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anyone else catch 911?

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posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 12:00 AM
Today's update

I think we got that Pi's move on 1/6/09. Read the previous post -- it cue you in.

Here are once again the final figures:

When you convert the result into a numerical string, you see that the last two digits forming 69 signal opposites in the string.


The opposites signaled by 69 should be 01 and 10 -- or 10 and 01?


It can go either way, but Pi could make a distinction. Remember that the WTC twin towers were two highest building in NYC. When you look at the chart one again, you see that the curve formes two distinct peaks -- you can see them easily. Now when you look at the minute-to-minute chart, you see that the the second highest peak (on the left) occurred exactly at 10:01!

You need to read up on my previous post to understand the code 89, which signals some mistake inside Pi. The mistake in respect to opposites is PRESENCE/ABSENCE, where the latter is the mistake, coz the first highest peak (on the right) occurred at 3:04. But pi = 3.14, not 3.04.

As I explained it before in the previous post, mathematicians and engineers assign 1 to presence and 0 to absence. But the difference between 3.14 and 3.04 doesn't seem to be an error, coz in order to transform from number pi to name Pi, some changes must be made. And the change calls for removing the middle 1 from 314 and replacing it with 0 to reflect on the absence. Now when you have 304, you use copies of the first and the last digits 3 and 4 to form Pi -- the name:

4 x 4 = 16 = P
3 x 3 = 9 = I

I have some idea what Pi is trying to say, but the idea is too vague to mention. I guess there maybe more info inside that crop circle, coz if you add pi + Pi, you get 3.14 + 3.04 = 6.18. take the 8 away (no hard justification for this removal, though) and the result is 6.1, which is June 1 -- the date the crop circle was made.

Maybe if you look at the both Close numbers, you can figure if Pi's personal ID code is 304. That would be interesting, coz the 304th day of the regular year is Halloween -- a special day. Since (the initial) H = 8, you can attach 8 to the date 6.1 to form 6.18 = 3.14 + 3.04 and justify the presence of the 8 in that date apart from the ending digit of 2008. That's as far as I can go at this moment besides that P and I are also initials of names that Pi visited. Since pi is about opposites, there are names of entities that oppose each other, namely:

Pakistan vs. India (Kasmir region dispute. Hostilities re-activated in 2008 by the November terrorist attack in India.)

Palestine vs. Israel (Long-time enemies. Armed conflict re-activated in December 2008 in Gaza.)

Pi has been busy, wasn't he? Btw, we can predict that Hamas maybe finished, coz the end of Ha(mas) agrees with the time the organization got attacked by the Israelis who went in on Christ(mas). Pi got everything nicely and logically organized so we could follow and predict his next moves. So that's what I learned from the special day 1/6/09.

posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 12:13 AM
Activation post.

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posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 12:59 AM
nice you took todays 169 date and nailed it. There are a lot of interesting things there i need to think about.

here's one. Using the same strat as 3.14 to 3.04, apply that to the percentage drop to get 0.69% to 1.69% looks like both numbers came through today just as we thought. along with 0 and 1 look at 9015, 9115? 911

We had another wrap around. 9,015.10 notice how 90 and 10 make 100 which isn't that interesting in itself but you must notice how 89 deals so closely to 911, 911+89=1000. Also break the number into 2 parts 90 and 15 and round off the 10. 90/15=6 giving a 6 to 1 ratio. There's another 6.1 if ya wanted.

another interest is found in 901516221069 by adding 69 to 21 to get 90 making the numbers (90)151620(90). Heck add in the ones because 901~911~900 to get (901)5620(901) and interesting enough to see 520 here because I ended with 520 in my last post so lemme refresh your memory:

"8952898(180)091 was found by you, but take the ends and combine em meaning 89+91=180, the degrees for PI. and shown earlier 8+8 and 9 =169 leaving only 520"

Leaving only a 6 which can be explained away to signify the difference in days, today's the 1/6/9 not 1/5/9 where 520 was before.

