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Why Come We Is Stoopid An Disfunkshunal?

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posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 12:51 AM
reply to post by whitewave

Hnestly to awnser your question in regards to what I believe on the subject.

I'd say Yes, I believe the dumbing down is Intentional, just wanted peoples take rather than spew my own conspiracy theories.

I think it's Intentional on 2 fronts actually

The first being Intentional on the part of human nature and the main downfall of Democracy.

People, as you know, intensely fear others smarter than they are... I don't think we need to discuss the school yard situation... even how many teachers treat and even parents treat children smarter than they are.

People FEAR those more intelligent than they are, it's a survival instinct... from the first half man that wielded a stick against a bigger ape, Men in particular freak on nerds, and it's straight fear... Intelligence superiority after thousands and thousands of years of evolution is a part of survival, it's an instinct and it really comes up in school, a spear beats a bigger Gorilla any day

So Democracy, socialism and Communism also... anything any system (all of them paractically are this way in this era) That is geared to being FAIR for all... is the Death of Intelligence, the minute you leave meriticracy behind, your screwing over the more capable and lowering standards and shutting off survival of the all times since we call ourselves Mankind... Intelligence IS the survival of the fittest

Until now, this has been balanced by capitalism and educational elitism and other factors

But now I fear we are seeing a dawn of a day when... fairness for all is madated... and I think it will be close to a dooming thing...

except for lol, as society that caters to the stupid, and less fortunate continues... things will be disasterous...

and lol, of course only the INTELLIGENT will survive anyway because survival in a world in which... Idiots get control of nukes and chemicals and wmds and all the rest, lol, can only be survived by those who understand them very well

But the Second factor...

Yes, "They" have started and for some time been dumbing down the population Intentionally


Contrails and the Aluminum, Mercury, Flouride, Not constraining the fear of the masses as manifested in the school system, allowance of products that contain aluminium... many, many factors being discussed... Prions in a Meat and mammal based diet, Transfat, lake of physical health... Even the types of Illegal drugs, the most destructive, particulalry Meth and Blow literally deals made to let tons of the stuff into America..

ALL Part of a VAST conspiracy to make us stupid

and Why?

I genuinely believe... not so much that, it was all intentional in the first place, but that as it happened and mistakes were made, those in power, "the elite" chose to overlook it, as societies and governments saw what was happening, they ignored, even encouraged the process along


Death of the useless eaters... I'm a transhumanist, I honestly go way beyond wanting to prevent the damage and well into human enhancement as money allows in my life...

I know full well that Science will vastly extend the human lifespan... in fact that the capacity too already exists and...

Here's the issue, Science and Faith have no basis together in our society, the scientists and those with the money don't have faith that...the human race can expand, they don't believe we can colonize other worlds, they aren't even willing to try, not space colonies or planets or terraforming...

the main belief is...this, Earth is all we have and as the technology to best Death is achieved... a great many people believe that... not as a Holocost, but, they are not going out of thier way to... avoid the population cull...

And I mean that, it's not a Plan... there is no one group, it's a rich guy that owns a factory and the paint has lead i it and he knows what will happen and... he doesn't care, knows where it's sold, knows the results and does nothing and those that inspect him do nothing and..they have dinner together, maybe never metion what they all think... but it's not a holocost, those in the Know... Just don't care if many people die... the overall belief is, there isn't enough room on Earth.

So those in power, just could care less... in any scenario, even nuclear war... people in here debate can you survive, I will TELL you, yeah..3-5 years for various reasons which i won't explain again... survive long enough emerge into Eden, that's the reality...

The really smart know this and have places to spend 3-5 years because they have the money

and they don't care what happens to the rest of us... the dumber people are, the faster the planet is culled...

Like my thread titled, overall toxicity... If stress and chemicals and the rest are making you loopy or sick...who has the Ability to... get the care they need and resources to clean themselves best.. the rich of course,

so they get together and plot, in some cases, yeah, there are small nutty groups that want to forward this agenda... but you'll never identify a mass conspiracy, because most in the know... don't care

Did Germans know the Jews were being killed? Most say know... but, they knew enough to figure it out and the reality, chose not to look... this, is like that... like, maybe there were 2,000 gaurds (no idea exact number) but it wasn't huge, lets say 2,000 concentration camp gaurds and... 50 Million Germans (also no idea the population of germany at the time, this is for example) so the conspiracy was really small...really a handful of scientists and leaders..under 50 and a couple thousand gaurds...

