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Tell me about your dreams, and being on the astral plane.

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posted on Aug, 2 2010 @ 06:14 PM
This is the first time I have ever dreamed and consciously been aware of not being myself. Last night I was dreaming that I was a small boy, around nine or ten years old. I was wearing a big green backpack, but I did not see this or myself. It's a strange feeling to describe. I just knew I was a little kid, even right down to my facial features (cute little thing, dark hair which was short but kind of floppy, freckles), yet I saw nothing of myself apart from what I would normally expect to see of my own body.

It was like I had gone back in time in this farm area. There were two donkeys attached to a rudimentary plough going across one field, although the area itself was a little unkempt with long grass and sparsely located fences made of wire and wooden stakes that were about to fall over.
I was dressed in modern khaki/beige shorts, pale yellow/brown top, white socks and white trainers, running through this area and into a womans house located on the land. She was wearing a late 19th century dress that was a deep maroon shade and the house interior was old fashioned with many rooms leading off from one another. She chased me around these rooms, and I eventually got a cupboard door mixed up with a room entrance and she caught me. I was giggling like a good 'un!

This is when I brought out a mobile phone, which confused her as she had never seen this type of device before. She wasn't angry after chasing me, but seemed a little off with me after she saw my phone.

Something worth noting, the feel of this dream is one that I've only had a handful of other times. It's like there are different locations of the astral plane that I go to, each with their own atmosphere and central colour themes. Like if you go to China, it will feel drastically different from LA or London, which in turn feel different to rural Scotland or domestic Berlin. In this particular area of the astral plane, I am always being chased or accosted by something or someone. I am chased in other locations that have a different feel to them, so it's not a case of relating my chase dreams to this one place, but this place is maybe not a good location to be hanging around in when I dream as it feels realer.

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 12:35 PM
I have been a lurker for quite sometime. After a very odd "dream" this morning I decided to change that. Actually I have had two very bizarre dreams concerning other dimensions, water vortexes and the like in the past two weeks but the one from this morning was just plain strange enough that it merits sharing.

My husband and myself were in this exam room with many very attractive nordic type individuals conducting and participating in the experiments. The entire room was full of other people like us, all adults. We were not dressed. They were all consicous but oblivious. After a few experiments on myself by these tall,lovely but very bored looking model types( which incidentally I felt every pinch and prode while asleep) I started screaming "I am awake". This is when it just went to complete and utter strangeness. They simply shut down what they were doing like robots of some sort. Lights started flashing all over the room, high pitched beeps went off.I had broken protocol and was not out of it like the rest of the people in the room. They grabbed me off the table I was on and threw this robe thing on me. Two very strong females who just minutes before were prodding. We descended down this cement staircase to another room and I became very pissed.

It was set up to look like my childhood bedroom.I got the distinct impression I had been in that room many times before. It was full of your typical grey aliens. One was laying under my bed like the monsters I used to cry myseld to sleep over at night. I became very hostile and grabbed a broom out of the corner. I hit the one under my bed very hard, he was metal-like and yet squishy in some places. This started a convergence on me from all angles.

I felt woozy and afraid but was not going to give them the satisfaction of keeping me in that room. So I ran. I came to this room filled with these small pools that looked like hot tubs but the water was swirling within. They were filled with thousands upon thousands of other people who I thought were drowning. These pools were not big enough to hold that many people yet they did? Panic set in I did not want to drown, but then I realized it was how they abducted people without actually removing them from their beds or homes.

So I took the plunge myself, it felt like I was falling from the highest mountain in the world. It was not wet, it was colorful, made my head and ears feel like they would implode. I woke up, gasping and afraid. Looked at the clock it was 10:10 am.

Anyone else ever encountered these pools while dreaming? The dream was very lucid, Parts of it feel very dream-like while others of it are so real its like I could touch the table I was taken off.

This felt much more like a spiritual abduction but yet a dream as well. I am most interested in an explanation for what these pools were? They definitely allowed for time travel in this experience as well as entering other dimensions. Very odd!

