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canadians abducted by blue uniformed humans sound off

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posted on May, 30 2010 @ 11:00 AM
And Why,one of the questions that I have always pondered is why the telepathic Human woman in the white robe allowed me the opportunity to retain memories,or rather to go home period.Her motivation has always given me some comfort,because at its core her action was benevolent.

You see I havent encountered anyone else yet who was able to remember their event the way I remembered mine,what I mean is that I was able to remember lots of details and some were referencing a fractured dynamic within the partnership of the group who took me.I was aided and abetted by one faction of the group for a specific reason,I can attest to the instability of the group taking us,I can show that we have an ally within the group,and that we are valuable enough to take a specific amount of risk to preserve or to defend,and by what obligation would anyone do these things.Humanitarian conscience in my reckoning.

Remember I was on a BIG military ship,I mean we're talking bright yellow stripes painted around the exit door and the staging area in front.Soldiers in blue jumpsuit style uniforms,who were human but not from here.There were multiple races on the same MILITARY SHIP,this tells me a lot when the earlier group dynamic instability is observed.

I dont know all the whys myself,just that competing entities seem to be working together for some mutual benefit and we are in a major way involved. I cant say exactly why others were taken,most of them are also lost as to the whys,but a lack of why doesnt change the reality that these events are happening to people.

Remember I was given a choice to join a Galactic war and never return home,I was given respect as to my free will and as far as I remember all my questions were answered,I just asked what are now age appropriate questions which were answered fully,fortunately a young mind is a clear mind and I couldnt say today I could ask better questions if given the opportunity.

We are a resource here,thats why we were created here,by other humans,a wartime resource located far from the battle lines.

We are not supposed to remember our events for a specific reason.I dont know why.But the Human woman wanted me to remember.

I dont know if you will ever find a witness with as many clear conceptual memories as I do,the entire period of time during which the people I spoke to WERE BEING 100% OPEN AND HONEST AND CLEAR IN THEIR COMMUNICATIONS AND CONVERSATIONS WITH ME---was supposed to be forgotten by me.

Most accounts I read of seem to also be interrupted abductions as travis Waltons was,how he was able to become awake and aware during the event is his secret.I dont remember reading his explanation of the moment he realised he was both awake and aware..It seems a lot of people who recieve messages are given free acess to information as I was,lots of technical information,lots of information concerning coming natural cyclical massive earth changes involving global flooding,lots of background surrounding the humans who took them.

Unfortunately the instances where there are no humans of the robed type or the blue suited military ones present seem to all be negative in a huge way ,these ones all seem to be initiated by only the grey race of humans,dont kid yourselves the little spindly pricks are human like us,they dont respect us.

There are as many different reasons for abductions as your imagination can create because these are physical manifestations that we include in our realiy because we have to not because we want to.Only other human lifeforms can become an active component of our collective reality as the human species.

If this fact limits the conceptual paridigms that most have embraced,I am sorry.These all have to be sentient life forms that are human.Remember we were created here ,but primates were EVOLVING ON THE PATH TOWARDS HUMAN SENTIENCE LIKE WE CURRENTLY POSESS,life seemingly always developes towards sentience in a human form,the image of our creator possibly.


Because we are all related lifeforms here on earth,we can all exist together in a cumulative reality,it is a universal law ,from microbe to human being we are all related,so anything we meet from another planet THAT OBVIOUSLY MUST EXIST IN OUR CUMULATIVE REALITY IN ORDER THAT WE CAN AKNOWLEDGE ITS EXISTANCE------MUST BE RELATED TO US,----AND HENCE HUMAN.

So the reasons we are taken are many,the events range on a scale from no memory to absolute and permanent abduction with potentially fatal consequences.

The WHO is simple to explain,just remember that there is technology involved here,so anyone with the technology that has an interest in abducting us simply does it at will.

Of course because we all live in the same physical world you can kill these people,you can shoot down the craft.

Governments are aware and pursue and attack these intrusions with mixed sucess.

We have allies regardless because we were put here as a resource,they simply dont police us as we would possibly like them to,there is no real reason.

The reason there is such a great disparity related to the ability to accept new realities or perspectives within humanity is easy to explain.We we bumped way ahead of evolutions usual schedule,we posess technology we shouldnt have yet,which is why we have had a hard time mastering space travel,its our physical state that is the biggest obstacle to overcome.

Some people are seemingly geniuses while the masses seem like simpletons,yet we all seem to posess the same potential TO BE EITHER ONE given the same opportunity.

However this may sound imagine planet of the Apes if we were the apes.

Imagine if someone genetically enhanced a currently existing primate species to the point of sentience.

