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canadians abducted by blue uniformed humans sound off

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posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 06:56 PM
reply to post by one4all

Thank you for posting the accounts and never mind the negative energies, it is understandable that by the very nature of your post that you would get some is it not?

I found your recounting to be fantastic but for all that I also found them to be believable not because I am gullible but because some of your early academic life seems to have some similarity to my own and some very strange, difficult to explain events have happened to me also.

At a very early age I was apparently seen as a child prodigy. My mother and father were even visited in Dusseldorf (my father was in the Royal Military Police) where we lived at the time by academics that showed me pictures of dinosaurs from a thick book.

I remember that I was able to name every dinosaur I was shown and tell if they were meat eaters or plant eaters. The man with the book became more and more excited and afterwards one of the men talked to my father and mother in another room while the other sat in front of me and smiled, played with my beloved toy metal ME109 fighter, making arcs in the air with it. I was five years of age at the time and I only vaguely remember this meeting.

I do know my father was very proud afterwards and told me I was going to grow up to be a palaeontologist. I knew even as he explained what they did for a living that I did not want to be a palaeontologist.

My father bought me the encyclopaedia Britannica soon after these men had visited us and I read all the volumes before I was seven years of age though I struggled with the written words I somehow managed to get the “gist of it” because I ached to know more. I was never without one of the many books and for me what was important was not going outside to play but reading, reading and more reading.

Years before this event I used to suffer terrifying dreams that would happen way too often, reoccurring dreams that plagued me. I was about four or five and the “dreams” would involve seeing four men in black patterned armour that would descend through the ceiling of my bedroom and every time it happened I would scream the house down and always my mother and father would rush into the room and have a terrible time trying to calm me down.

It became a recurring pattern and night after night these “men” in their strange medieval looking armour and helmets would drift down through my ceiling. All I can remember of details is that the patterns on the armour were like writing but like nothing I have ever seen before. The closest thing to it would be Arabic but a very, very loose resemblance.

Only a few years ago my mother told me that as a baby I my screaming would rush her into the bedroom and my eyes would be transfixed, focused on something on the far wall. If she stepped into my line of sight I would simply look right through her, screaming like my lungs were going to burst out of my mouth. I do not remember this but my mother does and she says the memories still gives her the chills.

In 1978 I lived in Port Kaituma and was living there when the Jim Jones massacre took place. I remember seeing shrouded bodies in white in rows ready to be flown from the airstrip back to Georgetown and in the same year A huge tree fell and killed nine GDF pioneers right near me during the day of the Pagwah water festival. The accident was so close that I was thrown off my feet.

While everyone else ran around swearing and screaming in panic, I ran into the midst of it and watched it all too calmly, no emotion at all. I felt nothing even as people literally coughed up their lives and died in front of me. I was nine years of age. Others who had seen the tree come down had said a flash of light had struck the base of the tree but this is impossible as there were few clouds in an otherwise pristine sky.

I lived at the base because my Uncle was the base commandant and my father and mother had both been granted inclusion into the GDF because my uncle had pulled some strings back in Georgetown.

During my teenage years I lived in Camberwell London and I was hit with recurring nights of terror as I would wake up from a dream totally paralysed and trying to scream but the effort of screaming was so difficult it was like trying to scream underwater. The fear was so great though that I would eventually be able to scream but the effort was so strange and powerful I sounded like a pig. Not so much a scream but a shrieking exhalation of breath.

The dream I would wake up was always exactly the same. It started with me transfixed in a geostationary orbit hundreds of miles above the earth and I would begin to be stretched from one horizon to the other like a rubber band.

I could feel the sensation and it felt awful. The details of this dream were so vivid I remember the sun blazing off the ocean below, seeing cloud formations with dazzling silver and gold, land topography so intense the imagery was utterly overwhelming. However when the feeling of being stretched became too much to bear I would wake up paralysed, fighting with all my might to just be able to scream. It seemed to take an eternity to scream, knowing my brothers were sleeping in the same room, knowing my parents were in the next room. It felt like drowning.