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 06:03 PM
This dream was very dark. I was in an old "gothic" church that was more like a warehouse inside. It was large, semi-metallic, but with ornate features you would find inside an old church. It was all very grey and black, devoid of colour.

Two people were getting married, and the guests were all wearing Star Wars costumes, but instead of normal cloth, it was frilly lace, and instead of shiny plastic, every corner and edge was a mottled black that faded into the actual costume colour. All throughout this dream I was seeing things fairly close up, and very clearly despite the dull lighting.

I did spend the previous weekend helping out at a convention with my 501st Imperial Legion friends in real life. I've never dreamed about the costumes before though.

posted on Sep, 13 2010 @ 04:22 PM
Well I can't remember what thread it was in or who posted about melatonin raising your ability to dream, however, I have found out quite by accident that this really does work (no I didn't take a supplement). I was in the sun all day yesterday and I also wore sunglasses (WIKI says this helps keep melatonin levels up during the day), And apparently this combined to make my melatonin levels unusually high(for me). Any way let me tell you I certainly did dream last night and very very unusual for me had two dreams. They were weird and scary nightmares but I can't beleive that it actually was true. If you can naturally increase your levels (I don't beleive in supplements myself, but to each his own) then your dreaming will definately increase! How to dot com has a nice article about natural ways to increase your melatonin levels! But also wearig sunglasses(which they don't mention) in the hours before bedtime which blocks uva/uvb light will help keep your levels up as well.

posted on Sep, 13 2010 @ 04:46 PM

Originally posted by Novise
reply to post by ldyserenity

Ok, you've got to play it smart then. Try to relax, or set up the situation where you can relax more importantly (though it's ok to be intense in a dream just don't over exert). Give yourself some distance between other dream characters. Don't try to solve problems in ways that require over-exertion, but a little bit of effort/will is ok. I'm actually really bad when the pressure is on, so i'm kind of stealthy in my dreams. I often don't let on that it's a dream and I try to blend in with the crowd or the surroundings.

[edit on 26-7-2010 by Novise]

This totally and completely. When I distanced myself from the characters and then they stopped. Actually now though, I cannot force any lucid dreams, however when I enter the dream and see the clues I can go lucid, however the only control I have is to make myself wake.So far.

posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 06:30 PM
I was in a house filled with waist height clear water. In front of me there were little specks in the water floating on the surface. I bent down to see them and pick them up, and they turned out to be five puppies, all about three millimeters long of the Yorkshire Terrier breed. They all climbed onto my finger tip and played around, but the water was getting a bit feisty so I had to leave. Outside was an adult dog of the same breed sitting on the porch beside a man in a waistcoat and top hat.

Honestly, the sight of puppies that small filled me with girlish glee that has been with me throughout the day.

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 10:30 AM
reply to post by bronwyn82

Hello, I've decided to revisit this wonderful thread, as a dream I had before waking up this morning has me wondering.
This is how it went, I asked the management of my community if I could have a vegetable and fruit garden on a peice of land that is vacant here (in real life there is some land they have not used) And anyway, the management gave me the go ahead. So I went and bought an orange tree, a pear tree, and an apple tree, pea seeds, squash seeds, watermelon seeds, and I think agave seeds. Anyway I tilled the ground, planted everything, and then watered and fed whenever the garden needed. It came time to harvest as all the things started having fruit or vegetables totally ripened and I invited everybody out for the harvest, we ate watermelon and I divided up everything between the community so everyone would have something for their cupboard. But, the stuff I wanted to bring home, management stuck stickers on it for a tax to be paid to them on every piece. I went to the office and argued that I should not be taxed as it was mine to begin with, I put in all the work and I shared the harvest with them as well, plus I bought with my own money all the trees & organic seeds so that the veggies and the fruits came back every year. I do live in Florida so oranges will grow here, btw. In case that's important. Anyway I felt jipped and angry I was being taxed on something that was mine that I didn't even have to share, but I did, and asked for no money (I didn't sell the produce in any way, shape, or form!)
What does this dream mean????

