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I’m Mad As Hell & Won’t Take It Anymore! What Chaps Your Buttocks?

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 04:25 PM

Okay..... I’ve made my stance on Religion , the Universe, what I want to do before I die and my Bucket List.... even my Top Movies, but those all pale in comparison on how chapped I am about an issue and can honestly say, without reservation or hesitation ....

I Am Mad As Hell & Will Not Take It Anymore!

Those of you that know and love me
know that I have been known to do a rant or two over my “Dave Rabbit Lifetime” about issues that absolutely drive me crazy to the point that I want to grab my favorite 2 X 4 and beat the crap out of somebody or some thing. Each of us, I’m sure, has had a moment or two in their lifetime that really tested your own ability to keep from slugging someone. Patience is not a virtue that I possess.

So something happens the other day, I make a scene, the problem resolves and I think to myself, Enough Is Enough. I’m sick and tired of situations where other people are allowed to believe that RULES and COURTESY do not apply to them. I refuse to be Status Quo anymore.

Now, before I tell my story..... IF you would like to get something off of your chest about something where you too would like to yell.....

I Am Mad As Hell & Will Not Take It Anymore!

Post your subject on your REPLY and cleanse your soul. Get it off of your chest, knowing that you have the intelligent community of backing you up.

Text Messaging In Movie Theaters

Okay.... here is mine. Now that I am retired and do the ATS MIX Show as a full time gig, when I have spare time I enjoy going to the movies. Bunny, my wife, is not a huge movie goer.... so I normally hit the theater by myself. I have always enjoyed the movie experience in a theater because of the spontaneity of a live audience.

I normally go to an afternoon movie in Dallas around the 2 to 3 p.m. area where, one, I can get a cheaper ticket and, two, don’t have a lot of crowd to deal with. I decided to go see Max Payne, but for purposes of this Bitch Session could be any movie. The theater holds maybe 400 to 500 max and I guess there was half that. Because I do not like the aggravation of whisperers in theaters, I normally go to the back row. Now, the theater I go to is all Stadium Seating which is great because even if Wilt Chamberlain sits in front of you, you can still see the screen. Well, the majority of people know the unwritten rules of movie etiquette when a feature is not sold out. That is if you take a seat, you try Not to sit directly in Front of someone in the row behind you.

Well, things are going well until about 5 minutes before the previews start (which next to the movie, is one of my favorite parts). Then.... all of a sudden, about 10 High School teenage couples (5 boys 5 girls) plop their asses down directly center in front of me. Well, after a few seconds of cursing under my breath, I decide it may not be that bad since they are couples and once the lights go down, they will probably do as I did in my teenage years with girlfriends in darkened movie theaters or drive-ins and play Voyager I or Star Trek and Boldly go....., sorry, never mind.

The previews start, the lights go down and within seconds, every one of these idiots pops open their cell phones and blinds the crap out of me with their cell lights. So, I think to myself, ”The ad just came on about cutting off cell phones and no text messaging, so they must be cutting off their phones.”


The dumb asses start texting whomever. Not just the chicks, but the idiot boyfriends too. Now, I am getting madder by the moment because their cell phones are bright as hell and blinding me. So instead of enjoying the previews, I am having to clinch my teeth to prevent me from creating a big scene and diving into the pile of them. So, being a kinder, gentler Dave (thanks to the ATS community), I say to myself ”Surely when the movie starts and the previews are over, they will stop.”. I rationalize this with the thought of why would anyone spend the money it takes to get in a theater, snack bar, etc., and dick around with a cell phone?

So the movie starts.... and they keep it up. That’s It! I lean over and say loudly to the group ”Hey, how about a little courtesy guys?”. They all turn around, say ”Sorry” and flip their phones down. So at this stage I’m thinking ”Hey, that was easy” and begin to ease my clinched teeth and settle back with my $11.00 popcorn and coke. Well, within a few minutes, I notice the chicks leaning over to whisper something to each other, then turn and whisper to their boyfriends..... and all of a sudden, they all get up and go to the chairs to my left on the aisle. But instead of sitting together as they were before, they are now sitting with one couple (2) on each aisle, with the next one in front of them and so on, occupying 5 total rows.

