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Reinhardt Thread - "Suggestions and Predictions"

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:07 PM

Originally posted by ishouldbeworking
Oct. 14
R~ was Guest 7

[edit on 22-10-2008 by ishouldbeworking]

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:31 PM

From Oct 20th approx 7-8:30 pm

RTRR25909: for how long yet?
reinhardt: for a while longer hopefully
Dejavu: they cant stop this
reinhardt: never say never
RTRR25909: yeah
RTRR25909: its dangerous
VelvetRevolution: it's not going to stop until you wise up
Dejavu: computers are getting better and even fiberoptics door 2 door is implemented in a couple of towns here...
Dejavu: They cant shut it down
RTRR25909: they key is the data, not the medium deja
reinhardt: inet 2 may bring in some peasant censorship
Dejavu: Or you must turn full blown socialism
RTRR25909: and data can be manipulated
Dejavu: agree, data=key. But there is so much data out there.
Dejavu: and have you guys already noticed computers arent getting any faster
VelvetRevolution: they are creating crappier OS systems
VelvetRevolution: that hog RAM
reinhardt: the ones i just bought rock!
Dejavu: shouldnt we be using 10 Ghz computers by now?
Dejavu: its all max 4 Ghz, max
reinhardt: the connection is more important than the pc
Dejavu: No, were maxing out
RTRR25909: IT is more complicated than that
Dejavu: so they try paralllel , dual core....quad core...
reinhardt: the 4G thing may be heat and IC real-estate related and a slower economy
Dejavu: physicst, lets talk solid state physics...
Dejavu: physicist, lets talk solid state physics...
Dejavu: ( English not my native tungue)
Dejavu: 10G is maximum theoretical limit for semi-conductors
Dejavu: but practical, 5 is not even attainable,....yet
reinhardt: existing semi-conductors
RTRR25909: they might go optical before that
Dejavu: no
reinhardt: i believe that
Dejavu: Science is not religion
reinhardt: said the pope
RTRR25909: haha
Dejavu: amen
Dejavu: they can make transistors the size of a couple of atoms, but its not for mass production
Dejavu: They must use an electron beam to burn the wafer
reinhardt: it is a divide that will be bridged.. and u will pay for it
Dejavu: instead of light.
RTRR25909: divide?
Logos666: Hello !
VelvetRevolution: hi SIme
RTRR16267: hi R, thanks
Dejavu: Sime is asleep, its automatic logon
Logos666: Is anyone suspecting a dow drop before mid december ?
agentsmith: hello

reinhardt: 31 users 5551
Logos666: Hi there !
*** Dejavu is now known as followtheWhiteRabbit
followtheWhiteRabbit: yeah
followtheWhiteRabbit: where is agentsmith?
reinhardt: how are u?
agentsmith: so R, when does teh subscription thing begin?
agentsmith: fine, hw are u?
reinhardt: 2 weeks i hope (writing code now)
reinhardt: i will be fair
reinhardt: am good tks
agentsmith: cool, Im ready to screw the king

Logos666: me too
reinhardt: the king needs a good screwin
Logos666: unless I will have lost all my bets by then
infohunter: Hiya Fellas :-)
followtheWhiteRabbit: whos writing code?
Logos666: we're all in here
reinhardt: my peeps
infohunter: How is R this evening?
reinhardt: hi infoh
reinhardt: gud
infohunter: lol@R's Peeps!!!
followtheWhiteRabbit: reinhardt, =Rahn?
reinhardt: grabbin a brew.. right back
Logos666: Hi sy,
infohunter: How are all of the "Fellas" tonight???
Logos666: It's late, so I should be tired
Steelrat: Hi all Infohunter Reinhardt Logos666 agentsmith followthewhiterabbit know you from ats and glp

Logos666: what's ats anyway ?
infohunter: above top secret
Steelrat: yep
sy5551: hey logos, i'm good, how are you guys doing? just cooking dinner so I'll be in and out of the convo
reinhardt: ats has image capability
infohunter: hey sy.... whatcha cookin good?
Logos666: I will have to get up in ...ahm...6 hrs to go to work
infohunter: how's the Brew R?
Steelrat: 8 hours for me GMT
infohunter: 6 hrs logo...
Logos666: Probably export (blch)
agentsmith: ats is strange - conspiracy forum that doesnt believe in anything
infohunter: i havent spent much time at ats
Steelrat: its ok
infohunter: i found R's post on Google
agentsmith: ats is packed with gov agents
agentsmith: not the nice ones like me , either

