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canadians abducted by blue uniformed humans sound off

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posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 04:32 PM
Moderator Note

I have moved this thread to the "Gray Area" where personal-experiences belong.

Please cut down on personal attacks toward other members a bit and address the topics instead.

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 05:20 PM
Always gracious sky.

I must say there are a lot of bells going off in my head, right now.

I know that I am preparing for a fight, of some kind. My body has gone through, and is going through necessary changes right now.

The vision thing...I can see for miles, yet I need reading glasses. I can see clearly about up to 5 minutes ahead. I kind of use the force to predict danger and take evasive actions. There seems to be continual training on an on-going basis.

All4one? - I am going to claim one promise the bible resonates and I feel will be the determining factor in the out come.....our life force will never be extinguished.

I am also accutely aware of other life spans that I have walked the face of this planet earth using a biological unit, the last time was in 900 AD, Northern Scotland.

My signature is real and can be called upon.

Do not ask for a demonstration..... I prefer to not loose that gift.... It is too valuable.

I can and will use it when the time is right.

There are many factions vying for this rock, but only one who is ultimately in charge.

posted on Apr, 16 2009 @ 11:06 AM
My sincere apologies to all concerned regarding my recent misdirection of the integrity of this thread by engaging in critical exchanges and interfering with a smooth exchange of perspectives,noting that I am a human being and far from perfect ,I shall endeavor to remain acutely focused on the collective direction of this thread.


posted on Apr, 16 2009 @ 11:32 AM
Forgive me if I'm mistaken or missed someone else making this point, but,

I don't often hear of stories like this (which sound like ET abduction stories, grey abductions, etc) with blue uniformed humans.

I don't know what I believe or don't believe on this matter, but is it possible that they weren't human?

posted on Apr, 16 2009 @ 11:37 AM
The memory leaks I get seem to be about greys, they're not robed or hideous, and they seem to be very good with children, in other words the initial memory that had come off and on and seemed too out of place, was fearful, but only that memory. The nordics wore blue, but kind of skin tight blue uniforms.

posted on Apr, 16 2009 @ 11:47 AM
Win52,I also seem to be able to acess the ability you speak of,I was a diminutive young man yet I became the most outstanding male athlete in my high school.I was able to accurately predict the movements or decisions that five or six of my teammates would choose to make and in milliseconds analyse and again predict their next future decisions and decide where I should interject my support to create maximum effect.I was always at minimum three steps ahead of EVERY PLAYER BOTH MY TEAM AND MY OPPONENTS IT WAS THAT EASY.Sometimes as many as six steps ahead.

I was able to "see" into the future by EXTRAPOLATING which directions which individuals would try to influence the current reality to proceed in.This is a real skill and the better you get the further into the future you can "see".And influence if you choose.Some of us have spent our entire lives being a little curious about the unwillingness of people we interact with to immedietly listen to our direction and persue it with passion.

There is another component to this ability and it seems to be related to time or the way we percieve time and the immediate area around us physically when we alter our perception of time with intent or direction.

I have been in an extremely high number of life and death type of high stress environments and have had repeated episodes of time manipulation performed my me,myself.At first I didnt know what they were,it was like in basket ball,I was 5 ft 7 in. tall and I would consistantly win tipoffs against guys over six ft tall.It was like I could alter time as we both went up for the ball and I could as I first thought I was doing "WILL' myself higher than my opponent.I wasnt willing myself higher I WAS ALTERING TIME ITSELF AS I WAS JUMPING UPWARDS.

Just ask Wayne Gretzky,or any SUPERSTAR athlete that "seems" to be playing by themselves amongst THE MOST PROFESSIONAL OPPONENTS ON THE PLANET,you will find that this is excatly what they are doing.In the past this ability was alluded to as being a Visionary.

