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canadians abducted by blue uniformed humans sound off

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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 11:51 AM
I've only read the OP at this point, but it was chilling enough that I feel I need to respond immediately.

I am not Canadian, I was raised in one of the surrounding areas of Washington DC. However, when I was young (early grade school) I took an IQ test, and my parents refused to tell me the results. A month or two later I was corralled into the school cafeteria to take (what I remember to be) the Parrish(sp?) test. I have done lots of searching, and made a specific thread, but nobody has heard of it. As far as I can tell, it may as well never have existed.

What really made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end was when you mentioned the nosebleeds. For a period of about 2-3 weeks I would wake up in the middle of the night with nosebleeds every night. I would soak towels. I remember asking my mom "if it doesn't stop do I have to go to school tomorrow?" after the first 5-10 minutes of solid pouring. There was a lot of blood. There were one or two semi-congealed blobs towards the end that I could barely hold now in my cupped hand. My parents decided it was dry air causing it, and every night I had to prep my humidifier and swab my nostrils with petroleum jelly and a q-tip. I kept up this habit for almost 2 years out of fear of the nosebleeds coming back. Eventually I stopped, but never had a nosebleed past those first few weeks.

In first grade I was behind in reading and spelling, had to have a private tutor pull me out of class to go over rudimentary skills with me. By 4th grade I was at an 8th grade reading level and even through college was one of those people that never had to study because anything I'd heard in class that I had bothered paying attention to was right there in my head come test time. Always enough to get a B, if I was paying attention or the teacher was easily swayed by logical conclusions, an easy A. Took the SAT twice without prep or much sleep beforehand, a 1370 the first time and a 1390 the second, for a composite of 1400 on the old 1600 scale.

In high school, I was almost not allowed to participate in my second season of Cross Country sophomore year because during my pre-season physical my doctor noted that my resting heart rate was 40 and my blood pressure was 108/62, despite eating a roll of oreos with a large glass of milk every day after practice the previous year, and a complete lack of exercise otherwise. I was sent directly to the hospital for an EKG to make sure I didn't have a heart condition.

I had mono freshman year of college, after 4 days of symptoms (and a positive mono test on day 3) I was totally recovered.

I am by no means normal, but this is the first thing that I've read that has directly spoken to my childhood experiences. If you know anything more please U2U me with at least a place to start looking.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 12:23 PM

Originally posted by one4all
Ask your familys if ANY OF THEM HAVE SEEN UFOS.Check your family history for connections to ROYAL BLOODLINES THROUGH THE WOMEN IN YOUR FAMILY NOT THE MEN.I repeat--not the men--.I am related to two women who lent their genetic material to royal bloodlines by becoming Queens WHEN NEITHER ONE WAS A BLUEBLOOD--do you see the importance of that point??One of my relatives started A RELIGON THAT HAS MILLIONS OF FOLLOWERS TODAY--I AM NOT A FOLLOWER COINCIDENTALLY.

...Odd. This is probably another reply right behind my last one, but i know that my father's mother was a direct descendant of John Adams and John Quincy Adams, whom I was named after. Is this too loose a connection?


posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 12:53 PM
If you were paying attention,or if the teacher was swayed by logical conclusions.

You have already struck a chord with me .

"If you were paying attention" inserted into your post, considering the context you chose and the situational dynamics of your post rings true with me more possibly than anything else, this tells me you were where I was.

If you were paying attention was actually ,YOU DIDNT HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION AT ALL BECAUSE PAYING ATTENTION WAS OPTIONAL DUE TO THE FACT THAT YOU DIDNT REALLY REQUIRE THE INPUT OF THE TEACHERS IN ORDER TO LEARN.I had already been "set"on a learning curve that was vastly different from my peers,it sounds like you were as well.

"If the teacher was swayed by logical conclusions"really means,that you were already able to view your world from multiple perspectives simultaneously ALL THE TIME.You had the ability to simply choose the answer from a list of perspectives that is and was always available to you ,ALMOST LIKE A MASTER LIST,what you are about to learn is how and why,you were already able to extrapolate answers from questions without having to learn the material.

We are only limited in what we can actually do by how much we actually know in terms of volumes of information and how many "perspectives" or points of view we can see the world from.

You didnt actually sway the teachers ,you simply chose from a much broader spectrum of choices "the choice that in your estimation of the teachers knowledge base ,he or she,would choose as their perspective".You knew that humans have an inherant connection to others who share their particular perspective or take on life ,and you used this to your advantage to develope a "connection"even the teachers were unaware of,possibly you were unaware of it as well.I can already tell you that you didnt always give THE MOST CORRECT ANSWERS DUE TO THE TIME IT WOULD TAKE TO EXPLAIN WHY THEY WERE MORE CORRECT THAN THE TEACHERS.It was easier to simply go with the flow.

