's bedroom turned out to be a godsend for the defense's corrupt-police theory. The officer, Mark Fuhrman, testified for the prosecution on March 9 and 10. In his book about the trial, Robert Shapiro wrote: "A suddenly charming Marcia Clark treated him like he was a poster boy for apple pie and American values." Three days later, F. Lee Bailey began a bullying cross-examination of Fuhrman in which he asked the detective, whether, in the past ten years, he had ever used "the n word." Fuhrman replied that he absolutely never had done so. It was a lie.

A second prosecution disaster followed. Prosecutor Christopher Darden, confident that the bloody gloves belonged to Simpson, decided to make a dramatic courtroom demonstration. He would ask Simpson, in full view of the jury, to try on the gloves worn by Nicole's killer. Judge Ito asked a bailiff to escort Simpson to a position near the jury box. Darden instructed Simpson, "Pull them on, pull them on." Simpson seemed to struggle with the gloves, then said, "They don't fit. See? They don't fit." Later, it would turn out that there were good reasons why they didn't fit--the gloves may have shrunk because of the blood, photos would turn up showing Simpson wearing ill-fitting gloves--but the damage had been done. Later, Cochran would offer the memorable refrain, "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit."

The Glove did not fit! But there was an explaination, it could have shrunk becuase of the blood. A good explaination but not convincing enough...

The verdict would return with a:

The jury spent only three hours deliberating the case that had produced 150 witnesses over 133 days and had cost $15 million to try. As America watched at 10 a.m. PST on October 3, 1995, Ito's clerk, Deidre Robertson, announced the jury's verdict: "We the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant, Orenthal James Simpson, not guilty of the crime of murder." Simpson sighed in relief, Cochran pumped his fist and slapped Simpson on the back. The Dream Team gathered in a victory huddle. From the audience came the searing moans of Kim Goldman, Ron's sister, and the cry of his mother Patti Goldman, "Oh my God! Oh my God!"

Partly due to Cochrans closing statements:

And this is the video of the verdict.

Not Guilty as this video clearly shows:

So did OJ do it? His behavior seemed quite eradict for no apparent reason. What motive was there? What triggered his anger? His hatred? Was there a motive. The answer is up to the viewer to decide. But it is clear that OJ did have some motive:

1) Divorce
2) Small and bitter arguments
3) Nicoles new lover

But would that lead him to kill after TWO years? After all OJ had began to date again, go on vacations, and play golf. This does not sound like a murderer. But then if not OJ who was it? Who was the killer?

Continued Next Post.

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 01:28 PM

So who brutally murdered Nicole and Ronald? Who killed out of hate?

The person who went virtually unnoticed, partly due to his fathers erradict behavior after the death and the reason why OJ's car was spotted and the reason why OJ would lie. Because any father would do anything to protect his son.

The murderer was Jason Simpson, born April 21, 1970, to Margaret Simpson. Jason himself was still young when his dad began to date Nicole brown. Nicole brown would become pregnant with Jasons brother Aaron Simpson, who died in 1979 this had a huge affect on Jason and he needed psychological counciling to get over this stressful situation.

Psychological State

1) Still never got over his brothers death
2) When younger wrote a paper in which he was a murderer
3) Was arrested for assault
4) Stabbed himself in an argument with his girlfriend
5) Threatened his girlfriend and then threatened to kill her with a knife
6) Was critical of Nicole thought she was the cause of drama
7) Grown tired of Ronald
8) Had severe depression, drug issues and alocholic problems
Jason has spent time in mental institutions and was even spotted threatening to kill his girlfriend with a knife, on more than one occasion. Jason was diagnosed with Jykell and Hyde Syndrome. He was on drugs, that would cause aggression, depression and other central nervous system affects. Jason was even arrested for assualt on a few occasions. On The night of the murders it has been documented that Jason was preparing a meal for the family, a very special meal, since he worked at a restaurant. The special occasion was his half sisters recital, the one that was stated pushed OJ over the edge to kill.

