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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 01:04 PM
My first ever "UFOish" sighting was in 1991 (Cabbramatta NSW, Australia)... i was 6 or 7 yrs old

I just had dinner at a restaurant and i walked outside and looked at the sky for some reason, then i noticed a star that was moving in a triangular formation (slowly)... didnt think much of it.

My second sighting was last year Dec 31st 2008 during the NYE fireworks in between 9:15pm (after the 9pm fireworks) - 12am. The location was at Mrs Macquarie's Chair (Sydney NSW Australia). My gf and I was lying down and were looking at the stars (a clear night i recall).

My gf then saw a small star that was moving across the sky. The weird thing was the star wasnt really moving in a straight line but slightly wobbling then it disappears (~30sec). Then we decided to look for UFOs in the sky (to kill time before the 12am fireworks)... and we managed to find SEVEN more (one at a time though, moving in a different direction) before we got bored haha. Note i also saw a shooting star that night (and made a wish, which i forget).

Was it a satellite?

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 01:52 PM

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 01:58 PM
well a few years ago me and my mom were sitting in the garden of our house when we saw a pillar of white light in the distance with a black triangle shaped thing at the top and it stood there for like a minute after we first saw it then it suddenly disappeared and it's since then that i have begun showing interest in ufo's and mythical beasts and stuff

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 02:21 PM
This is my sighting report from yesterday, 5/29/09.

We (brother, friend, and I) had been sky watching at Daniels Park, Lone Tree, Colorado (exact location: 39°28'35.11"N, 104°55'26.43"W) observing various conventional aircraft in the airspace around us. It’s a beautiful, bluebird day; we could clearly identify the aircraft around us, and Daniels Park is secluded so we could hear what propulsion system they utilized. At 1:22PM MST I noticed a circular, white object to the west between the foothills and our location, situated directly over the Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company property in Jefferson County. The property is approximately 5 miles south of Deer Creek Canyon Road and the junction of Highway 75 and S. Wadsworth Blvd. I first thought it was some sort of equipment on the side of the foothills, until it appeared to flatten out, or rotate to its horizontal axis, and float south (with the wind). I pointed it out to the group, and they thought it could be a paraglider, or hang glider, due to its fluid motions and its trajectory with the wind. It then came to a stop, hovered for +/- 1 min. and began to move north (against the wind). When the object began moving northbound, it light up with an immense, white light, almost like burning magnesium. At this time, there were not any aircraft in the airspace around us; we did not hear a sound emanating from the object. The distance between our location at Daniels Park and the foothills is 11 miles, and we could clearly make out its white disc shape against the very green foothills, thanks to the rain as of late. The object continued northbound, and increased its elevation because we lost it for a second when it was between us and the snow-capped Mount Evans. When we re-spotted the object, it had changed its trajectory and was heading east, seemingly over Highlands Ranch and then to Aurora, when it began heading north. It continued north, and from our vantage point appeared to be between Buckley AFB and Denver International Airport. We lost it in some clouds to the north and we did not see it again. I checked to see if any flights were active in that specific area over the Lockheed plant during the time of our sighting, and nothing was recorded.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 03:59 PM
hi ignor the user name i know the unified inteligence taskforce formerly known as the united nations inteligence task force dosnt exist althou i would like anyone who had an alien encounter to tell me as i am hoping to create a version of unit i havnt got a name for it yet althou i think imay have some alien tech i found whilst on holiday to some woodland in north america i am good with this stuff and would like to hear your experiences and what you can remember seeing if anything

thank you
sighned u.n.i.t 001

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 04:22 PM
reply to post by Piranha

A few years back when I was in Louisiana, I saw a blue orb flying from the north to the south. The time was dusk, so I could see if there was an outline of a plane, and there was none. The object looked like the afterburner of a jet, and made no noise at all. It was blue in color and shaped like an orb. I do not believe it was extraterrestrial, but I cannot identify what it was. It was not a bolide as they are very bright, and it was not a shooting star as I have seen many of them.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by kidflash2008

So what makes you think the craft was not ET in nature?

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 06:27 PM
I am not sure what you want to hear, but will tell you what I saw right down to the color of the trees at the time I saw something I have never seen before.

I don't care what anyone thinks of me or if they even believe me. I just don't care...... I saw what I saw and that's it!

One morning I took off to work at a shoe store in the town where I lived at the time. I worked as usual and my child got off from school about the same time every day.

