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Divided We Stand: Imagine Breaking Up The United States

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posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 06:05 PM
The United States IS going to split...

But what all of you seem to be missing is why and to what end, do NOT think for a second that any of this is anything more than a plan... Do NOT think Russias break up was anything more than a plan behind the scenes in Russia either

Neither has any purpose but to inevitably strengthen and enlarge these nations, a plan on both sides to defeat the other

Russias direct PLAN was to create the power Vacuum in the mid east and other regions, to loose those simple nuclear devices, to see that antagonist nations acquire wmd's

To Force the USA to over extend, make us hated on the world scene, change the global POV about it's intents

It was Flawless... already they are more powerful than before, control much of the enregy to Europe are more respected than us globally, ex soviet states they feel are out of line, they can simply walk in and no one will blink... The USA is hated, overextended and broke

This was the PLAN, it included, infecting deep within the liberal left and creating this climate of PC in which Americas became alienated, fear these socialist policies, we are at the brink of revolution

OUR RESPONSE DITTO... we lost this round, we are going to dissolve the United States, this is about the North American Union, The USNA "United States of North America"

Let me now layout the US response to this defeat of the continued not so Cold War

Some might find this hard to believe, but like all things time will tell, but really it is simple you can't reinvent the wheel you have to break it down and build a new bigger better wheel

Step 1: Fracture the USA, make it LOOK like we fell for it entirely, allow the govt to go socialist, see to it that Obama is elected, make a mockery of the Bush administration... let the enemy believe he has won... Police State, draconian law, anger frustration... with a Goal of REVOLT

Step 2: USA Fractures, predictably, bankrupt... all debt is now washed with no individual nations willing to take responsibility the USA can essentially STEAL 30 some odd Trillion dollars (much of which has been secretly used to develop POST NUCLEAR SUPER WEAPONS...more on that later)

Step 3: all us troops go HOME, the new power Vacuum makes the collapse of Russia look good... the world erupts in war... NK lunges for SK, Israel is vanquished almost over night.... the PLANNED second holocaust, the remaining Jews flee for whats left of America...

China and Russia are forced into exerting their influence...

The mideast is in Chaos, China enters war with India over Pakistan, eventually to assure the oil supply both China and Russia (gog and magog) are forced to invade the middle east

Europe is at the whims of Russia

Chinese troops continue to occupy South America, the Canal is theirs completely, there is no longer a trans ocean us naval force...

Step 4:

Years pass... Russian influence in the independent State of Alaska threatens them, people fear invasion, likewise Russian Influence over Northern Canada has the Canadian people extremely alarmed

World opinion has swung... latin America has had it fill of China, the Mideast, completely Occupied hates them, religion is being stamped out entirely by Chinese Philosophy...Occupied India wants to fight..but can't not alone...

Europe trembles as Russias borders again expand to central Europe and below .. Chinese "peace keeping" forces occupy the holy land along the Mediterranean

America fares no better... the border with Canada is shut, but millions of Americans are now Canadian and Millions of Mexicans are now American, our continent has mixed completely via immigration, economically initial tarrifs because of Bankruptcy have made all the new nations broke, not even California has money, the Chinese want them to Capitulate... life is good for no one...

worse, border impositions have separated families, those who don't cross illegally miss loved ones, we are miserable...

For the first time even the most die hard rebels begin to wish for America back, around the globe... with no one to control China or Russia... the world actually begins to miss America too

Step 5: A new leader emerges, (planted of course) wants to create a NEW Constitution for all the Americas...

The USNA is born, Canada doesn't even exist to protest Russian troops in the Yukon assure they are happier this way anyway, but more Americans now live in Canada than Canadians anyway

Step 6: Worldwide people rebel, fighting picks up against China In India... in the Mideast the oil fields burn, in central asia they burn too

The backlash is draconian, Europeans that question vanish... mass graves are lined up in the mideast...