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:32 PM
Logos666: so is it a good idea to stay on glp instead ?
infohunter: then that led to glp
Steelrat: yeah GLp is better
agentsmith: I dont see R postingo n ats or am I missing it?
RTRR25909: whats glp?
Logos666: godlikeproductions
Steelrat: godlikeproductions
agentsmith: :p
RTRR25909: thx
econ901: hello all
agentsmith: R did you see my riddle / analogy about Jesus?
Ishtahota: I see we are all here!
RTRR27727: hey Ish
infohunter: hi Ish
Logos666: gosh isn't it a shame ? We#re on fricking page 40 there and still cannot predict the ups and downs

reinhardt: how r ya ish?
infohunter: hiya 901
econ901: hola Ish
Steelrat: i saw it .. pretty funny a smith
econ901: info, lofgos, all of you , pleasure to finally chat
agentsmith: it's not meant to be a joke, I'm trying to figure out how the whle Legats scam works
Ishtahota: R~~ 'n all...just fine....Go Ron paul!
VelvetRevolution: hi herbal
reinhardt: all i doin is stayin under the radar.. so bear with me
Logos666: AS you shouldda left Jesus outa that analogy
infohunter: there is such a learning curve here...
herbalepoch: hey
RTRR27727: I see Michael Clayton is here
Steelrat: you can say that again
agentsmith: jesus had to be in it
agentsmith: i gues it couldve been the pope, though
agentsmith: i thought that was too direct - trying to stay under the radar
Logos666: exactly
econ901: infohunter: ihear ya, wih I could do some @ work
infohunter: I guess we could call this the "UTR" Project!!! (Under the Radar)
Logos666: or otherwise the Jesuit pope
reinhardt: i am an equal opportunity liableist & slanderer
agentsmith: stealth investment group
reinhardt: i don't vote
+++ ChanServ has given admin to Rayzer42
+++ ChanServ has given op to Rayzer42
reinhardt: i will never vote again
econ901: ditto
VelvetRevolution: i vote
Steelrat: never have
econ901: i was jsut saying i'll this time for some personal symbolism... but from here on in
infohunter: I told my wife I am not going to vote this year...
agentsmith: last time the old people tried to stop me from voting
Mangeese: i am an equal opportunity ass kicker
agentsmith: I had a ROn Paul sticker on
reinhardt: u will never meet another unit as agnostic about everthing as myself
systemslave: i just wish i had a snappy come-back to "if you don't vote you can't complain"
econ901: noting surprises me at this point NOTHING
Logos666: come on R, you're exaggerating
sy5551: lmao michelle obama's hilarious
infohunter: Well R, as you seem to have unraveled quite a bit.... I could see why
reinhardt: sys slave: check out the carlin vid
agentsmith: I plan to try to change the system, from the bottom up
VelvetRevolution waves to Rayzer42
Steelrat: if you vote you can't complain either maybe
sy5551: carlins the man
agentsmith: peaceful revolution type thang
systemslave: thx r. will do. loved george
VelvetRevolution: a Velvet Revolution

econ901: carlin calls in, bill hixks too
RTRR25909: carbon tax starts at 1/1/09?
agentsmith: 1 year of obama or mccain and people might just awaken
Steelrat: carbon tax?
reinhardt: enron = carbon tax
econ901: cap 'n trade baby
agentsmith: carbon credits = investment bubble
RTRR25909: fishy things here about that
econ901: shuffle more paper, ignore emissions
reinhardt: as reagan would say "well.. here we go again."
infohunter: so they are going to calculate our lbs we use as in persons, and tax us on it
econ901: green = gold
RTRR27727: cancer research
RTRR27727: Jack T Connor
agentsmith: like printing money - the cmapnies who issue carbon credit
agentsmith: cause the credits = real world taxes
infohunter: carbon offsets have been swapped in the energy industry for years now
VelvetRevolution: you breathe more if you exercise right?
reinhardt: we have taken over this chat room.. sorry folks
RTRR27727: u could get your own
Steelrat: do you have emissions tax in USA on vehicles?

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:34 PM
agentsmith: pay it every time we gas up
VelvetRevolution: hi deansantoro

Steelrat: lol
reinhardt: wanna go kick "freedomfighters" as- next?
infohunter: we have an emission inspection every year
AiSolana: Say hi to me too RJ

RTRR27727: sure
reinhardt: can we use profanity yet?
VelvetRevolution: no
agentsmith: too early
agentsmith: midnight ESt isnt it?
RTRR27727: 8pm
RTRR27727: EDT
Ishtahota: FF link?
reinhardt: f-ckin jagoff
agentsmith: DST is a scam to hide a broken calender system
Logos666: Hi Ishta you're here too
agentsmith: wh is freedomfighter?
Mangeese: Food Research and Codex
RTRR27727: markus allen
reinhardt: lets see how many times a day he clicks on EC?
RTRR27727: LOL
Ishtahota: Logos666...yep, I guess we all got the memo

RTRR27727: O here
agentsmith: i missed the memo?
AiSolana: Nice anthem, btw. Thanks for the shout out.

RJR: Anytime

Ishtahota: hey O!
reinhardt: shout2all!!
RTRR27727: memo

RTRR27727: HEY Ish

reinhardt: i am gonna click on that link
RTRR27727: go right ahead
AiSolana: RJ, on the radio you sound exactly the same as you do on TS.