Motive, Opportunity and Execution

Nicole brown was reported to have made a phone call to Jason stating that she would not eat with his dad and that she would rather be at Ron Goldmans restaurant. It is even reported that after jason hung up the phone he was extremely angry and was highly disappointed that she would choose Goldman over him. Jason had a bag of special cooking knives that he carried everywhere (from and to work). After the murders of Nicole and Goldman the murder weapon has yet to be found and most odd of all, jason never returned to work....

Jason stated in the civil trial that he left early from work on that night around 9:30pm! He stated that he went home and watched tv. As we all know Ron Goldman was not the person to hold his tongue and Jason simpson would often go to Nicoles place and would often argue with her. Perhaps this was the confrontation that began it all. According to the official report Holdman was killed first then Nicole. One must always remember that Nicole was cut up to the point of being nearly decapitated, the ruthless assault was aimed to her and it is clear that hate and anger were huge factors.

The big point here was that OJ was called sometime that evening. It was a brief phone call and possibly made by Jason in a frantic cry for help. OJ drove over there, their is no question about that. This would explain the blood on the passanger side of vehicle. As well as the mysterious "bag" OJ was reported taking to the airport in the limo ride their. One thought comes to mind, this bag contained the knives that were used by jason. This would explain the blood tests wierd result, stating that it could have been a blood relative.

Forensic Expert Dr. lee stated specifically:

"They went for the wrong Simpson."

The Glove! It was stated in the trial that Nicole bought TWO pairs of these gloves for OJ and Jason. Jason may have dropped the glove, in his frenzy to protect himself. This would explain why the glove did not fit OJ, because it was not his size, but his sons.

It has also been reported that Jason wrote a paper, entitled: Jason the Murderer (or I am the murderer), I cannot remember which one. This was brought to Nicoles attention. Jasons thoughts, his state of mind, his life long unreleased anger, depression and hate, could have exploded and had serious end results.

They had the wrong simpson....

More evidence:

1. As an adolescent, Jason performed poorly in school and demostrated many antisocial behaviours.

2. Considered a "problem child" at an early age. Documented in articles of interviews given by OJ.

3. Jason overdosed on drugs and alcohol at age 14 and was rushed to hospital.

4. Jason reportedly had difficulty communicating with his mother and at an early age moved in OJ and Nicole because Marguerite could not control him.

5. As a teenager Jason flew into a fit of rage and attacked a statue of his father with a baseball bat.

6. Jason stole his father's car and was turned in by Nicole.

7. Ronald Shipp stated Jason began being physically abused by his father at a young age.

8. Ronald Shipp described him as having pschological problems, along with abusing drugs and alcohol.

9. Jason was treated at the UCLA Neuro-Psychiatirc Institute for a mental condition, later being diagnosed as "Intermittent Rage Disorder" accompanied by seizures. He was prescribed Depakote, a drug frequently prescribed to individuals suffering from rage.

10. Jason dropped out or flunked out of USC.

11. According to Shipp, Jason had possibly stalked Nicole Simpson while she lived at Gretna Green.

12. According to Shipp, Jason and Nicole would go out dancing and partying together.

13. On more than one occasion Jason left or was fired from his job as a prep chef. Indications were he was unable to get along with people of authority.

14. Jason attempted suicide by stabbing himself with a pair of scissors.

15. Jason, in a fit of rage, assaulted his girlfriend Jackie where in he nearly breaks her back by throwing her into an empty bathtub.

16. Jason attacked his girlfriend Jackie with a chef's knife and cuts off her hair.

17. Jason attempted suicide by cutting his wrists with a shard of broken glass.

18. Jason attempted suicide a second time. This time by overdosing on Depakote. He was committed to the psychiatric ward at Saint John's hospital.

19. Jason had repeatedly been warned not to use drugs and alcohol while taking medication, because it could further complicate his existing neurological condition but continued to do so.

20. Jason was arrested for assaulting his former employer, Paul Goldberg, with a kitchen knife. At the time of the murders, Jason was still on probation for this earlier offense on Paul Goldberg.

21. Just prior to the murders, Jason felt he was "going to rage," and checked into Cedars Sinai Hospital. Previously, when he was about to rage, he claimed to hallucinate by hearing voices of people who weren't there.

22. Two months prior to the murders Jason, in a blind rage, assaulted his girlfriend, Jennifer Green, at his birthday party. Later that night, according to an article, he tried to strangle her.