Your contextual use of the word logical is another glaring commonality we share.your personal definition of the word logical in this context tells me that you really mean the simplest,not really the most logical,you mean the most logical based on the teachers limited ability to present the information in a format more than 25% of the students could even understand.This is not the most logical,it is the easiest under the circumstances.

You already understood the concept of "creating reality using simply your will power",your only way to quantify this knowledge was to explain it how you have,in laymans terms.Think about it this way ,I could have at any time had I chosen to ,re-directed the actual direction of the education my teacher was trying to provide to my entire class based on only what I as an individual wanted them to teach,and they wouldnt even have known I was doing it,DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE IMPLICATIONS OF SUCH AN ACTION ,I could have taken it a step further and BEFOREHAND written down a specific path and then we both could have sealed the true path in an envelope AND I WOULD HAVE CREATED A REALITY THAT INCLUDED THE EXACT PATH WE WROTE DOWN.That my friend is called creating your own reality ,and not everyone is even aware they can do it,that we can all do it,without the knowledge of our true abilities we simply float around through our lives and give our vote in humanities path or reality away to others.

I would have fed the teacher and certain students in the class( that were integral in the decision of direction the teacher commonly chose to take the class)tiny bits of information through the presentation of questions to the entire class that would stimulate these particular students to become curious or to question my theory,UNWITTINGLY THEIR CURIOSITY WOULD LEAD THEM TO ASK FURTHER QUESTIONS THAT CONTAINED ANSWERS WHICH WOULD "as you say SWAY them"into the ultimate direction or perspective or if you will reality that I CHOSE FOR THEM.These same students would actually be the resource I would utilise to SUBTELY direct or "sway" the teacher down a path chosen by myself with the unwitting help of the most influential classmembers.

You are right ,you are not entirely normal.And I believe you are beginning a search that many others have also begun.You want to know first HOW, then WHY.You are on the right site ATS is full of very good information sources.

You may u2u me if you have any specific questions you believe I can help you with.

posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 12:57 PM
I would seriously research your lineage for connections to abductions or "crazy relatives"with stories that run parallel to your theories.Everyone has a nutty uncle or aunt somewhere.Many time in the past people who claimed they were abducted were punished and even locked up for espousing their beliefs and experiences this is why I use the terms crazy and nutty,I mean no disrespect to anyones family.

posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 02:08 PM
Chilkoot,I was always curious about the I.Q tests because I couldnt really find anyone else that had taken the tests this many years later.It almost seems to me that there was a very thorough concentrated search for kids with a certain aptitude and it was done using the school system as a front and I cant think of a more effective way to conduct a massive continental search myself.I dont believe that our nationalities are relevant in any other way than that we are both northamerican,I have a sneaking suspiscion that you may find regional or even continental size tests like this given in other countries also under false pretenses then absolutely covered up and forgotten with no paper trail due to time and loss through either attrition or record keeping timelimit reasons.

Were there ever any cattle mutilations in your area when you were between five and ten?

Did you ever have recurring dreams as a child?or specific dreams that were so powerful that even as an adult they are strong.

There is no specific dream to look for but anything that stands out could have great signifigance no matter how mundane or nonsensical it may seem to you right now.

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 10:51 AM

Does anyone who lived in either of these two provinces who was located within 100 kms of A CATTLE MUTILATION SITE happen to be reading?Or possibly someone who has heard family stories about events surrounding the mutilations.

Yah yah, but you fail to identify myself as being on the scene-as such, I can't really say much, finding instead all circumstances suspiciously dangerous to speak to. Whether they are-or are not. That's my truth in the matter.

I may need to reread the thread. May I confirm that you saw only white humans and no other children? Perhaps your telling is implanting memory experieces that I did not myself actually participate in physically-- or it could be, well, let me ask something please, and I mean no offense.

Are you protecting even one participant's identity from being revealed, a teacher of yours in this experience, perhaps? Someone who protects you in this experience?

Also, is your name Danny?

I can accept that I may be crazy. I'd get a check that way

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 01:01 PM
I am not revealing some aspects of my event because there was definately assistance provided to me and I havent seen anyone else have the ability to identify the agendas of the group because I havent read of anyone with the types of memories I have or maybe just with the clarity I have and the time span of the experience,it wasnt fleeting and it was complicated.