This day she got off the bus in front of my store and I closed the store for about ten minutes to take her home to where her older brothers could watch her till I got off from work.

We got in the car and headed down Hwy 97 in Zebulon, North Carolina, towards the west to my home. On the way there, I looked up into the sky because the whole sky seemed to darken, and noticed a HUGE craft 'floating' east north east, which would have taken it over the busy Highway 64 at just about rush hour.

It was very slow moving and was black.... not shiny black... the kind of black 'paint' you'd see on an aircraft that didn't want to be seen by radar. I slowed the car down to almost a stop. My child screamed for me not to stop because she didn't want to be 'taken' again.

I thought that was odd and I didn't stop, neither did I speed up at all. Instead quickly, I looked for another vehicle to see if anyone else had seen the same thing. No one! So I looked closely to see the object and remember what it looked like. I have made a three dimensional picture of the object and I am posting the link to it here.

I can't get the picture to show up, so try to go here,

The object was tremendously huge, with 'rooms' and 'halls' sticking out of the bottom. The 'rooms' were square, but with rounded corners. It looked as if the whole thing was a mold of some sort. I saw no lights, I saw no 'people' or 'aliens'. I saw no windows, just the bottom of something I would say was at least a half mile in width and at least a mile in length. I looked out both sides of the car to see how wide it was. The darkness of the craft was such that it covered the sky from one side of my sight to the other on both sides of my car.

The 'halls' were round not square. They went from one of the rooms to another. I didn't see the whole bottom because I was frightened and my child continued to scream to the top of her voice till we finally got home fifteen minutes later. The whole trip should not have taken but ten minutes and I didn't slow down for fifteen minutes on my way home. The craft slowly moved it's way east north east.

I am posting this in hope that someone in the year 1994 saw something huge like me and is willing to state the truth here. I do not believe the craft I saw was a UFO. Period. I do however, believe that it was a United States Object and that our country is very far ahead of anything most of us could ever dream. The craft was moving just above the trees and if I had stopped the car and threw a rock, I could have hit it.

This is the first time I saw a flying craft, but not the last time. I have seen several sense then and now take a zoom lense camera with me at all times so I will NOT miss the oppertunity to take a picture of one again.

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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 07:02 PM
A better picture...........

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 07:23 PM
Well the only definite ufo experience I've had, was when I was about 14-15 years old and coming back from a friends house. It was dark, probably around 10pm, and I was heading up a dirt track which separated two roads. And I saw a big white bright light just behind some trees, pretty close to me. I stared at it while I was walking a bit. It was just kinda sitting there behind the trees, becoming visible and covered as I walked. Then it took off all of a sudden, the only way I can describe it's arc was the Nike swoosh sign. I ran a bit ahead in stupid hopes of seeing it again, but it was long gone. I remember saying to myself "what the **** was that?"

The thing went from being totally immobile to zipping across the sky so fast, I knew I wasn't seeing something ordinary there. Never seen anything since though. I'd love to have a closer experience and get a good look at one of those things.

It wasn't til I got on the internet that I found how common my experience seems to be.

Oh and I guess I should mention, this happened in southeast England (Medway Kent) Not exactly a hotspot for UFO activity I guess. In around 1994-5

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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 07:42 PM
Hello, i have a UFO experience.

I was sleeping one night in the winter around january 2009, when i woke up randomly. I wasn't sleeping very well in the first place so nothing out of the ordinary. I decided to open my window to get some fresh air. I looked out towrd my school and i saw a bright shining orb moving. It cam from the entrance where the school buses come in. It moved from left to right hovering above the ground and slowly went up and dissapearedbehind the school again.

I live like a 4 min walk from the school and i know it could not have been a vehicle becasue it only had one light and it hovered( i could tell because instead of stopping infront of the fence on the right side it kinda went over it.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 09:40 PM
For me I believe it would be worthless to write about sightings of the ufo's (ships are what we call them) because for myself it is much more involved.

The things I have read in this thread are interesting to say the least and from what I have read it seems many have seen the ships. I get my sense by the words you use and the context in which you all write.

I'm a 60 yr. old Grandma and it took me a long time to realize everything when dealing with this subject doesn't come in order.

I read what I write and sometimes I must say I even confuse myself, I am not a writer. When writing you have to choose words carefully and write precisely or your words can be taken different ways by different people.

For myself I go with what I know, what I have observed, by what I have been shown and told within this life by humans and by what you call aliens......

