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Tell me about your dreams, and being on the astral plane.

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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 12:45 AM
reply to post by tool_puoooo

The '28 days later' dream was like the one that I had the other day. Empty cities. I really liked your dream it was very interesting. I often wonder if we are getting prepared for something bigger and better. I believe in some of the 2012 things. And just wonder if our ancients were right about things, I guess it just makes me think. We are all having these dreams trying to tell us things. Maybe they are showing us glimpses into our future. "Phase one complete".... Like I said are we being prepared?? Are we all becoming more aware and enlightened?? Who knows, but I'm glad that everyone is sharing these dreams because we just might be on to something here!

I forgot to add in about the shadow people. I have been seeing them for awhile, and it is really freaking me out. I'm getting to where I have a nightlight in every room now....I was never like that before, ever. I just feel an evil presents around me, then I visualize my white light around me, and it goes away. WTF are these things?? I have a friend that tells me that they are spirits wanting to talk to me, but I have a sheild up and they won't disrespect my protection for me and my family. She says that they are harmless....but why do I feel evil then??? I don't know what to think!?

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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 03:43 PM
Hi ..

I started a thread a few weeks back maybe and also replied to other threads regarding astral travel. Please take a look

But I wanted to reply to this thread regarding a dream I have probably once every 3 months. A couple of nights back I had a dream I was in my apartment with my wife and we were so frightened, then I looked out of the window and there was a gigantic tsunami wave heading right for us, it was so so scary just waiting to die, my wife said this is it and we both cuddled up in a ball. We didn't die though and the next thing that was happening was that we were leaving town, everyone was, it was mass panic and I had the feeling of everyone as equal, no rich or poor because we were all in the same boat (forgive the pun) anyway . .that’s the top and bottom of it but I have had very similar dreams before, all have a massive dirty wave heading for us and the really frightening scary ready to die feeling. Thanks for reading ..


posted on May, 28 2009 @ 03:51 PM
There has been a lot of reports on this site about the Shadow people, guess a black entity outline of a person like a three dimentional shadow.

What is interesting about the 28 days later dream as mentioned in the post above is that scientists are using monkeys to breed other monkeys with ultra violet light genes that can be seen in the dark. The 28 days movie started out from a virus from monkeys but so did the film 12 monkeys too.

Genetically modified primates that glow green and pass the trait on to their offspring could aid the fight against human disease.

Though primates that make a glowing protein have been created before, these are the first to keep the change in their bloodlines.

Future modifications could lead to treatments for a range of diseases.

The "transgenic" marmosets, created by a Japanese team, have been described in the journal Nature.


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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 05:07 PM
Forget the glow in the dark monkies, I just heard on the radio there's german Jersey mini-cows. the size of a dachchund or any other small dogs. LOL
I want one for my very own, on the other hand, what is this world coming to, gene manipulation for nothing better than vanity. *pyuck*

I have had experiences with shadow people inside and outside the home. the first time I was confronted by one was outside and I had been up for a couple days, I told my girlfriend at the time about it and she didn't beleive me, leading me to test my sanity; only to find years later that these diamons, or rather are spirit realm dwells , and I had yet more experiences with them. Usually when they're present in the house I get the eerie evil spidey senses, like last night, outside though tends to be more of a chills down the spine but in the dreams and waking up to one beside the bed I turn into the guy that wants to kick his frat buddies rear-end.

The last couple night dreams have been a blur reall, though I know there was alot more than it seems I am remembering. Last night rather early this morning I concluded with me receiving a note, to which read " RENT TO OWN" which means little at the moment but me and my fiance are planning on moving and a starter home rent to own would be perfect for us.
that was the only memorable lucidity I had three mere words.

