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Just felt a need

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 05:19 AM
10 story or so building, glass fronted and modern-ish...the scroll monument (possibly a large long draping scroll or ribbon?) is behind the POV and the man is off to the left of the POV...the building is in the centre right. To the left is a 1-2 story building with an awning...the streets run outward from the circular monument...the store withe awning is a market/store front...cobbled/bricked outward from the circular monument and then crude pavement or even slightly neglected concrete.

This gave me a world of a headache.

***on another note I think in a few days or so I'll be getting "the" call from my mother's husband. Damn woman will likely have died wearing that horrid blue mu mu. She looked pissed off at any rate. (I NEVER get images of family or friends...hear them (sort of) over distances but never see em.***

Pakistan is our false flag and our open door to to Iran... I hope people can see that...I really hope they can. It will appear as though Pakistan is to blame for much of what's happening right now...but it's all a stage for what's coming. I keep thinking I wish I could RV a damn Date, time and location...really I wish beyond wishing that it worked that way. Frustrating and defeating.

What is the point of seeing anything if makes absolutely no difference?

Oh well...hope ATS doesn't mind that I pratter on to myself this way...where else could I?

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 05:39 AM
dang I just typed out a bunch of stuff and it didn't post???? WTH???


10 story building glass fronted semi modern, seated at a V of a series of streets that lead outward from the circular monument thing (the scroll thing) cobbled outward then leading to cemented roads in disrepair slightly. center left is the glass fronted building...left is a store front maybe 2 stories or has a false facade above the first story? has an awning...the street it's on is hilly not steep but hilly. it's a central area and gets high traffic but not all day. The monument is behind my POV and the man who I see is to my left POV sort of in the he was crossing over. It's very grey toned, it feels hot and dry, and smells very walking into a restaurant that serves really spice laden foods and cooks with oil a lot. Reminds me of Indian but it's much more savory scent...thick...not bad at all. Here we use red brick a lot in cobbles but there it's a sandy shade...very rough.

***Pakistan is a false flag! They are being set up for what is coming...I REALLY hope people see it for what it honestly is...just orchestrated events to justify the hits Iran will take. At least 2 of nuclear means and several little ones just to make it look better

Will they wait until January for the festivals??? My gut says no...we;ll be reading about this blast before then and later it will be discovered to have nuclear in nature.

It seems urgent and that it must be hurried. Pakistani incidents will rise dramatically and have already started to...FALSE FLAG...Iran may well be in possession of nuclear material but as for making boms??? C'mon...

Pakistan is getting set up to be the patsy.

There was more but that's the gist now to hit post...

edited to add....DOOOOHHHHH..oh well repetition isn't always bad

[edit on 10/18/2008 by justgeneric]

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 04:07 PM
Things are really going to hit the fan in Pakistan in the next few days. Gut feeling is all. It'll expand like wild fires from there...

I really hope people can see it as what it is...pure and simple BS. The ones in power will do whatever they plan to do without the consent of the usual. It's a deflection tactic. More stories of bombs, more blame scattered everywhere...The US will gladly take the blame as it diverts from the attentions of the OTHER things they are doing that they want to blameless in.

Like kids robbing a candy kid is the patsy and the others loot like mad while the patsy is taking the heat...they split the rewards later on.

So just watch Friday there will be HUGE media coverage on the "fighting" there between the US and Pakistani's.

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 09:51 AM
Iran is doomed.

Pre-emptive my arse...set up 100%.

this is going to be bad, an I'm waiting for the stream of steaming BS that will happen very soon...the US is prairie doggin' as it is.

Pakistan will explode into massive violence and while were all distracted by that, the financial crisis'...

Gee I wonder how the US will pull off a supposed enemy strike against it's own military on foreign soil? I am afraid we'll find out very soon...perhaps during Obama's Inaugural Ceremony the news will hit the media that Military forces have sustained immeasurable losses on Middle Eastern soil...the culprits??? Iran of course...evil nuclear society...

Can't you see the CNN headline now? I am sure they're already prepping the tickers and pictures.

ugh I feel sick.

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 10:41 AM
Dread in the pit of my gut. They have to act soon to set things in motion. This is common sense speaking not any kind of premonition or RV practice. Just gut instinct.

There's been such a tension...

When I have been RVing this week so far:

I saw Obama and GWB together in front of hundreds of thousands.

Obama is a very genuine man, however very "sculpted". Too much focus on PR and show lately hopefully he'll lighten up a bit.