I was at the scene of what turned out to be a fatal car accident,one of the victims was lying under a car with his head wedged between the back tire and the curb,his body being completely under the car his head was jammed up at an angle against the high curb and his airway was being closed,he was suffocating to death.There were six or seven people all standing around looking at him and doing nothing ,I had been interacting with the accident scene since about one minute after it occured and I had already begun altering time,I had already provided support for a victim from another car and directed the next person on the scene to call 911 and bring a blanket to cover the woman because shock was sure to be setting in.I walked over to the area that the people were standing in in "SLOW MOTION"if you will,everything was even actually blurry.I walked past everyone and began issuing directions to everyone in sight as I knelt down and cleared the mans airway so he would stop suffocating as an audience of six watched him expire.I directed he immediatly be given several bystanders jackets to cover him up,I directed people to push the car off of him so we could render more aid.These directions were all given as I knelt beside this man in ONLY my underwear in the wintertime in the snow WHILE MY HAND WAS STUCK INSIDE THE BACK OF HIS SKULL AS I SUPPORTED HIM KEEPING HIS AIRWAY OPEN UNTIL THE AMBULANCE COULD ARRIVE.


My friends growing up all gave me nicknames that referred to my NEVER BEING CAUGHT IN A VULNERABLE POSITION AND "ALWAYS "GETTING OUT OF STICKY SITUATIONS.

Win52 ,I'll bet you are right about things you predict A LOT ,enough that your family and friends must have noticed throughout your life.

I agree about the survival or battle alert state we must be in to utilise this ability or possibly to become aware of it ,many people actually make these time manipulations happen but attribute the cause to many other things.

I wonder how many of us have learned to control this but dont recognise it for what it is,AN ACTION WE ARE REALLY INIATING OR OUR OWN ACCORD.

I believe this has a lot to do with how I was able to remain "aware"but not "awake" during my abduction,this ability is how I interupted my abductors.

posted on Apr, 16 2009 @ 12:01 PM
The humans were ABSOLUTELY HUMAN,there were three different races,one was military and in blue skintight bodysuit style uniforms they were all blonde but of different shades of blonde and they were individuals not clones or anything I talked with several of them,they were very ,friendly and very human.The leader wasnt friendly he was all business, the crew were friendly ONLY WITHIN THE PARAMETERS OF THEIR MILITARY DUTIES,WE WERE ON A SHIP.

The second human race present and there was only individual that I interacted with and saw,was a woman wearing a long flowing robe with long blonde hair WHO TURNED OUT TO BE MY ADVOCATE THROUGHOUT THE EVENT.She was very "connected"to me in a humanitarian sense.

The third human race present were small little things wearing dark colored robes,I dont clearly remember their exact features just that they were puffy, deeply wrinkled, tan colored, skinned. They actually came into my home to take me physically.But they werent needed on my way home from the ship.

The first race controlled the ship we were on,they were military,the woman was powerful enough to negotiate with the captain UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES BUT NOT IN GENERAL,she was my protector and advocate she communicated telepathically.The little guys seemed to have an indignant attitude and had a specific position or level of power although it seemed to be aquired under duress.They were the least powerful present IN THE CURRENT SITUATION,I FEEL GIVEN THEIR OWN SHIP THEY WOULD BE AS POWERFUL AS THE MILITARY BLUESUITS.

To much co-operation for my taste.

posted on Apr, 16 2009 @ 01:24 PM
reply to post by Frogs

A high IQ does not always lend itself to the mundane task of formatting while writing. Simple things like punctuation are not as important as the message that you are trying to communicate.

So, my mind works far faster than my ability to type and format. Please don't become a grammar nazi when we have an interesting post.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 01:12 PM
yes, one4all, while driving I use this a lot.

If people who know me see me putting on my seat belt, they quickly reach for theirs. You will see police shortly. Slowing down for those speed traps is simple...if you learn to listen. It seems to be a lot of listening involved while using this.

Once I remote viewed using a t-rex dinosaur's eyes and picked up it's thought patterns about what it was trying to do. That was from about 10,000 years ago...give or take a few. After the last great flood. It was stock pileing a food source.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 10:36 AM
Win52,this ability in me only manifested itself after I was abducted and I believe I was given a nasal implant that did something to OPEN UP MY DESIRE AND ABILITY TO LEARN AND ABSORB .I knew the implant was in me and what it was doing to me.Immediatly after I was implanted I had difficulty communicating ideas to my family and teachers,my mom noticed immediatly but didnt know how to grasp what was happening.

