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Please share your UFO story here

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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 10:17 PM
About three years ago me and my mom were driving out in south jersey really in the middle of the boonies we were in the middle from moving there to where I am now.

The location was the border of Shamong NJ and Atco, it's out in the pine barons notoriously known for the Jersey Devil.

We were on a road called Jackson Road, it's in the middle of know where just woods hardly any street light the only thing that is there is a race way.

I wish I knew the time and date because I'm sure others had to have seen it there was another card in front of us and the race way was PACKED.

So we are driving down the road and this huge object comes flying out of the sky going from a very high distance to pretty much just disappearing into the trees. The car in front of us slammed on its brakes as at first it looked like it was going to slam into the road in front of us and my mom almost hit them because she was looking at the object but it just went over the road and was probably the height of a typical two story home above the street and went straight into the woods we were expecting to hear a loud crash, see an explosion anything but nothing happened we sat there staring till a car was coming up behind us so we left, we were both baffled and as my mom is a skeptic or well more like she fears things like this so she doesn't talk about them but she has lightened up by me exposing her to UFO and alternative thought lately and she still has no clue.
Now if it was an actual Alien craft or what who knows, Fort Dicks, and McGuire air force base isn't too far from there but that doesn't matter whatever it was crashed and never came back up at least while we were there.

It may have not even been a flying object so to say, my grandma told me stories of seeing St. Elmos fire out in the same area which I think know is explained as a natural occurrence of gasses in the air or whatever.

But it looked mechanical, way too big to be a drone I think.

What gets me is that the race way was right there and the bleachers were facing the same exact direction as this object and pretty much happened right in front of them but a rather long distance away, but I figure most people probably had their eyes on the races.

Also it had nothing to do with the race way they aren't allowed to do anything in the woods because of all the horrible Forrest fires we have and plus i'd been to that exhibit before at the race way it was the funny cars and nothing like that was done.

I really can't say what it was as I have no idea it could have been anything but unlike anything I've ever seen.
It was funny though because I was a little younger at the time and I remember being scared to death because after it happened I had a strong feeling that I saw something I shouldn't have and that Aliens or Men in Black were going to come get me in my sleep lolol.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 10:17 PM
I have had quite a few unexplainable events happen to me but I think this one was the best. It was around 1994 or 95 I was about 18. My best friend and I were sitting in a field in between our houses that we grew up hanging out in. It was about 11pm when all of a sudden there were two bright blue flashes. I was looking across town and could see a hill that was about a half mile away like it was clear as day only a deep blue. My friend was looking down at the time, which was important but I'll get back to that.

The flashes happened pretty quick but we both instantly looked up and almost directly over us was a giant pure white ball. I would say it was the size of 8 full moons bunched together for comparison. The light was very solid looking the whole thing was the same color, there weren't any discepencies in the amount of light at different areas. Something else I thought was strange was I could see what looked like bands of electricity moving over its surface but they had a red look to them. From what I saw the object was only as big as the light that we could see, ie. there didn't appear to be any other material metal or otherwise outside of the light.

My friend and I believe the object was between 100 and 300 feet up in the air although depth was hard to tell in that situtation. I had originally thought it was much closer than that. Since my friend was looking down when the flashes happened he always remebered seeing the angle of the shadows that came off the high grass we were sitting in he says from what he saw the oblect had to have been almost directly over us but at a slight 1 oclock angle. It was stationary for only about 2 seconds then it instantly shot off over a near by tree line and was gone. It shot off at such a speed that it left a giant, the same width as the object itself, white tail that stayed over us for another second before trailing off after it. We both clearly remember also that the tail had an arch to it as if it was banking slightly, the distance traveled before it got passed the tree line was no where near far enough to be from the curvature of the earth it was a 2 mile distance at most.

We then ran to my friends house to tell his mom who had seen the blue flashes from inside the house but didn't know what it was. We ran to one of our close friends after that who's dad was one of the head police in our town. He had happened to be outside and had also seen the blue light. He was quite a UFO buff himself so he was very interested and the next day told us he had recieved a bunch of reports later that night from people seeing the blue light, and also one family said some sort of object was following them in the air as they were driving down this old curvy wooded road which coincidentaly was the direction the object shot off to.