But in the end, lots of people knew the Jews were "going away" and for those it benefited, they simply didn't care...

Thats what the conspiracy to keep us dumb is... a handful of people in various Tabacco...Isolated, knowing theykill people and alot more that keep the game up... a Ceo here, a politician there, actually intent on causing the demise of many, many of us...

and alot more people who are pretty sure they will remain unaffected playing don't ask, don't tell...

Is that a conspiracy imho... that's all conspiracies

So sure, from each direction and different corruptions and mistakes... a handful of exploiters with agendas... we have if you would agree with my definition of conspiracy... a conspiracy to dumb us down with an end result of...killing alot of us

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 11:24 AM
Very interesting topic.

Okay, so I'm going to start from the opposite direction. Let's look at the nature of a genius.

Geniuses (most often) are hardly social butterflies. In fact, alot of certified geniuses have a habit of talking to themselves. It's hard for a genius to get his ideas across because his intelligence is at such a level that he would have to tediously re-teach complicated things that seem so simple to him/her.

We have always been taught that it is important to be able to operate in society. Communication is key in operating in society. Why is that geniuses have such a hard time doing just that?

Does communication take so much time and effort that it effectively burns off brain cells? Maybe we should be spending more time with ourselves honing what we find interesting and what we are good at than trying to relate to our neighbor?

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 11:35 AM

Good thread you have here, and I agree with what points you are making. However, I am a bit chapped here.

Taking your advice I went online and watched that movie that you recommended "Idiocracy" and I have to say it was the absolute most idiotic piece of garbage I have ever seen put to film...

Absolutely horrid....I am a fan of silly and goofy humor but that flick just plain sucked

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 01:15 PM
As I stated before it got removed. I think they are putting drugs in our food, they being the powers that be.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 01:55 PM
I have now read through over 4 pages of posts (skimmed through the long ones, sorry, but I feel brevity is a gift).

Some of you know me by now and although I try to approach life (and ATS) with a little humor I would like to state what I feel is a serious issue as I see it.

I do not wish to be condescending, racist or judgmental in any way but just state what I see as obvious.

Statement one..."Smart" People Have Less Children.

Statement two...Genes in large part contribute to ones "initial" intelligence.

Statement three... The law of "survival of the fittest" has been totally abandoned.

I was initially going to expand on each point but will try instead to just let the statements stand as said.

One of my favorite quotes is "incompetent people don't know it".

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 04:19 PM
reply to post by BlackOps719

LOL I just used a line from the movie partially in the title... the thread has nothing to do with the movie in anyway...

I stated somewhere back there that I actually didn't agree that stupid parents equal stupid kids or that the premise was a genuine view of any rational reason for a decline in intellect

recessive genes would discount the whole premis

and lol, I did think the movie was funny, but I wouldn't want any reference to get confused with real science in this thread!

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 04:21 PM
reply to post by Privy_Princess

Interesting because many psychologists say Frustration is a no 1 issue in regards to those of Higher IQ

I personally know, the toughest thing about school with an insatiable appitite for knowledge was... Documenting every silly thing I learned , constant repetition of the same information for burden of proof was for me a real pain in the rear

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 04:24 PM
reply to post by zlots331

I'm going to have to dig a little more and post evidence, but Alot of science seems to be showing that "types of intelligence are genetic" i.e the way your brain is wired Logic vs Creative or Emotional... but Intelligence over all is not genetic, the brain it seems is very plastic and flexible and what we do with it... from a Mother and time in the womb, to early childhood being the most important aspects...

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 04:32 PM
For arguments sake, I'd also like to get a sound off. I know a great many of us at ATS are very bright...

How many of us had a hell of a time in the school system? be it picked on, ignored, he'd below thier curve, isolated...or just plain miserable or had to drop out...

I'd be very curious to get a glance at some of these stories or just a blurb of acknowledgement.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

I know my statements are pretty general so I will elaborate a little.

I agree about the plasticity aspect of the young brain and know of a whole list of environmental contaminants that effect the brain. Obvious things like lead exposure, smoking, alcohol and drugs during pregnancy, etc.

