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Grey Aliens, Insects and Disinformation

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posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 12:39 AM
I respect your opinions on the greys, though I don't really agree on all of your points, such as you view on why the secret bases are all underground. I think it would just seem logical to put them underground away from prying eyes. You speak of the sightings of craft flying into water, or around mountains and such, it could be that greys do indeed live underground. My theory on this could be that it takes them a long time even with their advanced craft to get to earth that some of them stay here for periods of time to do whatever it is they have to do. This seems very plausible to me, considering that's what NASA plans to do with mars because of the journey length.

Even though it's plausible that the greys may be from earth, I myself don't think they are.

I'll read on and maybe post more of my thoughts. I shall flag, would like to read more peoples view on this.

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posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 01:12 AM
I love your theory and I think it's a very strong possibility. I don't know if you've heard about this before but the Hopi Indians in my opinion back your theory very strongly with their Ant People Legends.

Ant People

According to legend, at the destruction of each ages of humanity - the people that were pure of heart went down into the center/heart of the Earth and there remained protected.

In this place lived a group of beings they called the Ant People. Drawings of the Ant People bear a strong similarity to the gray aliens, having large heads, short bodies, long spindly fingers, in some cases 4, 5, or 6 digits. Some of these drawings have the indication of telepathic thought waves coming from the beings' head themselves.

Hopi Prophecy speaks of the return of the Blue Kachina - Star People and Star Knowledge - at the end of this cycle of time.

I think this strengthens your theory quite nicely.

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 01:13 AM
I found a Praying Mantis on my patio a few weeks ago. My thought was "damn that looks like an alien". You are on to something. Makes sense to me. It gives me the creeps though. We should find the hives and fill it with insecticide.

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 01:20 AM
your theory is very interesting, one entrance to these insect like humans might possibly be in the Untersberg mentioned in a previous thread is a very mysterious montain,

two words word reptilian humanoid

they could possibly be the ones that helped the egyptians build the pyramids either with their superior technology or they have ant like qualities being able to lift 10-20 times their body weight, who knows?

they could have existed for millions of years unlike the dinosaurs surviving the extinction underground, having time to create ships of higher capabilities than ours to travel through space, we could even be descendants from them hence the similarities from the photo's of aliens, or not????

some witnesses that have reported ufo encounters have being visted by men called the men in black having glowing eyes, maybe a chemical reaction ,men controlled by these insects, possibly.

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 01:36 AM
haven't finished reading the whole 2 OPs
I'd like to point somethign out.

jsut because something does not resemble something else, doesn't mean that a massive amount of genetic information is shared between the two.

same is held in reverse. just because two organisms look alike, doesn't mean they share more genetic information than two organisms that look different.

take the eyes of that little egyptian cat gremlin demon lolcat in your avatar.
does he have more reptilian type genes.. more related to snakes than humans because of his slit puils?
is he more genetically to snakes than reptiles that have circular pupils are?

the human genome and the daffodil genome share 35% of the same genetic data.
I don't have flowers coming out of my ears.
what's shared is more intrinsic building blocks of chromosomes.. cell function etc..

just because grays and praying mantises have the same slanted large eyes (in proportion to their head)..
doesn't mean they share more genetic information with each other , then say.. humans do.
doesn't mean grays are insectoid... even though there ARE reports of "identical to a huge white praying mantis" looking aliens...

praying mantis's eyes are compound eyes.. combined of thousands of individual hexagonal sections that act as separate eyes that form a composite pixelated image.

as far as I can see.. grays don't have compound eyes.
I've seen photos of grays without their "black lens insert" taken out.. and reports about them being removed, and have slit reptilian eyes underneath.

there are also reports of grays being an entire subset of tons of species from all over.
so the ones that you may be talking about.. may have nothing to do with the other 90 species of extremely gray-ish similar looking aliens.

