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anyone else catch 911?

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posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 05:26 PM
8763 (your mark), 8691 (actual). Pretty accurate if you ask me. especially since the sum of all digits is the same 24. And total difference of 72, or 24x3. 24x3 huh or should i say 243 point loss! 72 shows itself again in the percentage drop of 2.72%. you were a lot more accurate than you think.

Enough of dow let's look at S&P. 888 or 889 whether you round or not. 8 being 2x4 or 2x2x2, yesterday we had 3s,6s,9s today we have our 2,4,8's. More significant is the point drop to percentage drop ratio. 21.03 points for 2.31%. We have it once again, a number swap. notice 1,2,3 as well.

these numbers show a lotta potential, hope you can find todays link

posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 02:36 AM
had to post something to get the earlier reply to show

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posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 06:33 AM

Originally posted by salty-red
8763 (your mark), 8691 (actual). Pretty accurate if you ask me. especially since the sum of all digits is the same 24. And total difference of 72, or 24x3. 24x3 huh or should i say 243 point loss! 72 shows itself again in the percentage drop of 2.72%. you were a lot more accurate than you think.

Unfortunately, the suggestion is treated either as YES or NO. It is like the lottery: If you miss just one number -- no jackpot.

Let's take a look at this comparison: On 12/8, we combined the result into one long number and found out that 34, which meant the number of years, repeated twice: 89(34)1729876(34)6.

Let's do the same thing with the 12/9 result where the Dow finished with these figures: LAST = 8691.33, CHANGE = +242.85, %CHANGE = -2.72%. Now organize all the digits into one number.


As you can see, no groups of digits repeat this time. Then, suddenly, two double-digit numbers get selected by itself:


Why these two? Is this a random choice?
Not really, coz the precise difference between my suggestion and the real result was 72.13 points.

Now it's your turn, Salty. Look at the digits between (13) and (72). You surely recognize 324, cuz 3 x 24 = 72, as you noticed this in your post. These digits between (13) and (72) is the "palette of options." Look at the digits and assemble something out of them for tomorrow, Wed., Dec. 10. The manipulator is looking at them as well scheming.

[edit on 12/10/2008 by stander]

posted on Dec, 11 2008 @ 06:02 AM
so here's the pallet for today's market:

here's my crack at it. 270 point difference tomorrow, given by how the numbers do this:
8,7,6,5(1+4), and then a break in the coding so take out 270.
270 point difference will make a 3.081% change.
so 8,7,6,5(1+4),4(270.09),3(081). notice how 3.081 shows up.
8491 or 9031 depending on if up or down. Look again.
looks like down

posted on Dec, 11 2008 @ 10:29 AM

Originally posted by salty-red
here's my crack at it. 270 point difference tomorrow, given by how the numbers do this:
8,7,6,5(1+4), and then a break in the coding so take out 270.
270 point difference will make a 3.081% change.
so 8,7,6,5(1+4),4(270.09),3(081). notice how 3.081 shows up.
8491 or 9031 depending on if up or down. Look again.
looks like down

Very interesting calculations. Did you notice that 8__4__9__1 when written backward and together reads 1948? I'm not sure what it could mean; what happened 60 years ago, but if your prediction comes true, it would be worth to find out.

The manipulator was manipulating other stuff yesterday, 12/10. So let's see if he was kidding or not about the way the Dow will close today.

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 05:15 AM
well stander it doesn't take a genius to know where the markets are headed for 12/12. With the auto bailout rejected by senate, world markets are diving and the US should be the worst hit. with futures down past -250 for the dow, it's gonna be bad, curious to see if the dow opens 270 points down as predicted earlier.

here's the pallet:

see anything interesting? remember today is 12/12 making 24 seen at the end AND also at the end is 3x4,3x(2x2) making 12/12. Also notice the string of opposites. 9,1,9,6(flip), 9(3x3). also i know i bring it up too much but 911 anagram once again found. So to some it all up and the number we really care about...
8014, that's where we hit tomorrow. Just remove the doubled numbers and your left with those four digits.
8___0_1______4, giving you a drop of _5_5__1_______ points and a percent drop of 6.433 or __________633(22)4. Numbers seem solid so that's my pick of the day, 551 is pretty out there but with futures looking that bad it's not outta the question.

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 06:01 AM
reply to post by salty-red

I was about to wonder where you disappeared into, coz 12/12 is rumored to be an eventful day. Not only by the circumstance, but also because the Mayan calendar. Look at the notorious number 2012. And now . . .

2012 ----> 12/12.