What would happen is I would be talking to her or someone else and I would suddenly find myself three or four thoughts or "most likely to occur thoughts "ahead of them.It created an INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT SITUATION because I found myself constantly having to come backwards to allow everyone to catch up to me.Everyone.

I would do things for my family before they would as I would answer teachers questions before they could ask them and sometimes lead them to the next question I myself found interesting.

I have found people with no unusual experiences that display this same ability so I believe that it is a learned power ,but it takes many years to master and by the time we realise what it is we are almost gone from old age.

Sharing and teaching is as important as breathing.

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by one4all understand what I have been going through for the past 40 years. It all started when I was about 14 yrs old.

You can block it out by emersing yourself in day to day living. But it (this gift) always seems to find a way to remind you it is there.

That may explain the nose bleeds I have had since 14. The dr says there is scar tissue in my nasal cavity??? He didn't elaborate.

I am old enough to see too many things which make my head spin. At times I wonder about some of the things I see. I have had visions of my car brakes not working, for some time now. I have been testing them for a while now before I use them, to make sure they work, while I have time for plan B...evasive action. Not sure if that is symbolic or something in the future. I do see (with this vision) that this is not terminal for me as I do have time to implement a plan B. It is all so strange. This is a re-occuring vision.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I thought no one understood. Now, I believe there is an army of people who can do this and are awaking to the fact that they can do similar things.

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 02:44 PM
Win52,your"plan B"IS AN AUTOMATIC FOR ME AS WELL,you have subconsciously leapt ahead or read the future if you will,you have picked up signs with all of your senses EXCATLY LIKE THE WEBBOT ,and your mind has processed the sgns and directed you to create a "plan B",you are doing it as a natural response to all of the sensory input you are recieving.

Simply by THINKING OF THE PLAN B you "create a reality"that includes you actually averting a potential disaster,then in the immediate or near future IF AND WHEN you BEGIN TO ENCOUNTER A REPEAT OCCURANCE OF THE SENSORY INPUT THAT MADE YOU THINK OF CREATING PLAN B IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU WILL INSERT OR CHOOSE TO IMPLEMENT YOUR PLAN B "REALITY".


If you build it they will come,is a line from a hollywood movie but it is true of the thoughts that we have because these thoughts ALL HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO MANIFEST THEMSELVES INTO REALITY IF WE CHOOSE TO MAKE IT SO.

I constantly do this,all the time as a natural part of my everyday life,I more times than not choose to subdue or ignore this ability because of the friction it causes in my inter-personal relationships,people get sick of you always being right especially when they have suffered a negative consequence after you have presented them with an alternative reality that they chose to ignore,it also freaks people out when you seem to know to many things or seemingly something about everything.

I used to work in a very rough tough industry,think wild,wild west Texas style.My job was very mechanical in nature with constant repair and troubleshooting needed to ensure production.When I first started and was very inexperienced I displayed my abilitys to often and ended up being forced into promotions I didnt want.If there was a very technical problem that was an immediate concern and there were three or four highly trained professionals banging heads trying to come up with a solution,I COULD WALK UP,LISTEN TO THEM ALL TALK FOR A FEW MINUTES AND THEN WALK PAST THEM ALL AND FIX THEIR PROBLEM.


We are like interpreters who seem to have the ability to tune in our sensory perception to the degree that we have learned how to anticipate and therefore change or manipulate the future at will.We just require confusion or lack of ability to communicate FOR OUR TRUE POTENTIAL TO BE REALIZED.

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 03:19 PM
Bingo........the guy who knows about everything, and the right way to do something. I got tired of fixing mistakes so I developed this to avoid things before they happened.

If I tell my son something..he gets mad because he thinks I caused it to happen by saying it. I merely saw it comming and warned him. Lately he is heeding things I warn about a bit better.

So, understanding a bit more about this makes me want to reach out a bit further.

I also have conversations (telepathic) with a group of benevolent beings who are in a watching state. They are telling me to be prepared for something...soon. I will need this vision for what is to come. There will also be other gifts.

