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Grey Aliens, Insects and Disinformation

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posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 03:05 PM
Owe me gossssh !

Please tell us how to rid ourselves from the host, it feels like an earwig tweaking at my multiple personalities. Can we freeze dry the slugs?

Also, there are those who say that the famous scientist Pasteur, just before his death, stated that he had misunderstood the sequence of diseases which in their final stages led to the hatching of invasive organisms, but that it was these organisms which led to disease and not the reverse.

Now to go find meself some effective deworming herbs...

This is also freaky because most abductees who received implants and then had them removed discovered that they were made of some sort of biological material, and not hardware of any sort. This also sounds like some kind of insect stinger of sorts. Eeeeeek !

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posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 03:34 PM
Here are some interesting little tidbits:

Many years ago when reading up on terrain following radar I ran into an article that pointed to software mimicking beetle flight characteristics.

I am unable to find this article now but here is the next best thing.


A Bio-Inspired Flying Robot - Sheds Light on Insect Piloting Abilities:

Bio-Inspired Flying Robot

If you recovered an aircraft that maneuvered like UFOs, and reverse engineered it you would most like come up with something that flew like an insect.

The reason for this is that the closest things in nature with this type of flight pattern are insects.


A honeycomb design is used where items being constructed need to be lightweight and provide rigidity

Two items that quickly come to mind using this structure are heat shields or thermal protection subsystems and astronomical telescopes.


Here are some additional interesting links:

It does not take a lot of computing power to achieve certain natural behaviors.


Here is a question though, would an insect or a hive mind per say be able to plan a long-term deceptive campaign?

I do not mean where it would be a simple 1-2 step deception like masking for capturing prey, but a more complex deception where multiple pieces are brought together.

Perhaps another way to put it is would be; is it instinctive behavior or well planned behavior?

Really though if this has been ongoing for generations then perhaps the behavior is supposed to be benign, or simply a natural cycle.

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posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 05:40 PM
Interesting thread!

A few thoughts of mine regarding differences of a humans versus an insects society.

Having a Matriarchal model versus a Patriarchal model for the human society, the later wins hands down. The first is geared to survival and preservation of the species but the later does all that plus also helps the species constantly evolve and conquer new frontiers.

Insects=Matriarchal, hive mind, bend on preservation, they do not evolve, they live to reproduce.
Humans=Patriarchal, individual mind, competes with its own kind and strive for evolution.

Both Matriarchal and Patriarchal aspects are present in the human society with the later prevailing, while in the insect realm there is only the Matriarchal aspect and the Patriarchal is totally absent.

Humans are difficult to be governed even by their own kind.

Ancient myths tell us that Gods had to mate with the females in order to pass along some of their aspects or qualities and to conform humans in certain ways. There was little or no other ways to convince the humans.
God himself in the Christian religion offers His Son as an offspring with a selected Female of the human kind in order for the humans to follow His ways.

Humans are impossible to be governed not just by its equals but even from higher powers.
As from what we can glean from the Holy Book of Bible, neither God nor the Devil or any other force succeeded in governing effectively the human will.

An elite of individuals would and probably are taking great pains to impose themselves as absolute rulers of the human race. There is no way for them to succeed unless they curb the human aspect of individuality. They would seek to gradually transform the human Patriarchal archetype to a Matriarchal one, where primary laws are security and preservation of the species. Porn, modern fashion and modern ways of life propose the "Queen" social archetype to the female human, in order for the human society to resemble the insect world of the hive mind and preservation.

The human society is attacked in order for either a small Patriarchal elite or another unrealized force to rule a society that gradually transforms from a Patriarchal archetype ruled by logic and self competition to a Matriarchal one ruled by instincts and preservation through numbers.
Whichever is the identity of the ones who wishe to rule, the method has to be the same.

Presentation of Aliens with an insect like society, could help their agenda by projecting the idea that even an advanced space faring civilization would have the Matriarchal model as the primary one. Propagating that a Patriarchal society is something of the past responsible for our failures and that the future belongs to a Matriarchal one.

I do have some serious objections though. I can see how a human civilization would conquer the stars through prevalence of logic thought, self competition and trial and error. I fail to see how an insect like society bend primarily on reproducing ruled by instincts would feel the need to develop space travel, unless someone else developed it for them and equipped them for his own reasons.

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posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 06:07 PM
Species from other planets may be insect-like but not insects of the Earth variety. I think the Greys could be somewhat similar to insects but not exactly and I do not believe they originate underground here on Earth.

I believe Greys are extraterrestrial beings from some other part of our Galaxy and are not biologically related to Earth insect species.

