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I’m Mad As Hell & Won’t Take It Anymore! What Chaps Your Buttocks?

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posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 10:58 PM
Well here is my big big rant, I do not see why we need three credit bureaus, I think one should suffice, Its totally crazy and my score is different on all three and that basically sucks..........

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 02:58 PM
people speaking in the cellphone while driving (still no law on the subject in my country), they start going slowly thinking it will be safe for everybody but they forget that I'M MAD AS HELL & WON'T TAKE IT ANYMORE; IF THEY WANT TO DIE LET THEM DO IT BUT KEEP THE REST OF US OUT OF THE EQUATION!!!!

great forum!!! keep up!!!

Alex from La Paz, Bolivia, Southamerica

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by yeahright

Hey I love "The Hills" and now "The City". Yea!
But don't worry I don't vote.

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 06:39 PM

Fear! I am a man of little fear. I used to be afraid of heights, and the dark when i was younger. but i over came that discomfort by doing things that involved my fear. i did it by going bungie jumping, parasailing, hang gliding, rock climing, ice climing, get a job as a painter for large scale buildings, and im getting my sky diving licence next summer. and so i faced my fears.

But! i cannot stand when people are afraid of something and yet they dont do anything about it. what makes a life without fear not something to try for even after sacrificing a bit of time getting to know the thing you are afraid of. after all, being afriad of something usually is because you dont know about it.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:31 AM
Dave..I never gave you kudos for a good thread so right on...Congrats... so here is another rant from me..Now Forgive me but I have been drinking tasty beverages since five Pm EST and I like to get on here to see good information from intelligent members and most of the time I get that good intelligent information that but Im confused and Im confused because I see that our financial system is on the verge of ruins and I just dont know why..So who is exactly to blame?..And my rant is because it should not be this way......

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 08:41 AM
I'm mad as hell about...

I don't know how to put it into words, but I'm so sick and tired and pissed about how our world is so full of conflict and killing. I honestly believe that, by nature, people do not want to harm each other. But because of greed, ignorance, selfishness, deception, and a myriad of other attributes, humanity may never find a way to "just get along".

The current state of the world economy is the result of exactly what I am talking about. Because of the actions of a small group of individuals the entire world has to suffer. And while that hardship takes place the fortunate few get to live it up without consequence. It sickens me that people can be so self-serving, greedy, and intentionally destructive in order to further their personal gain. But, sadly, that is what our world has come to. In order for many average people to get by they too will have to rely on that same selfish mentality. As things get worse, so do the lengths to which that desperation will manifest itself. And yet there are people who will not let their own needs take priority over those around them, but those are the people who will suffer the most. All thanks to the small group of "elites" living it up in their million dollar estates, sipping champagne, wearing their expensive clothing, and having not a care in the world because they know that they can't be touched.

As much as all of that pisses me off, what gets me even more upset is that that small group of wealthy, powerful people could do something but they don't want to. They would rather profit from the downfall, misery, sickness, poverty, and struggles of the billions of peons who inhabit this planet, than to actually think about the future of the planet and mankind. Now, granted, there are some people who are very charitable with their wealth, but that group is very very small.

Anyone who is familiar with science-fiction movies such as Star Trek is aware of how we're seeing many of the neat fictitious devices and gadgets are becoming reality very quickly these days. But you know what? Even after humans can build transparent aluminum, a triquarter, tractor beams, photon torpedos, and all of the other stuff, one thing will most likely remain pure fiction - a world where men and women, regardless of their differences, work side by side to improve humanity instead of thinking only about themselves.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 04:18 PM
I hate bus lanes, they are put on our major roads and we see like only 1 bus per hour, we have to sit in single lane traffic jammed for ages.

Also in the early hours, sleeping nicely to be awakened by a car that pulls up to let out their mates who have been out and leave the door open to chat to them whilst their music is playing!!!! Just drop them off and chat to them tomorrow.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 08:05 PM
I guess I'm mad as hell, and I might not take quite as much as I once did. I guess, maybe.

Heck, I don't know. Since we are all gonna die in a few months, I just have not been able to get too upset about anything. You know with that big asteroid coming to obliterate the earth, the aliens stealing all of our water, the Satanic forces of hell running loose upon the earth, and now the financial crisis, I guess things just don't look all that bad to me. I guess you could say I am pretty optimistic for 2009. Yup, I kind of feel like I'm on the sunny side of the street, so to speak. I just wish we had more time with George Bush in power. Damn shame that he's got to go. But I'm sure that Barry Obama will live up to everything that Bush has left for him. Maybe the reason that I feel so good about things is the great stock tip I got just before the collapse, I bought up every stock of Vasoline I could get my hands on. So bend over World, time to butter up those cheeks !
I guess I can make a little money off it, before Armageddon. Hey, what's the harm in that?