RTRR23383: hi to this room,watching from australia, followed the link from EC..whats the command to change nick? "/" ?
AiSolana: Its hilarious.
Ishtahota: O....ut oh...the memo will bring the marcussss
RTRR27727: oh man
reinhardt: got it funny
RTRR27727: first I eff up the Michale Clayton thing, now tis
RTRR27727: this*
reinhardt: it is a good barometer.. there are sh-tloads of folks that hate me.. do I care?
RTRR27727: i don't think so
reinhardt: u got it
econ901: care not
Ishtahota: 37 like U here R~~
Logos666: so you are NOT below the radar then ?
reinhardt: ish.. i was 20
infohunter: Hey R...are the events still on...
Steelrat: retards hate you for confusing them by showing them some of the truth
agentsmith: I am Shiva, the god of death!
RTRR27727: NO, R is

Ishtahota: lol agent
Steelrat: good line
reinhardt: i'll be there.. i learned how to swim in that lake in LaPorte
infohunter: lol
madsci: R~~ u have any plans to visit the uk in the near future ?
infohunter: are you going to do some mountaineering too?
Ishtahota: infohunter will be there R~~
reinhardt: seein the folks for t-giving anyway
agentsmith: Im busy loking for a small ranch to buy - no t day at home for me
reinhardt: that is why i am starting to charge some money.. so i can do more
sy5551: I'm back

reinhardt: my friends lost my blue frisbee yesterday
Ishtahota: sy555!...
reinhardt: in the damn sticker bushes in Sandy Springs
agentsmith: have u thought about starting an investment fund?
sy5551: hey ish
agentsmith: or will it be too slash and burn for that?
Ishtahota: R~~...its the red ones that are hard to find!

RTRR27727: I uploaded those pics to my webshots so I can see them!
Logos666: We're missing Name Goes here
infohunter: hey R.... what are you changing your $ to?
reinhardt: it is going to be an investment site
Steelrat: anyone read the iceland link ?
reinhardt: people can buy stock in it and our mission statement is the following:
infohunter: Which one??? lol
RTRR27727: yes, steelrat, very interesting
infohunter: They are screwed in Iceland
Steelrat: guy posting from iceland
RTRR27727: I got that thomas jefferson quote from there
econ901: terry here?
RTRR98310: anyone read 'china shakes the world'? FT's book of the year 2006.
reinhardt: "I will not f-ck over my inside or outside investors"
Steelrat: about what he can and can't buy etc
reinhardt: it is a first
RTRR27727: nice to know
infohunter: yes it is R...
Logos666: can't see Terry
Logos666: doesn't say much lately
Logos666: but when he does he has usually done wome homework
RTRR27727: call him!

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:36 PM
sy5551: lol that's a good mission statement, unless you turn out to be the next Scrushy or Lay

reinhardt: gotten heavy threats from top and bottom.. bottom is less stable mentally.. top is too busy economically
RTRR27727: i can only imagine
infohunter: Are you talking lately R?
AiSolana: Japan too.
RTRR27727: you are radioACTIVE
reinhardt: i spend my entire day figuring out the future.. not so easy
RTRR27727: No more in Fort Knox I hear!
RTRR27727: You have done one massive amount of work
RTRR25909: pythia chewed on laurel leaves
Logos666: How do the people from the top pose their threats ? Have they identified you ?
reinhardt: it was tough when I first starting connecting some dots at the top
econ901: i bet, must be years of research
reinhardt: 666.. yes
Ishtahota: Yes R~~, thanks for the research and hard work....and passing it along!
RTRR27727: you must be known to them, it is so easy
reinhardt: no prob
infohunter: How do you keep your sanity??? There is SO much you have already let us see....
Logos666: #, I suppose that puts some limits on the way you work ?
reinhardt: i am havin fun now 10 years ago .. not so fun
infohunter: hence the way things are done...
sy5551: yeah i have to thank you for the work you've put in and the info you've let us all have access to
infohunter: is that when you started to really "Get it"??
Steelrat: yeah second that
reinhardt: yeah
infohunter: whooo..........many many brews and bottles of visene
RTRR27727: R?
reinhardt: ?
infohunter: Hey R... Thanks from all of "US"...
Logos666: SO are you saying that the way you communicate it the result of having negotiated with them about the limits of what you can put out ?
RTRR27727: Do you work full time ?
reinhardt: much appreciated
RTRR27727: I mean at a job other than this massive research??
infohunter: Has it went so far as a personal visit from someone?
reinhardt: full-time? i get paid a lot for the tech-skills i have
Logos666: I mean, are you more relaxed now because the way you says it is what they allow you to do unharmed ?
RTRR27727: hmm
Ishtahota: good question logos666
econ901: i cant thank you enough... there's lots of dots i've seen and was not able to see tehm big picture... but htats the way its supposed to be i guess
reinhardt: like i told ish at Hartfield-Jackson.. 90% of the wealth folks out there.. have no idea why they are wealthy.
RTRR27727: i buy that
RTRR27727: i know a few
econ901: how do you mean? they think luck or inheritance?
Logos666: That's what makes it so brutal
Logos666: the ythink they're good people
Logos666: That's what makes it so brutal
Logos666: the ythink they're good people
Steelrat: I see lots of other big picture stuff from my position on other side of the world but its all connected
Ishtahota: old money...bloodlines
reinhardt: they are too stupid to know the system is rigged.. the system has always been rigged
RTRR27727: right
Logos666: yes but technology enhances it exponentially
RTRR27727: Do you believe they already have tissue culture of themselves?
systemslave: so R, with your looking to future events...can the next "coverup/distraction" be avoided?
econ901: yes... i was blown away by two things reading up on the south ssea & mississippi co.s
infohunter: I used to hang out with Joe Hardy... he started 84 Lumber... and is LOADED.... We flew to FLA, bought a SL500 and dropped 5.4 MIL on 3 condos to knock the walls out of and make 1 bigh one oceanside.... The wealth overpowered him..... He was stumbling drunk every night
reinhardt: the only way the peasants could have ever figured it out is if the king accidentaly gave the peasants a computer and a word processing program
RTRR27727: I plan to grow tobacco
reinhardt: that is where the king f-cked up
econ901: onw as wasy, holy sh-te, this is exactly what happens to day and Two was, thats why we never learned this stuff
RTRR27727: WAS it a f-up?
econ901: lol
Logos666: that is true as well

