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Grey Aliens, Insects and Disinformation

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posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 10:23 AM
For a long time now people have been sprouting, Main Stream theories about the Grey's that I think come down to dis information and or profiteering.

1: Spearheaded by David Icke would be the allegation that Grey Aliens Are Reptilian in Nature

2: That the beings known as the Grey's are actually from outer space, various mainstream theories are in circulation that I believe to be ludicrous regarding Alien intervention, Star Gates, Hollow Earth Theory, Federation of Light and similar propaganda have managed to divert attention away from any Plausible theories of what the Grey's actually are or where they really come from.

I would maintain several Theories here and I am going to piece by piece post some explanations for what I think they are and where they come from with those explanations derived from several basic viewpoints that run contradictory to most of the pulp dis information currently being presented to the public

A: The Grey's are Aliens

I would maintain that the Grey's are not actually Alien at all, but actually originate right here on Earth, I will present a more rational hypothesis

B: They Are Reptilian in Nature

I would maintain that Reptilian is by far the least likely origin of life for these beings

For starters

Lets look at the Typical Image of a Grey Alien as depicted typically.

We have all seen, Images, fakes, supposed real photos of the Grey's

Large Black Eye's Long head larger at the top smaller at the bottom

The head is remarkably Human like, but I have never seen a Reptile head which is almost always elongated look like this, rather the eyes are inset and the head is long

So where is the resemblance to a reptile?

My only answer is that there is none what so ever.

What do those large Eyes and large head resemble? IF there is some cross breeding or genetic interaction with Humans and you chose to Cross Genetics with another Order of Creature here on Earth... what would that beings head most resemble?

Look at these:

So, we have theories as to the origins of Grey's... before we even get into where they are from...

A simple Glance at the images will show you the obvious, Grey Aliens look nothing like any Reptile and a hell of allot like an Insect with a Humanoid torso.

There is one simple thing in this field, Tens of thousands of reports of Abductions by Grey's... photos of Ufo's and sightings, reported underground bases... and Zero evidence of any Reptilian Beings, Zero evidence that craft are coming from deep space, zero evidence of any other species that the very least, by numbers of witnesses or reports be taken seriously

In interview though

There has been through the century a common theme from abductees which is of recent times not as likely to be reported in the media but exists from my personal Interviews regularly.

That is, of the presence of an insect like, or rather a fully insect like creature in the room during the course of an abduction supervising the situation.

Further evidence of Insectoid origins

1: All supposed bases where we contact aliens are underground

2: while encounters near planets like Mars and the moon have happened, we see no genuine surface structures.

3: underground tunnels, stories of creatures underground etc are extremely common, it is simply for more Insect like behavior to live in tunnels in the Earth

4: No evidence of hyperspace travel

5: Telepathy, is extremely similar in appearance to Pheromones, everything from paralysis to communication could be explained by the natural social insect use of pheromones

6: Abduction scars reportedly made by Lazers are not at all unlike, the kind of incisions that mosquitoes or other insects use, numbing of the surface, liquidizing of underlying tissues for digestion

7: Weapons are often reported by abductees as being from chest or other areas of the body, electrical, burn or otherwise, this is also very much like an insects chemical attack method.

8: frail body, absence of clothes no apparent external organs, yet, surprising strength. Once again we see the sort of despite human like appearance, insect like abilities and surprising strength from thin limbs much like an Ants or other insect.

9: Craft are often reported, not ascending to space on departure but rather heading to ground or underwater

10: A fear effect, not to dissimilar to the effect people have around insects is often reported by those who see Grey's

I would like to take a moment to mention the story of Phil Schneider who reportedly when drilling in New Mexico, accessed a chamber with sentry post Grey's and had a gun fight with them barely surviving the encounter with burns that came from the beings chest.

It sounds remarkably like, what one would expect, entering into a social insects chamber.

My job was to go down the holes and check the rock samples, then recommend the explosive to deal with a particular rock. As I was headed down there , we found ourselves amidst a large cavern that was full of outer-space aliens, otherwise known as large Greys. I shot two of them. At that time, there were 30 people down there.

Now, I think Phil makes allot of assumptions and embellishes allot... but I believe he walked into something down there and I don't think they were from space, It's classic insect, his burn that reportedly gave him cancer sounds allot like, given dispersal method and insects chemical attack, the manner of encounter and defense sounds allot like the way insects post guards at the entrance to a chamber...

