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Why Come We Is Stoopid An Disfunkshunal?

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posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 04:00 AM
reply to post by AlienGhandi

I laughed for a good two minutes knowing everyone else was laughing with me. But seriously, I have not done it on a regular basis for quite some time now, because of the reasons you mentioned. But man, those were the days.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 04:00 AM
reply to post by BluegrassRevolutionary

I'm from canada luckily for us it is never dry...

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 04:05 AM
reply to post by red_leader

Maybe I should take all the Republican advice and move there.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 04:09 AM
reply to post by BluegrassRevolutionary

That is a good point

some people don't keep up with this world, lose their interest and care and that makes em dumber too.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 06:32 AM
reply to post by mike dangerously

I got that, I know all the theories, rockerfellers and power elite...

But what I want to do with this thread and I'll be doing some real digging and I'd like some help from in ats...

Is to really get into specifics, things that are causing it, and right down to the direct culprits...

succinct and backed up


Does anyone have any information on excatly when the first Flouride was added to the water in the USA and who exactly was behind the decisions, companies that supply it, who owns them, who initially owned them, what legislation was passed...

You know, name, names direct... and what else do they own...

and we can fight this.. all of it...

Water Filters that can remove flouride? Are there any...

I'm going to do some real digging on these topics as we identify them,

Because...stupid people really annoy me and I can't take it...

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 06:41 AM
Just reading the posts on this thread makes my hair hurt and my teeth itch.
I realized, after reading about the indigo and chrystal children, that my 2 Yr old granddaughter who attended my youngest's B-day not only has the energy of the energizer bunny, but uses more words in her vocabulary than many of the adult gentleman callers, (i.e. theives and convicts) that for a time visited my girls and their cousins in their teens. I can't believe that they found attractive these boys with unruly behavior and scheming demeaner sneaking around town stealing from strangers as well as their "homeys". Lacking work and any other ethics, I'd guestimate 90% of them are either still incarcerated, or in and out repeatedly, and some facing decades for repeated crimes.
My woman, (who thought she could change their bad ways) allowed two of them (who were kicked from their parents homes for a multitude of reasons including raids because of their kids activities) to stay for a time because she just couldn't bring herself to let them sleep in the streets during the cold of winter.
For a moment, it seemed like she had mad progress and they indeed seemed motivated, for one stipulation was that they attend school, which they did. She felt that one, who had been abused by his father for years until he got older and tired of it, finally whooping his old man in a fashion that would not be forgotten, was exceptionally brilliant. I did get to know him and he had read more books in his short life than I had to date, had a mild mannered persona, and was eager to help with chores and such. I thought he might honestly gotten into trouble as a result of lashing out due to abuse suffered.
Then, after a month or so, he disappeared for days, quit school, would show up completely exhausted and my woman would feel sorry for him and let him in to sleep, which he did two times for over 14 hours without stirring.
I was working six 12-14 hour days and didn't see much of him then, just what I was told, or he was asleep when I arrived home late those times.

The 3rd time, I got home about 10PM and was relaxing at my desk, browsing the internet through my new original Pentium and P2B-LX Asus MB, my proprietory phone line accessing my provider through my dial-up 56K modem, when I heard some noise out back. My dog started going ape-sh*t barking madly, which was unusual. He owned that yard inside it's 6 foot fenced territorial boundary. He would lay low like a big cat, usually noiseless and all black, strikingany prey that dared cross into his world. He took out so many birds, it was incredible. I know he didn't climb trees, so however he did this, it worked. Sometimes a rodent, but mainly birds. I once thought maybe the treats from the femur lady had something to do with it.

So I get up, walk out the sliding glass doors onto the deck and see the dog by the side of the property. I walk down to the lawn and to the side and as I look towards the front, I see a flashlight disappear around the front where the driveway runsup to the attached garage.

I gripped my sidearm, still in it's shoulder holster and started for the gate. A few steps before I reached it, I see the light again and someone walking between the houses toward my back yard. As I began to slide my Sig from the holster, I caught a glimpse of a badge, and returned it to it's nest.
As I began "What the..." I get a light beam in the face, and the officer barks "What are you..." and I continue, "hell is going on? Why you sneaking around side my house?". He seemed a bit smitten as my question overpowered his attempt at one by many decibals.

