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anyone else catch 911?

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posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 05:49 PM
reply to post by stander

wow that crop circle is amazing and there's zero chance of it being man-made. Also it says June 1,2008 as the date it was made is that correct? 6/2008, 6.28 or 3.14 times 2.

And certainly keep up with those daily 4 numbers, once again they've shown strong correlation we just need to be able to predict the pattern beforehand.

so how to relate 3870 to 8,824.34, -99.80, (-1.12%). 3 8's and 7 could be 8,8,8(2x4).7(3+4). 99.8 and 1.12 are related to each other because 9+1,9+1,8+2 all go to 10. Later tonight i'll try to go deeper into it and make some predictions, but if you can put todays daily 4 that would help.

I think the reason this math is relating so well is because math is often our way of "seeing" 4th demensional concepts because our senses only deal with 3rd dimension. Much like crop circles which are widely believed to be messages sent from high dimensional beings. So once we start getting good at reading the language of math, we can really see what's going on that others simply can't.

posted on Dec, 18 2008 @ 03:50 AM
had to post again to get the first post to show

posted on Dec, 18 2008 @ 03:59 AM

Originally posted by azureskys
That's a little strange, 'cause I just read somewhere, the #777 is concidered the most perfect mumber.
I'll try to find out more about this.

Wasn't this in a comedy sketch?
777 cans of lager and you'll have no hangover
777mph around a suburban area and there is less chance of killing yourself than at 30?

I saw it a few years ago.

posted on Dec, 18 2008 @ 07:01 AM

Originally posted by salty-red
reply to post by stander

wow that crop circle is amazing and there's zero chance of it being man-made. Also it says June 1,2008 as the date it was made is that correct? 6/2008, 6.28 or 3.14 times 2.

This is exactly the reason why Pi signed in June 2008, or 6/2008 and not before or after. Anyone who doesn't have basic understanding of geometry (and good eyes) wouldn't figure this out.

The reason why Pi signed in on the 1st of June in particular is that Pi is a name composed of letters. There are 26 letters in the English alphabet. But if you write 26, this number could refer to letter Z. In order to avoid misunderstanding, the number that refers to the whole alphabet is derived from

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + . . . + 25 + 26 = 153.

Since Pi is a master in a simple encoding techniques, he used the sum 153 with the order of days in the year. Since 2008 is a leap year, the 153rd day is the 1st day in June -- the day he checked in.

Pi stresses simplicity in calculations. But what number would you assign to two words "simple calculation?" The Dow data don't show words, but numbers. So if Pi wants to tell us to keep our calculations simple, he needs to come up with a number that translates into this instruction. How about 1 + 1 = 2?
That's a natural choice, so when you see number 112, or a string of these three digits, it could be Pi telling us to keep our calculations simple. So let's test this idea on yesterday's Dow:

The Dow lost 1.12% . But the percentage is a collection of three digits that makes number 112! Could this be just a coincidence?

In order to avoid this possibility, Pi will connect 112 with the final number of points that the Dow closed with. That means, after rounding down to an integer, The final figure was LAST = 8824 points. Since the code 112 tells us to keep the calculations very simple, the most simple way to "calculate" 8824 is to split it on two parts and add the numbers together. Now Pi will make sure that the sum will link with 112.

88 + 24 = 112.

Well "said," indeed.

You need to call the manipulator names so he would show us his tricks and how precise he can be in manipulating the market. This is what he did yesterday apart from the 112 instruction. It goes like this . . .

We know that there is a link between numbers 3.14 and letters 'p' and 'i', all written as pi 3.14. Now when you move 'pi' on the other side of the number (firs/last opposite), then 3.14 pi would be interpreted as a turn of 3.14 x 180 degrees. But if you replace letter 'i 'with letter 'm' you get something that the Dow uses; you get time 3.14 pm. And that's exactly the time that Pi wanted us to check on the Dow figures, namely on the CLOSE at that time.

You see that at 3.14 pm, the Dow close was a funny number 8888.22 -- a very rare occurrence.

