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Out of Body Experience: What if you woke up in someone else's body?

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posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 08:14 AM
A man has related his memory of an incidenct he claims to have had of an out of body experience, where he "returned" to the wrong body for a period of time.

Transgender OBE

This happened about five years ago (2003). I was living in my old house in Auburn Hills, Michigan. I was drifting off to sleep one night when I opened my eyes suddenly and found myself staring down at myself! I was having an out-of-body experience! All of a sudden, I was floating above my house and then "flying" away at a very fast rate of speed. I felt myself slowing down.
The next thing I knew, I started to wake up. It dawned on me that the room I was in was unfamiliar to me. I turned on the lamp and found the bathroom in this other house. What I saw next shocked me. Staring back at me from the bathroom mirror was the image of a young woman! I looked down at my body and what I saw confirmed the image in the mirror. I didn't know what to do about it. I was starting to panic. I didn't want to be a member of the opposite sex!
I had been that way for almost an hour, when I felt a strange pulling sensation, then found myself "flying" again. The next thing I remembered was waking up in my own house and I was myself again, much to my relief. That was by far the strangest thing I ever experienced, and I don't think it was a dream, because when I was the young woman and panicking about it, I stubbed my toe pretty bad, and it hurt a lot, and that sure felt real. I don't think anyone feels pain like that in a dream.

Now there is of course no way to verify this incident, mainly because it is merely a "story" on a website.

However, if you consider Out of Body Experience's possible (and may have had one yourself), do you further think it's possible to accidentally stumble your way into someone else's body?

I have heard tell from another person, many years ago, of their Out of Body Experiences. This young man told me that he no longer practiced or even attempted to have an Out of Body Experience anymore - as the last time he had been "out" of his body, he had been yanked back very fast all of a sudden, to find "something" trying to get in. He felt it was a dark, evil being that was attempting to hijack his body.
He seemed very genuine, and although could be considered to be a fringe-type personality based on his belief that he could have an Out of Body Experience; if you discounted this, then in every other respect he seemed sane and healthy to me.

What say you ATS? Is it possible? And if it is, how do you think you'd react upon waking up in an opposite gender body??

posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 08:16 AM
I know full well what i would do, but the answer is probably best kept away from ATS censors

I would think if most people were honest, there answer would be sexual as well

posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 08:52 AM
It really is impossible to say. From my personal experience with out of body: No, it is not even remotely possible. But then I'm just me - now - and I cannot remember what it's like to be at any other place in my soul's journey since the dawn of time.

This is exactly why it's inadvisable for anyone to state categorically that something is or is not possible. It's not possible to know and it's arrogant to think you can define another's experience simply by your own.

posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 08:59 AM
Well technically it's possible and also not - well from my own experiences with it, my friends and I projected quite a bit back in the old high school years. Though cutting to the chase since I am pressed on time, another soul basically "overshadowed his body" to this I thought was weird and attempted to try it out for myself. Basically I projected like normal and had another plane resident with whom I know take over my body, able to move around and such, but when you come back to the body your in control again. I have theories as of this and documented it a bit back then because it was surprising to me and opened doors. Though since I am pressed for time as I have stated before I will only be able to post them after my classes are done for the day.

Though if anyone knows what I am speaking of they can state it better than I could more than likely

posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 10:20 AM
I've been through this before, but I don't actually recall waking up that way. Alien technology supposedly makes switching bodies easy and is actually what they claim to do when they refer to alternating life forms. A shapeshifter may just be an illusion. Remote viewing or what they might call watching using advanced remote viewing capabilites allows them to manipulate and take over someones body from a distance.

One of the bodies I recall being in was an artifical body or android. Not being able to breath is scary. Call me a liar or delusional, but if you went through it, you would think you're going crazy.

posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 12:19 PM
The worst psychedelic experience I ever had was while peaking on mushrooms I *flickered* and suddenly and I was my friend sitting across from myself looking at myself. This was maybe 10 years ago during the end of my teenage experience and it gave me great respect for the mighty and wise mushroom.

I think in order for this to work you have to have another empty body ready to receive your mind/soul. Seems a little on the Dark Magic side of things, as it definitely opens up the potential for misuse.


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posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 03:15 PM
Lol at expatwhite's post. I hadn't stopped to think about that angle of things.