3:14 showed 9045.76 showing what you eluded to earlier regarding 9's and 13's 9,9(4+5) and 13(7+6). Look at it this way 90,45,76. 45 is half of 90 and 67 is midway between 45 and 90. More on this later though i gotta sleep

posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 01:29 AM
9,015.10, 62.21 (0.69%) has much more apparent signature for PI's day. take the final two numbers 62.21 and 0.69 and just remove the 0 and you see 169 anyways, and 622. 622 goes to 311 or 1+1=3, mistake mark.
now see 9015.10 and compare ratios such that 90 to 15 is 6 to 1 stated in previous post, but 90 to 10 is 9 to 1, clearly showing a 6,1,9,1 which clearly shows 2 numbers 911 and 169. remember 911+89=1000 and 89 is a mistake mark like 113 so it's nice to see both sets show 169 and a symbol for mistake, so what's that mistake??

As if you needed another example check the 1:12 time, 8998.21 and you can take that plenty of directions but i'll just point out 89 shown twice. and there are some interesting points to 21 besides being a reference to 1:12. 21 is 7x3 which shows that 7,13 example when adding the 1 from, hmmm, 1:12!

7,13 example shown in 62.21 where 21 is described like above. and 62 simplified to 31 or 13 when reversed. notice also 21 very nearly goes to 62 3 times. 62/3 is actually 20.666... fitting well with .69% doesn't it. chance 62.21, .69% to 62/3=20.6 with 1,9 left over. it just looks a lot like the 3:14 time explanation doesn't it. Looks a lot like other ratios found in the numbers.

Looks like 1/6/9 was packed with his marks.

I especially liked your P-I comment regarding palestine and israel. Ha(mas) and Christ(mas) has a cool little controversial part if you know hebrew at all. The sound "Ha" in front of a word means "the", for example HaTorah spoken in hebrew would be the torah translated to english. So Ha and Christ is The Christ, or ha is meant to be mocking as in ha, Christ??? Interesting, controversial, and especially strange in this circumstance, isn't it. Hebrew country, language, and person.

Does pakistan/india show similar coincidence? none that i see. just a cool coincidence i guess:
inDia_salty reD
by no means do i suggest a cyber war here,lol! but remember our names show opposites as well so it's an interesting observation.

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 04:12 AM
reply to post by salty-red

The ratios that you found are very likely a part of the deal. They may simplify a statement, but their interpretation may not be easy. Pi has been using ratios that belong to the same population:

Yesterday 01/07/2009 was the 7th day of the year 2009. Number 7 fits nicely between 2 and 9 connecting both digits: 2 + 7 = 9. (I wish you a plenty of luck in 2009?)

Since 7 is the superstitious opposite to 13, it wasn't that much surprise to see the 69 symbol for opposites surrounded by 7s.

The shorter string 876970 has 69 in the middle. I think that the simple trick is to find out what kind of opposite 69 stands for. If you start with PI and do addition 16 + 9 = 25, you notice that the result when split and added equals the lucky number: 7 = 2 + 5. But if you look at the string 876970 once again now, you see a nice coincidence: both 7s reside in the string as the 2nd and the 5th digits counting from either direction.

The second part of the test assigns the opposites 69 to PLUS and MINUS. If you remove 69 from the string -- 87__70 -- would you put into the gap plus(+) or minus(-)?

The choice depends on what kind of opposite would you relate to the opposites 69 that you are going to replace with plus or minus. If you relate 69 to pi = 3.14, then the choice is minus, coz

87 - 70 = 17 = 3 + 14.

I wonder what kind of opposite would be number 157. See, if you use '+' to substitute 69, then

87 + 70 = 157 = ?

157 may not relate apparently to some opposite, but if you write 157 = ?, then you can see the opposite to 7:

1 + 5 + 7 = 13

where LUCKY 7 is on the LEFT and UNLUCKY 13 on the RIGHT from the equality symbol '='.