Now what would be the simplest way to connect 8888.22 with the time 3.14, which is the first three digits of pi?
Well, we see 8888 on the LEFT side and 22 on the RIGHT side of the decimal point. Since left and right are opposites, we will manipulate 8888.22 according this comparison:


Now we set 8888 apart using '+' and add the result to 22:

(8 + 8 + 8 + 8) + (22) = 54.

But 54 doesn't relate to number pi!
It does and only one transformation is allowed to keep things simple:

54 = 9 x 6

Since 9 upside down makes 6, and "upside down" is a turn in opposite direction, then 54 does link with pi (radians), which is a turn in opposite direction as well. And the proof is complete.

Salty, that ET manipulator creamed us big time. We almost missed the Dow "pi time." But since Pi made the crop circle in logical time, I figured that he would go for a special time point in the yesterday's Dow session. The 8888.22 Close was hidden, no one would really notice because the number was not the final number of points that gets the most of attention from the traders and media. Pi is a sissy; he's very secretive. That's why SETI can't find him.

Okay, the number 8888.22 was rendered as (8+8+8+8) and as (22)
So I solve what 22 equals to:

22 = 3 + 9 + 7 + 3

I didn't actually solve it; I copied the solution from the Daily 4 12/17/08 result:

Now can you use the same four numbers 3 9 7 3 and manipulate them so the formula would equal (8+8+8+8) = 32
Remember that the number manipulation must be simple. But you can try something more complex if the simple ways fail. But if you don't succeed to arrive at 32 at all, then you need to consider a non-mathematical solution -- you just knock nextdoor:

(At last, I found that 32!)

Remember that 9 x 6 = 54 where 5 = "Fantasy 5" and 4 = "Daily 4." One game result is UP and the other DOWN, like turning 9 upside down.

That ET dude is very good . . .

posted on Dec, 19 2008 @ 07:20 AM
I agree entirely the calculations are much more useful if kept simple. So here's a great example for you:
3973 is 39+73=112. same strategy different numbers. This is what links 3973 to 8824, 39+73=88+24=112 or 1+1=2. notice it was draw #213, 2+1=3

12/18/08 markets made a point change of 219 suspiciously close to 12x18=216, with only difference is 6,9 switch perhaps stressing the point that 9 means down? interesting enough, add 28 for 20+08 and you get 244 when added to 216, and 247 for 219. The % drop was 2.49

also with 219 look at this 21 and 91 when looked at backwards and forwards. another 112 when added together, but also corresponds to the date 12/19, friday. might be a clue to the simple formula for today's markets.
Kinda like this perspective: look at 112 inside out that means 12 forwards and 11 looking backwards from the middle. Date 12/11, difference was 2.24% following more than a few formulas. 2+2=4, 2x2=4, 2squared=4.
i particularly like 2squared because the point diff was 196 or 14x14. we should really start looking for more formulas.

posted on Dec, 19 2008 @ 07:35 AM
by the way here's my prediction:
12/19 can be seen in yesterdays number 219 looking inside out to get 12 and 19. so doing the same for 2.49% gives 42 and 49.
so far we have the left side but not the answer
unless we take 219 again like i showed earlier to get 21 and 91 or 112 a 1+1=2 formula. that makes me say 42+49=91.
91 point drop is my best guess

posted on Dec, 19 2008 @ 02:08 PM

Originally posted by salty-red
I agree entirely the calculations are much more useful if kept simple. So here's a great example for you:
3973 is 39+73=112. same strategy different numbers. This is what links 3973 to 8824, 39+73=88+24=112 or 1+1=2. notice it was draw #213, 2+1=3

I didn't notice this at all; I was fixed on 3 9 7 3 because of 8 8 8 8 and never look at this 39 73 possibility that returns 39 + 37 = 112, where 112 is the code for a simple calculation. But there is more to 112. I'll show you some other time.

I thought that Pi would go for 8 8 8 8 after the market closed yesterday to stress the integer 8888 that showed up at 3.14 pm. (3+1+4=8). But he inserted one different number into it:

At this moment, I can only tell that some reference was made to today's trading, cuz 8 + 7 + 8 + 8 = 12 + 19 and today is Friday, 12/19.