There were more 12s stuck on each other. If the date 12/12 really originated from the year 2012, then Glorious Mayhem shall govern over today's session. (I never noticed that 'MAYans' and 'MAYham' are similar words.) You got your own date derivation going -- very coincidental indeed. It could go the way you see it.

Salty, you are not restricted to the "palette of options"; you can use any source to compute the future. The palette of options is really optional and is a good source when some really interesting coincidence takes place in the long number composed from LAST&CHANGE& %CHANGE.

I think you figures pretty much reflect on the consensus that 12/12 could be very eventful day for the Dow. Of course, the manipulator could show himself off and instruct the traders not to pay attention to the fate of the US automakers, but that could be quite daring stunt, the effect of which would defy any rational explanation. So I think a downward movement is more than likely.

This time, I decided to go to the very source that is said to affect today's market performance.

The Senate rejected the bailout 52-35 on a procedural vote — well short of the 60 required — after the talks fell apart.

Remember that opposites run the show -- The Dow goes up and down. So I used YES and NO as the opposites, where YES = 35 votes and NO = 52 votes. Then I multiplied

NO x YES = 52 x 35 = 1820

The next opposite is FIRST and LAST. So I took the first number from 1820 and put it in the end.

1820 => 8201.

We will see if the manipulator was thinking along the same lines while designing today's trading session. I think it wouldn't be a big surprise to see the Dow crossing the finish line at 8201 points.


I forgot to include the plus option where NO + YES = 52 + 35 = 87, where the result is written as '87:

That means the Dow could finish as low as 8197 or 8179 points.

[edit on 12/12/2008 by stander]

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 05:34 PM
well wtf, i'm pretty sick and tired of the market going bull# on everyone.

How could this happen, where's the sense in it.
NEWS: 24th bank fails, auto bailout rejected, more and more companies announcing job cuts and production cuts. How does it bounce back from 8347 to get to 8629 on one of the gloomiest days for wallstreet, where the only markets to increase were the US and Canada, somehow. And is that a minus 250 in stock futures already not 1 hour after closing.

i don't know man i think if i start arguing that the market rises, it'll fall like it should.

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 08:06 PM
reply to post by stander

"The Standard & Poor 500 index closed at 911.29. Round the number to an integer and you get what you want: 911. "

Or how about the fact that the first great depression started with the crash of 1929??? A warning that the second depression is perhaps on its way?

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 11:17 PM
yep we've well considered that.
Here's the graph showing 1929 and our current stock crash.
and 1932 is 77 (important cyclic number) years before our predicted 2009-2011 crash taken from 9/11, the collapse of the world trade centers about 7 years before the collapse of the world markets and trade.

posted on Dec, 13 2008 @ 12:26 AM

Originally posted by pompano
reply to post by stander

"The Standard & Poor 500 index closed at 911.29. Round the number to an integer and you get what you want: 911. "

No, not really -- if you talk about S&P closing on 12/12/08.

911 is about stuff going down, but the S&P finished up, so it wouldn't make sense to manipulate S&P showing 911.

posted on Dec, 13 2008 @ 03:41 AM
i think he was replying to a post a month ago at the beginning of this thread

posted on Dec, 14 2008 @ 01:25 PM

Originally posted by salty-red
i think he was replying to a post a month ago at the beginning of this thread

I think so. That was a reminder of certain numbers having a strong association with the subject based on history.

12/12/2008 was a stunning performance on the part of the manipulator. First, he goes to Japan and convinces the Japanese traders that the US Senate rejected to provide financial help to beleaguered Japanese automakers. Under severe mind control, the traders finished the NIKKEI session with a spectacular result.

Japan's Nikkei 225 Average plunged as much as 6 percent but closed 5.6 percent lower [NIKKEI 8235.87 -484.6797 (-5.56%) ] led by steep losses in shares of carmakers. Toyota Motor nosedived 10 percent while Honda Motor and Nissan Motor both dived around 12 percent.

Seeing the carnage, the market analysts knew that when NYSE trading is over, the shares of GM, Chrysler and Ford would incur severe losses. But the manipulator had a word with the traders assuring them that the Big 3 are in a relatively good shape. At the end of the session, Ford shares gained 4.83%. But some traders showed resistance to the insane suggestion that all is well with the US auto industry, and GM lost 4.35% -- almost three times LESS than its counterparts in Japan. Shouldn't that be the other way around?

The bold question ushers in once again the concept of opposites, and since we know a bit about how the mind of the manipulator works, we can look at the Dow result from 12/12/2008 and see the uncanny precision which the mind manipulator can control the market -- and more.