And it multiplied,first amongst its contemporaries,BUT THEN SUCESSFULLY WITH FULL BLOODED MODERN HUMANS.

How would these offspring feel in say a thousand years when their intellects realised they wee trapped in a physical body they were way to developed for.

This is us.

We have earned a right to defend ourselves and our planet,but once we realise how we got here we will have a much bigger team to join.


Trust yourself.

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posted on May, 30 2010 @ 08:32 PM
Considering the seemingly accelerated pace at which events either with or with the potential to be global in their context are occuring and manifesting,I want to repost a dream I had.

I was in a destroyed building,pieces of it from the topside seemed to be missing,in chunks sort of,not just the tops,anyways I had a job to do,I had to go find food for people I loved and was responsible for or providing for,I have a hunting and a killing background and I am woodswise,I also like a battle or rather love a victory,I am really saying I am not usually afraid and if I am it is during the glory of competition for something with a greater foe and I embrace it or absorb it like a flavor,and much like our mind can do when we experience an intense flavour I can allow my entire life to become absorbed in the mix of fear and passion and desire and anger and joy,absorbed to the point of giving my life up for the right principals in the right competition. Fear is simply a flavour,not a factor.


In my dream I had to come out of the building to seek out food,I had no weapon,I was unarmed and for some reason doing a recon for food without the fear of other humans and with the confidence that I wouldnt be needing a weapon to defend myself with.Why no fear of predators when my entire life is based around the physicality of my existance?


There were people to feed so I was moving,I spotted something that sent fear down my spine to the core of my being,PIGS.

Huge,massive,feral,MEATEATING,aggressive,follow their noses to yoyur meaty arse,PIGS.


I feared them,as a smart mouse fears a cat.

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 09:19 PM

Originally posted by one4all
Myself and one other student in my school of the same age as me scored OFF THE CHARTS on our I.Q tests,so far off that our parents were contacted and asked permission for us to both take the test again.

And yet you're still incapable of making a simple paragraph. I declare shenanigans!

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 09:39 PM

I read your story quickly and without any trouble at all, I am not sure why some are complaining about your structuring of your post, but it was fine for me...

Maybe these folks complaining were never very good at reading and so they have many difficulties unless things are in perfect order for the way they have handicapped themselves...also, since they have had so much trouble reading, it makes them frustrated and untrusting of others that don't conform for their handicaps.... just my opinion and observations..

Very amazing story by the way... I believe you because I have seen evidences over the last 50 years and have heard a few different witnesses talk about some things including some army buddies that didn't give a rats behind about secrecy oaths...
I am very pleased that you outsmarted these human traitors and their sinister helpers.. A few of them have been killed by their targets in the past.

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 10:02 PM
reply to post by one4all

OP -- it was at this point

I used to close my eyes in class and blurt out answers to questions my teacher hadn't asked yet,FOR FUN

that I decided I was over it

It's on Page 2. Your 3rd or 4th post

That's when you lost me

because ---- too much about YOU

not enough attempt to explain your claims with some solid facts

Nothing up to now has persuaded me that you're anything other than an attention seeker or delusional

That's not my fault. I gave you two pages to substantiate your claims

It's your fault, for imagining I would want to listen to you talk about you

So I'm leaving the thread now

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 10:20 PM
Alienreality,thank you for the parry now I will provide the thrust,I am glad to hear that nature seeks balance and some people have defended themselves,some of these groups are deserving,as Arnold said in the movie Predator "if it bleeds you can kill it",in this case "if if flies in a craft built with technology and not thunderbolts and lightening,we can kill it".

I dont advocate killing anyone,self-defense when there is no reasonable hope of salvation is a fact of nature.

Anyone in the military has to have heard of these things,I hope you tell them about the rest of the things you learn here,quid pro quo,there will be a global event so seek high ground and do it soon.

The issue of the abductions is in the large scheme of things just a pain in keester,no real bearing on humanities ultimate future path.

Its no secret that humans seem to be born itching for a fight,we were not designed to go quietly into the night,we are obligated to do our job when called upon,and regardless if we have been stupid enough to send any of our own technology beyond the reach of our current protective net provided as security designed to keep our existance and location secret ,we are in deep trouble and 2012 may be the date we are destined to be told the truth and be forced through the revelation of our true history and connection to galactic and universal humanity to COME TOGETHER GLOBALLY AS ONE COHESIVE FORCE TO DEFEND OUR EXISTANCE and our creators.

On that note the natural global event coming sooner than I and many others anticipated is a natural cyclical and globally devestating event that is nature driven,these two issues,our history and purpose,and the earth changes ,are seperate for most of us,knowing about our history and purpose and new human races wont do you much good if you arent contemplating the universe from a spot on high ground.