One is shielding...I have been working with shielding or auras, if you will. Not sure what for, but those shields have proven usefull. I seem to be deflecting negative energy directed at me.

How are your shields?

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 06:50 PM
I just would like to say I think this thread is Unique.

If you read it from start to finish, as I have done, I think there are several reasons to suspect this may be the closest thing to Disclosure I have seen on ATS(maybe an elder knows of a better thread?), or anywhere. This thread needs to be preserved.

A number of aspects of One4all's testimony, and further conversation of background from life stories indicate a genuine person is behind the posts.

There are multiple collaborations on aspects of the testimony, by multiple members on ATS as well.

The usual debunking effort lacks any other tactic than to attack the grammar of One4all.

After retaliating from one attack by King092(or whatever) on grammar issue, One4all apologized and vowed to keep thread going.

We don't even have the 'proof' photo, and I feel like we may not need it.

I myself have had many of the type of experiences that One4all and Win have been describing, although not to the extent.

So my standing, after considering the points I have just brought up and more that I can't remember, is that this appears to be genuine testimony. This thread deserves to be investigated by the best, I hope they come.

Star and Flag.

edit to add: And not to mention a couple of times when I was reading, I was reminded of X-men.

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posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 07:21 PM
His experiences keep bringing things up for me, and I've had to write to him a few times. The thing about the implant in his leg at 7 alarmed me greatly. We moved from our home at 9, so I know it wasn't that year. But I was school aged, so somewhere between 6-8, I was scheduled for surgeory for a lump on my leg, I don't know which leg though. The day before the surgeory it popped out on its own, wasn't a normal shaped sliver. It was odd looking though, can't remember it much. It was thrown away, but my mother thought if I'd gotten something like that stuck in me, I would have cried up a storm. I don't have this superb mental abilities but have always been a bit psi, so I'm not sure what this is or would have been for if it came from them.

posted on May, 16 2009 @ 05:35 PM
I have been feeling the urge to seek high ground and provide a refuge for my extended family members and there would be a lot of them around thirty.There is an area in canada that I have chosen,and I am in the process of transferring my life and livelihood to this area.

I believe that some of us are supposed to devote a meaningful portion of our lives to providing a support system or refuge for our loved ones.One can save many.

I know there are a lot of overlapping realities that we are faced with right now,but it wont be like this forever.Yes some of us have had events,yes there is disclosure happening,yes there are global epidemics and economic strife ,yes the government is hiding this from us,yes people are believing in record and eponentially relevant numbers,yes there are MASSIVE earth changes comong,yes billions of us will perish,yes there is nothing we or any other civilization can possibly do to change the natural course of the earths evolution as a planet,,

BUT,yes we can do things to be prepared to give ourselves and our families a fighting chance,yes there are better places to be in the near future,yes they are ALL BAR NONE ON CONTINENTAL HIGH GROUND,yes some of us have gotten or are currently understanding this message or instinct,YES WE WILL HAVE TO FACE MOST OF THE CONDITIONS LISTED ABOVE IF WE ARE TO SURVIVE AS A SPECIES AND WE FORGOT TO MENTION WARS.

None of these issues changes the fact that we still control our own future,as long as some of us remain alive and reproducing to maintain our reality, humanity will continue.

Please seek out survivalist type of sites and review the basic requirements for your family as I have,this is imperative.

There is still a lot of time to prepare individually I dont think 2012 is that accurate,but its getting closer and coming faster.I truly believe that the WHERE YOU ARE GEOGRAPHICALLY LOCATED PART OF YOUR LIFE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR.

I have been having many latent memories or memories I havented revisited in many years suddenly begin to resurface,some of these are of the moon and the reason we were there,it is a refuge,plain and simple,but not a refuge for anyone that a SINGLE PERSON ON EARTH CAN CHOOSE,THE REFUGEES ARE CHOSEN BY A POWER GREATER THAN ANY GOVERNMENT WE KNOW OF.


They have also lied to us about contact,but they have co-operated with the other human races out of a common need,the need to survive collectively the coming global near extinction event.