I have been thinking about this event a lot lately and I think there is some real good info with what I saw in maybe understanding a little better what some of these things may be. I have been planning on putting my story out here to you all and thought this thread would be a good one to do so on. I would love to hear what anyone thinks about it.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 10:25 PM
Well here's the story. It's entirely true.

i was currently living in a small town in texas, prosper TX.
four days before halloween, 2008, me and my friend ryan went to meet up with some friend of ours not too far away. we walked barefooted, for the walk was not long. short after hanging out inside their house, we went out of their back door, then the fence door which led us into a field. not even 30 feet to the right of all of us was a middle school. we were laying in the grass, all next to each other, except me. i was closing the gate. i walked about half way to them when out of nowhere was this bright flash. it scared me, as well as them. i turned around fast, due to being scared from the very bright white flash. and 6 out of 8 people saw a big, white ball (more like a Frisbee tilted to the side slightly.) that appeared to be either falling or flying. it was too slow for an object of it's size to be free falling from space, or sky. and behind it, almost like a meteor, or jet engine, it left a tail of faint, pink light. the UFO then changed it's direction slightly, then soon after disappeared. we all questioned each other and we all saw the exact same thing. i left the area immediately.

Explanation please?

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 10:41 PM
I have been to the other side of sanity, it ain't nice, and I do whatever I can to keep this side acceptable. For those that know , sorry,. those that have not, FO. Youse got no frigging idea what you're talking about.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 10:42 PM
One sighting in my lifetime and I have no question that it was either other worldly or we had developed something extraordinary.

September 2003 I had just walked onto my balcony and and a plane coming out of DFW airport caught my eye. As I watched, a ball of light shot from behind the plane to in front of it, then went above the plane and around back to the front and disappeared. Understand that this may not have been actually around the plane because I had nothing to help me judge the distance, just that it was related to the plane. Anyway, at that point it either disappeared or I lost sight of it. As I scanned the sky looking for it I noticed a red glow through the branches of some trees at the apartment complex I lived. It was solid in the center with a hazy red oval glow around it. After a short time it darted up and became the solid white glow again (larger than a star but not much larger than say Venus). It darted up in a zig-zag fashion then to the north, then back and zig-zaged down. This happened a couple more times before it took off to the north west more slowly, but much faster than a plane.

As I thought about this it seemed it was moving in a defensive mode with the zig-zagging and exceptional speed but I never saw anything coming toward it as attacking.

I didn't report this to Mufon until a few years later. It was my first and only observation of a UFO.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 10:56 PM
Interesting thread. Some great experiences.

I've had quite a few unexplained sightings where I can't say for sure what it was. I don't count anything with red/blue lights going overhead because I assume those to be conventional.

I've had daylight sightings of silver objects, both disk and cigar shape. I count these as sightings because they were stationary, had no contrail or noise and within a short time period simply vanished. The altitudes were in the area of 25,000 to 35,000 feet based on the plane traffic.

My most impressive encounter was in Santa Fe, NM. Walking to dinner my friend and I were "buzzed" by three orbs. They were solid and greyish brown in color, only about 100 feet off the ground, completely silent and moved together as if following the leader. I saw them clearly for at least 10 seconds as they moved toward the south and then they disappeared.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 12:05 AM
without going into to much detail, I will just copy and paste mine from that other thread.

I sat here for ever wondering whether to post this or not, but anyway, hear is my little story:
I believe I have witnessed two UFO's as a child, nothing like what i have ever seen on the internet! One was bright green, like many shapes (complex) joined together, the other was red, with similar appearance. The incredible fear i felt in seeing these, was greater than I can explain, it was a terrible evil dread that took my breath away. It is still so clear in my mind.

At this time of my life I also was terrified to sleep, (about 7 years old), as I used to feel this evil scary presence, and it was like i became frozen in fear, because I knew. Two of these times while in bed, i would see in the darkness, big eyes looking at me, then nothing.

I live in Australia, and my family moved to another state about 1 year later, and i used to wake up down the paddock through the night, (we moved to a small farm), this so terrified me. My mother and father took me to the doctors, and put me on sleeping tablets or something, but still it happened.
The only other time I have seen a UFO was about 10 years ago at night, floating as just a very bright white light above my wifes and my head, at about 2000ft. Then it shot off, away from us, no sound, just leaving a streak like a sparkler when you move it quickly.

One other thing that I have always wondered about is that i have a piece of metal (had x ray done), in my right ring finger, with no scar anywhere on my finger.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 12:31 AM

Originally posted by SoulOrb

Originally posted by suzque66
something bad was about to occur to me. He was hovering in an individual helio-thing, soundless, bladeless. He spoke telepathically that each of them have a human mate (or they have several? no idea) and they keep track of and know where they are at all times.
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Some say that is the true nature of a Angel, tentacles instead of flowing hair, white and glowing.

