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Please share your UFO story here

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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 06:38 AM
Just realised i spelled sight, site... oooops. Very tired. Late at night here in NZ. Time for bed

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 07:51 AM
when i was younger between 5-16 yrs old me and my dad used to do a lot of star gazing we would lay there watching the night sky and we used to see quite a lot every night my dad is a bit of a space freak and he knows all the orbits of the satalights and what plants were out so he knew when something was out of place and when i got in to my teens and we got the internet he started reporting our finds on this offical site i cant remember what it was called now as it was about 10 yrs go but yeh get ya self out there 1 clear night for a few hours and i think u will be in for a tret i think the cold night are the best as theres less clouds and the stars seem brighter so wrap up and make a bit of snap and have a few drink (try not to get to drunk because all the stars will look like there moving)

sorry for any bad spelling and punctation as im a illiterate and dyslexic school drop out there not the best 3 combos when it come down to typing

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 08:04 AM
I'm 37 years old. What I saw happened when I was a teenager. I grew up in McDowell Co. WV. Panther, WV to be exact. One night we were going to visit my great uncle who lived in War Eagle, which is down a gravel road that runs parallel to the rail road tracks and the river. We lived in Trapfork Rd., so the route to my uncle's house is very curvy. It was me, my mom and dad, and my younger sister. We had just past Short Pole Branch Rd. and was heading NW on Johnny Cake Rd. toward Mohawk. We were listing to the radio (J104.5) the only radio station that you can pick up in that area back then. My dad turns down the radio and said "Hey look there!" He pointed up to the left out the window. I was on the driver side of the car in the back, so I got a good look at it. I leaned up and was looking out my dads window. It was a 71 dodge charger so my window wasn't that big. My mom said "Is that a helicopter?" The windows were down on the car cause it was a mid August and we had no AC in the car. My dad pulls off to the side of the road on a gravel wide spot, and sat there and looked at the object for about 15 mins. There was no sound and the object hovered above the river. It was a clear night and we all saw it clear as day. My dad even said it can't be a helicopter cause you can't hear it. The object was high enough to see the detail of the lights. It was just sitting there just below the horizon of the mountain. I could see counter-rotating lights of different colors on the bottom that appeared to be a series of lights rotating in opposite directions and changing directions( hard to describe) I remember the colors red orange and "greenish-blue" colors rotating opposite to eachother. We could see the silhouette of the object and it appeared to be round in shape , but not completely. My dad and mom didn't say anything while we sat there for the longest time. I think my mom was starting to get creeped out, and said let's go to my dad. So he started up the car and we took off. I asked my parents what it was there in the sky. My mom said "I don't know" and my dad said it was a "UFO". My sister the whole time we were sitting there wanting to go. She is impatient and in her own little world all the time. She didn't care about it at all, she just wanted to keep driving. On the way home from my uncles house we saw the same object, but it was hovering in a different location again above the river but a bit lower. We couldn't see it that well because of the trees, but I did get another look at it out my mom's window. We didn't stop this time, but the object was there. After that, I became interested in UFO subject. I believe that they exist. The sightings here in the past couple of years have exploded all over the world... Yes, there is a bunch of misleading information all over the net. I believe that these sightings are just the beginning of something big. I think that the government is keeping quite about this whole subject. But the fact that technology like camcorders , digital cameras and cell phone cameras and the like make it easy and accessible to almost everyone on the planet. The government can't keep a lid on so tight anymore. There have been official acknowledgments from governments from different parts of the world. It's only a matter of time before we know the truth of what is really going on. I have seen pictures on the net of objects like the one we saw that night, so I know that we are not the only ones who see things. I can't remember the exact year this happened , but know it was the mid to late 1980's. I'm thinking it was 87 or 88...
Thanks for reading.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 08:31 AM
Here's mine.
I was riding my bicycle to work on a remote stretch of roadway between New Smyrna Beach florida,and Daytona Beach.The road was completely deserted aside from myself,and I was actually on the beginning of a curved bridge with a slight embankment.It was about 0445am.
I caught a large oblect through the corner of my eye,and looked to see what it was,couldn't really tell because it was dark,figured it was a large bird,considered they don't fly at night........
No noise......
Went a bit farther up the road......
I was on the bridge,water and swampland on both sides,and a bright light at ground level caught my eye,so I stopped to look and wondered what someone was doing in such shallow water with what looked like floodlights at ground level.
A very bright golden light which I could see coming up between the plants and through the mist,it appeared circular,and maybe to be underwater.
Then I remembered what I saw about a minute before,and muttered to myself "what the fk is that?..
Then the light turned off like a someone flipped a switch.
I went to work.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 08:44 AM
A recent encounter:

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 09:18 AM
When I was young, maybe 7 or 8 years old. My family and I were driving on Long Island NY. My brother and sister and myself all were looking out the windows, like we normally did. (It was night of course) We all noticed above the road ahead of us something that looked like a 2 hershies kisses bottom to bottom. (fat ends together pointy ends apart) It was rotating slowly and had light around the perimeter. Us kids all pointed to it and asked our parents what it was. They said it was probably a satelite. I even asked my school teacher the same thing. I dont recall her reply but it was dismisive. Funny thing is, I always remembered it, as well as my siblings. I asked my parents about it a few times over the past decades (this happened in 1978 or so) They have NO recollection of the event...yet us kids do. I have even found pictures of other reports (drawings ect) that show the same type of craft seen by others in the past. Anyhow, that is my experience. I would like to add that just based on mathematics and the sheer number of reported sightings that there has to be life on other planets. Some older and some younger than earth. So, yes, I am a believer

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 09:50 AM
This is a great thread, threads like this were the reason I came to ATS, I really don't have much to add but I hope to see this keep going.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 09:53 AM
Here in Australia you see weird stuff all the time. We have some of the weirdest animals so it's not unexpected to see something unusual.

But back in the late 50's early 60's there were strange reports of this creature that appeared on tv sets across the country that spoke to children and there description of the creature, It stood about 3 ft tall it had a extremely long nose and a elongated head and a slender body arms and legs

Here's a documentary made on the case.

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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 10:02 AM
I will put my xp.... although it is difficult and scary..... one day I fell asleep in the living room.... when somthing woke me up... I then headed towards the kitchen when............ out of knowhere the silouite of a humanoid with a big head and around 4-5 feet tall shows up......... It then pointed somthing at me... (not sure what it was possibly a wand of some sort) and blanked out.... I then woke up in the living room feeling if i had went thru a surgery. i was 14 at the time there have been other suspicious incidents... but i have never actually seen the perps...... scary xp....

Not a ufo story but a 1st encounter so to speak.... ...

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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 10:03 AM
I recently posted an experience I had in my 20s. I was also abducted once at around 9 years old. Here's the link I posted:

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 10:43 AM
This is what me and the misses saw about two years ago sound is bad and could not get tripod setup in time.But here they are we think they are orbs at one point we could see them on cam but not with naked eye what do you Sorry for bad filming.The second one was the next day.

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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 10:51 AM
Oops I came on this morning to post in this interesting thread but accidentally posted in another so , excuse me but here is my contribution...

Although the anal probing seems to continue to be a popular point of interest, it tends to serve very little other than to scare people into a false understanding of an ancient phenomena that deserves a much deeper investigative and professional look as we move closer to the final days of our type zero society.

I am currently working on a piece for the ATSNews section that will serve as an in depth look at my own personal experience with an encounter of the third or as I see the fourth kind.

Having spoken of this encounter many times on this forum I will not go into detail yet feel that this will be a clear cut way to examine the questions which need to be answered not only for myself but for anyone wanting to know more about what was said to me during my encounter of which I had no recall only moments afterwards.

Now mind you I was contacted at my home by the National UFO Research foundation and asked if I could explain why there continued to numerous reports of lights above my home in the middle of the night and what I knew about the extraterrestrial presence.