All races on earth are governed by the laws of nature,little silver ships dont do so well in certain conditions mother nature can dish out.

Neither do large military ships.

Remind your friends that there is a certain illogical and unpredictable balance inherant in nature and it has always and always will be HUMANITIES SALVATION.

For every negative encounter there is a positive one somewhere,the key is getting the feel of the swing and knowing when to kick your feet a little extra to go over the top.

Ultimately if your military friends met the humans I met they would cease to recognise the US as an entity and would be going to pick up their families to get them to safety because there is no way the government would survive millions of pissed off armed trained Americans.We were put here as a resource designated to support a Galactic war effort.

We are as vulnerable to abduction as an african tribesman is to being kidnapped by the KGB,who would ever know about it.

But humans are dangerous creatures able to defend themselves and survive .

Dont be alarmed but most aductions are not done by our creators and allies.

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posted on May, 30 2010 @ 10:47 PM
Dock9,goodbye and thanks for dropping by.Only you know what brought you here in the first place,maybe just boredom,its your journey.

Of course everything is about me,it was my experience,I wasnt given postcards to hand out when I got home .

I know the effect my statements can have on certain personality types,it is an expected reaction,as I anticipated the next question in class while you were still absorbing the the one you were just asked,I know you need to challenge me for physical connections or proof.

You should have seen the looks on my teachers faces,did I mention I would read my entire textbooks within days of recieving them,in the first couple of weeks of school I had read them all except the math texts.

Anticipation isnt a random excercise it is based on knowledge and direction.

Absorb and retain knowledge and you have a greater chance of anticipating the future .

There is no trick and you MIGHT be one of the kids that could keep up with me in that situation for all I know,but I doubt it .

I dont claim to be psycic,I just read a lot,simple.


My choices were fewer than theirs èinstein`because cumulatively they were much smarter than me but `by having a wider perspective than over ninety percent of them ¨--because I had read the entire text and had a broader information base--I was able to use their cumulative knowledge to my advantage to strategicly define the next sequence of events OR THE NEXT QUESTION.

Which is why you should put your pride aside and keep reading.

Dont feel bad,remember the neglected math books,I recently took a Mensa test and only got four questions wrong THEY WERE ALL MATH AND SEVERAL WERE EASY ACCORDING TO MY GIRLFRIEND.She sat in on the test with me because she had been having her own chuckles at my experiences,did I mention only four wrong,nuff said,forget about the number I had at the end I am not very good with numbers.

I was and am still trying to illustrate the decided advantage constant and creative learning gives an individual.I was prompted to learn like this and I am aware of it and aware of why it was done to me.

You are entitled to your feelings and opinions but it wont make me write down the wrong answer to a question or incorrectly anticipate the next question.

And it still wont make those behaviours I exhibited`become usual or common.

Think about it this way ,a question is made up from answers,right--do you see that,I must posess answers in order TO INVENT THE QUESTIONS --RIGHT---do you see that,any test that contains more than one question is self solving or provides its own answers,within the questions.You really cant fail a test unless you try to except in math ,BECAUSE MATH IS INTRINSICALLY FLAWED IN SOME MAJOR WAY--IT IS DECEPTIVE BY NATURE.

This is called reverse extrapolation,try reading the bible and applying the principal to all of your questions you can come up with regarding the contents of the text,the truths will leap out at you.

I am trying to demystify the concept of being smart and show that there is no such thing,only experience which can be gained through reading or living .

But if we fail to continue learning we stop growing as individuals because we dont have enough TIME IN OUR LIVES TO EXPERIENCE ENOUGH LIVING ---to get over ourselves and become more humanitarian in nature.

The more we experience or learn no matter what the method THE BETTER MORE EMPATHETIC HUMAN BEING WE INEVITABLY BECOME.

So learning until high school then going to work stops your developement because you could experience a hundred times more by reading for eight hours than you can by making widgets or taking out someones gall bladder.

Specialising in university does essentially the same thing to an even brighter potentially more humanitarian mind,and uses the promise of fiscal reward to ensure the developement is stopped through specialisation.

I am trying to show you why children are smarter than adults.And you dont get it.

There is a television show called --are you smarter than a fifth grader---.

Most adults arent,and I MEAN MOST.

This is a game show and people dont see the implications .

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posted on May, 31 2010 @ 01:35 AM

Ultimately if your military friends met the humans I met they would cease to recognise the US as an entity and would be going to pick up their families to get them to safety because there is no way the government would survive millions of pissed off armed trained Americans.We were put here as a resource designated to support a Galactic war effort.