23. Two months prior to the murders Jason was known to have stopped taking his Depakote because, as he was reported to have said, "It's f**king with my head."

24. On the night before the murders, Nicole had arranged to eat at Jackson's restaurant, where Jason was the chef, but she failed to show up the next night.

25. At 7pm on the night of the murders, Nicole and her family ate at Mezzaluna's restaurant instead of at Jackson's, where Jason was the chef.

26. According to Jennifer Green, and a waiter at Jackson's, Jason left the restaurant where he worked at around 9:45pm, approximately 45 mins to an hour prior to the murders.

27. Jason's civil deposition indicated he did not spend the evening with Jennifer Green as she indicated, but went directly home after he dropped Jennifer off at her apartment.

28. Jason had no alibi after 10pm, he claimed to watch TV until 3am.

29. Supposedly Jason had an "air-tight" alibi that he was cooking for 200 people at Jackson's restaurant. On that particular night there were less than 40 patrons at the restaurant the entire night. Jason left before it closed.

30. Experts established that the probable murder weapon was a chef's knife.

31. Jason had his own chef knives and kept them with him.

32. Jason had in his possession a set of chef knives when he left Jackson's restaurant at approximately 9:45pm on the night of the murders.

33. Jason was allegedly upset that Nicole and her party did not come to Jackson's as arranged on the night of June 12, 1994.

34. Jason's blood chemistry is supposed to have similar genetic characteristics as OJ's.

35. OJ and Jason have approximately the same size feet. Jason also had access to OJ's clothes closet and is known to have taken items of clothing from his dad at will.

36. James G. Cron, crime scene expert, has studied the investigative material and determined that Jason Simpson should have been considered a major suspect in the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.

37. England crime scene experts, Tery Merston and his partner, Peter Harpur, stated OJ is not the killer of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman but in all probability, was at the crime scene after the murders. They both felt Jason Simpson should have been considered a major suspect.

38. Dr. Harvey Davisson, Dr. William Flynn, Dr. William Tedford and Dr. Charles Keller reviewed Jason's records and felt that Jason Simpson is psychologically disturbed and in need of help.

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 01:29 PM

39. Robert Shapiro, OJ's attorney, has indicated that Jason was his first suspect expect for his "air-tight" alibi. The air-tight alibi has now proven to be false.

40. Jason was never interviewed by any of the LA Police Law Enforcement Agencies nor the Prosecutor's Office. Nor was he asked to furnish an alibi for the evening of Sunday, June 12th, 1994 in conjuction with the killings. Nor, according to sources, were Jason's fingerprints examined in comparison to the unidentified fingerprints at the crime scene.

41. Jason's psychiatrist shredded all of Jaosn's medical records after the murders.

42. On the day after the murders, June 13, 1994, OJ hired a well-known criminal attorney to represent Jason. This was prior to OJ's arrest for the murders.

43. Jason breaks through the police line to reach his father at the conclusion of the slow-speed car chase.

44. Jason wouldn't give Jackie any straight answers about the murders.

45. Marcia Clark and the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office considered this to be a "rage killing by an amatuer."

46. Jason bolted from the funeral home, visibly upset, at the time of Nicole Simpson's funeral, not wanting to view Nicole's body.

47. Jason was arrested for hit and run during OJ's trial. LINK


While OJ's behavior has taken turns all over. With his book "If i did it" and other workings. I must think and come to a solid conclusion.

My Theory

I personally go along with the Jason Simpson scenario, however, there is a third explanation, that still lingers in the back of my mind.

Now the time for the third theory, while there are reports and speculations and evidence that one of the Simpsons committed this crime. I cannot help but come to another conclusion. It was neither, it was not OJ it was not Jason. It was someone else. A third party that committed this act. But why? The reason could be to take revenge on Goldman, after all the man was not the "best" man, could Goldman have been the focus of anger. After all Nicole was sleeping and was not present outside. The only one present outside was Goldman at the time. This would add up and explain the murderers escalation of assault in a complete panic. Could Nicole have been the victim of "At the wrong place at the wrong time." That’s what i believe, and this third party will never be found.