At this moment, I can only tell that 112 as 1:12 pm means that the Dow's Close at this precise time today will show a number that would be simple to interpret. I will post it later today, so we can take a look at it.

[edit on 12/19/2008 by stander]

posted on Dec, 20 2008 @ 03:24 AM
hey great i was wondering if 12/19 would show itself in the daily 4, glad it did.
I too thought of looking at the 1:12 pm mark. According to google finance at 1:12 it was 8622.28 and can relate to 8888 fairly simply. 8, 6+2, the 8 at the end which leaves 2 2s left which i can't make into 8 unless u use the 3rd 2 again to go 2x2x2=8. all together making 8888. It's not as simple as i'd like but it works for me.

8788 showed up also pretty nicely as the final point number of 8579.11, average 7 an 9 to get 2 8s and add the 2 1's to 5 to get 7, giving you 8788.
point diff of 25.88, or 788.

8569.31 is PI time (3:14). Should be a clue especially since it shows a moderately easy formula 8-3=5+1=6+3=9 using the 31 found on the right side of the equation. Hope you see what i mean.

I see the 17.4 billion bailout as significant and expect to see those numbers show up, so i searched and found one. the high for the day was 8787 (almost 8788) anyways 87+87= 174 or 17.4 billion dollar bailout, the high point in the day for the stock market! It's nice finding more ways to look at the market. interesting is Cali cut 41700 jobs another reference to 174, but out of order signifying a low point perhaps.

unfortunately who can really say what the worst news of the day was. 8550.43 is the low, 855 can be a reference to Madoff who lives on 64th street where 8x8 =64, 8 squared because 2 5's may signify squared and for the 8.

1:12 pm was at 8622 and shown reversed exactly as GM's stock rise 22.68% I guess pi wanted to emphasize the importance of the auto industry bailout. Or it may be our next clue.

good luck and hope you find more leads, i work best when given numbers, not finding em.

posted on Dec, 21 2008 @ 02:36 AM

Originally posted by salty-red
I too thought of looking at the 1:12 pm mark. According to google finance at 1:12 it was 8622.28 and can relate to 8888 fairly simply. 8, 6+2, the 8 at the end which leaves 2 2s left which i can't make into 8 unless u use the 3rd 2 again to go 2x2x2=8. all together making 8888. It's not as simple as i'd like but it works for me.

8788 showed up also pretty nicely as the final point number of 8579.11, average 7 an 9 to get 2 8s and add the 2 1's to 5 to get 7, giving you 8788.
point diff of 25.88, or 788.

That Pi gave us a homework for the weekend. There is an option to that 8878 number. Check it out how Pi looked "next-door." Here is once again Daily 4 from 12/18/08.

Pi disturbed the identical eights by inserting 7. That number could show up in different positions, but if the number of available spaces is odd, then the middle position is a unique choice. You can see it here.

Unbelievable . . . The next day, 12/19/08, Standard & Poor took a hit. The format of S & P is now ###.##; there is an odd number of digits in the closing number of points, and so Pi repeated the eights in S & P and stuck number 7 right into the middle.

Here is a question: Why would Pi insert exactly number seven into the string of eight? He did that in Daily 4, and the next day in S & P.
The answer is that the word EIGHT has the same number of letters as the S & P closing figure. Since the unique position in a string of symbols is the center, it means that the middle letter in EI(G)HT is G. And since G = 7 in the alphabet, it was pretty natural to select number 7 and stick it in the middle of the string of eights. The reason why he chose the string of 8's is that his name is now Pi. Since pi = 3.14 and 3 + 1 + 4 = 8, the selection was a logical choice. He did this before. He checked in as Pi, but he is the same ET guy who come here every year to manipulate stuff under different names. He left his true identity in the Dow on the same day, 12/19/08.

8569.31 is PI time (3:14). Should be a clue especially since it shows a moderately easy formula 8-3=5+1=6+3=9 using the 31 found on the right side of the equation. Hope you see what i mean.