My statement about "smart" people having less children was particularly vague in reference to the OP. My point is that well educated people would best provide the environment free from disabling conditions. They are more likely to have fewer children due to many factors. A more liberal view of environmental sustainability by limiting their involvement to overpopulation, distancing from religious outlooks favoring "be fruitful and multiply" creeds, and why not selfish absorption in their careers that would hinder their desire for too many "distractions".

Now lets consider that the well to do "smart" people are in the minority, having greater wealth and health.

That would mean that that aspect of society with less education would also be the group that has the greater potential to bear children who may very well follow in their parents path due to poverty, discrimination, poor eating habits, less availability to early educational stimulation, and poor school environments. Poor learned parenting skills could also be included in this list and quite frequently all of these items can be self fulfilling and handed down to subsequent generations. Given the greater potential for this group to have multiple children (less access/education about birth control lets say) and the basic laws of math take over. The balance of society continuously dips toward the "stupid" side.

I am very lucky that my parents provided my brothers and I with at least the minimum of support to grow into productive members of society. My father spent a large part of his life as a machinist and my mother was a secretary but brought up three sons who would all become engineers (civil, electrical, and process). The genes were there and we lucked out by being actively supported in our education. Could my dad help with my homework? No, he only went to the 8th grade but he was a wiz at complex problems and retaining info.

I guess my point, without trying to be too crude, would be that two "mentally challenged" individuals giving birth to a Mozart or Einstein are quite slim.

Man, I hope I haven't dug myself into too deep of a hole. I'm confusing myself now. So, that's just my opinion and I am easily swayed when properly corrected. Just be kind, I mean no harm. And I stand by my quote, "incompetent people don't know it".

Oh, and it took awhile to write this so hopefully the thread hasn't moved along too far.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 06:03 PM
Also one thing that America especially is bad at is catering to peoples stupidity. I mean we have to put "caution hot" on coffee cups.

Were people can sue other for the dumbest things and get away with it. Three women ate Mcdonalds for a month and sued because it made them fat.

We shouldnt have to put up with peoples stupidity. If someone is being stupid we should be able to tell them "you sound pretty stupid right now" if someone cuts their hand off at work because they wornt paying attention to what they were doing we should be able to say "you should have been paying attention".

The more we let people get away with being stupid the more people are prone to acting like idiots.

I had a lot of troube in school grades were horrible, hated my classes with a passion they werent letting me learn what I wanted to learn, they werent letting me break away from the pack. I had some friends not many mainly because I am very shy and I have never in my life felt comfortable talking to someone I dont know.

[edit on 13-10-2008 by caballero]

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 06:11 PM

Originally posted by mopusvindictus
For arguments sake, I'd also like to get a sound off. I know a great many of us at ATS are very bright...

How many of us had a hell of a time in the school system? be it picked on, ignored, he'd below thier curve, isolated...or just plain miserable or had to drop out...

I'd be very curious to get a glance at some of these stories or just a blurb of acknowledgement.

Kind of picking up where I left off about support in my education, I can offer just the opposite experience.

I grew up in the shadows of Cornell University and went to school with a large population of "smart " people's kids. I was also lucky to go to school in the late 60's and early 70's before TBTB screwed around with the education system too much. I went to a fairly large high school ( approx. 1,400 students) so we had considerable access to varying degrees of learning speeds, from remedial to advanced placement and entry level college classes. Notwithstanding my financial and cultural background, I was able to "rub shoulders" with those kids better off than me and as long as I tried hard I was able to learn right along beside them. And living in a very cosmopolitan area meant there was also great access to music, art, theater, and exposure to other cultures, etc.

I would most likely be considered learning disabled in this day and age but really all it meant then was I had to try harder at times. I learned how to learn. Sadly, that aspect of education isn't followed very well today. If you get behind you may not have learned the tools to buckle down and catch up.
There was one subject where we eventually had to part ways. It just got way over my ability to grasp what was going on. I dropped to a lower level for that subject and did well, for that level. But I continued in those higher level classes that I was in. I wasn't dropped whole and parcel into a lower level just because I was having trouble in one subject.

But there were areas where I excelled beyond my classmates, particularly in the arts, but the degree of separation between me and my peers was literally absorbed into the overall high level of aptitude in the school.