In 1982 as a teenager I started to write a book and the effort consumed me to such an extent I would lock myself within a cupboard and type by lamplight on an old imperial typewriter my father gave me. I gave up the few friends I did have and my life became writing this accursed book. All I could see and think about was the book and the goal that I had to finish it. Within a few months I had written over one hundred thousand words and my fingers were joint sore and blistered.

Those old imperial typewriters were not built for typing.

I never allowed anyone to read the book but one day my father did read it when I was in school. It involved a catastrophic battle on the earth and in space. Earth was losing to a race of reptilians I called Thargonians. I had started in the beginning to call them Draconians but it seemed too clichéd and at this time I knew nothing of UFOs and the reptilian myth.
Within weeks of finishing the book I burned it in a nearby valley in a weirdly ritualistic fashion and forgot about it.

The book was called “The game”

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posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 06:58 PM

From an early age I excelled in art to the extent that I was even spanked by my teacher once for drawing a woman with breasts and I was withdrawn from interacting with children of my own age as I detested physical contact.

I took up art again as a teenager and found that I was able to draw to an advanced level and I never had any formal training apart from the basic training I found bored me to death in school. While everyone else was drawing plants and rock, shoes and tables I was drawing extremely detailed reptilian humanoids, face on and in profile over and over again.

Eventually I discovered I could make a lot of money with my art and I was excluded for a time after being caught drawing detailed pictures of naked woman for the scores of girl crazy teenage boys in my year.
I was annoyed at being caught as I was making a lot of money. The money I used to buy more art materials and books. My bedroom was like a veritable library the walls were lined with books from Homer and the Iliad to French love stories and all the books by Sven Hassel.

Some of the art I would focus on for myself I never finished but the point was never about completion. If I ever did complete a picture it was by luck not by design. My goal was to live in the moment, reaching some kind of peace, a total mental silence, a world on a page created by me. It was like automated drawings that consumed everything and once they were finished or the moment lost I would never look at them again for years, or worse I would simply throw them away.

I never aspired to my father’s hopes of becoming some sort of scientist. I followed his lead and joined the army and I ended up being badly injured to the point I was in a military hospital in Woolwich London for a couple of years.

I am more or less physically healed but I am left with lingering PTSD and an obsessive compulsive disorder that is yup you guessed it, ritualistic in nature with a side order of hyper awareness.
Nearly a decade ago I managed to deal with the ritualistic nature of this quite welcome disorder by channelling it into cardio vascular and muscular fitness lol

I believe the UFO phenomenon is real because I have seen UFOs and more importantly (for my sanity) my wife watched a floating triangle with me over our home as we walked our malamute only a few weeks ago. For an out and out total sceptic she took the sighting quite well, apart from being a bit quiet for several days afterwards (hehe).

I thought if you could be brave enough to recount your own experiences then I should bite the bullet and do the same by way of welcome to the ATS. I hope you stay a while and post many more interesting threads.

Above is picture of a dream involving a girl who sat and watched me while some huge reptillian humanoid guarded her in a metal lined room. She seemed to be studying me. A sketch I did right after I woke up many years ago.

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posted on Oct, 30 2009 @ 12:55 AM
I just read the Linda Cortile case and the eyewitness statements.

This is the first time I have had my event verified as far as going into the craft and leaving the craft.

The little wrinkly guys for some reason have to physically take you out with them,it has something to do with their physical makeup and the beam that lifts and drops you,when you leave on your own they make you drink a liquid that allows the beam to return you home without the little things.You literally just step off the edge.

The witnesses in this case saw three extremely ugly little creatures floating up to the ship in the beam along with the victim.

As I knew.

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 01:38 PM
I really enjoyed this thread. I am currently deployed to iraq and at the end of the day i enjoy logging on and reading stuff in here. This thread kept me entertained for a few days. Thanks, real or not. I too have a feeling something is going on among us and we just don't know but i am sure one day we will know.

posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 08:18 AM
Justanotherone,I am glad you have found this thread interesting,the first post I made was only the second time I had ever posted on the internet,six years ago I had no clue what the internet even was.

I am glad that there will be generations to come that will have this kind of acess to informaton,just pure massive quantities of information,the ability to follow your own instinct WITH NO POWER TO STOP YOU OR MISGUIDE YOU.