His ultimate test is coming...he IS a voice of reason during the whole fiasco and it is genuine, he'll have no issue with expression of his grief either.

*****Wednesday & no news as yet on the letter I mailed****

Likely sent to the trash bin, or....

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 07:26 PM
No Kidding....DUH I've been saying so....


But don't worry it won't be in our beloved homelands...they're not THAT greedy...better to have it happen on foreign soil (enemy soil) than at home, but betcha can't guess who the targets will be?? Our military that's who...oh the media will eat it up.

We're there anyway and looking for a reason to be there in force well here yah go. Then Iran gets it WHAM ooops who set off that nuke??

So no our forces will be attacked mercilessly very soon (not with nukes - those are being saved for Iran), canadian, american, french, australian you name it...coalition death tole will be massive. Massive enough for someone to jump the gun and nuke Iran in the hub bub.

God I hope the things I say are wrong.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 03:40 PM
WHEW! Well we've made it to Friday and thankfully Pakistan and Iran are still standing (for now). Clearly I cannot see the future and I'm damn thankful for it too.

I still believe the chain of events will happen pretty much as I describe them though and time will tell.

Pakistan's role is to distract.

Iran's role is to wait and be sensationalized in the MSM until they are attacked.

This is a prediction:

Obama will be the next president and the inauguration/or the next largest address will be interrupted by terrible news. It hits the news before they can tell him what's happened either way...he will be blindsided by it.

****still no news on my little letter*** I really hope they find them

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 11:19 PM
HA I posted everything about my letter in RATS hoping for feedback.

then I deleted it all.

I often wonder what it is that brought me back to ATS. Only thing i can come up with is that it's supposedly a place where I can talk about things with like minded people.

Sadly there doesn't seem to be any like minded people. You know...flaky but NOT insane...intelligent but not total aresholes...

I have seen more often than not on this site lately a great many people who cannot for the life of them see both sides of anything and it truly worries me. Read 2 pages deep into most threads and it's already started...a slug fest of egos and snips.

People here seem a whole lot angrier and unto themselves...I worry that this is a new norm.

I've contributed to a few threads...but really haven't shared a whole lot i essence.

This little thread with only me talking to myself. Seems fitting really.

I've seen a lot of people I used to talk to have dropped away. I did too for a gets busy and well I was doin' stuff .I checked back periodically seeing as I actively boycott CNN (LOL)...

I got a star from some unknown reader that was interesting. I have yet to realize who has the ugly poster hehehe.

RATS really disappointed me...I really was hoping for some feedback I guess. Can I have my 5K back?

I have no one to share the letter thing with BF would flip if he knew I mailed it (let alone that I was RVing at all...he's not really geared that way goodness love him

Thanks for listening I have just successfully bummed myself out LMAO.

**** I haven't been able to RV a damn thing in the past few days...I am totally disconnected...I did however start a beautiful drawing for WOS's tinWiki forums...and drew a picture of my long dead cat Josie. RV images (unless the WOS one has some meaning I don't know about - it kinda popped into my head last night and I started the rough in today)

I am amusing yes?

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 05:48 PM
You see??? Syrian border town attacked...all part of the distraction least we made it through till now before it started...2 days off my forecast.

DISTRACTION. They are setting the stages for the "atrocity" and OUR troops are sitting ducks.

Don't they gather during Presidential speeches? Say an inauguration speech?

Border fighting is merely a way of covering movements.

Will Obama have any foreknowledge? No. He'll be stunned, absolutely stunned.

He is a part of the "cooler heads brigade" that will prevail...even when Iran is bombed with a non conventional type bomb (nuke most likely...not sure what else burns that damn brightly?)

Don't be fooled either Obama is watching Israel like a hawk. It wears on his mind.

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 10:30 PM
Mailed a second letter.

So NICE to have some responses to the subject it's very relieving. Honestly. This is a HUGE outlet for me as it was back when I first joined.

Since then I learned to get a grip on the damn aura things that interrupted and pervaded everything. Who wants to constantly see injuries and wafting, wispy "baggage" around people?

Cognitive therapy was good for many things and unbeknown to my therapist is works for getting crap like that under control too. It's changing the mindset and the feelings that arise from certain things, situations and occurrences basically. Unlearning something and relearning it to be more constructive and effective.

My life now is awesome and I expect it to continue so.

Now for these drawings and such of doom and gloom...

I haven't really been clear on what is gut feeling and what is RV /image.

Iran is doomed...that is common sense, leading up to that is a combination of images I have gotten and RV I have done. Only way to find out if I'm right is for it to happen which blows.