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 07:07 PM
is this just me or does anyone else realize IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR THEM TO HIDE IF THEY WHERE INSECTS LIVING INSIDE THE EARTH really your as bad as the people who believe in reptilans and santa. Regardless of when they are know what no i dont even need to explain myself

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 11:59 PM
reply to post by f1tch

It would be another thread entirely to debate it, I think though in the end it's human centric thinking to believe even for a second other worldly life would commonly evolve around the same factors as life on Earth

I would put that in the realm of flat Earth and Earth at the Center of the Solar system in terms of what history would show to be true.

posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 12:02 AM
reply to post by TheOracle

I think the suit you refer to is probably actually organic, an exoskeleton, I somehow due to size think they have a bone structure as well of some kind, but I have no reason to assume that other life forms have to equip as much as we do, an exoskeleton explains allot of appearance

posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 12:06 AM
reply to post by dreamphase

More than one person says Cetacean as far as the Greys

and i wouldn't argue it, another poster pointed out, we all share the same genetics on Earth and Evolved so any characteristics can probably brought out by any species once it reaches a place of playing with genetics... anything becomes possible if it exists in nature

And I can not discount the webbing some Grey's are reported to have.

Nor would argue at anyone who is Looking here at Earth for the source because I am certain one way or another if your looking at life on Earth your closer to the Truth than 99% of people.

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posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 12:12 AM
reply to post by Sfen Senterra

Amen, as above my purpose is more to... point people in a better direction and away from dis info, than it is to be Right, in regards to my personal theories, being Right isn't always a good thing in a search for Truth

2/3 of the Earth is underwater too...

and, I don't even want to dismiss Reptillian theories aside from certain absurdities that come with the territory..

We built everything on the surface right now...well, 99% of it in the last 150 years... everything from lights, to cars, to planes, to space travel...

and, there is no telling how many times this could have happened on Earth

I often wonder.... and I think given that once we start to embalm that... not much survives of a species, if the become intelligent, I wonder that in 1,000,000 Years, there might be nothing except the occasional corpse of a murder victim and more ancient remains of us that died in places the could fossilize

But otherwise, there may be no record of an advanced civilization when it passes on

posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 12:15 AM
reply to post by XNeMeSis21

I live in AZ and have actually talked about this with some Hopi, it's a very interesting story, and yeah... the whole area here is rich with native stories of going under ground

and simultaneously... also Dulce, Area 51, the movie fire in the sky was based on events near here... Phx lights

Area is a treasure trove of information if your looking

posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 12:23 AM
reply to post by serpentine

Oh yeah it does, I spelunk as a hobby and also work with oil prospectors... (actually same companies but searching for water for bio diesel growth in the desert)

20-50 miles in places...

I wrote earlier

at the thiner parts of the Earths crust... if you left 5 miles before the mantle and 5 miles before the surface

You could create 10, 1 Mile high layers inside the Earth

if you did that under the USA, that would be 5 USA's of population under our feet

Of course, we would know that... if that were the case...

But the point that, even IF most of the species was human sized, they could burrow the heck of a large civilization under our feet...

and sometimes I see... allot of reasons it would be better...

Trash disposal into the mantle not the ocean... would be just a starter

Saftey from space phenomena another

floods and asteroid strikes, solar eruptions...

Your species would suffer allot less blows periodically

Geothermal energy sources....

Best spots would be in deep areas where there are never Earthquakes

Really it's allot more stable when you think about it

posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 12:38 AM
reply to post by Getsmart

Organic evidence is very common, sometimes I think, we might abduct other humans ourselves and implant mechanics just to throw the trail off the truth for dis info purposes.

posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 12:42 AM
reply to post by Getsmart

I think the problem get's easier...

Get rid of them?

Some fight to take on deep underground...

But as a starter, if there is an insect or bacterium involved, we can get them out of our homes and end the abductions...

They can't be flying down to our houses and jimmying the windows and are not walking through walls


gets us in our sleep


or something an insect sprays onto our pillows prior

I think they might have... a co conspirator bug, a literally bug that answers to the pheromones of the Hive right on the surface

posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 12:51 AM
reply to post by EldersCouncil

Thanks for That

It's fun how much we turn to insects for everything from chemicals, genetics, weapons, engineering and flight

But yet it is hard for some to see how a "bug" could ever come up with these things...

posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 01:33 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

I think it would indeed require another thread to debate it, and maybe we should, would be good to get views on the subject.

posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 03:05 AM
I'd like to add something

just a theory but, an intelligent Insect should for all intents and purposes be able to control ordinary insects, so long as it can produce the pheromones, it could decipher any social insects language... and thus manipulate it.

