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Please share your UFO story here

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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 06:31 PM
Hi to everyone at ATS, This is an experiment of mine.

As you can see, I am pretty much an Alien/UFO Fanatic. The only problem is, I am yet to even have my very own "UFO" experience. (Not that I want to be zapped up or anything...).

This is why I am turning to you, the members of, to please tell me your UFO experiences. I just want to know how it all happened, how you saw it, how it looked, what time it happened.

I want this to be a thread where we can submit our UFO data, so as a community, we can find others who have had the same experience quickly. Or, we can gather the data, and possibly be at the right place at the right time and hopefully see a "UFO".

Please, feel free to submit links to other threads, possibly yours or other members, relating to a UFO sighting or Alien experience. And please, NO skeptics telling us we are all crazy and delusional. This is a thread for the ones who have seen, or want to see!

A star for anyone who contributes!



posted on May, 29 2009 @ 06:41 PM
I have not seen or spoken to an alien/ufo ...well not while awake.

I did have a benevolent ET (lol he actually looked like the octopus guy in Pirates of the Carribian movie, before I had even seen the movie) who warned me in a dream that something bad was about to occur to me. He was hovering in an individual helio-thing, soundless, bladeless. He spoke telepathically that each of them have a human mate (or they have several? no idea) and they keep track of and know where they are at all times. His warning showed infra-red tracking (by scope, like one of those pen-lights) going up and down my body scanning me. He (it) was right. The next day ...that happened.

Weired and impossible to prove, so I will leave it at that lol.

*btw, this was over 4 yrs ago, before I even had interest in or even thoughts at all on UFO/ET or conspiracy as a hobby as I do now.

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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 07:05 PM
At around 03:00, 9th of May 2008, I saw two UFO’s. Anyway, I was lying down in the back garden, looking straight up into a clear starry sky in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I had been gazing up at the sky for a good 45 minuets meditating as I like to do when I decided to call it a night and go to bed. I had been meditating very deeply (please bear with me). I know this next bit sounds nuts but I am going to say it anyway. No one else has believed me anyway so it does not matter, I know what I saw.

I had imagined myself projecting a thin white beam of light from my forehead up into the sky. I focused on a star untill I could not see the star after a while and imagined my thoughts going straight up into space just outside the atmosphere. When I was happy that I was “doing it right” I then imagined my thoughts spreading out into a kind of disc like oil on water which was a vessel for my thoughts.

Nothing happened and I did not really expect anything to happen so I cursed a bit to myself about it all being a crock and was about to get off my back when there was a flash of white light off to the right of where I was looking. I focused on the spot and there was a satellite moving over my house. My first thought was “cool” a satellite but then suddenly it flashed a rich blue and VERY defined cone of light aimed toward the north. Not far from this came an answer as a second white flash of omni directional light astounded me and a second satellite was suddenly moving toward the first one from where the second flash happened. At this point, I am awe struck. The second satellite then flashed a red conical light toward the first satellite as it closed the distance. The first satellite then flashed a blue cone and the second satellite then merged with the first one with a white flash of omni directional light.

After the flash faded there was only the first satellite left, moving now over my house and heading east out towards the north sea looking to all intents and purposes like a satellite. I was flabbergasted to say the least and I was swearing under my breath and saying things a person says when they cannot believe what they are seeing. About five seconds after the “merge” the first satellite started to strobe an orange glow in a strange sequence, brightening, and dimming, nothing like the strobes I see from aircraft (Edinburgh airport is not far from where I live). The orange blinking seemed to mean something but I do not know what. These were not aircraft of that I am very.

Wide eyed I backed up as the object was about to disappear over the roof of my house and at this point I fell over my picket fence and broke it as I backed up, trying to keep it in view.

On picking myself up I was aware of a powerful feeling of peace, euphoria and a sense that I had been noticed (or something like that).

I was smiling and very upbeat for days afterwards.

I do not know what it means but I feel like my thoughts had been answered definitively. I do not drink or smoke or do drugs and I am fit and healthy in mind and body.