So yes they know and yes you now know why they havent told us much,they are less afraid of public knowledge of the suppression of the OTHER HUMAN RACES THEY KNOW ABOUT,----than they are about our imminent and unavoidable earth changes.The earth changes knowledge would cause an epic global pandemonium and wars would be waged over geographical safe locations no matter who currently ownd them and the wars would be in EARNEST.

This is the "vibration or whatever"I am picking up and acting upon in my personal life,and I would naturally encourage all to look up to high ground and then just hope you picked the right direction because its all a crapshoot,other than the NEED TO PREPARE OURSELVES ENOUGH TO AT LEAST BE ALIVE TO BE IN THE CASINO TO PLAY THE CRAPS GAME AT ALL.

Are there any other canadian readers who are having the same type of instinctual inclination to become absolutely selfsufficient in a highground area?

Does anyone know of any experiencers who have been from British Columbia,or from Alberta?? who reported a co-operating group of DIFFERENT RACES during their abduction?

Are there any readers with experiences who lived within 150 kilometers of a major city in these provinces,say Vancouver or Edmonton?Large centers like that.

Were you from a small town or community that seemed to literally pump out SPECIAL ABOVE AVERAGE HUMANS.I mean the type of people who suceed on the world stage?and a lot of them from a numericly impossible tiny group.

Does anyone who lived in either of these two provinces who was located within 100 kms of A CATTLE MUTILATION SITE happen to be reading?Or possibly someone who has heard family stories about events surrounding the mutilations.

Does anyone from these areas who believes they may have had an event happen to have a scoop mark on their left leg?Did any of you have a serious nosebleed around specifically seven years old,and possibly pass SOMETHING YOU MENTALLY TOOK NOTE OF in the clot or the blood you lost?

Any stories of community "kooks" or "weird family histories" that include any type of mention of abduction nor contact?

posted on May, 16 2009 @ 06:17 PM
Well. I don't know what to say about the last post. I just really hope you're wrong about the disaster of a cataclysmic nature that isn't say, cabal generated and therefore stoppable by us or the non-terrans. I keep putting forth a very positive image of disclosure and a choice that we make for freedom and an upgrade. I really don't want to get fear based or pull the negative in so to speak, but keep this feeling strong instead.

On so many of your points our family fits in. I could write to you about my uncle, and the town we grew up that I have written to you about, had an Observatory. My math teacher was one the scientists that developed the nuclear technology many decades ago. And now, we live an hour from Vancouver. I wonder how many others can speak up, because there must have been far more who havn't spoken up yet I feel that probably quite a few may have been affected in the area I grew up without knowing it even perhaps.

The thing is, my family is in the Okanagan and if a disaster happens, my friends there can forsee having to go to the Rockies, but we all feel that area is one that we would probably return to. The continental divide is the Rockies. And Lake Louise come to mind, along with the road out towards Edmonton from the Peace Valley, though that may be hard to get to. My advice to people is to head for the rockies and lake louise.

Though, I really see something else as going down, something that stops nwo in its tracks and offers us freedom in the end.

Edit to add: the continental divide is something that infers something akin to the movie 2012 you realize.

Adding a bit more: why would so many people around the world be experiencing abductions and contact, and the children as witnessed by Mary Rodwell founder ACERN are experiencing skills akin to upgrades. Her coast to coast interview talks about this and gives examples that are remarkable.
So, this is alot of effort and alot of work these non-terrans are putting into so many people, and despite the more negative publicity given in the US about this she's found out of the large group 2/3rds are not traumatic, and of the 1/3 many who go deeper into their memories discover that things they were afraid of, were done to help them. Why? Just to have them mostly die off in a disaster? Not all of these people live in areas where they'll be safe, surely. This is a world wide phenomenon. This has to be done to improve the world and save us from slavery.

[edit on 16-5-2009 by mystiq]

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 11:25 AM
We have to quantify what "safe" means or where it is.I believe that a global flood will be the worst of the events in the near future ,I think in my lifetime or my potential lifetime.I'm in my early forties.