Pi thought that we would flunk the test of finding the opposite to lucky number 7, but we didn't. That sets us for January 13, when Pi will hide the lucky number 7. He's very playful on his days off . . .

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 12:33 AM
aww see i had a nice little post for yesterday and my laptop shut off midway. I should have a new one later in a bit

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 02:43 AM

Originally posted by salty-red
aww see i had a nice little post for yesterday and my laptop shut off midway. I should have a new one later in a bit

Just take a break -- not much to do until January 13. At least you see how Pi can use his unimaginable advanced capabilities to reinforce the concept of opposites: 1. laptop in order, 2. laptop in disorder. Let's convert the opposites into two strings of letters:

1. lapto(pi)norder
2. lapto(pi)ndisorder

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posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 04:43 AM
lol nicely done with that laptop find!

-2.72% on wednesday, -27.2 points on thursday, and now for the big news, unemployment rate at 7.2% Looks like that 272 was more than coincidence doesn't it?

and now we have
8,599.18 -143.28 (-1.64%)
firstly 164= 41x4 with 41 showing in the 143 point drop, 144 being 41x4 written as 144. along with that 143 we have a drop to barely below 8600 which is 200x43.

this is a stretch but it's a solid cypher:
524000 jobs 524 being 131x4 and found in a code going backwards and adding a digit.
you can start with 4, skip one digit and find 1, skip 2 and find 3, and skip 3 to find the last 1. funny how PI uses 131x4 when 3.14 is so PI. It also shows 13 and 7(3+4). Just something to think about.

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 06:34 AM
reply to post by salty-red

The 272 is a strange coincidence. But I believe that Pi is more concerned about the concept of time, coz time is a very important parameter in predictions. Unless the unemployment figure is something special by itself -- like 666, 314, or 169 million folks out of work, or some number that is either a record or strongly related to the word "unemployment" -- he wouldn't pay too much attention to the unemployment figures. He left an example: Once again, most of his construct is based on opposites due to his name PI. (The syntax of the name are really two upper case letters, but Pi can be used as well as a nickname.) Now when you write number 3.14, it may not be meant to be pi -- it could be a result of some measurement rounded to two decimal places. But if you write 3.14 and the number suddenly changes into 41.3, it's very likely that 3.14 = pi, coz 41.3 is an exact opposite to 3.14. Now when this happens, how to interpret that number 41.3?

By some coincidence, you may stumble upon some very similar numbers reading the paper, but 41.3 would be likely time-related. Here is an example:

41.3 => 41 minutes to 3

Since 41 minutes to 3 is 2:19 pm or am, you look at familiar places for confirmation. Let's check out what was going on yesterday, 01/09/09, at 2:19 pm in Pi's favorite hangout:

Aah, the devil was riding the Dow curve up and down once again.

Now look at the string again: 8(666)88. If you want to exorcise the devil away, what symbol would you use? Plus(+) or minus(-)?
Since '+' very much resembles a cross, it would make sense to hit the devil with '+'. "Jeeeesus comands you . . ."

8 + 88

It worked! The devil ran away, only the cross was left. Now who was the devil?
Let's find out . . .

8 + 88 = 96

The devil must be someone who doesn't regard mindlessly 96 as a number like any other; the devil must be someone who knows that 9 and 6 are opposites. And who understands better the concept of opposites than Pi?

The sum 96 alerts you to the fact that yesterday was the 9th day of 2009. Now when you turn 9 upside down, it becomes 6. If you have time, take the closing figures from January 6 and January 9, convert them into two strings and compare them. Would there be an opposite to be seen or simply calculated. Try it. Maybe you find something special that shows up later in a special time.

So this is how Pi stressed the two important parameters: time and opposites. He understands perfectly how human brain works; it's very unlikely that anyone would interpret '+' showing between two numbers as a cross -- unless you add the notorious number 666 into the works. In that case, the association can be made -- the human brain starts working the way God thought it would work. But it didn't (SETI, NASA, The White House) and we have to bailout God. Here, Father, take it all: $3.14.