I wrote once that a prophet is only successful in retrospect and that is the sad truth of it. Compile the data and should something happen, make the comparisons. No other way to do it.

Pakistan and bordering countries/states to Iran will experience a lot of trouble leading up to the event which will occur in Iran. I have RV'd a massive and very nasty explosion and the weapon is unconventional. If anyone is familiar with explosions U2 me and i'll gladly give you as many details as possible to see if it can be figured out what "type or types" of explosives are to be used.

Lincoln's just not safe and I don't know when this happen. it is another clear photo type image, the hyper boy I described is more of a movie clip. All crystal clear. But yeah...not date or time stamped (I wish).

The train accident...I get nothing but a few minor details...clear photograph type image with a few other things tossed in.

The dam - I put this one aside doesn't seem to relate to anything in my line of questioning or note taking.

Obama and the inauguration - I am almost certain it will be interrupted with BREAKING NEWS from all the vultures at CNN and FOX...the horrific event is not on North American soil but involves thousands of US soldiers. I am sorry but this is what I saw.

I hate to be wrong I tell ya and on these I sure to goodness hope I am.

Iran's trouble starts after Christmas in a really big way...Obama is the Clearer Head - one of them. He's so far in the dark it's not even laughable. So much going on behind him that he never has privy to...Bush had/has more foreknowledge than most of the Presidents so far with only one other having a pretty good grasp on the behind the podium workings.

I know this thread is bunch of ramblings and it's really for me to get the thoughts out. if anyone ever has a question or wants clarity on anything let me know via U2. I don't bite...I just foam at the mouth a lot for show.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 08:07 PM
Something is about to happen in Tarkesh.

Explosions, people going in afterward with highpowered flashlights, rubble everywhere.

Media may or may not grab it...may be sloughed off as just more border skirmishes, but basically an entire town/city leveled. Conventional bombs.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 12:27 PM
The tension is almost unbearable I swear.

Chain of events I have been afraid of (and mentioned here) are starting to unfold.

Pakistan is being pushed into Patsy mode.
Our soldiers are sitting ducks.

It's just a matter of time before Iran is attacked.

People feed right into it too and it sickens me.

The US is unconcerned with the backlash over their air strikes. They NEED this to spur so called Pakistani retaliation.

I am worried that this image I have of the unconventional explosion...that it's actually in an area heavily populated by US, Canadian, Australian and UK personnel, both civilian and Military. Not in Iran but in either Afghanistan or Iraq.

There's no damn way of knowing exactly where it is. I still see the same image, and I see a scroll of sorts in a city center (the description is above in another post). Obama will definitely have his hands full. The US is encroaching on Pakistani territory and if you really think that Pakistan sends this devastation that is coming then you're an idiot. The US is there and they are in control of what is about to happen. I have no doubt that Pakistan sees it too. So they are just as guilty.

Basically what is coming is going to give Obama all the license needed to alter his projected "plans for change". The middle East is going to be massively "disrupted".

Wait for's going to happen very soon.

For anyone interested take a look at Tarkesh, Iran on a google map and measure a circumference of about 360 miles around Tarkesh. Do you see it?

Did you know the wind patterns and currents in that region would cycle any "particles" to the East by North east? Add another detonation in there about 700 miles due NE in a straight line from Tarkesh and the overlapping circumference sets Tehran damn near in the middle of both. Really take a look at the wind patters for that region.

IMO I think there is a lot going on in Tarkesh. They'll need to "get rid of it" or risk being discovered.

I drew an RV of an issue and originally thought it was the Caspian Sea but it's actually the little lake NE of Tarkesh.

Enough rambling for today.

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 04:15 AM
I was trying to sleep. Doing my relaxation and preparing to shut down my over active brain...yeah well.

The US will not wait to see if Iraq will accept the proposed plan. it is not a "proposal" at all it's a given and will be force fed .

This is going to erupt very quickly, Pakistan is agitated, Iraq is agitated, Iran, Israel (don't get me started on Israel)...The US must remain there at all costs. What's a few hundred or maybe even a thousand lost military and civilian lives?

Don't kid yourself into thinking this terrorism will land on your front step...they did it once and it opened doors the next strike is to keep the doors WIDE open.

So anyway...this new Image...rooftop view, then ground's not in North America and judging by the colours and building structures it's Middle East. Not much of a remote view Huh? Well i could see past the rooftop view to the circle area where the scroll type monument thing is...big heavy iron bars, flat roofs with rail less adobe looking stairs going up to second and third floors, white washed colors and lots of beige and white.