Scientists have found areas on mountain tops on different continents that contain vegetation and animal fossils that have the same origin,understand that it is only on one side of the mountains in crevices that these things are found,this means that at some point in our fairly recent history there was a GLOBAL TIDAL WAVE THAT PICKED UP THIS MATTER AND DEPOSITED IT ON TOP OF MOUNTAIN RANGES AROUND THE WORLD "AFTER PLANT AND ANIMAL MATTER FROM DIFFERET GEOGRAPHICAL AREAS HAD BEEN MIXED TOGETHER LIKE A SOUP"

The deposits were left there after the water RECEDED.

One of the "directions"I have been given has been to aknowledge research and move to an area of high altitude.I had no idea this particular area was at a high altitude compared to sea level but was extremely surprised when I researched a specific dream I was given with this specific named area attatched.

I think that there are "safe"areas all over the planet,but we have to remember that life always is and always will be SUBJECT TO SUDDEN AND UNEXPECTED CHANGES.All safe areas will not harbor survivors so all safe areas must be seeded with ready people.

These seeded areas will naturally be all over the planet.

I think there are for some reason around 144000 people who will be up in space watching,there will probably be at least several million worldwide underground thinking they are protected by their respective governments,and I believe that there will be an as yet unknown number of "ready people" settled in safe areas waiting for the outcome like everyone else.

The important thing is to remember that we are all rolling the dice at the same time here ,this is all about odds for everyone but the 144000,we have failed to mention the nearly six billion that havent got a clue or a chance because of their inability to acess this type of information in time to up their odds.

I prefer to look up at the sky and challenge it not to hide in a hole in the ground and wait to die,I dont believe that many underground shelters will survive anyway.

This is why the abductions are important enough to recieve a co-operative effort from several groups of human races that WOULD ALL PREFER TO NOT BE MADE EXTINCT IN THE COMING WORLD EVENT.

Mystiq,I will u2u a location to you,you will see why I was surprised when the dream follow up took me to this place,near where I live.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 12:20 PM
I know they've found fossils and remains on mountain tops, including whale bones I think I read. Certainly native artifacts in the interior that have been made from whale bone. But Lake Louise is a natural place for people to head, for it is the highest village in Canada. If that area isn't going to stay above the water, nothing here will. Although, you have to understand, with the hybrid program I believe is in existence and the large numbers bred to live in our earth conditions and gravity, why would a disaster of this level be comtemplated?

In any case, for some reason I kept getting that, if a journey needed to be made to lake louise, say, by many people, this would be good. Because I kept feeling that they were up to something, and that there would be preparations made for the humans who were heading there. If a disaster happens I want people to stick together and make it to safe areas in large numbers, everyone.

I've been reading a wonderful thread here:

The Underground Empire by jkrog08. This made so much sense. It actually went further and tied the things I saw on mars, and my fascination with the crowned face, to the sumerian tablet Russianscientist talks about, that says that was a famous astronaut carved into a mountain. Well, those from mars, specifically the tall whites, nordics, were reported to be the lumerians, and then the telosians. The fault lines and the underground system in california and western US reminds me that the South Okanagan where I'm from is the sunken land mass between two major veins of the fault line, criss crossed with fault lines. And that several mountains and one of our bluffs had a distinctly carved native look, more than just random ice age formation to me.
Not to mention the dormant Mt Baldy over 7000 feet high. And the white lake observatory nearby. The natives of the Okanagan have legends to the tall whites on a land mass in the pacific. Hmmmm.

I just see so much coming together for me. Those nordics in the blue suits seem to me to be connected to the telosians. I think earth is a very complicated planet. By why have so many races, and some of them are good, positive benevolent ones connected with Andromedans, Sirians, Plieadians, and many others, left humans in the hands of the slave master ets and kept us in the dark for so long? Even those taken, or abducted are treated like mushrooms and fed BS!

I am not empowering a huge disaster like this. I insist that we are being upgraded, filled in, the human race living in peace, and cosmically included, such as exopolitics works for, and coexistence with all the races on this planet, and that the renegade warrior user types grow up, get with the program and become good guys too!