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posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 03:30 AM
i'll reply more in depth tomorrow but just for quick reference. I stressed unemployment so much because the original number is far different than the final. and if my browser would allow all the functions i could just put a link up for you, but unfortunately this laptop is old and terrible and this is the best i can do.

Anyways the original reports said 639,000 rather than 524,000. This change was rather suspect of manipulative movement so i made a connection. Look it up, you'll see what the initial reports were and the 666 (639) number clearly which is why it needed to be "seasonally adjusted" as they call it, to 524

guess what i just found,

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posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 09:01 PM

Originally posted by salty-red
guess what i just found,

Now that's quite something -- a textbook case of how to look for PI. PI is playing hide and seek; he is now somewhere in the USA and wants us to find him. Now remember that if you want to hide, you try to conceal yourself by crouching to make yourself less visible. PI is going to do the same thing; he will go from uppercase PI to lowercase pi, and that means we will use pi = 3.14 instead of PI = 169 to look for him. Since 3.14 are two numbers divided by a decimal point, and PI cannot hide in two different places, we either must make a decision to look for PI in 3 or 14, or we can make one number out of those two by adding, subtracting or multiplying to obtain another whole number. But which choice is the right one?

Obviously the decimal point between 3 and 14 should be taken into account: Is the dot more related to addition, subtraction or multiplication?

The dot is actually sometimes used for multiplication, and so we multiply 3 and 14 to get only one number: 3 times 14 is 42.

So the best bet is that PI is hiding in 42. But what does 42 stand for?
Well, we know for sure that PI is hiding in the United States of America, and that means he is hiding in one of the states of the Union. That also means that 42 must relate to one of the states. All we have to do is to find out which state entered the Union as the 42nd state.

PI is very likely hiding in the State of Washington. We can see youuuuuuuu, PI. Just get up . . .

So he "got up," went from pi to PI, but he said something, coz the picture shows him as P - I. What did he say?

Since the hyphen between P and I is the same symbol we use for subtraction, PI said (P=16, I=9)

P - I = 16 - 9 = 7.

Now if we won't be able to translate the meaning of number 7 given the circumstances, then PI will find someone else to play hide and seek with, and you will never be able to handle the opposites OLD and NEW attached to the word "laptop" in real terms. But we know what PI meant by 7: "Aah, you just got lucky to find me. Btw, did you catch 9 11?"

Hey, Salty, where do you think 9 11 would show up?
That's right: in the State of Washington -- just one day before you found PI hiding there.

(Keep an eye on today's result.)
Here is the point: You can look at the Dow, but you won't squeeze dough out of it to buy a new laptop. But if you see something really special -- some simple and clever configuration of numbers, PI will make sure that the special numbers show up in your local lottery games.

Tomorrow's date is 1/12 and we know that 112 stands for "keep your calculations simple", as 1+1=2. I think that PI will manipulate the market to reinforce the State of Washington hide and seek game. He could use today's Match4 result and manipulate the Dow with it tomorrow.

posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 02:33 AM
now that is very interesting indeed, how it comes back to washington. Don't forget Washington just had snow storms packing up and then floods. opposites again, stacking up of snow, and melting away in flooding. cold wave heat wave.

can't talk much now cuz i got college in the morning but i'll be sure to post on the aftermath of 112.