But the divide between Jew and Arab is gone, the divide between the West and islam is gone, there is no 5th column in America to speak of... like there is now, no terror threat because for once the mideast needs us

Step 7: Worldwide people want something to give... the atrocities of Russia and China week on supply lines for lack of oil... and this will come at a time when the oil was almost depleted by the wars anyway... they cry for help

Step 8: Americas Shale and Biodiesel and OIL reserves are turned on... the NEW reborn USNA is set to become the ONLY true exporter of Oil world wide... the Russians and Chinese make moves to prep for invasion... we have at best six months to prepare

Step 9: Chinese troops start massing in SA, the fleets are poised Russians on Northern Canada and Alaska

They are met

From deep within the South West... a NAVY, stealth ships perfected in secret sail out the Russian and Chinese fleets are decimated, they hid them for years...beneath the the dessert where they are being constructed even now, through underground passages they launch into the Pacific, convertibles, both submersible and surface the enemy subs fall with no warning thier oil tankers vanish, Chinese troops in SA and Russian troops in Canada and Alaska are cut off....

Mechanical suit wearing super soldiers wipe their forces with ease... what's left, the people of this continent do themselves as we have now been re allowed to bear arms and the factories have been turning out guns again and ammo for months and months...

Step 9:

China and Russia have no choice, the Nuclear option is used...

This is where we break out yet another technology, based on Haarp, cell phone antennas across the Continent turn on, the equipment was installed as early as the 90's in some place, no one new... microwaves bombard the atmosphere... ALL ICBMS fail and the subs are already gone...

The Nuclear option is eliminated...

a Public, now trusting of it's New Constitutional government descend on a street level... no bio weapons get off, we have been watching the Russian and Chinese plants for years... once our enemies, operatives from the Mideast have given us all the information we need to know the locations

The war is now conventional and we control the supply lines by Sea...

In Asia the Mideast and Europe Chinese and Russian Forces are engaged in the bloodiest battle in human history

Indian forces, still plentiful by manpower backed up by insurgents from the Mideast make a mess of Western China Europeans fare worse but are doing their best against Russia...

But there is Help... the New United African super state, in part built by Chinese exploitation can handle the Man power, Over a Billion Africans ready and willing to fight untouched by war so far...

Once Again Americans land in France to meet the the Enemy, the battle the almost came at the end of ww2 commences in Eastern Europe...

But it is too bloody

We have not used Nukes to end it because of the radiation factor...

Step 10: Victory

America uses the final new piece of technology, a super bomb... already in preliminary stages the Wests reason for building Cern, they had put the final pieces together prior to the Russians taking Over...

The Explosion detonates Over Moscow...

everything for 1,500 miles is destroyed in the mini Big bang then sucked to oblivion as the winds and gravity spiral inward... no radiation... nothing left but a hole...

The next day Russia Surrenders and is occupied

A week later... China signs an agreement similar to the one we made Japan sign

The Plan completed....

Welcome to the NWO

UN of Africa...

UN of South America, latin mixed with Chinese

The USNA stretches from Panama to the Arctic circle

The EU gains Russia as it's territory in compensation for the devastation...

India now stretches all the way to Kazakhstan

China... China is of course China, with no NK and Japan having been raped, there is a United Asia bound to non agression

NWO 2021

Sounds far fetched... reads like a script...

It does because it was all written that way by TPTB... over 100 years ago

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 06:07 PM

Originally posted by projectvxn
reply to post by WTFover

Being an immigrant I have seen precisely what you are talking about. Aside from my mother, my brother who is sworn to protect it, and myself, I don't know very many Spanish speaking immigrants that know what the Constitution is or what it says, and don't care. Many just complain about how different it is, when that was the point to begin with. you're FREE to be different, to be yourself. I've made the US my home, but I've been here since I was five, 20 years, I know nothing else. I know there's a general backlash against illegal immigrants, but please don't make this about all immigrants, I defend the Constitution like every other American that cares.

I salute you and your patriotism. If many thought as you do I think the country would be in a much better shape than now. We should all cherish the Constitution and defend it at all costs. Watering it down and revising it has destroyed the document.