I myself dont fully understand enough of the group dynamics to discern wether or not the assistance had an ultimate agenda of manipulating me for a future purpose that would be in my opinion good or bad,I will not reveal all my info until I feel comfortable in my gut that I will not help an enemy or hurt a friend by revealing to much.

Yes there is an aspect of protection here and you have good intuition to spot it, you are the first to question this.

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 01:13 PM
Two races were white ,two were grey..You are smart and you deduced that I was protecting someone and I already know you are aware of the group and you need to know which one supported me for a reason.I havent given enough information for you to compare your knowledge to my lack of knowledge or facts.

Why do you want to know about children,is it because you have read of others being abducted in groups and you already know what they do with the children and who they are ?Reverse extrapolation.I wont answer this question ever now my friend because I am aware of why you asked it.I have been waiting for questions like yours.Thank you for the warning.

I will tell you this,the situation is complicated and the dynamics of the group are critical information that I will always disguise,there are many other things I can share that will help me in my search and also be contributions to others.

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 01:21 PM
These are not implanted memories although I do have an implant in my body.My name isnt Danny ,sorry.

There are a surprising number of people with events like mine,read my thread and look for others like it there arent a lot but the commonalities wil BE VERY OUTSTANDING.

I do apologise for refusing to give you answers to all of your questions ,might I ask you one?or two.

How are you aware of the group?Were you taken?How many children do you remember seeing?What did your teacher look like?

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 01:33 PM
reply to post by one4all

There are overlapping similarities that I have read about your experiences, to some of mine. Mine were accompanied with prophetic dreams since I was a child. 2 Implants thus far removed, both surgically. And a general feeling of anxiety of what is to come is with me always. Moreso now than in the past.

I have little time now but I would like to reply to your post upon my return.


posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 10:41 PM
How are you aware of the group?

-- I do not look at them as a "group". I believe the soilders and woman were lured from deep space in a technology grab of thier ship which needed the help of the little monsters here in our SIZE.

Were you taken?

--not in the 'traditional' sense. No one comes and lifts me out my window, in other words. I believe myself to have a 'abduct me not' implant. Something to make it impossible or at least difficult or dangerous. Besides, I have a heart defect, any alien might think to find it dangerous. I believe I will be one of those bodies that dissapears from the morgue-or at least is visited by some black suits prior to rendering.

How many children do you remember seeing?

--just one crooked toothed blonde boy, genetically engineered with the dna of the crooked toothes and the stolen egg or genetic element of a famous person who might be pissed off to be named, and as far as I were aware, is or was unaware, yet this is assumption.

What did your teacher look like?

--I had no teacher.
I was the servant of that boy's teacher, believe it or not, and these people kept me from learning, specifically and pointedly. I was achieved by a US family by legitimate adoptive means-or seemingly so on my end though there were some parts that did not seem on the up and up regarding Canadian and world travel over the years, and this, if this is this. This is just an instance.

He was a man of many expressions, a master of disguise, deception, and hypnotism with high level knowledges in world religions, cultures, aviation/navigation and the occult.

posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 05:15 AM
reply to post by Trayen11

1. What's wrong with enjoying a story as long and as far as it goes and THEN evaluating it for various things, including believability?

2. Genius virtually never = genius in all areas. Lots of geniuses have trouble with English communication verbal and/or written.

3. Sometimes I think these forums need to have a warning sign in bold red letters half a screen high: WARNING--POSTER SHREDDING AREA--ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

4. The rants against posters so quickly and so extensively are much more off-putting than even a brazenly phony story. I didn't realize so many people seem to have housemates/relatives who's duty seems to be p*ssing in their coffee, first thing. Sheesh.

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 11:28 AM
I have to add this sidenote--in an earlier post I explained how the craft are able to perform such incredible moves,it was the same principal that the russians developed with their "warp speed"torpedo that basicly nullified Americas Naval capability and left them defenceless,the Kursk was sunk with Chineese citizens aboard who were observing a test of the torpedo in preperation for PURCHASE from the Russians,America re-lived the Cuban missile crisis BUT THIS TIME THEY FIRED,a ten billion dollar "loan"was given to Russia immediatly after the sinking by the US President.

Sorry,but it all ties in so I had to explain the history of the Russian torpedo.

The principals that the russians based the developement of the torpedos design on are the EXACT SAME PRINCIPALS THAT THE CRAFT BUILDERS BASED THE DEVELOPEMENT OF THEIR DESIGN ON.

What the Russian torpedo can accomplish in terms of physics in the WATER,a craft designed on the same principals CAN DO IN THE AIR!