How does one tell another that ufo's and aliens are the real deal, there is one word always thrown in the mix proof! From what I observe there is so much proof out there.... but it's just never good enough......this has to stop and you have to move forward, its like you are in a time warp of Ground Hog Day for Goodness sake.

I will tell you this:

They are here and here in mass, there ships are in our waters and present themselves as stars shining in your sky.

You see I am telling you truth's can you get past "are there" ufo's and alien's and think about what is really important in your lives. Are you happy with the way things are, we as a race need change and they wait for you to change not Religiously but Spiritually.

Yes, there are UFO's and Alien's and they are not all bad as many make them out to be.

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posted on May, 31 2009 @ 02:00 AM
Event 1

I was looking at the skys every night looking for UFOs. Well this one night I was looking at a specific patch of sky and then a red light appeared out of nowhere. It slowly floated across the sky for about 5 seconds then disappeared.

Event 2

I went outside trying to communicate with aliens with my mind. After about 45 minutes a very small light that looked exactly like a star appeared and slowly floated across the sky for about 5 seconds then disappeared.

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 09:06 AM
My UFO sighting occured sometime in the autumn of 1991.
It was about 10pm. I was with a friend walking through an industrial estate in southside Dublin, Ireland.
We had stopped to chat, as this was the halfway point between our homes.
The night was clear, you could see stars, but not many due to the backround light of the city's street lights. As I stood facing my friend i noticed two bright lights approaching over his shoulder. There is usually a lot of airtraffic over this area so i thought it was a passenger jet with its landing lights on. I kept an eye on the lights as they got closer. When i first spotted them they were fairly low on the horizon, about 20 degrees, as you'd expect for aircraft making an approach to land.
As the lights, there were two, got closer i realised they were too for apart to be aircraft landing lights. We both stopped talking and watched them come almost directly overhead.
There were two bright lights, each trailing vapor, there was no sound. As they passed over us we saw that behind, following in a fixed formation, there was about four or five smaller lights and one long 'pencil' of light. These were much dimmer than the two main lights. We could see the stars behind the lights indicating that it wasn't some large object with windows or whatever, they seemed to be all seperate. The only lights trailing vapor were the leading two.
The whole lot passed overhead and was on an east-west course. When the ensemble was at about 20 degrees heading away from us it seemed to bank to the right, and turn to the southeast.
Judging from how low on the horizon it was when first spotted to when we lost sight of it, and how fast the light passed, I believe whatever it was was at low altitude. There are hills to the south of where we were, and it seemed to pass behind them.
I recently discussed this incident with my colleague who was there, and he recalls this story exactly as i do, except for one detail, he remembers seeing two 'pencils' of light and one of them was blue.
Here's the twist. When i went home that night, i told my uncle about what we had seen, and he joked that we were smoking 'funny cigarettes'. However the next day, when i was in work, there was mentioned on the radio news that people all over Ireland had reported seeing strange lights and objects that night. Two police officers had even reported seeing a large metallic craft hovering next to an electrical pylon somewhere in the west of the country. These reports were repeated on the hourly news all that day. That evening i purchased news paper which contained an article relating to the previous nights events and brought it home to show my uncle.
Ive not really spoken about this much since then, I've asked people do they remember hearing about that night, nobody does, and I've checked some archived UFO reports that have occured in Ireland but can't find anything.

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 09:06 AM
My first sighting was on silvester 2008 in the sky my friend and me saw a bright dot like yellow getting more red in the middle (it wasnt a rocket or sth cause it flew slowly for about 5 minutes) . I have a 30 mw green laser pointer you can see the beam in the sky.... well at least we pointed at it and it began to go faster and faster and dissapeared!!!

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 11:15 AM
Here it goes:
I was returning home from my relatives with my family late that night (2003 july 27-29 (not sure now), about 11:30 PM (timezone +2 GMT) when after the road curve we all saw the object on our left. I have stopped the car immediately and opened a window. Looked back at my parents to make sure they see the same. They just nodded. Then we were just standing there or about 10 minutes and observing it.
[Side note - I was always into these kind of things, but I remember saying then loud - Oh no, i'm not going there. Fear of the unknown, I guess].
Ok, so here is the object - Two circles of white bright round lights, smaller one a bit lower than tne bigger one. Lights onn both of them were circling clockwise I think (there was some disagreement about the direction afterwards). It hovered in about 50 meters, about 200 meters from the road.
After about 10 minutes it started moving along the road in the direction o Marijampolė (where we were traveling) and a little away. I started the engine and was driving for another 100 meters, then the road turns right. The object was fading as it moved, not because of the distance, but by itself. Then it flied further away across the river and was still visible for some time. Finally the glow of townlights hid it from our sight.
I'd like to add, that that night was totally dark, but there were no clouds at all - the sky was full of stars.
As for possible explanations, first thought was that it is some projection on the clouds or some light show.. But as i know that place very well, there isn't any such instalations, because its a farmland with a river valley cutting it across, no population on that side of the road whatsoever.
Besides, sky was clear, object was very low and bright, and last - the lights were directed to the sides and the object they were circling around, had some volume - lights were visible only in front of the object and hid behind it.