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 01:27 AM
heres a few things that make me made at myself or have made me mad at myself rather than at somebody else.

replying to a post, and then pressing post only to find that somebody posted the exact same points 10 seconds prior to you, making it look like you've just repeated what the last person said.

looking everywhere for that lost item only to find it was in your hand the whole time.

you hear a noise, you don't know what it is, it sounds strange, you walk around trying to pinpoint it, you turn down the T.V., you can hear the noise where ever you go but you cannot pinpoint it!
after 10 mintues of this you realise its your nose making a wierd noise as your breathing.

dropping the soap in the bath and spending at least 5 mintues chasing it around the tub! GRRRR damned thing.

someone stopping you for directions they mention a place you've heard of but you just cannot think where it is again. so you tell them where you THINK it might be, so they go on their way, then you remember where it was, it was right where they asked for directions!
you want to get out of there incase they come back and think you were purposily sending them on a goose chase.

braking out into song when you think your alone only to find there is someone in the room, you quickly have to retract it to a hum.

taking a waiting ticket from a machine and wondering why you've been left waiting for 1 hour before you realise you took the a ticket from the wrong machine.

jumping out of bed and getting ready for work, and just as your due to leave the house remembering it's a bank holiday.

or going to school on a bank holiday and wondering where ever one is before you realise.

slowly turning over whilst half asleep, and you start to fall out of bed and panic, only to realise you in the middle of the bed and your not falling out.

[edit on 24-10-2008 by lifeform]

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 01:44 AM

Have you a Blood Pressure Monitor???

I have can buy them cheaply at Target or CVS...

BTW....Dave, it should be 'Funny Bunnies', not 'Funny Babies'....

(Based only on your 'RABBIT' persona.....just a suggestion...)

Ya wanna know what chaps my buttocks???

The 'Quadrennial Exploitation of the Masses'!

Oh....there's already a subject about that. Well, it actually holds true every TWO years, not just during a Presidential Election Cycle!!!

Anyway, what would be 'half' of a "Quadrennial"????

A "Secondarial"????

Whichever....every even-numbered year, in the USA, there is an 'Election'...we all (except for certain Candidates THIS Year) should understand how the Constitution allows for these Elections.

MAYBE This is what should 'Chap my Buttocks'!!!

The mere fact that American citizens.....the ones BORN here, do not understand the Constitution....and likely have never read it.

Compared to 'Naturalized Citizens'....who have taken the time to LEARN the Constitution, in order to become American Citizens, probably know the Constitution better than those born here, who automatically 'accept the rights' without even understanding what the Constitution actually says.

I categorize myself in the faction of 'assuming' what I thought the Constitution said....based on my Civics Classes over the years...and knowing I was a Natural Born US Citizen anyway....what was the worry?

Well, there is a LOT to worry about, based on the last eight years.

It is subtle, but it needs to be stopped....or else this 'experiment' of democracy will implode.

THIS is what 'chaps my buttocks'......or as the British would say, 'Chaps my Bollocks!'

I find that our Constitution....the 'formula', if you will, for an Independant and 'NEW" concept for a FREE of religious influences, as the Founders wanted....has been 'hi-jacked' certain OTHER influences, determined to take 'control' away from free-thinking and clear-minded people.

So, THIS is what 'Chaps my Buttocks'

I wanted to use a more British term....replacing "Buttocks" with the word 'bollocks'....

Probably mispelled, but on purpose, just so I don't violate the T/C.

Nevertherless.....I am going on Holiday to the UK next month.....and if the World blows up, I have enough on my credit card to go somewhere else, to be safe. I'm guessing Australia.....

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 12:46 AM
Here's what implodes my reactor:

People who seem to think I have super powers. Expect crap out of me they are too ignorant or lazy to do themselves.

Women who think they are all that and a bag of chips- and look down their noses at those of use who aren't 'Hollywood Hunks'- and/or made of money to boot.

Promises, Promises, Promises......... I am SICK of being promised and lied to. Do what you will say!

Related to the above- Religion and Politics- now THERE'S 2 parties who promise you the moon, and then, ya get mooned, alright.... And then they want money.

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 07:32 AM
Here are some of the things that drive me nuts...

1. People who talk to themselves on blutetooth headsets out loud to sound important while dragging their laptops behind them on little wheeled caddies. It convinces me that men and women for the most part have indeed become complete mindless slaves.