Yes most of my contacts in military and one in the FAA are aware of some of these things.. The deception factor runs so rabidly that it is hard to know what way to run to get to safety, that plus the secrecy/penalty aspect...
and most people are not going to care one way or another and just think of it all as predestiny or something...
I am very impressed by your level of perception in these have a gift to explain things within a mix of symbolism that I can relate to.
I also believe there are beings far above those that would do us harm and the ones that think they are kings will discover themselves in the worst position of all when the end comes.

Thanks for posting, Ill definitely be watching for any updates or further info about your experiences... I think they will help empower people as I have been from your information...

posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 01:13 AM
You are correct I believe,our creators are not pushovers they are in my estimation a modern battle fleet including carriers involved in a mexican standoff with a [fairly large] fleet of tahitian war canoes,humanity has taken many generations to leapfrog around the universe.These plans are lain over a very long time period,planets are seeded in anticipation of utilising them GENERATIONS IN THE FUTURE.Even relatively small endeavours like this resource planet.We are a part of the massive network of humanity snakeing its way throughout the universe.

The other life forms on earth are simply a series of seeds that keep developing until they find the right combonation of evolution and DNA to result in a lifeform capable of becoming sentient.

Bipedal most likely like us all over the place---but not necessarily only like us.We are related to all life on earth.


Just bear with me and accept that life can be transported or occur on other planets by the same design we see in nature here on earth,and accept that the paths of life on different planets may take drasticly different paths to arrive at the same destination,THE ABILITY TO BECOME SENTIENT.

I dont see a problem with bipedal water dwelling sentient lifeforms,or even flying ones that were bipedal,but the ultimate result is an image of our creator,which is that of bipedal humanoid,without or without wings or gills.

Imagine the genetic crosses we have already accomplished but arent told about,minotaurs and other mythical creatures WERE DOCUMENTED CREATIONS.

Heres some food for thought,what do you think happened when the first human clone was "awoken".Did it become sentient immediatly,or did it not have the ability to become sentient .

A question for the ages because it either debunks or supports religous doctrine.

If it didnt become sentient because god didnt create it we have a small problem.But if it did in fact become sentient WE HAVE A BIG PROBLEM.

You see we can already take primates that exist today and genetically enhance them with our own DNA.We will never know because it has already been done and the result is a know commodity OR THE QUESTION WOULD BE PERSUED OPENLY AND PUBLICLLY.

Which I guess leads to what is to me the obvious,the only power great enough and longlived enough to even begin to approach such an accomplishment as suppressing information like this and stopping it from being PERSUED OPENLY AND PUBLICLLY it is RELIGON.

So, if religon wants to supress the information we also know what the answer to my earlier question is DONT WE?


Because they know the true works of the bible and how to read them as I do and you can,by reverse extrapolation.

The bible documents how we were created and our entire history.

And there aint much G.O.D in the real story,unless god really means dad.As in human dad.

I think there were some blind men driving the bus because whoever gave us our present confused editions forgot to seperate the parts that told us technically how we were created and then told us how to control our population and thrive and learn to govern ourselves.Maybe whoever was in control of manpower was left behind their final teachings in their lifespans were the implementation of religon ,one message containing the most important information .A timecapsule if you will.

These were independant records that were incorrectly mixed together and interpreted and preached and passed down as being one record.

Sounds like things went to hell at some point and whoever picked up or went through the pieces of these records obviously had no organised idea exactly what these writings were intended to individually convey to the reader.Someone had a Wee bit of in idea,enought to keep the records together,which in itself tells us a story,one that says that the only kind of confusion that could fuse two such advanced and diametriclly different concepts together and have them saved religously---as in diligently--would have to be catastrophic in nature,a sudden loss of continuity.

The world could have suffered a major physical event and interuppted mans progress or OUR TEACHERS COULD HAVE SIMPLY LEFT.

Left us with a huge pile of papers and records ,all combined in a mass of seemingly incredible concepts and realities,and all that we had left to sort through this goldmine was a oneeyed ,dyslexic,half-ape.Someone had to have stayed behind to help us temporarily ,to teach the basic concepts needed to ensure continuity of this knowledge for humanity as it was.

Imagine a situation where humans with great technology came here for a short duration ,used the naturally occuring primates as bases for an evolutionary bunny-hop--in order to create a disposable workforce that could be created 100% with resources already existing on the planet, used this workforce which is essentially self procreating energy that already existed here to mine the resources they needed to take home,then used that same energy or resource to build ships with again resources 100% existing on the planet,to then load those ships with the desired resources and fly themselves and the resources wherever you need them to go.