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 01:16 PM
I also have chosen not to empower any type of global disaster,but I have chosen to do so by allowing my mind to stay open and receptive to all available perspectives even the ones that include such events,I believe that there is a natural flow to our reality and how it developes and that we need to learn to surf that flow in order that we be available to accept new perspectives as they become available,it is in my opinion important to accept the balance that always seems to be present in our reality,good vs evil ,yin and yang ,apples vs oranges,for without the ability to experience each one individually we can never truly understand or appreciate all.We have to allow an environment to exist that fosters and maintains our piowers of free will and freedom of choice.

I definately understand what you mean by not wanting to empower a "reality or perspective"that would support such a negative global occurance and I also understand your concern about the dangers of starting such a train of thought or bringing forward such undesirable "possible realities" due to the possibility of such perspectives snowballing into actual reality for all of humanity,like a virus can spread.I believe that the natural or universal balance I mentioned earlier will offset this possibility or we will be able to cumulatively as one single human entity spread across the planet ,join ourselves in a singular direction or reality AND THEREBY CHOOSE OUR OWN CUMULATIVE REALITY OR FUTURE THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE SUCH DISASTERS.

All possible realities are constantly on the table until enough human minds have forgotten about them or have begun to require due to a specific "need" a new alternative,safer reality.The only way we can rid humanity of war and suffering is to empower enough humans on our planet with the aility to see,accept as possible ,and choose of their own free will a cumulative reality that DOESNT INCLUDE THESE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY,it is that simple ,like majic.

We are facing these scenarios on multiple fronts all the time and this is why we must be vigilant as a species and understand that as our WORLD POPULATION\AVAILABLE "VOTES"IN POSSIBLE FUTURE REALITY--INCREASES INTO THE BILLIONS,the potential for the fracturing of humanities cumulative progress forward as one entity is dramaticly increased.This makes it more difficult to bring us all together ,hence the importance of immediate and CURRENT REAL TIME EDUCATION OF HUMANITIES MASSES WORLDWIDE VIA INTERNET ,THIS IS ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL.

This is the natural balance I was talking about earlier,now maybe you can understand why religon,governments,corporate groups and powerful private groups HAVE MADE IT AN INDUSTRY TO MISREPRESENT REALITY TO AND TO OUTRIGHT LIE TO BILLIONS OF PEOPLE ON A DAILY BASIS AND WITH SELFSERVING AGENDAS 100% OF THE TIME.

They have accomplished this by manipulating and restricting the availability of knowledge and teaching or the ability for information to be recieved by the masses in "real time"as opposed to a manipulated time of their choosing.This is and has always been about education and the manipulation of the information flow amongst humanity in order that an advantagous "window of opportunity"caused by THAT LITTLE BIT THAT IS LOST IN TRANSLATION(MULTIPLIED BY A MAGNITUDE OF TEN TO OBTAIN MAXIMUM EFFECT)BE CREATED TO BE USED AS A TOOL OR WEAPON TO MANIPULATE HUMANITY.

EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO BALANCE AND HARMONY AND PROGRESS,IT IS A CRIME TO CONTINUOSLY PROVIDE FOOD TO HUMANS AND LET THEM LIVE OUT THEIR NATURAL LIVES WITHOUT EVER HAVING THE OPPORTUNITY TO CONTRIBUTE THEIR VOTE TO HUMANITIES FUTURE DIRECTION or in billions of cases never even know that they have the right or option to do so.This is like BUYING VOTES ,and keeping the living bodies in some type of STASIS like drones,only going through the motions of a physical lifespan without ever being allowed to participate in the reality that is moving the human species forward.

This is a capitol crime of the highest order and I believe that this is a major issue in the Galactic war we are in right now.

So I truly believe that education and information sharing is the cure for humanities ills because if we were all given as a species worldwide a simultaneous moment in which we could voice our true free will excersize our ability to "create a cumulative reality or perspective like majic"WE WOULD DELETE THE NEGATIVE THINGS MY A MAJORITY VOTE BECAUSE THE MAJORITY OF HUMANITY IS CURRENTLY BEING MANIPULATED INTO A REALITY FULL OF MISERY WHEN THEY ALL BAR NONE DESIRE A REALITY FULL OF HAPPINESS AND GOODWILL.


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