Looking at LAST, its apparent what kind of template was used to arrive at this figure: AB and BA are opposites, so are 86 and 68.

>> LAST: 8629.68 => 862968 => (86)29(68)

We also see something familiar between the opposites 86 and 68: Does number 29 refer to the Crash of '29?

It could, because on 12/11, the day before, we added the YES and NO votes in the Senate tohether and the result was a reference to the most recent market crash of '87: 35 + 52 = 87.
That must have been a very inspiring idea for the manipulator resulting in (86)29(68).

But number 29 could show up due to an unrelated coincidence, and we need to find out about that. In order to do so, we attempt to find a unique solution to

>> 29 = x + y.

There are many possibilities to solve the equation, but they may not be all equal. How would we justify this choice?

>> 29 = 20 + 9.

We look at the next Dow figure for an answer: CHANGE: 64.59.
It becomes apparent that the LAST and the CHANGE figures are made from the same dough -- they are made of opposites. In the latter case 4 and 5 are flanked by 6 and 9, which are opposites due to the fact that 6 turned upside down is 9. So let's write down the similarity in LAST == CHANGE:

>> (86)29(68) == (6)4.5(9)

Having done that, we will try to relate the middle figures.

>> 29 == 4.5 ?

Both numbers are nearly impossible to relate using a simple equation, unless an adjustment is made to 29 through 29 = 20 + 9.

>> 20 + 9 == 4.5 ?

The relationship is simple, because 20 = 4 x 5 and 9 = 4 + 5. And that's the justification for the solution of 29 = x + y.

Now, where the 4x5 and 4+5 idea come from; where did the manipulator see this move to get inspired by? I'm pretty positive that he got the 4 and 5 digits from the Senate vote: YES = 52 votes, NO = 34 votes.

In other words, he was looking at our suggestion to add and multiply the Senate votes and used the concept to arrive at his own results.

Well, Salty, we are getting closer to design a future event. I told you: If the manipulator likes our concept, he will use it to manipulate the world.

Now, let's take that middle 29 from the Friday Dow close, which was 8629.68 points and set up a comparison based on opposites:

>> TOGETHER is to 29 as APART is to ?

How far apart 2 and 9 should be? 2-9, 2--9, 2---9, or more?
Since there would be an empty space between 2 and 9, and nothing is zero, how many zeroes should be there between 2 and 9?

Since the past and the future is measured in time units, like years, for example, there should be two zeroes between 2 and 9:

>> TOGETHER is to 29 as APART is to 2009

Salty, if 29 refers to the Crash of '29, do you think we would have a nice, glorious market crash in 2009?
My guess is that there would be no crash, unless we design it.

Btw, the name of the ET mind manipulator is Pi, which translates Opposite. He arrived from Vega Tau star system the last summer and signed in.

[edit on 12/14/2008 by stander]

posted on Dec, 15 2008 @ 02:29 AM
great insight because i fully believe the markets are no where near behaving like they should, meaning there's manipulation. Too bad for me I'm not finding anything of great significance for today 12/15.

12x15 is 180, mark of a turnaround? 2008 or 20x08 is 160 (or 80x02). so nice to see so many 8's and 6's residing in the market numbers.

but the opposites are everywhere aren't they, you already mentioned the 86, 68 one but there are more if you warp the numbers a bit, throughout all markets.
Dow:8629.68, add 6 and 2 to get 889.68
S&P:879.73, average 7&9 to get 2 8's, 888.73, 7+3=10 (6+4)
Nasdaq:1540.72, add 1,5 and 4,0 and 7,2 and you have 64.9
so with 889.68 you have your 888 mark and a 69 opposite. 64.9 shows another 69 opposite and 888.64 has the 888 mark and another 64 (8x8). So it's been a day of 8's really.
combine all, 889.68,888.64,64.9 and change 64 to 88 (8x8)
889.68, 888.88, 88.9 leaving you with all 8's and 969 that opposites sequence. but the fun doesn't stop there, 9+6+9=24, 2x4 is 8 but more importantly 24=8x3 or 888. So entirely we have a final result that reads:
88888888888888 over the 3 markets! that's 13 8's. Now tell me something 8'ish happens.

