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Just felt a need

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posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 08:42 PM
Hopefully no one is terribly surprised by the happenings in Pakistan or that will be about to occur in the middle east.

They are steadily working toward a justified build up of troops, we can't stop it. then all hell breaks loose and the Middle east will screwed. For good or bad whatever your view...there will be hundreds of thousands of lives snuffed out over a relatively short period of time and THAT is shameful.

I've been watching. We've made it to almost the end of November...and they aren't going to be able to put it off much longer. They HAVE to have their terrorist attack over there against the troops.

They warn about homeland invasions of terrorists?? Uh huh. Won't happen. they would totally lose face and they cannot afford that. They just need to keep us all off balance.

I say it's coming soon. Wherever the highest concentration of troops are (particularly US, Canadian and UK) is where the "attack" will occur.

The inauguration won't go well either. Not sure why.

posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 05:54 AM
Had a wicked head cold all week but aside from that I have had a feeling of dread.

When I read about Mumbai and now the train accident.

I did say on page one that Pakistan would be next yes? Am I the only one seeing how this is all being set up? Pakistan didn't do it (refer to page one).

It's all so convenient and happening pretty much as I said it would. Pakistan didn't do it (or the next one to come - refer to page one).

AQ is a US created "fraction" and great demon to spur on the "war against terror". It's all a big set up and it's all to gain a strong foothold in the Middle East. They are the only countries holding them back from the "natural progression". I repeat again they need to justify having a HUGE number of troops over there...they have to create scenarios leading up to the horrific attack and then make the final push.

The passenger train in India wasn't what I saw either. A train yes but not one off the tracks and covered in rubble.

They aren't done in Pakistan yet. There is a bigger target. Before December 20th - Possibly the 12th or 16th (me and numbers don't get along yah know)
In Pakistan...parliament or a large Mosque (church) very ornate building and very crowded. They need at least one more big successful "attack".

More border fighting will start again now that Pakistan has drawn attention away so they could get into place.

It's all going to happen very quickly from there and it's straight down hill.


I expect the Canadian dollar to hit 65 cents soon LMAO.
December 9th is a bad day. You'll have a good laugh as will I if it passes quietly but I really think there will be a nasty natural disaster. Earthquake and possibly a volcano on the sea floor. Not in North America (I hope) not at all (I hope even more) but Europe likely. No idea where and the 9th of December is a rough guess based on what I see...again numbers never come clearly.

Sheer rock face slides away - coastal and warm. That's about all I can get from it as to location. Roadways literally gone...cracks up to six feet wide or more. if I had to guess on destructive power I'd say about 7.7 to 8.1 on the RS. Very shallow too and in a populated area.

There was a fluid quality to some of the images - could be rocks slides, mud slides, lava...didn't seem like water...not as gushing...slower and heavier.

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posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 02:16 AM
pakistan will be demonized and they will be struck very soon. Impact.

All attackers of Western values will be terrorists.

It just makes me sick. I feel for the Indian polpulation being duped into playing martyr for policy makers and war mongers who's only interest is gaining controlling interest in the Middle East.

Once they have pakistan where they want them they can plant more troops there as well.

There will be coalition all over the place and Iran is the main target.

I say a Pakistani temple or church will be nailed and touted as a "confirmed" place of terrorist training and support. a good forty injured and dead.

The get ready for Iraq and Afghanistan...see how quiet it is there. Misleading. Pool the troops into central areas. Then come inauguration time...we will have out massive terrorist attack on foreign soil. The ultimate offense as we're there trying to "help" restore the two countries.

Biological at home? Nuclear at home? yeah okay. WAY easier over there as the enemies are built in.

What I've said about Pakistan has been right so far. They are being made patsy and they DIDN'T do it. Plants and operatives muddy the witness accounts.