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 03:23 AM
i remember one morning before school i was sleeping it must have been the noise my mother was making because she would be up rushing getting ready for work .. i remember hearing a high pitch ring in my ear and not being able to move or talk i remember leaving my body floating on the ceiling of my room i remember seeing the top of my mothers head walking into the bathroom out side my room door and im thinking whats going on my mother called me so i can wake up and get ready for school ... imstill floating still hearing the ringing in my head i had to really think hard about moving my body once i did i re-entered my body and heard my mother calling me for the second time .. i knew rite where she was when i awoke .... that was the first time and first way i left .... the other times i became aware while in dream an started flying around the house its so crazy because it feels so real but i have not done that in years and for some reason i had forgot all about that .... i cant wait to go back

posted on Feb, 9 2011 @ 09:45 PM
Two dreams tonight, one from my boyfriend and one from me.

My boyfriend had an interesting dream last week that he on board this very clean and bright spaceship running away from the Alien (as in Giger's Alien) and he ran through this doorway filled with what I can only describe as sterlising bio-gel. I did have a quick check for implants on him when he told me this, but everything checked out okay.

I was on a train in my dream last night. Well, it was a train carraige that was no longer in use, rusting and sat idle on the rail lines that didn't work, very post apocalyptic looking. I was asleep (asleep in a dream, not something I experience often, but it makes my dreams more vivid) in some old blankets on a makeshift bed strung between the seats, possibly made of wood and a real matress.
Anyway, there was a noise outside the cabin that woke me up, and someone wiped the dirt off the window to see inside, saw me and decided to enter.
This is where it gets a little creepy, as it almost turned into a rape dream. The guy strolled in and lay on top of me with the most sickening little smirk before I was jolted out of the dream. That's a dream first for me, and not something I care to repeat. It was generally a restless night getting to sleep in the first place, so maybe I was simply visualising my loss of control over sleep patterns. I hope so anyway, and that this isn't anything of a premonition.

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 10:47 AM
Hello all,

I've developed how to dream lucidly over the years whereas before I did not have any control whatsoever. I've been reading previous posts and I'd like to share my dream experiences and ask what in the world could this be as all what I've read is brand new to me to a certain extent (concerning astral planes, dream guides etc.) My most recent dream which was last night had a scene where I was in a peach colored room the size of a general hotel lobby. No furniture in sight but I was leaning on something and without fear I saw maybe two or three figures who seemed like outcasts from my imagination float inside the room through a door I decided to be open temporarily. They seemed like caucasian males wearing all black. As they entered the room, I noticed outside was simply blue sky as if the room was floating in the air. I turned my head to the left to my mom (who happened to be there with me and who I am very close to) and told her "You see them over there...I can do that anytime I want" I was referring to the floating and in the dream she understood. I took a moment to look at her reaction as I controlled the outsiders..she smiled. I then looked at them and froze them in place without taking away their moblity keeping them floating near the entrance. I did this because I sensed they were intruders to my dream because they came unexpectedly. I then began to rotate them in a circular, counter-clockwise, direction type of movement. I noticed how easily I was doing this without moving a finger and that surprised me because I did not know I had that much control over a foreign character in my dream. Their faces seemed terrified and I felt bad for playing my mom was there and I didn't want her thinking I was some type of bully. So I made them disappear out of my room. I then moved onto another realm in my dream where I got more in touch with what was going on emotionally within at the time.
I have had many dreams where I fly, float, get out of my body, get back in my body. I've had beautiful dreams and extremely terrifying ones. I had to learn how to fly voluntarily in my dreams which is something I could do with ease now. But before I flew with no control. My first dream of flight I felt like I traveled through time, never space. I was flying over a huge mass of land that I knew somehow was the only mass of land there was. And suddenly I see a massive number of plants, trees, vegetation and then dinosaurs moving in herds. The dinosaurs I saw were herbivores. Apatosaurs, triceratops and their baby breeds all following along. It was beautiful to see. I then decided to fly higher and I moved on to the ocean. I flew high over the ocean then I quickly glided down so I could fly directly above the ocean in such high speed. That was my first dream of flight. Other dreams later on, many evil characters chase me to try and destroy me and several of those dreams I was still learning how to fly voluntarily, so on several occasions I managed to beam maybe fifty feet in the air but as I was in distress I fell straight down in fear as I could not fly anymore. Other dreams I manage to progress in my flying skills and always as I'm practicing in large areas of open space, theres always a bad character trying to throw me off. When that happens I start kicking the ground to get a lift and I push air down with my arms and I soar into the sky. Other times when I am unlucky I only get so far and I fall. I feel the impact when I fall but I never die. I have plenty more dreams with chasing and plenty where I decide to get out of my body and stare at myself wondering why can't I be in a dream flying somewhere and its always when I get out my body I can never leave the room I'm in. I feel the ground and walls and sometimes I try to fly out of the room but I just bounce off walls. I would love and appreciate any feedback or anything to have a better understanding of all this.

