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Why Come We Is Stoopid An Disfunkshunal?

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posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 11:39 PM
I drink.
I smoke weed.
I play video games.
I watch sports.

While i know that these do not contribute to my intelligence in any way, they certainly do not prevent me from learning and WANTING to learn. One can balance any lifestyle if the desire to learn and expand one's mind is there.

I feel it is down to individual choices.

People have a choice:

Read a book or watch TV
Watch a doco or the latest Holywood tripe can dish out
Learn something new or go to McDonalds
Discover your own truth or let the evening news discover it for you

I think it is the media and modern day distractions which are having serious impacts on people's intelligence. ESPECIALLY the youth.

It seems the world is gearing itself towards ensuring tomorrow's future leaders are doing EVERYTHING BUT learning and developing their intelligence.

Paris Hilton is the perfect example of the media campaign to dumb down our youth. I need not go into this as i am sure everyone knows what i mean.

Combine this with the utter onslaught of toxins we ingest everyday and our complete lack of any clue when it comes to looking after our body AND our mind AND our soul, and we have a bad combination.

People have forgotten and the distractions are winning the day.

The inbalance and seperation we suffer, due to a complete disregard to developing our spiritual intelligence, is also not helping.

I do feel a change though as more and more people are interested in what i talk about and less and less of them respond with rolled eyes than ever before.

One thing is for sure, my children will not be allowed to fall into the anti-intelligence trap so many around the world already do.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 11:48 PM
"Think instead of masturbate" lol. That oxytocin sure is calming though, and in these stressful times...

Anywho, I forgot to mention sleep deprivation and the drugs. Teens naturally tend to stay up late and sleep in a lot. This gets thrown out the window, no one cares if they are sleep deprived. Pretty much everyone I knew was sleep deprived, it was just the extent that they tolerate it. Teachers actually encourage ritalin at times, which is scary because they have no health background and frankly, don't care about the kid's health. School officials can make you seem abusive for not "treating their illness" or openly state that you are abusive. But hey, now that the kid has been "treated" for ADD with ritalin, he won't need to sleep at all! So that takes care of the sleep deprivation, see how effective schools are at problem solving? He won't be eating either, so schools won't have to worry about funding nutritious breakfasts complete with refined white flour cinnabons deep fried in pork fat.

The system never changes for the student it seems. It seems too that even people who have had awful experiences in public school will also end up putting their kids in public school, that's about as stupid as it gets.

I think another factor is the lack of parent involvement in education, but I'm not talking about helping the kids with their homework. A lot of education is busywork and other mindless activities. This will get repeated for every generation in public education. If parents taught their kids, they would cut out the busy work and teach them things that they use to survive in the world. The kid grows up, teaches what his parent taught him to his child, and the new information needed to exist in the world, ect. This way there would be a dynamic, intelligent nature to education that would mimic the real world. Now, we have a static, or very slow changing system, that is stupid and does not mimic the real world, reffering to public education of course. When was the last time your mother used advanced trigonometry when shopping at the grocery store or on the job?

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posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 05:29 AM
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posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 12:21 PM
reply to post by Grey Magic

Mercury is very interesting, there are those and not just a few of them who think that Mercury and Autism are linked

mercury and autism

Now, certainly Mercury is a poison in Life,

But I find the link with autism Interesting because I have a good friend who has Aspergers and he does... quite well with PPC (pay per click) ads on the internet due to his gift with numbers that came along with the territory

Somewhere in there he has a gift, I can ask him 456 + 567 X 45 -8 and he will give me the awnser in a split second...

So the causes of Autism Interest me greatly, I'd love to be able to tap into some of those abilities if they could come without the defecits...

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 12:27 PM
A star and a flag for a great topic mopusvindictus.

I've been thinking about these matters a lot yesterday as a part of a large post I've been working on. My number one contributor for the dumbening(sic) down of the public is the main stream media. To quickly sum it up:

* We are always presented, predefined, pre-approved expert opinions on pretty much every topic that makes the news. What this does is remove the need to for your own opinion in the eyes of the vast majority of the viewers. After all the person you just saw IS the expert on the subject. I'd argue that most people simply adopt the served opinion as their own.