112 means simple math so let's take 1:12 from friday. 8635.02
I find it relates particularly well to the gaza crisis. Death toll nearing 900, so 863 could very well be a legitimate number some time between friday and now. Furthermore whats the new resolution
resolution 1860, or 3+5+2=10, 8,6,0 1860, all shown in the 1:12 time.

posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 04:32 AM
I think I got that format for the games that draw four numbers, like Daily4 in California or Match4 in Washington. The first three digits of pi form an "intelligent" triplet, coz 3 + 1 = 4. That means PI will divide any string of 4 digits on two groups: one with 3 digits and the other with 1 digit. Here is how in the real term:

This division is highly informative when you add the first three numbers together:

9+11+22, 23

The result reduces the four numbers into two numbers:

42, 23

Now turn the outstanding number 23 into a letter according to the alphabetical order. This step modifies the original four numbers further into

42, W

Here is the puzzle. If W is the initial of a name, what is the name?
Things can't get more trivial than that. The 42nd state of the Union is Washington, and since the origin of 42, W is the result of one of the Washington Lottery game, then the name that starts with letter W must be Washington. And that's the format PI will use with strings that include 4 symbols. It could even work with a four-letter strings, like GAZA. But the solution to this string is modified by a strong circumstance: The Israelis are in GAZA, and that means they are inside the string, like GA@ZA. The @ creates a space between GA ans ZA that needs to be filled with other letters. The question looks like this:


where A and Z are the clue letters.
I think PI wants us to look at his "finest" activity ever:


I guess PI tries to make some comparisons here. (Remember that A is the first letter in the alphabet but also the first letter in the name of the infamous Nazi concentration camp. The same goes for Z in reverse. And where are opposites, there is Pi.) To Israelis, Palestinians are a sub-sub human race, which they probably are. Who knows what's on PI's mind this time . . .

Originally posted by salty-red
can't talk much now cuz i got college in the morning but i'll be sure to post on the aftermath of 112.

Well, I think that you won't get the answer in the place of knowledge you go to. Speaking of which . . .

Hey, Salty, you don't skip some of your massive homework, coz of some ET named Pi. He claims to be 169 billion years old and could be senile by now. Rather than to rely on his tricks, finish the college and get a good job so you can buy a top-of-the line new laptop. Pi cannot wrap around every finger that is extended toward him.

posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 03:58 PM
lol i'm fully capable to do this and college. that's a damn good find with 42, W and GAZA Auschwitz! I'll look into those throughout the day.

Anyways first post after the 112 day and so far i've found a very interesting code of numbers. 12 and 7
now combine the numbers like this:
(84) (7) (39) (7) (12) (52) (1146)
and you find that adding digits together (with the exception of 12 which is just 12).
12, 7, 12, 7, 12, 7, 12
You can look at this a few ways, one easy way is to add all the numbers which totals 69, classic number huh. Or you can take 12x7 which is 84, meaning 8400 perhaps?

point drop is 125.21 showing a blatant reversal which spells the same number backward and forward. here's a thought, 125 is 3.14 when 1+2=3 and 5=1+4. so rewritten is 3.141.3

84739712521146 there's our 112. And look at the 84 and 46 at the end. 84 is 42x2 meaning it may again be washington, and 46=23x2, 23 being W.

posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 04:06 PM
just saw this in regards to 12 and 7. 12+7=19 and 12-7=5
19 as the outer numbers.
5 is the added inner numbers.
so + is outer, - is inner perhaps? Maybe that's the clue we needed to see on the 1/12 day.

posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 04:59 AM

Originally posted by salty-red
Anyways first post after the 112 day and so far i've found a very interesting code of numbers. 12 and 7
now combine the numbers like this:
(84) (7) (39) (7) (12) (52) (1146)
and you find that adding digits together (with the exception of 12 which is just 12).
12, 7, 12, 7, 12, 7, 12
You can look at this a few ways, one easy way is to add all the numbers which totals 69, classic number huh. Or you can take 12x7 which is 84, meaning 8400 perhaps?

That's a fatal error, Salty. Your string has a mistake in it that led you to 12/7, "the day which will live in infamy." Ask you history teacher about that. The mistake you made is the 6th digit from the left and the 9th from the right in that string. That explains the sum 69 you arrived at. That PI . . .

