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anyone else catch 911?

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posted on Dec, 27 2008 @ 11:39 PM
reply to post by salty-red

Part 1

That was a great post of yours considering it was based on the scary logical coincidence that immediately followed the 0 6 0 9 California Daily 4 result. 12.21.12 pointed out the sequence of events: He tries to "wrapped his head around" what we are doing, and we are trying to wrap our head around what Pi is doing. If Pi is trying to wrap his head around something, then he better hurry, coz I'm going to take his head off heeding the comparison 6 is to ON as 9 is to OFF. He will surely understand why when he grows his spare head back.

The power of suggestion can be destructive even though the suggestion regarding the tsunami event of 2004 was pretty logical. My suggestion was a possibility, but not a certainty. And so looking at Friday Dow, it would be a mistake to launch a barrage of lengthy number crunching to arrive at all cost to some number that would vaguely represent the event. The next day after the tsunami hit, the media informed the world about it with big headlines and it was top news. That means Pi's reference to the event should be commensurate: the number association must be pretty apparent; it cannot be hidden behind a lot of number crunching, as much as the description of the tsunami event wasn't hidden somewhere in the back pages of The New York Times that day.

In this view, what do the Friday Dow numbers refer to? Do these numbers have an obvious association with some other event, or are they just some obscure assembly?

There is a way to "estimate" the nature of any of the Dow three numbers by using the opposites SPECIAL and ORDINARY. With no strings attached, you can check the numbers if they feature some unusual coincidental arrangements. Here is an example:


But in this case, I set up the above string so it would touch upon the expectancy of the tsunami event, e.g. "strings attached."

As you check the string from left to right -- the natural direction -- it takes a few seconds to see the associative parts


that refer to the year 2004 when the huge tsunami hit Indonesia.
Now imagine that there is a person who predicted that the string of numbers would refer to the tsunami event. Obviously, this person would like to see his/her prediction coming true, depending on the psychology. This person may not be impartial toward the outcome and may refuse to consider other options at the expense of him/her not being right. And so, there is a good chance that this person may refuse to acknowledge what appears between (20) and (04):


The estimated number of people killed by the tsunami goes as high as 250,000 but couldn't be possibly 414,122 dead. The tsunami of 2004 was noted so much due to the a very high number of killed that the estimated number is the priority complement to the time when it happened. If the string was intentionally manipulated to include the year, then in order to support the interpretation of (20) and (04), the number in between would refer to the estimated number of victims.

It could happen that when this inconsistency is pointed out, the wannabe Nostradamus simply turns the number 414,122 backward to read 221,414 and declares this more realistic number the final number of people who were killed by the huge tidal waves without bothering to justify his/her decision to read 414,122 backward. But it's in our nature to manipulate things to our advantage. (See the origin of the financial derivatives followed by $700 billion bailout.)

So if the 2041412204134 numerical string doesn't refer to the tsunami of 2004, and the (20) and (04) highlights is likely to be a coincidence, does it mean that the string is a random collection of digits?
It may not be so. Mathematicians very often analyze scattered numerical data by organizing them according to the ascending order. So let's organize the digits of the string the same way:


We see that the lowest digit is 0 and the highest is 4. Now which digit out of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 is special?
I think it is 4, coz this digit appears 4 times. The other digits do not have this special property where 'a' appears 'a' times.

We could detect this SPECIAL vs. ORDINARY feature in the string, but what does it mean?
I don't know. This string is detached from the circumstances. We should bring in another string of digits with a similar property that we suspect could be tied to a circumstance:

First, we need to convert the three numbers into a string of digits.

8515.55, 47.07, 0.56 => 8515554707056

Now we organize the digits of the string according to the raising order:


We see that the most frequent digit is 5


which happens to appear 5 times! No other digit has this property. Not only that, the sub-string of 5's reside in the middle of the whole organized string.