and from what ive heard in abduction reports... it's the "tall whites" the ones you see at the end of close encounters.. herding the small grays.. the one on front of Streiber's "communion" book.. tall lengthy white skinned alines that supposedly "built" their grays for remedial tasks.. like genetic harvesting... abduction etc...

i don't think without a comparative analysis of actual genetic material with that of a gray (any gray species you like) and that of certain insect families with large black eyes, that we can make any conclusions.

are seals and horses closely linked genetically because they have big brown eyes?
are worms and elephants linked because of the long slender appearance of their bodies and trunk?

i think certain grays could DEFINITELY be reptilian in nature.. hell lok at the face of some turtles.. and the underside skin of some tortoises.

i mean if anything.. right?

why couldn't there be thousands of different "shades" of types of grays.

not just one..specific.. solitary.. genome.

great thread though.. love this type of convo.


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posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 02:20 AM
reply to post by EldersCouncil

Wow what a great connection, absolutely that's exactly the sort of thing to look for, They would have to have some sort of bio luminescence to see down there, your talking about 0 light situations, Explains some of the glows associated with the Greys as well...


posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 02:23 AM
reply to post by MinMin


You mention the gut, after Roswell rumors indicated and persisted of insect like pouches within the mouth of the aliens and I'd be willing to bet one of the reasons they don't use vocals is that if you saw the inside of the mouth the connection would slip right away from the humanoid illusion and reveal that they are neither mammals nor reptilian on sight

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 02:46 AM
reply to post by easynow

Not sure I understand, how you feel an alien race a minimum of 4 Light Years away... would notice an Atomic explosion less than a year later an arrive in that time frame...

when by comparison, Phil Schneider claims his encounter just a couple miles under the surface in New Mexico...

I don't think many people really stop and think about that...the sun is just...a tiny star even on A centauri... let alone see the earth, let alone a fireball on it... and determine it as us... then arrive... at 4x the speed of light?

As opposed to... an A-bomb going off over your head...literally?

In any event, you say Reptilian theory is just as valid... but how...

A: The head is, not at all Reptilian

B: the eyes are very specifically Insect like

C: The limb size is thin like an insects not muscular like a lizard or Mammal

D: Reptiles rarely inhabit dark places, insects are in abundance tunneling under ground to a massive ratio, even blind cave salamanders stay near the surface where the air is fresh while insects go to any depth

E: There is no example in nature of reptiles living oxygen deprived for long periods or being Bio luminous to see in pure darkness

F: I know of no reptile that change form But EVERY Insect in nature does this through it's life cycle

G: parasitic lizards of any kind I don't know of any, many, many insects paralyze and occupy a host

H: They are cold blooded creatures where as insects can regulate temperatures.

I just see, nothing in nature of anything these so called "Reptilians" should be able to do...

But yet the same things are common in the Insect world

People just attribute Vast technology and so on as explanation for what they don't understand...

But never have I seen a single actually example of such technology actually being used nor do abductees actually report anything that could not be accounted for beyond, ordinary terrestrial science or natural Insect biology

just wild claims of star gates and...

The physics requires energy levels that would mean they would have to be... Stellar and confined to an area the size of small vehicle while leaving hardly any trace...

I would as a good detective

Need some kind of genuine motive

To even begin to believe ... interstellar contact had been made...they fly, yay, so do we... what else is there? as genuine evidence? Of such G-d like technology?

And then again the motive to ...even look at us from such a place...

people Say

Our scientists do these things to animals and to the animals we would seem as advanced as the Galactic visitors would need to be...

But I Cry BS

Because, a Chimp get's me... he can fly a plane if taught, he can speak my language and show emotions and other animals can too...

The comparison for a Type 0 Civ to a Type 4

It wouldn't be Man to Mammal it would be Man to Amoeba

and... we shoot them down, they crash... they aren't thousands of years ahead of us, there is no warp drive... ships that can bend the universe don't Crash in new Mexico nor make it across space to do so...

Think how ABSURD the concept is...