The thread with some sketches and a real photo of 100 percent identical craft to the one I saw is here:
The thread

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 04:13 PM
August 1965, I was 12 years old. On a road trip with an uncle who at the time was an OTR truck driver. He had taken his rig, Peterbilt w/ (flatbed and 5, 30' long concrete culvert pipes) up into the Jemez Mountain Range of New Mexico to find a place where we could crash with out two much noise/traffic. It was about 9 pm, my Uncle had crashed in the back sleeper after taking a snort or two from a pint of Jack Danials) I was listening to some jams on my 9 volt powered transitor radio in the front seat.......................when the hair on both arms literally started to stand and The music turned to static..........Im just starting to WoNdEr, what the heck.

When In the distance (maybe 300 yards) there was a red/blue/orangesh kinda glow in the trees. I COULD NOT look or even blink. I was rubbing my arms (the tingly feeling) and I could see strands of eletrical currents coming from my fricking fingertips. Not the static type you get from running your fingers through your hair. These were coming literally out of all fingers and both thumbs, 10 to 14 '' long and just whipping to and fro.
This needless to say FREAKED me out, I tried to wake my Uncle, I think he had more than a swig from the pint. He wouldn't wake.

Im still LOOKing at the erry glow, when right out of the tree tops, came a cigar/ shaped craft with a center band of lights that appeared to be rotating in a first counterclockwise motion. It made no real noise, but rather a humm. When making a abrupt movement one way or another, (which it did for about 20/30minutes) the band of lights in the center of the craft reversed direction. It raised in elevation severaly times, and then disappeared into the trees for several minutes. The hum it emitted, YOU COULD FEEL IT, if that makes sense.

I tried to wake my Uncle, hysterical by this time, Im screaming at my Uncle to wake up,,,,,,,,theres a UFO out their. My cantankerous old Uncle whom was a WW2/Korean War Vet, laughed saying I was dreaming, and told me to go back to sleep, never coming out of his back sleeper.

After a half hour or so, It elevated, came RIGHT OVER the top of us. Kept moving away while elevating, and then like a shooting STAR, it shot STRAIGHT UP INTO the night sky. I JUMPED back in that sleeper", and shut her up tight. Repeatedly saying ,,,,,I just seen a UFO, untill my Uncle told me to go up front. Somehow eventually went to sleep.

Here's the kicker, Uncle woke me the next morning, he's shaving, Im tring to tell him what I saw, he's laughing his butt off, still saying "Id Had a Dream". I put my earpiece in, (we didn't have those nice ones-like they got these days.) And went to turn my radio on,,,,,,and guess what?
Dead battery. No problem, got three brand new ones, still in the wrapper. That Id brought for the trip. But guess what. They to (all three were dead)...

Then we got ready to head down the road,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,And the Peterbilt was DEAD, nada, nothing, couldn't even, get the CB to power up.

We started walking down the road, walked about 15 minutes. And a Butane Servicing truck came up on us. Picked us up and said he was called into the plant, (He was out on a service call the night before and his dispatcher okd him to take his unit home, some 25 miles oppisite direction. We went about 5 miles down to where his company was. Big yard with 15 / 20 butanes trucks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ALL OF THEM HAD DEAD BATTERIES.
YUP, my 1st and ONLY encounter. NS.

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 05:02 PM
reply to post by jkrog08

It did not move in any really unusual way. It moved in a straight line, like a regular aircraft. There were two unusual aspects about the object: the first was that there was no outline of an airplane or jet, even though it was low enough and the sky was bright enough to make one out. It was also quiet, and if it were a jet I would of heard a noise.

I do not want to conclude anything is extraterrestrial unless I can get a really close look at the object. It could still of been a very small jet and the upper wind could of obscured the sound. The one problem with ufology is people jump to conclusions too quickly.