This is all true,I used to wake up in the night when I was a small boy screaming that I didnt want to fight and I didnt want to be in the army.Only the army I didnt want to join wasnt the one we all know about.

posted on Feb, 4 2010 @ 08:36 AM
Its been a long time since I updated this thread,I hope everyone is well.

I have the urge to tell people again to plan a route to the highest point in their geographical area and stay more than 100 miles from any coastline.

Since I was led mostly through dreams to the highest point in my area at the same time I was led to learn about the possibility of a pole shift or some other major natural disaster in the near future,I did this before I found ATS or any other wbsite containing this information in this context,I have found many many people who have had similar experiences and in some cases I am sure the exact same people abducted others whose stories I have found,many of which predate my knowledge of the internet and books on the topic.

I do not advocate the expending of major resources trying to "wake people up"any more.There is no time to waste now.We must make our priority the securing of an egress plan and a safe place for our families and the people who we love that will willingly follow us when the time is right.

All scenarios point to a period of self preservation and independance from the supply systems we now rely on to live.There are no viable alternatives possible before the planet faces the first of several major events in the near future.

You choose your own scenario,but remember the egress plan and the high altitude area more than 100 miles from any coastline.

Dont worry about becoming a survival expert,you already are,just focus on a viable plan that includes the people you love who will willingly come when the time is right,remember that you will know the time is short and they wont,so the more advance planning you have done the higher the liklyhood you will get more of your loved ones to egress with you in time .

You will need to show these people that there is a viable alternative available that has been planned for them in advance to reinforce their belief in you ,and to allow them to trust your judgement and intent as well as your ability to lead and support them.

Dont worry about government or local police or support services,they are currently so woefully understaffed that in an emergency there will BE NO SUPPORT AVAILABLE FROM THESE SOURCES.You must be prepared to function independantly of these institutions.

Dont be afraid to form co-operative groups and plan together,face the reality that the vast majority of humanity WILL NOT LISTEN,THINK NOAHS ARK FOR THE LOVE OF MURPHY!!

You should be able to accomplish a lot of preparation in the next 12 months without encountering much difficulty,but be aware that their are already global shortages of some of the core materials and supplies you will need.In the next two years you may find it a lot more difficult to obtain your supplies easily or cheaply.

NEVER FORGET that it is better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it,this could be A LIFE AND DEATH SCENARIO SO PLAN CAREFULLY.

Again I encourage everyone to choose their own personal scenario for the near future and to prepare accordingly.

I have found that on many occasions with many different people who I have tried to warn ,there has been an unusual INABILITY TO STAY FOCUSED AND TO LISTEN TO THE INFORMATION,people actually begin TO SHUT DOWN AND TO GO TO SLEEP RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.

Only when faced with this specific information does this occur!!!

I believe that we are only supposed to prepare and present the opportunity,I think that free will is important for the people that arrive in the safe areas.

I think that the vast majority of us cant WAKE UP IN TIME,and this is supposed to happen either as an act of nature or as part of a sentient agenda we are unaware of.

Governments are aware that the masses cant seem to wake up as well and they have made their preparations independantly of their constituants and the voters.People are being left to their own devices and their own resources are being stolen to protect the few who have awakened among their ranks.

This is going to be a crapshoot anyways so their preparations are not in vain but there is no gaurantee that they will survive in shelters.

Dont discount the people who created us returning either,or our allies returning to seek our assistance formally in the war we are in,or possibbly our enemies have discovered our location and are on their way,choose your scenario but START PLANNING YOUR EGRESS AND SAFE AREA.

Global earth events dont care about our interaction with other culture,remember that we all face the same earth changes no matter who we are.

posted on Feb, 4 2010 @ 12:48 PM
I had a dream that I believe was a direct message of some sort,I dreamed that I was living in a destroyed but standing building and I was venturing out into a super dangerous environment[I have sick survival skills but I still KNEW that I was in a perilous situation]to try to find food for people I loved,I was vividly confronted by HUGE FEROCIOUS WILD PIGS----CARNIVOROUS FERAL PIGS THAT WERE HUGE ABNORMALLY HUGE.

These pigs werent just huge,they were smart and I was wary and afraid of them,I didnt have a gun or a weapon for some reason,but they were the only living thing in this dream.