I have never heard of that.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 12:33 AM
I was on a road trip with my mom about 15 years ago, we were on I-80 going through Nebraska and getting close to Wyoming. The time of day was evening somewhere around 2-3am and the skies were pretty clear. My mom was driving and I was sleeping in the drivers side when she woke me up and told me to look up at the sky. She said she wanted to make sure she hadn't been driving for too long and was seeing things, there was something in the sky. I didn't think anything of it, figured it was just a plan because I had heard UFO's typically have weird light formations, and this was just a couple of regular lights. She then said, just watch it for a minute.

Now I couldn't tell you what the aircraft looked like because it was dark, no street lights, just stars and airplane lights in the sky, but it moved a little to, swiftly to be a plane, or it's movements were too sharp, and it was going in different directions, airplanes don't do that, so I figured it's a helocopter. We pulled over on the shoulder to get a good look at it and there was no sound except the crickets. There was no traffic either, so there was nothing to hide the sound, but a chopper would have been very audible. It would move in one direction quickly the sort of hover, then do it again, and then finally it accelerated very fast and was gone. We didn't know what to make of it.

I also want to make it clear that since I had only a couple of lights to work with and it was dark, so I don't want to call it "aliens" that we had seen. This was before I knew about fighter jets that can hover, so for all I know it might have been a military exercise. But since I have no idea what it was, it goes under "UFO" obviously. This may not have been an exciting tale to tell, but this is the only story I have had that could be considered a UFO story.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 01:15 AM
When I was a kid, my parents owned a bar. Sometimes I would get stuck there late at night and into the early morning with my father while he entertained people after hours. At 8 or 9 years of age of course I was not allowed to drind anything other than Coke. One night someone saw something outside and asked the rest of us to take a look. We went out there and looked up. It was clear night. Nice weather. It was not a UFO. It was a Flying Saucer very close overhead. It was across the street a few hundred feet up and over some trees. If I were making this up I'd certainly come up with some very elaborate description that at least showed a hint of imagination. I've got to say that Hollywood has done a pretty good job with the general way these saucers look. Here's what I remember. The disc itself looked like two metallic plates, one facing up and the other facing down. They were on top of each other. But the top had this beautiful aqua blue dome. I don't think we were scared. There was something very wonderful about it. Anyway, as I recall there was some type of movement with the two metallic plates that made up the body of the thing, one seemed to go clockwise while the other went counter-clockwise. It's was very cool visually. And then again with this beautiful aqua-colored dome that had this very soft almost glow to it. What's weird is that even though there was movement regarding the mechanics of the craft, as I've described, the craft was able to remain suspended in the air for say thirty seconds or a minute without budging left or right or up or down even an inch. It was motionless, staying in one spot. Then in an instant it was gone, but there was a streak of light as far as the eye could see. I saw this in front of my eyes. I didn't take my eyes of it. It was simply there, and then it was gone with this streak of light all the away across the sky.

I knew after that, we we're not alone. We can not travel at what was possibly the speed of light here on earth with the technology we have. We're good, but we're not that good. There was absolute silence from this craft. Like I said it didn't budge an inch in either direction in the sky. It could remain suspended in the air in one spot without the slightest sign of effort for as long as it wanted to, clearly.

While I don't think it is a good idea to tempt fate and swear on one's life that one is telling the truth, I would if it were necessary. Give me truth serum. Hook me up to lie detector. It happened just as I've described it. And again if I wanted to make it up, I could have added some better details here and there to embellish things. But it isn't necessary. The truth is amazing enough.

We're not alone. We've never been alone. Look at the paintings hundreds of years old with flying saucers in them. Alexander reported flying shields in the sky spitting fire in 329. B.C..

The Hopi Indians described the same thing.

Flying Saucers are documented throughout history, visually and in writing.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 01:27 AM
I just typed a lengthy post to this thread and when I hit the "reply" button it disappeared. Thus, this short item becasue I do nit want to type another long post only to lose it all yet again.

OK. That worked.

I have had many paranormal experiences in my 58 years. The earliest I recall is a brief face-to-face encounter with an odd being between the women's cloting racks at a department store in Racine, Wisconsin at age 6. I had a paradigm shifting out-of-body experience at age 51. But only one UFO sighting.