I told them that if they could kindly send me all the information that they had to date that if I had anything to add, I would. They followed up the next morning not with a phone call but at my door where again I told them the same thing.

For years I felt that 'if' I were to say anything that my experiences and encounters would end, that what I knew or didn't know, would also no longer happen for me and that I did not want to have happen.

This amazing journey from the time I was conscious of my connection at around 4 years old has always been a welcome and unexplainable phenomena which has over the years taken many different directions in not only UFO/alien presence in my life, but also paranormal and psychic abilities which come when needed and cannot be reduced to a carnival act.

So this brings me to the last 3 years give or take, when I have made the decission to step up to the plate and begin to unlock the keys which I have been granted by powers in this universe I do not claim to be master of buy have a deep and unbinding trust in nonetheless.

My time at ATs began the first part of the final chapters and I have grown immeasurably in strength and courage. It took an incredible amount of that trust I mention above to finally step up and say "yes me too".

And to boldly begin to seek out others of like mind and experience, of others who in their own ways have helped me to take the steps toward knowing that this is indeed an individual journey and that no two people have the same perception of this phenomena.

I was afraid at first, and there were some very strange things that happened either by coincidence or planned when I first began to speak out, odd things like Military helicopters flying over my 5 acre farm for the first time only minutes after posting about my sightings and stories.

Some think that the conspiracy forums are filled with freaks of psychological mutants, unbalanced and just plain ol crazy. For me it takes more courage to stand up to the unknown than to sit in the comfort zones of the accepted norms.

So I guess what I am trying to say here is that I feel proud to be among so many people with amazing stories, with people who have found the courage to openly discuss their little piece of this tremendous unfolding puzzle.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 11:20 AM
reply to post by Piranha

My father, my uncle, my cousin and myself was walking threw the woods, late in the evening in Oklahoma. It was around 6pm when the woods was dark but if you look up threw the trees it was still light. My father saw a bright star and brought attention to it. We all looked at it thinking it might be the space shuttle. After viewing it for a moment 4 reds orbs came out at the 4 points north, south east and west and they all took off and disappear on the horizon or what we could see threw the trees. It was very strange, we all talked about it, my dad and uncle being very confused then all our attention was focused on a red light coming at us thru the trees tops, then we saw a red orb, it lit up the forest, then shot back up to the bright orb in the sky almost directly above us, at the same time all the other orbs did the same thing. They all merged and then 'snap' the orb was gone. What seemed like around 15 min turned out to be well over an hour which is was confused my dad the most. We all walked back to the house and my dad and my uncle discussed how confused they felt. My cousin and myself was just in awe and went about playing not really thinking about the full scope of what happened.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 11:24 AM
reply to post by mars1

I am not trying to debunk your video but one night when the north star was out i took my video camera out and focused in on it from my deck. It was very cool video but i noticed in the video every time I walked out on the deck and made the deck bounce the light made the exact same squiggles your light made. This might be something to take in to account and think about where you had your camera set when you filmed the light.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 11:28 AM
My wake up call:

About 4 years ago something happend to me that changed my life.
I was never into UFO's and i had no idea about the NWO etc...i was just a sheep like the mass, living superficial, well u know...we all been there at one point. I always believed we wasnt alone though.

It all started with 2 buddy's of mine, one day he called me on my cell and he sounded really excited and pumped up, he usually is more of the calm, take it as it comes kind of guy and he told me i should come over to his place cause they wanted to tell something they experienced the night before during their nightfishing trip at the local fort ( leftover from WW2 ). It has a small lake around it.
I asked on the phone what it was all about and he said we (he and other buddy of mine ) had experienced something unbelievable, but he would tell the story when i was there. So i went to his place and there was a bunch of my friends who he had also phoned to come over.

He starts saying that they saw incredible things in the sky, we all looked at eachother and starting making jokes about it, u know how it goes...