Then how is the glove explained? How is the blood explained? How is OJ Explained? Simple, OJ went over there to talk to Nicole about their daughters recital and found them dead. OJ stated that he was practicing his golf swing, so perhaps he never took his gloves off when he arrived. He exited his vehicle and saw a gruesome seen, he took his glove off due to the blood on it or perhaps to check to see if she was alive. And he forgot to pick up his glove. In a panic OJ left, after all he would have been blamed, he would have been the main suspect, and worst of all he probably would have been convicted if he was arrested at the crime scene. This would explain his behavior, but not his attitude toward things.

Speculation and Crime. The evidence was support many things, many factors, many variables, many theories. But in the end the theory that cannot be swayed is that someone had a motive, someone had a reason for doing this. The real question is did they go after the right Simpson? or the wrong suspects completely.

Chances are it was a friend, a very close friend of Goldman’s that committed this act.

Unfortunately, we may never know the truth. We can only speculate and add our perspective.

Heres a tribute to them and the lives lost:

Thank You for reading I hope you enjoyed it!


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posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by TheMythLives

Another amazing piece of compiled information and analysis, good work once again. I hope to see more of these 'case reviewed threads' in the future.

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 02:02 PM
If Jason Siimpson was discovered to be the murderer, then America owes OJ Simpson an apology. You can't say OJ had some culpability in the crime because he covered up for his son particularly if Jason has mental health issues. In the scenario you propose, OJ was simply protecting his son.

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posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 02:09 PM

excellent work, you make an incredible and plausible case...

I have never believed OJ did it, but had no info on where else to look...


posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 02:12 PM
reply to post by masonwatcher

Yep thats the theory. I firmly believe that a father would do anything to protect his son. And that could be the case here.

Again Thank you to everyone for your support! Jkrog08, Mason Watcher and mopusvindictus it is much appreciated! And you will see plenty more case reviews!

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 02:44 PM
They framed a guilty man.....They tried to make it so it was a cut and dry Guilty case....they moved the glove to better fit this.....

When they were found out, they had no other choice then to let him off..

If the cops did the investigation the correct way he would have been found guilty....

They let him put the glove on himself !!! How idiotic is that? Of course he is going to make the glove " not fit himself" Who would convict themselves when trying to get away with it.

Both sides picked up on the others sides knowledge of this and that is that.

They framed a guilty man..

I spent 8 days straight for 1 hour each day in a law class in high school going over this and it is the only conclusion all of us could come up with ( except the dumb students who didn't understand any of it )

He was too suspicious to not be guilty. Who runs from the cops when they are innocent, carrying a duffel bag with a disguise in it? Who needs to disguise themselves when they are innocent?

The cops and other investigation team F***** this one up big time and then he got off...

Does not matter now though because he is in jail now.

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 02:50 PM
I'm not for the death penalty once so ever.

However, OJ should've been hanged.

Enough said.

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 03:01 PM
S&F . Your Marilyn Monroe thread was very interesting as well.

My comments on this one:

Well I thought I had followed this case pretty closely when it was going on but had never heard about Jason. Hmm... guess not.

Weren't there multiple calls to the local police from Nicole over the previous several years due to his violence/abuse of her? I do think this is downplayed in your synopsis.

Also, why would you automatically jump to the third scenario as the one you believe? That scenario is the one with the least evidence.

I personally go along with the Jason Simpson scenario, however, there is a third explanation, that still lingers in the back of my mind.

Now the time for the third theory, while there are reports and speculations and evidence that one of the Simpsons committed this crime. I cannot help but come to another conclusion. It was neither,

I guess I'm a little confused as to which one you've decided on. Did you write this or get it from somewhere else?

At the time, I was totally convinced that OJ did it. However, with the new (to me) information on Jason, I'm not sure anymore. Could you please list your sources?

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 03:19 PM

Originally posted by TheMythLives
The Glove did not fit! But there was an explaination, it could have shrunk becuase of the blood. A good explaination but not convincing enough...

... he also didn't take his arthritis meds that day and his hands swelled.

OJ is guilty. Period. He's a sociopath who even put out an 'hypothetical' book saying 'if I did it .. " No innocent person would do such a thing.