I believe Phil, like the rest of us was fed disinfo about what he had stumbled into, and it was nothing more, than a colony of insects.

Many people point to Hollow Earth theory (a theory which is scientifically ridiculous) to explain the presence of being within the Earth.

I would take a moment to say that, there are between 20-50 Miles of space in the earths crust in most places, there is ample room for 5 populations of surface dwellers to reside in chambers carved if we gave 1 Mile for each level and left 5 Miles of space between both the Mantle and the Surface, to date our deepest digs are only 2.5 miles or so

There is plenty of room for an insect species

I would also add, Roswell happened the year after the first atomic explosions in New Mexico, it is far more likely that something was alerted to us from under the ground by that explosion, than it is that something noticed us across the cosmos as a result


Ufo activity is far more common in mountainous zones, reports of humanoids coming up in from the Earth are far more common than anecdotal evidence of depictions of crafts or legends of star g-ds

Hell itself, is said to be underground and the demons that go with it, a world wide belief.

Further it is known that, a brain capacity is determined by the folds in the brain and that size is not necessarily a component to intelligence.

If a social insect had evolved intelligence underground there would be little evidence of their presence fossil or otherwise where we could obtain it, and, there is no reason to believe that because abductions occur with human sized greys that this is anything more than an adaptation or genetic modification to deal with us.

The actual species itself could very well be very small

This means our enemy may indeed be


Abductees often go to great lengths in order to avoid future abductions yet nothing seems to stop the Greys, the paralysis no matter what they do sets in no matter what windows are closed etc, etc...

Technology is used to explain this phenomena

But I would offer that, a Small Insect could easily circumvent any technology used to stop a larger Grey

what i am saying is, the small marks that accompany abductions is, the first line of attack, is small an insect an actual member of the true species Intelligent, enters the home and injects into a person a form of drug that takes possession of the mind

This is conjecture but infinitely more plausible if we give this serious thought than hyper space travel from another system.

Scopolamine mind control

Is a drug found in Columbia, it makes a person loose complete control of free will... I would propose that abductions start with a simple insect and that the abductees open the window or doors themselves and head outside to be picked up by the larger drones.

The insect itself given the complexity of social insects and following complex chemical instructions would not need to even be intelligent, simply like an ant following Pheromone based instructions

Don't think so

ask yourself if you have ever caught a mosquito that bit you in the night, let alone a species that, intends on never being caught operating in a similar manner and controlled by an intelligence

People talk about government Interference and Shape shifting in propaganda theories as to what these creatures are.

But I ask, what species could actually shape shift and uses interspecies parasitism, camouflage of other species, slaving, nesting of it's young in other species, feeding discreetly off other species and farming of other species but the Insect?

So how far fetched is the concept, when compared to a Lizard that changes shape?

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posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 10:42 AM
I add a last point to this before you discuss.

Currently many believe our governments are afflicted or influenced by these beings

I would like to make a few points... of Aliens or Reptilian, or humanoid species...

1: Our societies are moving under an NWO to a Socialist structure

2: Care for the Earth, much like an Ant tends a garden and population control not unlike the use of aphids has become a UN agenda

3: Estrogen in chemicals used and Feminization has become a serious problem globally, creatures born female, a rise in homosexuality, transgender birth and desire, a massive reduction in male sperm count world wide, socially laws that benefit females and endanger males and restrict male behavior are common in the west these days

Social insects revolve around Female worker drones as a society

so if there is the influence of another species in these policies, which makes more sense?

We are, it seems to be on a road to... a more Hive like mentality in which the common good is expressed as philosophy above free will, females are revered and masculinity is in decline and socialism is on the rise

Is this not... the manner in which a Social Insect lives...

a dumbed down population of female or neutral gender Workers that contribute to the whole led by casts of drones, queen and warrior (Elite) leaders?

Is this an alien or humanoid or Reptillian way of life?

Or the way of an advanced social insect.

How many could there be underground if most are small?

How many Insects would a single human host Feed?

What if "the Greys" are simply a larger caste modified variation to subdue us and the hybrids are, pheromone controlled "elite" within our population and the chemicals and signals we are being given are derived from their research on us?

How different would it be to induce the kind of hive worker mentality via TV than pheromones to adapt the process to our species?