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:37 PM
reinhardt: if u don't want to become a slave.. become a fan of timelines
Logos666: but if we're not busy, technology will be too unevenly available
Ishtahota: understood R~~...all that info and no way to decipher it...until now!
systemslave: i dream of timelines now...thx r lol
RTRR27727: I ask that question all the time, did they accidentally cut the web loose, or was it in the plan?
econ901: wealth seems to have an inverse relationship with happiness
sy5551: why did they give us the internet then? why weren't they smarter than that?
infohunter: how do you get around tobacco leases?
econ901: except for the truly self made
infohunter: that it does 901
infohunter: ]I saw it first hand
Steelrat: but the internet may be taken away
RTRR27727: SS, you and me both dreaming of his timelines
infohunter: and if the net is gone...
Steelrat: or severly limited
infohunter: no communication
infohunter: SHORTWAVE
Logos666: # it's almost 2 am here
agentsmith: internet was to be another control system but as usual they failed to comprehend its power
infohunter: ???
econ901: internet was a great cash cow, now its time to take it back?
Logos666: BTW
Logos666: speaking of the internet
agentsmith: internet 2 will be lockdown
Steelrat: yep
reinhardt: the king f-cked up because he failed to collapse the WTC in 1993
RTRR27727: Just grow it in my gardens
infohunter: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm
systemslave: but if they take away the internet...the people might actually ....go outside!
reinhardt: count on it
agentsmith: 93 was meant to be a much bigger bang
Logos666: the .com bubble went real estate bubble
RTRR27727: #e
Logos666: which bbble's next ?
RTRR27727: when?
econ901: want to lean more about 93
reinhardt: that is a book
infohunter: whats the plan when the net goes away?
agentsmith: the bomb was meant to be a cyanide gas bomb
Steelrat: the biggest bubble ever
infohunter: are we all to get out our ham radios and get ready???
econ901: R- yours?
*** RTRR23383 is now known as seeker
Logos666: Plus tehy didn't get the one ariplane into the White House
econ901: book that is
Ishtahota: infohunter...vaccum tubes
seeker: next bubble is the alternative energy and carbon credit trading bubble imo
econ901: next bub gotta be green ... i hear peasants already talking abt on the streets of SF
infohunter: FARADAY SHIELDS ISH!!!
infohunter: lmao
Ishtahota: got it!
reinhardt: believe it or not.. our future is bright.. why.. lemme be blunt.. because of pu-sy
Logos666: Steelrat, please xpand
reinhardt: gotta love it
RTRR27727: can you elaborate at all on the cancer thing?
Steelrat: green bubble thats interesting
infohunter: Cars without a computer....old points and condenser
econ901: lol, and here i thought you meant yoga for men
reinhardt: the king has cancer issues
seeker: biofuels and carbon trading was mentioned in the"bail out" package
infohunter: lol@901...
RTRR27727: now?
sy5551: pussy is what gets me through the day already, how's the future bright?

madsci: for the techno / electronic savey amongst you look up Konstantin Meyl and his work on Scalar wave technology for limitless wireless transmission
reinhardt: follow the king.. follow his advisors and his media a little less
agentsmith: they all have cancer
agentsmith: why?
econ901: which king
RTRR27727: W
infohunter: sy....You have a loaf of bread.....she WANTS a loaf of bread..... SY WANTS A BJ..... Take the bread Babe
reinhardt: for the last time "the king" is metaphorical
RTRR27727: even in the Global Cross thing?
qa: is "cancer"metaphorical too?
reinhardt: the peasants are real
sy5551: hahah but i don't barter for sex

Logos666: Thnaks for the bubble opinions
agentsmith: cancer is real
econ901: understood, but htere are peeps who play the role poper, DRsr,w
reinhardt: death is real

My connection dropped for a few minutes, not sure what I missed.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:39 PM
Ishtahota: we are hare R~~
econ901: hard to rise up when your on the floor looking for scraps of food
reinhardt: time has been controlled many times (justinian calendar, gregorian calendar, Jesus..etc..)
Ishtahota: I remember you telling me about the "12 days"
reinhardt: riots
timp: whoops.
Ishtahota: riots at presidential elections?
agentsmith: food riots or ?
reinhardt: calendar changes
RTRR42680: when?
reinhardt: what r these audio guys taklin bout?
reinhardt: somebody call them
RTRR42680: dunno, got booted after that last link
reinhardt: please
timp: I already did
timp: lol
timp: someone else's turn
RTRR72348: i may be nuts but what's bothered me was the scenario where Ted kennedy was all for Clinton than got brain cancer, than got on Obama's train, and is now seemingly "doing pretty good" in spite of a form od cancer that kills 90%+ pretty quick
Ishtahota: we are here for you in