The stress of knowing what I had seen put great strain on my marriage as I would not retract what I had seen and the effect was… I now live alone with my Malamute. I know what I saw and I will never deny it.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 07:14 PM
I live in northern New South Wales of Australia. For years I have made it my habit to sit outside and watch the airplanes along their flight path between Sydney and Brisbane. They always travel from south to north on this flight path. I've never seen anything out of the ordinary until the following occurred:-

Just before sunset (bout an hour before dark) and as a storm front was approaching I noticed three linked clouds that looked remarkably like classic domed UFO's. As I was thinking this, a luminescent yellow vessel flew out of these clouds directly towards the approaching storm (north to south). The exact opposite direction to all normal flights. It looked like it was glowing, then dimming in a cyclical pattern as it flew.

A few hours later after night fall, as an aircraft blinked across the night sky a non-blinking object was seen following it at a reasonable distance of maybe 15 seconds. Same position in the sky and same speed.

The next night as my daughter and I were again sitting outside what we at first thought was a very low-flying airplane went over us from west to east. It was totally lit up in bright white light the same colour white as the stars, but big. I've got no idea how big because when looking into the sky you've go nothing to compare with, so we couldn't really tell how big it was, nor how close. But my first impression was a really big airplane, but then an actual airplane flew over and we immediately looked at each other and said, 'that wasn't an airplane'. We only observed it for about 10 seconds, no time to react really. The actual airplane was very clearly blinking its lights, where the first object was just totally lit up, nothing blinking it was like the whole craft was made of diamonds.

Then a few minutes later we saw a glowing bright yellowish object travelling north to south. My daughter grabbed the binoculars to better observe this object and she said that it was circular with a domed top - and the top seemed like it was glowing. I tried to get a fix on it as it moved away but couldn't focus the binoculars in time. We observed this object for around 30 - 45 seconds. Think it was the same type of craft observed flying into the storm earlier that day.

Then the next night to my absolute astonishment I saw a bright orange light fairly low in the sky, but over the tops of the trees (I live in a town with a population of around 10,000 people) and it was due south. I walked to the end of my verandah, but the light faded away but didn't move its position. I sat back down and glanced over again a couple of minutes later to see the classic multiple glowing orbs phenomenon often seen in relation to sightings. I walked to the end of the verandah to get a better look and there were a varying number of orbs, sometimes four then seven, then fading to three, then two and then after about 5 minutes they all faded away. The funny thing was they weren't stationary - but all moved independent of each other but still in what seemed like formation.

I've been watching the skies since with a camera and binoculars handy, but haven't seen another thing!! Other people MUST have seen these things, but there's been no reports in the local newspaper. Three nights in a row of high strangeness - somethings gotta be goin' on.

These events commenced on 16th October, 2008 and YES! Like everyone else I was watching on the 14th October too!! We all know nothing happened then, don't we??

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 07:18 PM
OKay. Here goes.

August of 2008. I was in my studio, which is a room I built in my unattached garage, so that I do not bother my family sleeping soundly in the house at late hours, with my shenanigans and noises while I create.

At about 1:30 AM my dog began barking incessantly. I went outside to see what might be going on. She was at the end of the drive way, looking towards the soy bean field across the road. I wandered down the driveway to look. I figured it could be a bunny or a possum. whatever. She barks at leaves blowing across the yard at night, too. lol.

She was looking a bit skyward. I looked up and saw a moving light. She stopped barking once I saw it. The light was not much bigger than Venus, however it was moving in a seemingly erractic motion. Sort of keeping with in an area of a quarter if you held it about 3 inches from your eye.

The light pulsed about every 2 seconds. It would be a reddish light, it would grow brighter and fade. Then it would turn white and grow brighter. Etc. Back and forth between the two colors.

It was a clear night, no moon though, and I could see many other stars, planets and lights from jets. I wondered if it was just my eye jumping, so I concentrated on stars. None of them jerked about or pulsed. Then I held myself very still and watched the sky in general and the stars remained motionless, but the light continued to move about.

I can't tell how big the light source was. I am not sure, it being quite dark across the field where a tree line is, if the light was in front of the tree line or a bit above it. However, it was quite low in the sky.

The light began to enlarge, or move closer to me and I became uneasy. It approached, I tihnk that was what it was doing, for a few seconds, maybe 10 or so, and then as my anxiety increased, it seemed to retreat from me back to what I guess was it's original position. I watched for a few more minutes and then decided to tell my daughter about it who had been watching TV a bit earlier. I went inside buy she had gone to bed.

I went back outside and the light was gone. I looked around the sky and found it had moved, seemingly farther away and no longer southeast of me, but now more in the direction of southwest.