And left A Kennedy space center and a NASA,and the rest of the crap that wasnt needed any longer,for the slaves who couldnt understand the information anyways because they were only given task specific jobs and were not educated beyond those tasks,like terrorist cells,no one really knew what anyone else was doing but by listening to the leader things are accomplished.But alas nature always finds a way,our genetic enhancements werent supposed to be able to continue to be passed down,they were supposed to fade away,to be absorbed back into the primate side of things,but it didnt happen that way now did it.

You see these arent all tall tales,secret societies were formed to preserve this SMART bloodline,possibly the ultimate implications of preserving these bloodlines couldnt have been realised back then but the more practical explanation is that some dummies staged a rebellion and captured some smarties and decided to keep them to breed them,possibly a process they were familiar with,think about it just one guard sleeps with one pretty little slave girl and BANGO massive pure genetic insertion .To a receptive female capable of passing down the enhancements,without the handlers knowing any different,darkhorses in a genetic sense.

If the dummies were smart enough to undestand that they would eventually lose their smarts without the SMART GENE BEING REINTRODUCED EVERY SO OFTEN,then we have the history of the Royal bloodlines dont we.How else would you justify and explain preservation of your genetic line through constant and documented imbreeding.As royal families do,only inserting fresh DNA when needed.

This is why we didnt disperse and return to our primate state,we continued to develope ,rapidly,extremely rapidly.

And when our creators return in force the people doing the negative abductions will be on the run,not punished by any divine power,simply running for their lives.You are right ,humanity is an awsome power much greater than we currently understand.

A planetary workforce and delivery system in a proverbial bottle,of DNA THAT IS.

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posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 06:04 PM
I knew earlier through dreams the principal of how the antigravity craft work,I have found irrefutable proof of their existance,design,capabilities and best of all a rosetta stone with which we can learn their language.

David Hamel is a Canadian contactee who built an antigravity craft before his passing,he not only did that but he left us videos and plans of how he did it,understand that in the process he also taught us how to read the egyptian heiroglyphs and their symbolism,he was able to talk you through the concepts as if you already knew them--because we all do--.You can view his craft and all of their parts and also learn the entire concept of free energy and anti-gravity from him.

An individual named Issac posted historical information regarding "probes"that have been photographed and sighted all over the place,he provided incredibly detailed photographs and technical explanations as evidence.He probably didnt know just HOW CRITICAL his disclosure would be when lain ALONGSIDE DAVID HAMEL DESIGN PROTOTYPES---FOR THEY ARE IDENTICAL.

Step back for a second and consider the ramifications of this information--we now have unequivocally,found irrefutable,physical,documented evidence of the existance of technology posessed by a human race previously unknown to humanity.Evidence provided over twenty years ago to a Canadian carpenter,ensuring the security of ability to show independance of initiation of concept,can be compared to evidence PROVIDED TODAY TWENTY YEARS LATER FROM TWO ABSOLUTELY UNCONNECTED SOURCES.

The best part of all is that Mr.Hamel also indirectly taught us to decipher egyptian heiroglyphs and understand their symbolism as it relates to our concepts of identical functions of nature to them and mathematical physics to us,to ice the cake The Incredible Mr.David Hamel also taught us to read their specific language that is written on their craft the Issac "probes"--BECAUSE HE HAS THROUGH HIS INTERPRETATION OF DESIGN AND CONCEPT CREATED HIS OWN ROSETTA STONE THROUGH WHICH WE CAN COMPARATIVELY DECIPHER THESE PEOPLES LANGUAGE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY.

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posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 07:02 PM

Originally posted by one4all
The best part of all is that Mr.Hamel also indirectly taught us to decipher egyptian heiroglyphs and understand their symbolism as it relates to our concepts of identical functions of nature to them and mathematical physics to us,to ice the cake The Incredible Mr.David Hamel also taught us to read their specific language that is written on their craft the Issac "probes"--BECAUSE HE HAS THROUGH HIS INTERPRETATION OF DESIGN AND CONCEPT CREATED HIS OWN ROSETTA STONE THROUGH WHICH WE CAN COMPARATIVELY DECIPHER THESE PEOPLES LANGUAGE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY.
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You do realize that the original Rosetta Stone was what led linguists & archeologists to decipher the Egyptian hieroglyphics?

It was written in greek (two scripts, which said the same thing) and hieroglyphics.

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 12:22 PM
Yes ,thank you ,I meant that we can now understand the physics and chemistry equivilants in their sciences,if we had been able to do that prior to Mr.Hamels introduction,THEN WE WOULD ALREADY HAVE THE SAME TECH HE HAS GIVEN US.