One more Big thing in india perhaps then Pakistan gets hit. then Iraq and Afghanistan

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 07:34 PM

A US Army combat brigade -- 3,500 to 4,000 troops -- is set to arrive in Afghanistan in January

This is the first "installment" of the expected 70000 + troop buildup in Afghanistan. More later in the winter months of 2009

Roughly 2752 people lost their lives in 9/11. Is 3500 a sustainable loss to secure the US & coalition foothold in the Middle East? I bet it is.

This really scares me and I wonder if anyone else is seeing what's being laid out?

I suppose we'll know soon enough. January and the inauguration are right around the corner.

My bet says these troops will arrive about five to ten days before to a predetermined "target" base. Maybe one that is slightly away from the other bases. They won't have time to settle in. The whole thing will go down pretty much as 9/11 did. The security over there has a built in loophole so no one will even think to question the attack.

Everyone at home is waiting for an attack here and it's never going to come (not in 2009 any way) it will be overseas.

January 20th. Gonna be a bad day.

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 05:09 AM
source of BS

Neither the motive nor the culprits behind the blast were clear. But provincial government chief Haider Khan Hoti said "external forces" could be to blame — a comment understood in Pakistan to mean India.

Someone is sure having some fun poking sticks into local beehives over there huh?

And as i said before it's not done yet. Pakistan didn't do it...when the big event happens remember that.

The coalition forces will be more than "justified" to not only remain in force but to bolster that force a hell of a lot quicker than 70000 by 2009-10.

I would imagine there are all kinds of "intelligence" being leaked to various parties over there.

the goal is Iran. Iran is stable and still prosperous amidst all the turmoil. The entire regions all around it are being destabilized. Purposefully, methodically and callously.

Massive troop buildups after the "terrorist" strike on our soldiers, Then a greater call to arms against the foes of the free world. yet more soldiers on foreign soil and Iran is a free for all.

Foreign occupation will be the norm. :shk:

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 09:08 PM
New US Strategy - source of quotes below.

KABUL, Afghanistan — Most of the additional American troops arriving in Afghanistan early next year will be deployed near the capital, Kabul, American military commanders here say, in a measure of how precarious the war effort has become.

High concentration of troops.

For the incoming Obama administration, a first priority will be to weigh which is the greater risk: drawing down American forces too quickly in Iraq, potentially jeopardizing the gains there; or not building up troops quickly enough in Afghanistan, where the war effort hangs in the balance as security worsens.

They clearly need to JUSTIFY a bolstered military presence in Afghanistan. Security worsens??? Compared to what??? This is akin to foreshadowing isn't it? Security hangs in the balance - prime occasion for a "terrorist" attack and completely "expected" seeing as security is such a concern.

There are about 62,000 international troops currently in Afghanistan, including about 32,000 Americans, a military spokesman said, but they are spread thinly throughout the country, which is nearly the size of Texas.

American commanders say they desperately need more.

Military officials say that if General McKiernan’s requests are met, deployments in the next year and a half or so will include four combat brigades, an aviation brigade equipped with attack and troop-carrying helicopters, reconnaissance units, support troops and trainers for the Afghan Army and the police, raising American force levels to about 58,000.

58000 US soldiers is the minimum requested? I say they get double that after the soon to pass staged event. Maybe even 3 x the publicly requested amount.

The American military command said it had incomplete statistics for the level of violence in those provinces. “Frankly, in Wardak and Logar, we don’t know what we don’t know,” Colonel Nielson-Green said in an e-mail message. “There are few of our forces present in those areas, hence the reason for the incoming brigade there.” “I suspect that violence will increase as we place this unit but will go down over time,” she added, “because we assess that there are considerable enemy support areas in both provinces and we will be going after them.”

Well we have a hint. The "where" is hidden in plain sight. They already anticipate a rise in violence by insurgent strongholds.

And all of this is to safeguard the relationship with Villagers? Uh huh...apparently it is.