They had sucessfully survived whatever happened,the building was destroyed but partially standing,there were people I loved alive,people were hungry,they had limited ability to obtain food,I was responsible for getting food,my skills were relevant and integral to us surviving.

I was helpless and had to use my mind more than ever to figure out how to deal with the situation,there were no weapons for some reason,I couldnt even consider brute force at all I had to be wary and crafty and the risk was great.

The most significant part is that a year later I saw a show on TV about super sized feral hogs terrorising certain areas in the US,people seem to think that there has been a genetic exchange between native wild pigs and Russian wild pigs that has resulted in this hybrid hog.

I dont know how this all fits together but when I saw these pigs on TV I almost feinted on the spot,I was truly spooked,they were identical to the ones I had to face in my dream.

I interpret this to mean that we will survive as a species,that certain other animals suited to the environment as it will be at the time will prosper and become temporarily dominant,that we will NOT have weapons like we think we might have,that food will be scarce,that our biggest fears will be nature and animals that are predatory.I think that the significance of the feral hogs is that they are wild showing that things will be chaotic,everywhere,that there will be a sufficient food source to allow these particular scavengers to survive and prosper,forage and meat eaters that consume like walking garbage cans and can learn how to be predators while relying on whatever vegetation they can get at fresh nor not.This tells me there will be utter and complete devestation that will erase many current predators and animals from the area I will end up in,even if this is a temporary situation I believe that all other animals will have been wiped out concurrently and that the hogs will be the first suited to reenter the environment I will be living in.

We will be scavenging not hunting,at least at first,I wasnt in my safe area so maybe things will happen to fast for me to get there.There were buildings destroyed and I wont be anywhere near a coastline for the rest of my life so I assume that possibly earthquakes could be the reason for the destruction to some degree.I saw no devestated cars or blown up buildings as if there had been a war so I think its a natural earth event possibly initiated by people with an evil agenda.

posted on Feb, 4 2010 @ 01:24 PM
Thanks OP for updating your thread, I did not get the chance to read it when you first posted. It has been immensly entertaining.
I wouldnt like to say that you obviously 'not very well' because your probably fine.
Your probably great in fact.
I was wondering if you could upload the photos of the implants now seeing as you said you would do it a year ago!

posted on Feb, 4 2010 @ 03:09 PM
Yes I am working on the pictures,I will put them on the thread.If someone with a vested interest hasnt realised by now that I as well as many others are telling the truth then Im a monkeys uncle.

I am very well thank you,I hope the pictures will help you in some way.

posted on Feb, 4 2010 @ 03:57 PM

Originally posted by one4all
Myself and one other student in my school of the same age as me scored OFF THE CHARTS on our I.Q tests,so far off that our parents were contacted and asked permission for us to both take the test again.

So, to be blunt, if that's true, why is your writing and grammar ability that of someone in junior high? And that's being quite generous.

IQ tests all contain sections on linguistic ability; you can't spell, your grammar is terrible, your writing discontinuous, showing no understanding of sentence or paragraph structure. You would fail any test in linguistics, spectacularly.

You're full of crap.

posted on Feb, 5 2010 @ 07:15 AM
ZombieOctopus,please read the whole post,and in the future when you are visiting other threads keep your opinions about other peoples grammer to yourself,I apologise if you are offended by me asking you to shut up about grammer but I have seen to many people interrupt threads with this kind of garbage,lets not waste our time ,ok??

posted on Feb, 5 2010 @ 08:14 AM
You happen to b e like a small percentage of people who I encounter on the internet,you are challenged every time you read someone else claim that they may be more intellectually able than you yourself are,in reference to my grammer versus my intellect,If I challenged you to an armwrestle while wearing long sleeves you wouldnt really know what you were up againt would you??We all dont march through our lives trying to direct our shine into other peoples eyes and we also dont generally go through life seeking out only the few grains of negativity from within a whole pile of creative thought.

We all dont have the old I just want to teach you attitude ,and there isnt a whole lot of time left so we need to choose our moments,I dont really particularily care what you think of my grammer,my intellect or lack thereof,wether you steal more oxygen today or not,you dont really matter to me ,I dont think I am here to tolerate every ingrate that pops their head up in front of me.