However, with a more sober reflection I can honestly tell you, if I suddenly found myself transported to another human being's body, my greatest fear would be that I had permanently shifted - and that no one would believe me! And that in one instant I had lost that special contact with family and friends that I have now - as no doubt even with all the "proof" I could give them that it was me (memories, names, events I coud remember), their reactions to me would be different. It made me think that the face you wear is a truer passport to the life we live.

I can't help but think, that this is entirely possible. I know Out of Body Experiences have been talked about for many years - and if we accept that as true, then switching bodies should also be possible, right?

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 10:33 PM
Okay, I came across something in Monroe's book Journeys Out of The Body. The book is about various OBE experiences from the famed Robert Monroe.

He writes about how he would sometimes possess the body of some kind of scientist. He assumed that it was either in another dimension, or it was a "physical" astral plane, because he found that when he possessed the body, he couldn't fly.

There was a story on astral commune (sister site of about where someone went into meditation, and their body died. The deceased person "found" another body and possessed it. -I honestly don't trust this one.

As for what the person would do- The first thing I would do is panic. I wouldn't care who's body it is, just as long as I could get back to mind. And yes, this would be the same no matter what gender the other person's body is. I mean, think about it. The first thing anyone would do when suddenly put in a strange situation is panic/be confused.

This topic seems to be coming up a lot lately- I found topics on some of the other "major" sites for astral projection/OBES that were about whether this is even possible.

I can, however, see why some people would try to do this intentionally.

Finally, while all sites on the internet can't be trusted, Your True Tales is somewhat more reliable, because if it were a "story" site, there would be somewhat more tales than the usual 20 that get posted. With a last thought, the only way to know is to experience it yourself.

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 04:00 PM
So just to let everyone know, although I have been following threads here for years, this is my first actual reply. I decided to join after what happened to me last night.
First let me give a little background. I have had OOB experiences my whole life. I always looked at it as nothing more than transferring my consciousness. My 10 year old daughter has experienced this since she was 5.
It seems to be characterized, in the waking hours, by having an adrenaline rush and strong desire to hide from certain individuals. Not in the sense of being afraid, but as sort of a thrill seeking game that just overwhelms you.

I began my lucid dream flying or levitating. As I was approaching a populated area I got the feeling I was being followed. I accelerated my pace and landed by what seemed to be a library or museum. I had a metal box with a radioactive rating on it. The guard checked me out and asked me what the rating of the box was and I remember hoping that it was a 6 and not a 7. The guard thought it was strange that I didn't know the rating, but let me in when we both discovered it was a six. I started cataloging artifacts and then I got the message to flee and hide because the person that was following me before was in the building. I assessed my body and realized I was only about 5 feet tall and really thin. I stashed the box and ran down a level looking for an exit or hiding place and decided to hide. As soon as I found a good spot I started to swoon and awoke in my bed in my own body.

What brought me back to the body was an adrenaline rush. Upon waking I was burning hot in my spine and soaked in sweat. My heart is healthy and beats very slowly, but this morning was beating over 600 beats a second, but it was more like a vibration or frequency instead of a solid beat. Kinda scary, but comfortably numb at the same time. What WAS scary was the fact that my heart was vibrating at the same frequency as the cable box at the foot of my bed. (Which was off before I went to sleep.) Also there was a small dot between the minutes on the digital read out. I stayed awake about 45 min after this happened to document and kinda sort things out and the dot stopped and box went off at exactly midnight.

I instantly remembered that I had done a lot of missions like this one throughout my life and was kinda angry that I was not able to do it at will. I instantly hoped that I had not harmed anyone while doing this in the past and had the feeling that my conscious was somehow transferred to that other body.

So I can totally relate to what you are saying, but can anybody else throw me a bone or something? I mean WTF? Should I worry about what my daughter has in store for her future? Anybody else experience anything like this?

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 04:09 PM
reply to post by azurecara

Wow. Very trippy! That would be terrifying.

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 04:10 PM
Many years ago I read a book about "astral projection", but can't for the life of me remember the author's name. I do remember she was a woman who was well known in the field of N.D.E's. In her book she stated that when out of our bodies, we are still connected to them by an umbilical cord of sorts. She also said that if the cord breaks for whatever reason, another soul that had its own cord broken, can slip in and take over. I read the book back in the early seventies, if this helps with the author's identification.