The russian torpedo travels in a bubble of gas ,this enables it to travel through the water much faster than ANYTHING ELSE,it can do this because the gas and the water meet in a transitional standoff at the point of contact THIS IS CALLED ZERO POINT,it is the "VACUME" that is created when the water and gas meet,the area in-between the two states of matter if you will.

If you make water ,air ,and you can identify a constant for the "vacume"then you can easily see what the craft are using to SIMULATE THE GAS BUBBLE THE TORPEDO USES.

The reason I explained the sinking of the Kursk and the NEAR ANNIALATION OF HUMANITY THROUGH A WORLD WAR was because this kind of technology tips the balance of world military to much to fast and is akin to lighting a fuse that leads to a huge pile of nukes.

So everyone has to get it at once,no more "crisis"please.

I dont know the physics or the math or for that matter how formulas like the ones needed here are devised but I DONT NEED TO BECAUSE THE PRINCIPALS ARE THE SAME AS THE ONES USED IN THE TORPEDO ,I DREAMT THEM AND JUST WANT TO ENSURE THAT THIS INFO IS AVAILABLE IN THE "ROUGH IDEA FORMAT I HAVE TO GIVE".

I could speculate on exact points in a scientific way but that would be pointless because I was given the theory in a dream and was never supposed to understand the technical side of it.

But here is the cool part ,I just read about a University in Canada that has recently developed a way to create and harvest energy,get this my friends,BY THROWING WATER AGAINST THE WALL,they are BEGINNING TO UNDERSTAND ,AT LEAST BEGINNING TO INVESTIGATE THE PATH TO THE THEORY I JUST GAVE,IF THEY LOGGED ON TO ATS THEY WOULD SAVE ABOUT TWENTY YEARS OF RESEARCH.

This same university is the only one doing cutting edge research into the compatability of bovine/human molecular DNA,focusing on the human nasal tissue ,which I referred to earlier in this thread as being the connection between abductions and cattle mutilations.

This is a very respected University that is a WORLD LEADER IN MEDICINE AND SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH,and as I believe I also said there are several prominent scientists working there who grew up within bicycle distance of me and my abduction event as a child,also physicists and other really educated cats.

My point is that these people GREW UP NEXT DOOR TO ME IF YOU WILL and have all found themselves in extremely educated scientific positions in areas DIRECTLY RELATED TO MY EVENT.To the point that they are doing cutting edge world first research,groundbreaking stuff,I dont believe it should be possible,I lived in an area that was like way out in the country,there were a disporportionally large number of world class achieving and I mean WORLDS BEST AT WHAT THEY DID people from my small area.

I believe it is related to the abductions and implants.

Nonetheless,I just wanted to point out that no one can hide the fact that this information is posted here before,or as, it is being developed in science.

If someone out there feels an instinct to toss this info over to the people who can use it most in the Universities they are welcome to,I dont feel the gut instinct to take it any further than here.

I just feel obligated to update the claims I made from my dreams as I see the reality developing.And when its happening in your old stomping grounds and your old friends you havent seen in thirty plus years are directly involved ,its pretty darn cool.

posted on Jul, 31 2009 @ 02:39 PM
Has anyone been experiencing a sharp increase in the number of streetlights and other lights GOING OUT WHEN THEY APPROACH??

I have had a sharp increase in the number of instances.Seven in the last eight nights.More than any other time in my life.

I had a sighting of a ship with two other witnesses two days ago,the first sighting I have ever had from outside a craft.Unbelievabable,but not saucer shaped at all,more of a cylinder shape,one that looks rectangular from the front but is a spinning or pulsing in this case round cylidrical shape.

Colored lights running down the top to bottom in four distinct areas,pulsing as they ran down the sides ,the inside was almost luminescent ,it seemed like we could see through "layers of the craft",like it was multi-layered in some way.

Anyone else have a recent sighting of anything like this in Canada?

posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 10:45 AM
Hi one4all, do not worry about your grammar or sentence structure. The point is

we understand what you are communicating about your real life experience

and story of being abducted.

You have an unique reverse writing structure signature in the dark void

between your words that you type. Everyone has their on patterns when it

comes to their own reverse writing or typing structure. Your patterns are

similar to hieroglyphs and language symbols. Most humans are not able to

see these patterns between words and paragraph structures because it takes

a certain mind set and trance state to see these patterns.

This is my lie detector and you are telling the truth as you remember it

happening. If one has an erratic reverse typing structure there is a high

percentage they are lying. I came upon this reverse typing structure by

accident because I kept seeing these different patterns in the dark void in

between words, sentences and paragraphs.