He went on saying that they saw stars that were still for like an houre simply started moving in different directions and were dancing in the sky. At this point we were laughing our asses off offcourse

He said they saw starlike objects growing and getting very brilliant in color.

But that was just the beginning, they saw a ball of light getting bigger and bigger until they felt it was really close and they said it was the most brilliant white/blue light they had ever seen, it was at this point he said they felt a presence behind them and heared sounds behind in the woods and they both got really scared, packed their stuff quickly and got out of there. It was night time after all and they was like the only ones there.

They were both very excited and they said it in a way that sounded convincing to us and afteral i have known them for years and its not in them to make something like this up. So we decided we would all go for some nightfishing and starwatching, never expecting to see anything, but hey it was summer and it was nice outside even at night.

So that evening the 6 of us including went to the same spot they was the night before. We all brought a folding chair, some beer and food etc.. to make us comfortable. Most of us had benoculars with them...u never know...
At this point we was all stil making jokes about the whole situation, cause who knew one night we was gone look for 'weird stuff in the sky'

But then it went from laughter to silence and amazement. It wasnt even dark outside and there was something weird alrdy. I saw through the benoculars what looked like a white cigarshaped opbject very high in the sky, i could clearly see it, so did the rest of the guys btw. It was like a hull of a big boeing, but without wings and tail. Just a white tube but at that time i could clearly see it was very high and very big. We all just stood there wondering what it was

A little later also stil in daylight i saw what looked a black bird flying in the distance, but it moved odly and kind of slow for a bird. It was like i couldnt see the wings flapping, so i took the benoculars and tried to take a closer look.
What i saw is very hard to explain but it was like a black dot with blurred edges. I can only discribe it like a tiny blackhole, it looked like it consumed light around it. It was moving slow enough that i could warn the other guys to look at it with their benoculars. They all agree it was something very very strange. At this point no more jokes on the subject

Then a couple of hours went by without anything to see, it was dark outside now and the stars were shining bright.
Suddenly we could see bright "stars" some brilliant white and some orange in color just appearing from nowere and starting to move a surten direction. All of our jaws dropped from amazement


posted on May, 30 2009 @ 11:28 AM
continued from previous post...

We saw numerous objects appearing and dissapearing as the night went by.
Some just appeared and were very dim and small and then suddenly grew very bright with the most brilliant white light i had ever seen. At one point i was able to see through the benoculars how a very faint light that was moving got very bright all of a sudden. It was like a sphere suddenly engulfed the tiny spec in the sky. Some were so close that they were the size of the moon when it is high in the sky when they got close, but with a very very brilliant white light, It was so bright that the edges of the sphere were blue'ish in color.
At this point we was ALL very excited and filled with adrenaline...

It was getting late and we were alrdy there for many hours so we decided to clean up our stuff and head home, since it was quiet for some time now. We was very happy with what we experienced and would never doubt them again.

Then came the moment that changed my life forever. As we was packing our things another one of those moving stars appeared again, we was looking at it stil wondering what it could be, but what happend then blew us away. Suddenly that thing emitted an enormous brilliant flash of light wich lit up the sky literaly and the "star" was very brilliant white all of a sudden.
We took the benoculars again but we could only see what can only be discribed as a big very brilliant white light, so bright that the edges look a deep blue in color.

As it almost dissapeared from view behind some trees, in a timeframe of like
2 seconds, the object emitted an incredible flash of light, like a camera flash but like a 1000x bigger, then it made the sound of what i can only discribe as the sound when u open a bottle of coke or something and the gas escapes, but much much louder offcourse and it went over our head at incredible speed. All u could see was a white streak as it went by, if u would have blinked u would have missed it. It couldnt be higher then 100 feet above us.
As it went by it left a trail of what i can only discribe as a red light emitting dust wich was slowly fading away, but it was very wide and getting wider as it was fading away. The trail of light emitting dust was at least a kilometer long, slowly fading away into the night. As we was witnessing this red dust, we experienced emotions that i cant discribe and never felt before or since that night, all i can say it was like i was one with all of the world and i could feel everything and everyone around me. It was like everything made sense all of a sudden.
And i just knew we was given something very special that night.