I know, you are saying..... ”But Dave..... they are way off to your left side.” Yeah, that is great except they immediately flip their phones open now and start that damn text messaging crap again. Now keep in mind, this is a Dark Theater so it is like having 10 fluorescent flashlights penetrating the tranquility of the night environment. As my teeth begin to clinch again, distracting me from the movie which I no longer can enjoy or get into..... I again, say to myself, ”Surely those folks that are close to them will say something to them.” A few minutes pass.... nothing. 10 minutes pass, still no response from any other person in the audience. Everyone is just sitting on their asses being abused by these idiots who haven’t the slightest idea of courtesy, but only what is happening in their unique world of stupidity. Maybe the fact that there were 10 of them.... or maybe the rest of the audience had been trampled on their whole lives and this was normal for them. I don’t know. I do know this, I wrestled with my options that the Bad Dave was saying to me to do on my left shoulder versus the Good Dave was saying to me on my right. It seemed like forever, but after a few minutes of pondering I decided....

I Am Mad As Hell & Will Not Take It Anymore!

My adrenalin was pumping so hard and fast, almost like I was in a marathon race and nearing the 10th mile marker. I stormed down the aisle towards my left, down the dozen or so stairs to where I was about center where the group was having a text messaging party..... and without a seconds hesitation screamed from the top of my lungs to them and the audience as a whole ”Is it just me or does anyone else in this theater think it’s rude as hell to be blinded by this group of kiddos with their damn cell phones”? Well, even thought the movie was still playing, I could almost imagine hearing a pin drop. And as if almost cued on key, the entire couple of hundred folks or so stood up and began applauding. Intermingled with the applause were yells of ”Cut them off or leave!” It was an amazing moment to be sure. With that, the group got up and began quickly exiting the theater to the thunderous applause of the audience.

I went back up the aisle, over to my center back row seat, grabbed my popcorn and coke, unclenched my teeth and enjoyed what was left of the movie. When the movie was over and I headed out the exit a few people stopped me, shook my hand and expressed the exhilaration it was when we all united against stupidity, rudeness and lack of courtesy and reclaimed the relaxing movie experience that is all too frequently interrupted by *SIA’s who feel that rules don’t apply to them.

So IF you happen to be in Dallas sometime and attend a movie at the Firewheel Theater, you better have your cell phone OFF. I am mustering the troops..... we will not stand idly by and have our rights and freedoms abused anymore by the minority..... we will stand strong against the ignorance..... because, you see....

WE Are Mad As Hell & Will NOT Take It Anymore!


*Self Important A**holes


Some of the better stories may be used on a future ATS MIX Show.



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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 04:48 PM
Good vent session Dave! i feel you about the little rascals with the cell phones... i hate that crap too , brother.

My turn, now.

I Am Mad As Hell & Will Not Take It Anymore!

Ok so a littl ebackground to the full story, real quick. I'm a union carpenter. i was working a concrete job building a six story parking garage and got laid off recently.. It happens regularly in my line of work so thats no big deal. Getting my unemployment is what makes me angry.

Starting last monday, the 13th, I began calling the unemployment offices to file my claim at about 10:00 am. After an hour or so of calling i said eff this i'll get it tomorrow. Now this scenario went on for 5 days! when my phone bill comes i'm sure i will have easily over 500 phone calls to those bastards.. and have not been able to get through to an operator the whole time.

Friday comes around and my girlfriend does me a solid and looks up the adress to the unemployment office here in Fresno, and she googled me directions to the place. So Friday morning i took off and drove down there.
There was only one man in front of me and there was only one receptionist which i thought to be a little strange. The man leaves and its my turn to talk to the lady. So i walked up and was trying not to be rude, but instead of a "Hi how are doing" i get a "what do you want?!" from the blue hair behind the desk.

In response i "said good morning, I would like to file my claim for my unemployment insurance."

"We don't file claims"

"excuse me? this is the right office... the unemploymant office?" I was starting to get heated. i could feel the blood pressure rising.