Either we already knew what those symbols all meant or we didnt,there is no in between,sounds like academia had the whole answer a long time ago but lied to us.

David wasnt fooled because he had contact,I also have had contact and am not fooled.

My use of the term rosetta stone was intended to point out that had we already understood heiroglyphs and what Hamel showed us our conversation would not be occuring,and the symbols on the "probe"just HAPPEN to be located in areas that identify key components of the probe. Davids research showed us what those parts do SO WE KNOW WHAT THEY ARE REFERING TO WHEN THEY LABELLED THE PARTS,because David illiterated the function of the parts we will be able to decipher SOMEONE ELSES EXACT WRITTEN TERM FOR THOSE SAME PARTS OF FUNCTIONS.

Two scripts that say the same thing.

This is like the rosetta stone in its action.

In other words we are now able to decipher their language thanks to Mr.Hamel.

Because of Hamels research we KNOW what these probes are,they are antigravity machines and we can easily reproduce them.

The fact that David and I and others have had contact with new races of humanity obviously points out the reality that "someone"is well aware of how our societys and cultures function and they are aware that the powers that be are "covering up and holding back"this information from the masses,so to effictively overcome this attempt to hide this offered technology they have given this knowledge to random people in positions where they can make this knowledge public in one or another of millions of ways someone who ISNT CONNECTED to major government,science,or religous groups can put the info out to the public.Think Jhonny Appleseed,you cant stop him because you never know where to find him,and each seed he plants has the immediate potential to create literally millions of new seeds.The internet has finished off the powers that be already---its about cutting losses after disclosure at this point.

There are so many people all over the world coming forward with this tech and info that obviously the powers that be cannot possibly keep up with the elimination of all of the knowledge carriers.Searl has done it in England and a lot of other people on-line are also on the right track.Its to late to stop the spread.

The point of diminishing return for keeping this knowledge hidden has been reached,now its just a matter of how you give something back to your voters after you have already stolen it from them,this current situation is really about who takes the blame for lieing to everyone.

Have you watched Hamels videos yet?They really are a must see.

By the way I really enjoyed all of the resources that were sunk into attempting to cover this connection up,I like to think of it as an involuntary contribution towards disclosure.

Now I am beginning to understand why so many Canadians have been contacted,we are isolated and educated enough to be able to spout off about things like this and have people simply chalk the nuttiness up to second hand smoke.

I mean Hamel worked on his craft for over twenty years,no one took him out.

This is the genius of the Johnny Appleseed approach,the trees are growing everywhere,HAVE BEEN GROWING FOR OVER TWENTY YEARS AT LEAST.

Anyone who listens to Mr.Hamel can see he is not crazy or misdirected,he was a genius,he was focused,he was committed,and in my opinion HE WAS A GRAND SUCESS.

I guess the fact is that things really are moving faster as a lot of posters are noting.

Think of it this way keeping a secret is fun as long as you REALLY BELIEVE IT IS STILL A SECRET,but once you TRULY BELIEVE that the cat is out of the bag,it is nearly impossible to keep quiet,this is what is happening ,there is an avalanche of highly placed and educated people coming forth with less fear of career suicide or death than twenty years ago.Because they know the secrets are already out and they are now just ONE OF MANY,and there is a certainlevel of anonymity making them safe---see internet..

Just like Hamels research,do you think for a New York second that if I were Issac working in a top secret facility and I saw Hamels videos,THAT I WOULDNT SCREAM BLOODY MURDER in an anonymous manner?

I believe most people would be bothered by the conscience factor of facing the fact that some other human being was more virtueous than they are, and would come forward in some way SOONER THAN LATER.

This is the problem the powers that be are having right now,peoples humanitarian true natures are surging forward and will not be denied,call it a humanitarian EVOLUTION,not the word with an RE before the V.

This change of perspective cannot be stopped at this point in fact it cant even be slowed down,I also have a feeling that it cant be SPEEDED UP EITHER,people around the world will dictate the pace at which we absorb this new reality.We all just have to relax and accept this new info,and watch the powers that be squirm.

Lets face it there isnt even a celebrity slant on being an abductee anymore,what does that tell you?

People believe more in abductees than in the powers that be.

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posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 12:48 PM
reply to post by one4all

There are many things about our ancient history, most people do not even consider.

There is a definite possibility that most of this is fairly close to the reality of our situation here on Earth. Thanks for the posts.

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 01:01 PM
Thank you Win52,it is good to see your post.I hope things are well in your life.I have happened upon David Hamels work and Isaacs information,I found it incredibly simple to understand Davids videos,and the effect has been tremendous.