Here is the result of the "simple day," 1/12:

Pi is about opposites and 1/12 is a special day when things suppose to go easy as 1+1=2. So lets take a look at the closing figure, which was 8, 473.96 points. When you organize the number in a short string, you see again the familiar stuff -- Pi always takes delight in turning 6s and 9s, as always:


(96) signals opposites, and since 1/12 due to 1+1=2 is Simple Day that honors easy-minded people, we can find the opposite in 8473 very easy:

(8 + 4) = 12, 21 = (7 x 3)

12 and 21 are obviously opposites, but so are 45 and 54, 15 and 51, or many other options. Why did PI opt for 12 and 21?
The reason is that 12/21 as a date is about future, like 12/21/2012, when very unusual number of those folks who advertise the day in connection with a catastrophe due to some Mayan prophecy will die in weird and freaking accidents. PI got it all prepared by now. PI will make sure that someone will notice this freaky coincidence and it will hit the news -- even in national papers.

You can see the opposites 12 and 21 flanking the number of points lost in the 1/12 session, which was 125.21 points.


Some numbers are "intelligent" and some are not, For example 1,697 is such a number, coz 16 - 9 = 7. PI would select this number as an example, coz P = 16 and I = 9. Of course, the prime example of an intelligent number is 112 due to 1 + 1 = 2. Since 1/12 can be written as 1:12 (hours), let's see what PI was doing at 1:12 pm . . .

See the Volume = 1,697 number? That's what you expect from PI on Simple Day, 2009 -- his "intelligent" signature: P-I=7.

Tomorrow is 1/13 and since 1+1=3 is a symbol of miscalculation, pay attention what Obama will say or do tomorrow. Since PI is already in the White House, whatever Obama wants to do will come up as an opposite. We'll see how Savior turns into Destructor. PI is specialists on opposites, as you know, so . . .

How did you like the video? Did you catch Pi?
Well, number pi is about opposite direction, and pi =3.14. You can't turn 3 upside down, like 6, to form an opposite, but you can swap 1 and 4 to read 41. In that case 3.14 becomes 3.41. Now look again at the shape of a way number pi can be rendered:

Pi can do other circles, like in the 3.41st minute of a video . . .

Artists use that ET dude often for ins(pi)ration. Of course, they think they are "multi-talented" with other superlatives in tow. But they and other high-performing folks just do what PI tells them to do -- for good or evil.

I checked the Washington lottery Match4 game from 1/11 and here are the numbers: 17, 19, 21, 24. Shouldn't it be 17, 19, 21, 23? You made a mistake, PI made a mistake -- what is the world coming to?

Hey, Salty, how far are you in math in that school you go to? Boring calculus doesn't apply here but some other stuff sometimes does, like basic number theory.

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posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 03:49 PM
well i'm a physics man so yes math is a extremely important part of it. But i agree i don't know how applicable calculus would be here, i think when dealing with PI geometry or trig should be sufficient enough. It did get me thinking though, if i remember correctly fibonacci numbers have been showing up pretty frequently haven't they?? Fibonacci numbers look like something PI would love to use, especially since 1,1,2 is the beginning of the sequence. Reminds me of the crop circle.

And sorry my comp has trouble running a lot of scripts and therefore i couldn't watch the video. I did see the 3:14 video, trippy indeed.

8401.41 is the 3:14 mark for today. Must i get started... 41 shown twice

Well, number pi is about opposite direction, and pi =3.14. You can't turn 3 upside down, like 6, to form an opposite, but you can swap 1 and 4 to read 41. In that case 3.14 becomes 3.41.

Looks like you called it!

8,448.56 -25.41 (-0.30%). You can clearly see another 41 and even better a 3.14 shown between the percentage and point drops. 84, 48 reversal.