I watched it for a few minutes more, lost interest and continued my art project.

A few days later I contacted MUFON via email. I received an email later than night from the regional director of MUFON based in Bowling Green, KY. He asked follow up questions and I sent him my phone number. A few more days later he called me in the early evening and I reiterated all I had said in the initial email and answered in his follow up email.

He informed me that MUFON had been receiving the same type of reports from the eastern and southern cental Kentucky regions for the last few weeks. He had no answers for what it could be, but just that it was a common sight from those of us who happend to wander outside in the very early morning hours.

Thats's it. I have never witnessed such an occurance since. I'd like to,and maybe the next time, not get so anxious and maybe something more would develop from such a sighting.

The light was unlike anything I have ever experienced while gazing at the night sky or just glancing at it. It was nothing, I, and I emphasize, IIIIIIIIII, have ever encountered or know about.

Who knows? Aliens, man-made technology, hallucination, um..........insect, some sort of natural occruance? I don't know, but I have never experienced this before and I am really interested in how this "thing" reacted to my anxiety level. If this even happened at all outside my mind.


Edited to add: Oh, boy! I might get a star! That's good, yes?
I never had one that I know of.
Been spanked a couple times, though.

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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 07:24 PM
Hi, Piranha, it's nice to meet you. I am Cagalli.

My encounter. Hmm, how to start. Well, I was 10 when I witnessed a UFO. I was visiting my family in Cuba, which is my home country and where I was born - I was raised in the states though. My family and I were in Varadero, which is a very well-known beach in Cuba. It was about 6PM, I think. I'm not too sure, but it was starting to get pretty dark and that's the time it usually gets dark. I was inside my hotel room with my parents - bored to death. I really wanted to go outside so I made up an excuse saying I was going next door, to visit my brother. So, I headed out to the beach shore alone - without supervision (I was a real troublemaker). No one was outside but me, a bartender, and 2 of his costumers; the bartender was busy watching TV and the costumers were drinking. Perfect opportunity for a kidnapper, eh?
Anyway, I was just strutting along down the hotel hall. After a few minutes I reached the beach shore, it was completely empty. I was staring off to the water - enjoying the beautiful view. The skies were pretty clear. After a couple of minutes, I decided to head back. As I turned around I noticed something fly over my head, so I turned around again and saw a saucer-shaped object with a bunch of different colored lights underneath it flickering on and off; it was a silver-ish color, made no sound as it hovered, was about the size of 4 pick-up trucks parked next to each other - typical UFO sighting, huh? It wasn't too far up, although I can't estimate how many feet up in the air it was - all I know is, this UFO was close to the ground. I stared at it for a couple seconds until I got scared, turned around and ran - really fast. The image, to this day, is stuck in my head as clear as daylight. It was really beautiful. It scared the living cr*p out of me though. Very few people know about this experience (mom, dad, brother, my best friend). I'm 100% certain of what I saw. I know a 10-year-old usually has a wild imagination, but this UFO was close enough for me to see it. I actually think it was ET - it didn't look man-made. Plus, I witnessed it in Cuba. You will NEVER see planes in the sky unless you're right next to an airport. And helicopters are only used to transport the president or government officials - but those are rare to see in Cuban skies, too. The only explanation I can come up with regarding what I saw, if it WASN'T ET, then it was a man-made craft (mainly from the U.S.) spying on Cuba. But that is HIGHLY unlikely. I don't know, I'm not necessarily looking for an explanation. I just want to see that UFO again. I've made up my mind and I believe it to be ET.

I guess you can say this is what got me into the whole UFO/ET subject. Nice thread. I look forward to reading everyone's stories.

EDIT: Grammar + added more text.

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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 07:25 PM
Some 18 years ago when I was 12 (thereabouts) I went out onto my back yard in Leeds, West Yorkshire in the UK where I saw over the wall my neighbour (about 15) was sat on his steps, it was a clear warm summers evening and slowly getting dark, it was a dark blue sky and the stars was clearly visable.
I sat with him and he told me he was watching for UFO's he said it a little sheepishly but I told him I was into the paranormal too so we both chatted away about UFO's.