What if we know it demoniacally or alien wise is organic not technical that's why we can never "prove" those among us are controlled...

a simple larvae in our nervous system somewhere, a single maggot sized creature delivering the right chemicals could, completely control the behavior and impulses of many of us, change our vote, influence our desires

The power of a single chemical is vast, a single drop of Lsd will alter a person behavior for a day, far more powerful chemicals exist.

I would propose that...

We are not dealing with Aliens, this is my theory after long hard study, these beings, those our size and technological and thinking are numerous but compared to us, small in number, the bulk of the species is insect, small and Billions may lay within the earth, this is Legion, this is our underworld and how, a thousands of humans that vanish can help feed a population of them.

Our abductions and the methods of getting at us come from, a source we wouldn't think of, simple insects, perhaps even insects that look like common insects so even if caught we would never know,

That those we think of elite are controlled in a way, we would never decipher without full autopsy and even then the moving larva could simply leave without notice or dissolve

Our society is being attacked from right here, earth... no reptilians, Just Insects, nothing more and if we understand what they are we can defend ourselves

I know this is...far more creepy and frightening than thinking about facing reptilians or invaders with motives similar to our own, and quite frightening to think about... that, under your very house may lay the source of your abductions...

but the truth leaves us free to fight

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posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 10:43 AM
Well sir i must congratulate you on a rather interesting theory. Yes i too have pondered the insect link to the grey's ( mainly due to the big black eyes). I must admit that your theory is quite plausible and you have even backed it up with some interesting evidence. Although i must admit i was less than impressed with the insect images as i was eating my lunch ( oh well silly me!)

I'm going to flag this page in hope that others may indulge in the fruit of a truly great mind

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 11:00 AM
Thank you for compliments, I am 100% convinced "something" is going on underground and have 0 evidence to support actual extraterrestrial phenomena.

All bases are underground in conjunction with aliens, the traits and capacities insects exhibit, particularly social insects are completely in line with what the aliens can do.

It's all readily explained in my eyes

and, I feel an enormous amount of disinfo is put out there to keep us from finding out the truth.

Why do the real disinfo agents not talk? They are simply drones hybrid drones or influenced by a simple parasite, they will never talk.

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 11:41 AM
I also must add,

Many people speak of a "rapture" others talk of a "harvest of souls"

What if that in the end is what we are... a Harvest?

Aphids on the outer leaves of a tree while the ants deep inside raise them and tend to them blissfully unaware that they are nothing more than food?

Terrifying I know, but I fear... as is the reality by number, Insects may be and may have for a long time been, the dominant species on the planet.

Our fear of the derived not from the simple bee sting that some may fall victim too, but a far greater instinct.

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 12:56 PM
If your not convinced this is possible...

Social insects have precedence for this in nature, not just in farming other insects or mimicking other creatures or using even large mammals as a host.

But by being victimized by even simpler organisms like the common fungi

brainwashed by parasite

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posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 01:07 PM
Worms do it too

Is it really that odd that a form of social insect might have adapted to control us, use as big aphids? Use our genetics to reproduce these beings called Greys?

perhaps they first evolved intelligence themselves when they took over an intelligent host.

Look at these worms

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 01:15 PM
very well thought out, i admit that on many many ocassions the insectoid connetion has crossed my mind.

You have provided much to look into and made connections where I had not thought of looking before, specifically the chemical trail. A good follow up is to look at or prform chemical analysis of not only implants but of any residue that may be left over from physical markings abdutcees have after an experience. The thought here would be can the chemical analysis be linked to specific pheremones or chemical secretin from insects.

If a link can be found between the two then we may also know which types of insects we would be dealing with.

As a side note though this would not explain water or space based events, and further investigation would still be needed to either idntify these as completely unrelated or what the mechanism linking these would be.

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 01:21 PM
What exactly can't insects accomplish?

Why should I assume these beings with eyes like a bug, clothless like an exoskeleton and a head shaped like a praying mantis and thin, but strong limbs like an ant are from outer space?

Some interesting facts from the web.

Insects comprise more than 75 percent of known animal species. There are somewhere around a million ants for each of us. Some scientists estimate that ants, coupled with termites, make up 20 percent of the planet’s animal biomass.

Insects have superpowers, too. Some species of male moths can smell females a mile away. Dragonflies make airborne love at 30 miles an hour Certain centipedes have poison in their mandibles and, according to one writer, “have been seen capturing birds.”