He said there was a man hunt and the perp was somewhere in this neighborhood. We talked a minute and I went back inside where my woman was on the phone. I hear her say, "What?...really...why didn't you just knock on the door...(inaudible)....yeah he's here sleeping.....ok...fine"

and she hangs up the phone. I ask, "what's going on.." and hear a knock at the door. She walks down the staies and opens it and in comes 5 police officers, four in uniform, one in a suit reminiscent of Columbo.
She says "it's the first door on the left" and three of the uniformed officers draw their guns and go down the hall into the room where the kid is in a dead sleep.
The detective cordially approaches my woman and says "Hi xxxxxx". She acknowledges him by first name as well. I am thinking, "What the...first name basis?" and before I could digest this scene, he points at me asking her, "who's this?"
That was my cue..."I'm the owner of this house, who are you?"
after that introduction, the 3 officers and the kid now cuffed and in their custody walk from the room, down the hall and stairs, and out the door while the fourth uniformed officer stood gaping while the detective replies, "Hmm...I haven't seen you here before." I begin to wonder what the hell that is supposed to mean, when my woman jumps in and begins scolding him for not just calling and coming to the front door like a normal human being, and on and on..He responds that the kid is known as a "runner" and they thought he might try to escape out a window or something and disappear into the night. After a few more exchanges, the two of them leave.
I then focused on my woman and how she and this detective were on a first name basis etc...When she tells me that while I went outside, the detective called and said the kid was wanted and one of the kids buddies snitched that he was here. Rather than come-a-knocking, they attempted to surround the house in case the kid tried to run, and in the process, an officer went to the street behind us and jumped the fence into my back yard, where my dog proceded to bite him in the ass and leg. He fled and escaped further schooling from my dog by way of the same fence. She went on that the detective said I needed to put up beware of dog signs or I'd be fined and charged with a gross misdemeaner. I never got a sign hoping that they would make good the threat so I could embarrass them in front of a judge, but they whimped out.

That was the last night the kid was allowed to stay. Since then, we saw him a couple times over the next 2 years, but he no longer had that witty spark as I rembered when I first met him as the kid who read more books than I, and I was a bit older to say the least.

I find it is true that those with high to genius IQ's seem to be more criminal than the norm.


posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 07:15 AM
reply to post by imd12c4funn

It's abject neglect... and one of the reasons I started this thread in the first place.

Those of Genius IQ are, completely abused, often diagnosed as having mental disorders, not allowed to advance or work at proper pace in the school system...

There is precious little for the brilliant

At onw time higher education was reserved for the truely bright and motivated but over time it became 90% a place (college) to be preped to work for a nameless faceless company, attendance and following direction are now all you need to do to graduate college, intellectual competition is all but lost...

Failing our geniuses

failure to identify gifted children

educating a gifted child

There is tons of stuff on the subject

I wrote about this in another thread and decided this topic needed it's own attention

4 of 5 gifted children not given special attention in some tracked studies... end up incarcerated, homeless, drug addicted, suicidal....

Nice end for those who could solve the worlds problems

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 07:21 AM
On the conspiracy end... and because the Marijuana issue came up...

Aluminium and it's effects on Neurons

aluminium and neurons

That's the effects of aluminium on your neurons

and it's used, in cans, food, there is the whole contrail issue... it's in the water in high amounts, deoderant, has been implicated in alzhiemers cases

yet marijuana apparently causes neurogenisis

MJ and brain cell growth

You have to kind of stop for a minute and wonder...

conspiracy or just stupidity in multiplication?

Because one substance fries Neurons and we use it in everything

and another promotes Brain Cell Growth and is...Illegal, while cigs a known killer, are legal

It's just the sort of thing that makes me think...

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 12:53 PM
Another one is mercury in antidotes kids get

I read a lot about this and all seems to be true.

this is really turning into a nice thread.