He then stated he saw something and said it was moving weird, I just said oh yeh thinking he was grasping at straws but then he said "its over there now" and I saw it, it was diamond shaped but also spade shaped at the same time (I really cant explain the shape now or even then, it seemed to morph).
It was brighter than the stars, it kept altering its shape every time we settled on a shape that it resembled, it also did this with the colours it was changing to.

It moved fast, and I mean it litterally darted from one place to the next in the sky.
Keeping in mind this was a clear sky and moved litterally across what must have been miles of sky in a second.
The movement was like a lazer pen on a wall when you tease the cat to try to catch the lazer.
Then the part that really added a twist is it bowed down and I could see it clearly in front of a roof of a house a short distance away (roughly a football field away).

So this means it was smaller than what we thought.
I dont know what it was, I am still confused today and at the time UFO's where known as big discs that moved in a fluid motion in mainly one direction.
This was dancing all over the place.

I dont know what else to say really, noone believed us, we wasnt on drugs and obviously wasnt both imagining it as over the 5 minutes or so that we watched it we both pointed several times to its position as it moved.
I am glad I saw it because I would be very skeptical but still interested to UFO's, it opened up a whole new belief system, but belief in what, I am still unsure.
I hope you understand we never chased it up as we was kids and sadly there wasnt a touch screen hi-def video camera mobile phone back then to take a pic or video so you only have my word and my promise that it is true.

I swear on my childrens lives this event took place and I and my neighbour witnessed it, I cant say it was extra terrestrial but it was nothing I have seen before or since and is exactly as I described.
Believe me I would NEVER swear on my childrens lives for anything unless I was absolutely sure I was telling the truth.
Again, I am telling you what I saw and not stating exactly what it was, It is just unidentified and flying and if there was some other class it fit in with I would post the same story there.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 07:28 PM
[cue x-files music]When I was 14 [which now is eight years ago], my friend and I were walking down my street, at night, in Naples, Florida going to his house. We were talking about aliens and UFOs and such and I said to him, "just once, I want to see a UFO. Nothing big and spectacular, just something UFO-ey."

As we reached the end of the road, I heard something fly above us, traveling from north to south, but didn't really notice what it was. When we got the to end of the road, we started to walk across a clearing that was there.

I looked into the distance and I saw two white lights, in a row with one another, moving over the tree line. I dismissed them as planes, but continued to watch. After a few seconds, I noticed the lights instantly start going the other direction. But they didn't get dimmer or brighter, as you would imagine lights to do on a plane if it was changing direction because it would have to make a circle.

The lights continued this back and forth montion over the tree line for a few minutes. My friend and I were very excited because I got my wish! As we neared the edge of the clearing, we just stood there and continued to watch these lights go up and down and side to side and sometimes just hovering or moving at right angles.

At one point, my friend yelled, "Man, we gotta get the videocamera," and at that moment, the lights shot straight up into the air and disappeared.[/music]

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 07:30 PM
The most prominent, convincing and recent story for me is this copy and pasted statement from another thread:

Personally it seems to me that all UFO activity and sightings are increasing somewhat exponentially. The only reason I can personally say this is last Sunday evening me and some friends here in central UT saw 6 and I repeat 6 UFO's within a 4 hour period. I am somewhat skeptical when it comes to first hand encounters as people tend to leave logic aside. I didn't have a camera as we were at a ranch and really weren't planning on seeing anything odd that night. We just planned for another night.

Now with my skepticism's I am convinced that what we saw was not the ISS or iridium flares or the lacrosse and space debris. I looked up the coordinates of my location, took note of the times and visibility of the ISS, iridium flares and the lacrosse. What we saw was too bright, to slow, made no noise, was not blinking, was what seemed very low and happened repeatedly after I started flashing my 3,000,000 candle power spotlight at the first object. I am convinced because of me flashing my spotlight that the later sightings occurred. I have witnessed several UFO's in my area but never more than 1 on one night. It was truly amazing and actually scared my friends with their solid beliefs that UFO's and aliens don't exist.

Now I will not say that these objects were flown by any entity or extra terrestrial intelligence or if they were government made. But I'll tell ya the things were damn bright and that night is still kind of tripping me out along with my friends.
I have thought a lot about what happened and it was truly amazing. I never thought I would witness something on that scale with friends there to witness it also.

I am just wondering if it has anything to do with project blue beam or if it is something entirely different. I am tired of wondering and, as crazy as it sounds, want to know regardless of how it happens. I am tired of fighting logic against hope and just want to know if aliens are real. I am to the point where I would welcome some kind of encounter. Time will tell.