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 05:00 PM
reply to post by azurecara

What say you ATS? Is it possible? And if it is, how do you think you'd react upon waking up in an opposite gender body??

First of all, when astral traveling, you cannot wake up in another human body. There is a very thin, silver cord that connects the Spirit to the body. Now one can partially inhabit another, different gender body, but you have to share, and you cannot maintain this for long. I use it for diagnosis of deeper medical problemsin my wife, with her approval, of course. By doing this, I can feel what she feels.

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 06:07 PM
It's happen to me before, and with a few different women I've been involved with over the years. If it happened again, I'd do what I always did then - finish and go back to sleep.

posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 03:10 AM
I read that you can't wake up in someone else's body, and neither can another take yours. Your body is your body and only you can be in it. It will wait for you and you only, until you return to it.


posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 04:05 AM
reply to post by azurecara

That's pretty random... It reminds me that back in the 90s, I read in a book by Colin Wilson, that in India is was against the law to paint a moustache on a sleeping woman, in case when her soul came back to her body, it didn't recognise it and got lost..

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 09:13 AM
reply to post by LuisCyfer

Hello Luis

I just read your introduction and description . Broad indeed. As you mentioned it was a late intro so I found your profile and found this first post of yours.

Now this immediately grabbed my attention because there was recently a fellow here handled Manyworldsawait.

He claimed to have come from another universe and was new here. He had met the asked for twenty replies before starting his own thread, but they were all one or two line non committal responses to twenty different posts.

Anyway what grabbed my attention to THIS thread was that this fellow claimed that he had awoken here in the body of a 26 year old woman. We corresponded briefly before he stopped posting about two weeks before you registered.

What has me confused , being new here myself is this. This OP is three years old. It received a few quick responses like most new threads then went fallow after an hour or so. Not reaching hot topic or anything. It lay quietly in the dusty vaults until you resurrected it.

Now as I understand this place, one reply after three years to a nondescript post would not have sparked the new post or hot topics category. I would have thought the post would just stay quiet with your reply sitting at the end of the thread, yet immediately following your reply, numerous others all of a sudden were replying also .

What sparked all of the sudden attention to this old post? Any ideas? Just trying to understand the ins and outs if this place s'all.

posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 06:05 AM
There was a movie I once watched, where a group of aliens are managing a population of humans in an artificial reality, and they basically use a machine to freeze time and exchange the consciousness of each person into alternate identites, so different people get to experience life as different identities - like a game of spiritual musical chairs with biological robots. The self would be far beyond a personality or a persona, and to a large extent an identity is much like a physical body, we are much more than just a physical being, but rather a consciousness that comprises of a myriad of memories and experiences, and such a degree of complexity that we would be immeasurable. To place our minds or consciousnesses into different beings would simply be an interesting experiment, that would add to the sum total of our experiences. I would assume that the beings or vessles themselves would have thier own consciousness, and from thier conscious perspective, would also find it interesting to have a variety of other beings possess thier bodies and thier personalities, observing the differences in behavior between different "pilots".
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posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 06:08 AM
Waking up in someone else body ?!?!?
mmm i have a few ideas

sorry couldnt resist

Stargate Universe explore that body switching theory
with ancient stones they could transfers someone consciouness into another body
and the other soul get transferer in the body the one who switched in the first place

there another episode where there is 12 people in the same body

the human body are similar to hard drives
it can contain like 1000 Terabytes
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posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 03:42 AM
reply to post by azurecara

I know this thread is now very dormant but just in case you or anyone else on the net come's to read it I will first give some opinion's then share what for me as one of the most traumatizing early experience of this type.

Maybe this man was somehow linked to this young woman and it is a true shame he never identified her to make contact at a later date,.

Sometime's this is done to cause harm or psychological trauma by an excorporeal entity whom litteraly take's you out of your body but it could have been a case of two body's with there soul's somehow crossed or an entity had taken his body over and his soul gravitated to the nearest body that could offer it shelter.

In 1983 to 1984 I was about 13 going on 14 and a young adolescent male with a perfectly heterosexual and almost rabid interest in the lady's but also extremely repressed and shy.

I went to bed as usual and fell into a deep sleep, I found myself flying in the darkness as though I had awoken outside my body and became paniked when I found I could not control my direction or pull back having awoken mid flight as my own body grew distant and as though something or somebody litteraly had a tight hold on me and was taking me where they wanted to go.