At 11:00 p.m. on July 4, 2005 in Eugene, Oregon, my son, his wife, my lady friend, and I were sitting on lawn chairs in the front lawn of his home watching the neighborhood kids launch fireworks, bottle rockets, and blowing up M-80s. I noticed a bright light about 20 miles to the North at about 2,000 to 3,000 feet. My first thought was it's an airliner coming in to land at Mahlon Sweet Airport. But it didn't move. It remained stationary and its light was several orders of magnitude brighter than any airliner I'd seen before. It suddenly began to make erratic very fast movements form side to side and then sped away at an incredible speed and disappeared. All four of us saw it. I reported it to the NW UFO Reporting Center and later visitd their web site and saw that others had reported it as well.

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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 02:51 AM
This event occurred on July 23, 2002, at approximately 10:15 p.m. (PST). The location was in the City of Hawthorne, State of California, USA.

Hawthorne is a small suburb just outside of Los Angeles, located approximately 5 miles east from the Los Angeles International Airport. The city is just about 2 miles off the approach path of planes landing. Planes continually land and it gets kind of noisy; at any time, one can see the flickering lights of planes spaced out in the distance towards the east coming in to land at the airport.

This occurred while me and two of my friends were outside talking. My two friends never saw a UFO before and are the type that tend not to believe conspiracies, ghosts, UFOs, or other things without direct evidence. They are certainly not the type to frequent ATS.

In any event, me and two friends were talking. They were facing towards me (south), while I was facing towards the north. While we were talking, I saw a rather huge object coming towards us from the north. At that point, it appeared to be a string of evenly spaced lights. A white one in the center, with three red lights on either side of the red lights. I immediately realized this was odd because the thing was way too big to be a plane. I interrupted one of my friends mid-sentence and said, "Don't look now, but we're being invaded" as I pointed to the object. My friends both turned around and did a somewhat comical double take. Their jaws dropped.

The object flew towards us silently. Its altitude was roughly the same altitude of planes that we normally see coming in from the east. Thus, it was crossing directly in front of the flight path. I suddenly realized that all air traffic had ceased. The familiar lights of the planes coming in for a landing from the east had ceased and all was quiet.

The object flew almost directly overhead (heading from north to south), traveling very slowly and completely silent. It became apparent that it was triangular shaped - a white light at the nose, with the red lights going back in a V shape. We watched it glide over us and kept it in sight until we couldn't see it anymore in the south sky. After the object passed, the air traffic eventually resumed again.

The object was many times larger (perhaps 4 to 5 times) than the 747s that I'm accustomed to seeing. It traveled pretty slowly, less than 200 mph I'd estimate.

This event, which occurred over a major U.S. city and caused air traffic to be rerouted or put on hold, never made the news. I reported the sighting on and noticed that others across California had seen the same object (some reported on and others on

A pretty spectacular sighting.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 02:59 AM
It may have been nothing, but twice I have seen yellowish orange objects streaking across the sky. By streaking I mean at the time I noticed them, they were roughly straight above and then they cleared the remainder of the sky within about 5 - 7 seconds before disappearing into the distance. This happened in both Michigan, near Kalamazoo and in Chicago. Someone suggested it may have been a satellite or ISS but they were hauling some serious tail.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 04:09 AM
I was working as a security guard at a local power station on the overnight shift. Part of my your was to patrol a area by a large body of water as it bordered the property.I was about to return to my office when i felt a sudden sense i was being watched,Through the fog parting fog i saw a large white ship that had no wings and was hovering about 150 feet above my head;it had just missed smacking into a bridge.It hung there for a few moments silently,then seemed to change dimensions before shooting up into the sky,It disappeared in a flash of light and then i saw it decend onto the other side of the mountain at a much slower rate of speed.I only saw it once but am convinced it was not from this world.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 04:29 AM
My first ufo experience, I took pictures of and posted them here on ATS and they were basically dissmissed, and that kind of turned me off of sharing my stories, I also live near DIA and I have seen very luminous objects near the airspace there, most did not resemble airplanes and one light was about 900to 1000 feet off the ground, stationary and then just dissappeared. People tell me I'm crazy when I talk about ufo's but I know that some of the things I've seen I just can't explain, my pictures can be found here

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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 04:32 AM
reply to post by alyosha1981

Hi there, please don't be put off from posting your experiences. This thread is made to be a "skeptic proof zone". All who believe are welcome, and no criticizing is welcome.

Please feel free to share any of your experiences.



posted on May, 30 2009 @ 04:48 AM
I have seen a few UFO's before, but they were nothing like this incident that happened some time last year. I don't have a good memory for dates, so I don't recall exactly what time it happened. All I can tell you is it was dark out, no snow, and the sky was clear and a very starry night.