It stands to reason that whoever constructed the initial string wants us to concentrate on number 5 and on the reason why 5 is the special digit: the digit 5 appears 5 times. So let's express this observation by using arithmetic symbols only:

["digit 5 appears 5 times"] => [5 = 5x]

The symbolic expression 5 = 5x makes sense, but it is not used as an arithmetic expression. We need to rearrange the terms, so the expression would become arithmetically functional:

[5 = 5x] => [5 x 5 =]

All we have to do now is to complete the suggested multiplication:

5 x 5 = 25

Whoever constructed the initial string goes by the code 25. Since we have our suspicion, we can tentatively decode number 25:

5 x 5 = 25 = 16 + 9

An outsider would be bewildered by the new numbers 16 and 9. But you can "read" both numbers with no problem, right? It was your idea to use the alphabetic order and set 16 = P and 9 = I. (Look who's here . . .)

Not so fast, though. Didn't we manipulate indiscriminately the result of 5 x 5 = ? to our advantage?

Pi knows this weakness and will take steps to avoid the possible coincidence. He will use another, nearly identical expression composed of two fives in addition to the first one:

1) 5 x 5 = 25 = P + I
2) 5 + 5 = ?

The result of (2) is trivial, but in respect to decoding the sum/code 10, let's rewrite (2) this way:

5 + 5 = ????? + ?????

In order to decode the sum of 5 + 5, you need to substitute the question marks with letters. That's not that difficult, because Pi disguised himself before doing something bad in California:

5 + 5 = SANTA + CLAUS

Well, Salty, you need to make your own conclusion about the Friday Dow numbers. It makes sense that Pi would try to make sure that we assume that he was really involved in the multiple homicide; that he messed up the guy who did the shooting the same way he messed up all the individuals involved in 911. But he doesn't really insist on it. He pretty much understands when we say I don't wanna know about sh-t like that. That's why he always instructs SETI to say that no aliens exist around this planet.

You surely had the guts to check on him as 3.14 (pm), but this time he was doing the market manipulating under 169 (and that could mean the 169th minute of trading). I try to look again at what you found under 3.14 pm -- the opposites 85 (together) and 8.5 (apart). I looked at the whole day chart under the guide of SPECIAL/ORDINARY and found out that he might have mentioned the tsunami event. I will post it so you can take a look at it. I also try to explain why that California massacre took place -- it's all 911 related.

posted on Dec, 27 2008 @ 11:49 PM
Part 1a
is devoted to the art of making posts appear after clicking Post Reply.

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 03:40 AM
well this recent string of events is extremely important. 911 found during one of the tensest times of the financial collapse, 911 found right before the mumbai attacks, and now we have a new 911 prediction come about. Israel airstrikes on Gaza. And we watched the death toll go from 150 to 225 to 230 and most recently 271 at the end of 12/27 (better believe that number is significant) with more airstrikes as i post and possible ground assault coming. To top it off there are reports of at least 800 wounded. Sometimes it seems we're too quick to jump the gun when the real news is coming right around the corner.

To go with your 5's. What better way to mark the anniversary of the tsunami than to deliver 5 5's totalling 25, short for 250,000 perhaps?

Your theory about the 169th minute sparked my curiosity to see if the 271'th minute showed anything. The closest i found was 270 or 2:00 which showed 8480.82 which i find could signify a date for that number of 270. 84 is 7x12 forwards or going backwards 48 is 12x4 so start with 12, then 82 backwards is 28, with 80 backwards as 08. The date showing 12/28/08.

Furthermore 8480.82 averaged out makes 8282.82, another reference to 28 and if you see the leftover 7 and 4 from the 84=12x? shown above you'll see 7x4=28.

or take 848 and see it is 53x16 looking strikingly close to a certain dow(3) jones(5) and P(16) I(9). But where can we get that 9 from? how bout from the dow total points where 8515.55 shows 5x5=25 (16+9) twice. with 8 and 1 left over, there's the 9. and 50-9 is that 41 number alllll over again. I know perfectly well this is a serious over examination of the numbers and that i can manipulate them as i please. But the way its working in any direction i want makes me think its more than coincidence. of course i gotta tie 41 to 271 since 271 is the topic of todays post for me. 41x271=11111. What are the chances.