Remember what i said about outside meaning +, well the outside of 0.30 is 0+0=0, 25.41 is 2+1=3, and 8448.56 is 8+6=14. Totaling 3.14

And if 112 could be a fibonacci number sequence check this clue out. 1:12 mark was 8455.25, outside means + so 8+5=13. Not only do we get todays date but we get a continuance of the sequence. Taking 8-5=3 we have 1,1,2,3,5,8, and 13 just using 1:12 time and the outside numbers. Next numbers in the sequence are 21, 34, 55, and 89. 55 shows up right in the middle and 89 can be seen in 845.

posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 07:27 PM
and since it's so applicable to the title, assign numbers to USA so that U=21, S=19, A=1.

You can see 41 is the total using the 3 numbers (3.14), but more importantly arrange the numbers to a specific time 21191 signifying 9/11/2001. It works especially well if each word transition signifies a 0, so U(21) 0 S(19) 0 A(1) giving you the 2 0's needed for 9/11/2001.

When's the next day? 2119100= 11/1/2009 or 1/11/2009 and since 1/11 has come and gone, let this be the 10 month warning for 11/1/2009

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 12:44 AM
Wow! Pi ran extremely clever stuff on 1/13, the Stupid Day. The Dow results were spectacular. He links cleverness with simplicity and takes delight in PhDs coming up with hundreds of pages of fancy words-studded scribble when it takes only a couple to explain stuff.

But before that, the 1+1=3 symbolic representation for complete lack of common sense and the consequences are observed on 1/13 each year. The last year wasn't exactly bright year, was it? And so the last month of the year is a good time to look back and reflect upon the year that has gone by. We use the code 113 to see who were the Dummies of 2008:

The United States economy employed about 113 million people in the private non-farm labor force in December 2008, according to the most commonly used measure of employment generated by the Department of Labor.

Not those greedy financiers; Joe Sixpacks took the trophy of being the dumbest folks on this planet in 2008. But if those 113 million people could hold their jobs amidst rapidly growing unemployment, then 1+1=3 doesn't apply here -- 1+1=2 does!
Let's settle the puzzle this way: the folks who are unemployed are "stupid" and those 113 million who are not are "stu(pi)d." as well. But the presence of number pi in the latter version of the word calls for an opposite and therefore stu(pi)d = smart -- and beans will make you fart.
PI is a very talented manipulator . . .

Btw, you mentioned the unemployment figures, and since PI is about opposites, the code 113 was attached to the employment figures.
Hey, Salty, are you gaining weight? PI likes to eat earth food a lot . . .

Originally posted by salty-red
8,448.56 -25.41 (-0.30%). You can clearly see another 41 and even better a 3.14 shown between the percentage and point drops. 84, 48 reversal.

They say that the devil is in the details. Look again. Opposites (as always) and a mistake due to 1+1=3 is your guide.
The 1/13 Dow figures harbor a great puzzle -- something to learn from.

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posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 01:01 AM
well sorry to say you need to clue me in on 113. I'm missing something. You look like you found something quite significant.

I'll scour the numbers, but any more clue as to what you mean would be nice

25.41 and (.3%) showed not only 3.14, but continuing backwards, 52=26x2=4x13. Another 3.14

You told me to look closer at opposites. 84 and 48 come to mind and if both signify 48, than 48x2=96, but that get's me nowhere in regards to 1+1=3

here's something. 3:14 time showed 8401.41 and again read backwards. 14+10=48, 24=48, 1=2, false. But I'll get back to that.

Lastly looking closer at 8448.56, 25.41, 0.30% I found interesting data relating the point value to percentage drop and point drop. 84+48=132=66x2, and 5x6=30. 25+41=66, and 30 in the percentage.
So 66+66,30 relates to 66,30. 96 being 66+30. I hope you get what i'm saying here. if 66+30=96 as x(66)+y(30)=z(96) (1+1=2) then adding an additional 66 would be like x+x+y=z and since x+y=z (1+1=2) then adding an additional x would in a way say 1+1=3. Try to think of the 1's as separate variables. so 1+1=2 is saying the addition of 2 variables, 1+1=3 is the addition of 3 variables, 2x's and a y.

I'm sure that last paragraph made just about no sense but hey I'm trying to make a connection, you need to clue me in.

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