reinhardt: u know better
Logos777: got thrown out

Logos777: what did I miss
reinhardt: what do you think the Alaska chic has got in her medical closet?
RTRR42680: i wonder
Ishtahota: Logos777 your brother 666 is here
RTRR72348: abortion lol
econ901: bennies
Logos777: he got dumped
reinhardt: hey.. y r listening
reinhardt: i knew it
RTRR42680: ff?
reinhardt: lets talk world currency
Ishtahota: abortion?...good call
STEELRAT: world currency
econ901: sure...
RTRR72348: won't be one anytime soon, first regional currencies at least that's how i see it
reinhardt: no.. i am thinkin breast or ovarian or family history
RTRR42680: why?
Logos777: OK, now we're talking
econ901: i'm still missing the c connection
RTRR42680: R did u see my post on cancer? I got booted after asking
Ishtahota: got currency......credits...backed with what?
Logos777: what about this question about the Fed R
econ901: everyone is at risk
RJR: ishtahota, IMF, and world bank
RTRR42680: ever hear of German New Medicine?
RTRR72348: well the IMF just f'ed Iceland over
VelvetRevolution: is that a surprise
reinhardt: u know what happens to a person's thought process when they are diagnosed?
STEELRAT: see the Lisbon treaty got thrown into the bail out

RTRR42680: cancer caused by stress event in one's life according to them
VelvetRevolution: bankers are evil
Ishtahota: oh....USA seems to want to back it with oil??!
econ901: they ask if what they spent their years on was worth it
reinhardt: bankers should be drawn and quartered just after waterboarding
econ901: prolly not wish they had more cash/pwr
Logos777: R, here's the question from the thread:
reinhardt: wut
deansantoro: hey all
RTRR72348: well without the threat of cancer a person nowadays with good medical care and diet + all sorts of robotics can prob. live till 100, maybe 100+
reinhardt: bs
RTRR72348: cancer f'in al;l that up for the elites
Ishtahota: Hey dean..
deansantoro: hola
reinhardt: its not the cure.. it is the scare
Logos888: I got kicked after my last question
RTRR42680: me too
Logos888: why do I keep getting kicked
econ901: ah
reinhardt: world currency is a worthwhile topic to touch on
STEELRAT: or misguided just maybe
econ901: another ladle of fear
RTRR42680: fear of death racket
agentsmith: IMF exist to screw over 3rd world countries
Logos999: again
Ishtahota: try again logos888
reinhardt: try first world countries
econ901: so there's no $ in a cure, and less scare
agentsmith: bribe leader to sign bad loan - resources collatoral, default, IMF win
STEELRAT: screw peasants
RTRR72348: the end goal isn't to screw them over though
deansantoro: I like the new RTR Radio!
systemslave: what would a "world currency" look like in the US? what would be the result?
RTRR72348: it's too limit competition from other countries
Logos999: So in short. Reinhardt: it looks as if they don't care too much about the FEd anymore. Where does it go from here ?
RTRR72348: fewer "new" elites to battle the old ones

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:39 PM
deansantoro: world currency would spell the end of free enterprise
reinhardt: lets look at the concept of "financial instruments" in America for starters
reinhardt: easy to comprehend? NOT
deansantoro: we'd be back to the Monarchy governnment days
Logos999: there you go
RTRR72348: isn't that the point?
reinhardt: so s-it
yax: plastic money
RTRR72348: hard to comprehend = hard to prosecute
Ishtahota: oligarchy?
Logos999: so what are they using instead of teh fed from here on
reinhardt: is profanity cool yet?
econ901: if there were we wuldnt need financial 'engineers'
RTRR72348: na lol
agentsmith: yes its 8 on teh east coast
RTRR42680: what do you want to cuss about?
agentsmith: dammit
RTRR72348: i think cursing only from midnight on..[sigh]
Ishtahota: logos...perhaps they creeat a new printer?....for carbon credits
agentsmith: no, 8 pm EDT
reinhardt: electronically accessed accounts allow for leins by TPTB
RTRR42680: errrr
agentsmith: they plan to bring in a money system where they can shut you off if they dont like u
RTRR42680: as in war games?
STEELRAT: if peoples money becomes worthless paper they will beg for a world currency
reinhardt: what happened to Kim Jong il
RTRR72348: it's funny how the acorn issue is being used to distract from actual voter fraud
systemslave: is new world currency only electronic?
econ901: yep, i read somewhere that peeps in the 19th century would have Never let direct acces to accounts by otheres, esp gov
Logos999: You see I don't see the difference here: US$ is fiat money already
Ishtahota: water credits, gas credits, food credits...?
RTRR42680: he got cloned
econ901: nothing, he's fine
agentsmith: glenn becks been cancelled and hes moving to fax nes? who gives a #
RTRR42680: wtf, is this free association night?
econ901: is see him right there
reinhardt: to bad Fox picked it up
infohunter: Hey R...I saw a news story that Putin is testing a GPS deal on his dog,
RTRR72348: yeh although that news is 3 days old
agentsmith: glenn beck is a whore
infohunter: yes it is
infohunter: T\
RTRR72348: heard him talk about on hsi radio show on friday
Logos999: I see
infohunter: He talked about that on Friday
reinhardt: beck is a shill
Logos999: so world currency would actually be more reality based
infohunter: yep
infohunter: he is MSM
Ishtahota: perhaps
reinhardt: plant
Logos999: that's what I suspected
econ901: almost as bad as nancy 'caylee' grace
agentsmith: all corporate news is shill media
reinhardt: but it is always good to be suspicious
RTRR42680: he got a chip implant when he had surgery
infohunter: I HATE THAT BIT*C
Ishtahota: controll water, food, air(?) and people will get shares/credits?
RTRR42680: links got me booted
STEELRAT: looking for Kim Jong body
reinhardt: no way
Logos999: Another thing: are TPTB certain about the collaboration of Asia
RTRR42680: hey
RTRR72348: beck's line of reasoning is very convoluted so either he doesn't believe what he says or he pretty dumb
Logos999: I wonder if they do not have their own views about how the world should be organized
reinhardt: then don't do links.. "do i have to think of everything" (George C Scott; dr strangelove)
infohunter: So R...Serious question you see the system totally collapsing, or some twist of the Have/Have Nots...
RTRR42680: probably D.I.D.(beck)
reinhardt: the system can't collapse
econ901: Dr. it hurts when I do this. Don't do that
RTRR42680: LOL that was a warn for steelrat
Logos999: I hear thatg some of their secret societies are not too happy about the hegemony of western pltuocracy
RTRR72348: wouldn't a total collapse usher in unrest?
agentsmith: who cares about Acorn? They can flip the entire vote count if they want
RTRR72348: gradual transitions ar ethe way to go
econ901: collapse would spoil th party
infohunter: I would think if your going to start an investment company in these times, you dont see a total collapse...