The Constitution is who we are. In my humble opinion, I feel it is the finest document man has ever created since the Magna Carta.

I would like to welcome you and your family and God bless your brother for his service. I too did my time in the service as well. I payed my dues as your brother is doing right now. I too come from non-speaking immigrants and am forth generation in this country.

My ancestors come from Ireland, Germany, and Eastern Europe. My grandparents who were second generation only had fine things to say about America as well as my great grand parents from the accounts of my parents and grand parents. They escaped persecution, abstract poverty, and war in Europe with no end in sight. My great grandparents from Germany and Eastern Europe never commanded the English language as well. They worked hard for their children and grand children to have a better life here and when they got here they faced persecution as illegals do today but they believed in the country's ideals and virtues. All of my grandparents' sons served in WWII as well.

As for the country breaking up, I hope not and it is our duty to try and keep it together at all costs. The melting pot addage about America is what makes us so great and is what has gotten us this far.

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posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 06:08 PM

Originally posted by contemplator
I think the US should break up. I would love to see all the red states turn into 3rd world countries as the blue flourish. We could setup military perimeters when the rednecks and evangelicals try to sneak in for medicine and food.

I think the red states would do just fine without the blue states - Thank You very much! If the red states were allowed to develop their resources rather than be constantly shackled by the enviro-goons from the blue states we would have much stronger economies. By the way, you may also want to read up on where the highest unemployment rates are - let's see - try all the blue states.

Back on topic - a few years ago I would have considered this whole topic to be a wacko conspiracy theory. Unfortunately, I now see how it could happen. The federal government seems to have no respect for states rights and actually views itself as a CENTRAL government like that of China. What I can't predict is if a state, such as Alaska or Texas, really did try to secede, would the Federal government try to stop it. I could see there being some bloodshed but I don't think the people in general would let the government use the amount of force that would be necessary to pacify (kill) a few hundred thousand or a million of their fellow citizens. At least I hope not.

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 06:16 PM

Just as they plan... when thew time comes the red states and the blue states will beg for the North American Union together, the Canadians that say no now, will invite it with open arms and the hugs and kisses will look like V day in Europe at these borders...

Even saying these things shows... how well coordinated and effective their tactics against your minds really are...

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 06:31 PM
again, i'm sorry but the plan is obvious, of course the very details are subject to change...

You don't break a super nation down for any reason but to build it up stronger...

MANIFEST DESTINY... you think the plan vanished from the corridors of power?

How else to UNITED with great passion a nation, a continent divided? To make us put aside our differences? You think they had a pleasant plan that revolves around education?

Cern... is about studying the big bang or creating one...

Rumors of Naval bases under the SW are's ufo's under area 51?

The President individually has no access to these facilities for no reason? it's not all being done above our leaders heads?

You think Kissinger was JOKING when he said we'd BEG FOR THE NWO

think again...

It's all written, all planned from the second holocaust of the Jews, to our final victory with the monster bomb of creation


Hate em all we want, they are sharp as a tack whomever THEY actually are...

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 07:03 PM
Nuke It!

This is a tool which may prove all too handy in the near future; while I and a few nuts like myself have made emergency plans, its good to know whether or not we'd survive the initial conflagration.
Figure out whether you'd die in nuclear war based on likely targets! Go ahead, its fun.

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 08:47 PM
reply to post by Malfeitor

Thanks for that... I just spent half the afternoon charting my survivability in both my non urban and complete GTFO locations...

I guesstimated my non urban in terms of size of bomb going high... I have burns and stuff but nothing serious and only if a surprise strike, got a few million acres behind me...

and the GTFO spot... I'm fine for days it seems even give fallout...

nice toy...

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 08:52 PM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

I think so. I certainly changed my tactics; I live just north of Houston, you know.
Nothing like having an educated escape route, is there? Hope it'll continue to come in handy. Or rather, hope it'll never need real use, haha.

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 12:10 AM
The biggest issue I have with this article is that it refers to the "power grab" that Obama is to blame for...

Yet, most of this really happened under Bush. Is this article just political shilling disguising as a rational examination of alternative government?