* We are constantly being show predominately bad news. This I believe is primarily to install as much fear as possible for the obvious conclusion that frightened people are less likely to trust one another and are as such easier to control. Additionally frightened people are much more likely to trade their freedom for a false sense of security. Moreover fear suppresses logical thinking and promotes instinct.

* Too much information. I find it extremely annoying that main stream media news outlets constantly pack the tv screen with all sorts of information. And in order to ad to the confusion they add absurdly annoying graphics whose seemingly only task is to distract your field of vision every 3 seconds. This is sometimes coupled with a sound, the kind movie theaters use to make the viewer feel like a spotlight beam is moving passed them. I personally find this horrible to watch as I can hardly keep my mind on the anchor and the news being presented. The sum result of this is, in my humble opinion, intentional provocation of something akin to the attention deficit disorder.

This no doubt comes in handy when, at future date, details of a particular story need "refinement".

* Intentional sensationalism. Far too many stories are dramatized beyond need as to keep the viewer in a state of suspense. This while desired by the media outlets ( no doubt it sells more advertised products ) is what in the long turn, I believe, degrades long turn memory. It seems to me that, lately, people only remember what they've seen on the telly only a few short weeks ago. Everything else is just old news.

Politicians profit the most from public's loss of long term memory.

* Vocabulary loss. I've noticed that people who tend to get their news and entertainment via the TV use far fewer words in day to day life. I think that this is directly connected to lack of reading as the author of any given written work will spend a large amount of time in trying to convey the message in the best possible way as opposed to the TV crew trying to maximize the ads broadcast time.

Unfortunately, I have no way to conclude this post. It's just some things I've noticed or thought about lately.

Have a nice day.

edit: I can't type, or spell.

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posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 12:28 PM
reply to post by ghaleon12

You got stared on this... and it's obvious... but, really as much toxins as we are absorbing as dumb as the media seems intent on making us...

Really, the first true solution, reading as oppossed to watching TV as much and now this


Sure, I believe it was Plato, that used to lecture while walking... blood flow to the brain... improved circulation, that alone has to be tremendous

#1 Read
#2 Exercise

huge amounts of toxins can be released via exercise, endorphins, pain killers...

As simple as it sounds, it just goes a long way.

I think a real message here thus far and in the first couple of pages of this thread

It's alot harder for them to screw with your mind and body no matter what they do if you just take care of yourself... LOL Intelligence debate aside, If they were to i.e. drop Bird Flue out, those that read and exercise will be able to better survive Knowledge + Health, in the end the 2 biggest survival traits

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 12:36 PM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

I think you should add organized religion to that list.
Especially in America.
Everyone seems to be led by the hand, the church tells them what to think, say and do.
The dysfunction comes from the clash of group vs. individual thought process and the guilt that is piled high.

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posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 12:54 PM
reply to post by Mr Headshot

The Educational system is SICK and we shouldn't loose track of it anywhere in this thread and for a moment...

IN a thread that is against stupidity, I don't want to say something here, but feel I really need to and the anger of it might to some sound a little stupid (I suppose mostly anger is stupid lol) BUT it pisses me off none the less

I had RETARDED kids in my class as a child and I had an IQ as high as 186 (scores varied none under genius by even a close margin)

and my teacher was catering to a person with an IQ of 60...

How can we ever have a functional society when people like myself are utterly neglected and... people who are helpless are encouraged to be are labor force and have thier hands held all the way to that goal...

I'm sorry Retarded kids belong in a special place, I can see where some self esteem is built by giving them jobs and so on, but... just as often they are victimized...

I see studies that helps, but in RL I see and endless barage of teen age punks abuse them at the Burger King Counter and... I just don't get it...

I don't see why big houses with special staff and...the ability to live free of that kind of pressure and degredation isn't a better answer...