"Yes but all claims are handled over the phone. You'll have to call this number."

Heres where i lost it a little...

"Bull S. I've been calling that damn number for a week and havn't gotten through once! You'r telling me that here at the Unemployment office I can not file a claim for my unemployment like i have done 5 times before???? What the," you get the idea... i was using some real colorful language.

So i go back home and spend the next 4 damn hours calling these idiots, and i finally get through at 4:00 pm, they close the phone lines at 5:00. I speak to one operator for 15 minutes to finally have her come to the conclusion that my claim is special because i'm a member of a labor union , so now I get transfered back on hold and wait for another operator to finally file my claim!!!!!!!!!! i was on the phone for damn near an hour!

I'll tell you what Dave, and fellow atsers, I was ready to break some ones friggin neck, man. It's over with now, it was a serious pain in the butt. Best part about it too, was right after i got off the phone with unemployment, i mean not a split second after i hung up, my buddy who is a forman for another california company calls and says he needs me on a job for 7 months building a freeway bridge. I start in 10 days...

Shouldn't have even bothered with Unemployment!!!!!

Thanks for helping get some anger out on the keyborad, Dave!!!


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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 05:13 PM
reply to post by Dave Rabbit

Some cinemas have fitted cell phone dampeners to solve your problem, thank God.

To quote Peter Grififin, "Do you know what really grinds my gears?"

Lack of driving etiquette. Why can't people raise a hand to say thanks or use indicators? Ignorant, rude people. Nothing else to say really, it's that simple. I bet they're the same people who use mobiles in cinemas.

Shoot 'Em Up addresses this issue nicely.

Edit to add:

A big one this, I can't believe I left it out. Parents who are abusive to their children. Today I saw a woman roaring at her daughter who was no older than 5. This little girl walked behind her Mum sobbing, only to be shouted at further. The language was appalling, I had to distract my own daughter of a similar age so she wouldn't hear. She had a son too, about 10 years old who kept trying to intervene, recoiling quickly when she turned her attention to him.

I hate these situations, and I knew the probable outcome today. People do not like to be, in any way, told what to do with their children. We all know the type of woman I am talking about, rough, fake tan, a voice that'd cut through glass, you get the picture. The woman grabbed the girl's arm, pulled her over, and screamed with her face inches from the little girl's, "Shut the 'f' up! If you don't shut up I'll 'f'ing leather you!"

I shook my head. And I was right. "Don't you 'f'ing look at me like that. Don't 'f'ing tell me how to talk to my child!", she crowed. I hadn't said a word. She stormed across the road to the same car park as I needed. "If my husband was here he'd knock you out!".

Poetry. I thought about how they must make such a lovely couple. She kept on, her son kept trying to calm her down, and I kept trying to distract my own daughter which was becoming a waste of time, she knew exactly what was going on. "That lady's horrid Daddy. She's terrible," she said (she's only 3). The woman continued shouting at me, I had yet to speak, but I could hold back no longer. I had not wanted to say anything for two reasons, firstly my daughter being present, and secondly you never know if the parent isn't going to take it all out on the children when you're gone. But I could stand by no longer listening to the incessant screechings of this banshee.

"You are embarrassing yourself, your son, and you are terrifying your daughter. You shouldn't talk like that to your kids, look at them!". The kids were standing, the girl crying and the boy looking at the floor chewing his nails shaking. She calmed down and tried to explain what the girl had done but I wasn't interested in getting into a discussion. I walked to my car and they walked to theirs.

I don't know where it comes from, this "right" to speak to their children as they see fit. I suppose their parents where the same, and theirs before them. Funny, I see a pattern there...

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 05:21 PM
Stupid power abusing management figures really chalk by hiney.
I always say to myself and friends that the best thing you can do to them is to do exactly what they say to do. Just make sure it's documented.

Rude people in a hurry. Nuff said.

If you don't participate, what say do you have?

BAIL OUTS, Nuff Said!