~~ I now had walked in from my walk and I remember I was distictfully whistling in my dream and then I manifested an Oscar Myier Weenie whistle of which changed form and had more holes the more I inspected, but the part that woke me up was there was some other, non-threatening yet un-expected on my behalf, some other person, I personally think it was a fae; whistling the same key same me but a blitz moment after my whistle. like almost synchonicity. lol
if it was this fae, I'd sure like to befriend it

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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 11:50 PM
reply to post by tumache That is so funny that you say that, I always feel as though I'm a fae on the astral. I have all their qualities, called me weird if you want, but that is how I feel. And have had more than one person call me a shadow fae.....I don't really know about all of it, or what that really means. But these people are great with past lives and preditions. So I keep it in the back of my head, for things for ponder.

The time lord -- That whole monkey connection is weird. (and the pic) Thanks for the info!

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 02:38 AM
I had ran across a thread about astral plane has little info but some one in there had some insight that was very complex to say the least, worth the look nonetheless

ATS astral pane thread

I have had a few run ins with fae, usually they are apprehensive, and tend to defend them selves, in the old had on the chest sort of way if you catch my drift.
I am going to further my research in the near future on there specimin
they are intriguing. I am going to try to catch some ZZZzzzs GN

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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 05:19 AM
I have had quite a few paranormal events recently, waking up at 3:00, Sky tv changing to menu back to channel by itself, SP, tsunami dreams, really realistic dreams as if im actually in reality, noises ... dog barking at nothink in the house and this is all since reading on here and becoming more aware
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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 03:43 PM
reply to post by satellite1

Do you live by water where you could have a tsunami?? Just wondering if your dream was really a prediction?? I like that you could 'feel' that it didn't matter if you were rich or poor....everyone is equal. You never know maybe it will happen someday!!?

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 05:48 PM
I was very happy to read about the term mental projection. Because thats what must have happened a few times to me. So far, I have never had an OOBE that I can remember, nor do I remember my dreams well at all. But I've been an experiencer and have friends who are that write to me frequently. I attempted to remote view a friends abduction, and my own, after ordering two books on remote viewing by Joseph McMoneagle. What happened, however, was instant, and sounded just like mental projection, as I felt like I was there, but still in my body at the same time. And yet, the ets knew I was there and interacted with me, at the least the greys did in my friends abduction, drew me aside and refused to let me see very much concerning him, but showed me some interesting things. Then I felt that they had followed me back, and that night as I was falling off to sleep felt "put in my place" and intimidated a bit. Within a week, both my friend and myself, and my children (as my son had reported missing time that night while he was up) all experienced probable abduction, as both my friend and I had wounds, my children needle marks, and I had some memories. My friend lives at least 3000 miles away from me! We write on skype alot. So it kind of put me off ever trying remote viewing about ets again.

However, the thing I really wanted to share was that my friend often writes to me, and awakes with many wounds and scoop marks. He, like my son, often has wounds on his head. He had pulled 2 wires out of one on the back of his neck while he had these on his head. In any case, that night I was just thinking of him before I went to sleep, wondering if he was getting a good nights sleep.

Suddenly, I was there, pulled into this huge, circular type control room, very busy with high technology, hard to describe. The viewing screens seemed highly positioned. Then I saw my friend. He was sitting in a chair, hard wired with a helmet on his head. He was surrounded by these men wearing black uniforms, and he was wearing the same kind himself. They were probably 5' 8"- 5 ' 10", though he was sitting so I couldn't be sure, they could have been an inch or so shorter. Very strong broad chests. Dark hair, except for one blond male. I didn't see a woman right there. They had pulled me there to check on my friend, and were rangers, patrol officers, very positive, very honorable, seemed to like me. But as I tried to get a sign or emblem I fell asleep.

The next morning he wrote to me on skype and told me that the minute he had laid down for sleep, the bed had started to vibrate, then without any transition (which often happens to him) it was immediately lights out until 4:30 am for him. That he awoke with painful wounds on his head and neck, where I had seen the hardwired helmet. So I told him what had happened.