Is it that much of a slave state that rather than build special homes for the impaired we have to force them to .... work and pay taxes and rent an apartment

You know... I live in a really nice area... like all weel to do locations The ghetto however is only a couple of miles down the road and...

That's where all the Retarded (and I say it rather than special for the proper Impact) The Retarded people that work... all live inthe Gheto now... and it's not safe for them... I see them walking along through punks and thugs and KNOW they are being abused...

So I got no help as a Genius and for all this Special Ed... RETARDS are now loose in the worst neighborhoods in the USA, slaves in fast food restauraunts... and I got nothing,

It really makes me want to kick someones Arse... it's an Insanity... Put Corky in a house with a farm and other "special needs" people, give them farm animals to feed and know, let them cook eggs and hit each other in the head withj frisbes in a nice big beautiful field

I mean...what? Did someone get Jealous that Retarded people had a better life than those of us who had to work? Are we that jealous and pathetic...

Because that's where those special kids are, on the corner with hoods and hookers and pimps... you can tell, it's the guy in the crowd with the Helmet on his head... and I swear to G_D I have seen this in recent weeks... literally.

And those that could... do almost anything for society got NADA done to let us excell...

Why did the "special kids" get Millions and Millions and no one built me and the Asian kid a Laboratory...

I poke some fun in this ... but realy the accelerated kids were just as stand out as the retarded kids in our own way

I remember the one time in my life we acctually got our own class... but we were always a group until I passed puberty and (thank g-d unlike the slow version I could learn to blend)

But it was me, The skinny Jew, My Asian friend (not always the same kid but ever present) always... all sorts of other kids, nerds of all kinds...

But every year as a given I the Jewish Kid and my Asuian Companian of the year were up on that stage takeing all the awards lol...

Even when I droped out of HS finally...

this is sad... in a funny way... (and why it miffs me the slow got all the help I got none)

On my GED I got a perfect score plus the 40 bonous points...

2 kids in the State pulled that off... and, this is NYC btw...

and there I was at a special graduation (The frackin Mayor was there) getting yet another award

Me and my Asian Pal who I met 10 minutes earlier... the 2 Perfect scoreing dropouts... being honored for our achievements in front of the city
for Failing out with the best scores...

something just Poetic and wrong in this all huh?

People say the stereo types are all wrong but I'm sorry... it's always been my nerdy Jewish but up on that stage in compettition with some Asian Kid as long as I can remember...

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 12:54 PM
I love this topic

Maybe we have always been stupid?

I am certainly no genius, but would like to think I have some common sense

Information over load.

My daughter is a school teacher, trust me, the school system sucks.

Take into consideration drug abuse by our children, heck I know a lot of teens, they start very young now days.

Now my dad was a blacksmith, he only went to the ninth grade then had to leave school to work in the shop, yet his education was far more advanced then even what college kids are getting today.

My grandparents home was full of many books, written in many different languages, since my grandmother spoke seven languages fluently. They even got their news papers sent over from Europe., and more then one language was spoken in my home.

When I look back at the contents of those books they were much more difficult to read in comparison to what they print today

I think the ability to speak other languages stimulates the brain.


Look at what they call music today in comparison to Beethoven or Bach

I always encouraged my children to be artistic, my grandparents played stringed instruments, and my children do.

Music is key.

The extended family, I lived with three generation, the wisdom of the grandparents is another thing that aids in educating the young, of course in today's society us old fools are shunned.

I really hate typing, lol

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 01:33 PM
reply to post by Mr Headshot

Youre exactly right as well friend. All school is for is to rob kids of their passion and creativity to learn and think outside of the box, and get them used to following everyones rules and listen to everyones directions without applying common sense or logical thought of their own.

Schools are teaching kids to let the ones in charge do all the necessary thinking, that all they have to do is follow the directions and the rules.

I am against public schooling, and im against forcing kids to go to school. If kids dont want to go dont make them go it just makes it worse for the ones who do want to learn. For the kids that do want to go they should pay for it to keep the government and the elites out of the classrooms corrupting our kids lessons. Higher education should be a privilege not a right.