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:40 PM
RTRR40214: My ip reset and change, no long banned. I'm baaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkk
RTRR40214: asdhfljksahdfljkahsdfjkhasdlhkjsdafjksdafjhdsfahfdsdsafhlasdhasdfdsfahsdafjljhsdahjdsfahjsadhjaslkjfhlakjsfhdlkajsfhdlkajsfhdlkajsfhkljasfhlkjasfhkalj sfhkjasfhalksjfhasd
agentsmith: the elite will not allow anything to happen which might bring their own house down
Ishtahota: they are building camps for SOME reason...
RTRR40214: crap
RTRR40214: crap
RTRR40214: crap
RTRR40214: crap
reinhardt: yeah common
RTRR40214: crap
RTRR40214: crap
RTRR40214: crap
RTRR40214: crap
reinhardt: hello markus
RTRR40214: crap
Ishtahota: MARCUSS!!!!!!
RTRR40214: crap
RTRR40214: crap
RTRR72348: well as for the camps, wouldn't that bring in unrest too?
RTRR40214: crap
RTRR42680: yesssssss
agentsmith: cool, ignore works
RTRR40214: crap
RTRR40214: crap
reinhardt: just a matter of time
RTRR40214: crap
RTRR40214: crap
RTRR40214: crap
RTRR40214: crap
RTRR40214: crap
reinhardt: controlled opposition see ya
RTRR40214: crap
agentsmith: I guess that was marcuss
RTRR72348: why need camps when the people mind's can be enslaved?
RTRR40214: crap
RTRR40214: crap
RTRR42680: bye bye
STEELRAT: yea tf ignore works
RTRR40214: crap
Ishtahota: PLAN BGO GO!!
RTRR40214: crap
RTRR40214: crap
RTRR40214: crap
Logos999: 2:20 AM
RTRR40214: crap
STEELRAT: bye Logos
RTRR40214: hahahahahahahah!
agentsmith: plan b?
Logos999: bye everyone
Ishtahota: SE YA LOGOS
+++ ChanServ has given op to DrSteveParent
Logos999: And Reinhardt
RTRR40214: gotcha!
infohunter: see ya logos
DrSteveParent: hi all
Ishtahota: TALK SHOE
Logos999: too bad didn't have more time to talk things over
RTRR72348: ignore..woot. lol
RTRR42680: ok ish
RTRR72348: cmon folks stay
infohunter: always another day logos
econ901: r gone...
Logos999: but thanks a LOT work your massive work
STEELRAT: hes gone logos
Logos999: oh
infohunter: I guess R Rolled
Logos999: right
--- Mod2008 has banned *!*
Ishtahota: PLAN B?..
infohunter: Ahhhhhhhhhh
econ901: need to fig one
Logos999: OK, tell him I thank him for his work
Logos999: if he comes back
Ishtahota: will do
deansantoro: i hate trolls
infohunter: and now I see many many incoming hits on the ole Firewall.................
agentsmith: where did R go?
Logos999: in 5 hrs need to get up
Logos999: work
DrSteveParent: Hello Dean
DrSteveParent: welcome to the chat room
deansantoro: hey steve
infohunter: I think he left AS when the troll was abound
STEELRAT: night folks
Logos999: Thanks to you as well IShta
infohunter: night rat
Logos999: GOOd night
Ishtahota: yes prob LOGO
Logos999: see you on the thread
infohunter: you betcha!
infohunter: rest well my friend
deansantoro: is everyone here aware of my moneybomb day tomorrow?
agentsmith: my offer still stands to help R setup a bouncer to connect with, he should knw how to do that already though
STEELRAT: see you all soon