2. Women at airports with their crying screaming baby of whom they wish to stick in the faces of everyone at the airport (hey look, I have a baby!) with a big dumb smile like they are unaware they are pissing anyone off, when in reality someone is hoping she falls down an escalator.

3. I cannot stand the word "crisis", especially here in America where we know most of them are fake and only serve rich interests, while hordes of idiots embark in mass herding behavior for whatever particular reason. Gas prices might go up a few cents, and that is justification enough for lines to be wrapped around the block to get gas. That makes me want to slap someone.

4. Corporate Pussification!!! This is the biggest one that drives me fighting mad. Corporations have turned once diverse, "think out of the box", self-starters, into a bunch of domesticated human equivalents of veal who cannot perform ANY task without this now widely-known sheet of paper known as a "process", or "procedure". When something deviates from that, they have no clue what to do. They address their "boss" as "sir", and when their "boss" asks them a question they don't even have the balls to answer the question in an honest manner, or when they disagree, they make believe they agree out of fear of losing their jobs. I told a director the other day that his idea sucked and why, and the entire room went silent for 30 seconds while they all turned to me like little gophers with these big dumb confused faces like they were at my funeral. I just looked back at them with my hands in the air. I cannot stand the fact that here in corporate America, Americans are now devoid of all thought that is vital to make us competitive. I feel like I am strapped to the mast of a sinking ship, and it enrages me....phew...

5. People who in this day and age are so easily susceptible to propaganda that their simple ignorant minds are made to think we are all on the cusp of massive invasion by arabs, asians, and latinos who are all bent on the destruction of America, "hating us because we're free"...or whatever, and as if. Give me a damned break! IDIOTS!!!!

Lastly, I cannot stand the fact that there is a massive pool of talent to draw from here in the US in all areas but because you don't have a degree from Harvard, or Yale (like it matters in reality) that you are not QUALIFIED (ohhh!) to do the job. Today, the word "QUALIFIED" only means you have rich parents who bought you a degree, or that you worked somewhere before that is related regardless of the poor result. Not that you have a solid resume in leadership and good decision making that is in reality universal to performing any task, or that you are HONEST.

But I am Critical_Mass. I will not yield, I will not be discouraged, and I will never surrender. I live for the fight. Hear me roar!!!!!

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 07:58 AM
I could go on and on but what gets me is,as oil prices continue to plummet,gas prices remain the same,$1.30 a litre here and steady

to-be -edited

[edit on 25-10-2008 by all2human]

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 09:00 AM
OK. So here's what really twists my knickers!

Those SOBs with the leaf blowers who don't turn them away while you're passing by. I know my car's finish is no longer pristine, but I don't need it bleedin' sandblasted whenever I drive past. And I don't need that crud in my eye if I can't get my window up in time! I imagine myself buying an old school bus and rigging the undercarriage with a bank of these blowers on either side and flipping the switch on any inconsiderate airbrain who can't be bothered turning that wasteful, two-stroke, smog-belching contraption away for half a second.

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 10:00 AM
Alright...I'm not finished!

Here's another one that makes me freak!!!!

My office window at work faces the parking garage.

When I see someone pull into a handicapped parking space and then take out their otherwise hidden parking permit, hang it on the mirror and then shuffle off into the building with no visible impairment whatsoever that would impede them from walking like any normal human ACROSS A PARKING LOT.

Cliff notes:

1. Fat is not handicapped!!!! It's FAT!!!! You can always lose weight! MIGHT THIS LACK OF WALKING BE WHY YOU ARE FAT IN THE FIRST PLACE?

2. Driving your mother's legitimately handicapped vehicle does not give YOU handicapped parking privileges and I will call parking enforcement to make sure you are legit. I am watching you! I am against people having to pay a fine for anything, but this is an exception to the rule because the interest is for the handicapped.

3. If you are deaf, you still have eyes, can still read, and properly navigate a parking lot. You are physically able to walk. Your vision as result of being deaf has probably sharpened significantly as a substitute and all you need is to look around you to make sure you are safe, right?

This is one of those things that enrages me because I see plenty of people who cannot walk, miraculously walking all the way from a back parking spot because either they have extreme pride, or because a bunch of frauds stole their spot.

We owe the handicapped vets and civilians the respect they deserve for having that "never say die" attitude and remaining functional in society regardless of the fact that in reality, they are overachievers. They are more "special" than most fully functional people and if you are a fraud with a fraud handicapped permit, you are a criminal and should be punished.

I'll be back...this thread is simply orgasmic.