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 05:30 PM
This election! I am ready to crown somebody King and never do this crap again. Every 4 years we get 2 walking, talking, piles of pig vomit, and we are suppose to pick one to be head liar in charge. Who gives a crap. Lets let a super computer do the job.

People that dont know current events or history, but read about Hollywood....I am not sure why, but people that give a crap about what some actors baby looks like make me want to punch them in the neck.

Socialists, the KKK, and Black History Month. Look, I am not black and I dont care about African customs. Never will. We dont make you listen to a White History Month! Who cares anyway.

TV.........That has to be number one. I hate laugh tracks, and anything with the word "reality" in it. If you turn your TV on to see reality you need to get a life and find some of your own reality.

I could go on all day.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 05:40 PM
i'm surprised you didn't even mention what movie your quote is from...


if i were you guys, i'd watch this movie NOW if you haven't already!!!

by the way, as my "mood" conveys, i too, am mad as hell, and i'm not gonna take it anymore!!!

EDIT: there's usually something that pisses me off on a daily basis - it happens so frequently now because i know how the world really works, that i'm almost numb to it anymore. the next time i need to rant or vent to someone though, i'll make sure to do it on this thread!! i'll go ahead and make my apology in advance!

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 05:45 PM
Rude people for no reason.

I'm mad as hell And I WON'T take it anymore!

I feel like rudeness is the new in-thing and I'm frankly sick of it. Shopping to texting during movies all the way down to not paying attention while you're driving and wonder why you get honked at. Actually more often than not, I'M the one paying attention and THEY do something ignorant and then get mad at me and honk at me.. ugh I'm sick of all of it.

People, PLEASE, treat others like you wish to be treated. If you want to be treated like an ignorant a$$ then by all means go on with your daily routines. However, realize that you brought my new "I'm not going to take this" iron fist on yourself.


On a side note I'm very glad I was raised to be kind and respectful because I think it takes more IN a person to be kind than it does to be rude for no reason.

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 05:49 PM

Originally posted by adrenochrome
I'm surprised you didn't even mention what movie your quote is from...


Yeah.... thanks for that.
Great flick.

By the way....... feel free to Rant about anything or any group.... BUT....



posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 05:56 PM

I am a retail Operations Manager for a very large electronics chain, and my job is basically customer service, labor budgets, schedules etc. So when there is a "customer opportunity" I am always the first person to deal with it.

Let me ask everyone this: Why do people think that being a complete a-hole will get you what you want? BECAUSE IT WONT. People are constantly trying to do things outside the policies I have to follow, and think that if they scream at me I'll cave.

Here's a good example. Our return policy is 30 days. Someone buys a product and tries to return it four months later because it's defective. "Sorry Sir, our return policy is 30 days, I can get you the number for the manufacturer". This is about the exact time people go off the hook. "DOESN'T YOUR COMPANY STAND BY YOUR PRODUCTS?!? DOES YOUR COMPANY PRIDE ITSELF IN SELLING DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS??!"


Like seriously, people.

Don't be mean. I'm just a little 21 year old girl who's trying to not break the rules so she can keep her job. If you had bought the extended service plan, you wouldn't be screwed. Obviously you opted out of the extra warranty, so you chose to DEAL WITH THE MANUFACTURER.

Don't yell at me and expect me to be nice back. Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. If you're a jerk-face to me, I'm gonna be a jerk-face back. Oh yeah, and I might kick you out.

That's my rant. Remember, people in retail are human too.

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 05:58 PM
People in cars pulling out in front of you and not speeding up to keep you from having to slam on your brakes, especially when you were the last car and they could've waited till you went past

And, commercials. And, people that see, when you are shopping, that you are trying to make a decision and stand right in front of you when it was clearly obvious! People that are talking with both carts blocking the way, and you "still" have to say, excuse me when you are clearly needing to go by and it is like you had no right to do that!
Thanks for the post!!

I mean, I do just let it go and go on, but it was nice to air!!