Here is the thread where it came from.

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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 08:20 PM
Instead of typing my first sighting.. I will just tell you instead.

(click to open player in new window)

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 09:32 PM
Hi all.

My UFO experience was back in 1993. I still lived at home, in a village in kent, southern england. Myself and a friend were at the back of my parents house. There was a lake and fields. It was perfect for looking into the night sky, as there was no light pollution.

After a while scanning the clear sky, to our real surprise and after many evenings looking for any type of UFO, my first ever sighting would not dissapoint. A very large black triangular craft was silently moving across the sky.

It was a perfect triangle, no ridges of any kind, like the stealth aircraft. There was no sound and no lights on it. It was blocking out the stars as it moved over head. We watched it for about 3 to 4 mins.

I will never forget it for as long as i live. Of course in the early 90's reports of black triangle aircraft were reported all over the world, but i had not heard of any at the point of my sighting.

I would love to think that it was an extra terrestrial craft. But it could well have been an experimental craft, though what it would be doing over the Medway towns of kent i dont know.

Thanks for reading.

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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 09:32 PM
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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 09:47 PM
Many of years ago I was on a mountain climbing trip. Not sure whether it was Mt. Shasta or Mt. Whitney , but it was in the Sierra Nevada Mountains (California, USA). But as the climb progressed we stopped for a few minutes to rest. Our party was looking to the stars and pointing out different star formations/clusters. After pointing out the usual constellations, my father (at the time a USAF Ground Controlled Communications Superintendent / NCOIC ) and his buddy (AFOSI Counter Surveillance) pointed straight up and said nothing. At the time I thought nothing of it.
Now fast track a lot of years. My father has now retired. He still won't volunteer information, but will answer yes or no if you ask a question. A buddy of mine decided to ask him if he had ever seen a UFO. At which point I expected my father to laugh. But instead it took me 'off the fence'. He simply pointed to me and told me to explain the mountain trip.
What I saw was nothing. And what I mean by nothing, is a large triangle. No lights, no sound, just a large triangle with no stars behind it. From memory I would say it was few hundred feet up and 3 times the size of a B-2 Spirit (and I've been close enough to tell you theres a bed and head).

PS: Find RADAR techs from Hofn Iceland and ask them about 'FastMovers'. And please forgive my bad writing skills.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 09:54 PM

Originally posted by suzque66
something bad was about to occur to me. He was hovering in an individual helio-thing, soundless, bladeless. He spoke telepathically that each of them have a human mate (or they have several? no idea) and they keep track of and know where they are at all times.
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Some say that is the true nature of a Angel, tentacles instead of flowing hair, white and glowing.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 09:58 PM

Originally posted by Dissemination
On picking myself up I was aware of a powerful feeling of peace, euphoria and a sense that I had been noticed (or something like that).

That is what I felt like after my first encounter. Your process is not that far from my own, in that you connected inter-dimensionally, and connected into that universal consciousness field that they are tapped into. That is what I suspect. Keep it up, I am sure you will get many encounters.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 10:00 PM
First sightings were in Washington DC, Georgetown. My friend, Fontaine, lived in a big old house in the middle of the block, between Q & R Streets and 29th and 28th street on the East. It was an overcast day, the year may have been 1963...

We were doing batting practice, I was pitching, facing east, in the yard... we both heard a loud sonic boom, and having been to Bolling Airforce Base for the shows, I'd heard sonic booms before, and this one was peculiar, it was VERY loud, and VERY far away.

A few seconds later, Fontaine yelled LOOK UP!

I looked up.. to see what appeared to be a dish shaped craft, on its side, so what I saw was the side view, the front edge was glowing cherry red... from the heat of its passage, I asssumed, because I could see smoke rivuleting, in wave bands from the leading edge... which obscured the trailing end.. and it rose up into the clouds again and disappeared.

The hair on my neck was standing up.

I was in a DC middle school school astronomy club. Our mentor was a old fellow named Dr Wells, who was a memeber of NCAC National Capital Astronomers Club... I told my story at the club meeting, and then asked Mr Wells if anyone had reported something like this at NCAC, he said yes, I asked him what they saw he said:

"We had a fellow in Rockville Md report that he was looking southwest and saw a round orb descend below the clouds at about 30 degrees above the horizon and then rise back up..into the clouds...traveling north" (The time of the report was the same.)