8x13=104 or 4(+/-)1 giving you 3,4,5.

also 12/15/08 gives 3,4,5. 08/12 is 3/4 and 12/15 is 4/5 so 3,4,5 or a 3 4 5 triangle which is a right triangle with 90, 37, and 53 degree angles. Funny to get multiple geometry patterns from the same day. Geometry the language of pi? 3.14, 3+1+4=8. Maybe he's just marking his territory, lol.

but all this is useless unless we can find some conclusions on the market. And i'm not much of a conclusion guy so lemme just put down some magic numbers and see if any match up. I'll put a bunch down so unfortunately if i get it right on any, no gloating because it coulda been luck, i just hate putting one down and missing it.
41, 104, 138, 183, 225, 246, 252, 264, 318, and i'll stop there i don't want a ridiculous amount of numbers i still want 8 hours of sleep, ha.

posted on Dec, 15 2008 @ 04:34 AM
reply to post by salty-red

The manipulator assembled the whole thing from the vote in the Senate. But if there is no source event that could affect the market, he is looking at special dates, like the 12/15, because 12 x 15 = 180. Since 180 (degrees) equals pi (radians), and his name is Pi, the manipulator may prepare something devilish. If the Dow finishes on 12/15 at 8761 points, I explain to you what he was looking at. There is an external source that he knows very well, and he has already used it once to manipulate a certain event. He may use it for the second time.

Number 8 is indeed particular to the market, especially in this form: 8 = 3 + 5.

There is seemingly nothing special about the identity, but when you rewrite it as 8 = ??? + ?????, then you know why is it special. Just solve the "equation of 3 and 5 unknown variables."

(8 = 3 + 5) => (8 = ??? + ?????) => (8 = DOW + JONES)

posted on Dec, 15 2008 @ 06:24 PM
the way to go was with the 180 turnaround. we had all the clues before us we just need to get it down more accurately. A 180 turnaround of a 65 point gain (.75%) on friday and a 65 point drop (again .75%) resulting today. Also a 3,4,5 triangle has 180 degrees total. And like you said pi=180 degrees. The 8's sequence is another clue because 3.14 added up=8 so of course pi was gonna leave his mark by giving the 180 flip. Also with the 8's, 8x8 is 64 which is right nearly what the drop was.
my little "magic" numbers didn't work out for me but hey at least we're making some valuable progress.

Here's a little start for tomorrow, taking the high and low points we get interesting data. The difference for dow was 207.25, S&P was 26.91, and Nasdaq saw 53.28. Rounding off gives 207, 27 and 53. so 27+27=53 ALMOST.
Maybe that's why the percantage drops in Dow and S&P combined are ALMOST the Nasdaq's. 1.27+.75=2.02, very close to the Nasdaq % drop. Why should we have had that?

Pythagorean theorum for a right triangle is (AxA)+(BxB)=(CxC). And with our Pythagorean theorum for a 3,4,5 triangle its (3x3)+(4x4)=(5x5) or simplified is 16+9=25 giving us the relationship that Dow+S&P would get Nasdaq. The math's not perfect but it shows how the numbers are arrived and what we needed to see.

Take the open point total to low point total there's another relationship. Dow had a change of 159.78 or 160, nasdaq had a change of 51.45, or 51.
160 divided by pi=50.9, or 51.

Now we need to figure out tomorrow's hidden cypher. I'll post later tonight after i think about it enough.

posted on Dec, 16 2008 @ 02:14 AM
alright i didn't get much sleep last night so I'm gonna post earlier tonight. But i can already tell i need some sleep before i can find a significant mathematical code for tomorrow.

But what do the numbers tell us? The day is 12/16/08 or 3/4/2. Hope you can find a link with that.

If we continue to assume this turnaround is occuring, then today would show a reversal of Thursday meaning a gain of 196, but i don't think there's any reason to think the manipulation will do the same trick twice.

big news is the federal rate cuts, let's see how that affects the market.

you might have to solo this one tonight, i really need sleep.

posted on Dec, 16 2008 @ 09:48 AM

Originally posted by salty-red
But what do the numbers tell us? The day is 12/16/08 or 3/4/2. Hope you can find a link with that.

Hope that the manipulator finds a link that we can use.

It's virtually impossible to work anything out, coz the manipulator is a dick. He's too afraid to leave evidence that he manipulates human affairs. But the fact is that no evidence of this kind would ever be accepted, coz we are speaking monkeys. If all US presidents were born on the Fourth of July, it would be rendered a coincidence by the MIT math professors. A word from a PhD is just enough for the folks to calm down.

The date 12/16/08 has common denominator 4, as you pointed out, resulting in the reduction of the date to 3/4/2. If the manipulator uses this coincidences, I really can't tell how he will apply it. If you write the date as 08/12/16 with its reduced form 2/3/4, you can use it with respect to the opposites, which must be present in the logic. First, contract 2/3/4 into 234 (together) and then split the number on 23 and 4 (apart). Since 23=W and 4=D in the alphabet, these letters has to be the first and the last letters in a word. The only word applicable is DOW. How he is going to mix the name is anybody's guess.