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 10:00 AM
Oh, this is so minor compared to all the big rants

but every now and then I have a bit of a fume about people being so self-consciously self-important.

I've been walking a lot lately. Haven't bothered driving for months. And it's good, I enjoy walking, for many reasons.

Every day I walk up the hill to town and on the way I consciously enjoy looking at the trees along the footpath and also the plants and flowers in front gardens.

And of course, every now and then, I'll pass someone. They're either in their front garden or we cross paths on the footpath.

And what do I do ? Yes .. you've got me pegged. I smile or nod or otherwise extend a friendly greeting. Can't help it. It's automatic.

But it's not kewl, apparently, to acknowledge others.
Worse .. it's regarded as bad manners or 'un-kewl' or ... gee, who the hell knows ?

So there I am, with my smile out there for the world to see .. exposed !
How disgusting of me !

And the hard faces with their grim slit mouths and averted eyes deliver the slap. They're teaching me a lesson, I think. Teaching me to walk around like them, with a cold, miserable expression that's doing its best to appear 'detached' and 'kewl'.

They teach you by ignoring your smile or greeting. They feel no warmth or joy and that's the way they believe it should be .. everyone trying to impress everyone else with how cold and kewl and oblivious they are.

They nearly gave me a breakdown with this sort of thing when I was young. I developed agoraphobia, long before it had a name and went mainstream.

But I came BACK, lol. I came back STRONGER. I not only smile at them now .. I hum as I walk and I do enjoy life's simple pleasures, such as gnarled old trees and brave, lonely roses spreading their beauty through a tangle of weeds.

Yes, I do pity the wannabe-kewls. I'm sure they smile when they believe they're 'safe' .. in their own place with their own friends. They just don't have the courage to exhibit ANY sort of personality or warmth out there on those 'dangerous' leafy suburban streets, lol.

But it's tempting .. really tempting, to swish past without acknowledging them, my eyes hidden behind shades and a witheringly dismissive expression on MY face -- to show them how THEY appear.

But I'm trying very hard NOT to succumb to temptation, no matter the provocation. I don't want to become 'less' in order to conform with this idiotic new fashion of cutting others dead in order to feel powerful for two seconds.

It's so pointless. Such a waste. So negative.
And yes, it irks

Irks as much as those pea-brains who fiddle with their identity .. sorry, I mean their car .. and arranging it so that one of their high beams is permanently on, JUST so they can blind total strangers at night on the roads.

But that's another issue .. like those women who go to the supermarket and bash as many strangers' ankles as they can with their shopping cart in order to vent the anger they feel about their tragic little lives. I won't dwell on it or I might start hating a whole chunk of my fellow humans.

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 04:21 PM
Ya know, ya betcha!!! What bothers me is an American person running for Political office who refers to the country of Iraq as "Eye-rack"....and then continues, pronouncing Iran as "Eye-ran".

This, from an individual who thinks he/she is ready for the office he/she is running for!!!

You can dress up a Barbie in $150,000 worth of new clothes, but the 'Yokel' still shows through......

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 02:34 PM
Bravo my good man! well done, well done.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 05:30 PM
OK Dave,
Ya know what really puts the grit in my boxers?

Two Saturdays ago I was driving home from work at 8 in the morning because I work nights and I was very tired and a little punchy. I was driving down the highway trying to keep it out of the ditch and my car began to make a low rythmic thumping noise.
Damn. I thought I'd gotten a flat. I turned off the radio and it wasn't the car.
It sounded kind of like that scene in Jurassic Park when the T-Rex was about to appear.
Boom...boom...boomboom. Impact tremor ? Sounded like it but there wasn't a dinosaur for miles.
As I drove on it began to sound eerily similar to the 122mm rockets that we got hit a lot with in Iraq.
Hmm, not a free fire zone and no assets in the vicinity to expend ordnance on unless you count the local wal-mart as a supply depot. Boom...boom...boomboom.
I didn't see any black plumes of smoke nor any flying shrapnel so I figured it was safe to continue through the impact zone.
I pulled up to a red light and as I waited I looked around. The other drivers were looking around as well.
Some people were looking a bit concerned. There was a Cadillac next to me and the sweet looking little old lady in the passenger seat was trying to get the pug in her lap under control. It looked like she was wrestling with a Carl Maldin doll.
As I headed on the noise got louder and louder, I pulled into a strip mall where I have a box at the UPS store to check on my mail. The noise was deafening.
Next door was a Verizon store and in front was a Mitzu-ni-hun-ota with a square half acre of chrome, lipstick red paint that had about 90 layers of clear coat and bullet proof glass to withstand the pounding it was taking from the weapons grade stereo system.
The owner? Nobody in sight. Where is that verizon guy when you really need him ?
I went inside and got my mail. The UPS girl was wearing one of those hearing protection helmets you see when they launch aircraft from a carrier. Boom...boom...boomboom.
I walk next door and into the Verizon store.
The employee behind the counter bobbing his head to the music.
That your car? I said using international sign language.
"Yeah", he yelled back with a big shiny grin. I had to read lips. Couldn't hear a thing.
"You're annoying half of the frigging county buddy". Boom...boom...boomboom.
He looked shocked !
Appalled !
Dismayed !
He looked as if I'd kicked a happy puppy in the nads.
I shook my head and walked out.