Star and flag

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 01:04 PM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 02:34 PM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

Does anyone have any information on excatly when the first Flouride was added to the water in the USA and who exactly was behind the decisions, companies that supply it, who owns them, who initially owned them, what legislation was passed... You know, name, names direct... and what else do they own...

You may find your answers in this video:

The rabbit hole goes deeper though.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 02:43 PM
All true Sages know that the dumbest one of all is he who think he's smarter than the stone. And the stone don't speak at all.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 07:42 PM
and how about toy manufacturers?

External Image

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 08:03 PM
Kids don't exercise nearly as much as they used to, or should. Exercise has been observed to increase grades, and one explanation is that creatine is enhanced for people that exercise and creatine is found in the brain and helps energy production. Brain growth is enhanced also from exercise. Males are particually hit hard by the cage-like mentality of schools. They can't get the exercise that they need, and are forced into being like girls, which are much better at following directions and, basically, sitting still. Males are disinterested in school because it doesn't suit their nature, girls have been doing increasingly better in school since "equality" has been pushed on schools, which harms males. This disinterest continues and now it seems like college is largely populated with females. In my science/biology classes, where men once dominated, about 90% are females. Luckly, women are working nowadays otherwise all men would be dependent on their $6.50 an hour job at the Burger Palace.

Schools are very worried about the students lowest on the Bell curve. The smarter students go along with the ride, while education is directed at those that aren't "conforming" to the schools definitions of success. Maybe this has to do with the above reasons, in which case further education and attention on these disinterested students aren't going to make any difference. So while the wheels are spinning in the mud, the smart ones are left as an after thought. The emphasis isn't on helping the smart, but helping the dumb. An example being how in 8th grade, my school and teacher were very concerned about passing the national reading test (beauocracy, yay!). So the entire english curriculum in 8th grade was based on passing this (arbitrary) test. I take the test thinking before hand how tough it will be, and I was worried as we spent the whole semester studying for it. I take it and I got in the upper 90th percentile and it wasn't from the preparation before hand, I felt like I wasted my time. The school got a big star from the state and federal government for all the students that did pass, but for me it did nothing.

School is purposely made to be not fun. Perhaps people are unintentionally conditioned to avoid learning because of the way it is often forced down our throats in school. Monkeys when presented with art supplies and a canvas will draw fairly involved pictures because they find it fun. As soon as they are rewarded afterwards, they soon focus all their attention from their drawings (creativity) to the reward. So in this case, why should people become smart outside of the class room where they aren't rewarded with a (meaningless) letter grade? The inquisitive nature of children is squelched through this, and through the structured curriculum that tells a student what he/she must learn. College used to be for people of advanced thought, and not a nessicity to succeed in life. Now we go to college to party, induce our own stupidity via alcohol, and the sole reason we got to college is in order to simply "exist" in American society and not at all for advanced thought. (My sister appearently says Bed Bath and Beyond is full to the brim with people with 4-year degrees that can't find jobs elsewhere, case in point) The average intellectual curiosity only goes to the extent that they will somehow be rewarded with a letter. Real intellectual curiosity is gone from all the colleges I've been to. I think I'd have to go to an Ivy league school to basically see anything different.

Stress, which is dominant in schools, also is not conducive to learning. Whether you are good or bad at handling stress, schools pile it on with abundance. This has short and long term affects on memory. Long term it can damage the hippocampus which is involved in memory. And here I thought school was supposed to add things into your brain, not take them away. In schools, we often have constant sympathetic nerve stimulation which isn't healthy and frankly exhausting.

Conformity in all forms is encouraged. Strict rules are enforced that basically have no justification, like the ability for people to express themselves via hats or other clothes items. Since teachers control the grading process (in other words, which monkeys get the big banana) creative thought and expression is punished. People never do projects for themselves, for their own benefit, but in order to get the highest grade from the teacher. An example is how people don't write papers for themselves, but often have an invisible teacher over their shoulder when writing a paper. For an assignment in 8th grade, we had to write a letter with our advise to the upcoming 8th graders. I took the liberty, as there were no other directions other than to write a letter, to tell the student not to stress too much over 8th grade, as it wasn't looked at by colleges. Of course this infuriated her, how dare I lower the speed on someone else's treadmill, they should suffer like I did the whole year
I'm sorry for being human in a nonhuman system...