The manipulator ran function y = x^2 on 12/15/08. You can see it here.

When you organize the digits in the raising order as 1, 2, 4, 8, then you can see the future development as 16, 32, 64, 128 due to the function y = x^2. If you reorganize 16, 32, 64, 128 according to the Daily 4 winning numbers, then 16, 32, 64, 128 become 128, 16, 64, 32. These numbers will create the source for the next Daily 4 number:
Source = 128166432.

You can already see the next date: (12)8(16)6432, where the 8 in between is 08, the year. So you can write the source number as (120816)6432, where 6432 and its variations should be the next winning Daily 4 number. And that's the reference to the common denominator 4 in the today date that you spotted.

Let's see if we can make some dough with the help of the Manipulator of Human Affairs also known as Pi.

posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 05:43 AM
where does the daily 4 numbers come from, looking at the markets it was quite accurate. But i don't need to explain that to you, surely you can see the connection. No, this post explains one of our great mysteries, the mathematical anomaly relating pi to the dow.

now where to begin? let's take the point diff in the dow which was 359.61 and reverse it to get 16953, and 169/PI=53.8, notice how 8 could refer to 4.2%.

Not a big deal, right? wrong. P is the 16th letter and I is the 9th. 16 and 9 or simply 169. Check out the 1~9 and 6~9 opposites.

Review the 12/15 posts they will prove to be quite significant. 169 happens to be 13 squared so remember the 12/15 post where i found a total of 13 8's. and a 64 point difference happened or 8 squared. well sub squared in for 8 and get 13 squared or 169, one of PI's marks.

you ready for the fun to begin! Remember the 3,4,5 triangle has angles of 90, 37 and 53 totaling 180 degrees or PI radians in a circle. 180/PI= 57.3 not unlike the numbers 37 and 53 from the triangle.

DOW(3) JONES(5), both words combine to make 35, reverse makes 53 degrees. INDUSTRIAL(10, 3+7 or 37 degrees) AVERAGE(7), 57.3 should stand out right about now. Add all letters to get a total of 25. what was the senate vote on the bailout? 52(25 reversed) to 35(reversed to get degree #)
opposites abound and numbers just all interrelate don't they.

Believe me i left out a lot of other minor coincidental tricks i saw but to sum it all up just go back to the geometry of it. remember (AxA)+(BxB)=(CxC), and for a 3,4,5 that's (3x3)+(4x4)=(5x5). 16+9=25, 169(PI)=25(DJIA). WHAT A CORRELATION!

just look at the markets and see how much these sets of numbers show up 169, 314, or 573. They're everywhere you look.

Now why is it that me and you, stander, can understand this system so well? Here's why:
SALTY(5) RED(3) STANDER(7). Our names continue to amaze me as they have now delivered the degrees mentioned above. 37, 53, and 57.3 degrees! salty-red is 53, stander is 37 with the extra 3 because RED is in your name too! all 3 numbers and we get 57.3


posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 09:10 AM

Originally posted by salty-red
you ready for the fun to begin! Remember the 3,4,5 triangle has angles of 90, 37 and 53 totaling 180 degrees or PI radians in a circle. 180/PI= 57.3 not unlike the numbers 37 and 53 from the triangle.

That's what the manipulator stresses, coz the Dow gained 360.96 points on 12/16. 360 (degrees) refers to the circle, and 9 and 6 are opposites (upside down.) Since pi = 180 degrees, which is a turn in the opposite direction, the gain 360.96 points refers to a circle that contains number pi. As I mentioned it before, there is such a circle.

Every triangle has three angles that sum up to 180 deg. Since 180 (degrees) = pi (radians), you can say that the sum of the three angles equals 1 pi. So if 3 represents the three angles and pi represents an opposite, it means that you can transfer number 3 from first to last to follow the instruction of pi. (Remember that 96 is a symbol for opposites that involve two numbers, and 9 - 6 = 3 where number 3 must refer to the three angles of the triangle that sum up to 1 pi.)

Opposites first/last


The manipulator manipulated Daily 4 game on 12/16 this way:

That means if you take number 3 and place it from the first position to the last position, you get 8703, which is supposed to be the final figure for today Dow Jones close.

I don't think it will happen that way, coz the ET manipulator doesn't have the guts to manipulate it that way. He's a sissy.

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