You are on a computer and we arent here to discuss how you feel about grammar or spelling ,in fact on that note who programmed you to whine like a child about grammar? Please dont waste your time analysing peoples grammer and spelling ,you werent born a SPELL CHECK were you,your time is precious and you are analytical use your talent dont abuse it. Is that what you really took out of reading this post?Grammer issues and a bruised ego because someone might have more insight into an area of life than you do--this doest give you a right to become predatory.Correct the grammer in you head for gods sake.Listen ,I am constantly impressed by how generally stupid educated people can present themselves as being, EDUCATION IS SIMPLY FOCUSED LEARNING BEING EDUCATED AND BEING SMART ARE NOT THE SAME THING,and bite the bullet and keep reading you little pest,there are many types of learning in life and schoolastic is the least important and easiest to accomplish,I think your estimation of intellectual ability is jaded by your obvious reliance on flaws in the system for support.You expect to hear a long chorus of "yes the spelling is terrible","this guy is no genius",IQ tests mean very little ,they are designed to LEARN HOW YOU LEARN NOT HOW MUCH YOU ARE ABLE TO LEARN OR HOW GOOD YOU ARE AT LEARNING.

Most of us pick up small errors in other peoples writing as we read ,nobodys perfect,but most of us always know how to quantify the obvious and accept the fact that we simply dont have the time in life to stop and pick up every little bit of lint on the carpet of life.We take what we can out of the communication,fill in the blanks and carry happily forward with our lives.Constantly learning and progressing forward.You dont have time to worry so much about grammer ,no one does.

posted on Feb, 5 2010 @ 09:07 AM
From what I understand, the humans in blue jump suits are known as "Technicians" and are typically the ones that carry out the covert abductions. Children are utilized due to the fact that they are better able to accept the implants, as well as the experimentation. I am unsure of the genetically engineered creatures you saw, but I would not be surprised if these are indeed inter-dimensional entities that are aiding them.

The men in blue are real, and these days they tend to wear dark gray or even black jumpsuits. They also abduct utilizing a form of matter displacement transport technology that typically takes one to a secure location for the procedures and testing.

These humans do not belong to any country and actually work with a stealthy elite whose ambitions are not known. It is theorized that they possess advanced technologies and are 'testing' it on 'peasant common humans' for use on themselves and their children. They are also working towards immortality.

Their goals are to be all knowing, all powerful, and immortal. They desire control of physical reality, and our world along with its' inhabitants. They seem to feel that if they can enslave the physical bodies of spirit inhabiting beings that they will be able to hold onto that control upon death. Much of this control was established, by those in the group, via a social control religion matrix.

This matrix gives the living elite a power that extends far beyond the physical world we know, and their alliance with spiritual, or even inter-dimensional creatures are meant as a way to harvest such souls/spirits in order to not only enhance their own powers and abilities, but also to ensure a kingdom is built for them on the other side of the ethereal veil. By doing this they are able to have a greater control over the physical vibration of reality and those around them.

This is all hearsay that I have deduced after speaking to a handful of individuals with similar experiences. I have not personally experienced the 'men in blue' but when i was younger I had many dreams of 'demons' coming to me in the night, vivid memories of non-human creatures in black silhouette with the bright moon light behind them, shining through the window. I would be terrified and would awake many times with blood covering my face and pillow as my nose was prone to bleeding. Later, when i was older, the shape of the shadow creatures looked eerily similar to Greys.

I hope this helps.

posted on Feb, 5 2010 @ 09:54 AM
DMJ8507,thank you for your information,the humans I met were wearing blue military uniforms,I spoke to some of them personally,they were definately military and spoke of missing their families and their original homes,they werent going to see them again as part of their service.One of the reasons I refused to choose to go with them was that I was told I could never return,I was tempted by the opportunity and I understood the importance and my responsibility to humanity but I also had freedom to choose and I chose my family first,and decided to stay,but I was not afraid at the prospect of going even knowing that I would be away from those I love,it wasnt fear that made me want to stay ,it was love,had I even had a minute chance to return I would have gladly went.But the terms were clear.