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 07:38 PM

Originally posted by salty-red
Your theory about the 169th minute sparked my curiosity to see if the 271'th minute showed anything. The closest i found was 270 or 2:00 which showed 8480.82 which i find could signify a date for that number of 270. 84 is 7x12 forwards or going backwards 48 is 12x4 so start with 12, then 82 backwards is 28, with 80 backwards as 08. The date showing 12/28/08.

I don't understand the time frame that you used. I couldn't find the place where 271 come from. Perhaps I wasn't clear on PI = 169, where 169 is a number of minutes.
The trading starts at 9:30 am of the local time. That means 169th minute of trading sets the clock at

9:30 am + 169 minutes = 12:19 pm

Now when you check the data at 12:19 pm, it reads
Close: 8,497.07
Volume: 362,000

The volume numbers always end with three zeroes, so you consider only the significant digits -- in this case the digits that form number 362. And that's what I was not clear on: 12/26/2004 -- the day when the tsunami hit -- was the 361st day of the year, not the 362nd.

But the Close number after rounding down to the integer supports the 361st day, not the following 362nd day. (The numbers in parenthesis are linked. The ()format for Close is INSIDE/OUTSIDE)


First, you get rid of (drown) 49 trough 4 x 9 = 36 and replace it with 'minus' -- the symbol of absence. That leaves the original Close number looking like 8 - 7. Since 8 - 7 = 1, the result complements 36 to read 361.

I think that the 361/362 discrepancy refers to two symbolic stages of the tsunami event: On the the 361st day, the nature does the drowning, and the following day, we do the counting. So theoretically 244,100 people drowned, during the event, which is considered "prime." The number 244,100 is very close to the official estimate and comes from

the 362nd prime number is 2,441.

If 2441 shows up apparently in the Dow figures on Monday, this could be it. Since 2441 are four digits, the Daily 4 could display them as well.

But the discrepancy between expected 361 and observed 362 indicates something about a mistake, coz the 12:19 pm Close number 8,497 supports 361, not 362, as you saw above. There is a good chance that Pi wanted us to see this inconsistency for other reason: What is a symbolic expression for a "mistake?"

We could spot the 361/362 mistake using PI = 169 (nth minute). Since 361/362 refers to today/tomorrow, and "today" ends at midnight, what time is the 169th minute of "tomorrow?" The answer is

169 minutes = 2 hours and 49 minutes = 2:49 am

So it's 2:49 am and someone asks you what time it is. You look at the clock and say, "It's 11 minutes to 3." But the digits 113 are the symbolic expression for an elementary mistake: 1 + 1 = 3!

Geesus, that ET fu-ker is brilliant. I don't know, Salty, if we can keep up with that guy . . .

But Pi says through 112 (1 + 1 = 2) that things are very simple. Actually we can now test the difference between the opposites RIGHT and WRONG represented by 1+1=2 and 1+1=3. We can use the Daily 4, coz it is handy to solve simple equations, like a + b = c + d. Take a look at what showed up yesterday:

Let's see now if things will equal . . .

3 + 1 = 7 + 0

That's wrong. In order to turn WRONG(1+1=3) to RIGHT(1+1=2), which are opposites, we need to employ opposites to make a correction. The opposites that we use is PRESENCE/ABSENCE and LEFT/RIGHT: Just make the '+' between 7 and 0 absent

3 + 1 = 70

and then swap 1 with 7

3 + 7 = 10

That's it. Only two opposites were needed to turn wrong result into the correct result.

Well, Salty, we need to learn some of the lottery tricks via Dow Jones, coz very uncertain times are ahead, and it would be foolish to rely on some Obamas hoping that they will fix stuff.