There are some sound points within it... no doubt... but I had to take a shower after reading it because I felt so dirty from all the political bias....

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 01:40 AM

Originally posted by Watcher-In-The-Shadows
reply to post by projectvxn

China wants to see this happen.

Yes chop your debtor to pieces so they don't have to pay you trillions worth of debt!


Not to mention the chain of effect a splitting will cause, which will most definitely affect China inside.

And the script in mopusvindictus' post, may I see a link to it? Or is it just something in your head? Either way the script is incredibly...naive, to say at least. I've seen 'blueprints' allegedly put together by TPTB and they were a lot more authentic. This one seems to disregard basic geopolitics and one-sided.

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posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 01:56 AM
One of Osama bin Laden's main prayers in his earlier tapes was to "disperse our gathering." People who support this nonsense are helping to answer Osama's prayers.

Red and blue? WAKE UP PEOPLE THAT IS TOTAL BS. If anything, the whole country is SHADES OF PURPLE. Because "red" and "blue" are everywhere, and the percentage point differences aren't all that big. A strongly "blue" state might be 60-40. And that's if you count voting tendencies and not self identification. Something like 40+% self identify as Independent.

Growth everywhere is focused in urban areas and every state is becoming more "blue" if you measure in year 2000 terms.

Federal military forces are not evenly distributed.

The South and Texas and everything in between is full of Northerners now. Over the past decades, the economy of the North and Northeast has been terrible. Haven't people noticed that Red Sox and Steelers fans are everywhere now? There has been over the past two decades a major diaspora. They mostly went to the south and Texas, but also west to California, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado.

The greater Atlanta area will pass a tipping point around the 2010 census and begin to dominate GA. There are people from EVERYWHERE in the country here. It's a black mecca. It's a gay mecca. It is an "I want a job" mecca. No way would you ever separate Atlantans from access to New York and New England and California. So many people have family and friends there and regularly travel.

Virginia is similarly hitting a tipping point where the NOVA and Peninsula areas will out weigh the rest of the state.

There's only one angle to this that should be taken at all seriously, and that's Hispanics in the south west. I know enough Hispanics not to be too concerned. They came here for a reason after all. There are plenty of 3rd gen + Hispanics and many thousands of Hispanic soldiers and vets sworn to defend the country. But I do think that to the extent that foreign efforts at subversion are occurring, they are focusing on trying to pit Hispanics against everyone else. It should be about as successful as the Soviet efforts at getting black people to destroy the country or whatever the plan was supposed to be.

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posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 04:18 AM
The way I see it,these various republics would quickly turn on one another in an effort to become a superpower and even if things heat up the Federal Government would simply take out the rebels with the threat of chemical warfare what good would being independent be if your water,food and air supplies are poisoned?

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 09:14 AM
it is like an individual within the family dynamic being indebted to the family and family name as whole eventually you have to cut your losses. is it constitutional hahah what is the definition and how and who enforces this

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 09:29 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus


posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 10:43 AM
reply to post by projectvxn

Why don't we remove D.C. like one would do with any tumor? The 50 states can work together, face to face, as opposed to using a bloated, bureaucratic, monstrosity that cannot identify with those it is supposed to serve as a proxy. I don't want violence and revolution, I want to solve the problem before that becomes necessary. Voting is a formidable power that can work wonders if only it would really change things, just changing the faces in D.C. solves nothing, it only puts someone else in charge of the monstrosity.

any ideas to achieve this?

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 11:30 AM
reply to post by bloodWolf762

excellent idea! detach washington! momentarily dissolve the united states and then reform it to exclude washington DC, and leave them to figure out the debt.

the biggest advantage of dissolving the union would be to make it harder to divest citizens of their money/value of their work and investments. maybe the same thing could be done by state issued currency. i mean individual states. you spend it inside your state and the feds can't touch it. would encourage everything to become more local.

the fed government for years has become a stronger and stronger VAMPIRE. sucking blood from the health of the country.