The Greys build a craft that can Fold space and time... Make it across the Stars at the least at 4x the speed of light

They send LOL 2 beings and then after all that Crash the frackin thing?

You got to be kidding right...

Believe that as opposed to they come from here?

Bugs almost ALL live in the ground... or under things on it unless they fly, and still they are then mostly born...inside things like a maggot in poo... it's their Main environment

Why would reptiles not Insects have evolved in the dirt to Intelligence?

Because some... bung artists that want to sell books claim the queen of england is a shape shifting reptile...

at best a reptile can change colors...

Every Bug alive completely transforms it's very form often several times in a lifetime.

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 03:00 AM
reply to post by LordBucket

Theory depends on who your talking too... Reptile Alien, Reptile Earthling, both exist in popularity...

But I have to break it down...

Ufo's... lots of people see the, there are many, many unexplained phenomena and credible witnesses

When getting my hands on an admittedly rare alien abduction story, I see sometimes people who are terrified, ashamed, traumatized and in tears

Reptilian encounters, never got one face to face where I could say it didn't seem like Bull Puckets

Closest I have come is ritual satanism and child abuse victims, and none ever claims to have actually seen a "reptilian"

I understand that

there are surely in this world, those who's behavior is seated in the reptile centers of the brain, those who worship and believe things that come from a place that reptile is a good description for

But.... reptiles in nature don't shape shift and when the once in awhile catch one of these freaks they bleed red blood in jail...

That at the bottom of Satan worship and ritual child abuse there are those that symbolize the serpent and behave as reptiles of that there is no doubt...

But beyond squinty eyed photos of celebrities and politicians there is NOTHING remotely scientific in the possibility, no standard in nature, and no massive phenomena of encounter or sighting to even start to believe it from

just guys pointing at The Queen of England... and pictures on tablets from 3,500 years ago that could mean anything

Here and NOW

Insects do these things every day and encounters are common to the point of being a plauge...

and no on has ever broke down in real tears because a Lizard man attacked them, at least not in front of me...

There is real precedent in nature in front of my eyes for ... the abilities these Greys are claimed to posses...

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 03:07 AM
reply to post by seenitall

I make zero claim of absolutes...

But I am going to look for answers, where they might be found and through investigation of what is real in nature and possible...

Not simply fabricate stories about Galactic armadas that obviously aren't here, Giant Stargate's that warp reality and feats of Biology which have no precedent in nature...

working with, what we know can be done by Life, I am examining the Possible explanation...

Not foolishly inventing false g-ds with Magic/science powers beyond our feeble comprehension that...inexplicably and for no reason any higher entity I could ever imagine to be so.... probe us and play with our heads in between controlling powers that are G-d like as if in the universe there would be nothing better for them to do. Yet fallible and prone to F ups as these...supposed explanations claim them to be.

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 03:34 AM
Thx good theory but!...

I have seen a UFO myself a big one back in 90`s, and all since that i`m a believer,and i don't think that insects can create these machines.

Second When Ed Mitchell came out on London radio and told the truth about ufo/alien contacts, he was not talking about insects at all.

But maybe the truth is somewhere in between?

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 03:47 AM
reply to post by seenitall

And if you read thoroughly I suggested that the majority of the species would be quite small and that what we see as the Greys would be a hybrid of sorts small in number...

In the end, I have never heard of them wearing clothes, nor having exposed genitalia, perhaps covered in a membrane, but it seems we are looking at an exoskeleton by description of a Grey...

As for size, again, I do not think the Greys themselves are pure Insect, I think If you read that they utilize form and genetics and mind , perhaps all of the above derived from a host, a caste, a drone of the species of sorts and they are mainly insects, their genetics would be mixed ...

I do not propose they evolved into humanoid form but rather stole it and some of us in the process...

This HAPPENS IN NATURE EVERY DAY... Bacteria steal genes to adapt to their hosts defenses

gene thiefs

Viruses do it too

virus gene transfer

and Parasitic Wasps, be it by Viral injection or other process... insert their genes into other species too...