I know that sounds crazy, but look what happens to higher education when it becomes a right to all, when it becomes public and enrollment is free because of the government. What we need to do is GET THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF THE SCHOOLS. Privatize all schools and make them a privilege not a right, we do that and we will cure the stupidity problem in the country.

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 01:40 PM
reply to post by Stormdancer777

How right you are sir, I've always been a musician. I played a little piano and saxophone but I've pretty much ended up with guitar and drums. I'm thinking about picking up the er-hu though.

Music has been show to regenerate neuropathways and help heal patients.

Do a quick search on Melody Gardot, she's a living testament.

I don't think we've always been stupid; I'll use an example.

Look at a letter from a soldier to his lover from the cival war, they're eloquently written and well penned for the most part. They're civilized and romantic, often contemplative.

Take a letter written from Iraq today,

Baby, it's F**n hot as #. I wana come home and # your brains out.

You get the idea. I apologize if this is a violation of the conduct; it's to prove a point.

One thing, a good indicator, is handwriting. I understand that many brilliant people have terrible handwriting, so that aside.

The handwriting of the average american male, myself included, is nearly illegible whereas 100 years ago most people's penmanship was absolutely gorgeous. This is a pretty good reflection of the state of the general intelligence IMO.

Schools are funding programs of little substance. Home ec is being taken out of many schools as are the fine arts. Football is being shuttled more and more money, while football is athletics I believe this money could be far better spent, for facilities and health education rather than competitive sport.

I always described highschool as a flourescent hell, you think it's an accident that schools are dimly lit and mostly neutral colors are used?


However, I believe it's important to make the point that your intelligence IS your choice. Nobody can make you dumb, only push you in that direction and help you along the way. Increasing your wisdom and intelligence has to be a conscious decision on the part of the individual as nobody will help you apart from yourself.

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posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 01:41 PM
reply to post by SEEWHATUDO

I don't know i'd agree that organized religion is an actual dumber...

In Religion, there is a wealth of information to be had, what most religous people do however is listen to a local pastor or priest or rabbi etc...

Usually a guy with a minuta of education claiming to speak for g-d

Book for book however if you TRUELY studied religion, all religion, there would be alot to interet you, Islam, Judaism, christianity, ... you'd need to now 4 languages just to say you had begun...

and then the more esoteric religions... Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism... in terms of what to offer spiritually and personally it's there

Thing is I think, people don't STUDY religion they regurgitate spoon feed amounts of knowledge from one book...

Take your worst Bible thumpers, I'd bet 99% of the time they have read nothing but the new testament...

and it's the work of 4 Apostles...

all the other apostles ignored, Mary magdalene and 7 female apostles literally unknown to most, the gnostic texts... I mean I could go on... a typical christian has thousands and thousands of pages of information left ...discarded

which if you Read, I found Christ suddenly becomes at the least a fascinating fellow...

But, Religion gets reduced to..."your a sinner" and lol...

this falls under method #1 to fight back

READ don't just let your info be handed to you... Religion is like a gun, bad only in the wrong hands

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 01:46 PM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

Absolutely agreed, religion can dumb you down only if you choose to let it be so. Relgion can help you in so many ways though, I'm not a religious man myself but I understand why many people like it. I go to church sometimes, like I said not religious though. If you choose to learn about religion and read and really study and think about the true concepts and parables presented you will find a vast wealth of knowledge and great wisdom.

Religion is a powerful weapon, a double edged sword. Just dont use it as a crutch and dont blindly accept, form your own beliefs and you'll be fine.

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 01:46 PM
reply to post by Stormdancer777

Urmmm... what do you then think about the first article I think I posted, the Hravard study that claims until about age 4 we all seem to be Geniuses?

You say the words... "I am certainly not a genius"

But my response is... Who first told you you weren't no Genius?

I think this is HUGE

Because, I was goofing above on how me being Jewish and I always had an Asian kid right next to me at intellectual award crud...