I am quite sure who the technicians were and those were medical,like greys,there were small things ,wrinkled little hobbits wearing dark robes,and there was a woman wearing a long flowing white robe ,the humans in the blue uniforms were their own faction of the group,and in ultimate control of things,in a military sense.

When I originally posted here I was searching for others with experiences like mine ,and I found many,now I am more inclined to pass on my own personal perspective of our future based on what I have learned as a result of my experiences,specificlly the implant that was put in my nasal passage.

I believe there are many groups working independantly of each other,I mean really if we all had space flight capability how would the government or anyone else know where we were or what we were doing??The government cant track as much as we think they can and really ,I think anyone who wants to come here can do just that and take or alter whatever they choose with the only risk being shot at by the natives and I am sure our conventional weapons are like arrows to them,really no effect ,but with the ocassional loss,kind of like the risk you take when you go on a Safari in Afrika.

I believe that the coming earth changes will challenge our species and these abductions may simply be a stockpiling of our DNA combined with a little shot in the nose to get us learning a little longer and faster than others.There is also a war happening right now so among the myriad of other possibilities,I would say that we are at the least not being fatally harmed and at the best being helped in some way.

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 11:58 AM
I am looking for anyone who might remember being taken to the moon and taught to play with "toys"that were really technology that needed you to use telepathy to operate it?

Anyone who might remember the trip there and the small craft and specifics about it.

Also anyone who has read Meriam delicados story and travis Waltons story,DO YOU FEEL LIKE THEY ARE LIKE YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES,those two are a lot like mine and we are all kind of in the same area.

The blue uniforms seem to be critical and the co-operation of several races.Anyone with any blue uniformed human stories?

Anyone finding themselves in a perpetual state of spring cleaning lately,like you are constantly lightening the load for some unexplainable reason?

posted on May, 29 2010 @ 09:44 AM
I would like to say to anyone reading this thread,that it is time to begin final preperations physically,emotionally and spiritually,our time of tribulation is at hand,this is Us vs Mother Nature,and its going to get ugly.

Focus on freeze dried food,and water filtration devices,and go large.

Freeze dried food lasts over twenty years,put it in your will for your kids if it justifies the purchase,BUT DO IT NOW.

Plan on at least a one year of supply,you need fresh clean water or you die,so filters,lots of filters as well.

Dont get sidetracked with all the survival stuff,FOOD AND WATER are your ticket.Attempting to barter gold coins will just get you killed,seclusion is safety,PERIOD.

The majority of the worlds population will starve in six months,after a year your chances are awsome,just make it that long.

The abductions are related to this event,we are forced to be prepared somehow,we are forced to learn,and face the fact that what we KNOW --AS IN KNOWLEDGE-- IS WHERE OUR TRUE VALUE LIES AND HAS ALWAYS EXISTED.Whats in our brain at any given moment.

We will be aided by more technologically advanced humans,but there are no gaurantees for survival on planet.

Most of us are screwed anyways.


Do whatever it takes to reinforce trust between yourself and your loved ones,you really are the link,because when you say GO---if they dont they will die.END OF STORY.


We are few,we are in the know and the time happens to be at hand to make some decisions.

I guess I am saying,DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE DOING AFTER THE DANCE?Plan ahead or you might not have a party to go to when YOU WANT TO GO REALLY BAD.

You might want to amass a collection of works of art to take with you,detailed descriptions and explanations of how to create BEAUTIFUL THINGS like pennecillan,and gunpowder,and electricity,and some of the other great human works of art.

I am not kidding,without penecillan,a small cut KILLS YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONES.

Just waterproof it and store it,but please list the top ten humanitarian creations and document and record them.I have.

little time capsules all over the place,they are like lottery tickets,for sure.

Make sure you include an english,Latin,and Chineese[any languages will do fine] dictionary or translator,you need to have two languages that meet in the middle,like a rosetta stone.And pictures relating the language to the things.

posted on May, 29 2010 @ 10:35 AM
reply to post by one4all

Given that paragraphs are our friends . . .

and in the interest of readability . . .

I reparagraphed liberally and fixed some punctuation and run-on sentences by changing a comma or more to a period etc.