posted on Apr, 28 2011 @ 10:23 PM

Originally posted by ldyserenityHere's how it went:
Someone else was the major player in the dream and I didn't recognize the person (he sort of looked like Jay from Jay and Silent Bob fame,dogma, but not completely) . Any way this person showed up instead and kept me on a wild goose chase looking for the other person. Well, I hear the other person's voice that I wanted to dream about, which is something I made happen, but when I turned around the person was a robot. He seemed angry because he knew he didn't appear as himself and then told the other person who was leading me on the wild goose chase to stop it that I was there to see him, not the other guy and that he's the one that dated me for three years (not true) it was shorter than that and I said so, I said "more like twenty minutes". I was angry because my dream was not being controllable by me and had a feeling it was not the person I wanted it to be really, anyway, so I was being pissy. I felt like there was an outside force changing what I was trying to do. Then suddenly I ran with the "Jay" looking guy whom I didn't know to a secluded spot. Most of the dream was in a mall except this part, we went somewhere else it was like an amusement park, but it was closed; possibly off season time. Anyway then the Jay looking guy says "I wanna F*** You", and I was into this "Jay looking" guy, too, in this dream and we had intimate relations. I was insatiable. Don't know how else to put it into words without being too graphic. Anyway right in the middle of our "relations", the dream went BLACK. I just heard the Jay looking guy I was with and another unknown male voice. It says "I told you to keep her from dreaming about him." The Jay looking guy says"I DID!!! Christ, the person was a comical robot representation" or something to that effect. They continue talking, but the sound becomes fainter and I don't understand what they're saying, and then I woke up.
[edit on 20-6-2010 by ldyserenity]

Wow this dream turned out sort of to come true. It's now almost a year later, but I know what the "Jay" person represented or more whom it did, and their name is "J" for short anyway. The closed amusement park is totally understandable. This is/ was 100% precognitive!

edit on 28-4-2011 by ldyserenity because: wrong character for a word contraction

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 09:58 AM
I love having precognitive dreams, as long as they are inconsequential and not life changing. I'm not sure I could cope with those major ones.

My dreams lately have been very hard to remember, which is strange for me, because I usually have very vivid dreams that stick with me for a long time. I wake up as if I am disturbed, on edge, like the dream has been verging on a nightmare, but I cannot recall what has taken place. I've been experiencing insomnia lately, so that might be a cause or a factor in this, and I haven't been able to fully relax or wind down in months for reasons unknown to me.
I'm trying to think of anything I've brought into the house recently that would have changed the general feel of the place, but all that comes to mind is some small stone chippings that fell off an old castle which I picked up almost a year ago. That place saw a lot of fighting. The chippings sit in my bedroom.

I need to get another dreamcatcher probably. My old one has seemingly vanished into thin air after redecorating.

posted on Jun, 24 2011 @ 09:05 PM
Does anybody know what this place is or where it is? It's what a friend described and I think it is an astral plane place.
Here is how She describes it "I see a dark room background I cant make out I see shades & light hues of blues lots of blues more light than not, and Brown earthen colors tans & off whites" and "its like a thousand gypsy veils in a darkness w a light emitting from behing it all in the center"

I really beleive it's a realm of the astral any body know for sure or seen it before?

posted on Jul, 8 2011 @ 08:50 PM
I can't say I've been in that particular place before myself. I'm usually outdoors, never in an "ether" type environment.

