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I’m Mad As Hell & Won’t Take It Anymore! What Chaps Your Buttocks?

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posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 04:36 PM
I'm as mad as hell and have to take it!

I work in a secure psychiatric hospital with patients who are detained under the Mental Health Act. You might be fooled into thinking' poor little lambs'- well don't. Some of these people are detained on a court order a 37/41 because they have committed a fairly horrific crime but have pleaded insanity and fooled the experts, some are completely as mad as a box of frogs.

We have one who stabbed their nan in the neck, one who raped his 6 year old niece, one who stabbed an elderly woman in the face etc etc.

My rant is the amount of money these people get whilst they are detained. They have no rent, no food, no utility bills, they have never worked a day in their fat lazy lives. But they have more money in their bank accounts than me. They have the latest x box, playstation 3, expensive trainers, designer clothes, 42 inch televisions and if they want to throw it at someone they do and they will buy another one next week. Because they can afford it because the government throws money at them in benefits.

Some of the patients are detained under a section 3 which is just mental impairment, no real forensic history, their level of benefits is small in comparison to the 37/41's. See it must be worth committing a shocking offence!

posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 04:11 PM
People who drive in heavy traffic while talking on their cell phone.

If I were queen for a day I would decree the cops pull everyone of them over and super glue their cell phone to their ear.

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posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 07:34 AM
reply to post by ofhumandescent


There ARE various laws, in various jurisdictions, regarding 'driving' while on the cellphone'....

Problem is, in these same jurisdictions, if a person is using a 'hands-free' headset, whilst on the the phone, they are free-and-clear.

What I'd like to see discussed is: How many people are distracted simply by changing the radio station, in their vehicle? What about chatting with passengers in the vehicle? How about harried Mothers attempting to silence the distractions from the back-seat????

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 04:28 PM
reply to post by 19DCW71

I definately agree. The US farmer is fighting a losing battle with the USDA and FDA and World Trade Organization. A Cargill VP wrote the @#$#@ Agreement on Ag and now farmers are going to be criminals ($1,000,000 fines and ten years in jail) if we screwup the #$%$ bureau Rats paperwork. Meanwhile in the rest of the world a child starves to death every 5 seconds and a farmer commits suicide every eight hours so Cargill, Monsanto and their buddies can make another billion while shipping poisoned food and drugs across the border from Latin America and China.

Oh yeah when the sh#t hits the fan like the e-Coli tomatos that were really Mexican peppers. the big headlines blame American farmers so the American consumer will give the USDA and FDA the power to screw the family farmer. Meanwhile the big produce packers (FDA) and meat processors (USDA) have their "noncompliants" reports shoved under the carpet.

Even worse AT a CONGRESSIONAL HEARING!!!! testimony comes out that the USDA management ...AND WELL Here it is and they are talking about MAD COW DISEASE

Some of my members have been intimidated by agency management in the past when they came forward and tried to enforce agency regulations and policies. I will give you a personal example:

In December 2004, I began to receive reports that the new SRM regulations were not being uniformly enforced. I wrote a letter to the Assistant FSIS Administrator for Field Operations at the time conveying to him what I had heard...

I was paid a visit at my home in Alabama by an FSIS official dispatched from the Atlanta regional office to convince me to drop the issue. I told him that I would not. Then, the agency summoned me to come here to Washington, DC where agency officials subjected me to several hours of interrogation including wanting me to identify which of my members were blowing the whistle on the SRM removal violations. I refused to do so....I was then placed on disciplinary investigation status. The agency even contacted the USDA Office of Inspector General to explore criminal charges being filed against me...

Both my union AFGE and the consumer group Public Citizen filed separate Freedom of Information Act requests in December 2004 for any non-compliance records in the FSIS data base.... It was not until August 2005 that over 1000 non-compliance reports – weighing some 16 pounds -- were turned over to both AFGE and Public Citizen that proved that what my members were telling me was correct – that some beef slaughter facilities were not complying with the SRM removal regulations... on the same day those records were released, I received written notification from the agency that they were dropping their disciplinary investigation – eight months after their “investigation” began

It is important to understand that the BSE testing conducted by the USDA is not for food safety purposes, but is part of our surveillance to determine the presence or prevalence of the disease in the U.S. cattle population. Food safety is assured by prohibiting the use of specified risk materials (SRMs)-those tissues where the BSE infective agent would be found-in the human food supply.


posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 05:09 PM
what chaps my buttocks?

wait is this meant to be pornographic ?

because that would be the only thing that would chap my buttocks lol

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