You came close, but pi means opposite and you need to manipulate any numbers or letters in its vicinity with respect to the meaning of "opposite." Look again at 8569.31 and you see that the middle digits are 6 and 9, which are upside down opposites. Now what is the opposite to the decimal part 31 that ENDS the number? The logical place to look at is the two digits at the BEGINNIG -- 8 and 5. Since 8 + 5 = 13, you substitute 85 with 13, and 8569.31 becomes 1369.31. Now you can see the logic of opposites in that number (13)[69](31] directed by number pi and its function to highlight hidden opposites.

I show you in the next post how Pi revealed his true identity -- and more is coming. We need to look once again at what you wrote in the first paragraph. That's where the goodies are.

posted on Dec, 21 2008 @ 06:50 PM
Alright, Salty, here we go again . . .
You may peruse my previus post in case you didn't to keep the continuum.

Btw, today is 12/21/2008 and we are exactly 4 years away from the dreaded date 12/21/2012 when the cosmic sh-t is supposed to hit the fan. Pi said that it may not be that bad. Since there are 4 years to go and 4 = D in the alphabet, Pi said to check the preview of 2012 by going to place that starts with D. So I went to Denver.
Not that bad, indeed. Pi likes to emulate God; he's into "miracles." Oh, yeaaah.

So what happened with the Dow on 12/19/08? Did you catch 911?

You know, the chances that you will see 911 in its proper divided form as 9.11 are only 1 in 1,000 so the message of 12/19/08 seems to be important.

The Last = 8579.11 is a composition of six digits. If you want to split the string 857911 on two parts that include the same number of digits, then you cut the string right in the middle. What kind of "knife" would you use?

I think the right knife to do the cutting with looks like this: =. That's because when you cut


then the use of the = knife is justified by

8 + 5 + 7 = 9 + 11.

That means a very violent act scheduled to take place in the future would be tagged with 857 code.

At this moment, we understand the meaning of code number 112. That means if this code is attached to an event, we need to use simple terms to interpret the event. So, here is the Dow on 12/19/2008 at 1:12 pm.

Since there is 112 linked to the Close = 8,622.28 points, there could be a simpler way to manipulate the string 862228 than to use arithmetic. The simpler procedure is sorting. Just look at the number and select something that you recognize: 8(6)22(28).
6.28 = 2pi and 2pi turn in radians draws a circle. You know that Pi made a crop circle this year. But the Dow number refers to a different crop circle. If you take away the 6.28 from the string 862228 the rest is


The outstanding numbers are a date, namely 8/22.

See, Pi made a crop circle on this day, but it was a long time ago.

When you click on the picture, you see the date of the event August 22 on the bottom.

You know, Pi likes to mess with opposites, like turning himself from 666 into 696, 699 and so on to enter incognito and manipulate without raising a suspicion.

Pi is about opposites. That's why he got so obsessed with the World Trade Center upon learning that the tallest building in the complex were called the SOUTH and the NORTH towers. He just doesn't like having around OPPOSITES taller than him. That makes him veeeeery upset . . .

Now you know why he forced the traders on 12/19/08 to end up the day with 857(9.11) points. I'll show you how the code 857 showed up in the lottery results today some other time.

I wonder if the Dow loses 140.4 points tomorrow. That would arm a prediction. Do you see some numbers coming up for tomorrow?

posted on Dec, 22 2008 @ 03:50 AM
funny you should bring up denver, ya know with the plane run right off the runway injuring a couple dozen people. On the 4 year pre-anniversary.

as for the number 140.4 it is certainly able to come up as i'm expecting more losses for the stock market. curiously as to how you came up with this number, 12x117=1404. it would also be a 1.64%drop.

i'm glad you saw 857 and 911, now i guess we wait and see for the 857 event don't we. also that 1369.31 was an excellent find because we know already that 13, 3.14, 169, 8 all relate to pi. also the 1:12 time, 8622.28 is really 8668 right, when you add all 3 2's, showing opposites once again.

today is 12/22 and taking 12x22=264 i wouldn't be surprised to see that number. or we could play a game called complete the triangle where 12=3, 22=4 and we're lookin for 5. Pyth theorum using those numbers would give 25.06 which is about 5x5 anyways (and we already saw that friday), but the digits don't equal 5. 140 however does add up to 5, so could very well happen.

