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President John Adam's dog was named 'Satan'

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posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 10:13 AM
I just saw this on an article on

white house pets

Does anyone find it strange that a dog that was formally in the white house was named Satan? I haven't looked into this, is this just an innocent mistake?

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 10:57 AM
Maybe one of his children named it.. I was gonna name mine like that when I was a kid hehehe

It's just a name
Dog's name don't mean respect for someone, let's say I name my dog after you, you that would be actually the opposite to if i respected u

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 10:59 AM
Better than what I named my dog. LB, Little Boy for the younger ones, and Little Bastard for those old enough =X.

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 11:11 AM
reply to post by hikix

It's just a name.

Guy Gibson, the commander of the Dam Busters raid, had a dog called 'Nigger'. 'Appropriate' names change over time.

There is nothing to this.

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 11:59 AM
That is so much cooler than the tarded names that the presidents give their animals today. Resurrect John Adams, hand him a Gibson Explorer. He is so metal he will know exactly what to do with it.

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 12:03 PM
As the majority have said, it's just a name, especially if a kid named it.

Though I do see that adults tend to use the names only to sound more intimidating but I find that act funny

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 12:18 PM
Yeah I personally prefer Satan over Socks the cat!

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