Of immediate concern, American and NATO commanders say, is the need to safeguard the capital, to hit new Taliban strongholds in Wardak and Logar, and to provide enough security in those provinces for development programs, which are essential to maintaining the support of Afghan villagers.

Sediqa Mubariz, a member of Parliament from Wardak, said in an interview that she would welcome any additional American troops in her province. Ms. Mubariz said security had been so poor that since last year she had not been able to travel from Kabul to her home district in Wardak, only 50 miles away.

Security is so poor in these provinces. An additional some 30000 US troops are required in addition to those being redeployed from Iraq over the course of 18 months.

Face it the US has to be "out" of Iraq as contracted. But they sure as hell aren't going to be far away are they?

There must be an attack in Afghanistan. How else can they justify, under global scrutiny, the "need" for such a large force? Iraq is seemingly coming along...until after this event.

Once they have their event completed, Iraq will have to suffer a serious breach in security as well. It must be documented that US and Coalition forces are "needed" to maintain security in the regions.

Now add another 30-40000 troops to Iraq.

Iran has no WMD, but you know damn well that makes no difference. They have uranium. They have stable infrastructure. They have wealth and security. They have technologies. So even just having the "capability" of making nuclear weapons will be enough justification for invasion.

Presumed threat. Possible threat. Eventual threat. Perceived threat.

However you want to call it that is what the headlines will be reading in the early part of 2009 in regards to Iran and her supposed nuclear grade weapons capability. Before 2009 is done, Iran will be occupied.


Combine all of this with a few drawings I have made and it starts to become much clearer (for me). Hell you don't have to be "gifted" to see where this is all going do you?

I "saw" troops under massive attack. Drew a few pictures. Now the MSM is hitting on some goings on that put my images in perspective.

I think Pakistan will suffer more casualties over the weekend. Not car bombs though. Military - maybe Pakistan's army hitting a stronghold or something egged on by US intelligence.

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 08:39 AM
whew! no earthquake/volcano as yet knock on wood. I still have a sickening feeling about it but it didn't happen on the ninth so maybe I can relax a bit now yes? I can't predict dates clearly

Can't shake the feeling though still. I still see a major natural event in a highly populated area on a coast - could it be any more generic??? LMAO.

posted on Dec, 13 2008 @ 12:17 PM

Under the terms of a US-Iraq pact that comes into effect in January, US forces must leave Iraq by the end of 2011. They must leave urban areas by June 2009. Iraq has seen a decline in the overall level of violence that came in the wake of the 2003 US-led invasion. But officials say that attacks could increase in the run-up to provincial and general elections next year. There are also concerns that opposition fighters could launch attacks as US forces begin to leave the country's town and cities.

There are hints in many stories coming right from military higher ups as to what I am saying about a major attack against forces in Iraq/Afghanistan.

Setting the stage for what is coming. Preparing the story and spin.

Gates, who will retain his position in president-elect Barack Obama's administration, said that the United States' enemies should not try to take advantage of the early stages of the incoming government.

When it happens the US Gov will simply turn around and say "we warned of this possibility". A self fulfilling prophesy and just what they need to maintain a huge troop base in the regions.

"There is no doubt that Iran has been heavily engaged in trying to influence the development and direction of the Iraqi government - and has not been a good neighbour," Gates said. "Iraq wants to be your partner ... And, given the challenges in the Gulf, and the reality of Iran, you should wish to be theirs."

Gates told the conference that Washington was not looking to remove Iran's leaders but it wants Tehran to make changes. "Nobody is after a regime change in Iran. What we're after is a change in policies and a change in behaviour.

"The president-elect and his team are under no illusions about Iran's behaviour and what Iran has been doing in the region and is doing in terms of its own weapons programmes."

An Iranian delegation had been due to attend the meeting but did not show up for Gates's address.

And more demonizing of Iran. No regime change wanted? Behavioral modifications LMAO. By way of war and occupation no doubt.

posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 05:03 AM
Volcanic. Off the Richter scale sooner than later. I'm sorry.