As per what other people say, I have fantastic dream recall when I've slept for a few hours, woke up then napped.

It started in a large car park in an urban housing scheme, looking a little like a place I used to live, but at the same time different. There were a row of garages, and I remember not being alone. I sensed I was with a young boy, but I didn't see him, and I was full of mischief.
Standing in front of one garage was a gentleman with a distinct 50's mod look. He was wearing a tight t-shirt and his arms bulged out. His biceps were HUGE. Anyway, I told him and his skinnier friend to close their eyes and I would do a trick for them.
At this point the dream skipped forward a little, and I was stood with the handle off the garage door in my hands. I had dismantled it, thinking it would be hilarious, but the two guys didn't, and the bigger guy started to chase us.
I hid in one of the buildings around, it was derelict as most buildings in my dreams, and sat on a stairwell with a woman who was writing something on a clipboard.

I decided the coast was clear and headed in to a small shop with cabinets up either side, and rooted around in a box full of cheap trinkets, picking out a selection I would buy. I went across the room/store to the salesman and my mother, aunt and cousin were now standing. I looked up at the window and saw a cop come in the door, turned away and said "uh oh" to my cousin. The cop said nothing and grabbed me by the shoulders. I felt this grab vividly, it was weird, then I got woken up by my mother banging on the door to get let in.

posted on Jul, 9 2011 @ 02:34 AM
This whole subject matter is way above my head. I just felt I had to point that out

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 11:05 PM
**Disclaimer** No Offence to the source, as you were very kind to me. But, I figured Id share before I forget about it or before I depart.

allow me to post: This is about a trustworthy friend I once knew. Having said that I understand how unstable we all are in some sort. This is the truth as I know it; it rivals some of the best told stories I have ever been told first hand.

Once upon a time about 10yrs ago I dated a girl from church. I never knew her before meeting her at church. She had important Rappor among her peers and seemed to be apart of some type of agenda I couldn't put my finger on. I was having a hard time adjusting to my divorce and wasn't my normal sharp self. She helped me find my path for I was lost as I have ever been in my life. Having said that I figured I could see a con coming a mile away for I was one of the best back before these days. I wasn't your avg white boy, I remember thinking to myself.

One day as we were praying together, she told me of these events that happened to her when she fell asleep. She went on to tell me about writing/channeling in her sleep and these fascinating dreams, leaving her body... and God would come get her to fight battles in the spiritual realm. I tried real hard to believe her, I wanted to believe her. It was so wild and far out it was hard for me to take her too seriously.

were not talking a wacko here, I have known my fair share of real time wacko's; boy do have a few of them stories but well have to save that for later..

She was well studied, straight as an arrow as far as substance abuse. She knew more people Than I ever will in a life time. I was greatly intrigued. Nothing about her everyday persona flagged me but when she lit into these dreams, I didn't know to laugh or run. I just sat there with my poker face and listened.

Once she told me about writing letters of many pages while dreaming/channeling in the Spirit. I remember she spoke of it being about repentance and writing at times in a unknown language. She spoke about leaving her body as God came to fetch her to battle in the spirit realm. she would suit up in armor complete with a sword and would slay daemons and fight Satan all the night along. She said it was more than words could describe. Incredibly exciting and wondrous and very fulfilling. watching her describe it; it was like watching someone express there feelings about winning the lottery. I never felt envy which is my M.O when I feel left out..I just kinda figured maybe she was just trying to impress me. I told myself I need to make sure I always had a step on her in case I needed to run... kinda funny now; kinda scary then.
I must say this in all fairness, she was super nice to me and 99% of the time she never made me feel uncomfortable in any way. I couldn't have asked for a better friend. I Liked her even though she was a bit older. (I never dated older gurls. ) However, we both had some things in our past personal life was kept us from actually going forward and we were only together a short time. To this day I feel I owe her a debit of some sort.

I have never personally experience any of the wonders in my life as she experienced. although I remember her saying some of the events was extremely stressful and exhausting. To this day I still don't know what to make of it. I figured Id share to see if any clarity comes from it.

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