How the Greys get into our homes and get us to unlock the door...

Many Insects can control other larger creatures aka Parasitic wasps...

What Insects are the most likely Candidates to be, eyes and ears of the Grey's, to be able to infect us with either the right bacteria or parasites or viruses to... infect us, control our population, paralyze us in our sleep?

Get ready to know why they Freak you out

Why you really hate them and they repulse you

The face of a Grey if I ever saw one

grossed out yet?

Get foot stomping mad...

Because you may not have the drop on these guys you think you do

But you say Not a Social Insect? Hmmmmm? Guess Again

social roaches

Yup, those pesky Termites it turns out are nothing more than roaches that answer to a queen

and the roach is debated as to if it's a social insect or not... the fact that they mate individually to some entomologists is not enough cause to say they are not social insects

because they work and group together, the ability to self propagate makes to some every female cockroach a queen and some scients say they should be considered social insects in that they are... a social insect in terms of community'

The cockroach is virtually Invincable

The cockroach that I saw is called the German cockroach or Blatella germanica. Humans consider it to be a pest because it invades where we live, eat and sleep. There are between 4,000 to 7,500 different species of roaches. Of this amount, only one percent are considered to be a pest. Some of the other more common species are:

1) Oriental Cockroach-Blatta orientalis
2) American Cockroach-Periplaneta americana
3) Brownbanded Cockroach-Supella longipalpa

They have pathogens or bacteria on their bodies, but none have been known to be transmitted to humans. Their mouths are used for chewing, not biting. Most roaches are nocturnal, that is, they prefer the night and are sensitive to all forms of light except for the red spectrum. They are most active right after dusk and right before dawn. They seem to appear according to a biological clock. This activity may be a response to a genetic defense because light may indicate the presence of humans, their most dangerous predator. They prefer to live in warm, moist places and are more abundant in tropical areas. However, they can live in almost any environment and they have been found in the North and South Poles.

Cockroaches are thought to be about 350 million years old, making them one of the oldest surviving creatures. They have been able to survive because of their rapid reproductive cycles and adaptability to poisons, environments, and even nuclear bombs. One of the largest is the Madagascar hissing cockroach, which has become a popular pet. Another large roach is Megaloblatta blaberoides, a resident of Central and South America. It has been measured at about 100mm long. Some roaches can fly and one has been measured to have a wing span of about one foot.

Their ability to withstand radiation is very interesting. They have a very hard outer shell or exoskeleton, which is less prone to absorb radiation. Their skin molts, which means shedding, and this removes the radiation. In addition, they have an unusual different chromosome structure, which is difficult for radiation to shatter. The butterfly is similar to the cockroach in this respect.

Although they live in proximity to each other in crevices or harbingers. This need to keep in touch with their surroundings is called thigmotaxis. Their immunity extends to poisons, and they are known to survive decapitation. I later read that this is possible because they have two nerve centers-one in the head, the other in the tail. The only way it would eventually die would be from dehydration. They can do without food for over one month, but they need water at least once a week. They will feed on all foods, grease, paint, wallpaper paste, and even bookbinding.

The female will have up to forty babies at one time. Some species will mate only once and they will remain pregnant for the rest of their lives. Adults will live for an average of eight to fifteen months. Cockroaches reproduce on an average of four times per year. Females have a broader abdomen and are more rounded than the male. This constant reproduction adds to their ability to become immune to environment changes or pesticides. The basic structure of the cockroach has, however, remained the same since the middle of the Silurian period almost 365 million years ago. The life cycle of the cockroach is from egg-nymph-adult. This cycle is called simple metamorphosis. It means that the younger nymphs look very similar to the adult and will only differ in size. :

What is interesting to me is that despite debate as to social insect status they are indeed social

and if we look at a Species that would control a Planet

Group together The Bees, Ants and Cockroaches

what you have is, a complete planetary control

Seed dispersal/soil fertilization and other tasks, Pollination, Garbage disposal

even population control via disease (roaches)

so if there is an Intelligent insect species that's social and been around longer than us

It would in essence truly rule this world

and have invaded and be present in almost every home on the planet

More Roach Social Behavior:

Many cockroaches care for their eggs until they hatch, including the German cockroach which carries the eggs externally until they hatch. A whole Family of cockroaches, the Blaberidae with subfamilies Blaberinae, Zetoborinae, Epilamprinae Diplopterinae and Pycnoscelinae among others, carry the eggs internally until they hatch. One Blaberid species, Diploptera sp., provides nutrition to the embryos which actually molt in utero several times such that they need only molt three times after they are born to become adults, URL: D_punctata-devel-2864.JPG