I hate predictions and BS as much as the next person but this I am so damn sure of.

More sure about this that the bones not being Caylee's. I just don't see that they are. She's not found.

I don't know where the volcanic froohaha happens. It's warm and coastal situated.

Everything is so thick like cake batter...not water. Seismic picks up sharply in the areas within 100 miles prior...nothing major at first then a 6.1 or 6.2 in deeper water raises some eye brows. Then nothing for I don't know how long. It's dead out there no seismic save for a few very weak tremors.

It happens suddenly. Hasn't happened yet. I feel it's coming very soon. I'm sorry I don't have any idea when exactly.

Soon like within a few months maybe?? Shoot maybe tomorrow.

My head hurts.

posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 05:16 AM
And just as I finished typing the above...:

this JUST occurred.

EDIS Number EQ-20081217-138792- Common Alerting Protocol Magnitude 6.2 (Strong) # Date-Time [UTC] 17 December, 2008 at 10:56:00 UTC # Local Date/Time Tuesday, December 16, 2008 at 23:56 at night at epicenter Location -17.8000 -178.2500 Depth 534.00 km (331.81 miles) Region Country Distances 387.7 km (240.91 miles) N of Alo, Wallis and Futuna Affected people

This freaks the (*&(^ out of me.

edit to not I am on PST and I just checked the prelim report on the ROES site a second ago..

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posted on Dec, 18 2008 @ 05:48 AM
dread about the will be all over the news and tension is really high with very little data getting out. Today is gonna be a bad day....I don't know what it is...but it will be in the MSM all frigging day.

It feels no air. I was trying to sleep but had to write this to get it out of my head.

Absolutely no image...nothing. Blackness.

posted on Dec, 18 2008 @ 03:19 PM
another 6.2 in deep ocean.

EDIS Number EQ-20081218-138873-TON Common Alerting Protocol Magnitude 6.2 (Strong) # Date-Time [UTC] 18 December, 2008 at 20:57:38 UTC # Local Date/Time Friday, December 19, 2008 at 09:57 in the moorning at epicenter Location -23.56 -179.94 Depth 546 km (339.27 miles) Region Country Tonga Distances 92.74 km (57.63 miles) S of South Minerva Reef, Affected people Source RSOE-EMSC Generated Tsunami Not or no data!

second one in that part of the ocean.

within a few 100 miles of the last.

Personally I'm watching the areas around Papau new Guinea, and Chile.

Edit to add the 6.0 recorded on USGS in Chile.

Will we see a Polynesian quake next?

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posted on Dec, 29 2008 @ 04:39 PM
Looks and sounds like Iran is going to push a few buttons and call the hands.

This is a drawing of "sides" and it will be very clear. What a wonderful move on the part of the Iranians and their may come to naught however it puts the US and coalition in a precarious spot.

The timing is interesting. Strategic. Iran is making an attempt to have leaders show their true colours and to suss out exactly who is tied to who's apron strings.

dangerous game to play but I can see the intention.

With all of the motion and activity happening in Afghanistan and Iraq behind the scenes in preparation for the aftermath of the event on January 20th no doubt, Iran is making damn sure "whoever is involved over there" has to raise their hand and be counted. Simple.

IF the coalition is determined to continue with the plan they will NOT allow themselves to become engaged in this show. IF Israel is pulling the strings just watch how long it takes for the US and coalitions to step in and wag a finger at Iran by way of military presence.

The January inauguration event may still happen either way but I think Iran's intention is to #1 distract and #2 get an idea of who and WHERE Israels backers currently are. Not the paperweights in offices but the bodies on the ground and at sea.

Strategic poker game and Iran is calling the bluff. The Iranian leader may be a bit of an arrogant sociopath but he's smart as all get out.

Today I'm doing some drawings and reading. Might get some more interesting turns.