Since then, he's actually had memory leaks and dreams about these rangers.
Since two of my older sons have wounds down the top of the head and several spots on the side, luckily none on the neck, since they were 10-12 at least, often, I was quite alarmed at it, though felt very strongly they were very positive.

Edit to add: it seemed like my friend was one of these guys, in the same outfit too! Like were old bros. And they were very attractive men

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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 08:33 PM
reply to post by mystiq

I find all that very interesting, I too have missing time when I saw a UFO as a child. (I mention on pg 3) I don't know what happened, never had any memories of this. Maybe nothing happened...idk. But I have awaken with scratches, and bruises on my body. I think this is from being on the astral and it is very real for me. I'm always battling and training there....(and no I don't play wow) Sometimes people ask me that, they think my imagination is running wild.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 04:09 AM
[edit - before this i had my usual realistic dream ] I had another SP which in i heard movement in my bedroom than a figure walking towards me i didnt even try to scream this time i had flashbacks of being a kid and this happening to me ... it didnt last long ... but when awaking i was really suprised it was the morning 9;00 pm (Night time in this sp) ,


I live in a town by the sea so a Tsunami could be possible

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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 05:14 AM
vampireZio “Maybe you need to follow your own path and rules and not the expectations of someone else, start creating your own answers for life”
Thanks for the comment. May this is indeed what I need to do. Instead of making people happy of what they want, it is time to go my own path and follow my own beliefs.

Bronwyn82: “Dreams, I believe, are giving us insight for our lives here on Earth. People can give you important messages like "Follow the Path of the Goddess" in your case. It means just that, it is YOUR path. And the key is the white light, to keep you safe and protect you. Use more white light in you daily practices. I hope this helps!”

It certainly helps. Thanks for the explanation. Dreams have indeed the intent to give you tools to see clearly in your daily live. To help you overcome fears and obstacles in your live.

Shredder: “where im in a state of relaxation. Watching tv or in front of the computer for example where my mind literally feels like im about 20 feet in the air, feels very strange but i really like the feeling, my curiousity is rather high so everytime it happens, i stay perfectly still and try to work out what im doing”

Maybe I don’t have the exact feeling when I am meditating, but when I am meditating I feel like my mind is only in my head and I have don’t feel my body at all, it is like it is no part of me.

Mmiichael:” But just because I FEEL that way does not mean I am right. I think many things are possible. I do not look down on, or judge others by their opinions about this, or try to over state my point or change their minds. Their opinions are part of their beliefs and their beliefs are part of their hearts, they all belong to them and I have no right man handle them just because I feel differently and want to be seen as the right one.”

That is the same way I feel. Very well written.

AwakenAware:” I remember seeing a bright white being in the doorway 3 feet from my bed but I paid no mind because I had to see my face. It was as still as a statue and never once moved while I was having this experience. It appeared to be bright white with hair to it's shoulders that was brighter then the skin but just as bright as the robe it seemed to be wearing (a hood maybe?). It didn't cast a shadow and there were no tunnels of light or anything like that. It was just there and like I said, it never moved. It had no features on the face but a nose and very thin light pink lips. It would have looked almost like a human except for the eyes, they were almost alien like but not, they were much smaller then anything I have ever read about”

I never had an OBE experience. I read somthing last time, I still have to find the article. Is about OBE’s. If you have one, it sometimes appear that you are meeting light beings or aliens in your dream. But it also that you are meeting your mulit-self. If I do find it , I will let you know.

Originally posted by bronwyn82 :” Isn't it funny how we are all having dreams about reptile type creatures?? Weird. I must say I love stange and unusal things.