Fluoride, mercury, and excitotoxins are all damaging for the brain, especially for youngsters due to an underdeveloped blood brain barrier. Pretty well known I'd say, but Fluoride contaminated areas in China have shown to correlate to decreased IQ for children living in those areas. Fluoride is a main component in many anasethetics if that gives you an idea how it acts on the brain. Prozac also has a fluoride atom in each molecule. Seeing how mercury literally shrivels brain cells is pretty scary. Excitotoxins are also becoming a bigger part of peoples diets via MSG and aspartame. The main area of damage is the hippocampus. I'm going to get some TLDR, so I'm going to stop right there lol.

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posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 08:08 PM
I've noticed the decline people over the years, TV, amalgam fillings, drugs in food, aluminium and the dense school system all add up to effect people, me included, mercury levels over the "norm". I am been slowly poisoned and stupified by my amalgam fillings.

I tried to explain to someone that a old 2 pence coin is worth more than 2p due to the copper content. The reply was, "what is copper?" i was shocked.

Everyday i watch the checkout man scan 3 identical cans thru the checkout instead of scanning the same can 3x.

It worries me because trying to explain the fractional reserve system, for expampe, to people like that would be wasted, I fear we are doomed as a race because so many of us have been dumbed down and they cannot/will not understand what is realy going on in the world before it is too late.

Main cluprits i think are big pharma, the education system and TV.

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posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 09:50 PM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

Distillation and reverse osmosis will take out fluoride.

An interesting thing about the campaign for water fluoridation was that the nephew of Sigmond Freud was paid to get fluoridation accepted by the public.

"Despite hundreds of fluoride damage suits after WWII against industries, in 1947 Oscar R. Ewing, a long time Alcoa Lawyer, was appointed head of the Federal Security Agency, which placed him in charge of the Public Health Service. Under Ewing and his PR strategist, Edward L. Bernays, also Sigmund Freud's nephew, a national fluoridation campaign materialized. Bernays, known as the "father of public relations," pioneered Freud's psychological techniques and positioned fluoride, then known as a powerful bug and rat killer, as creating beautiful smiles for little children. Opponents were looked upon as crackpots."

There are some interesting documentaries about water fluoridation and Edward Bernays, saw them awhile back so can't link em. Bernays was a genius though, like his uncle.

Originally posted by mopusvindictus
4 of 5 gifted children not given special attention in some tracked studies... end up incarcerated, homeless, drug addicted, suicidal....

Nice end for those who could solve the worlds problems

Interesting that you mention that. Its hard to believe that would happen but I think it's true. I had been always been an observer of sorts in school. I noticed I had sort of an affinity towards a girl in middle school, we were both pretty similar I felt in a lot of aspects. I could tell she was really smart. Anyways, High School comes and she starts wearing black clothes and the like. We were in orchestra together for 4 years so we all get to know eachother pretty well. Well she had been depressed sometime in the past and had scar marks on her arms. And I thought to myself, this happened because she was smart, not because she was depressed (that came after). It was just a strange realization for me that someone could go into a pretty deep depression, due to intelligence of all things. You could probably equate it to a chicken being cognizant enough to know the nature of its surroundings in one of those factory farms. Sorry for the story, but it just reminded me of that lol.

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posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 09:53 PM
I'm sure some of these have been listed, but I'll list them again because it should be repeated.

Fluoride in the waters is a major contributor. A test was done that showed fluoride impaired animals' nervous systems, effectively lowering their IQ at least a few points. If nothing else, please google "fluoride deception" and look at the studies.

Thimerosal, an mercury producing organic compound used as a preservative in vaccines and I believe some contact solutions, can also dumb you down and is linked to autism. Mercury can permeate the membrane around the brain and get stuck in there. Our bodies were not made to handle mercury because it is not a natural part of our diet.