Just remember Pakistan didn't do it.

More later. Something about this is very intriguing.

posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 11:41 AM
Well I am hoping that my "feeling" of volcanic activity was just yellowstone's burp or grumbling tummy. Weird that I stated "volcanic" on the 17th, but I trust my dates as far as I could throw myself.

The feeling of doom has subsided, and it leaves me thinking I may just be picking up on a general "feeling" or vibe in the air...multiply by millions of people=doom.

Still...what I saw the other day during a RV was interesting. I'm still worried about a coastal event. The very large area north west of New Guinea...deep sea temblors and coastal regions along some of the Islands. I still say a volcano as opposed to just seismic events. it's the movement of what I see...not fluid like water...slower like pancake batter. It's a non colour image for me more like a photo negative so it's a bit difficult to interpret.


Israel - very sad but we shouldn't be watching them so closely. We SHOULD be watching the border activity between Afghanistan/Iraq and Pakistan.

What's great is that the Israeli people are just as duped by their Gov as we are with ours - the inevitable outcome is that people of the world will (not in my lifetime) stand up against them.

What I do see (thought based on statistics etc and not RV or intuition) is that the worlds population must be decreased by a LARGE amount before people will act...we are strong in numbers though you would think we would be.

Millions put all of their faith in Gov and when that fails reality sets in but it's too late. Global genocide and then action. Human's rarely act unless we are FORCED to.


Inauguration: Now something has changed dammit and i don't know what it is.

No homeland terror event - relax. Still we should be paying very close attention to Afghanistan/Iraq. The stakes have been upped.

I no longer see the inauguration being interrupted. (RV and Intuition or whatever as opposed to facts and tangible data).

I'm going to be backtracking through to see what and where the change occurred to see if I can get another RV going. I've been jotting a lot of thoughts here and it's in one of these pages and I missed it or it was obscured. I also have a drawing book full of stuff to sort through.

The original images of a mass explosion have not changed from my last remarks about them. Same area same occurrence and same level of devastation.

Israel is a definite attempt to distract , not only that but it allows them to exact part of their own agenda in relation to the event that I have RV'd.

Iran - it's lose lose for them. At this point even if they followed along and agreed to all the conditions regarding nuke tech etc...they are still on the roster to be occupied and unseated. There is no way out of global loophole. All in opposition to the plan of the coalition masterminds (a-holes) will start backing away from Iran BIG time....the EAU well as Russia. It will not be financially prudent to back them any longer and all who try will regret it.

More later.

posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 11:51 AM
Just wanted to add a snippit here.

have you noticed the attempt at drumming up support for the troops? Their efforts are in more heart warming stories lately. Their "peacekeeping" efforts are more in the news rather than the actual battles being fought.

Why now? Our militaries have been over there ALL this time...and the only news spots they get are when they get blown up.

The ads targetting americans/canadians/UK/australia promoting the soldiers efforts....

Ask yourself why now?

There was a thread about "heroics" while I disagree as to why people join military orgs, I have to agree with the portrayal in media. Especially lately.

Built up to be torn down -

Ya'll worry about a nuke on home base...I'll be watching left field.

I STILL maintain - (intuition speaking here in addition to RV images) that our soldiers are being set up to become martyrs for the cause.

Sustainable losses - 3000-4500. A span of several cities in the suck.

AND Pakistan did NOT do it. Plese please keep that in mind.

posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 02:05 PM
New Guinea coastline - 7.7 followed by a 7.8.

Though this is seismic (so far I just got the alert) I am BETTING it is volcanic related.


Now if a picture appears in the news that resembles one of my drawings I will effectively freak out.