Ishtahota: I will remind him again
infohunter: L8TRZ Rat
DrSteveParent: Dean we sent out a newsletter to our subscribers on it
agentsmith: Ish, ill email u wiki info - it's not ready yet, should be lter tonight
DrSteveParent: it hit over 100,000 people
deansantoro: I know I saw it! thank you
Ishtahota: cool...agent..lookin' forward to it
DrSteveParent: We should get you on the air a few times tomorrow Dean
infohunter: AS...who will have access to the WIKI?
deansantoro: absolutely - call me on my cell - I am working an early voting poll location from 7am to 3pm
agentsmith: various people, Ill prob give Ish the keys to add people
DrSteveParent: ok will do
econ901: sounds good agent
infohunter: Cool.....Hope to be there too....
agentsmith: wiki is cool cause anyone can add stuff and if it's not valid yu just roll it back
agentsmith: i looked at lots of programs for the research site and wiki is the easiest way to go
econ901: agreed

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:42 PM
deansantoro: I think RTR and RB is a good marriage
DrSteveParent: that is why we did it Dean
econ901: I had mentioned wasste to Ish was pretty good back in the day for mpthree
agentsmith: now i have lots of questions - like what riots, why?
DrSteveParent: we would have done this with trevor and rick but they declined
RTRR72348: what normally causes riots
Ishtahota: AS...mccain win
econ901: agreed, still not getting the c connction... pure fear play?
agentsmith: ISH, that's why i was thinking
deansantoro: I was hoping they'd send an email about my moneybomb too but I don;t think they will
infohunter: Race Wars
RTRR72348: when the people really think they're f';ed over and the gov't can't bribe them to keep quite
agentsmith: the polls for Obama are false, he's not ahead at leat not that far
DrSteveParent: not unless there is money in it for them dean
econ901: reports of votre flipping already being reported in early open states
agentsmith: that's why acorn scam, they need to make it not even close so a flip in the count shows
RTRR72348: same here ASi ahv ethe same feeling
Ishtahota: AS...but they imply he is winning...a set up.
agentsmith: nah big flip won't happen until main election
deansantoro: I can't afford to give a single dollar of donations now - I need another $4,000 to get out some radio and TV ads
JoeMac: hi everyone
RTRR72348: I think Obama will be in though, he's been chosen
infohunter: Well....according to "The way things work", the Jewish ADL sets the Pres... So... Who would the ADL want? Obama or Mccain?
econ901: i seem to agree, but am nto surpised the other way
yax: riots mean marshal law wich means no more constitution
RTRR72348: he will doa dn folks wil follow
RTRR72348: that's what his entire campaign is about
deansantoro: I have a bunch of TV ads starting on cable tomorrow. If I could raise 20k tomorrow I'd be able to bury my opponent and surprise the whole establishment
DrSteveParent: dean I hgope that happens man
deansantoro: as you might know they paid a "fundraiser" $20k to pretend to raise me money
JoeMac: 'I do too dean
Ishtahota: Plan B..
DrSteveParent: yes dean I am aware of that
RTRR72348: better yet EXACTY wtf was BIden talkigna bout?
sy5551: okay all I'm out, I've been eating so sorry for the limited talking on my part, if anyone has the transcipt of this chat, send it to me?
JoeMac: we gotta get you some awareness
deansantoro: she just stalled my efforts for 6 weeks and told all the republican donors NOT to give to me
deansantoro: effin beoch
sy5551: later ish, and everyone else
JoeMac: lol
infohunter: later sy
agentsmith: later sys
deansantoro: I saw her two weeks ago and I had to hold my wife back from kicking her @ss
RTRR72348: c aya
DrSteveParent: can't you sue dean?
DrSteveParent: I would if i was you
JoeMac: should have let her beat her up
deansantoro: I went to a lawyer - but since I never paid her any money, I have no recourse
RTRR72348: anyone else up on the Ptech and 9/11 story?
agentsmith: what makes R think they are going to trigger a civil war though, is he sure?
deansantoro: pretty smart of them - she did a contingency contract with me... meaning she only got paid if she raised me money
RTRR72348: why trigger a civil war when the public is so easily mentally enslaved?
RTRR72348: i don't see a need for such drastic measures
JoeMac: oh we are looming on civil war
+++ DrSteveParent has given op to deansantoro
agentsmith: I guess I'm glad I startede buying guns
deansantoro: folks have NO CONCEPTION just how deeply entrenched the corruption is
sy5551: lower the population, these people have population goals in mind
RTRR72348: there are better ways
JoeMac: you think the south won't rise again?
yax: yes
RTRR72348: ehtno bio weapons
deansantoro: what do I do with op??? lol!
agentsmith: do they really want to bring on martial law?
econ901: test