On a personal level I have always known many people have been contacted and taught things,but I am impressed by the over twenty year DOCUMENTED history of researching this tech that was given to David by his abductors.

David has given us irrefutable proof of his contact and of the tech he was instructed to give us all.He has regrettably passed on but I for one thank him wholeheartedly for his contributions to humanitys future.

Isaac is also to be thanked for his contribution because unwittingly together these two people have managed to provide us with something that up till now we couldnt find.ABSOLUTE PROOF THAT THIS TECH EXISTS,ORIGINATES FROM RACES OF HUMANS,FUNCTIONS,AND IS EXTREMELY EASY TO UNDERSTAND.

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 01:08 PM
Well I'm just going to say that I only read the OP post because it really stood out to me. I remember between the ages of about 4-8 having many many nightmares pertaining to aliens. The dreams i was having were very strange. I was looking out the window when I would see aliens about 30-40 feet tall. very elongated. As they would get closer to the house they would shrink down to about 6-8 feet tall. I always remembered a feeling of dread that they would find me and my brother. We would hide under a telephone desk that was built into the house. The aliens would come in and walk strait over to the desk like they knew i was there. Then they would either grab my brother or me and sometimes both of us. I would usually wake up screaming my head off and wake the whole house. These dreams(nightmares) went on for years.......untill my dad started having strange dreams that he never spoke of. They where so bad that he thought some sort of demon possesion or presence was in the house or something we owned. He sold off everything in auction, including our clothes and ALL keepsakes and gifts. In case something possesed was given to us. We also moved to the grandparents untill the house was sold and we moved to another city. BAM the nightmares stopped for all of us. Now this is where it gets weird! I also had nosebleeds for many years during and after we moved. sometimes almost daily. they eventually stopped at about 15 years old. wonder if there is a conection

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 02:51 PM
theclutch,do you recall any other details of what these things looked like,a color,a texture,?

Does your father have any JW background?

Did you live in urban or rural areas?

When they got you ,how did they do it,with their hands,their claws,with some type of tech,HOW did they get you?

What does your brother say?

Have you asked your father what his dreams were about?

Have you ever heard of David Hamel the Canadian that gave us antigravity tech,and built a functioning craft,and a person named Isaac who has provided information about"probes"or antigravity craft that he has worked on?

If you have ,did you notice that Mr.Hamels antigravity craft is in form and function exactly like the "probes"Isaac has told us exist and are being used?

Did you also know that we can extrapolate the linguistics on the "probes"
by comparing their location on specific parts,BECAUSE MR.HAMEL HAS BUILT AND EXPLAINED THE CRAFT AND CONCEPTS,and has named all of the parts and their functions in English?

Hope you find some helpful things here and elsewhere on ATS,remember that people cant make up things they have no knowledge about our imagination requires input to become creative,so wether it was a movie you saw as a kid that caused the dreams or wether it was someone abducting you,the fact remains that THE FIRST PERSON WHO PUT THE IDEA INTO FILM OR PRINT HAD TO HAVE HAD OR GARNERED KNOWLEDGE OF THESE PEOPLE.

You may or may not have been abducted with such limited memories but your willingness to consider an abduction is a positive step.

Dont think for a second that someone just IMAGINED these craft and people.Abductees often cant find a way to make peace with their events and think they are simply dreams,they are not,they are experiences.

Odds are many of the people who have written and filmed these ideas were either directly or indirectly influenced to do so.

The powers that be have tried to hide their secret in the most obvious but devious spot possible,in our imaginations,hollywood and media have been used their influence to lead us to believe these are simply crazy ideas dreamed up by some screenwriter,to create a seed of doubt as to the reality of anything we see in the media that is called fiction.You see they think they can slip real events and situations into the envelope of hollywoods fictional representations AND BECAUSE WE ARE CONDITIONED TO "not really believe what we see in movies"they think we are to stupid to ask the natural question of WHAT CAME FIRST GENE RODENBERRY OR CAPTAIN KIRKS COMMUNICATOR??

I say the concept of Captain Kirks communicator was derived from REALITY and superimposed on a hollywood script for future use,or to soften the blow of sudden tech jumps that cant be reverse engineered.Get it,when I see a cellphone ten years after I see it on Star Trek,my mind does this cute little"oh,Ive seen that before somewhere"and you dont seriously question it,and if someone else does YOU ARE ALREADY CONDITIONED TO LET THE IDEA GO QUICKLY BECAUSE YOUR BRAIN ALREADY POSESSES THAT INPUT.

Just like they are trying to discredit Isaacs evidence by posting many videos of CGI versions of the "probes"to make it seem as if this was a fictional creation,TO BAD SO SAD,we have over twenty years of Mr.Hamels research ---you do see what this does right?