Earthquake Details Magnitude 7.8 (Preliminary magnitude — subject to revision) Date-Time * Saturday, January 03, 2009 at 19:43:59 UTC * Sunday, January 04, 2009 at 04:43:59 AM at epicenter Location 0.700°S, 132.800°E Depth 48 km (29.8 miles) set by location program Region NEAR THE NORTH COAST OF PAPUA, INDONESIA Distances * 144 km (90 miles) W (278°) from Manokwari, Irian Jaya, Indonesia * 169 km (105 miles) E (85°) from Sorong, Irian Jaya, Indonesia * 612 km (380 miles) ENE (57°) from Ambon, Moluccas, Indonesia * 915 km (569 miles) SSW (192°) from KOROR, Palau Location Uncertainty Error estimate not available Parameters NST=041, Nph=041, Dmin=600.6 km, Rmss=2.42 sec, Gp= 36°, M-type=moment magnitude (Mw), Version=1 Source * West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center/NOAA/NWS Event ID at00101183

see above I just finished poopooing my own "feeling". I tend to second guess myself a lot.

[edit on 1/3/2009 by justgeneric]

posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 02:14 PM

A deep sea temblor of 6 or higher.

Followed by a lot of insignificant ones and then....

BANG! I just re-read all that i had posted.

There were a few other quakes in between but not along the coast line of anywhere really and nothing damaging.

7.7 and 7.8 are BIG quakes...not terribly deep and these were on coastal areas of New Guinea and not in the center of the Island.

I have been watching the activity since doing that RV a while back...

I am a bit surprised.

Hopefully no damage like what I "saw"...there were points in the drawings where it looked like ground uplifted by a few feet in some areas...

Something tells me volcanic. Waiting for news to come out of NG as to damages,

posted on Jan, 4 2009 @ 05:46 AM
woke up at 2:30 right alert and a bit confused.

I was disheartened to see the number of aftershocks for Papua Indonesia.

I'm no tectonics expert by ANY stretch and less of an earthquake/volcano brain as well.

I was staring blankly at a world map for the past 45 minutes or so...sleep has been hard lately as my BF is sick and moans a lot in his I've been a bit tired.

While staring at this world map - just a generic world map - I had a "feeling"...not quite an image in my mind but rather a feeling.

Something major has slipped on the Pacific Plate. happens all the time...but this is an event we will remember.

The images of the RV quake are on my mind. I feel pretty strongly that the Pacific west coast is going to get some serious shaking. Some large deep epicentres (5.8 - 6.4) possibly with tsunami warnings (that'll get lifted) off the coast...and it will creep inland.

The west coast get's a LOT of small quakes...not really felt. But I am feeling that we're in for something more serious.

N. California, Oregon, Washington, BC and Vancouver Island, Swarms possibly and then a major event or as I "feel" just one big shake to start things off - between a 6.2 to a 7. We'll feel it for sure...and it won't be just one. Lulls and aftershocks of smaller magnitude and then another in the same range but I'd say closer to 6.9-7.4. we'll see.

Time range - within three weeks??? Or sooner.

********* inauguration day and the plan is back in motion...

I think Israel jumped the gun a bit and provided some convenient distraction. Should quiet down to dull bloody roar over the next few days. Gaza will be open again by Friday. Israel will effectively shrug it's shoulders and move on, pretty much like they always do. Business as usual. They simply needed to show some brawn.

In the next couple of weeks watch for a rise in ads for military support, articles detailing the heroic fight(s), documents and articles about tragic's all reality but it will be HYPED big time.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan has lost it's media appeal and like most wars needs an infusion of sympathies and outrage here at home, at the losses and the cowardice act(s) of terrorists. They can't rightfully increase troops the way they want and intend to without this event happening.

A wave of propaganda is due.

At this point I'm not sure if it will be during the inauguration...but given the time zone difference I think it does go down fairly close to the time broadcast some point through the day of the inauguration news will start filtering out until it becomes a mass free for all in the media. Vultures.

Hopefully I am wrong. That's all I can really say.