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:45 PM
JoeMac: Obama is going to allow a new civil war
DrSteveParent: makes you a VIP here
agentsmith: are the coming finance changes so bad they need martial law?
sy5551: i'm not sure about the civil war though, who knows maybe they're geared for martial law, maybe the time for #ing around has passed?
RTRR72348: not really, look around u
JoeMac: recession? how about Secession?
deansantoro: listen to this I found out yesterday...
RTRR72348: are people willing to do anything?
agentsmith: all I know is a lot of peple are fed up
sy5551: i'm willing to shoot some rich ppl

agentsmith: and it's not with each other, its with the elite
RTRR72348: yeh but are they willing to fight ? No, they're not
JoeMac: I will gladly drop the liabilities of the rest of you here in VT
agentsmith: i think a lot of them are
RTRR72348: life is still too confortable for msot
JoeMac: let me secede
deansantoro: a current legislator (Ellyn Bogdanoff) passed a bill in the Florida legislature last session with a pork line item buried inside
deansantoro: it forces all condo owners to purchase content insurance...
agentsmith: sounds like biz as usual
JoeMac: Vermonters don't need you
DrSteveParent: what a joke
deansantoro: and wanna know the kicker????
agentsmith: vermont, NH and Oklahoma are all talking about seccession
deansantoro: Her husband owns an insurance company that serll Condo content insurance!!!!!!!
DrSteveParent: SY5551 WE DO NOT PROMOTE VIOLENCE IN HERE thank you
deansantoro: *sells*
yax: sheeple will gladly give up their rights for a loaf of bread
agentsmith: exactly, business as usual
RTRR72348: talk is just that can
JoeMac: I am a prominent member of the Vermont Commons paper
sy5551: DrSteveParent: sorry bud, was joking
RTRR72348: stop taking fed money first
RTRR72348: kick the feds out
deansantoro: so she passes a bill that mandates people have content insurance so her husband can make money selling policies to people

just to clarify--- where it says "crap" was actually some a$$ posting lines and lines of random letters. i cleaned it up to make it easier to read.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:45 PM
i think i came in at some point later in this chat.

i started as "big papi" then was able to change my handle to shermanium

thanks for posting it

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 03:12 PM
where is the link to the chat so i can try and join in next time...?

and how does one know its going to happen? ish doesnt respond to my emails anymore ( irealise he is inundated)...


posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 03:24 PM
he's been on

one time saw it listed on his site, other time on glp (i think)

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 06:35 AM
thanks for clearing up the confusion and posting both those sessions ishouldbeworking.

lots of info to go through.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 10:53 AM
reply to post by ATSfan

I am not sure if this post will make it through as they seem not to make it past the mods...not for a nefarious I am sure just a filter they may use..

That said I would like to let folks here that are following this R~~ saga as I am, to know that I do not mean to avoid any e-mails. I receive. I get about 100 a day and I try to answer them all..If I miss one, I apologize. Please resend it and include your on-line name as I follow both sites and read all the content. (

I would like to give thanks to Justyc, shermanium, ATSfan, et al for your great interest in this R~~ Saga..this is a moment in history that could bring about change for everyone and it will not be for the "timid".

We are living in an historical moment, a moment of certain change, world-wide change and each one of us are putting ourselves at the mercy of our history-writers pen. The folks that push that pen has not yet been decided. It could very well be one of us. That is to say, that what we do, how we act, and what influence we all have, will be what is ultimately written down. We can only hope that it is a history that is encased in truth and justice.

I for one, have never taken the easy path in life. I have always chosen to walk on a path that has yet to be walked on or walked on very little. Where else is one to find the unknown? Because of my choices in life I have stumbled upon other folks that have chose to see what is on the other path, kindred spirits of sorts.These tend to be folks that are in search of the same thing...answers to truth and justice... it is us that will forge this new path together and it is my hopes that we will determined its direction...together, to an end that is right for ALL of human kind...

...Because that should be the goal OF all human kind.

Small Steps, Cautious Steps...



posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 11:40 AM
from ISH:

I am not sure if this post will make it through as they seem not to make it past the mods...not for a nefarious I am sure just a filter they may use..

That said I would like to let folks here that are following this R~~ saga as I am, to know that I do not mean to avoid any e-mails. I receive. I get about 100 a day and I try to answer them all..If I miss one, I apologize. Please resend it and include your on-line name as I follow both sites and read all the content. (

I would like to give thanks to Infohunter, IBR, Logo, sy555, Justyc, shermanium, ATSfan, et al for your great interest in this R~~ Saga..this is a moment in history that could bring about change for everyone and it will not be for the "timid".

We are living in an historical moment, a moment of certain change, world-wide change and each one of us are putting ourselves at the mercy of our history-writers pen. The folks that push that pen has not yet been decided. It could very well be one of us. That is to say, that what we do, how we act, and what influence we all have, will be what is ultimately written down. We can only hope that it is a history that is encased in truth and justice.

I for one, have never taken the easy path in life. I have always chosen to walk on a path that has yet to be walked on or walked on very little. Where else is one to find the unknown? Because of my choices in life I have stumbled upon other folks that have chose to see what is on the other path, kindred spirits of sorts. These tend to be folks that are in search of the same thing...answers to truth and justice... it is us that will forge this new path together and it is my hopes that we will determined its direction...together, to an end that is right for ALL of human kind...

...Because that should be the goal OF all human kind.

Small Steps, Cautious Steps...



posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 11:41 AM
could a mod please reformat this page?


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posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 11:42 AM
lol - i was just posting that same thing shermanium but hit the 'new thread' button by accident instead of reply. it wouldn't let me post an untitled thread so when i hit the 'back' button i saw you saved me the job

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 12:22 PM
great minds think alike, justyc....

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