It was dark and I was moving very, very fast but as you know you are not physical so do not feel wind though and even in the darkness I whom live in England was aware of a Nightime Tropical jungle below, I believe it was somewere in the amazon, Despite the darkness and the blackness of leaves at night as you know in that state you can see in equisite detail as you are not using light to see.

I saw a dirt/mud road below with rutted wheel tracks and a huddle or about 7 or 8 rude log structures in a clearing with crude roof's, I found myself being dragged down toward a large one and flew right through the roof as though it was not there, now my field of vision in that state was wider than in my body so I could see more of the room from under the roof, there was a wooden plank floor which stopped were a wall had been taken out and the building extended more than doubled with a crude lean too like a low flat roofed shack against a once slightly better shack, There were upright timbers holding the roof like supports in about 4 rows and it was litteraly like a chanty with a large covered dirt floored area and crude table's and chair's.

A number of men where sitting on crude table's and chairs drinking and smoking, light came from bare cable with naked bulb's and a small transistor radio was playing something, mostly they looked portugea or hispanic and a real rough looking bunch with stubble and beard's as well as dirty in appearence like men whom did not wash, the old floor which was raised about a foot or so higher then the dirt floor the majority of the room had and a counter or bar was at my right against one part of the raised area and so that floor acted like a little stage.

And a young female whom was probably younger than myself at the time or so I assumed from the what I saw before being placed in her crown was dancing around wildly or more like a staggering dance and wearing a poncho like dress tied with a cord at the waist, she was barefoot, the material of the garmant was homespun/sackcloth color yellowish or mustard fabric with a repeating motif in black that reminded me of the square maze like wave pattern you see on greek vases around the images or as wave's and this ran at the hem front and back, her hair was waist length, untied and black or dark brown, no or very thin eyebrow's with dark coppery skin and dark eye's she looked amerindian, I fought against whatever was moving me around to stop it as I found myself being forced down into the top crown on her Head but was powerless.

Suddenly I litterally was her or to be more precise, I felt drunk and giddy but was still not in charge and had no control so like a trapped observer though I could feel the body as though it was my own, I had no control and she was running her own body and a vague awareness of her presence but no link to her mind.
She danced around staggering drunk and some of the men shouted something sounding crude but in a language I do not know, Portugease or south american spanish and she did what they said and lay on her back with her leg's apart then pulled up the front flap of the dress feeling giddy.

Unexpected to her a very large fat man with pale skin and dripping sweat in a dirty white shirt open at his baldy chest and with his belly overhanging his belt got up and walked over from one the near the front tables and undid his belt then dwarfing me he more or less fell on me and straddled me suffocating by his size.

The pain was horrible and nothing like what we as men feel, like being cut, electrocuted and tickled in an unpleasent way in my groin and I guess she must have past out as I suddenly took control Screaming in english "NO" from her mouth, then with some strength beyond the girl's I pushed him off, then suddenly like a elastic band which has been released I flew so fast back to my own body I litteraly threw My own body upward and shouted "NO" in the house waking everone up, the last thing was a look of shock on the fat man's face and I know this was no nightmare, I remember every detail even after about 30 year's.

This has haunted me ever since and caused some psychological damage as I was going through My own adolescence and this was not a pleasent experience but it burned into me so deeply it is part of me and actually tormented me for many years right into my adulthood with the trauma of the experience, it was no dream and something or somebody took me there for that experience to harm me, I believe the drunk girl was innocent of what was about to happen and lost her innocence and I lost mine with her as I experienced the whole horrible thing.

I often wonder if part of her came back with me, Was she part of me or linked to me on the cycle of life, I wonder if she is still alive and what life she may have had.
All I know it that though I have encountered and experience many paranormal occurances, is that this experience is one of the worst I ever had and half way changed my own sexuality, I am not gay but am very awkward so have avoided any sexual contact since this occured meaning I as a consequence have missed out on the better part of my life because of whatever did this to me and that girl, it is my faith in christ which sustained me and only that as well as a loving mother whom I could never tell this too.

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posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 04:01 AM
reply to post by Ben81

When you are somebody else you do not take your own desire's, the lust part of us is really only the body though some revenant soul's may find letting go of a happy or strong identity too traumatic and so hang on to even there lust, this may happen to more poeple than you would ever believe but they do not wake up during this swap and may account for some other statistic's about modern society.

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