Can you explain once again where does this interesting 41 x 271 = 11111 coincidence come from?

posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 12:30 AM
271 was the official death total from the Israel strikes by the end of the day so i was trying to work it into the numbers to see if it showed up. But that number is long gone now that its increased to above 375. I wasn't making the mistake of saying 169 is 2 hours 71 minutes. here's a little something to consider. Depending on what casualty report you look at throughout the day, it's been about a 2 to 3 increase, 200 going to 300 for example. This follows the 6 to 9 increase with the santa shootings that you pointed out.

271x41=11111 i just found to be a very interesting number, kinda like a diamond number. a diamond looking like this:

41 has traditionally been a well used number by pi and it showed up quite a bit that day if i remember right. I should have posted em, there were just plenty of articles involving 1.4% increase here, 41% decrease there type of thing. Wish i could find em again.

I really need to get some sleep so I'll just point something simple out real quick. 31.62 point decrease is a 1,2 format exactly. 1+2=3 so 31+62=93 the end digits of 8,483.93

Look at both 1:12 and 3:14 for today both are very interesting. I need to sleep though I'm sure you can see the realtionship. I'll post again if i find some links.

posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 10:26 PM
reply to post by salty-red

Salty, I replied to your post. My post was on for some time and then it disappeared. I didn't make a copy and won't type it in again. It's just a confirmation that ATS has the crapiest server on the net. If something special happens, I post it here, othervise I'm not gonna waste my time typing and then deleting and cleaning my Temp files, coz the tuns of garbage this site is dumping into your computer. There is chance that Pi wants to keep stuff secret, but you had the problem with your posts appearing as well, so I think that the truth of the matter is that the ATS server sucks a lot.

Catch you some other time . . .

posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 03:15 AM
yep i know exactly how you feel about these "ghost posts". BIG WASTE OF MY TIME just to have it deleted. I hate it.

But seriously, back to the market. What gives, how does it still climb? The data hasn't been this bad since the great depression yet day in and day out the market somehow survives another day. I don't know if it's just the holidays keeping it up or what but i'm pretty sick of seeing the false hope that our economy is fine when all i see is bad news, then worse news.

here's our numbers:
8,668.39, +184.46, (2.17%)
notice the 271 number showing up in the percentage gain. And the 86 68 reversal in the point total. But other than that not much to go on for this boring day of trading.

The real question is this, with all the terrible news, how on earth does the market stay where its at? And how much longer will the rest of the world tolerate the trillions of dollars of debt that we are in yet we continue to borrow.

Just have to vent my frustration on that issue, its rediculous. But the 3:14 mark of 8562.62 was considerably lower than the times around 3:14 so that gives me the impression that the market will go down tomorrow. Not much of a guess, its a 50% chance i get it right but really i'm not in the number crunching mood at the moment. if i were to throw out a guess it would be a number relating closely to 62 or 26. hopefully pi has something special planned for new years eve.

So are you from California then stander? If so is there any flood warnings or floods going on? That would show the pattern of extremes set earlier by fires. Fires to floods is a reversal of weather that this manipulator would certainly love to show.

posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 02:52 PM
reply to post by salty-red

12/31 Loop 1

I see dire need to loop the posts -- like when you mix techno music -- to make the posts appear. That means one post is divided into several smaller posts and you bounce them according to the date. Or there are like paragraphs.

Pi got intrigued by the 41 x 271 = 11111 arrangement. the first term, 41, appears on 12/29/08 in the APART/TOGETHER form. Since PI = 169 and the 169th minute on the face of a clock reads 2 hours 49 minutes, he mentioned that number at 2:49 pm.

posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 02:58 PM
12/31 Loop 2

The next day, the second number 271 is organized as 217 and shows up as 2.17%. Its tied to the day's close that features opposites: 86 and 68. Since 8 + 6 = 14, the opposites 86/68 tell you to swap the digits, and 14 becomes 41.