Parasitic Wasp genetic alteration of host

Now ith out making my brain hurt more...

I'm offering plausible THEORY as to what the Greys may actually be, I did not claim to contact any beings from reticules 9, I have not been through a stargate lol...

But I know a bit about what exists right here on earth

and although Theory, these are things that are demonstrated in anture and plausible

Can I say for sure, the Greys are a Mixture of Human and Insect DNA

Of course not

I can say, Insects Do This... and they do

I can say, they ARE the dominant species on the planet and can exhibit these behaviors and things that would be mystical almost and unexplainable

They do discharge burning chemicals

They do communicate Telepathically via Pheromones for all Intents and purposes

They do Transform into completely different forms

They do, posses and take control of the minds of other species

They do steal and inject genetics

They do Live Underground

They do use other species as a host

They do feed on humans and other Animals

They do... many things the Greys reportedly can do and things these wild claims of "reptilians" that people take such stock in supposedly can do

Yet Reptiles can not in reality do these things


I have no evidence that Hyperspace travel is real


I KNOW Insects are real and can do these things

so a debunk on size alone?

No... Not when Insects can Inject Genetics naturally

I know one species aside from us that




Wages War

Has a social order

Exists in a community

Communicates complex behaviors

and also possesses a wide array of all the above fantastic and miraculous capacities that no Mammal or other creature on Earth can accomplish...things like changing form entirely

and yes they do this... every day by the Billions

And 48 of 50 Miles of the crust under our feet... has been unexplored by us, we Know nothing, nothing about what might be down there...

So I offer a very, very plausible to where these abductions May REALLY be coming from, because I believe, something is happening

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 03:57 AM
reply to post by NavalFC


Nice rehash of the Military line on the subject...

Been hearing that stuff since the 40's

Yet you guys keep digging down and Nasa gets only 15 Billion

Not much interest in space but shooting down is there...

show me the craft out of the atmosphere please

Sorry but... even the Military takes 0 interest in shooting away from the Earth at incoming, but drills into it night and day...

That's all for Nuclear defense?

It makes right tuns and moves fast....

Yeah life was around allot longer than us... so what?

Faster than light travel is more plausible than... something having evolved a bit better equipped than you or I

Sorry but, those cockroaches were around Hundreds of Millions of Years before us... and Can survive a Nuclear war

I'm not looking for boogey men from another Galaxy, i'm looking where I know there is Life

and if the Military thought there was life coming at us...

You dang well know Nasa would receive a few hundred Billion a year

So I ask again..if I am wrong what then From HERE is abducting people

Is it you guys?

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 04:02 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

Saying NASA only get's 15 Billion a year doesn't mean they aren't shooting for space. I think we all know they are doing more behind the scenes.

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 04:20 AM
reply to post by Faiol

Read what I wrote

Nothing is going faster than light

"Montezuma the bearded g-ds have returned"

No they have not!!!! At least a handful of his people said and were ignored as the rest perished.

There is Zero actual evidence that the speed of light can ever be surpassed and keep a living organism intact while doing so...

Bending the fabric of space is not even a remote possibility at this point in time and I sincerely doubt... crews of 2 will control the power of stars and even notice us at that place in evolution...

It is far easier to create g-ds and throw hands in the air

Than it is to face what could be real because it is frightening as hell

That we may not be alone, we may never have been in charge of anything, that we could be a host species to another species

But Life exists here... and it can do these things and we know very, very little about this world still


It is time we faced that these phenomena are real and not ascribe... Omnipotent powers be it by science or magic to it but face... that we are not alone and...

and we should... seek to create plausible theories as to where on EARTH this is coming from and if I am off... then I am off...

But I am not going to...

Not try to think about and come to terms with what MIGHT really be going on

and scream of... hundreds of alien races and powers of physics beyond imagining

Because 99% of what is offered is...