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 06:06 PM
In the spring of 2000,
I had travelled almost 700 miles overnight, spent the day getting ready for the return trip, purchasing stock for business and filled my car utilising every inch of space possible less the front bench seat.

My woman with me, we headed east from seattle and not being in a rush, decided to visit an old friend in the Northern Cascades.

We cut off I-90 beyond Cle Elum and took highway 970 to State Route 97 and headed north.

We had never been there but with an open invitation to visit any times, it was now or probably never.
My woman had talked by phone earlier, so we were certain the friend was home, and we had the address.

It was a long drive up windy mountain roads and dark. When we got close, it was truly amazing how many more stars you could see at high altitude on a clear night.

When we couldn't find the address, we stopped and knocked on a strangers door and were greated with caution, but soon we were at ease and got the directions. ( it turned out about a country block down, there was a 2/4 mile cut-off dirt drive to the house. We were that close.

We didn't see the car we knew the friend drove and no one answered.

It was about 10:00 PM by then. We thought maybe the friend went to the store and decided to sit and wait awhile.

After over an hour, we decided to abort the mission, even though it was quite out of the way and it was disappointing not to be able to suprise the friend as planned.

On the way back, after viewing a map while waiting at the friends, I decided to take Highway 2 rather than west back to I-90, since we were going east and it would take up close to Spokane.

I found for the second time in my life that a straighter line on a map is not always the fastest, for it was a narrow, slow dark road at night.

When we got east of Davenport, I couldn't drive any further. We were exhausted and I pulled over to the shoulder, in the woods, pitch black with 0 visibility, and we both fell incomfortably to sleep sitting.

It couldn't have been too long, but I awoke to a massive bang from the drivers rear quarter panel and the suspension rocked violently.

My eues popped open wide and with keys still in the iginition, I started engine, shifted to drive and floored the accelerator turning the lights on after switching wheel hands.

That scared the bejeezus out of me and I was rushing with adrenilyn. I drove until I was near Fairchild AFB, where there were Buildings, tarmac and lights ahead visible inside the AFB fence. My woman had gone back to sleep.

Again I pulled over to rest. As I sat thinking of what animal or other would have slammed the side of the car back in the woods, I was just relaxing from the woods incident when, A hanger door opens and about five or so military clad persons came out, followed by an orb of intense light that floated over the tarmac and rose to about 100 feet and headed towards us.

I was still cloaked in darkness down the road, and I watched, trying to shake my woman awake.

I told her, "Wake up! look at this thing!", but she resisted the shaking and calling sleepily mumbling "Let me sleep (inaudible)." I just couldn't roust her.
As I watched, the orb, about 5-6 feet in diameter, crept silently closer and was now at the AFB fenceline.

I was maybe 1/3 mile down road, and I couldn't take it. It seeme that the orb was now almost directly above us, and once again, I started the car and drove on, Not stopping until I was across the Idaho boarder.

I was afraid I'd be tracked by the military if they saw me leave the area.

The orb was 5-6 feet in diameter, with glowing with a white/pale-yellow very brightly illujmination of light, and made no noise whatsoever.

This is one of two sightings. The other, was in the Seattle area of a fast moving high altitude object caught on super8, which I have the original tape, but no conversion device to transfer the footage.

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 06:53 PM
In the spring of 1985, my friend and I scored a 12 pack of beer. Being underage, we naturally, consumed as much as possible (about 4 beers a piece) and went down to the river dock to lay and enjoy the buzz and look out towards Oak Ridge. After about an hour, my friend turns to me and says, "Hey isn't the moon beautiful tonight."

I look up and notice the moon. It's huge and glowing orange. I said, "Yes it is beautiful, I've never seen it so colorful."

He said, "The only problem is the moon is over there."

I turn my head, and off to my right is the moon rising. I look back at the orange round ball over my head. I said, "Holy #! It's a UFO."

He said, "Yep, and we're drunk and there is not a soul who will ever believe this."

I said, "You're right." and watched the glowing orb carefully. It was sitting perfectly still directly overhead. It was approximately 50% larger than the moon, had strange lines of dark and light that slowly moved in a hypnotic way.

After that it gets my memory gets real hazy. In fact I don't remember how we got back home, or when we stopped watching it. I just remember waking up in my bed the next morning with a vague memory of the night before. I called up my friend and asked him what happened.

He said, "We were drunk, we saw nothing, never speak of this again. I can't deal with the potential ridicule."

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