Do I think Genetics are at play? No

I think... My Mom told me I was brillinat my whole life, I think it's also highly valued in Asian Families

"your so smart" "your so smart" "your so smart"

Like a Mantra... in my culture.. (no not Money
) "your so smart, that's what was important, nothing more... literally, eat good... diet kosher etc... ditto on asians... and "your so smart"

I think that's why we all start as geniuses and then FAIL, lol... we are told we are not smart...

Huge implications for cultures out there...

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

Yes I agree.
It is organized religion that I speak of.

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 01:55 PM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

Mop, I had a really hard time in school, that doesn't make me stupid, I just see the world differently.

That's another thing,We lump kids all in the same category not helping them build on their individual strengths, everyone learns at a different pace,

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 01:56 PM
And I would add to that:


Why? Is it just Omega 3's? that helps for sure, but there are surely other factors, protien forms, serotonin, abscence of negative fats...

Look at


As a jew... Lox and whitefish were daily staples

In America ... huge brain power from, our port cities, NY, San Francisco...

Cities in fact tend to truely form along waterways and all through school... people would say... because of trade, I say No... it helps but Diet comes into play. Fish in the diet matters.

Look at Dolphins... Bigger brains than ours...

it's interesting to note...

and another person listed MERCURY as a culprit...

Odd that a decline in Intellgence is seen as Fish becomes laden with Mercury? Maybe not... obviously it still helps more than it hurts, but that's a tradgedy

Fish Farming can perhaps be a huge boost for our lil planet in terms of production, g0-d knows acre per acre with fish farms you can feed more people than with cows... Minus the prion disease too...

Diet has always mattered, in a major way... particularly what your mom eats when she is pregnant with you

I have always believed that the Kosher diet and Middle Eastern diets and In India... despite the religous dogma... really wer about prion disease...

Lol G-d commanded my people to remove the Glands and Spine? The obviousness that the cultures that sprung civilization understood in some basic way the dangers of prion disease can not be understated...

and... Fish, people say go vegetarian, I need protien, but Cows and Pigs vs Salmon and White Fish

look at America and the numbers of Morons... I mean, come on Burgers Vs Salmon... you don't really need to know much to assume the results over time and particulalry over generations...

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 02:00 PM
reply to post by Mr Headshot

The handwriting of the average american male, myself included, is nearly illegible whereas 100 years ago most people's penmanship was absolutely gorgeous. This is a pretty good reflection of the state of the general intelligence IMO.

Oh my, I can relate to so many of your points,

Yes i remember the beautiful penmanship, you know my grandfather was born in the late 1800's, my father in 1904, so I have a wide range of time here to observe the changes in society.

BTW mister headshot I am a women.

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posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 02:02 PM
reply to post by Stormdancer777

Don't know if you read my above post prior to that last one...
Hard time in school is what this is all about, this is what the whole thread is about.

Geniuses are daily...doped, told they have learning disabilities... apparently as I said we ALL start out geniuses

Hard time in school? What i'm saying is you very well may be far brighter than you know...

you'd have no way of knowing because, nothing in our school system would ecer identify how you learn, who knows how your mind works...

Hard time is scholl YES, certainly no indication of stupidity, by the numbers it's likely your either bright or have some sort of way of thinking that could be described as a Gift...

There is jus only one type od specialized intelligence... this isn't about geniuses, only one type Period, of specialized thinking is addressed by the American school system... Being stupid

lol, if you had trouble in school... you almost certainly weren't stupid, if you were, you'd have a doctorate by now

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 02:06 PM
reply to post by caballero

I always thought it would get better with each step up educationally...

By masters degree time, I was still being asked to repeat other people work as fact rather than research it.

You better be Ivy Leauge if you want a shot at truely doing unique research...and even there, it's yearly that some guy is banished from harvard for Innovation...

Amen bro,

Lets say this unless there is a major disagreement

#2 Exercise
#3 Diet
#4 Expect to do your real learning Outside of school

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