In order to make sense out of 271 x 41, you need to employ two opposites: LAST/ FIRST and ABSENCE/PRESENCE. First, put the last digit 1 of 271 in front, so the number reads 127. Now bring 41 into the view

127 x 41

Since the symbol for multiplication 'x' is also used as a letter assigned to an unknown variable by the math folks, the question is whether 'x' refers to 127 or to 41.
If you move the unknown variable 'x' closer to 41,

127 x41

then you can solve the 'x': x = 19.
That's because 127 1941 looks very familiar. In the date format 12/7 1941, the original 271 x 41 expression refers the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that took place 67 years ago. Since 67 is the 19th prime number, and x = 19, it's confirmed that Pi is talking about a national emergency.

posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 03:04 PM
12/31 Loop 3

Hey, Salty, check the loops above. That's the only way to post -- longer posts could get lost (rhymes not intended.)

Today and tomorrow are special days. The result of today's trading should reflect on tomorrow's calendar day in the year/month/ day format: 09/01/01. The new year seems to start on the 911 note, doesn't it? We are entering the abyss, and Obama takes us there. I show you how Pi marked him -- more on it later.

posted on Jan, 2 2009 @ 02:42 PM

Originally posted by stander
That's it. Only two opposites were needed to turn wrong result into the correct result.

As in two wrongs DO make a right, opposite of what we are always told?

posted on Jan, 2 2009 @ 09:26 PM
Salty, it's all written on the wall. The message from Pi has been confirmed on the New Year Day, which in the year/month/day format reads 09/01/01. The message starts like this: "Mankind was born retarded . . ."

If you read the following, then any doubt about the truthfulness of the opening line evaporates in a sec.

How could members of species that bestowed upon themselves the classification "Man the Wise" could possibly skip the obvious point? Isn't it true that on New Year's Eve at 12:59:00, the present year has just one minute to live? 2008 is dead, long live 2009! Since November, the Dow has been showing figures mostly in the 8k territory, and on 12/31/2008 the closing figure wasn't different: 8,776,39. So if the last digit of 2008 directs the Dow to stay in the 8k level, shouldn't the change from 2008 to 2009 make the Dow to jump high to the 9k level on the first day of 2009?

That's logically correct, but that would require a gain of more than 200 points, which is unlikely given the nature of Global Meltdown posts and all the bailouts going on -- providing there is no ET entity that calls itself "Pi" that can manipulate the traders anyway he pleases. But Pi is all too real:

When we go from 8 to 9 in the calendar, you can hear the cork popping, but when things go from 8k to 9k exactly on the day reserved for the occasion, you hear nothing. The article never mentions this hillarious coincidence. That's because "the stupid speaking monkeys can't ever notice anything" -- to use Pi's favorite line.

Take a look again at Pi's signature -- 6 turned upside down:

Since 6 and 9 is the same figure viewed from the opposite direction, this opposite should affect the adjacent double-digit number:

That means, 34 should be turned into 43. But where is it?
Take a wild guess . . .

Pi is confident that he can make some members of the retarded human species to go for the impossible: a calculated jackpot. He's pretty much serious about it. Hey, Salty, do you think we can pull the trick?

Due to this suggestion, Pi is suspending day-to-day market predictions until the Inauguration Day. He wants us to pick up the special trading days of 2008 and learn how the real predictions work. That's the prerequisite of taking a shot at those jackpot $$$ -- otherwise no bailout the ET way.

posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 04:28 AM
hey stander sorry it's been so long since my last post, my internet been acting up and days when the market goes up always piss me off a little bit. I'll be back into action starting now.

Seems like you've been busy and your insight into this has been great. I especially like that 3443 part and 69 found in the dow numbers. I saw the 69 but couldn't put 2 and 2 together. Also what you said about 9000 and the year 2009 is great. I never thought about it like that, but it makes perfect sense of something pi would do.