Need to try to get some sleep now that I've emptied my brain a bit.

posted on Jan, 4 2009 @ 03:32 PM
San Fransisco, Sacramento, San Jose, Stockton. Parts of bordering Nevada.

this is the area, Oregon will also start seeing some activity off shore.

Small clusters ranging from 4's to low 5's. Intermittent with quakes appearing in the Indian ocean north west of the Philippines.

If you live in the areas of North california, make sure you have your evac down pat. Sorry.

Enough food and water and medical supplies for up to THREE weeks.

I prolly wrong, but.... making sure your evac plans and supplies are up to snuff can't hurt can it?

Watch for the swarm(s), my feeling is it will start offshore and creep inland...oregon will feel some but even the larger ones will not be felt as they are very deep and several hundred miles offshore.

When the "swarms" reach 3.9 and higher start to worry. There won't be much advanced rumbling before the large quake(s) start, as it will die down before it hits.

Sorry again.

I just hope the Juan de Fuca holds for a while longer. We'll see.

Def. Three weeks or sooner.

There was a definite shift in the plates.

posted on Jan, 4 2009 @ 08:22 PM
battle for Afghan Security

Merry Xmas to those 1500 huh?

Security there or the lack there of is all over the news especially lately.

Driving home the message so that when the "terrorist strike" occurs we will not be at all surprised that it happened nor surprised by the scale.

While all eyes are on Israel and Palestinian issues...there is massive movement in Afghanistan and the borders of Pakistan. I guarantee it.

Out of the eyes of the media but not entirely. The occasional blog or picture has been showing up here and there in teh past few weeks and this will continue.

Supposedly the British forces are "paving the way" for security in the region of Lashkar Gah so that the "voters" will be safe when polling opens early in the year. Yeah,,, a massive country with unrest around every damn corner this ONE area is more significant than others.....why?

Lashkar is about 110KM west of Kandahar...and Kandahar being a far larger and more influential city as one of the two major Afghani cities (the other being Kabul) What in goodness sake is MORE important in Lashkar?

Locals live in fear of Taliban 'shadow government' gripping parts of Kandahar

source for above/below quotes

Indeed, the newly-appointed governor of Kandahar, Tooryalai Wesa, disputes the Taliban's claim to tracts of the province. Wesa said he heard no mention of a shadow Taliban government during his recent meetings with district governors. "I highly doubt (the shadow government's existence) because I know ISAF and other international forces, they are working in the area, there are some operations going on," Wesa said. "No, that's maybe a rumour." Wesa's shadow government doppleganger is said to be Mahibullah Akhunzada. He replaced Mullah Mahmood, who was killed last year in an air strike in Khakrez district. Akhunzada, 55, refused to speak with a Canadian journalist. However, he told an Afghan journalist there are shadow governors in all but three of Afghanistan's 34 provinces.

Does this not seem a little ODD???

1500 British soldiers deployed to a butt fork nowhere city to "secure" it for voting???? When the rest of the major cities (the ones where security SHOULD be of utmost priority ) suffer insurgents around every corner (if you listen to the reports)

Lashkar is located on the rim of a huge sand crater...a missiles throw from Kandahar. The terrain is fairly flat to the east.

Not surprisingly Lashkar is close in proximity from Kandahar as Quetta Pakistan is (Quetta and the outer lying cities and tribal towns are within 150KM of Kandahar). Quetta Pakistan happens to be rife with Taliban

source for below quote

Taliban elements in Quetta and its outskirts in order to undermine the power of the actual democratic forces. The Afghan refugees, besides being a burden on the economy of Balochistan, have become the biggest cause of lawlessness and terrorism in the country’s largest province, Baloch said. Billions of rupees were being spent on eliminating the Taliban and their supporters in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and the NWFP, he said, asking why the government was ignoring the ‘alarmingly dangerous moves’ of the Taliban and giving them protection in Quetta. The BNP leader criticised the government for initiating fresh operations in Dera Bugti and Naseerabad areas, adding that such unprovoked operations were likely to escalate tensions in Balochistan. “The government is making Balochistan a battlefield again,” he said.