I didn't change any wording.

I trust this is OK with the mods.

First effort got zapped by some clunky button push and UNDO would not fix it! GRRR

This thread is directed to specifically Canadians who have been abducted by humans wearing blue jumpsuit style uniforms. I am one of these people and wish to share my story in the hopes that others who have had similar events will post. I have posted on various threads under "anonymous"but feel its time to provide a thread to share openly.

I was abducted at age seven by humans wearing blue jumpsuit style military uniforms. There was a human woman present who wore a flowing robe.There was a small "creature"present that I believe was like a clone of some sort. It did not like me at all. It was similar to the small robed creatures that were present in my home during the abductions.

The humans did not come into my home during my abductions.The creatures were afraid of me for various reasons. The humans were not afraid of me at all.

The people wearing blue uniforms were definately military and definately human in every way,exactly like us ,individual personality traits, independant thinkers that had to "adhere"to military structure.

The humans were happy to be able to talk with me and fully expected that I wouldnt recall any of our interactions.

I know how to maintain awareness during abduction events, but I dont believe that my methods will help anyone older than about seven because that is the age that is most desirable for the purposes of the events.

The purpose is implantation of several devices,one a small round nasal implant is designed to stimulate the pineal gland and it allows unfettered learning to occur. It allows a young human the ability to learn a tremendous amount of material in a short amount of time. This implant does not stay with you permanently. It is rejected by your body after it has completed its purpose.

I may be wrong about the "pineal gland" but I doubt it. I follow my "instinct"or epiphanies.

The other implant is for locating the abductee. It is the size of a silver dollar and is located under the muscle mass of the calf.

I read the entire World Book Encyclopedia,word for word, every page of every volume including both HUGE dictionaries,and the entire Bible by age eight. I was also the most outstanding male athlete in my school, at five foot six and one hundred and eighty pounds.

From age seven on I had a tremendous increase in my "belief" in my abilities to achieve any goal I aspired to and an intense need to compete and learn to lead. In grade four my elementary school principal arranged for me to have a library card for the HIGH SCHOOL library to accomodate my needs.

Myself and one other student in my school of the same age as me scored OFF THE CHARTS on our I.Q tests,so far off that our parents were contacted and asked permission for us to both take the test again. I wasnt abducted so I could be given any special message for mankind or anything quite as glorious as that.

I was supposed to be implanted and released without my knowing what happened. I screwed up that plan when I was "caught" being aware during the procedure. I had some help to retain the memories I have and will expound on that only with like minded victims.

I have found others who were abducted by these same humans, but NEVER a child that remembers as I do, only adults who were abducted in order to become messengers.

I have the accurate,scientificly verifiable reason behind cattle mutilations. And I know how we are transported to and from the ships. I know why we were implanted and where most of us were abducted at geographically.

There are a lot of us .The nose-bleeds are especially important when they occur at around seven or eight years of age ,mostly because the round metallic implants are rejected and are hidden in blood clots so they are almost never found. I was the curious type of kid who wasnt afraid because my pillow was stuck to my face by dried blood when I woke up ,I was enthralled by the clot I picked up and squeezed. You figure out what popped out of the clot.

The second implant I discovered over thirty years later didnt surprise me either.

Please reply.

A VERY interesting story. No trouble believing it. Would be interested in some of your explanations about the cattle mutilations etc. Please U2U me if you give such anywhere.


posted on May, 29 2010 @ 10:47 AM
The race of humanoid that did the medical procedures was what is called a grey,just another race of humanoid---not necessarily a clone---but I dont know that it wasnt a clone,I doubt it though because it DIDNT LIKE ME.

I was taken from my home by another race of humanoid,the "small creatures"looking like Ewoks--little dark robed wrinkly faced humanoids.

In order,I met,

1.The Wrinkly faced humanoids who were actually IN my home.
2.The Human woman wearing the robe.
3.The "grey"that was operating on me.
4.The humans in blue Military uniforms,who were definately Military.

The Implants may be designed to stay in for different time periods,I am assuming mine was rejected by my body by design causing the nosebleed--but my body could have rejected it prematurely for all I know,it seems more likely BECAUSE OF THE MULTITUDE OF NOSEBLEEDS AT THAT AGE BY ABDUCTEES that the nosebleed coincides with either the initial implantation or a common rejection schedule.One of those two scenarios.