By the time I got in my car and started it up he had turned the thing off.
He gave me a dirty look and I waved and smiled.

The UPS girl gives me free stamps now.

posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 04:02 PM
I read your thread a while back, but i just couldn't think of anything i was mad about so i didn't post anthing. Today however, i remembered your thread and descided to use it as a diffuser, and so here i am. I'm mad as hell. In June i received a bill from BT as i do every quarter, on this occasion they said they were increasing my direct debit payment from approx £11.00 to £30.06. I rang and asked why as i only use them for line-rental. They said my bill was increasing to by 35pence a month and my usual payment wouldn't cover it. I asked why i'm now paying more than double, why not increase it to £11.35. She said it was a standard increase and i would be refunded at the end of the year - like a budget scheme. I said, err I dont think so and i want to speak to your manager. She said then said it would be ok to just increase to £11.35. I said thankyou and left it at that. Today I have just received my new bill and was the straw that broke the camels back with my anger containment. They done it again!!!!!!! This time they already took it. September £11.35, October £21.00,November. £21.00 - new bill price £11.75. Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't this OUTRIGHT STEALING! Is there a law against this. Its like they're taking an unauthourised overdraft on me. No notification. If i do this to a bank, i get charged about 40.00 GBP per day. What they dont realise is that Joe public are currently struggling to make ends meet due to fuel increases especially now its winter, and that extra few quid they just pinched actually would have paid a bill which will now result in Joe Publics bank account going overdrwan which Joe Public will then get a fine for. But geuss what that just started a spiral because the overdraft fine was higher than the default bill fine which was higher than the bill itself. That money doesn't magic itself from no-where. When you get paid the same every month, you dont get any extra to account for fines caused by one provider taking a few quid more than they ought to of had.

That made me think about all the other crap that is chucked at you on a daily basis. Junk mail - that we have to recycle. This junk mail comes about from companies you have had dealings with that have passed on your information. They sold it! It gets better, your councils do it too. You know that form you get that YOU MUST FILL IN BY LAW! Electorate Form. There is a box on there that you can choose to tick to opt out of. The Main elcetotoral so you can vote - and the secondary one. Tick this if you do not want your details sold to any tom dick or harry that wishes to buy them. If you haven't i'm afraid your too late, but bear it it mind in future.

Other stuff that is currently getting my goat is Mobile phones. I bought mine so i could choose who i gave my number too! Now all types of comapnies, especially creadit card and phone companies constantly ring to sell me their wares - all times of day and night and its doing my frickin head in! they don't even take no for answer. I have found the answer - answer and put it down. Let them pay for you now wasting thier time and money - great.
Again that brings me to another thing, you have a problem with your bill, as like i did/do with my service provider. You are told too press a number of buttons, god hep you if you if you don not have a pushbutton phone some still do not belive it or not. Same goes if you press the wrong one after 5 minutes of pushing buttons for depts, passwords and account numbers. Oh buty the way whilst your waiting on that line as all their customer service advicsirs are busy, just remember your paying, when your still holding 30 mins later listening to their prodcts you may be interested in. Its so ironic when you happening to be calling a telecommunications provider isn't it!

One last thing banks! arghh! Evil - Pure Evil. I'm not relgious but its like the devil trying to buy your soul! Let us help you, we are here to help, would you like to get even further in debt at a stupid interset rate because your desperate and we no you need to (speaking for the majority).I cannot go into my bank to make a deposit or pay a bill without credit cards, Bank accounts,Loans or Insurances thrust upon me. And they dont just take NO for an answer they pursue it. And whats with bank accounts they charge you for - how stupid! If i wanted travel insurance ect. I'd get it. Now we have bailed the banks out with our tax money and were still getting urine extracted out of us to the point of stupidness! Us public are worse off all the time.

That'll do for now i think, thankyou for giving me opportunity to express my anger in a constructive way.

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