I agree shorter or looped posts should be used and i'll start using them from now on. So i'll be back on tomorrow full swing, don't think i'm done.

posted on Jan, 4 2009 @ 02:43 AM
So here's my important times post.

don't tell me you missed the 1:12 mark of 8941.98! 89 98 reversal and 41 slipped into the mix. Is this showing the transformation into the new year??

So in points the increase was 258 so why not check the 2:58 time which shows 8996.3 and by 3:00 in crosses over into the 9000 area. Showing just how accurate a manipulator this guy is, crossing the mark at the time that corresponds to the final point gain.

And the 3:14 time showed quite a signature, 9014.06. Don't even get me started with that one!

you notice this number 9,034.69 is the combo of 2 signatures of 3.14 and 169 but without the two 1's. but then there's the 9, add the 1's and we have our 911, coming the first day of trading of 2009. One day after 9/1/1 in Y/M/D format.

posted on Jan, 4 2009 @ 04:39 AM
reply to post by salty-red

You see an auxiliary; the point is shorter: Pi leaves the evidence of his activities with his name. Since "Pi" are two letters, there should be only two transformation to see his name. The third step is usually the configuration. He left us an example on New Year Day. According to the alphabetical order, P = 16 and I = 9. Both numbers have something in common: their square root is an integer as well, so you can write

P = 16 = 4 x 4
I = 9 = 3 x 3

Now you have four numbers: 4, 4, 3, 3. Since pi in radians is a turn of 180 degrees, pi is a turn in opposite direction, and that means the four numbers must be organized accordingly. There are two choices:

a) 4334
b) 3443

Both options seems to be equal, but on 1/1/2009 (first things first), Pi decided to go for option (b):

One reason for his choice showed up the next day:

As we did this before, you see that decimal part is the notorious number that alerts you about the presence of opposites. The adjacent number 34 is now familiar -- it is a part of choice (a) or (b). The opposite to 34 is easy to arrive at when you substitute the symbol for nothing -- number zero -- with something. And the something is plus(+). Now you can see the opposite to 34:

9 + 34 = 43.

Pi loves simple stuff . . .

The second reason for the 3443 configuration is that there is an important event coming up this January: the inauguration of the 44th prez of the USA. Keep your eyes open on the event -- there may be some incident taking place during the ceremony. If so, then Obama would be the first prez in the history to commit suicide while in office. Remember that it is actually Pi who runs the Oval Office, and as you know, he can mess people's mind beyond conceivable reason. More on this later . . .

Pi left a few things to look at. I post them so you can go through it if I missed something. It's a spectacular stuff . . .

I didn't know how to handle the time chart, but then it dawned on me that Pi could stick with the 2nd "invisible" number 43 -- the "invisible" opposite to 34. So I checked 2:43 pm -- and there he was: the devil himself.

You know what the Volume number 917 stand for?
9 = I and 17 = Q in the alphabet. If Pi's IQ is 9006.66 then the ET dude is "devilishly" clever. Obama's IQ is supposed to be 125. He doesn't stand a chance -- Pi will outsmart him to the decadent oblivion.

posted on Jan, 4 2009 @ 05:34 AM
excellent find on 2:43, the devil himself.

This'll be a short post just want to get straight our special days. I'm thinking these are the next likely major days in trading due to calender coincidence.
1/5/09 shows a pattern where 1+4+4=1,5,9 so i can expect 4's to overcrowd the days numbers.
1/6/09, come on you know he's gonna show off on his special day, 169!
1/9/09 and 1/19/09 both have very strong 911 ties, let's see what new world crisis begins surrounding those dates...

If nothing else, this next week shows 3 very major dates and may well be the most significant or trend setting week of the year economically.