Because I had already experienced the effects I believe the nosebleed is caused by the rejection,on schedule ,of the implant.

Since this thread started I have found many others who have had similar experiences to my own,most are adults ,and some are recruited as messengers.I was not recruited as a messenger.Meriam Delicado and Travis Walton are the two most notable ,both close to me geographically.

I am willing to say how I was allowed to retain my memories now,I have a broader understanding of some issues,the Human woman wearing the flowing white robe was telepathic,and she told lies of omission to the Military commander that allowed me to leave the ship when she knew if she had been more descriptory in her answers I would have been detained or harmed.

I had retained memories of earlier abductions and an observant soldier noticed a behaviour that caused him to raise the question as to wether I had retained memories--when I wasnt supposed to--.

I was being escorted back home and was standing at the loading door of the craft ,the procedure was that I simply had to step off the ship into a beam of light and I went home,but it was a leap of faith off the ship into the thin air,so I was supposed to be afraid as everyone always was to take that step,I WAS EXPECTANTLY AND CONFIDENTLY WAITING AND WILLING TO STEP OFF.

The soldier at the door had his hand on my shoulder and I think he was prepared to "boost me out"if I needed a little encouragement.He immediatly noticed the "wrong"behaviour,and I was brought back into the craft.

The woman went to bat for me and failed to inform the Commander that I had in fact retained and would continue to retain my memories of the event.

She lied for me,to protect me.

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posted on May, 29 2010 @ 07:34 PM
Thats very interesting! I live in western Canada and have never heard anything like that before, something I will have to look up for sure!

posted on May, 29 2010 @ 09:44 PM

Originally posted by one4all
I just read the Linda Cortile case and the eyewitness statements.

I have just read the majority of the thread to this point and i feel I must put in my 2 cents here.

While the story you are sharing is interesting, i have no comparable experiences on which to properly assess it's veracity. There are a lot of elements that seem awfully familiar given the things i have read/seen/heard from varying sources.

I quote your comment about the Linda Cortile case because that one caught my interest. If one merely reads the case from the side of Linda, or Bud Hopkins it does have all the elements necessary to garner all the empathy and sympathy required to make it initially believable. However, I have found that if one looks into the case a little deeper, say from a critical perspective, it starts to become rather flimsy. I will provide two quotes to illustrate my point and then move on.

she was not too surprized because she reports that police frequently canvass her apartment complex looking for witnesses to crimes
We also asked if the police routinely enter the complex and undertake door-to-door canvassing in order to find witnesses to crimes. They said that this was a very rare practice

*taken from the link provided above

Now on to where the similarities between your story and the Linda Cortile one started making the weird spidey senses I have start ringing.
Both Jordan maxwell and Michael Tsarion push the whole Pleidian aliens as our benevolent 'masters' angle, as do the Raelian Movement (matreyia), and various other alleged alien species. All of these benevolent species are, IMO, the text book examples of an esoteric Psy-Op that seems to be following the plans laid out in "The Externalization of the Heirarchy" by Alice Bailey. Seeing as the publishing company for the book was/is Lucis Trust, and they have an intimate relationship with the UN, and there was a UN official allegedly involved in the Linda Cortile abduction, it just raises a lot of red flags for me.

Please do not take this the wrong way. I am not advocating that this is all some X-Files 6th season conspiracy where everything is all neatly wrapped p in a explanation that all things inexplicable are merely the works of the military black works projects and Global Intelligence actions playing the pop culture fear machine off of the desire for an answer to the mysteries of life. But, at the same time i wonder about things like Project:Blue Beam and if 'Disclosures' like this one aren't just newer more sophisticated means of getting the sceptics to start to believe in the more fringe elements. Seriously tho, i worry more about the effects of television and movies on the collective consciousness.

I will openly admit that my understanding of Ufology isn't as good , or as grand as many others in this forum. So, there is the chance that my internal paranoia and survival instincts are being raised over nothing.

So to try and be clear, i am not criticizing you. i am just expressing concern in general.

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