Pantheons and Magic in the name of science

That's all science is, is Magic when you claim that... such extraordinary things are happening when in reality the energy involved is cosmic for it to be so

and.. there is nothing... but abductions and sightings as evidence

real things...possibly

a life form... what does it resemble, where do we find life...right here

and craft that, isn't beyond our abilities to create and fathom and even replicate

no evidence at all... of interstellar flight, no rifts opening in our solar system, no mother ships steaming through...

But yet

people being abducted by something, probably a real something

so how on EARTH then do i explain it ... by looking at the heavens and praising the higher beings...

what is that but to find divinity? To make Magic happen and say it's science...

Things on this Earth... do these things, communicate without voice, change shape... organize, evolve, use other species as hosts

what need is ascribe our fears always...always every unknown comes down to heaven

The NEW RELIGION of the absurd...bought and sold rather than actually thought about

Oh liitle Grey Man with your BUG eyes ...who must command the power of the Stars themselves just to visit us...and insert something in our rectums

How INSANE, utterly insane to look back to... the stars for something happening on Earth

we don't it's Zues with a thunder bolt but now...we call it science, science that...doesn't for all our ability to comprehend, exist in nature as we know it... but yet...

it is more crazy to believe that, it can't be from here just like us?

We have precedent... we can do these things, Insects can do these things...

Maybe I'm wrong but so what

I am looking for Truth, not for... Higher Powers that don't exist, mythologies of other worlds we can not see when...we don't know 1/5 of our own but claim dominion over it


Those sailors at the new worlds door were g-ds... what's a continent?

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 04:29 AM
reply to post by ignorant_ape

As above and before... the Greys can not be the true form of the species, they are hybrid somehow...

People brought up... the Movie Mimic, cheesy flic, but not horrific science...

Insects Mimic, Insects... can, copy, can insert genes, can insert bacterium and virus and... change shape...

A great many abductees report... another creature with the Greys... Insect like, smaller, multiple limbs...

I can only guess exactly how the Greys would be created from social Insects and I offered before responding to all debunking many examples of how insects can take over hosts and transform and exhibit these astonishing abilities

I do not claim every answer... Only that I am looking, in the face of what can not possibly be... for the improbable, but possible answers that may very well be...

Because, abduction is real or it's something else entirely...

It's Not coming from the frackin Big dipper, bending the Galaxy to, stick needles in our necks...

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 04:34 AM
reply to post by f1tch

Thank you mindedness

I would agree entirely that IF they came from space... they took a darn long time and can't leave and set up a home and yes... that I can ... believe

My one major issue however is, the similarity to terrestrial life...

If History has taught us ONE lesson it's that, we are not the center of the Universe

I have Extreme doubts as to the similarity of life, to ANY life on Earth having evolved in ways that are compatible, and similar in appearance and structure...

If it looks anything like us it probably IS like us, for a reason


I do not say among Billions of stars, that something like us might not exist

Just that finding us first before anything else not so similar does is Trillions to 1 odds

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 04:44 AM
reply to post by prevenge

Your always bright bro...

AGREED, they could be, a subset of any species given similarity and appearance and ability to absorb this atmosphere and consume cattle it seems as food...

I am inclined given natures, abilities that is has given Insects and the habitat where they would have to dwell, to make a hypothesis

But you are correct, any species on earth sharing so much DNA could evolve in that manner...

I feel Insects have the most likely hood given traits like Communications via Pheromone, eyes shape and things that show commonalities to Telepathy and so on...

But it is after all a theory

and, what your pointing out is... yes we share genetics...

I have absolutely no reason to assume or hypothesize beyond serious fantasy driven conjecture... that that could exist between species evolved on other worlds or as above...

Not that it isn't possible, but it would be decidedly rare considering the diversity of conditions on the number of worlds out there... that life like us would be present here and find us first again, before anything truly alien did

My next step... if I gave in, would be to look at This very Solar system where life would and could have been seeded from the same Genome

if something as similar to Earth Life as found small craft, with small crews at that!