Earth is a planet of insects. They are always around to remind us that our way of interacting with the world is just one way. Butterflies can taste with their feet. Some have ears on their wings. Some—brace yourself—have eyes on their genitalia.

Monarchs navigate thousands of miles twice a year without getting lost. In southern Texas in 1921, as many as six billion Snout butterflies reportedly congregated and took flight for one huge, sun-blotting migration.

Remember the cicadas? In the Chicago area in 1956, a million and a half adult cicadas emerged per acre of lowland forest. That’s 530 tons of bugs coming out of every square mile of dirt.

There are somewhere around 10 billion insects for every square kilometer of land surface. Think about all those lives, all those murderers and egg raiders, cooperators and queens. Here’s a hypothetical: If a pair of houseflies and all their descendants were allowed to reproduce, without attrition, for a single summer, their offspring would, according to entomologist Gilbert Waldbauer, “cover the Earth to a depth of 47 feet.”

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by EldersCouncil

You know... that's brilliant and I do not believe that has been done.

Chemical analysis and forensic evidence gathering for biological and chemical residue...

particularly from the puncture wounds...

we spend allot of time looking for chips when realistically... any microchips or implants may well only happen via abductions performed by more sinister government types

You mention water and space events

There have been sightings in route to the Moon and those that believe Martian probes have been interfered with, many water sightings as well...

I would offer that

a species living within the crust would have few limitations in regards to be it under earth or sea and that water, particularly shallow water like lakes would make an ideal cover for entrances either for coming or going not seen from the surface.

and that, there is no reason to assume that, a species that lives under the surface might not already have colonized the under surface of nearby planets or moons ahead of us...

The craft we see...

Simply does not seem logical that it could travel interstellar, they are almost always small, evidence of anything large from the galactic civilization sect comes in the form of blobs seen around Saturn and such other completely unidentifiable evidence

By sighting and common report most of the craft occupied are rather small with a small number of species...

If we assume, that a parasitic Insect actually gained it's intelligence from occupation of us as a host... ergo evolved intelligence in parallel and in a caste set of drones and queens only

Then what we are dealing with is an unlimited mindless miniature worker sect, under a single direction...

surely it would advance from that point at a faster rate than us, so it is not illogical to assume it would be somewhat ahead of us, given the genetic capacity to adapt biologically and without science it's abilities to do these things would only be enhanced

An ant can live without Oxygen... for weeks...

So the species would be, further ahead by it's nature of settling the moon or mars than we would be without countless inventions

and perhaps even be able to cater portions of it's population to perform very specific tasks...

With each abduction, the hive would gain more knowledge but be able to utilize it in production at a far faster rate even if it's own numbers of thinking members were much smaller than our own...

and then there is another factor...

How long have they been down there

and how many times before have they actually harvested us?

What I have trouble with (and bear in mind what I have above is plausible theory imho) but, a craft 40 ft in diameter bending the fabric of space time seems rather impossible

I would think and with all logic a species that could bend space time and generate as much energy as the sun (or greater) in a space the size of a volkswagon, would not need to perform experiments, puncture our skin or be involved with our military or govts or buzz around all day taking pictures or whatever

We are talking about... a civilization that would be so far advanced as to be perhaps unrecognizable as another species or simply so beyond us they would not notice us or need to spend decades studying us

I am sure, the Greys are of a far more mundane source even if the technology in use seems alien or slightly beyond our reach.

We have supposedly after all shot them down or they have crashed

I simply do not see... the crashing or shooting down of... a Inter stellar space time bending engine

But an insect species, taking fluids, adapting to resemble us... being from here, makes far more sense... according to those that have been abducted one common theme is they claim to have been here a long, long time...

Why stick around so long if you could leave? unless, your from here

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 01:52 PM
And Insects control minds quite well...

Just ask the Ichneumonid Wasp of Costa Rica who's off spring take over the minds of Orb Spider enticing them to build a special web to protect the young of the Wasp before it dies...

This is EXACTLY as I propose the Greys really do it to our species

The Host orb spider is injected with the Larvae of the Wasp which Paralyzes it prior...

(no different than paralysis abduction reproductive tampering of the Greys)

2 weeks later the larvae hatch and begin to eat the spider from the inside...

But they somehow, influence it's mind and make it build a web, a special web to shelter them while they feed on it's corpse...

So they... can make the Spider... BUILD what they need before feeding on it?