So much for brevity.

And I had to walk 20 miles to school in snowstorms and study by the light of the fireplace after I milked the cows and slopped the hogs.

Not really

edit to add: And even with the high proportion of "smart" people's kids in my school, I still graduated in the top 25% of my class. Not bad for a machinist's kid on the wrong side of town. Thank God for good genes.

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posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 06:13 PM
i used to be a brilliant little kid. then i had to start going to school and having all of this bs force fed to me. i didnt care about how frogs reproduced or their internal organs, i didnt care what owl turds looked like. i could give two s's about ALL of that useless crap i've forgotten. i basically learned to read in first grade and after that, i got all i needed out of the education system. maybe a little math too. other than that it just ruined my creativity from having to sit in a concrete box with a chalkboard, bored out of my mind waiting so i could go the hell home and actually be allowed to think creatively without being labeled as an adhd or no attention span kid.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 12:31 AM
I was allowed the choice of 2 electives in high school so I elected woodworking and automotive repair. Both were denied because "you're a girl". Honest to god, I was refused elective educational enhancement based on gender. In fact, I was told I HAD to take home economics. That was the year I dropped out. My principal told me as I walked out the door, "you'll never amount to anything". I'm happy to report that I now make more money than the principal.

I was frequently caught staring out the window during class lectures and publically scolded/humiliated for it. I've since had 3 books published and none of them were on the subject matter being taught in the classroom. The thoughts that came into my head as I stared out of windows throughout my life has been a rich source of writing material.

I'd like to know how it is even possible for a child to ask too many questions. I'd like to know what it means to be "too smart for your own good". I wonder what it is children are expected to amount to when they grow up. I'd like to know how an alleged teaching institution can have a child 6 hours a day, 9 months a year, for 12 years and produce an adult that can not read or write.

The drivel that is being taught in public schools is useless and even a child knows it. What could possibly be the benefit of hours and hours of learning to identify dinosaurs? It's not preparation for becoming a doctor of dinosaur veterinary medicine. It's not information that will contribute to a useful knowledge base. It's like learning baseball statistics. It's trivia. Matters of no importance.

When I ask my son, "what did you learn today in school?", he tells me he watched a movie (entertainment, not educational), he did a word search puzzle, had a pizza party, got a t-shirt for good behavior, etc. He's in 4th grade! Not kindergarten! They are teaching him to conform, though, and to accept socialistic ideals and to "group think". Individualism is cause for punitive action.

What passes for education these days is a cause for alarm. Our future will be dependent on people who never learned how to learn; who never had to problem solve because they always had to conform to someone in authority telling them what they needed to do. Our children are becoming adults who are socialized in the group think mentality but without a moral foundation that recognizes we're all in the same group.

This particular rant could go on for quite a while. Internet discussion boards are more for sound bite comments rather than deep discussions so I'll take my rant elsewhere for now.

Oh! One last thing: the current techno age in which text speak/slang is used rather than proper english is a contributing factor to our "stoopid and disfunktshunal" state. Words convey ideas, obviously, but if the language has been degraded and minimalized to such a point where certain words are no longer used, then how can the idea be conveyed? If a language has no word for "war" then how can that society have war? If the word "terrorist" degrades/changes from its meaning of "someone who terrorizes" (usually for a political agenda or advantage) to mean "anyone who disagrees with the current ruling authority", then how will people be expected to know the difference?

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 10:22 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

Yeah, grade school was incredibly boring for me. Not that I don't appreciate my education (where would I be without it?), but in grade school they never teach you the correlations of different subjects and how they interact with one another. Math and Science go hand in hand with music and language. It's all connected. But from the early age you are taught that they are completely different fields that don't even touch each other. To me growing up, math is was terribly boring, until I learned how math is used in correlation with other more interesting subjects and ideas. (Ex. Sacred Geometry) Now I know that understanding math is essential in understanding everything.

It's not until somewhere in college that professors may start to hint at things like that. (if they even know it) That's what is so frustrating. I also like that in college you are surrounded by like-minded people. You don't have to fit into a certain type of mold. IMO being around like-minded people allows for more comfort and less frustration, and enhances our creativity which raises our intelligence and determination.

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