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 06:03 PM
reply to post by Malzypants

AMEN!!! After working as a customer service rep for an ISP for quite some time I 100% without any doubt what-so-ever agree with your post. FOR GODS SAKE, people acted like I was deliberately withholding some super secret information that would solve their problem 10000% and just didn't feel like telling them because I *wanted* to talk to them for an hour and a half while they screamed about their internet. Ugh.. bad memories lol. But, really, I feel you on this post, haha.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 06:06 PM
I Am Mad As Hell & Will Not Take It Anymore!

People who do not discipline their children. Children are our future but it seems their own parents invest in them less and less. Being around some people's children these days is a nightmare. It's not a joy- you are literally having them inflicted upon you. The screaming child in the grocery store, at the theater, in a restaurant, etc., who the parents are completely oblivious to. Or the parent that expects the school to raise their children instead of them. The parents who don't teach their children the meaning of hard work, respect, manners, and character. The parents who indulge their children in trivialities while neglecting the more important things mentioned in the previous sentence.

This can often lead to...

How society takes responsibility for their actions less and less. There always seems to be an excuse or somebody else is always the problem or cause- never themselves. You hear horror stories all the time especially in criminal cases and news stories. Instead of having to pony up for what we did, we instead look for ways to justify our actions.

Then finally...

Those in positions of authority who abuse their power or mistreat others. It can either be those who exploit and mistreat the little guy or anyone involved in corruption.

Oh and one more...

The 'me first' syndrome that is far too prevalent today. This leads to a plethora of other rants it itself. If more people considered others themselves, the world would be a better place. However, on the contrary, we seem to be getting worse and worse.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 06:08 PM
Several good rants here, especially Dave's movie rant.

Kudo's and starred.

I quit going to movies some time back.
Apparently I'm not the only one.
Movie houses have shut down in the last town I lived in and also in this one.

I'm guessing because they try to get by with minimal personnel and don't have an usher standing inside to keep things under control.

The cell phone dampers sound like a neat deal.

If only I could find something similar to silence the 0200 boom box cars that cruise down my street....

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 06:09 PM
Dave, not sure if this qualifies as good enough criteria, but it truly burns my butt to no end and it is my BIGGEST pet peeve.
It is those people who seem to not have enough drama in their lonely little lives, and no soap opera can calm their desire, no entertainment show can quench their thirst for the juiciest tidbit of GOSSIP!
Whether it's over the water cooler, across the table in the coffee shop, or their own living room with tea and cookies over the phone, they just can't seem to stop talking and others in their little churning mill of a mix of truth and lies, just to satisfy whatever sadistic need it is of theirs to do so.
I live in a quiet cul de sac of townhouses, and everyone knows everyone else's comings and goings.
I have never been social here, as I prefer to keep my life private from my nosy neighbors. However, that adds fuel to the speculative fire, and usually leads to one or more of them walking up to me when I go to get my mail..
"Oh my gosh I heard something about you.."
The tongues wag around here for sure. Verbal diarrhea is a chronic illness.
I have been invited countless times over "For Tea" which is not totally what is being served. What is really on the silver platter is a heaping pile of BS that is hopefully going to be traded for a fishing expedition of my personal information.
No, No, No..ladies.
AccessDenied prefers not to sit around a table full of cackling hens, whining and complaining and listening to exasperated sighs of .."OH my god, did you hear about so and so?PULEEZE!
Live your own life, create your own dramarama, and stay the heck out of mine.

Anyone got a fire extinguisher????

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 06:10 PM
Thanks for understanding. You don't know how many people's Christmas, Birthday, Valentines Day, blah blah blah, I've ruined, etc. Myself and those who are in customer service are truly the spawn of Satan.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 06:14 PM
I have a burning hatred for foreigners who claim to hate the "American Way of Life"but are the first ones rushing to this country fighting for citizenship and their rights and in doing so have manipulated the piss out of our sytem which results in them having more rights than a "TRUE AMERICAN BORN CITIZEN"

I hate Illegal immigrants manipulating our system and the fact that the LAWMAKERS who are supposed to uphold the law, don't. Not only don't they uphold the laws they themselves have passed, They make resources readily available for these people and help them. I thought aiding and abetting the enemy was TREASON.