Interesting no?

Very far fetched now many of us may well be some kind of hybrid or altered?


posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 01:56 PM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

S & F,

This very theory has crossed my mind a few times.

I would like to add a few points.

About Insects: About one million species of insects have been identified so far, which is about half of all the animals known to science.

An insect's head is typically dominated by two bulging eyes.

Insects absorb nutrients from food, expel waste products via an excretory system,.

Blowflies have been implicated as possible scavengers involved in making livestock carcasses look "mutilated."

Many abductees and testimonies of those in contact with greys and other similar alien species have stated that they absorb their food, excretions. Mutilations also could be in connection with this, perhaps it is these organs, blood and excretions from humans and animals that is for them to feed on as they absorb and digest their food in a similar way if not in the same way as many insects.

Having a colony of intelligent insect type beings living underground is not that far fetched at all, in fact they say that insects have been around longer than most animals millions/billions of years and on top of that nobody really knows what lies deep below the surface of earth there could be all kinds of new life living and surviving underground, the life we see on the surface could just be the tip of the ice burg of undiscovered life and intelligent life forms on earth.

There is also the possibility that a group of people have been experimenting for long periods of time now finding a species capable of fooling the world for their own agenda, this possible agenda could be to help bring forth a New World Order and these beings could be soldiers to them in a way, workers to help conquer the world and mislead the public. They could be cloning and growing these beings in the millions underground. So they could be human laboratory even test tube created from years and years of experiments.

This could mean they have potentially used many combinations of varies species DNA trying to find that perfect being that will intelligently operate, survive and even be cloned. These beings could be part dolphin, insectoid, reptilian, human among many other things including part robotic. An elite secret group or society hidden from the world with the money, technology and power to back them up such as the Rothschild’s, Rockefellers royal blood lines could have such an operation underway it could have been in the making far before WWII with Hitler’s regime and the Aryan nation, it could very well be in mass operation today and in absolute secrecy. Artifacts could have even been discovered with advanced knowledge of great technology and hidden formulas of creation and creating new species and the elite kept it all to themselves.

The Illuminati Elite could very well be behind it all working for a New World Order and these in fact are not aliens but something self created for an agenda for more sinister than anyone realizes. There could in fact be a plan to thin the population down to 500 Million for elite world domination and these beings they are creating serve the purpose to accomplish such a goal. Of course humanity would think they are aliens and we would fight to the death for survival but if these few elite groups had full control of them through mind control, programming even possibly being part robotic computer controlled then who could ever stop them. Especially with the technology they are given that is well hidden from the world.

The Nordic aliens and the other supposed extraterrestrials could be nothing more than humans just like us Aryans specially bred and used to help with this agenda in fooling the world. It’s quite possible that the elite Illuminati and secret groups working for their cause have technology beyond anything we could ever imagine including anti-gravity spacecraft, this could very well explain the many abductions and sightings.

Book Of Revelations: I found this prophecy interesting for those who believe in this.

2 And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.

3 And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.

4 And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those amen which have not the bseal of God in their foreheads.

5 And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.

6 And in those days shall men seek adeath, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

7 And the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads were as it were crowns like gold, and their faces were as the faces of men.

8 And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the ateeth of lions.

9 And they had breastplates, as it were breastplates of iron; and the sound of their wings was as the asound of chariots of many horses running to battle

Locusts like insectoid humanoid beings such as the greys and other species perhaps even self created or something that has lived under earth for hundreds of thousands to millions of years much more evolved than anything we have on the surface. Hive minds and intelligent enough to work on taking over the world. Notice how these locusts are described as going to battle against those on earth and torturing man like a scorpion.

Another interesting thing is it says that these scorpions only have power to torture those who do not have the seal of God in their foreheads. This could mean those who are not spiritually in touch with the creator, those who are full of negative energies are more prone to attack. Another point is some abductees have claimed to call out to God during an abduction and it stopped.

One thing is for sure this could make a killer Hollywood video in my opinion.
Get the beer and popcorn out for this one, it’s going to be a great thread.

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 01:59 PM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

Natural causes:
Human mutiliations

“Blowflies have been implicated as possible scavengers involved in making livestock carcasses look "mutilated."