Military personnel, in T shirts and civilians outside the gates.

Then a series of massive explosions three or four in quick succession, not much flash but a lot of smoke and debris, fire afterward??

From ground level - a soldier in a T shirt grabs another wearing a jacket (camo) and pulls him down roughly by the arm...then two more explosions. By this time I was clenching my teeth so hard I thought they'd break.

Now you see the US (and other countries involved and playing follow the leader) HAVE to stay...legalities will mean absolutely nothing.

Outrage at home and yet more speculation...then more bombing of "border" areas to get rid of evidence. Because borders are so unclear in the Middle's going to be a zoo.

It really is Global Munchhausen.

And what are Russia and China gonna do about it? Seriously.

Now I need to try to sleep.

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 12:41 PM
Super Bombs Threaten Troops

See how convenient this all is. it adds up...and Iran is the piggy in the middle.

Watch the news. I don't get date or time stamped images...but my guess is before the end of November.

I still see a major interruption in network news on the evening of the inauguration.

Everything has been purposely destabilized to make people more pliable and less likely to question. Basic needs of people prevent them from rising up, it's plain and simple. Threaten the livelihoods and the basic needs for a "comfortable" life and people have a tendency to bend in ways they never thought possible.

Get them off center, hit them with another outrageous crisis, call them together to stand against an enemy and they will adopt virtually any view.

LMAO it's like Munchhausen Syndrome with a dash of Stockholm's syndrome.

Is anyone following my ramblings?

The inauguration will be interrupted by "Breaking News".

Whether it's the attack on soldiers I have no idea, fragments of images and I can never tell what's relative to an event...the attack may come later once Obama's already in office. It's hard to piece together a time line.

Regardless they already have his speech at the ready. "Deplorable acts of cowardice..." sounds about right. Unlike bush during the attacks on 9/11 Obama won't be standing there like a dufus...he'll get to the business of being Prez PDQ.

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 03:21 PM

President Bush was speaking to an audience at the National Defense University. He declared that 8000 troops from Iraq will be withdrawn and 4500 will be sent to Afghanistan to curb the terrorism. Whereas according to UNO resolution number 1354 American led forces should not be more than 14000. But on ground more than 70000 troops are based in Afghanistan.

George Bush yesterday promised to send more troops to Afghanistan after his departure from the White House next year, whatever the status of troop withdrawals from Iraq.

The pledge, delivered at a Nato summit in Bucharest, would add a "significant" number of troops in Afghanistan in 2009, the Pentagon chief, Robert Gates, told reporters.

Gates gave no further details on how many troops would be deployed in Afghanistan. The US has about 31,000 troops in the country.

There are over 130,000 troops currently in Iraq (US and coalition) with plans to move more into Afghanistan in 2009.

Perfect target for a tragedy. The figures are from September 2008 BTW, google it.

All the strife around the "borders" is pure distraction. I hope I am not the only one who sees what is about to happen over there. I call shenanigans...

There are more than a few targets as in a larger city with a high concentration of US soldiers and others with more of a mixed concentration of coalition and civilian.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...Iran is being touted as having an itchy trigger finger...nukes, long range missiles blah blah blah...

All around the mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel...

Before the end of November possibly as soon as the 18th of November we will see this tragedy unfold...major loss of life and more reason than ever to increase the presence of US and coalition forces in the Middle east.

And yes...I firmly believe that this is another staged and choreographed event sponsored by the US, UK and possibly even Canada.

Betcha I'm on a no fly list now huh? No matter I don't even have a passport and no ticket to fly anyway.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 11:42 PM
WHEW! Omaba gave a wonderful speech. A widely mixed population voted him in...race was less of an issue that people expected.

Omaba will NOT be assassinated. I've read quite a few threads here claiming he will be and they are incorrect.

It won't happen I'd bet my life on it. I predict 2 terms the 2nd being the most successful unified venture ever seen in Gov. Whether that means the NWO coming in or not I dunno but the world is working together much better by his second term. Key word though in all of this is "sacrifice". It HAS to get worse before it gets better.

As for the inauguration...I am wondering if there will be a large address prior to the inauguration where GW and Obama will be together???

Whenever they get together is when the BREAKING NEWS interrupts. I'm pretty sure it's the inauguration though. There is MASS media coverage so it's likely the inauguration.