There are 2 main roads from Pakistan into Afghanistan and one has been closed for a while but recently opened to allow NATO through the pass.

Another administration official, Jehangir Khan, said 300 trucks had traveled through the pass to the Afghan border on Friday, many carrying supplies for Western forces. The U.S. military sends 75 percent of supplies for the Afghan war through or over Pakistan, including 40 percent of the fuel for its troops, the U.S. Defense Department says. The attacks have exposed the vulnerability of supply links for Western forces struggling to subdue an intensifying Taliban insurgency and NATO has been forced to look for alternative routes, including through Central Asia into northern Afghanistan. There are two routes into Afghanistan from the Pakistani port of Karachi, one through the Khyber Pass and the other through the town of Chaman to the southwest, leading to the Afghan city of Kandahar. They are likely to become even more important as the United States increases the number of its troops in Afghanistan, perhaps doubling the number to about 60,000 next year.

The above quote is very telling. The city of Chaman is less than 10KM from the Afghani Border, a major supply route straight into kandahar.


So given the sketchy figures so far...there are approximately 1500 Canadian soldiers in Kandahar...they were due last year to get 12,000 US soldiers and reservists.

They had begun building an 18MIL addition to the airfield and personnel buildinggs etc etc around the same time last year...should be done by now I'd think.

sooooo that's about 13-14K in Canadian and US forces not to mention the UK forces whose numbers in Kandahar are roughly1000 or less.

But kandahar is absolutely a nightmare. So rather than concentrate efforts in teh major cities...they deploy the equivalent of a small handful to a shabby little town to the west???????

This STINKS. I call Nannies.

This is all recent ladies and gents...January 3rd. the UK forces have been there since the defensive began in Lashkar on Christmas day.

They are securing it for other for VOTERS??? OMFG.

Take a look at the news reports in that whole 500 sq mile radius around Kandahar and you'll notice a common up of troops and procurement oops soory I meant securing of non vital cities/towns and villages.

kabul and Kandahar are more rife with insurgents than any outter lying region...even though they have a build up troops. So rather than ensuring security IN Kandahar and Kabul...they head out into the damn desert to secure every "other" village.

makes perfect sense. NOT.

Look my point is that the troops in Kandahar are sitting ducks. That's 3000+ out of the estimated 13K-14K stationed and "waiting" there. 3000 could easily be lost during a short, quick burst of terrorist activity.

Definitely close enough to the Pakistani border to blame any and all attacks on Pakistan and it's "negligence". The "terrorists will OBVIOUSLY flee across the border back into Pakistan....

Will anyone be wondering what was really going on in Lashkar????

It just STINKS...the number of troops by the time of the Inauguration may even be more but it will all be sustainable loss.

I'mma gonna be watching for the propaganda to start..."our men and women" "the brave" "freedom fighters"....

I support the troops and not the war, and if this happens as I think it will...Look for me on the news...I'll be out there with a damn banner reading "Afghanistan - Easier than 9-11"

If you doubt what I'm suggesting then by all means do your own research on it.

Prove my theory wrong. if you can.

edited to add:

All references of Lashkar refer to Lashkar Gah which is the capital of the Helmand Province, and it's population is approximately 45,846 by 2006 tallies. Still quite small comparatively with Kandahar or Kabul. Primarily farming land initiated by the military years and years ago.

The population may be denser due to insurgents and fighting on the outskirts causing people to move into the city center. No census has been updated since 2006.

The coalition forces of 1500 consisted of: UK, Danish, Afghani, and Estonian forces.

The city itself in on the skirts of a major hydro electric damn, Other than that and some farming (and of course the big gravel lined airport used primarily for troops) there's not much there.

The population does not seem to notice the absence of Taliban and many are said to think it's a British colonization attempt.

Securing it for voters. uh huh?

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