While many unconventional explanations have been put forward to explain cattle mutilations, a variety of scientists, veterinary workers and knowledgeable observers (including farmer and other agricultural workers) have suggested more conventional ideas, most of which revolve around the hypothesis that 'mutilated' animals died of natural causes and were subjected to known terrestrial phenomena – including the action of predators, parasites and scavengers.

Missing or mutilated mouth, lips, anus and genitalia are explained as:
Contraction of missing/damaged areas due to dehydration.
The actions of small scavengers and burrowing parasites seeking to enter or consume the body in areas where skin is at its thinnest.

Missing/mutilated eyes and soft internal organs are explained as:
The action of carrion feeding insects such as blowflies, and opportunistic or carrion birds such as vultures and buzzards which are known to direct themselves toward an animal's eyes, and to enter the body through the openings of the mouth and anus in order to feed on soft internal organs.
Absence of blood is explained as:

Blood pooling in the lowest points in the body where it will break down into its basic organic components.
Blood that is external to the body, or in the area of a wound being consumed by insects or reduced by solar desiccation.
Surgical incisions in the skin are explained as:
Tears in the skin created when it is stretched by postmortem bloat and/or as dehydration causes the animal's hide to shrink and split, often in linear cuts.
Incisions caused by scavengers or predators, possibly exacerbated by the above.

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 02:04 PM
How far could the control capacities of an Insect species... perhaps in combination with a parasite actually go?

Ask Mr Crab

Inside the host, the parasite grows long, root-like tendrils throughout the crab's body, eventually emerging as a bump on the its underside. During this process she renders the crab infertile, and creates a small opening in the crab's back that will allow a male Sacculina to make residence there. Soon the crab is filled with millions of Sacculina eggs and larvae, and like a zombie, the crab cares for these eggs and larvae as though they were its own, losing all interest in mating. When a male crab is infected, the parasite alters its physiology and behavior to be female, to better care for the Sacculina's young.

Sacculina is a form of Barnacle a very simple organism...

Yet it can completely control the crab, shut of it's my basic desire to Mate, turn a male into a female and completely control it's life...

and the crab, never knows the difference...

Could one crab tell if the crab next to him was controlled by the Barnacle?

What would be the noticeable difference? It would not desire to mate?

How about in humans that we know of


This will scare you...

There are some interesting studies showing striking behavior differences between rats that have been infected with Toxoplasma and those that haven’t. Normal rats are very reactive to the smell of cat urine – an unsurprising survival instinct. If they encounter cat urine in their environment they have an extreme fear reaction, and they will avoid that spot thereafter. Rats infected with Toxoplasma don’t do this. They have no fear reaction to the smell of cat pee; they don’t avoid the areas where they smell it. In fact some of the studied rats preferentially returned to the sites where they had smelled the urine. It’s hard to see how this could benefit the rat, but easy to see how it could benefit Toxoplasma, which could return to its preferred host to complete its life cycle if the rat gets eaten.

Now consider that statistic from the first paragraph again. Up to one half of humans worldwide are, or have been, infected with Toxoplasma. Can something that affects the behavior of one mammalian host so drastically have no effect on the other?

The answer has always been no for some people. A small minority of people have strong psychological effects from toxoplasmosis, including delusions, hallucinations, and paranoia. The Toxoplasmamajority of the infected however, show no such drastic symptoms. Most people with toxoplasmosis have no idea they’re infected, but that doesn’t mean that they’re unaffected. At Charles University in Prague, parasitologist Jeroslav Flegr administered psychological tests to people infected with Toxoplasma, and compared them to a control group. He found alterations in the psychology of the infected individuals that seemed to be gender-based. Infected men appeared more jealous and suspicious. Infected women appeared more warm-hearted and outgoing. Both sexes seemed to be more self-reproachful than the control group.

Those results are fairly subtle. E. Fuller Torrey of the Stanley Medical Research Institute has found evidence of some that may be more drastic. Toxoplasma is associated with damage to the brain’s astrocytes – glial cells that function as an interface between neuronal and non-neuronal tissues. Astrocyte damage has also been associated with schizophrenia. Now add in that pregnant women with high levels of Toxoplasma antibodies are more likely to have children who later develop schizophrenia, and you have something to give most people pause. Torrey’s study also found that some of the drugs used to treat schizophrenia have an inhibiting effect on Toxoplasma growth.