I had a weird dream where I as watching TV, barely paying attention to it actually, and then there was all of a sudden footage of the images I RVd about the soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan (not sure which it is but my gut says Afghanistan). Explosions, sirens, choppers, people running and fire everywhere. I've drawn a few more pictures of it as well.

Google maps doesn't give me much help actually for locating anything familiar...the damn buildings and cities all look the same...

Baghdad, Kabul have very large concentrations of troops and soon to be increasing before Bush is out of office. Too many all in one place it's too easy.

and...Iran did not do it.

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 08:31 PM
Really weird dreams lately OMG. Nothing prophetic just really weird...

Disjointed - that's an accurate feeling I have lately. Like I am waiting endlessly for something that is late. Frustrating to say the least.

Nothing has changed from the above images. Clear as day I still see them. The one wish I have right now is to be able to say WHERE and WHEN this will happen. (the explosions involving our soldiers and I mean our as in "US, Canada, UK and others "

The lincoln memorial is off. Still avoid it incase I'm wrong but whatever was to happen there has been taken off the ticket.

The damn dam...I get nadda at all so I have stopped pretty much all together.

The missing person - well in RATS I've posted my feelings about that...all I know is they are looking in the wrong place entirely.

Everyone is so worried about Russia - RELAX...they aren't gonna bomb the crap outta anyone. Georgian's are in the same amount of doodoo they have been since this all started no more no less. Russia is posturing...if anything it's a wonder they don't have a big FOR SALE sign slapped on the side of that there submarine. Their weapons are about the only thing of any value to anyone now.

Some days it's so hard to focus in on anything...there is some joy out there though thankfully and we'll see some wonderful news in the next few days... just a feeling I imagery. Maybe it's a personal thing but it feels bigger than me if that makes any sense... dunno.

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 09:48 PM
Bush warns of vulnerability source yeaaaaaahhhhh I'll bet.

The whole thing stinks. January 20th is the date set for the feels things will happen before this...before the 18Th of November????

Like I said no time stamps. Alls I know is Obama and Bush stand together meanwhile overseas there is a LARGE gathering of soldiers in various places...they've come together for something and then the explosions.

What other than the inauguration could it be? I'm missing something.

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 02:18 AM

The review also is likely to conclude that the United States does not have sufficient forces for an Iraq-style "surge" in Afghanistan. While President-elect Barack Obama has talked about the necessity of sending a substantial force to Afghanistan, the review's initial assessment suggests, according to the official, that the largest number of additional forces that could be mustered there in the next few months is several thousand.

Re-deployment wouldn't be possible until July 2009????source

They are sitting ducks...and when it happens it will FULLY justify the intention to bring in HUGE numbers of troops.

I feel sick.

posted on Nov, 14 2008 @ 12:18 AM
haven't had much chance to follow up this thread and these LMAO predictions with more drawings. have a few that just don't do it justice.

Things have been progressing quickly over thar.

Iran has been accused of all kinds of things since 2002, some likely have truth to them, most is rhetoric and propaganda pro-war.

There are currently some what...300000 non middle eastern (non iraqi or Afghan) soldiers between the two countries yah? not to mention however many more are going to be shipped out (I read somewhere that it was to be increased my the spring by about 70K or so)

With so many sitting ducks over there...surrounded by "terrorist nations" as Bush called them...does anyone really believe for ONE second that the terrorists (ha) are going to ignore such huge targets and make an attempt on US soil?

And...supposing for a second that the US and coalition "leaders" are the one behind the terrorist attacks thus far in US and UK...they already have all the scapegoats they could ever want right there, all the casualties both civilian and military, they could ever want, and in a country where the cities are of no concern to them (bio hazards, nukes, destruction etc etc) in FACT it works to their advantage to have a "terrorist" strike over there as opposed to at "home"'s so much easier to cover up.

We all know security is BIG time difficult well they've destroyed the constitution to protect the US so they can't allow any attacks on home soil...not for quite a few years. Canada mimics the US protection wise and well "people" still like us sort of so we're not a huge target anyway (the US needs us clean and happy remember)

Imagine how EASY it would be to pull off. Repercussions at home? Lives lost, a new call for justice and the fight for freedoms...

What I see in my images does not come to me as a daily occurrence over there. This comes to me and feels totally surreal, unexpected and not part of the "normal" fighting and loss of life.

Congratulations to me...I have to quit my's orders as my hip and knee are royally screwed. Sooooo I'll have some extra time to draw stuff. gee I love being laid up with a bumb leg and no income...

maybe I could be a phone psychic? Oh god I'd feel so cheap!

anyway...I'll try to do some more on these later next week.

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