ATS Link

I hate everyone who tries to take away rights of people which have been in place since the beginning of this country, but whine like sissies when you have a legit complaint about there agendas.

Our country and the American heritage have been all but wiped out by the scum running this country and what they allowed to happen and if you haven't noticed, the more rights we give to special groups, means we ourselves lose more rights. This is no longer AMERICA. It's turning into some 3rd world scumhole.

I hate the sympathizing *snips* who baby all the above and the rights the don't deserve. I hate the pussies all Americans have become.

Above all, I hate our treasonous, self serving, man made law manipulating, hypocritical, self righteous officials NEVER being held ACCOUNTABLE for the crimes they committ on an astronomical scale, while they point fingers and label us criminals for allegations and petty infractions which ruin us for the rest of our life.

It's even sadder that with today's tech we can't organize a peaceful ammending (if neccessary, revolutionary overthrowing) of a majority of these people ruining our country, who deserve nothing more than to be put to death for treason.

[edit on 18-10-2008 by 19DCW71]

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 06:19 PM

Originally posted by Desert Dawg
I quit going to movies some time back.
Apparently I'm not the only one.

Me too. Referring to my rant about undisciplined children, one of the last times I went to the theater was a couple years ago. My husband and I moved heaven and earth to get a babysitter for our son that night so we could have a date night. We also have never taken our son (who will be five in December) to the movies with us as of yet due to the fact we know he would be too excited and ruin the movie for everyone else.

So, we got it all worked out to go and wouldn't you know it.- the entire time sitting right behind us was a family with SCREAMING children. It takes a LOT to get me to say something to a stranger so all I would do for about the first hour was turn around and glare at the parents (to no avail). After having to lean to my husband possibly a dozen times and asking, 'What did they just say?' (referring to parts of the movie I couldn't hear thanks to the screaming kids and oblivious parents), I finally reported them to an usher who talked to them (and spared me from having to be confrontational).

It seems common courtesy is lost on some people.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 06:41 PM
reply to post by Malzypants

I sooo.. agree with Malzypants!

I Am Mad As Hell & Will Not Take It Anymore!

I also work in customer service. Supporting a DO IT YOURSELF product
which is sold only at (you know this place) DO IT YOURSELF stores
common throughout America.

When the customer trys to install this
product and (often) fails. He calls ME. Fine, it's my job to help them so
I gladly offer to walk them through any step they are having trouble
with, the whole install from the start (3-4 hours) if they want, works
fine with some but with others, not so well.

They quite often demand that I send a service man to the house to so
it for them, this is where it is also my job to explain that this is a do it
yourself product from a do it yourself store and that I am there to
help them, this is also where I have learned just how many creative
ways there are for them to tell me off.

This is also where I have learned to get very good at Pac-Man while I
patiently wait for them to run out of steam.

After they are out of breath I again offer to gladly help them, at this point
they are usually whipped and accept. I slowly walk them through the steps
and when we are done they say something like Wow that was so easy,
why the _____ doesnt it just say to do it like that in the instruction manual.

Now is where I get to say (and this is what makes it all worthwhile)
Sir, I just read the instruction manual to you, step by step.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 06:45 PM
People that talk on the phone while driving. People that think it is funny when someone gets hurt. People that believe blindly in anything. Old movies that have been colorized. Rap music. Racist people. People that tell me my cigar stinks. Drunks, when I am sober. Sober people, when I am drunk. Fast food. Church people, ( the ones that preach Jesus and judge all those around them). People that drive 40 mph in the left lane. Dallas traffic. Clerks from some third world dump that do not speak english, stink, and play whatever they think is music in their crappy little store. NYC cab drivers. The people that have destroyed what use to be the greatest city on earth, San Francisco. People that weigh 350 pounds and complain that the airplane seat is too small. French food. People who are 6'5 telling me I am short at 6'0. Skinny people that can eat anything and not have to burn off that milkshake. Diet fads, white wine, stinky feet, and people that hurt animals...........More later

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 06:45 PM
reply to post by AlienChaser

I love it. I love it so much. Star for you.

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