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 02:04 PM
reply to post by Malfeitor

Living in Reno, NV, the place is so small that even a small device would obliterate both Reno and Sparks....I stand no chance when the machines attack.

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 05:39 PM
reply to post by projectvxn

Darn it, I tossed the piece of paper I had with the link on it just yesterday, and today it could have been helpful by adding to this interesting discussion here. Basically it was a map of the United States broken up into a hundred or so little clusters or regions centered around common identities and shared values. I think it was created by a consulting group out of Eugene Oregon who helps firms market themselves based on cultural understanding...

Anyway, my thought on the subject is that the State boundaries do not reflect any homogenizes set of beliefs or common ideals that bond a people together. For example, North California and Southern are two different places entirely and moreover you can further break it down by the Central (San Fran, Sacramento area), extreme south (San Diego) South (L.A.) and North (but not too far North...)...I say "not too far North" because the region that is now North California and Southern Oregon is a cultural area and resource area as well as political area much different than the rest of their respective states. For many decades this area has had a movement to form a new state called "Jefferson". In fact there is a flag and many shops and merchants have signs that say "The Great State of Jefferson". More examples are far West Texas vs. rest of the state. South Florida is totally different in demographic, climate, political, population density etc...than that of the panhandle region where the Capital is. Yet another example is Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and Northwestern Montana. Spokane is the economic and population hub and center of the region. It is very inefficient to have differing laws and tax issues effecting industry based on State lines that carve up the economy right down the middle. Further, much of the heavy population density issues that effect Western Washington do not have the same impact in less dense Eastern Washington. More examples of course are major metro areas such as Kansas City, St. Louis, or even more profound are those that have a time change also adding more division to the mix...

States were drawn up along with counties at a time where high speed automobiles, airplanes and other modern forms of transportation (including information highway) did not exist. It was thought that everyone aught to be able to mount his/her horse and head into the county seat to take care of business and be back home for supper. If it were larger than this a person should be able to reasonably be able to get to the State Capital without making a month long journey out of the ordeal. Today however, we can leave the East coast and arrive at the west coast in the amount of time it takes to eat dinner, watch a movie, and read the paper.

Maybe what America needs is to not break apart, but rather become more efficient by shrinking the duplication of services for instance (city, county, state, federal) and by redrawing boarders and making new States or regions that will improve representation more adequately. Getting back to the map I talked about at the beginning of my post; one could easily create more than 200 states and I fear that is the direction things might take whereas maybe what we need rather is like a half a dozen mega-region like states with more autonomy but still part of the Union, and rather than a bazillion little tiny counties all with their own governments, we could have larger county-regions that would more accurately reflect the local economic and cultural boundaries?

Still, Jefferson after more than 50 years of the movement is still not a State. the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico has yet to become a State, so maybe we shouldn't hold our breath about change of this scale coming anytime soon?

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 07:29 PM

Originally posted by projectvxn
reply to post by Watcher-In-The-Shadows

Of course this isn't widely perceived. And I may have the motivations behind this wrong, it is likely that I do. But as it stands I am a man with eyes to see, ears to listen, and a mind to put it all together. It seems obvious to me, and regardless of whether I see a pattern, of course it is cause and effect. But causes can be preceded by intent, and therein lies the pattern.
The divided up areas of the country will happen if the ruling elite want them to happen. In the end, it's that simple. We are now seeing a progression to the ideas that many have been discussing for years. These wacky, radical, right wing, nutbag, conspiratorial, off the wall, and whatever other thing you want to call them ideas, are now coming to pass before our eyes.
That fact is no longer disputable. It's only a question of when.
One thing to remember--both Bush 1 and 2, and Obama play on the same team. Different methods, same result. Obama is finishing up what Bush #2 started. Do you really think Obama is change you can believe in??? He's run by the same puppet masters as Bush. Bush might have been a stumble -bum, but at least he could talk without a teleprompter.
Remember, They're all on the same team. Different methods to the same end. Total control. watch it happen folks.

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posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 07:37 PM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

Very interesting chain of events. I would like to read your source material.

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