I was outside having a cigarette when I looked up into the sky and saw two bright lights. They looked sort of like when a helicopter is fairly close to you and he has his spotlight pointing straight at you. They were about that bright, but light didn't come down from them. They weren't spotlights or anything that I could tell. They didn't light anything up. These two lights were approximately a foot apart if you were to hold a measuring tape at arms length. Then I noticed that between the lights it was completely dark, that is, whatever the object was, completely blotted out the stars. So my first thought then was blimp with a light at each end. There was no noise and it was big so I thought very, very low-flying blimp. I've never seen a blimp around here and never one at night, but that's the only thing my mind could come up with at the time. I think the object was somewhat football shaped. I just remember being mesmerized by those two lights and the utter blackness between them. I didn't really look at the outline to see the exact shape, I wish I did. After I realized this was no blimp, my first thought was to go get a witness, so I ran into the house and yelled for my mom and dad to come out. I was probably only away for less than a minute. When I went back outside it was gone.

I was very disappointed but this experience was not over. I got a call from my sister and nephew. They live right down the street from me. They told me they were out on the back porch smoking and saw a UFO. I was like, so did I! Then I found out what they saw after I went into the house. A plane, very small (so it must have been high up) flew underneath this UFO. So I can only imagine how big this UFO was if a plane passed below it and looked very small in comparison. I was under the impression the blimp-looking thing was very low in the sky, but it turns out it was actually very, very high. It must have been enormous! The next thing they saw, the UFO did a 180, the two lights switched places and it took of fairly quickly. I don't know the exact details of how it took off because I didn't get to see it.

The next day on TV my sister saw a report on local news that people saw a UFO in the night sky the previous night, but it was just the international space station passing by. Okay, this was not the international space station. The international space station looks about as big as a star or satellite in the sky. I watched YouTube videos of it just to make sure. So there was some sort of disinfo going on the news. My poor sister actually believe it must have been the space station she saw until I showed her the videos. These suckers on the news really know how to brainwash people. I wish I knew what date this happened so I could find others who sighted this and maybe report it on MUFON. I'd love to hear about their experience.

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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 05:23 AM
I've got my thread here. I saw a group of UFOs here in Idaho, perhaps in connection with the Nuclear site. If anyone has any information about it, I'd love to hear your opinions.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 05:29 AM
Back in the early 90's my girlfriend and I saw Star Hustler on a PBS channel. He is a funny little man that walks around cheap special effects of the solar system educating the viewers. He had stated that we could view a rather impressive meteor shower in our area in a couple of days, away from city lights. On said night we packed a picnic, a few blankets, a bottle of wine and headed off to the crossroads of Ponte Vedra beach just south of Jacksonville beach Florida. We arrived late in the evening as instructed by the Star Hustler.

At that time the Crossroads were somewhat isolated. The trek from the public access to the beach was rather long. To the left of the path was dark, there were dunes and ravines with beach oaks and Palmettos. In the ravines stood a few isolated houses on stilts. The oaks & palms just reached roof level of these houses making them appear as almost in their on little ecosystems under the canopy of the trees in stark contrast to the barren dunes and sand directly behind them. To the right were the Crossroads condominiums. The only such complex on the then isolated portion of the beach. This side was dimly lit with tennis courts, parking and pools.

To the left of us in the dark ravines were what we assumed to be chattering children with flash lights, appearing to be exploring or playing games. We could only see the flashlight beams as if short persons were climbing on the curved trunks of the oaks then jumping down into the ravines. We didn't think much of it. It was low tide making our trek down to the water even longer.

We arrived and set up shop. At the time we did not see much at all. We corked the wine and laid out our edibles. It was quite windy near the surf, frustrated with sand in our cups and all over our food we simply put everything back. Still seeing only a few rather unimpressive shooting stars we grew bored and started to make out. Thes proved futile however with the sand blowing and blanket corners whipping at us. We decided to cocoon ourselves in the blankets and just stare up and talk. Not soon after we saw a rather impressive meteor shower that lasted maybe an half hour. As it waned we would to try to compete by being the first to spot the single stragglers. With not much happening we concentrated on the children's flashlights still playing in the ravines far away appearing like fire flies.