Since that night i have transformed into another person, i started doing research on UFO's, NWO, spirituality and all that this engulfes. Im not religious, i dont believe in god as its know in religion...
I have become a passionate truthseeker about all kinds of stuff. My mind is wide open

This my most important event of my short life so far

SInce that night we have been starwatching many times and saw interesting stuff to, but never again like this...

Sorry for the grammar...

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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 11:29 AM
reply to post by alienj

If I had a dollar for everytime I made a fool of myself thinking something was a UFO Id be a rich girl
I think it just goes with the territory, especially for the first 15-20 years.

And once in a while when you are least expecting it, and have given up on ever seeing another one, Damn! You get another sighting that sends you into another 15-20 years of UFO watching.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 11:39 AM
In 1997 I went camping in northern Minnesota. For some reason I knew before we went that I was going to see something. I had a very excited feeling and even told my x wife before we left that we were going to see something really cool.
At the time I was getting really heavily into meditation and "psychic" empowerment. I am not sure if that has much to do with it, but I susupect it does. Anyways, after the kids were asleep my x and I were watching the stars in the sky, and sure enough this light came in from one dirrection, did a complete u turn and zoomed off in the opposite dirrection.
At the time I got this really awesome feeling that I cant explain and I told my x "see!! I told you!" She saw it too, and couldnt believe I was right lol.
It wasnt anything special, just a light in the sky, but it came in fast, and did a complete turn in the opposite dirrection with such a smooth and fluid motion, that I know it was not man made, or natural. I have been a star gazer for years and have never seen anything like it. That and the fact that I "knew" it was coming makes me think it was deffinetly a "UFO" with something driving it that was not human. It was a very cool experience.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 11:43 AM
I have two incidents though one is in part second hand.

When I was 9 we lived in southern colorado, outside of the town of Monte Vista on a farm. It's pretty flat land there in the valley, just farmland, except for miles of trees that flank the bank of the Rio Grande. Across the neighbor's fields, we can see the trees for miles in either direction.

One day my mother went to town to get groceries and left me to babysit for the hour or so she'd be gone. When she returned she was frightened. As a child, this scared me too, just to see her lock the door behind her and be so nervous. I asked her what was wrong, and at the time she just reassured me and we fixed dinner.

Years later she told me that, driving home, she could see lights near the Rio Grande; red and blue, like police car flashers, except that they were up in the tops of the trees and moving around very fast.

Then she noticed a silver ball in the sky and as she drove it seemed to follow her, no matter how fast she went.

This was in the early 1970s.

Second account:

When I was about 19, one winter me and some friends went out '4-wheeling' in the desert. This is Southern Idaho now, and we were probably 50 miles or so from the nearest small town? So we're bouncing and skidding around out in the snow drifts, having a good old time until we got stuck. Not untypical, though not as much fun. But, this is what you have a winch for.

So, one truck pulled the other out, but while we dealt with this, we all saw this light way off in the distance, bouncing around. We assumed it was snowmobilers but didn't hear any noise.

Finally getting the second truck free, we all piled back in and began driving off. You have to understand, this is in deep snow and well, offroad. We're not going very fast.

Suddenly, the light that was off in the distance, was right on our tails. And to this day I cannot explain it. It was like a ball of light, like a spot light, hovering in the air. It lit up both trucks and the radios quit working, only giving us static.

It scared us all, and we sped up dangerously fast, trying to get back out to the road. It followed us, for what seemed forever. The driver broke out in tears he was so afraid.

But finally, we got to the road and it left. We were pretty shook up and drove as fast as we could back into town and sat in a diner and freaked out for awhile.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 12:09 PM
reply to post by alienj

You have your opinion and thats fine but if your trying to say i was filming a star you are wrong it was not i do not know what it was but it was not the north star.

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