It validates the exact system of misinformation and manipulation that the people that own the media have always used,and I have now explained to you.

It shows THE DEGREE that will be gone to to cover this information up,the internet has made it awfully hard to "hunt"people who expose these anti-humanitarian actions,in the old days people just disappeared or had "accidents",they still do today,but REMEMBER THAT MANY MANY PEOPLE INTERESTED AND INVOLVED IN THIS FIELD HAVE ALREADY BEEN WARNED OF THE INHERANT RISK AND HAVE PREPARED ALTERNATIVE MEANS OF CONTINUED RELEASE OF THEIR INFORMATION IN THE EVENT THEY CANT RELEASE IT THEMSELVES.


Prior to the advent and implementation of the worldwide internet it was very easy to UN-RING a bell the had already been rung.

You just cant do it today,so you draw to much attention to yourself when you try to bury your mistakes,it is no longer an equitable enterprise to try to silence individuals,the battle has entered new territory,it is an internet battle and the rules have changed for everyone.

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 08:38 PM
reply to post by one4all

Fascinating. All I can say is im glad it never happened to me! Sounds like a scary and troubling experience one4all. I wonder why you were chosen, perhaps you are to play a pivotal role after the 2012 shift. Who knows.

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 09:57 PM
Rajaten,it was only scary for a moment during the first actual abduction I was awake and aware during,however the events leading up to the first event I remembered were very scary for a young child,I thought I was dealing with vampires,ha ha.Once I was communicated to by the telepathic human woman I was not scared.The events were not really troubling when I was young,moreso when i began to piece the implications of the size and scope of the entire abduction phenomenom together,when I began to find others who were DEFINATELY participants in similar events.

Strange things like growing up within miles of a family named Sereda--then learning about David Sereda,and having personal friends named Collier-and then learning about Collier,things like dreaming of a connection between bovine molecular DNA and human molecular DNA and cattle mutilations as related to human abductions,then discovering that a childhood friend was experimenting with cutting edge research on the compatability of bovine-human molecular DNA specificly related to human nasal tissue,when that is the area one of the implants was put.

I am not sure why I was chosen although I suspect it was due to geographical "safe"areas that will be high survivability areas after the major earth events that are on the way.However once you toss in the direct familial connection to the british Royal bloodline and the implications that arise from the connection things do tend to become a tad troubling.

I truly wasnt given any message about anything really,I wasnt supposed to remember anything outright of that I am sure,I was taught things while on the moon with other human kids so I cant say what that will eventually be connected to but unless playing with a fancy dancy Rubics cube type of dealy can be considered important,that doesnt seem to be any type of mission.

I hope I dont have any predetermined role to play post 2012,I like to think that my journey through my life so far has been all my own with no predetermination,however I have had dreams of post 2012,with specific things that lead me to believe that I might be playing a part to some degree post event---my other dreams have all been validated to this point so I guess I will have to wait like everyone else to see if or where I fit in.

I am kind of family orientated so although I am willing to sacrifice for humanity anything I have to offer,I would prefer that my participation on that note comes AFTER my family is safe and cared for,should I be given an opportunity to intercede in any way and prevent anything bad ,well as Popeye said "I am what I am--and --I is what I is" so once again I will have to wait like everyone else to see even if I will be here to play any part at all post 2012.

posted on Jul, 9 2011 @ 11:34 AM

Your ATS account can be hacked and your real name acessed.

These maniacs believe that the greys are demons and are satans minions creating demon hybrids here on earth,no #e.

These people have been researching the genetic manipulation of humans for a very long time ACTIVELY.They do not disbelieve abductees,not at all,they have just warped their perspective with the religous disease.

Fear the TPTB,fear a corrupt lying government ,and fear religous fanatics more than the first two.

This is the first time I have encountered this and it is alarming.

You can imagine as I do what these people think of us and how they value us,I will be posting this warning on EVERY thread I visit,be warned and be aware of any religous connections in your own life that seem to pop up or seem strange,if you are already in a religon and an abductee who hasnt come out,DO NOT COME OUT TO YOUR CHURCH---they will view you as they view us.

Your god may be forgiving my friends but you know very well how insane many religous people can behave ,every group has its militants and its power structure.

Anonymity is imperative in this field of involvement,yours could be compromised through internet posting.

posted on Jul, 9 2011 @ 04:12 PM
Hey one4all can you send mepicture of your implants i think you said you had some.right?i want to see them/it.also i think your sentance structurals and writing is A OK mate and not to WORRY about what people say about you its alright.but i think pictures to me please would be very fine indeed my friend I am very interested in your STORY and woul like more!!

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