Read this document, they talk about reptile type of aliens.
Page 17:Alpha Draconians. Just a little qoute out of the free e-book:
What is the mindset of the reptilians to conquer and enslave? : It is of there nature to do so. The reptilians as you mention are a race that has yet to learn any lessons based on their belief structure.....more on:

Autowrench: “I like this dream. I would say that following the path of the Goddess means having a reverence for Mother Earth, having faith in yourself”

Indeed it is having faith in yourself and follow the path that you think is divine and helps maybe to my path of “ascension”.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 05:25 AM
On Wednesday 17th of May I had another weird dream, if you can say it was a dream. I knew I was dreaming and yet I felt I was awake. It is so a funny feeling that I can’t describe it properly.

I was dreaming (?) that a white/yellow bright pulsing light was inside me. It was if the light was tearing my body apart in little pieces and rebuilt them in another way. At the beginning of the process I just let it happened because I thought it was an amazing feeling. But as it gets on the pain comes, an excruciating pain through my whole body. Then it wasn’t fun anymore and tried to wake up from it. But I couldn’t, I was paralyzed. So it went on for another few minutes until I managed to wake myself up.

The moment I was up, the pain kept on going, especially in my chest and spine. But after a few minutes again it went slowly away and I fell asleep again.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 05:32 AM
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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 08:14 AM
I have been having a recurring dream lately ( 4 times that I can remember) of being a female archeologist ( im very much a male, at least as of about 10 mins ago when I used the bathroom
) and I am always in the same place, on a cliff above a body of water standing in front of a pillar holding an object in my hand.

I am looking at it and notice a symbol ( what it is I cannot remember exactly ) and apparently I am talking to my partner, and he says to me " the question isn't why is it there, but why is everywhere else". In the dream, I feel as if he is talking about other objects we have found.

It's a really rather strange dream to me as it is far and away different than normally dream about.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 08:44 AM
Has anbody else had an SP and seen a figure walking towards them ?

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by toshly1

I have never had a figure walk towards me, but I have seen 'shadow people' or figures. (I mentioned above) About five years ago when I was living by myself, I woke up one night with a figure standing by my bed. It was not a shadow person, it was a person in all black with a mask on that was all black as well. No facial features, now I know what it was....a psychic vampire. I showed no emotion and turned over and went back to sleep. These things feed on emotion and do not let them have it.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 04:13 PM
reply to post by Kuronotenshi

About two weeks ago when I would wake up from my dreams, I would still be half awake and half asleep...anyway I would see these symbols being drawn in my ceiling with fire. I wanted to wait until someone said something about symbols to write this. I only remember two symbols one was an X with a circle on the top and bottom. (I cannot find this symbol anywhere, idk what it could be) And the other symbol is the Star and Crescent Symbol seen here.....

I have been looking all over to find out what this means, and have a few ideas....But I want to know what you think??? So anyone with some insight please!!

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 05:07 AM

Originally posted by bronwyn82
reply to post by toshly1

I have never had a figure walk towards me, but I have seen 'shadow people' or figures. (I mentioned above) About five years ago when I was living by myself, I woke up one night with a figure standing by my bed. It was not a shadow person, it was a person in all black with a mask on that was all black as well. No facial features, now I know what it was....a psychic vampire. I showed no emotion and turned over and went back to sleep. These things feed on emotion and do not let them have it.

I didnt get much of a look at it but it's body was black and it's face was more a less a mask i only caught a quick glimpse it reminded me of jason X. it didnt bother me at all, i was quite amazed unlike when i was a kid and i saw the same thing i shat myself, i personally think it was more than just a dream

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 05:07 AM
Dude isnt that the turkish flag

The term Ottoman flag refers to any of the flags used by the ruling Sultans of the Ottoman Dynasty. Various flags were used within the Ottoman Empire during its existence, and the sultan also used different personal flags on different occasions of state. Due to the complex social and political organization of the Ottoman Empire, throughout most of its history there was no single proper national flag, until 1844. In 1844, as part of the Tanzimat reforms, the first official national flag of the Ottoman Empire was adopted. This flag, which had a five-pointed star and crescent, also formed the basis of the present-day flag of the Republic of Turkey.

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