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 04:22 AM
well 1/5/09 is just about here. Remember the increments of 4 so i expect 4 to deal very closely to tomorrows numbers. I think a 64 or 256 change is unlikely but if it happens i'd really really fear 1/9/09-1/19/09

another couple dates of importance would be 1/12 and 1/23 for obvious reasons. This month is just packed isn't it.

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 03:27 AM

Originally posted by salty-red

1/6/09, come on you know he's gonna show off on his special day, 169!

This is definitely the classic example of a special day. There are only three guys in the world who know why this day is special: you, myself, and Pi.

Here is something you can look at: If you write the date January 6, 2009 in short as 1/6/9, zip it into 169, unzip as 16 and 9, and then substitute both with letters according to the alphabetical order, then January 6, 2009 is related to PI, as you pointed out. Now notice that in the short 1/6/9, 16 is split as 1/6. Since 16 = P, how do you split the letter on two parts?

You don't. Instead, you take 16 and "split" it through 16 = x + y. Then you attach the outstanding 9 to the result. I don't don't know how to solve this, but the solution may show up today and be a part of Pi activity elsewhere.

Pi ran his name yesterday in the form of 180 degrees. Put the three numbers in a string so you can see it:


I'm not sure what the 180 deg. opposite refers to. But you can see the new year within the string: 895(2)89818(009)1, where the last digit 1 probably refers to the first month January.

The string 89818 between 2 and 009 is some coded event that will take plane in 2009. That's why the string is "inside" 2 and 009.

Just look at that stuff if you can come up with something. It has to be very short, though. Pi can be mischievous; he can threw in a random stuff and let you search through it.

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 05:38 AM
good catches on the date and 180 found in the pallet. Looks like i got 4's wrong, PI went with a wide variety of 8's and 9's. What's so special about 8 and 9? 1/5/2009= 1+5+2=8 and seperated by the zeroes you find 9 giving us our 89 number found so often today.

and perhaps that explains some numbers. 81.8 point loss can be seen as 8 and 9(8+1) again. 81=9x9 and 81.8 as 9x9,8 or 8,9+9. eerily close to 169 or 8+8,9.

so .91% is 13x7 and how should we take that? oh that's right our opening day mark of 9,027.13 which shows 7 and 13 clearly at the end. besides that 902 could signify 2009. or 9 to 27 is 1 to 3 shown at the end. 13 shown twice is 13x13=169

8952898(180)091 was found by you, but take the ends and combine em meaning 89+91=180, the degrees for PI. and shown earlier 8+8 and 9 =169 leaving only 520, which at first glance brings us back to the date of 1/5/2009. take out 1/5/2009 and your left with 8989818, change 18 to 9 because 1+8=9 and we have 898989 because the day has been dominated by 8's and 9's, both shown 4 times (so that's where 4 fits in,lol)

3:14 showed 8927.33 which follows back to that opening price of 9027.13 when the 8+3 make 11 you literally can change it back exactly except an extra 1 instead of a 0.

unfortunately none of this shows much potential for what's in store for tomorrow except that his signature will be all over the place. Perhaps in 169, 314, or something entirely different that he wants to point out. Certainly a special day

edit to note that the daily numbers for 12/27 were 3170. there's our 13x7 talked about earlier, but now how were we supposed to link 12/27/2008 to 1/5/2009? how bout 5th day from the end of the year and 5th day of the year!

[edit on 6-1-2009 by salty-red]

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 05:42 PM

Originally posted by salty-red

so .91% is 13x7 and how should we take that? oh that's right our opening day mark of 9,027.13 which shows 7 and 13 clearly at the end. besides that 902 could signify 2009. or 9 to 27 is 1 to 3 shown at the end. 13 shown twice is 13x13=169

8952898(180)091 was found by you, but take the ends and combine em meaning 89+91=180, the degrees for PI. and shown earlier 8+8 and 9 =169 leaving only 520, which at first glance brings us back to the date of 1/5/2009. take out 1/5/2009 and your left with 8989818, change 18 to 9 because 1+8=9 and we have 898989 because the day has been dominated by 8's and 9's, both shown 4 times (so that's where 4 fits in,lol)

I completely missed the first-two last-two opposites 89 + 91 = 180, but I also missed the other option: the 180 deg. opposite visible inside 8952898(180)091 refers to the right side 091, not to the left, coz 91 = 7 x 13, where 7 and 13 are widely known superstitious opposites: "lucky 7" and "unlucky 13" known under Friday the 13, no room 13 in motels, no 13th floor in ritzy hotels.