Rockville Md is north west of where we saw it directly overhead, about 8 miles (50,000 feet) away. cloud ceiling height was about 8,000 feet... The trig works out perfectly.


Another time, again with Fontaine, we were sitting on his front steps, looking at the stars... by now, I often picked out satelites etc.. because I knew the stars so well. I was sitting there looking at the southern sky at sundown, and I told Fontaine, "Hey, see those two stars? (he nodded) There arn't two stars at that location in the sky!" and then they began moving towards the north over the house, they were making 90 degree turns and sort of playing with each other, or perhaps performing for hopes they might make a couple teenagers start to think...

We had to walk backwards from the front steps to watch the pair of acrobats fly over the house...Fontaine remembers this to this day because he fell over backwards after walking into a lawnchair, while keeping his eyes on the two performers.


Another time also in Wash DC, 1967, I was up on my roof, with my 6" telescope, I had a 20mm wide field Kellner lens in it, I noted a strange pulsing tiny globe directly overhead, traveling east, - I managed to catch it in the telescope, for one of its pulses of light. What I saw completely blew my mind... it was a translucent orb, and I could see hardware inside, cables, wiring.. It kind of looked (seeking a metaphor) slightly like a naked player piano with some globes and pumps on it..all enclosed by glowing translucent skin...


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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 10:00 PM
I just recently had my 1st dream about aliens. Before I go into it let me just say that I recently read book one of the law of one, the terra papers, and am partly through gods of eden. So I think it could be an active imagination, although my dream has nothing to do with the content I'm currently reading.

When it started aliens had shown their full prescence. I still can picture it perfectly. UFO's were lining the little rock river bridge, and they appeared all over the world. For some reason I stopped my vehicle and walked up to one. The next thing I know I was in some sort of building, or the ufo itself. There was a being that looked human. At no time was I scared, but rather she allowed me to ask questions. I remembered more of them when I first woke up, but now I only remember 2 of them.

-After talking to her for some time she asked me who she reminded me of. After a moment of me thinking (I knew who she reminded me of I just couldn't remember the name because it was someone I knew about 13 yrs ago) she said "is it Jill"? I said no I think her name was Sarah. Then I asked were you trying to read my mind? She said "we cannot read minds-we can only scan your subliminal thoughts most times you know the answer to any question long before you realize it. It is the same skill that those of you referred to as psychics possess, although our skill is more precise and developed."

-Then I asked how old she was? She said "in our natural form time is not a perception the way you know it-it would be impossibe to calculate. Then I asked how long has she been in this body? She said " 4 of your days." I asked how long she would remain in this body? She told me that it takes so much physical energy to support her entity that the body would only survive 7 to 10 days before she would have to leave it. She said the body ages so rapidly that they rarely last more than 10 days.

That is truly all I remember. I should have written it down when I woke up. Just for the record no I'm not on any medications. This was the only dream I have ever had about aliens.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 10:01 PM
I was born in the Andes mountain range of Chile in a small mining town Chuquicamata.My dad at the time was a chief geologist for the Andaconda Mining Co. which had a huge copper open-pit operation in Chuqui. My story : My grandfather, my brother with his best freind and I just left the only movie house in Chuqui. All of a sudden my grandfather pulled his vehicle to the side of the road and was staring out his window. Above the only hospital in town situated on a hill was this massive object that resembled the 'Phoenix lights' only on a smaller version. We got out of the vehicle pointing ,trying to draw attention to what we were seeing to passing by motorists. I remember seeing the street lights leading to and including the hospital were all out. This object was totally silent. It sat there for a few minutes (hard to tell how long), then rotated on its axis , so now this craft was in a verticle position.At that point I could distincly hear a low level rumble as this object started shaking , and in a flash it was gone over the horizon, leaving a brass like trail behind it which lingered for quite awhile. This happened in 1966

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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 10:04 PM
i already explained my experience, along with MANY others on this existing thread...

...i knew i'd seen a thread just like this before...

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 10:12 PM
reply to post by adrenochrome

Hi there, my idea is to connect people whom have had experiences and see if they can connect with others who have has similar experiences. And to allow people whom wish to see a UFO information that could lead them in the right path.

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