112 is 7x2x2x2x2, 7 and 4 2's. it's funny how that number keeps on popping up again and again. Here it is now, AIG just sold a major branch for 742 million dollars. Japan exports fall 27%. I expect to see similar coincidental numbers to our findings in other news.

sry to say but the stock numbers on friday don't give us a whole lot to work with, just wasn't as major a day as i needed i guess.

posted on Dec, 22 2008 @ 05:18 AM
Well after reading a whole lot of this, I must let you know that I am up way past my bedtime.

Also when not completely taking everything in complete context, it seems like you are both discussing a much bigger picture, you could very well be instructing each other how to draw a geometrical pattern. So needless to say, if there is a manipulator who can tell the future, by watching it in reverse and define a mathematical system to, would he also not have encoded geometrically into our money, like say the "One Dollar Bill"?

Ha ODB, Old Dirty Bastard. Designed to fail.

posted on Dec, 22 2008 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by salty-red

It just came in . . .
Pi is sticking hard to the subject of 911. He will not manipulate the market or other events with respect to other issues, coz neither of the other hooplas, like the GM bailouts, don't measure up in significance to the events of 911, which were real. He links the 911 event with the imaginary catastrophic event of 12/21/2012. That's why he pushed the jetliner in Denver off the runway, coz there were 4 jetliners involved in the 911 attacks. Since 4 = D and there were exactly 4 years left to 2012 yesterday, he went to a place that starts with D (Denver) and started to mess with a plane.

He instructs us to focus on 911 in a daring stunt: You remember that back in 2001, the media called the attack on WTC and the Pentagon "The Second Day of Infamy" in reference to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, right?

Comes December and the Japanese recall the December 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor the way Pi manipulated them into.

That's a daring display, coz not everyone is mentally subordinate to the state or to the church to "rationaly" interpret the peculiar worldly events of 2008. For security reasons, Pi took the headline down later and replaced it with a headline that doesn't have the obvious association.

The original headline was posted at 10:22 am EST. That means we need to take a peek at what the Dow was doing at that precise time (the Close figure) and coordinate the result with the original headline. Btw, 10+22 = 20+12. That means Pi is linking 9/11/2001 with 12/21/2012.

He manipulated today's market with a pretty cool logic of opposites. I post it later. If you get the chance, post what you see -- it takes more eyes to track Pi. Once again, the domain is 911, opposites, and simplicity. Btw, how did you like the Mowing Devil message?

posted on Dec, 24 2008 @ 12:24 AM
sorry it's been a little while since i posted last. Busy with the holidays i guess. looks like we're gettin one ourselves because the market closes at least for christmas, i'm not sure how many other days.

anyways, 5th straight loss for the dow. although not bad losses, they're certainly important because this is the time of the year everyone shops. Can't wait to see how long it takes Obama's stimulus plan to fail in January.

Here's the numbers for today,12/23/2008, 8,419.49, -100.28, (-1.18%)
1:12 was at 8468.00 and 3:14 was at 8443.55
So what can we get with these numbers?? Daily 4 would help i'm sure.

I like to find the news stories and interpret from there. Walmart has to pay 640 million in their lawsuit. That number is found right there at our 1:12 mark. 8468.00 not only shows 640 but also has 8x8 and another 0 to get 640 again. It should also be mentioned that 8468 has 8x8=64 showing the reversal of 46 found in the middle.

100.28 drop shows symmetry as 100 can be seen as 10 and 28 as 2+8 or 10. Play with the order and get 10001. 1.18% can change to 181 and 8419.49 when rearranged and (8+1=9) can get 94949. In all categories there seems to be symmetry going.

playing around with 8419.49 again. 8+1=9 and 9+4=13 changing the number to 91313, 3x3=9 again so we have 9119, 911 back and forth. More symmetry but with a more dramatic ending.

take this a different way and see that 9x9=81 showing more symmetry but i won't because no need, there's other examples.