He's guilty and he got away with murder.
Just as he promises his ex-wife ...
He promised her he'd kill her and get away with it. And he did.

Originally posted by LucidDreamer85
Does not matter now though because he is in jail now.

But he was out free playing golf for what... 12 years?
All those years he should have been in prison.

It does matter.

[edit on 6/13/2009 by FlyersFan]

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 03:26 PM
In my Criminal Law class, we had to study this case and write a paper on it. Quite fascinating. Quite disturbing. After my class I read "If I did it" and was simply amazed at his admission - yes, I believe it was an admission!

Great job with this!

EDIT to add:
The book we read/studied was: Trial of the Century by Frank Schmalleger

[edit on 6/13/2009 by greeneyedleo]

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 03:40 PM

Originally posted by greeneyedleo
After my class I read "If I did it" and was simply amazed at his admission - yes, I believe it was an admission!

You betchya it was. It was an adminission and it was him showing off.
No innocent person would ever do such a thing as to write a book like that.

Originally posted by masonwatcher
You can't say OJ had some culpability in the crime because he covered up for his son particularly if Jason has mental health issues.

You absolutely would be able to say that OJ had culpability in the crime.
If he covered for a murderer it's against the law.
It doesn't matter if the murderer is his own (ADULT) son.
It doesn't matter if the muderer has mental health issues.
Heck .. that's all the more reason to turn him in .. if he has mental health issues.
Turn him in so he doesn't do it again.

In that case OJ would be VERY culpable for a crime, and for any future crimes that his son would pull.

[edit on 6/13/2009 by FlyersFan]

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 03:44 PM
Nice summary. I never thought OJ did it. I also wonder where the new info on Jason came from. Most specifically the fact that they hired a lawyer for him the next day.

If it was indeed Jason, it makes me feel very sorry for OJ. The man has basically ruined the rest of his life in order to protect his son. While protecting your children is the upmost concern for any parent, you have to wonder if everyone involved would have been better off if OJ had just let his son take the rap. Given his mental problems he probably could have gotten off with an insanity plea (although I personally believe that anyone who intentionally takes another life is insane) and a decade or so of fairly easy rehab. He probably also is in worse shape than ever having these killings and the terrible treatment of his dad on his conscience.

If it was Jason then I would make a wager that he ends up killing again. He would be better off just setting the record straight for everyone involved.

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 03:58 PM
i never once thought "OJ" himself did it.

at one point i thought it could have been that OJ hired someone to do the murders, and then oj would be the one to find them call the police etc etc , maybe the scene hit him too hard and he freaked out due to Nicoles death and the way it was. and in a rush to get out of there dropped the gun, got blood on him Etc etc

but after i started researching it more, i'm convined it was his son Jason

cheers to you mate for another fabulous post

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 04:04 PM
reply to post by Iamonlyhuman

Weren't there multiple calls to the local police from Nicole over the previous several years due to his violence/abuse of her? I do think this is downplayed in your synopsis.

There was only two phone calls made, but it has been stated that she made those calls out of spite to him and that she was never really in any danger.

Also, why would you automatically jump to the third scenario as the one you believe? That scenario is the one with the least evidence.

To me there is equal evidence for it.

I guess I'm a little confused as to which one you've decided on. Did you write this or get it from somewhere else?

I decided that it was Jason that killed, BUT I HAVE A FEELING! That it was someone else.

At the time, I was totally convinced that OJ did it. However, with the new (to me) information on Jason, I'm not sure anymore. Could you please list your sources?

Watch the documentary the "Overlooked Suspect" and watch the Documentary: "OJ Is Guilty, but Not for Murder"

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 04:38 PM
Another interesting thread!

I was actually there. I don't mean that I saw the incident but I was witness to aspects of it.

We lived in Santa Monica at the time and were looking to possibly rent the condo next door to hers! We didn't. We also had driven by his estate many times.

We would run into O.J. at a market and would watch his behavior which was very questionable. We wondered who he was stalking at one of the times we saw him. This was before her death and it seemed creepy. It was not hard to recall this memory after she was murdered.

We saw him running down the freeway in his SUV and all the helicopters surrounding him. My daughter went to the same school as mutual acquaintances of his did, along with other actors children. Etc., etc.