The code 89 that came up recently very often refers to a mistake and is related to Pi. Here is the shorter version of the justification: 89 is a prime number, and prime numbers relate to the future the way that some events in the future cannot be predicted. That's because there is no math formula that will tell you what the Nth prime is. For example, some years are prime numbers, some are not. The year 2011 is a prime number, but to find out the order of this prime, you need to write down the series of primes 2, 3, 5, 7, . . . 2011 and count the numbers from the beginning. That means symbolically that you can't find out what's in store in 2011 only when the year arrives. In other words, some events can be predicted and some can't.

Once you start counting primes from the beginning, you find that 89 is the 24th prime. Since 89 + 24 = 113, and the code 113 is reserved to symbolize a mistake (1 + 1 = 3), 89 refers to a particular mistake. Since TRUE and FALSE are opposites, and pi in radians is a turn in opposite direction, the particular mistake refers to Pi and it involves a mistake between x(multiply) and the similar symbol +(add).

Since P = 16 and I = 9, you can write

P = 16 = 4 x 4
I = 9 = 3 x 3

But if you make a mistake in P and mistype 'x' for '+', the result is

4 + 4 = 8
3 x 3 = 9

Now you can see where 89 comes from and why Pi has been using 89 recently. Since 8 = H and 9 = I, and in case you run into Pi personally, you say "89 169", and Pi will not bother to ask you if you know each other.

Here is a real example of the x/+ mistake: We know that zero means absence -- an empty space -- that can be filled with other symbols. In case of the freshly deceased year 2008, there are two zeroes in the number. Now when you replace the two empty spaces between 2 and 8 with '+' and 'x' as 2+x8, the result is

2 + x 8 = 10, 16 (you add and then multiply)

The codes 10 and 16 apply to a person. Since 10 = J, you are looking for a person with first name that starts with J and who is 16 years of age. Since Pi usually targets the rich and famous due to the publicity resulting in an easy search, the name of a person whose first name starts with letter J and who is 16 year old is Jett.

Police spokeswoman Loretta Mackey says 16-year-old Jett Travolta hit his head in a bathtub Friday morning. She said he was declared dead at Rand Memorial Hospital on Grand Bahama Island.

Why Pi visited Travolta's family is beyond the scope of this, but the reason relates to the date 10/16/2008 and to an event that took place on that date. The second reason is that John Travolta has a licence to fly commercial jetliners (he owns one), and jetliners can be turned into missiles -- the 911 type.

Today's Dow finished at 9015.1 points -- a 62.21 gain, which is 0.69%. Here is again the opposite, this time in the 6-turned-into-9 form. The string with its significant part is 9015162210(69). The 69 opposite may refer to 9015(16)22(10)69, where the 10 = J (the first letter of "Jett") and 16 (his age) is written backward. But the 69 opposite surely points toward 9(01)51622(10)69 where 01 is the opposite to 10. This is hardly a coincidence, coz by a convention, we assign 1 to presence and 0 to absence. (See binary machine language in computers.)

When the 911 event was under way, President Bush was in Florida. That means you look for the code 89 tied to Pi in Florida.

Since 89 = HI, which are the first two letters of HIJACK, things fall together pretty. Maybe there is another terrorist hijacking in the making and Pi wants us to know about it. If so, I don't think I'll be able to predict when and where. How about you, Salty?

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