3:14 mark of 8443.55 shows 816325 when adding in 4x4=16 and 5x5=25.
simplify that number to get 9x9(81),9x7(63),5x5(25). Besides that just add 81, 63, and 25 to get 169, 13x13, or the mark of PI. Fitting it should be at our 3:14 time.

And lastly with our 8419 number. take 1.18 and add the first 1 to 18 to get 19, and then take 12 and 7 out, 12+7=19, because 12/7 was the day pearl harbor was attacked. Now multiply those 2 numbers to get 84, multiply by the point drop 100.28 to get 8423.52
not too far off is it? since you brought up pearl harbor here's some more. 8419 contains what? 1941! You caught a clue a couple days ago for today. Now what's coming up?

[edit on 24-12-2008 by salty-red]

posted on Dec, 24 2008 @ 03:03 AM
Ok I hate to interrupt the stock Party. But I asked a serious question and you guys just ignore me like it doesn't matter so?!?!

I want to ask you something?!?

If you can sit here and watch the market and just say its even so its going down or odds up what have you. Why is it that you are not ahead of the game? Although, you may very well have a grip on the market trends. You wait and you stalk the market and watch it fall?!?

You have a unique opportunity here. I will not have to say anything other than that. Please remember that there are some who depend on you. Please don't let your unique opportunity go to waste.

posted on Dec, 24 2008 @ 04:03 PM
reply to post by salty-red

Well, Salty, we are getting closer to the conclusion. Pi won't leave any evidence of him manipulating the market except on special days. He's already made two statements. I found them and post them after the holidays.

911 was about hijacked planes and so the logic of opposites would be attached to this subject. Pi made a crop circle, but when you draw a circle using radians, you make two turns opposite to each other, coz circle = 2 pi, or 2 x 180 degrees. That means you draw a semicircle from north to south, pause a bit, and then you complete the circle going from south to north. The point is that the move from NORTH to SOUTH is the first OPPOSITE and the move from SOUTH to NORTH is the second OPPOSITE. That means when Pi encodes his name so we can see him in action, he will use TWO opposites. He will draw a circle so we know that he did stuff.

It's all guided by 1+1=2, the symbolic formula of simplicity: pi = 3.14 and as a code, Pi = 314 (no decimal point). The first opposite is

314 => 413.

This is very natural step. The second opposite is based on the fact that 413 are digits written TOGETHER forming one number. Since the opposite to TOGETHER is APART, you need to split 413 on two distinct numbers. There are two possibilities: 4, 13 and 41, 3. At the present state of evolution, Homo sapiens can't tell the options apart and so we need to be clued. Pi is way too advanced and he knows that the 41, 3 option makes more sense and he let us know his choice. He splits 413 this way: 41-3. Since the split implies subtraction, we subtract to see the overall picture:

41 - 3 = 38.

Now we have a new number 38. The code 38 reveals the location where Pi was active. It's not difficult to decode it: the 38th state of the Union is Colorado. Since 911 was about planes, we go to the largest airport in Colorado on 12/21/2008 -- the anniversary of the catastrophic doomsday of 12/21/2012 -- and we watch the planes . . .

Hey, ain't that a weird coincidence? There were 38 people hurt in that plane that unsuccessfully took off from the 38th state of the Union?

Now Pi knows that we can see a coincidence that no one else can. So he will make sure that the the whole expression will work:

41 - 3 = 38

Since 38 is the last number, and 41 is the first number, Pi will use the opposite to tell us more about what he did to the plane; he will use the first number 41. Now remember that 41 is an odd number.

Pi started damaging the plane exactly 41 seconds after it took off, coz he knows someone knows where 41 comes from but made sure that no one would die in that plane. That's because no one aboard the plane believed in the catastrophic predictions about 12/21/2012.

Here is the confirmation of the double oposite Pi = 314 => 413 => 41, 3: Take the flight number 1404, turn it backward and split it:

1404 => 4041 => 40, 41

See the 41 (seconds) code? The next similar event would be coded 42 (40, 41, 42, . . . ) It can't get more simple than that. The plane went up and then down, like the Dow on Friday, 12/19/08 that announced the 9.11 (planes) event coming up.