It was the understanding of most in that whole area of Brentwood, Santa Monica and West LA, along with Laguna Niguel that he was very guilty. Signs were posted on street corners calling him a murderer.

This of course is not to say that he WAS, but his profile could substantiate it. Don't forget that Nicole always said that O.J. would some day kill her. She left evidence of this thinking behind.

It is one of those; you had to be there to experience their volatile relationship or the tension around them, and his reputation. I did not know him personally, but was not at all surprised in his involvement.

Actually, the gloves looked like they originally fit him but shrunk due to dampness. It was a slim argument.

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 06:10 PM
If the son was ever in any danger of prosecution, I believe OJ would've tried to give a false confession to protect him. But he wasn't. Thus, OJ never really confessed. But I'm not so convinced he's innocent either. I think it's quite possible they worked in collusion with one another without OJ being the actual killer. Maybe that's why OJ was so adimant about the glove not fitting. If he knew it wasn't his glove in the first place, he would've known it wouldn't fit in the courtroom. He tells his attorneys this.. They agree to let OJ try the glove on because they know it will hurt the prosecution's case when the jury sees that it doesn't fit.

But this is a guy who had beaten his wife before.
This is a guy who probably knew something about his wife's affair.
This is a guy who you would've almost expected to go off the handle and kill his wife (or work with someone who would).

Regardless of who the real killer actually was.. I think everything points to OJ being directly involved to what happened.


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posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 06:22 PM
Rest in peace ATS. I will remember you as you were in your prime when people had deep discussions of the unknown and not the same material they used to Dumb down America. Here they come now to destroy ATS and the last remaining thread of intellectual hope for Americans and the world alike which decided to think for themselves. We have heard enough about OJ. No more please! I personally refuse to get involved with this infiltration of popular media used to rob us of our intellectuallism and the ability to think on the same level as the very government hounds that seek to decimate what they percieve to be idiot sheep. We can't let them do this to us fellow ATSers. This is the same old media affliction from the past and if we don't start ignoring this popular media infiltration, we are going to fall into the same pit of idiotic despair as America and the rest of the net. Let's kill this thread and any other threads that are obviously an attempt to rob us of our curious minds. This stuff here leaves no room for any further thought in a feild that has been plowed so many times that it rivals the cleanliness of the Area-51 crash site itself. ATS is a threat to government secrecy and evil doers everywhere and they don't want us to practice free speech here or anywhere else.If they can dumb us down to topics such as free discussion of OJ Simpson (what was the otherone yesterday?) Oh yeah, marilyn Monroe revisited, then they won't care what free discussions we have because we won't be shinning a light on their otherwise dark plans for us.This topic should be in "below top secret" if anywhere at all. We are a threat to them and they know it! Keep an eye out for this media trick, they will be coming more and more in the near future. Don't let them bombard us with this useless 'trivia' media. Let's stop it before they dumb us down here too.

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posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 06:37 PM
Found this folks:

·· If the crime scene had been the horrific bloodbath described by media reports, why was it that such small amounts of blood were found in Simpson's Bronco?

·· ·If he had made his getaway from Nicole's condo and driven directly home to make certain he caught a scheduled late-night flight to Chicago, didn't it stand to reason that there would have been blood on the vehicle's gas pedal, brake or steering wheel?

·· ·Why, in the wall-to-wall beige carpeting inside Simpson's home, was there no blood left by a man who, just minutes earlier, had stabbed and killed two people?

·· ·In a limited time frame, how had he disposed of bloody clothing? And, assuming he'd done so, why would he have overlooked the pair of socks later found in his bedroom with a single droplet of blood on them? And what of the murder weapon?

·· ·Why, after what authorities assumed was a violent struggle with victim Goldman, did Simpson have no bruises or scratches except for a small cut on the knuckle of one finger? And if the finger had, in fact, been injured during the murders, why was it that there was no cut on either of the gloves Simpson was supposed to have worn?


And I have been looking for this picture for sometime and finally found it. look at jasons reaction when the verdict is in. Everyone else is jumping for joy, yet he just sits there staring away emotionless...

*Note, Jason is wearing the white suit and in the front row next to his family members.*

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