I think it's been found that Alzheimer's is a form of diabetes. Which leads us to diet, and specifically, genetically modified foods. High fructose corn syrup messes with your insulin receptors I believe, and is in just about everything you eat. Since we have so much genetically modified sugar content in almost all of our foods, it is thus natural to expect a rise in Alzheimer's and other health problems.

Public education is an indoctrination tool for the state, and often you have to take courses which hold little to no significance. Really all public school is good for is to get you to yield to authority even when common sense tells you to do otherwise.

All advertisements are propaganda, and in the past 50 years or so we've been bombarded by more and more false representations of reality. Companies try to convince us of needing something that is really inconsequential, and sometimes hazardous to our daily lives. Compound that with the fact that MSM is owned by four or five corporations which have perfected the art of subliminal messaging and NLP, and you can see why the average person will hold manufactured beliefs which he himself thinks are self-formulated.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 10:01 PM
I dont think that its because people are idiots, I think its just that the majority of people dont think.

There are a lot of booksmart people out there but the booksmart ones are almost incapable it seems of cognitive thought. It seems as though they can only spew out worthless things that they have learned in school without being able to think of the world around them.

Thats the problem they are smart they just dont think at all.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 10:42 PM

Originally posted by caballero
I dont think that its because people are idiots, I think its just that the majority of people dont think.

There are a lot of booksmart people out there but the booksmart ones are almost incapable it seems of cognitive thought. It seems as though they can only spew out worthless things that they have learned in school without being able to think of the world around them.

Thats the problem they are smart they just dont think at all.

You, sir, are exactly right. So many people do I know who are studying to be docters and whatnot but have absolutely no common sense.

On top of that, I know so many more people who really are just plain dumb. When I was in high school I knew 3 freshmen girls who couldn't read; these are normal everyday girls not special ed kids.

Our schooling is dumbing us down, making us depressed, and teaching us that we dont have to think but only follow directions and memorize tasks. The "No Child Left Behind" thing was completely ubsurd, my last two years of high school were mostly spent studying for these manditory tests that a four year old could pass. I just ended up anwering about 70% correctly and filling ACDC in over and over and over again.

The problem is not the teachers, however, most teachers will cherish creativity and individuality-where I'm from anyway.

There are a number of problems in our system.

1. We promote poor chemicals for seemingly no reason. The topic of pot was brought up earlier and such a good point that is. The natural drugs are often times very bennificial to the human body whereas our synthetic medicines cause more problems than they sole and promote addiction, go figure. The flouride added to our water and the hormones added into meat and vegetables are certainly no help. When I was a baby my mom had to boil our water because it wasn't fit for small children....Poor poor management.
2. As stated before in length, our education system, which also promotes poor health practices like cafeteria food and an excessive ammount of napping

Some good reading material over this and other topics I'll mention can be found in the book "Everything You Know is Wrong."
3. The drugs that are pushed on children. It's scary just how many kids are on psychiatric drugs these days. We're robbing kids of the childhood by turning them into robots, or zombies if you prefer. They tried to put me on ritilan when I was in 2nd grade, I'm thankful my mom knew better and she just thought I needed someone to talk to. She bought me a journal and I started writing. I love to write now. Conformity FTL
4. Fast food, so many chemicals and preservatives in this it's really not funny. I know several people who eat fast food very very occasionally and they say that whenever they eat it they feel a sort of mental block, kinda like a fog for a while afterwards. I would venture this is due to increased sensitivity from not being used to the chemicals, like a caffine high.
5. TV and movies, the new movies. Most old movies have humanity in them and they are beautiful works of art.

Now how do we stop this? Read, for god sakes people read. Start small and work your way up if you have to but read. Drink good water. Think instead of masturbate. Philosipise or something. Write, poetry, stories, thoughts whatever just write. Do quick math or long math your preference. Solve problems, riddles, do IQ tests keep your brain nimble. Cook, dont eat out so much, by cook I mean really cook not frozen pizza cook.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 11:06 PM
reply to post by mike dangerously

Sorry, this isn't your interpretation, this is the majority of above top secret and the rest of the internet's interpretation.

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