As far as the 12/23 Dow is concerned, you can use the opposite 9 turned upside down to turn the two nines in such a way that an equation shows up. The Daily 4 from 12/23 says so.

Hey, Salty, did anyone wish you a happy New Year? If so, then the person had to be joking. That's because January 1, 2009 in the year/month/day format reads 09/01/01.
Looks familiar, doesn't it?

posted on Dec, 26 2008 @ 05:00 AM
alright i should be back daily now that christmas is done.

first lemme answer 12.21.12, don't exactly know what your askin of us we're doin the best we can to track and interpret the numbers. We have had days where we've nailed it in predictions and others way off so we're just trying to get a system going based on the numbers. We could use the help.

Anyways, first thing i noticed on the markets yesterday was the correlation to 911. Here's the setup. 2.26 increase for S&P, 3.36 for Nasdaq. These numbers show a pattern which in my mind represents 2 towers. could be why 0609 was the daily 4, with 6 and 9 being the two towers. As for the dow, a 49 point increase is 7x7, wtc building 7? Just a thought.

3.36 for nasdaq follows the 1+1=2 rule so we should look into that. Also shows 12 when simplified.
2.26 for S&P with a .26% seems to point to the 26 as important, 12/26 is the date for today, but i think markets are closed still.

.22 and .26 increases = 48 shown plenty in the dow figures:
8,468.48 +48.99 (0.58%). i don't need to point out the 84 48 reversal just look at how 6x8=48 as well, (and a point rise of 48.99). And all these 48's could be 12's when digits added up. know what else spells 12? the dow volume which was 66.93M or 6+6=12 and 9+3=12. Just so happened that avg volume has been 318.84, another 12.12, funny seeing as when did 12.21.12 last post? same day as these numbers come from. I find it significant.

In the news it looks like 4,3 and 9 were magic numbers, with 9.4 billion going to GM, 439 million to China Air, and japan unemployment at 3.9%

4,3,9 are busy numbers so 4x3x9=108 is a possibility, or a variation of the 3 numbers such as 349 but that's more extreme. Also with so many 12's, 144 is another big possibility.

Since 12/26 seems to be pointed out maybe 12x26x28(2008)=8736 is a valid number, if so it means a 268 rise next time the market opens. But it's not like 2 or 68 haven't shown up quite a bit.

Or maybe 8736 is just another pallet of numbers like 12x24x28=8064 was. 864 showed up plenty itself on 12/24. with 8468.48 its ez to see. also 12/24 is 12/12+12 following our rule of 12's.

"1:12 was at 8468.00", remember that, it's from my 12/23 post.
Here's some more:
"I like to find the news stories and interpret from there. Walmart has to pay 640 million in their lawsuit. That number is found right there at our 1:12 mark. 8468.00 not only shows 640 but also has 8x8 and another 0 to get 640 again. It should also be mentioned that 8468 has 8x8=64 showing the reversal of 46 found in the middle."
Looks like we're getting this more and more accurate stander. We just need to put together the right pieces.

posted on Dec, 26 2008 @ 05:10 PM
reply to post by salty-red

Well, Salty, we need to streamline our operation: we don't track numbers; we track someone who manipulates the numbers -- and that's a big difference. If we look the other way and don't acknowledge Pi, then he won't acknowledge us, and there is no way that we can predict anything, coz he is the one who manipulates the human mind so the numbers would come up the way he wants it.

He sent us a message regarding the importance of opposites. I believe that he is pissed that our mind wonders too much. He sent us another example of numerical opposites 6 and 9, which is very important.

So here is again California Daily 4 from 12/23/08

The two zeroes have a function and stand for "unknown." Tha means we need to substitute the zeroes with some words and/or numbers. Notice the format of the number: 0 6 0 9. Since zero means absence, you substitute the empty space with something which is logical. The question is formulated this way:

0 is to 6 as 0 is to 9 ?