What exactly the connection is between Toxoplasma and schizophrenia has not been determined, though it seems clear there is one. What alterations Toxoplasma makes to human psychology in general is even more unclear. What is abundantly clear is that whatever those alterations are, they affect a huge number of people. Can we afford to be as ignorant of them as we currently are?

Precedent in nature?

Oh yeah, the biology is there, chemically with plants. Scopolamine, complete loss of free will, invasive species, host species, slave species...

Omni present in this world

So why look outside it for ....the things that paralyze us and mess with our reproduction?

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by cryforhelp

I'm completely with you on the mutilation aspect of this too... and if you really put it all together a terrestrial Insect connection can connect literally all the dots in the various phenomena.

There is no reason to assume the more insect like members of the hive never hit the surface to feed on a cow or person when in need, that the larger Grey drones do all the work via abductions...

Much of the Cattle Mutilation theory would be like Flies attacking and... a slightly larger more aggressive creature, destroyed parts, specific parts fed on, the kind of cuts that could only be attributed to... a medical instrument OR... The kind of diversity the insect world can produce in a large set of mandibles...

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 02:22 PM
reply to post by cryforhelp

Very hard to get into the NWO factors and what and why...I didn't do it because I personally don't want to go David Icke on the subject and start accusing specific people of infection.


The mutilations, I have kind of worked out in my head the evolution of these things from the standpoint of a parasitic wasp as example that paralyzes and infests it's host...


If Toxoplasma can... cause schizophrenia

would could a far more advanced Larvae do?

Schizophrenia can... as possibly caused by a single cell organsim, give Hallucinations, make you hear voices, your mind invents complex scenarios...

A Larva could produce...hundreds of combinations to any combination of effects

If directionalized by, an Intelligence...of sorts even... capable of catering those parasitic effects

Anything would be possible

Far from shape shifter Lizard

An Insect Infected president could... really sit in the Oval Office, having no idea he was even altered to think and believe things

An abductee... might never actually be Abducted...

Think about it, the entire scenario, could be invented by the brain, from a single insect bite,

The minds of many of those you know and love might not even be theri own right now...

Sheep... some call many people

How about Aphids?

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 03:36 PM
Super interesting info. I have pondered the Grey/Insect issue before, as well. While I am certainly only an intermediate study when it comes to this ET phenomena, I wonder if the abductions by Grey's are some sort of gov't program?

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 03:42 PM
I didn't get a chance to read this whole thread yet.. but considering that insects have most likely been around since the beginning of Earth, i guess it could be a possibly that over billions of years of evolution there had been an insect that evolved into an intelligent species.

I would say the most likely explanation is that there are hundreds of billions of planets in the universe (at least) and that these creatures have genetics that are not related to earth whatsoever. Earth is def not the center of the universe so I would say that there is no reason to compare aliens with any earthly animals.

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 04:46 PM
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I believe from interviews I have done that, the govt actually does some of these abductions people report, but only a percentage of them, the rest are something else entirely. Many of the most convincing and believable tales (the ones from those that Don't want to talk about very often...) carry the presence of an insect like creature among the Grey's during procedure very often...

I recently had 2 more stories given to me from completely different sources and... it really started me thinking.

I have...often thought the Grey's may very well be another branch of humanoid myself, But there are aspects of their behavior and abilities that keep me looking for answers isn't the way they do some of the things they do...

The Insect hypothesis answers a great many questions for me... from underground dwelling in a more satisfactory way, communication..pheromones, not actual telepathy, feeding mannerisms, Limb functionality and strength for size, a skinned exoskeleton, simply explains it... methods of attack reported, underground bases...

Much comes together for me when I examine it this way

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 04:54 PM
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I'm not comparing Aliens to life on Earth

I don't believe there are Aliens visiting us

I think it's a big front to cover up the truth, that, what we are up against is from allot closer to home.

I'm not a physicist but no dope either... I understand the forces needed for hyperspace travel in theory or star gates and the rest...

That something is bending space time...just to screw with us and look at our colons from across the galaxy is simply... non nonsensical to me

These craft are to small to command these forces, think science not science fiction, if you could fit the power of a star in your pocket, you have better things to do than play games with us...

No these craft are local craft...

My theory is a theory but these things are from here, no Inter dimensional doorways, no time travel, no star gates

we will know when a dimensional rift is created near our planet, I am quite certain it's the sort of thing that's noticeable

Enough energy to bend space time and... not even a POP!

Don't think so, doesn't add up

We have something close at hand here

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