But Star Trek

I loved the show... but it was awful science

A galaxy that had similar humanoid creatures with varieties of skin colors and bumps on their heads as the norm of life in a diverse Galaxy of Trillions of worlds

I call Dis Information via science fiction for many years

Real good sci fi

Not just human drama

poses questions... Invasion of the Body snatchers was...far more plausible than ET

Alien was far more plausible a scenario than Star wars

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 04:52 AM
reply to post by f1tch

Oh Dude... stuff goes on behind the scenes sure...

But, 15 Billion... they have no genuine fear of anything from space at all...

The shuttle crashed, half our probes to Mars go bonkers up...

I don't think we have..much of a hidden space fleet on that black budget if we do at all man... Because the Russians are freaking over missile defense

How could we hide it really?

It ALL could be BS everything we see...

But I don't think it's that insanely conspiracy driven

I think... we don't feel threatened by space...

and we do have deep interest with being under ground

The point of... "it's hidden", is valid, "Nuclear defense" is also valid

But I am still left with massive sightings and massive numbers of abductions

and we aren't defending ourselves from all

and we are digging down allot

so either

The whole thing is a Mass form of delusion

In which case I am definitely looking for a Terrestrial cause... Pollen? Bugs? Virus? that creates mass Hallucination and still looking maybe in the right place

Or something is happening and it stems form here not out there...

and doesn't it say something, if we can dig out the Earth, that if there is something else it could do the same...

If we do it just for survival... doesn't it beg the point that anything that survived past cataclysms on earth, be it Intelligent or not... did it the same way?

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 05:12 AM
reply to post by Kukulcangod

Great... Yeah I'd take Ed Mitchell as direct EVIDENCE that Ufo phenomena is real...

and I would quote him (he does assume they are from space)

But lets Quote the man

UFOs have been the "subject of disinformation in order to deflect attention and to create confusion so the truth doesn't come out

My translation... the matter IS subject to disinformation... or... Most mainstream theory is pure BS because, there is Dis information being given

He offered his opinion that the evidence for such "alien" contact was "very strong" and "classified" by governments, who were covering up visitations and the existence of alien beings' bodies in places such as Roswell, New Mexico.

My translation, something was contacted, they have bodies, Roswell actually happened

A squid is "alien" doesn't mean it's not from earth and Here's MY POINT, They DIE, that's for starters, the little sobs can die... they can crash, they can be shot down

With that said... How does, the species that mastered space and time to crooss the stars and controls physics... run a craft that ww2 technology can...shoot down?

How can that be? How did... the anti gravitic engine, can you imagine the super computer needed to... cross the stars, it Malfunctions? With that tech on board, they are captured and not retrieved?????


He says it, they DIE, They Crash, They are no better than us and not much more sophisticated either...

ergo, they didn't cross the damn stars, they are fakirs just like the conquistadors... they are not Higher beings, they don;t control physics, they aren't commanding a craft that opens star gates... they are flying a ship that CRASHES

He has said, that "We all know that UFOs are real, now the question is, where they come from".[9]

And there it is...Alien, but we don't know where the hell they come from, not a clue...

So why... assume space...

what kind of craft Crashes after crossing the Galaxy?

Many different times apparently... if you believe the Russians and Chinese have bagged some of them too as it is rumored...

How do we "bag" a Galactic treking ship?

If they are so far advanced from us... How?

People see...what they wish to see, the Mind protects the EGO, we create, G-ds... where there are, mortal things

Can't prove it.. Yet

But Aliens don't Crash after crossing the Galaxy, these craft are Terrestrial in origin...

My theory be damned, i don't care... I'm trying, I'm watching, I'm paying attention to... what could be

But I a never going to sell out and jump on the dis info and profit making garbage and Idolize the space men because they ain't from space

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