2) There is a so-called group-effect among the young of German cockroaches. If they are alone they develop very slowly. If there are at least two larvae in a defined space they accelerate their development to become adults. This later behavior is a mechanism that increases the probability that two adults will be present by the time adulthood is reached. Unfortunately, this effect is sex-neutral so the two adults could be both males or both females with a probability of 50%.

and more

The wood-feeding cockroach Cryptocercus is usually believed to live in aggregations. Field observations, however, gave evidence for the existence of distinct family groups living in different gallery systems. This study investigates intraspecific behavioural interactions with respect to the social structure. The interaction among family members were observed in artificial burrows in the laboratory. Individuals from different families were brought together experimentally and the resulting alarm and fighting behavior was studied. The importance of Cryptocercus for the evolution of termite sociality is discussed.

and more

Basically what they did was collect samples of Cryptocercus from the wild and set them up in "ant farm" type displays to study their behavior. These are roaches that live in logs on or near mountain terrain. Of the seven known species in the world, five occur in the U.S.

Each colony consists of one adult pair and their brood. It appears that the adults spend their entire lives (about two years) raising just that one brood. If one of the parents dies, the other takes over all the duties, including protecting the territory. The scientists behind this study did a lot of experiments with introducing unrelated roaches, pulling out nymphs then reintroducing them, and other variations to test the reactions. In general, the nymphs would notice the intruder first, then hurriedly rush until it found one of the parents. As part of the alarm signal, the nymph would do a rocking motion. Often that first nymph would trigger the other nymphs to join in on the rocking motion. It was then up to the adult(s) to handle the intruder, but first it had to find the intruder. Sometimes the adults would wander in the the wrong chamber, then have to back up and keep looking.

and gross and scary and real

Although cockroaches are closely related to termites, they are not as social as termites are. Termite colonies have an organized social structure in which different members have different roles. Cockroaches do not have these types of roles, but they do tend to prefer living in groups. A study at the Free University of Brussels in Belgium revealed that groups of cockroaches make collective decisions about where to live. When one space was large enough for all of the cockroaches in the study, the cockroaches all stayed there. But when the large space was not available, the roaches divided themselves into equal groups to fit in the smallest number of other enclosures.

The Roach is a social Insect

Could there be a controlling social insect out there that "tends to the planet"

Given 350 Million years of evolution, I find it hard to say No...

posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 03:51 AM
And I ask the question myself allot

Why, when we came up with the concept of aliens did we...

Give them Antenna in our fantasies?

Have such an innate revulsion or roaches and other insects?

Am I the only one that has felt... Insects feel completely Alien to them?

perhaps we are the invaders somehow?

Is this the real little Green Men?

There was a book once I read of Men and Monsters... it involved Humans as a parasite creature that survived by living in the walls of a Giant Alien race that had brushed us aside

The thing was... the Aliens never ascribed intelligence to us, no matter what we did... we were, too small house pets.

Of Men and Monsters is a science fiction novel by William Tenn (a pseudonym for the sci-fi work of Philip Klass). It was published in 1968.

Giant, technologically superior aliens have conquered Earth, but humankind survives - even flourishes in a way. Men and women live like mice in burrows in the massive walls of the huge homes of the aliens, scurrying about under their feet, stealing from them. A complex social and religious order has evolved, with women preserving knowledge and working as healers, and men serving as warriors and thieves. For the aliens, men and women are just a nuisance, neither civilized nor intelligent, and certainly not a worthy adversary. In fact, they are regarded as vermin, to be exterminated. Which, ironically, may just be humankind's strength and point the way forward..

Is it impossible that even at small size, some insects could be more intelligent than we think they are?

Insects are stupid?

The overall findings of the study provide evidence that bees are capable of counting objects that they encounter while flying to a food source. This form of counting is probably done sequentially and requires the bees to have the ability to maintain a running tally of the number of events, increasing the tally by one each time another event occurs.

Bees Count

This is just.... Scary Thinking if you ask me

"The situation points clearly to one of two possibilities. Either we are dealing with an overt plan invented by an intelligence considerably higher than our own, an intelligence which has foreseen all our chemicals and flamethrowers, or the insects have already experienced selection Pressure against intelligences of at least our level in many other environments elsewhere in the universe."

"There is a curious variant of the first possibility. Could the insects themselves be the intelligence much higher than our own? We are so conditioned to thinking that the intelligence of a species can be exemplified by an individual member that it is hard to assess a situation in which each individual might show little intelligence, but in which the combined aggregate of individuals might show much. Yet it is so in our own brains, where no individual neuron can be said to display intelligence but in which the aggregate of neurons constitutes exactly what we understand by intelligence."