Obviously, the above statement is false, coz 6 and 9 are two DIFFERENT numbers, whereas 0 and 0 are two IDENTICAL numbers. But since 0 means absence, you fill the empty space with something that is logical so the comparison would be true. Since 6 upside down makes 9, 6 and 9 are opposites, and here are a few correct comparisons:

YES is to 6 as NO is to 9
DOWN is to 6 as UP is to 9
LEFT is to 6 as RIGHT is to 9
WHITE is to 6 as BLACK is to 9

All these comparisons are formally correct, but Pi asks us through 0 6 0 9 to come up with a particular comparison.

This is nearly impossible to do, coz there are so many opposites to consider -- just open the dictionary of antonyms to find out about that. But I said "nearly," coz Pi wouldn't ask us to do something that is absolutely impossible. And so let's solve the problem and pick one particular comparison:

FALSE is to 6 as TRUE is to 9

Do we have this right?
Formally yes. We can use this comparison in this example: If the number of apples in the basket is not 6, then how many apples are there?
The logical answer is 9, due to the above comparison.

But what would be the real example?
Since the 0 6 0 9 question appeared in California Daily 4 on 12/23, we go to California the next day, which is Christmas Eve . . .

So we have 6 dead according to the news article. But if the number of victims is not correct due to the circumstances (Pi set the house on fire), then according to the False 6 - True 9 comparison, the number of victims should be 9. So let's the cops give some time to go through the ashes . . .

See? Now there are 9 victims. That means if you were on the location, you could make a prediction about the true number of victims, coz 1) you saw the California Daily 4 number, 2) you know that the Pi crop circle wasn't man-made and therefore 3) you know that Pi is an alien entity that is an expert on super-advanced neuroscience -- he can send a neuro-signal to any person and turn kind Santa Claus into raging, homicidal individual. Remember that Pi designed the 911 events. Not because he was mad; the year 2001 was the first year of the new century and he just outlined what mankind can expect from it -- the destruction of WTC was a part of "The Guide To The New Century."

Alright, Salty. We are in the business of predicting things and things come in opposites: good and bad. And so we need to acknowledge both versions.

Let's go back to Dow Jones and do some streamlining. Of, course you are free to predict the result for today, but there is an easier task of predicting what the Dow close would be dedicated to. Now remember that Pi killed the folks in California to put our mind on numbers 6 and 9. So we should use them. and I think the form 96 would be the best. Here's a simple number crunching:

96 = 48 + 48 (48 months = 4 years)

Now we have two time periods equaling 4 years each. But since 9 and 6 are opposites, we need to decide if we go 4 years to the future or 4 years to the past.
My suggestion is to go to the past, coz today is 12/26:

12/26/2004 (Tsunami Event)

posted on Dec, 27 2008 @ 06:06 AM
excellent observation about that santa shooting, I saw the death toll rise from 6 to 9 myself but i never made the connection.

yep i agree we are better off tracking a specific entity rather than just the numbers. But the numbers are the footprint we need to track. and not too far off with the 12's since 12x4=48, less than a point off. And i really don't need to point out that the percentage drops are seen in the point values, you can see that easily enough.

I think the 8515.55 for dow is significant. But how to relate it correctly is another problem altogether. What direction to take? 55 shown twice and 81 left over, or 11x5, 11x5, and 9x9 shows strong 9/11 ties on the 4 year anniversary of the devestating tsunami. 851 is significant because a 1 added to 8 or 5 gives 9 and 6. The problem for me is i can go almost any direction here, I guess that's why i have the whole weekend.

PI time of 3:14 gave us 8508.54 once again highlighting 85. 85 shown twice and 40 left over. 40 is 8x5 so we see 85 throughout. where else is 85, the percentage change for S&P. But now what? That's why i need your input man you find the significance much better than me.

other than that, it just hasn't been one of those nights for me where everything clicks. Oh one last thing i noticed with 0609. 6 is to 9 as 2 is to 3 when simplified, so 2.26 and 3.36 point differences for s&p and nasdaq represent North and South Towers. As 6 and 9 could represent North and South.

posted on Dec, 27 2008 @ 01:40 PM
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Thanks salty. I'm going to take a look at the numbers you both posted and see if I can wrap my head around any of it. I will be back.

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