I was able to get a better handle on your reverse typing structure with you

running your paragraphs together in your opening statement about your

abduction experience. ^Y^

posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 11:35 AM
Amari,thank you for your support and I can reassure you that I am representing my life events as accurately as I can in the hope that I can connect with people who have had similar experiences.

I understand exactly what you mean ,I often try to write in different styles beecause different styles are needed to communicate between different perspectives,just like interpreting-BUT IN REVERSE.This allows you to communicate your ideas to as great a diversity of audiences as possible

I have used your technique in the past,it definately works,you cannot tell a lie within the scope of reverse extrapolation that will withstand investigation.

Have you had any events you would like to share that would offer me a new perspective on my events?

Have you heard any stories that are close enough to mine that they rang a bell?

posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 04:21 PM
reply to post by one4all

I am here on this Earth for a purpose and I have a mission that must be

accomplished. I am a descendant of Lumerian blood not Lemurian blood. If

you will look back at your posts you spelled out Lumerian not Lemurian as I

do also. There is a reason I spell Lumeria this way and not Lemuria it is

because I have been channeled to do so by the ascended Lumerians.

Have I had any experiences of seeing a UFO, being abducted or have I seen

an alien being? The first time I saw a UFO was in Ohio near Lake Erie and my

brothers and I were looking for Sputnik 1 launched by the Russians. My Dad

was an amatuer radio operator and he also had a short wave radio tuned to

the beep beep beep sound made by Sputnik 1. My Dad and mother were

gone and my older brother was looking after us. My Dad told us

approximately where the trajectory of the orbit would be for the satellite and

would be coming over the house at a certain time and position at that

particular night.

I was looking out the window and saw this real bright light up in the sky and

told my brothers what I was seeing and me and my older brother go outside

and we climbed partially up the 110 foot antennae tower my father had

erected for his ham radio for 2, 6, 10, 20 and 40 meter bands. I say look at

Sputnik it is huge and my brother said Sputnik is small like a star. I ask,

what is it then a plane or helicopter and we could not hear a sound. The UFO

stopped above our house and we were standing on the crest of the roof of

our house in dead silence.

Being a kid I approximated it's altitude to be about a 2500 ft. up comparing it

to airplanes I had seen flying over at that height. I held on to my tall older

brother's leg as the UFO stood there silently. What is it I asked, again he

said I don't know. My heart was pounding and all of a sudden this thing I

called a UFO half the size of a full moon took off like lightning across the sky

and had taken a 90 degree impossible G force turn and disappeared. Later

that night we did see Sputnik 1 it looked like a tiny star passing over the


I go to grade school the next day and I am talking to a friend and he brings

up the subject about this big light he saw in the sky the night before. He lived

4 blocks from me and saw the same thing and told of the UFO hovering and

taking off like shooting star speed and turning at a 90 degree angle and then

disappearing. After talking to my friend I think I am not crazy after all LOL.

There are other incidents I will write about when I have time. ^Y^

[edit on 4-10-2009 by amari]

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 05:56 PM
I have just read some information on fellow canadian experiencer David Hamel,I am sittin here in utter amazment.Someone has finally gotten zero point energy as I explained it or as I dreamt it,Mr.Hamel has hit the nail on the head with his 45 gallon drum experiment,when the ozone was beginning to be produced the idea was explained.

I used the russian torpedo travelling in a bubble of gas to defeat the drag of the water by finding ZERO POINT as an example and said to simply substitute air for water and find equivilants for the other factors involved in how the torpedo goes so fast.

This man has actually built the machine ,and I can tell him and you how it will fly,exactly as I said,it will produce a gas or energy field using magnetic energy and it will travel along ZERO POINT exactly as the torpedo does.

Please read up on this guy,he has had similar visions of major earth changes to the ones I have.

His interpretations of Egyptian writings are amazing and seem obvious to me I understand where he is coming from.

Has anyone read a lot of info on Mr.Hamlin ?Are there any threads on him here?

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 03:00 PM
David Hamel has created a machine that functions like a flying saucer would,ONE OF THE NEAT THINGS IT DOES IS PRODUCE GAS AS A RESULT OF ITS ENERGY CONVERSION,large white clouds of gas that I am pretty sure allow it to fly at such great speeds,nonetheless,Read the first two chapters of the bible and count how many times "god"appears surrounded by a cloud of smoke.Theres a lot more.

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 04:33 PM
It is the scalar of air that we are slipping through just like the torpedo slips through the scalar of the water,BY CREATING ITS OWN SCALAR as it travels,just in front of itself.Like surfing the scalar.

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