"The static nature of insect societies goes against this thinking. If an enormous intelligence inhabits the beehives of the world, we might expect more evidence of its presence. But this may again be to endow an opponent with our own restless characteristics. Perhaps concealment is an essential tactic. Perhaps the intelligence is static because it understands the dictum of sagacious lawyers: 'When your case is going well, say nothing'."

"The insect case is indeed going well. Along with the chemicals and the flamethrowers, there are nuclear bombs also. Insects are highly resistant to X-rays and other forms of ionizing radiation. Insects can frequent dumps of radioactive waste without harm. Nor are the plants on which insects feed harmed at all by radioactivity. This sets the scene for the future. From nuclear war only one creature will profit hugely, the insect. Insects may be close to inheriting the Earth without a struggle. It may well seem that man arrived in a brief moment, and then disappeared even more swiftly than he came."

Source: Hoyle, Fred & Wickramasinghe, Chandra (1981) Evolution from Space: A theory of cosmic creationism, Chap. 8 ("Insects from space?"), pp. 127- 128

Does anyone find it odd that as we advance in our Intelligence to a point where we can Build Robots, Artificial life... we spend much time developing not artificial humans but artificial Insects?

Free will the domain only of man?


Scientists claim to have found evidence of ‘free will’ in flies.
If the researchers
are right, it means the annoying bluebottle or wasp that will not leave you alone is choosing to be a pest.

Buzzing with intelligence?

The discovery could overturn basic assumptions about the difference between humans and animals.

Understanding the mechanisms involved may also lead to development of free-thinking robots, bringing science fiction to life.

Simple creatures such as insects are generally regarded as biological machines which only respond to external stimuli.

Apparently variable behaviour in such animals is usually attributed to random activity in their brains.

But an international study of fruit flies has shown that cannot be the case - the flies tested appeared to make choices.

Free Will Flies

Are they dumb? How do we even define Intelligence?

I know they are, more advanced than us in many ways

communication in insects pdf

Would they be a threat?

If there is an order of social insect that, controls social Insects and tends to life on this planet... they may well be, because we are damaging the planet.


Social Insects are the only creature on Earth besides us, that chooses to wage War.

Humans have always battled bugs, but James McWilliams says chemical insecticides came into the picture by accident. McWilliams is a fellow in the Agrarian Studies Program at Yale University and an associate professor of history at Texas State University. His new book is "American Pests: The Losing War on Insects from Colonial Times to DDT" and he was one of the featured speakers at the 2008 Aspen Ideas Festival in Aspen, Colorado. On this week's episode of Word for Word, James McWilliams turns the spotlight on our ongoing battle with bugs.

If the alien Invasion were to come, could we simply be overwhelmed by Insects one day and not realize there was an intelligence and our Alien visitors were something else entirely

How else do you explain the "Save the Earth" message many abductees are programed with?

So while we build nukes and Lazers

Might the Alien weapon system when the time comes look something like this?

Did Insects Kill the Dinosaurs?

Time Magazine suggests, pollination killed the dinosaurs

I ask, did the Social Insect rulers of the planet decide it was their time and simply... do it in a way they never saw coming or understood?


posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 05:54 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

its my understanding when David Icke refers to them as "reptilian in nature" is taken out of context by some maybe? the only thing ive ever seen Icke say on the subject is that the Greys are controlled BY the draconian reptilians... also some hybrids of the two.

posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 06:35 AM
Ohhhh The Reptilians from Draconian... which happens to be named after a Reptile type creature in the English language which he happens to speak...


I see

I come up with more plausible explanations and theories for what's going on sitting in my pajamas building a new computer over the last 72 hrs than he does in his entire body of work...

Why not just write sci fi and call it what it is???

Cripes, look how much more money JK made with movie rights... Imagine if she wrote books claiming hogwarts was real?

posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 07:11 AM

Originally posted by mopusvindictus
Ohhhh The Reptilians from Draconian... which happens to be named after a Reptile type creature in the English language which he happens to speak...


I see

I come up with more plausible explanations and theories for what's going on sitting in my pajamas building a new computer over the last 72 hrs than he does in his entire body of work...

Why not just write sci fi and call it what it is???

Cripes, look how much more money JK made with movie rights... Imagine if she wrote books claiming hogwarts was real?

master of the obvious.. I was correcting your original statement on what David Icke claims, I personally dont believe David Icke or Alex Jones for that matter.

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