We then realized how odd it was as school was still in session and that so many children were up way past midnight. We also joked that it was odd that the crazy "Sea Turtle lady" hadn't caught them yet. She is a crazed woman that lives in the area that will run down the beach screaming at you if you have any type of light on the dark beach. She claims that it will misguide the sea sea turtles and hurt their breeding somehow. Though it does happen , laying female sea turtles on this beach is somewhat uncommon...We also noted how strange it was that we could see no activity of any kind in the condo complex. No one on the beach at this time wasn't odd at all, but we couldn't see any televisions thought the balconies or activities in the cabanas.

I suddenly jumped up and ran down the beach. Trying to get a better look at something,. I really cant recall what I thought I saw. Perhaps an odd cloud or a meteor that my girlfriend hadn't noticed yet. I simply recall that something about the sky didn't look right or was odd. I got quite far from my girlfriend and our blanket . Then "poof" A giant triangular football field sized light was suddenly directly above above me. If there were trees on the beach it would have been tree level. It lit up the whole beach. The light was very warm. Suddenly I could not hear the breaking surf or feel the pesky breeze that had ruined our meal. This craft did not fly in. One moment it was not there and the next it was. It did not emit a sound of any kind and seemed to cause a cease to all sound. My girlfriend ran down the beach to me and clasped my hand. Neither one of us said a word to each other. We simply stared up at it, oddly unafraid. It Glided very slowly like a balloon down the beach. However if there was any way to measure such mathematically I am sure it was traveling on a very precise plane without deviation unlike a balloon would travel. We simply walked directly under it down the beach with it.

Upon arriving at our blanket we simply dropped to our knees still staring up with our jaws open. It glided past our blanket and when the end was maybe 1000 feet from our blanked it just "turned off "and was there no more. Had it just turned off the light we would still have seen the craft. It just "blinked" out. Suddenly all sound returned, the warmth around us dissipated and the still blankets once again began whipping at us. This is the only moment we both felt uneasy or scared. Still not uttering a word to each other hastily packed every thing up and made our way back to the car. Passing the ravines the children were no longer there.

Neither of us discussed this on the long drive back. I think both our minds were just filled with thought. the next day she did not mention it,thinking she was uncomfortable neither did I. When she would leave the apartment I would read news papers and listen to the news in disbelief that not a single soul had reported such a huge spectacle.

Many years after we had separated I saw her in a bar on night and asked what we saw that night. This look of horror came on her face. A few friends she was with over heard and disclaimed that she really must tell. With the mounting peer pressure from her friends she related the story just had I above. She however called it the "thing".


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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 06:30 AM
Funny you should post this.

Tonight i walked out of my house and saw a falling bright light from the Sky in the direction of Albany on the North Shore of Auckland in New Zealand at around 6.40pm. I was viewing it from Takapuna/Bayswater area.

It wasn't a shooting star and it had no trail like a meteor.

Can't say it was an Alien spaceship but it definitely was a UFO although in this case it wasn't an unidentified flying object but it was an unidentified falling object. It was a very bright yellow ball.

Apart from that i have seen UFO's twice that i believe were some type of flying craft.

I saw one in Riverhead, North Island New Zealand about 13 - 14 years ago at 2am in the morning on a week night when we were going for a late night cruise as teenagers. The UFO followed our car through the country side and was so fast that it went from the right side of our car to the left side of our car in the blink of an eye. Then it was directly in front of us and very low to the ground but quite far away at the end of some farm land. Hard to explain but we were on a long stretch of road out in the back blocks of Kumeu / Riverhead area. Our car electrics started to stuff out while we were driving too. Was really weird. Car would shudder and stuff.

It then continued to follow us all the way to Murawai beach where we lost site of it We regained site of it when we entered the forest but could only see it through the breaks in the tree tops.

Then we got to the Maori bay cliff top and saw 3 up high in the sky making sharp flying movements in formation similar to a triangle.

The other time was in the Coromandel of New Zealand about 7 years ago when my girlfriend and i were driving to Pauanui through the mountains and saw a bright orange light hovering above the forest land hill tops.

We thought it was a car at first but there were no roads up on that part of the land and then the craft got brighter and started rising high into the Sky and back down sliding across the top of the tree lines for 1000's of meters. It didn't make any noise at all.

Those are my experiences. Thought i should share them.

P.S -

A group of my friends saw UFO's during the late afternoon sunset up in Omaha New Zealand a couple of years ago on Auckland anniversary weekend.

They got footage and a photo. I have seen the footage and you can't see much apart from a few specs in the Sky and all of them talking about the UFO's and buzzing out about them.

Other people i know from Omaha had also seen them.

This is the photo i took off my friends Facebook that he posted up after he saw them.

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